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Many of the people reading this post are here because what they see today or what they’ve experienced doesn’t line up with the message of the Medical System. You’ve decided not to live with your head in the ground and want to know what to do when doctors and the medical system define ‘good’ action as compliant.

Part 1 Manufactured Consent MD Suzanne Humphries 2015


Vaccine History

To get a clear perspective on the problems concerning vaccines let’s take a look at vaccine history.

“It wasn’t long ago when infections plagued the Western world. Smallpox, scarlet fever, measles, typhoid, diphtheria, whooping cough, and other diseases were once considered a tragic part of life. Starting in the mid-1800s, there was a steady drop in the deaths from all these infectious diseases, decreasing by the mid-1900s to very low levels. The elimination of these diseases is one of the most amazing, yet unsung, public health revolutions in history.(1)

Part 1 Manufactured Consent MD Suzanne Humphries 2015


funny-victorian-era-photos-silly-vintage-photography-1-575124eed457b__700“Many of us have a picture of the 1800s colored by a myriad of filters that impart a nostalgic and romantic view of that era. You may picture a time when gentleman callers arrived to meet a well-dressed lady in a finely furnished parlor. A time where people leisurely drifted down a river on a paddlewheel riverboat while sip-ping mint juleps. A time of more elegant travel aboard a steam train passing through the beautiful countryside, or a stylish woman dressed in a long, flowing gown, descending from a sleek horse-drawn carriage with the aid of a dapper companion in a top hat. You may think of those times where life was simple and ordered—a seeming utopia, free of the many woes that plague modern society.

Children snipping beans in Maryland.

“But if those filters are removed and a more objective light is cast upon that time, a different picture emerges. Instead, imagine a world where workplaces had no health, safety, or minimum-wage laws. The 1800s was a century when people put in 12 to 16 hours a day at the most tedious menial labor. Imagine bands of children roaming the streets out of control because their parents were laboring long days. Children were also involved in dangerous and demoralizing work.



Picture the city of New York surrounded not by suburbs but by rings of smoldering garbage dumps and shantytowns.


“Cities where hogs, horses, and dogs and their refuse were commonplace in the streets. Many infectious diseases were rampant throughout the world, particularly in the larger cities. This is not a description of the Third World, but a large portion of what the United States and other civilized Western countries used to be only a century or so ago.

“Infectious diseases were a constant terror during the 1800s. With increasingly dense populations, wars, and abject poverty, diseases of all varieties exacted a horrendous toll. The poverty-stricken masses carried the brunt of the relentless assaults of these diseases, yet no class was spared. Periodic epidemics and pandemics swept across the globe, wreaking havoc and killing millions, rivaling the horrors of war. Abysmal sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, and working and living conditions, combined with a sense of utter hopelessness, laid the foundation for the devastation.

Syracuse, NY—Shanties Back to an Open Sewer.

“Sanitation was not a new concept. In the time of the Old Testament, there were clear-cut biblical rules laid out governing the management and disposal of dangerous human waste and rubbish outside the cities and away from water sources. Greece and Rome also perfected well-regulated public health systems. During the Dark Ages, these ideas simply dropped out of the collective memory in many areas of the world.

“Human smallpox, also known as Orthopox variola, was a notorious infectious viral entity that served up a febrile illness and painful, oozing skin lesions (pox) to its victims. The disease not only disfigured but often led to death.

Only a box for a house, and railroad yard for a playground.

“The most deadly feature of the new towns was the close proximity of human beings to each other. For example, the report of a health officer for Darlington in the 1850s found six children, aged between 2 and 17, suffering from smallpox in a one-roomed dwelling shared with their parents, and elder brother and an uncle. They all slept together on rags on the floor, with no bed. Millions of similar cases could be cited, with conditions getting even worse as disease victims died and their corpses remained rotting among families in single-roomed accommodations for days, as the family scraped together the pennies to bury them.”(1)

Smallpox and Vaccines


“Smallpox is believed to have emerged in human populations about 10,000 BC. The earliest physical evidence of it is probably the pustular rash on the mummified body of Pharaoh Ramses V of Egypt.(3)



“The deviation of man from the state in which he was originally placed by nature seems to have proved to him a prolific source of diseases. From the love of splendour, from the indulgences of luxury, and from his fondness for amusement he has familiarised himself with a great number of animals, which may not originally have been intended for his associates.(4)

“The cow, the hog, the sheep, and the horse, are all, for a variety of purposes, brought under his care and dominion.”(4)

Dr. Edward Jenner, M.D. 1798


From this close association, which became widespread around 12,000 years ago, humans ended up contracting various diseases.
“There is a disease to which the horse, from his state of domestication, is frequently subject. The farriers have called it the grease. It is an inflammation and swelling in the heel, from which issues matter possessing properties of a very peculiar kind, which seems capable of generating a disease in the human body (after it has undergone the modification which I shall presently speak of), which bears so strong a resemblance to the smallpox that I think it highly probable it may be the source of the disease.
Boskapsskötsel_i_ladugården._Mangskogs_socken,_Värmland,_1911_-_Nordiska_Museet_-_NMA.0043102“In this dairy country a great number of cows are kept, and the office of milking is performed indiscriminately by men and maid servants. One of the former having been appointed to apply dressings to the heels of a horse affected with the grease, and not paying due attention to cleanliness, incautiously bears his part in milking the cows, with some particles of the infectious matter adhering to his fingers. When this is the case, it commonly happens that a disease is communicated to the cows, and from the cows to the dairymaids, which spreads through the farm until the most of the cattle and domestics feel its unpleasant consequences. This disease has obtained the name of the cow-pox.”(4)
–Dr. Edward Jenner, M.D. 1798
“A method of inducing immunity known as inoculation, insufflation or “variolation” was practiced before the development of a modern vaccine and likely occurred in India, Africa, and China well before the practice arrived in Europe.
Longqing Emperor 1567–1572
“The first clear reference to smallpox inoculation was made by the Chinese author Wan Quan (1499–1582) in his Douzhen xinfa (痘疹心法) published in 1549. Inoculation for smallpox does not appear to have been widespread in China until the reign era of the Longqing Emperor (r. 1567–1572) during the Ming Dynasty. In China, powdered smallpox scabs were blown up the noses of the healthy. The patients would then develop a mild case of the disease and from then on were immune to it. The technique did have a 0.5–2.0% mortality rate, but that was considerably less than the 20–30% mortality rate of the disease itself.
“Variolation was also practiced throughout the latter half of the 17th century by physicians in Turkey, Persia, and Africa. In 1714 and 1716, two reports of the Ottoman Empire Turkish method of inoculation were made to the Royal Society in England, by Emmanuel Timoni, a doctor affiliated with the British Embassy in Constantinople, and Giacomo Pylarini. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, wife of the British ambassador to Ottoman Constantinople, is widely credited with introducing the process to Great Britain in 1721.
“Stimulated by a severe epidemic, variolation was first employed in North America in 1721. The practice had been known in Boston since 1706, when Cotton Mather (of Salem witch trial fame) discovered his slave, Onesimus had been inoculated while still in Africa, and many slaves imported to Boston had also received inoculations. The practice was, at first, widely criticized. However, a limited trial showed six deaths occurred out of 244 who were variolated (2.5%), while 844 out of 5980 died of natural disease (14%), and the process was widely adopted throughout the colonies.
..scarred the wrists, legs, and forehead of the patient, placed a fresh and kindly pock in each incision and bound it there for eight or ten days, after this time the patient was credibly informed. The patient would then develop a mild case [of smallpox], recover, and thereafter be immune.
— Dr. Peter Kennedy 1716
Portrait of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
“The inoculation technique was documented as having a mortality rate of only one in a thousand. Two years after Kennedy’s description appeared, March 1718, Dr. Charles Maitland successfully inoculated the five-year-old son of the British ambassador to the Turkish court under orders from the ambassador’s wife Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, who four years later introduced the practice to England.

“Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Dr. Edward Jenner in 1796. He followed up his observation that milkmaids who had previously caught cowpox did not later catch smallpox by showing that inoculated cowpox protected against inoculated smallpox.

The word “vaccine” is derived from Variolae vaccinae (i.e. smallpox of the cow), the term devised by Jenner to denote cowpox and used in the long title of his An enquiry into the causes and effects of Variolae vaccinae, known by the name of cow pox.

Multiple site vaccination of 1898, showing a ‘typically good arm.’


Vaccination, the term which soon replaced cowpox inoculation and vaccine inoculation, was first used in print by Jenner’s friend, Richard Dunning in 1800. Initially, the terms vaccine/vaccination referred only to smallpox, but in 1881 Louis Pasteur proposed that to honour Jenner the terms be widened to cover the new protective inoculations being introduced.”(2)

“Smallpox vaccines have always been an unknown broth of hundreds of thousands of non-cowpox microbes. The purity was not guaranteed even when smallpox vaccines were advertised as “pure lymph.”(2)

“Dr. Bayly discusses the terminology:

Presumably it is called “pure” because, under the Therapeutic Substances Act (1943) it must not contain more than 20,000 extraneous micro-organisms per cubic centimeter… according to the British Medical Journal (November 4th, 1950) that “With the best of care, heavy bacterial contamination of vaccine lymph is inevitable during its preparation, and as many as 500 million organisms per ml. may be present, particularly in the tropics. They belong mostly to the cocci group, but may include also Bacillus subtilis, Bact. Coli, Pseudomones pyocyanea, yeasts and fungi; anaerobic organisms may also be occasional contaminants.”

Mandatory Smallpox Vaccinations

“Although vaccination for smallpox had been used since the year 1800, the government did not begin to enforce it until the first acts in 1840 and 1853. The 1853 law set the governmental machinery in place to require every child to be vaccinated within three months of birth.

“Concerns over vaccine safety, effectiveness, and governmental infringement on personal liberty and freedom through compulsory vaccination stoked the fires of the anti-vaccination movement. People began to resist the government and chose to pay fines. Some even accepted imprisonment rather than allowing vaccination for themselves or their children. The public backlash culminated in the Great Demonstration in Leicester, England, in 1885.


“By the mid-1800s and into the 1900s, governmental support of vaccination as the only means of controlling smallpox was firmly entrenched. As seen in England in the late 1800s, despite a parent’s belief that a vaccine had caused a child’s injury or death and despite dissenting medical opinions, governments and courts were unified in their decree that vaccination had to be enforced. Fines, seizure of personal property, and imprisonment were instituted to compel the population into compliance of the law based upon the dominant medical paradigm. Punishments were carried out for not vaccinating.

“England, August 1869:

In August [1869] Mrs. Anne Sipple was committed for seven days’ hard labor—an illegal sentence—and confined in a stone cell with an infant of eighteen months, the child deprived of shoes and socks, and a diet of bread and water only for both.

“The year was 1914. Arthur Smith Jr. was a normal, healthy 11-year-old boy living in his home at 8 John Street in New Windsor, New York, with his father, Arthur Smith; his mother, Hilda; and his two sisters, Annie and Jennie. Although not at the head of his class, he did well in school.

“At the opening of the fall school term, a letter was sent to every school in the state of New York. The letter, by Dr. Finnegan of the State Department of Education, called upon the board of education, including every school trustee, to enforce the compulsory vaccination law. The letter stated that if a child was not vaccinated, he or she could not attend school. If kept home for that reason, the parents would ultimately be arrested and sent to prison.

The Sanitation Revolution

“By the mid-1800s, slums had become commonplace settlements in the Western world. New York City had 100,000 slum dwellers living in 20,000 tenement buildings. They were a crowded and vile predicament. Throughout these unsanitary slums, death was ever present. Cholera, typhoid, scarlet fever, smallpox, typhus, and other infectious diseases were never idle.

“But during this time, the seeds of change were sowed and slowly took root. It was the beginning of the Sanitation Revolution. A new understanding that filth contributed to human illness had come to light. It was also known that poverty was often a result of such illness and not just the cause. Based on this awareness, projects for the supply of clean water and removal of human and other waste gradually began to be implemented.

“With so many changes occurring due to massive public health initiatives, the dreadful living situation that existed for multitudes dramatically improved by the mid-1800s. Sanitary infrastructure, understanding of hygiene, vastly improved nutrition, labor laws, advances in science, and many other factors coalesced to create a radical shift. Children who were once dying from diarrhea and common infectious diseases were living and thriving in greater numbers within the span of several decades.

The Vaccination Religion

“Vaccination is regarded as the most important health advance in the 20th century by most health professionals and laypeople. Although the dramatic decreases in morbidity and mortality from diseases that occurred in the course of the 20th century have been credited to the introduction of specific vaccines, scant acknowledgment has been given to improving social conditions.

“Despite questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccination by reputable medical men since its introduction, debate has been, and is, increasingly discouraged.

255px-Poster_for_vaccination_against_smallpox“Information published in scientific journals is used to support this position, other views being regarded as “unscientific.”(1)

It has been a received “article of faith” for doctors and nurses, that vaccination is the single most useful health intervention that has ever been introduced. These health professionals have been taught that vaccines are the reason children and adults stopped dying from diseases for which there are vaccines.

They were told that other diseases, such as scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, typhus, typhoid, cholera, and so on, for which there are no vaccines at the time, diminished both in incidence and mortality (ability to kill) due to better social conditions.

You would think—as medical students who are supposed to be moderately intelligent—that some of them would have asked, “But if deaths from these diseases decreased due to improved social conditions, mightn’t the ones for which there are vaccines also have decreased at the same time, for the same reason?” But, except for a very few, they didn’t.

The medical curriculum is so overloaded with information that medical students just have to learn what they hear, as they hear it: non-vaccinatable diseases into the social conditions box and vaccinatable diseases into the vaccines box and then on to the next subject.

Everything they are taught and read in textbooks, both before qualifying as doctors or nurses and through all post-graduate training, reinforces this view.

Most doctors and nurses regard parents who won’t vaccinate their children as ignorant or, if not ignorant, sociopathic, for withholding what the medical professionals believed was a lifesaving intervention and putting everybody else at risk by reducing herd immunity.


The Real Story

If these same doctors and nurses took the time to do a little investigation into the history of disease rates over time, they would see that once emphasis and action was taken to improve sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, the rates of disease dropped steadily from the mid 1800s.



“For example, by the 1950s when the whooping cough vaccine was introduced, data showed that whooping cough was killing only 1 percent of the numbers of people who used to die in England and Wales 50 years before.




“Official data showed that the same happened with measles. Indeed, when the measles vaccine was introduced to the UK in 1968, the death rate continued to drop steadily, even though the initial uptake of the vaccine was only 30 percent and didn’t get above 50 percent until the 1980s.

“Measles vaccine was introduced in 1963 in the United States. In the 1950’s about 4 million children were born per year. In 1957 the number of children who died with measles was about 93 or 94. Children may die “with measles” but not “from measles”. The use of fever suppressing compounds, like aspirin, raise the death rate “with measles”. The actual cause of death falls under 3 causes: filth, malnutrition and mistreatment. Regarding nutrition, “…when patients with measles are given vitamin A supplements, their complication rates and chances of dying are significantly reduced.” Pg 27 of VACCINES Are They Really Safe & Effective? Edition 2 by Neil Z. Miller.

Smallpox when induced by vaccination

“Even the much-heralded success story of smallpox vaccination was not what it seemed. The enforcement of the compulsory smallpox vaccination law in 1867, when the death rate was already falling, was accompanied by an increase in the deaths from 100 to 400 deaths per million.”(1)

“Some quotes:
Sanitation Vs. Vaccination – The Smallpox & causes, by Dr. Hadwen:

“Since Edward Jenner demonstrated the use of cowpox vaccine against smallpox in 1796, vaccinations against smallpox were started. Despite this, a smallpox epidemic swept England in 1839 and killed 22,081 people.”

Smallpox when induced by vaccination



“In 1853 the Government made smallpox vaccinations compulsory, but the incidence of the disease kept increasing, …and in 1872 another epidemic killed 44,840 people, most of whom were vaccinated.” [In hospital]”One child lay for two weeks and two days with her eyes scabbed and not a single drop of water was given to relieve her.” (5)



“[After the 1872 epidemic, Leicester, a city of 200,000 decreased its vaccination coverage to five percent [5%] of its children and put its efforts into sanitation.]

“1878-96 inclusive, unvaccinated Leicester had so few smallpox deaths that the Registrar-General represented the average by the decimal 0.01 per thousand population, equal to ten per million, while for the twelve years 1878-89 there was less that one death per annum. Here we have real immunity, real protection; and it is obtained by attending to sanitation and isolation, coupled with the almost total neglect of vaccination. Neither army nor navy can show any such results as this.”(5)

“World health records.. “World health records (England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, British India, etc.) document the devastating epidemics which followed mass vaccination. The worst smallpox disaster occurred in the Philippines, after 10 years (1911-1920) of a compulsory U.S. program which administered 25 million vaccinations to its population of 10 million. The result: 170,000 cases and more than 75,000 deaths from smallpox. History past and present is replete with similar tragedies. “Public education” by vaccine producers and their supporters always omits self-incriminating facts.”

” Professor George Dick, speaking at an environmental conference in Brussels in 1973, admitted that in recent decades, 75% of British people who contracted smallpox had been vaccinated. This, combined with the fact that only 40% of children (and a maximum of 10% of adults) had been vaccinated, clearly shows that vaccinated

And let’s not forget these:


1. Before the modern era, polio was a mild disease seldom resulting in paralysis.
2. The largest epidemic occured about 1950 and had significantly declined by 1955 when vaccine was first introduced.
3. Disease can not be ‘conquered’ without addressing the disease cause.
4. Disease is not caused by a lack of “cow-pus”, rotting material or carcinogenic poisons in the bloodstream.
5. Polio causes included:

  • pre-polio vaccines
  • nutritional imbalances
  • environmental poisons- most notably pesticides



The fact that polio incidence increased after WWII and was only a minor problem before 1900 are clues that polio was a man made disease mainly caused by chemical pollution, as a result of, most notably, persistent pesticides which were used very carelessly. Sometimes parks were sprayed with DDT at the same time children were playing. Flys on milk cows were sprayed with not a thought of contaminating the cow’s milk and thus poisoning children as a result.”(5)















Let’s look at the graph above once again:


And by the numbers:


Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on vaccines and health-Part 1


Did we ever really need vaccinations?


What about Herd Immunity?

“The Herd Immunity concept is that you’re irresponsible if you don’t vaccinate yourself and your child since you’re putting other people at risk.

“There’s a few problems with that theory:

  1. A significant number of people are getting vaccinated and then infecting other people, oftentimes shortly after they’re vaccinated.
  2. If people trust their vaccines they shouldn’t be worried about what someone else is doing.

“Now that the ability exists to determine whether a person is infected with a vaccine strain or a wild strain of measles, it has been clearly substantiated that those who are vaccinated do directly infect others. This happens with rodovirus, it happens with oral polio virus, it happens with measles and it’s always been known to happen with rubella.

“When people want to use the Herd Immunity argument it’s not very rational and the concept of herd immunity came from a time when people were not vaccinating.”(6)

Vaccine Safety

“The safety of a vaccine is related to the condition of the person receiving it.

“You could have a disease that the doctor doesn’t know about like an immunoglobulin deficiency or cancer or a mitochondrial disease or a genetic disorder and you get the vaccine and the vaccine can trigger a problem. And the doctor will blame you because you had a pre-existing condition and claim that it is not necessarily a problem of the vaccine.

“Most of the time, with vaccine trials, the vaccines are tested on healthy people.

“If you’ve had anemia or you’ve recently had a blood transfusion or you’re on certain medications, they won’t take you in a trial for a vaccine, but they’ll still offer you the vaccine later.”(6)

Vaccine Response

“There are two branches of our immune system.

We don’t have vaccines for every disease and we don’t die from every disease.

So we must have another ability to fight disease than just memory immunity, which is what vaccines are supposed to give you, is memory immunity in your blood.

You have a line of defense in your blood, a cellular defense, called innate immunity, which includes cells and some non-specific antibodies that are ready to go on the attack.

And there’s also a branch of immunity called humoral immunity that has to do with preformed antibody.

What is found with vaccinations is that 15-18% of children don’t respond with a cellular response and 12-14% don’t respond with a humoral response.”(6)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on vaccines and health-Part 1

“Around 39% were found to have a defect in response to CMI and/or HI in the healthy controls.

When these numbers are compared to the 3-5% of children that are not vaccinated, it’s clear that the greater issue revolves around the number of non-responders to vaccination.”(6)

Genetic and Epigenetic Changes

“So what happens on a genetic level when children are vaccinated?

We’re told the vaccines are one-size-fits-all. That the same vaccine is given to everybody and that everybody will have a similar response when it comes to being protected against the target microbe.

What else happens in the body after the vaccination?

When a group of children were vaccinated researchers had the ability to see which genes are activated to produce proteins. When the different actions generated were broken down the resulted in the following list:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on vaccines and health-Part 1

The results are known as epigenetic effects since they are not genetic mutations, but a gene activation. Scientists use to believe that our genes are our destiny but recent information demonstrates that they are not our destiny, since only a small percent of our genes dictates what happens to us. Our destiny has to do with what those genes are told to do and what those genes are told to do has a great deal to do with we are exposed to.

Scientists know that smoking or even eating rice has an effect on an individual’s epigenetic profile. So any injection is sure to change the epigenetic profile. Depending on the impact on the cell of different substances, the genetic material in the cell will be given different signals which produce different instructions for the production of proteins inside the cell. So up-regulation of epigentic instructions lead to the effects listed in the chart above.

Each individual can have very different responses than other individuals that receive the vaccination, depending on a myriad of different biological variations that typically exist in each human body. The genes that will be up-regulated will be different in each individual.

So even if the vaccine works there are so many other things that are being changed with the body.

And it is well known that many of the chemicals in vaccines are stirring up the immune system in ways that are not normal.

In a study from 2008 that was a Swedish study that looked at infants after their DPT and Polio-Hib vaccines. The babies got their regular vaccines at 3 and 5 months and then they took some blood and exposed it the the Whooping cough vaccine and looked to see what happened 12 hours later at a genetic level.”(6)

The following chart shows what the doctor reported:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

“So these genes are being woken up and it doesn’t necessarily cause these problems to occur right away in everybody but what is unknown is what happens if something doesn’t come along and shut these back down.

And the immunological explanation for the non-specific effects of vaccines is not known at present.”(6)

Withholding Vaccines

Some studies have been to see what happens if vaccines are not given to children.

The following chart show the results from one study:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

Examining health histories of unvaccinated children shows the they have far fewer allergies, far fewer cases of asthma and require far less applications of antibiotics than vaccinated children whether vaccinated with DTP or DTaP.

The overreaction to normal environmental factors could be a result of the abnormal programming of the immune system in very young children, due to vaccinations.

Vaccination Reactions

Only 1 in 10 reactions to vaccinations is ever recorded.

As of August of 2012 in the US there have been 67 deaths and 22,143 adverse events related to any vaccines containing Tetanus vaccine, so the reaction to these vaccines is something to look carefully at.


“We are made of protein and water and bacteria and viruses are also made of protein. So how come we can have bacteria on our skin and probiotics in our intestines that are actually good for us and we don’t get sick from them.

Why is it that one person can get along fine with the microbes that surround us while another has strong negative reactions to these microbes. Nature has devised us to be one with the microbial world.

In the intestines are an amount of bacteria that outnumber the cells in the body by 10 to 1 and the number of viruses in the intestines outnumber the number of bacteria in the intestines. We don’t get sick as a result of this because nature has devised a way for our body to harmoniously live with these microbes because they’re so similar to the proteins forming the body’s cells.”(7)

If you don’t react to these microbes you don’t react to yourself:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

The proteins from the viruses and bacteria in vaccines are so similar to the proteins in our body that it’s very hard to create a vaccine that the body will respond to.

Adjuvants and Aluminum

For that reason an adjuvant such as aluminum is added to the vaccine to make the immune system respond, because normally if an individual is injected with DTaP or Tetanus Toxoid, they would not respond to it, because the body has already been introduced to many of these proteins and it is programmed to not respond.”(7)

An adjuvant is an agent that modifies the effect of other agents, in this case in a vaccine.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

“This is important when it comes to autoimmunity. Something happens to break this tolerance we have to normal protein and our immune system starts to attack our own body cells.

The problem is that many vaccines contain proteins that are the same as some protein segments in the body.

The decision to put aluminum into vaccines was made back in the 1940s to cause a reaction to the vaccine.

So how did they come up with the plan to use aluminum?

They were giving the vaccines for diphtheria and tetanus and they found that they weren’t having much of an immune response and they needed something to make it work more vigorously. And they found that when they used dirty vials to make the vaccines that the vaccine worked better. And one of the vials had aluminum in it and they found that that worked really well.

At the time there were many scientists saying that aluminum shouldn’t be put in food and that it certainly shouldn’t be injected, but these scientists were ignored.

Currently, scientists are saying that even though not everything is known about the effects of aluminum in the body, what is known is not good. It has no biological purpose except to rev up the immune system.

Back then there were just a few vaccines that contained aluminum, but today more than half of pediatric vaccines contain aluminum and they are given earlier and earlier, before babies even have their kidney function up to normal, they are given big doses of aluminum, which can get into the brain, which can alter the immune system, which does epigenetically alter gene function, which changes how enzymes work.

So these huge doses of aluminum are given to babies today, with these vaccines, to get the body to respond and we’re told, don’t worry, because the kidneys get rid of it, but it’s not true when it comes to babies and research backs that up.

They also tell us that we shouldn’t worry about aluminum because it’s in the environment, it’s in the earth’s crust, because it’s in breast milk, because it’s found in our bodies, so it must be OK.

There’s a huge difference between eating aluminum and being injected in a muscle with aluminum. Even being injected intravenously, it’s better than being injected in a muscle with aluminum. The needle going into that muscle stimulates the immune system, it shows damage, releasing particles from inside cells that stimulates the immune system and the aluminum is added, which creates a spark that creates fire. And that fire may not be put out.

And now this fire has possibly been created against ourselves, because of the similarity of the proteins in the vaccines and our own proteins.

There is no way that the doses of aluminum given to babies today is not a problem and that it needs to stop. The aluminum can go into other body parts including the lymph nodes and the brain, it can react with our own proteins and enzymes, alter gene function and it has many known harmful effects.

It might not kill you but in certain populations it can make children and adults sick.

Aluminum forces the immune system to overreact so you can be vaccinated and hopefully immunized. This can lead to an overreaction to germ proteins which may be identical to body proteins. the immune system can then attack body proteins in the brain, nerves and joints.(7)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

Let’s take a look at the effect of Tetanus vaccine toxin/Toxoid:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

So some of the autoimmunity that exists in society today is directly related to vaccination.

So how safe is aluminum?

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

And then there’s this quote from Paul Offit, a US vaccine inventor:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

This statement is absolutely false and goes against all existing research evidence.

He also puts forth the following reasons for his claims:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

These statements are deceptive and completely unscientific. What’s actually happening with aluminum blood levels during pregnancy, is that aluminum and lead, which was previously stored in the mother’s bone, is being mobilized in order to release minerals to the baby.

Just because higher levels of aluminum are found in premature babies doesn’t mean the aluminum is beneficial. It could mean that it’s causing harm. Aluminum is likely a cause of preterm birth not evidence that aluminum is normal. Preterm birth is a definite sign of poor health and Paul Offit’s own references, that he uses to support this nonsense, prove him wrong.

Here’s another outrageous claim by Paul Offit:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

Paul Offit is a vaccine inventor, he has been granted a position in medicine to decide what vaccines a baby gets, what the laws regarding vaccine refusal should be and whose voice is the right one to listen to.

Follow the Money!

A meta-analysis done in 2004 sums up the current attitude toward aluminum in vaccines with the following comments:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 3

And the following statement from the analysis:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 3

Autism and Vaccines

“When looking at children with autism it’s important to keep in mind that autism usually involves more than just vaccination. It involves the whole immune system of the child.

The immune system begins to develop within days of conception and even the mother’s immune system changes at conception, so even the mother’s immune system contributes to the development of autism in the child.

It is now known that maternal immune activation has a contribution to schizophrenia, to depression and to autism in children and adults. It doesn’t matter if the mother’s immune system was stimulated by a war, or by a virus, or a bacteria or a vaccine, the inflammation that occurs as a result of maternal immune activation determines how the babies brain develops. Normal brain growth doesn’t occur in autism.

With autism are found bigger brains than normal, along with a high degree of inflammation, the immune systems aren’t functioning normally and the bowels are abnormal.

Even being given oxytocin during delivery updates the percentage of autism in males by 30%. The oxytocin was taken from a cow brain and injected into the mother which epigenetically changes something in the baby.”(7)

Breast Milk vs. Formula

“Breast milk is a continuation of the immunity that existed in the uterus. It’s vitally important for the baby to receive breast feeding for at least 6 months and the World Health Organization even recommends continuing breast feeding for up to 2 years of age.

The reason for this is that it continues to keep the baby in an anti-inflammatory state. Everything from conception to a least 1 year of age is acting to keep the baby’s immune system from being anti-inflammatory, in order to keep the baby’s body anti-inflammatory.

Mother’s milk is deadly to pneumococcal cells and deadly to cancer cells and it’s action takes place without causing inflammation.

The types of microbes that go into the baby’s intestines change the inflammatory pre-disposition of the baby. The microbes from breast milk are anti-inflammatory, but if formula is given the microbes are totally different and one bottle of formula will change the baby’s intestine for 2 weeks.”(7)


Research shows that as other countries change their vaccination programs to match the US, their autism rates go up.

In the US today:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of children with autism over the last 15 years.

In 1995 there was an increase of about 6,000 cases in school children age 6-21 and by 2011 the increase in this age group reached around 37,000.

So what’s going on here?

The US vaccine schedule as of 2012 included 49 doses of 14 vaccines:


There is a tremendous amount of evidence that shows that the current vaccination rate and the amount of aluminum injected into the children are both contributory factors in the development of autism.

When looking at medical studies it’s important to study the research of independent researchers since research funded by the pharmaceutical industry, or by universities receiving funding from the pharmaceutical industry tend, in known to be of lower quality and usually has a desired endpoint before the study is even done, which inevitably affects the supposed findings.


A study in 2011, by 2 independent researchers, Tomljenovic and Shaw showed that the more aluminum given and the sooner it is given, the more the incidence of autism rates.

Animal Cells in Vaccines

So what sort of animal cells are added to vaccines:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

“Human cells started to be used in vaccines because the vaccine producers were having problems with animal cells. From the 1950s to the 1990s there was a cancer virus (SV40) in monkey kidney cells that didn’t cause any problem to the monkey, but was correlated to tumors in the brains and lungs in humans, and the Italian doctor, Dr. Carboni, that’s done most of the research on this virus, calls this virus the ‘perfect war machine’, because he says he couldn’t have designed a better cancer virus if he was able to.

So this has been a problem with animal cells, that there’s been other types of viruses that come along with the animal cells.

So the idea was to utilize the human cells since they can be controlled better and they should then be safer.”(7)

The catch here is that the human fetal cells used all contain retroviruses, which are prevalent in the human body.

“A retrovirus is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus with a DNA intermediate and, as an obligate parasite, targets a host cell. Once inside the host cell cytoplasm, the virus uses its own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its RNA genome — the reverse of the usual pattern, thus retro (backwards). This new DNA is then incorporated into the host cell genome by an integrase enzyme, at which point the retroviral DNA is referred to as a provirus. The host cell then treats the viral DNA as part of its own genome, translating and transcribing the viral genes along with the cell’s own genes, producing the proteins required to assemble new copies of the virus. It is difficult to detect the virus until it has infected the host. At that point, the infection will persist indefinitely.

In most viruses, DNA is transcribed into RNA, and then RNA is translated into protein. However, retroviruses function differently – their RNA is reverse-transcribed into DNA, which is integrated into the host cell’s genome (when it becomes a provirus), and then undergoes the usual transcription and translational processes to express the genes carried by the virus. So, the information contained in a retroviral gene is used to generate the corresponding protein via the sequence: RNA → DNA → RNA → polypeptide.”(8)

This all boils down to the fact that retroviruses can alter the genetics within the cell, triggering specific effects, which can alter or initiate potentially damaging biochemical processes.

“The introduction of the use of these human fetal cells into vaccines has led to a rise in the autism rates. Dr. Theresa Deisher from Stanford University has shown that the combination of fetal DNA and the retroviruses is highly likely a contributor to abnormal brain function leading to autism and cancer.

Dr Deisher, lead scientist and SCPI founder has noted that, “Not only are the human fetal contaminated vaccines associated with autistic disorder throughout the world, but also with epidemic childhood leukemia and lymphomas.”(7)

The genetic material from vaccines can incorporate into our genome.

So how much exogenous DNA is permitted in vaccines?

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on Vaccines and Health- Part 2

So, when it comes to the pharmaceutical manufacturers, recommendations are one thing and what happens in reality is completely different. Which, when extrapolated across all pharmaceutical activities, should serve to spark a strong distrust of this industry.

“There are a large number of publications about the presence of human endogenous retrovirus and its association with childhood lymphoma. The MMR II and chickenpox vaccines an indeed all vaccines that were propagated or manufactured using the fetal cell line WI-38 are contaminated with this retrovirus.”

“Manufactured childhood vaccines in human fetal cell lines, with its associated retroviral and human DNA fragment contaminants, fulfills all of the necessary requirements as a primary trigger for autistic disorder.”

Theresa Deisher, PhD

Manufacturing Consent

“When it comes to the decision whether to utilize vaccinations for oneself or for one’s child, any rational person would be interested in studying the known information about vaccinations before deciding whether or not to use them.

In other words one would make an informed decision.

In 1997 the World Health Organization (WHO) formulated a world strategy which it released in a book called The CVI Strategic Plan- Managing Opportunity and Change: A Vision of Vaccination for the 21st Century.

This strategy laid out a map for changing how people thought about vaccines. The plan had key points that were using the Media to structure messages that shaped public opinion, to co-opt or persuade key opinion people in all levels of society, Medical, lay and entertainment.

The goal was to get spokespeople at every level speaking one message and one message only.

The plan emphasized private-public partnership and philanthropy with the aim to make vaccines a core topic in society.

Things got moving in a big way when Bill Gates stepped up to take his place in the World Health Organization. Private stakeholders have existed for a long time, but the game moved into high gear with the Gates funding. In 2010 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $10 Billion to the WHO in order to make 2010 and 2020 The Vaccination Decade.

With that funding by 2015 the focus shifted to making vaccinations mandatory for all people, which has been successful in some places, making vaccines a lifestyle event for all people from cradle to grave, and broadening the appeal of live virus vaccines for the immune system benefits, not just for their disease preventing benefits.

According the WHO:

Today we have a billionaire software developer, the pharmaceutical industry, academia and the US Department of Homeland Security and the World Health Organization all speaking and working in unison toward the same goals.

This should have anyone who is paying attention to ask a lot of questions, since the goal is to restrict our health freedom, to censor what we can read and say and remove our ability to choose what goes into our bodies.

2015 will be remembered by those who pay attention as one of unprecedented activity in the war against a new public menace, the vaccine hesitant.

What we saw in 2015:

A Disneyland spectacle where about 140 people were infected with measles.

Shortly after that we had a surge of Media outlets and the CDC making announcements with half-truths and California parents losing their ability to conscientiously object to vaccinations.

There are still a number of state legal battles going on to maintain parental vaccine objection , with many having been overturned the ban.

There’s an ongoing lawsuit against Merck by two virologists that were formerly employed by Merck Vaccines, who are suing them on the basis of fraudulent testing of the Mumps portion of the MMR vaccine.

A CDC whistleblower named William Thompson came out and said that there was a collusion between Thompson and four research associates to cover up data that showed higher autism rates in African-American boys.

But then Thompson went quiet.

Then he stated that he was awarded a performance based award from the CDC after his public statement. He said that he wanted to be left alone to focus on his job and family.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

He continues to go to work at the CDC.

What happened between his pang of conscience and his current silence?

And now we’re seeing censorship of any anti-vaccine views, even of delaying vaccines or altering the schedule at all, the portrayal of refusers as insane and obstinately stupid.

And we’re seeing whole new propaganda that centers around a very important medical paper that came out in 2015, which underlies a lot of what’s happening here and re-enforces the goals.”(10)

The following is an example from the popular press:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

“In order to ‘scare the crap out of’ parents they have to restrict information, because when doctors and parents have all the facts and make the connections between their children’s sickness and vaccines, they want to know more and they’ll start looking for themselves.

So, in order to plug holes in the dam that’s starting to crack, journalists also have to be censored.

Dr. Paul Offit, a figurehead, pro-vaccine doctor in the US, who makes recommendations to doctors and advisory panels, says that journalists who discuss or print anti-vaccine facts should be jailed.”(10)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

“Most journalists are now terrified to say anything that could lose sponsorship, but the few that are still interested in balanced discussions must be censored, not just according to Paul Offit, but also according to Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, who served from 2009 to 2014.”(10)

Here’s what she said to Readers Digest in 20110:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

This has long been the ethos even when the evidence and arguments have been well founded.

As shown in the Federal Register from 1984:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

“It doesn’t get any plainer than this.

The open threats to non-vaccinators recently reached out in every direction.

Doctors are under threat everywhere.

Doctors who see things that make them lose sleep, rarely risk everything and speak, because it will hit them in the back pocket.

They are also terrified of becoming Wakefielded.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

The fact is that Wakefield was pro-vaccine and all he did was suggest a possible link between autism and measles vaccines based on clinical case studies and colon biopsies of vaccinated autistic children.

The pro-vaccine commandment is that doubt is not allowed to exist, so Wakefield’s name was made synonymous with fraud, by the pro-vaccine, which continued to manipulate the facts.

In the US, journalists, who parrot information, call to have doctors’ licenses revoked.”(10)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

And then there’s the move to sue parents who don’t vaccinate their kids:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

“When non-vaccinators are kicked out of the office doctors then turn around and say that the other forms of healing that those parents turn to are quackery, dangerous and can kill you because you aren’t using their medicine.

Fortunately many intelligent parents see that the medical system is fear mongering. Once parents have enough knowledge and experience, they no longer feel doctor dependent, because they realize how easy it is to not need doctors.

And this works as long as the parents have the freedom to choose and the medical system knows this, which is why they’re now turning up the heat.

While non-vaccinating parents are treated with disdain, what happens when a previously compliant parent wakes up and asks the following question:

Why did all of these problems start after that/those vaccines?

The doctor automatically rejects the question. If the parent persists in their questioning, rejection becomes disdain and hostility. The angry doctor may call them paranoid, neurotic, stupid, unqualified, hysterical or dangerous.

Doctors that raise the same question are often treated with the same hostility and accused of having blood on their hands.

Those in the medical system sometimes tolerates independent thinking but they don’t encourage anything that disturbs the status quo.

Doctors are told that the science is settled on everything vaccine, but when the so-called evidence is compared to the historic and scientific literature, it becomes clear the the education given to doctors today is a oppressive form of religion, preached as gospel by leading authorities who act as if they’re narrow truth is the only righteous belief. Explaining the broader concepts is to them akin to heresy, even if it’s right there in their peer reviewed medical journals.”(10)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

And this same pro-vaccine doctor said the following irresponsible statement:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

“Mayo Clinic doctors like Greg Poland, now determine for Google what is vaccine fact and what is vaccine fiction. This is a desperate measure to silence those who question vaccines and try to find information that’s not permitted on mainstream media.”(10)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

Doctors are told, by Dr. Robert Jacobson at Mayo Clinic, to keep it simple.

The following if from one of Jacobson’s powerpoint presentations:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1


Live Viral Vaccines Hype

“In 2015 the pro-vaccine tossed out a new radical message, that live viral vaccines, even the smallpox vaccines, have beneficial effects beyond what you may have ever dreamed.

Suddenly in May of 2015 the public was told that vaccines had extra-special benefits which could magically prevent people from dying of other diseases than what they were vaccinated for.

The two tools used to push these beliefs were unintelligible math and incorrect immunology.

With the key vaccine hero, MMR, rushing to the rescue, but with BCG and smallpox tossed in for variety, the public was told that live viral vaccines have wonderful non-specific effects which make long term death less likely.

But then they were told that measles disease is worse than anyone had noticed before in an article released in 2015. This article was part of a carefully orchestrated plan, piggybacking on the Disneyland measles outbreak’s Forbes magazine cluster bombs and it was backed up by legislative action in the US.”(10)

The message to parents was that vaccines make children glow with supernatural strength and that:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 1

And here’s the paper that these claims were based on:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2

“The research for this paper was funded by Bill Gates. The explanatory language of the paper is unaccessible to most people, which was probably intended from the start. Most doctors haven’t been able to get their heads around the medical argument presented. The lead author is a medical student who appears to know very little about measles in the the real world but who, by his own admission, loves to fiddle with statistical models.

Here we have a medical student partnering with a computer geek to produce statistical models so complex your eyes would glaze over.”(11)

The important goal here was to give the public a simple explanation, so here is what the public was told:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2

“And theory here is that measles disease suppresses the immune system causing immune amnesia for a long time after the infection.

The problem with this theory is that long term immune suppression from measles disease was never a real phenomenon, and was based on wrongly interpreted vaccine results in Africa.”(11)

The fact, studies have shown that measles infected children have lower mortality rates than uninfected children:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2

And most of the measles cases that did better were not vaccinated.

So Mina’s claim above are false and thus when the question is asked:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2

“One of the key points to remember here is that the first time that Mina and his co-authors ran the data with their first set of assumptions, they didn’t actually see what they wanted to see. They had to change their assumptions and the way they wanted to analyze the data.”(11)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2
Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2

“The real question of the credibility of this study doesn’t lie in the data manipulation at all. The big flaw in this study lies in the immunology assumption, which was the second hypothesis.

The hypothesis stated that:

The measles infection reduces the immune system memory to an empty shell.

Implying that all diseases for which one was vaccinated or had gained natural immunity to, once again, after the measles infection, became not just an individual threat, that they could get infected again, but also a community threat, as Grenfall, in the paper alluded.”(11)

The papers they use to supposedly substantiate this claim are contradictory or contain no substantiation at all:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2

“Mina and De Vries are banking on doctors being too busy to go and read the references backing up their claims. Because doctors are too busy to check, nobody challenges anything.

The final sentence of the De Vries summary paper listed above states:

Clinical studies are required to test our hypothesis that measles immune suppression is mainly a numbers game.

Yet, not 5 months later, after no clinical studies at all had been done, Mina and Osterhaus, who were thanked in that paper, are presenting mathematical models that they say validate a non-clinical monkey hypothesis.

Dr. Aaby made it very clear that there was no persistent T-lymphocyte suppression in infected children 2 months after infection. By then everything was back to normal.”(11)

In a 5 year followup study done by Dr. Aaby:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2

And from Dr Aaby:

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Manufactured Consent Part 2

Which proves that there is no lethal suppression of the immune system, but that the immune system is actually strengthened which invalidates the claims in Mina’s paper, along with the validity of the any fear mongering that would supposedly be warranted.


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