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The January 6th ‘Attack’ Was Staged

Just like many of the ‘Mass Shootings’

That’s right folks……the January 6th operation was staged for your distraction.

Several Democratic Congress people and many other paid talking heads have compared the January 6 “Attack on the Capitol” to Pearl Harbor and 9-11. Which is true: like those events, the events of January 6 were staged by your government.

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This will certainly be no surprise to anyone who investigated the 9-11 operation. That event was the one that really opened many people’s eyes to the extent of the fake manipulation of events perpetrated by various elements of the government, along with elements of a foreign government, to fool the public into supporting their own enslavement.

9-11 – 20 Years On And They’re Still Blowing Smoke

And the current Covid operation just utilized a different ‘Terrorist’ script to take the public enslavement to the next level.

The Primary Goal of The Covid Operation Is Depopulation

And it also acts as cover for the current economic collapse and the ‘Great Reset’ planned for the citizens of ‘The Land Of The Free’.

The Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Operations Are Cover For The Economic Collapse

The January 6th operation is just another public distraction designed to deflect the public focus away from the actual perpetrators of these operations and black wash any Americans that are actually interested in clearly exposing the widespread corruption in government.

They staged the fake storming of the Capitol, with a woman supposedly shot by a Capitol guard. Of course that woman, turned out to be an Air Force, 16-year veteran, so that was fake. You can tell by the blood, as usual, since it’s the wrong color. They forgot to include one of the skilled moulage artists used in the Fake Boston Bombing.

The fake ‘victim’s’ name is Ashli Babbitt (below), and it turns out she is Jewish and military intelligence. Note the nose and the hand sign. She was stated as being “a high level security official”. A Lt. Colonel?

As the result of a FOIA filing by Judicial Watch, government documents were released proving the DC coroner requested and was granted cremation of Babbitt’s body two days after the event, on Jan. 8. Note that date, since it is 1/8, aces and eights. That should have been illegal, since the death was still under investigation, or should have been. It would be considered destruction of evidence. You never destroy a body in a potential murder case, for obvious reasons. In the emails the coroner’s office admits Babbitt’s case is “homicide”, which requires preservation of the body.

The Viking leading the charge and then standing at the House podium had previously been caught on camera at a BLM protest, so he wasn’t a Trump supporter, but a paid Antifa actor. He has now been exposed as a professional actor, as well as a Navy veteran. His name is Jacob Angeli Chansley, and he just happened to be 33 years old. He had his own Wiki page, where the date January 8 now appeared prominently: 1/8, aces and eights. He has been on Alex Jones, talking about Satan.

Just ask yourself this: does film you’ve seen from the Capitol really look like a serious riot? Or does it perhaps look more like a lot of young actors having a romp? As usual, these people overplay their parts by a long shot, and Chansley is just the worst of the bunch, using the event as a costume party and promotional tour for his career. If a real far-right militia had attacked the Capitol, it would look nothing like this. Or even a riot of MAGA people would look nothing like this. Things get destroyed in real riots. There is property damage. Other than the fake barrier that Babbitt broke through, there was zero property damage. These actors were clearly instructed not to touch anything, like the expensive paintings or furniture.

Among those arrested at the Capitol was Nick Ochs, leader of the Hawaii Proud Boys. Hard to believe they didn’t change his name for this. Do you remember who has owned the New York Times since the beginning? The Jewish Ochs-Sulzbergers. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

Another Proud Boys leader was present: Henry Tarrio. He has since been outed as an FBI asset, and informant for federal and local police. That link goes to The Guardian, not some online conspiracy site. Tarrio is sold as black/Cuban—although he doesn’t look black—but many Cubans are Jewish, including the Jesuit controlled Castros.

His comrades at the Capitol included Louis Colon, Felicia Konold, Cory Konold, William Chrestman, Christopher Kuehne, and Ryan Ashlock. Kinda strange, don’t you think, that despite allegedly hating all women, the Proud Boys brought along one of their sisters to this play? I guess she needed the FBI appearance fee. Also strange that the racist Proud Boys are led here by the black/Cuban Tarrio. But these events never make any basic sense, since they never hire continuity editors. They figure you will believe anything. Do you want to guess what all those people have in common? Not only are they FBI assets like Tarrio, they are all Jewish.

And why do the Proud Boys have a chicken on their t-shirts? Does that seem rational?

Or how about this: they were named for a song from Disney’s Aladdin, cut and later used in the Broadway adaptation. So the Proud Boys are also fans of Broadway musicals? The Proud Boys were allegedly started in 2016 by Gavin McInnes, from the pages of Taki’s Magazine. Proving this was another Intel project. Like Richard Spencer, McInnes is a fake alt-right plant from the Families, controlling the opposition. McInnes came out of VICE magazine, which was originally sold as punk, but which was always just another of a million Intel fronts.

It was co-founded with McInnes by Suroosh Alvi, a Canadian/Pakistani/crypto-Jewish tool from Montreal. He came out of the psychology departments of McGill and University of Toronto, where his father Sabir Alvi was a top dog. Psychology departments are spook hives, and those in Montreal are especially spooked. VICE was originally funded by the government of Canada, proving once again it was an Intel front. We are told it was part of a welfare program, but that is absurd. It was part of the huge propaganda budget of Canada, like most other things. Do you really think the government of Canada would fund the reporting of “trends in drug culture” as part of a welfare program? No, but they would do it as part of Operation Chaos.

Another one arrested (and released immediately without charge) is Aaron Mostofsky, Jewish of course, son of Kings County Supreme Court Judge Schlomo Mostofsky. He is a Project Veritas spook actor, probably Intelligence or an asset.

Another one arrested at the Capitol as a fake rioter was Thomas Edward Caldwell, Navy intelligence officer (ONI) and FBI section chief 2009-2010, with top level security clearance since 1979! That isn’t from Alex Jones or something, it is from The Washington Post. He was posing as a paramilitary leader of the Oath Keepers. Telling us the Oath Keepers were either infiltrated or created from the ground up by Intelligence.

Remember that the Oath Keepers were started by Elmer Stewart Rhodes. That name by itself tells us the Oath Keepers weren’t infiltrated, but created from the ground up by Intelligence.

Mark Pitcavage of the ADL describes the group as “heavily armed extremists with a conspiratorial and anti-government mindset looking for potential showdowns with the government. You have to laugh. The ADL has obviously created their own opposition, I guess to help in fundraising. If you were looking for a showdown with the government, don’t you think you could find one? And yet the group is 11 years old and they never have. Rhodes now dresses like a hillbilly, with a fake eyepatch, but he comes from Yale Law School and the Army Paratroopers. So, not a wingnut. He is probably Skull and Bones, which would explain the eye patch.

Another one has been uncloaked: John Sullivan (below), who filmed the fake death of Ashli Babbitt and sold the footage to CNN for $70,000. He also was not a Trump supporter, being previously tied to BLM and the left, but he caught himself on tape yelling to “burn this shit down!” Which he didn’t do. Nor did anyone else. No fires were started. No one even pissed on the carpet. He just happens to be the son of 3-star Lieutenant General Kevin Sullivan, Air Force retired.

We also have Lt. Colonel Larry Rendall Brock, Jr., Air Force , decorated fighter pilot and combat veteran. He was in full combat gear, and wearing his yellow fleur de lis patch of the 706th fighter squadron. Of course, the fleur de lis is also a sign of the Phoenicians, akin to the Cross of Lorraine.

An affadavit has been filed confirming that Brock worked for L3, that is the huge defense contractor formerly Lockheed and Loral. According to that testimony, “he still had contacts at L3 who knew he was flying to DC for the event”. So he is obviously another agent planted here.

Wow, was anyone in this riot not a hired actor from the Pentagon?

Not only was the attack on the Capitol a fake, staged from the Pentagon, but every group on both sides of this riot was fake, including the Proud Boys, Antifa, the Oath Keepers, BLM, MAGA, and Qanon. Intelligence is behind every single one of them, and the point of them all is to create division. They want the left and the right screaming at one another and pointing fingers and making threats, because if that is happening your eyes are off the real bad guys: the government propagandists and their bosses in the Phoenician Navy. They have to keep your mind off the trillions they are stealing from the worldwide treasuries. They have to keep you from revolting against the masks and vaccines and the Federal Reserve and the bankers and the billionaires, so they manufacture a daily dose of hatred for you to swallow, directed at your fellow man on the street. To prevent a necessary revolution of poor against rich, they create these fake divisions between left and right, male and female, old and young, black and white. But don’t let them. Get up every morning and remind yourself who the real enemy is. If you don’t, they will supply you with a fake one by the time you have finished your coffee.

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