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Welcome To The Machine

By now I’m betting that you’ve all heard of The Great Reset and Agenda 2030, along with the slogan “You’ll own nothing and be happy”. You’ve also probably heard that American citizens and the ever increasing number of non-citizens will be herded into a much smaller number of stack-and-pack cities.

The red and yellow areas in the map below, will ultimately contain no humans or a small amount of highly regulated human activity and the small number of green zones will be for ‘normal’ human use:

The actual meaning of the word ‘Normal’ in the designation ‘Normal Use’, is vitally important to understand in order to realize what’s in store for us when the Great Reset occurs.

The closest current example of what’s meant by ‘Normal Use’, is life in a large Chinese city, where cameras watch all movement of cars and people, with all of those same people monitored and managed by a real time social credit system.

The following video link gives an overview of China’s social credit system:


China, already being a regimented society, was chosen to be the test case for the World Wide social credit system that is in the process of being rolled out.

China has also been a test case for the transition away from cash to a digital currency system with the majority of Chinese people using ‘Smart’ phones to pay for goods and services.

The following Substack link discusses the reasons that a cashless society is slavery:

A Cashless Society Is Slavery

The name of the game here is Total Full Spectrum Control by the cabal at the top of the pyramid of world power:

The United States has been steadily groomed for more than 100 years to be a part of the New World Order. A world order that has one government entity, one religious entity, one financial entity and a neo-feudal society. Local politicians may not be aware of this, but you can bet that many top state and all national politicians understand what the game plan is, and those at the top do not get selected….er…elected unless they’re in on the game. This obviously includes ALL U. S. Presidents.

The following Substack link discusses the Presidential Puppets:

Have You Had Enough Of These Puppet U.S. Presidents

Preparing American citizens for the New World Order has been facilitated by a series of planned steps. The creation of the private Federal Reserve system in 1913 was a key part of the plan, making it obvious who controls the nation’s financial system, since it officially took away the ability to create money and credit (debt) from the U.S. Treasury Department.

With the Federal Reserve in charge of the economic system, the parasitic usury system set on a path to get every American burdened with debt, paying interest forever to the top .1 percent of ultra-parasites.

The following Substack link discusses Usury and its connection to creating hell on Earth:

Usury Is The Root Cause Of All Problems On Earth

The Public Indoctrination….err….Education System was instituted by the Rockefeller Cartel in order to create dumbed down workers for the Industrialists to utilize to create more parasitic wealth. This regimentation system further prepared subsequent generations for the coming neo-feudal slavery of the New World Order.

The Federal Reserve banksters engineered the Roaring Twenties economic bubble and precipitated the Great Depression of the 30’s in order to enable the greatest transfer of wealth in history to the top 1%, while also increasing the pliability of the American citizens when it comes to the consistent winners and losers in the ‘Greatest Economic System’, the world has ever seen.

Millions of Americans were then forced by the puppet-masters to participate in World Wars 1 and 2 to eliminate any competition for the extraction of wealth from developed and developing nations. The national regimentation and rationing that occurred during these wars was excellent preconditoning for the New World Order lying ahead.

When the U.S. economy was taken off the gold standard in 1971 the floodgates were opened for the banksters and their puppet-masters to drastically increase the number of Americans becoming indebted to the banks, utilizing newly minted credit cards to live beyond their means, while the top 10% of the population was given preferential access to massive amounts of money created by the Federal Reserve out of thin air.

The resulting record breaking debt based financial bubble led Americans to believe that their standard of living was much higher than it was, which enabled the parasites at the top to cream off that much more wealth from the clueless indebted taxpayers. The complacency of the taxpayers that resulted from this debt bubble also resulted in the parasites being able to extend the length of time that they could extract vast amounts of wealth.

In 2001 it was decided by the puppet-masters that it was time to apply a plan concocted decades before in order to turn the screws down on the freedom of American public, in preparation for the next phase of the New World Order. That plan included a false flag attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which occurred, as you know, on September 11th 2001.

Following is a Substack link which discusses what actually happened on 9-11:

9-11 – 20 Years On And They’re Still Blowing Smoke

The 9-11 false flag event was used to create national trauma based mind control, based on re-enforcing the fear based notion of invisible terrorists lurking around every corner, ready to strike at any moment. Cementing this belief allowed the puppet-masters to put in place draconian security measures that took away virtually every freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, thereby bringing the American public that much closer to the Full Spectrum Surveillance and Control in the New World Order.

And the Mainstream Media and television in general have been a longstanding part of this creation of The New World Order. They’re called television programs for more than one reason. Particularly over the last 20 years the indoctrination built into TV programs has increased tremendously. Movies and TV series such as Black Mirror, are notorious for using scripts (complements of the CIA?) to expose the viewers to predictive programming in order to normalize future planned events in the minds of the viewers.

People who watched the Star Trek series certainly remember the flip type communicators they used to communicate particularly between planets and the Enterprise. This was predictive programming for the release of the cell phone for personal use, with the goal of getting everyone to carry and use these tracking, surveilling, conditioning and targeting devices. Got one? These are integral to the implementation of the New World Order and the world population has overwhelmingly adopted their use, leading to their own enslavement.

The current Covid operation has been the latest move by the puppet-masters to condition the public for the Great Reset ahead. This operation allows the perpetrators to move forward a number of different aspects of their plan. It continues their trauma based mind control using another terrorist in the form of the fictional Covid virus, since almost everyone believes viruses exist, that they are out to kill them and that various useless tactics, such as quarantines and lockdowns , along with ‘vaccines’ will save them.

The following Substack link discusses the fictional viruses:

Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical

The New World Order plan also includes a large reduction in world population and the use of the Covid sterilization kill shot ‘vaccines’ takes care of some of this reduction. The kill shots contain ingredients that destroy the immune system, so the more shots a person takes the more their immune system is destroyed. The graphene in the shots destroys the circulatory system with a particular target on the heart. So anyone that is highly active, such as athletes, may likely have heart issues, and this is what we see occurring. And of course, although not accurately covered by the controlled media, many people are just suddenly dropping dead.

The following video link discusses what causes the disease called Covid-19:


It’s important to understand the connection between graphene, 5G and the ‘vaccine’ shots. As Ricardo Delgado stated in the video above Wuhan residents were forced to take flu shots containing graphene, and then were exposed to the ramp up of 5G emf weaponry, which drastically increased the damaging effects of graphene.

Graphene has also existed in the recent flu shots taken by Americans and Europeans, while the fake ‘vaccines’ taken by millions of Americans contain a significant amount of graphene. That graphene immediately begins to damage the circulatory system and organs of the body causing a variety of the 1200 ‘side effects’ listed by Pfizer for its ‘vaccine’. When 5G is dialed up to the correct emf frequencies the graphene in these shots will create a greater amount of damage in those who submitted themselves to these kill shots.

Along with sudden death, one of the key depopulation effects of the shots is sterilization of the recipients. It’s no accident that the white race has been the primary target of this depopulation agenda, since they are the only ones that could reverse the evil plan to enslave humanity under this neo-feudal totalitarian system.

The following Substack link discusses White Genocide:

Have You Had Enough Of This Anti-White Operation Yet?

Deagel.com, a research company cataloging world wide military weaponry, has done population projections based on information from the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, and other sources. Deagel’s projections show dramatic decreases in the population of countries with majority white residents by 2025, with massive decreases in the United States and the U.K. The following list shows current and 2025 population totals:

While the Covid shots are killing and sterilizing many millions of people in Europe and the United States, the controlled demolition of the European and U.S. economies will lead to the deaths of many millions more. The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the United States. This unseen situation for the United States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy.

The death toll will be horrible. The American standard of living is one of the highest, while having a services economy that will be gone along with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no service jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. Mass suicides. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s. At least younger people can migrate, although the younger generations have been living in such a coddled world that they lack basic survival skills and many will also choose suicide. The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s downfall in the 1990’s.

Another key piece of softening up the Western populations to the Great Reset is the old standby used over and over throughout history, and that’s orchestrated mass starvation.

This operation is rapidly taking shape with the destruction of supply lines, weather modification used to destroy crops and livestock, the destruction of food processing plants, and of course ever increasing inflation.

The ultimate goal of the psychopaths running this operation is to create such hell for the Western White populations that they beg for any solution that supplies food and the bare necessities for staying alive.

Right now, people look outside and think, “This won’t change, people have houses, cars, freedom, they won’t accept anything less than this.” But they will. When you pull back the veil and veneer of the modern civilized world, you find degenerate behavior, mental illness, depression, dislocation, the break up of the family, drastically low IQ’s over the years, incredible problems with substance abuse and addiction to digital devices. To transition this world into their new vision is going to go smoother than people realize.

The people in charge of this world aren’t the slightest bit worried about people rising up. Incredibly enough, they expect and want to see mass protests. Klaus Schwab has openly talked about the ‘anger’ that will come.

Then they will offer their ‘solution’ to fix all of it. They want people to experience some pain, economic pain, so they are ready to accept whatever is offered. Very similar to letting the world be afraid of Covid for six months or a year before a ‘vaccine’ solution was offered. This economic situation will actually be scarier for people than Covid was, if they believed the Covid narrative at the time.

And one possibility for the ‘solution’ that these megalomaniacs have in mind could include the following:

It’s going to come online when they’ve put the whole world into a collapse, which is what they’re doing right now, little by little. All you have to do is open your eyes to see all of the idiotic things they are doing to destroy the economy.

Once the world is in a severe economic depression, the system will be brought online and is expected to be accepted by the majority. It will be seen as a ‘relief plan’ and widely praised by the media. CEOs and top so-called capitalists, who are all secretly in favor of this communist-style plan will praise it. Just like they praised the vaccine, they’ll praise this, and people will say, ‘Oh, the TV and government says this is good, so it must be good.’

We are entering a new period of time, where economic freedom will become a rare luxury under the so-called ‘Great Reset’ being planned. Much of this is based on Marxist, Leninist and Communist policies, which are secretly held by the world’s elite. They have all agreed Capitalism ‘must go’ because it provides the common person with too much freedom, and they’ve extracted as much wealth out them as is feasible until the new system comes on line.

According to investigators this ‘Great Reset’ system includes a software suite that will transition all financial transactions from the current SWIFT banking system into a new blockchain-based system. This is expected to take place over a 3 to 5 day period in the future when it comes online. It will also bring with it a very robust social credit and tracking system. Cash will no longer be used for payment with a digital USDR replacing all financial transactions.

The system will include a multi-tiered Class System with all world citizens slotted into one of 4 classes. Most of the world would be placed in the Common category, with a small percentage placed in the Restricted or Quarantined categories. These categories greatly restrict freedom and capital, require vaccination, and they’re closely tied to a social credit score.

Following is a breakdown of the limitations set for the Common (C) class:

C – Common Class

Amount of accounts: 7.1 Billion or 95.5% of humans (approximate)

Covid vaccination required: Yes

Booster shots required: Yes (2 or more)

Asset limitations: Yes (no greater than $5,000 USDR net worth at any given time)

Account limitations: Yes (bank account cannot exceed $1,000 USDR)

Carbon score: Yes (restricts travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

The Restricted and Quarantined classes will have more stringent limitations than the Common class.

The file for each member of these three classes also contains separate areas for fines, demerits, penalties and so on, as well as sections for rewards for good behavior.

At the top tier of this system is the Sovereign class which is completely different. There’s no vaccination requirement at all, no asset limits, no bank account limits. It’s estimated that there will be only about 7 to 8 Million of these Sovereign accounts for the entire human population of the world.

Sovereign accounts do not have the variables of the other 3 classes, though they appear to contain a separate module for certain benefits, such as vacations, golf club memberships and so on.

Of course the Sovereign class will include high level government officials, media figures, the super-rich and celebrities. And it will also include any alt-media personalities that have a large following, since almost all of them have been controlled opposition.

Most of those with a net worth under $10 Million and income per year under $2.5 Million will have to adhere to the new rules. They will be re-classified under the Class C designation. Their funds and private property will be seized and redistributed.

A huge number of people most of us would think of as ‘rich’ will be removed and placed in the Class C category. That’s because a lot of rich people are not part of this cabal. They will suffer like the rest of us, if they aren’t Class S.

The poor and lower classes, even middle classes, watching the upper middle class and lower level rich people all get reduced to their level is a big selling point, a big part of the propaganda! Don’t discount how powerful that will be! The masses will relish watching this unfold, and see it as this new, fair system of wealth redistribution, which it’s not at all.

The Covid operation proved the public will believe anything they are presented with, anything.

This is a massive wealth-redistribution plan, except it doesn’t actually take any wealth from the super-rich, it just makes them richer. It’s a middle-class destroyer. It’s an upper-middle-class destroyer. It will put everyone but the Sovereign class on a low-level playing field, where you have to behave so you can get a few extra crumbs each month.

They want to adjust people’s behavioral patterns, so they’re tightly controlled, monitored, and they get to pass out small rewards and freedoms for good behavior. They also think this is workable since China has proven it can work with 1 Billion people, and since they are reducing the Earth’s population drastically with the vaccines and starvation they are looking at a smaller population that they they can manage.

The transition will happen over a few days during a period of collapse. You login one day to your bank account, you see you have $708 U.S. Dollars. Right? It doesn’t buy much, because milk is $50, gas is $40 a gallon and your rent just went up double digits.

Then the next day you login and you have this thing called USDR in your account, and a new section for your social score, you say, ‘What’s that?’ and you see you have $1,000. You go outside and down the street, you see gas prices are now set to $1 per gallon. You go in the store and milk is $2. The world has changed.

You go online and you go to your prepper group and you say, ‘This is Communism, we have to fight this!’ and within seconds, $25 is deducted from your bank account and you receive a notice about your online behavior, with helpful articles on how to correct it and avoid future fines.

Simulations showed in the first month, many people would drain their accounts to nearly zero due to ‘bad behavior’ but by the second month, their behavior radically adjusted to the point they received virtually no demerits or deductions. In other words, people shaped up and got with the program. They will learn quick that compliance means food in your belly.

Non-compliance means pain. No money, no friends, and you end up stuck in a queue of red tape for all of your violations and having to jump through hoops to undo them, or worse, you just end up in one of their special ‘camps’ for re-educating you. Yes, they really are planning on those.

People will only get around $1,000 per month as Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Your bank account cannot exceed this amount at any time. Wages, generally speaking, will no longer exist, and could not exceed $1,000 per month regardless. There will be no cash, so no underground or under the table economy, no bartering allowed.

People will still be required to work and will be expected to attend to their jobs as normal. New jobs and roles will also be centrally issued by the government. If you’re a lawyer, you will work. If you’re a housekeeper, you will work.

Failure to work, failure to adhere to new social credit guidelines, and any kind of protest or criticism, will result in immediate demerits, fines or deductions from your account, ranging from $5 to $800, depending on the offence.

Welcome to your new world. This is life now. You have USDR. Prices are lower. You’re broke but you have enough to survive on. You’re not happy about it, because you know it’s slavery. Sovereign accounts do not have these variables, though they appear to contain a separate module for certain benefits, such as vacations, golf club memberships and so on.

What can you do? You can complain, protest, drain your USDR account to zero, and in the process, lose friends and family, who, by their association with you are having their social score impacted, it’s going down for them.

It’s total control. Families against families. Like vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated but ten times worse. This is ultimate control. It will turn your closest friend against you. If your beliefs do not align with the new system and you express them, you not only get fined and lose the little USDR they give you, you are going to impact the social scores of those around you. They will quickly disassociate with you.

Small groups will form, people who are against it. Testing algorithms show within one month, most of these people will start complying. The hold-outs will be few and far between. The preppers will realize how difficult it is to completely divest themselves, so some will start complying. But they will all have to get vaccinated.

Others will not comply, they will stubbornly resist and try to survive without USDR. They will get their power turned off along with water and sewer by the city, if they aren’t completely off-grid, because their social score is now about 0 and they are all now Quarantined class, if they weren’t already.

They will get visits from the local police, then it will go up higher, the national guard will pay a visit for a ‘check up’. These visits won’t typically be hostile, because these are locals, they will be instructed not to be aggressive. There will be a lot of back and forth, ‘Please sign this, Mr. Brown, please agree to a search, Mr. Brown.’ This goes on, and with no progress, it gets escalated. Now with escalation, a military group shows up, or the drones are brought in. There’s no mercy. They might issue one warning over loudspeaker, and if there’s no quick compliance, there’s neutralization.

They will use gas or darts not to kill, but to render you unconscious, then the drone will inject the vaccine.

They’ll leave. Now you’re vaccinated with the nano tech. They believe your behavior will change, then you will begin to comply because of the vaccine within you, but it doesn’t in everyone. The ones it doesn’t are the ones who finally get marked for either elimination or placement in a camp.

Welcome to the Great Reset

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