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Usury Is The Root Cause Of All Problems On Earth

Love of money is the root of many evils. Usury, the rent seekers’ preferred tool, is the weaponization of the love of money. It feeds the avarice of the usurer. It corrupts commerce, which becomes ever more exploitative to pay off ever higher interest charges. It is the foundation of rent-seeking. It rips apart the fabric of society and makes a mockery of any kind of social contract.

It causes hunger. Bankruptcies. Intense stress in families. Weighs especially heavily on the poor and leads to all sorts of excesses by the rich. Billions of people live in abject poverty all over the world because of it. Entire communities, nations are gutted to pay the interest to the opulent. Nobody counts those dying prematurely from its effects. They are billions.

Usury is the elephant in the room that nobody mentions, because like so many other injustices it has been deliberately normalized to the point that it is believed to be necessary for economies to function. When is the last time you’ve had a conversation about economic problems and anyone brought up usury as a key factor? …Never? That’s what I thought. Just as Capitalism is considered to be crucial for robust economic health, so is usury believed to be indispensable. And the two go together like hand and glove, since Capitalism is the idea of ‘return on investment’ and this is unthinkable without Usury.

The Usurers’ domination is so total, that Debt and Usury are complete non-controversial subjects, while they totally dominate everyone’s lives.

Marxism was designed to co-opt opposition against Capitalism and its parasitic banking scheme by claiming private control of the means of production as the problem, instead of the private control being consolidated in ever fewer hands through Usury.

40% of what we pay for the goods that we buy is usury passed on in prices. It’s also 50% of taxation. All this usury goes to the wealthy, enriching them by up to $2 Trillion per year in the U.S. alone, far outpacing economic growth even in good times. As Warren Buffett put it: “There’s class warfare, alright, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

And people wonder why income distribution in the United States is at the level of Haiti?

The greatest degeneracy is ‘making money with money’, which is all about avoiding our duty to create a living for ourselves and our families through work. And with Capitalism producing stuff is for suckers. The ‘smart’ people work for banks and hedge funds. Or buy bitcoin. The ‘smart people’ ‘make money with money’. In other words: they’re parasites, slithering away with their loot, without having ever produced anything of any value to anybody.

It’s Usury that finances all the skullduggery that we hate and rightly call ‘degeneracy’. Bankers finance all the various forms of degeneracy to distract the masses from their horrid plunder.

Most of the $12 Trillion we pay in Usury per year ends up with the richest few thousand families in the World, the old Plutocratic Families that are behind the New World Order.

And that is not counting associated income from speculation ‘investing’ (buying up all corporations, land), and Landlordism. Almost all production these days, created with the sweat of the toiling masses, is being sucked up by these various devices.

To pretend that Capitalism is ‘good’, and that ‘only’ Communism is bad, that Usury and Speculation are bad when Bankers do it, but good when ‘normal people’ like ourselves do it, is what has gotten us where we are now.

Usury creates more debt than enough existing money to pay it off. The central banks only put into circulation the amount borrowed, while the interest due back is not put into circulation, so Humanity will be forever debt slaves,since we can never pay back the debt. 

The fight against usury goes back to the earliest known beginnings of civilization. From the days of Sumer to the present, decent people have struggled against this tool of the forces of darkness. Charging interest was condemned by the ancient Greek, philosophers.

Up until the end of the Middle Ages it was forbidden for Christians to charge interest. To charge interest on a loan was tantamount to murder and robbery.  Later, those who charged interest were treated as heretics. Martin Luther stated plainly: “All usurers are thieves and belong in the gallows.” During the Middle Ages only Jews were allowed to lend money with interest: In Deuteronomy a Jew is forbidden to charge interest from his brother. But the goy (non-Jew) was not his brother and for Jewish extremists plunder was very common.

We are dealing with highly sophisticated, multi-generational families who, over time, have slithered their way into being accepted as the world’s money suppliers. Once they gained this control they effectively own the nations and the people they lend to. The private central banks run by these mega rich families can create money out of thin air and manipulate the financial markets, creating bubbles, recessions or inflation when they want.

Historically many Western countries have been functioning well or even thriving, when usury has been introduced, nearly always by Jewish people who came to live in that country. These countries always took a downward turn when Usury was introduced, with the usurious activity eventually leading to tremendous economic and cultural problems. Jews have been kicked out of over 100 countries throughout history, particularly because of their practice of Usury, but also due to their unwillingness to mix with the host population, or adapt to their cultural norms, while refusing to actually take part in any labor contribution to the society.

And who are these powerful bankers running the world today? They are Jews – Jewish Zionists.

King Edward on 18 July 1290 compelled the entire Jewish population of 16,511 to leave England forever, due to their usurious immoral money lending practices and the other problems they caused, and this expulsion led to a very prosperous golden era. This golden era came to an end in the 17th century – when usury was allowed to flourish again – and this of course was because Jews were allowed back into England.

What you have been taught about history in school, by your television, and by Hollywood is a load of rubbish. Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Tsar Nicholas II, and Hitler, all got rid of Usury and freed their countries from the malevolent influence of the international Jewish bankers – to create thriving countries. Caesar was assassinated for it, Napoleon had wars brought against him by these bankers and was then assassinated by them. International Jewry declared war on Hitler and Germany in 1933 and then they were destroyed by the Zionist controlled allied forces in World War 2, because Hitler had transformed Germany into a happy, family orientated, prosperous powerhouse with full employment after eliminating Usury and taking away the influence of the immoral Jewish bankers. Tsar Nicholas II was murdered and Russia was destroyed by the Jewish Bolshevik revolution and World War 1 – because Russia was incredibly prosperous without usury. Libya’s Gaddafi was murdered as well for eliminating usury and giving interest free loans, free higher education, and creating a thriving economy. All done by the Jewish Zionist bankers manipulating their puppet leaders and politicians from behind the scenes. The Zionist Bankers run our education systems, they own all the media, the publishing companies, and Hollywood. They lie about these leaders, and they lie about history.

U.S. presidents have been killed because of Usury. Abraham Lincoln and James Garfield were assassinated because they wanted to look after the American people and get rid of Usury as well as the private bankers influence. Andrew Jackson survived an assassination attempt as he tried to do the same. John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to end Usury and get rid of the Federal Reserve. Who is behind all these assassinations? The Zionist Bankers that still run the world today.

Japan was purposely brought into World War 2 through great provocation by the United States and the Zionist controlled Allied forces, through the application of trade embargos, unreasonable demands and interference. Japan was destroyed because they too had almost totally eliminated Usury and the private bankers influence freeing themselves from the international Jewish bankers’ influence.

All wars have been bankers wars, created by usurious bankers to destroy countries and murder leaders that were demonstrating that thriving countries can be created quite easily and swiftly when you abolish Usury and have an intelligently and ethically run national bank that issues interest free money and loans to its people.

Eliminating usury would get rid of many atrocities occurring in the world today:

30 million people starve per year, poor countries pay up to ten times more interest on their foreign debts than they receive in development aid.

Poverty amid plenty. Mainly a result of money scarcity through Usury.

We have relegated our children to indentured servitude. Without a second thought.

We have relegated our children to indentured servitude. Without a second thought.

All the Usury ultimately ends up with people already owning Trillions. It feeds their avarice, burning away their souls.

While we are working harder and harder to pay off the interest on our escalating debts (calling it ‘independence’ and ‘self-realization’), we are deserting those that need care, our elders and children.

The Usurer is behind the sexualization and degeneration of the Public Domain. He needs us to be distracted by our carnal nature so we won’t notice our demise.

They are working towards a Global Government. A grandiose Despotism that will finally externalize the Usurer’s Hierarchy:

One reason why we have a few money lenders and landlords running the whole world, with the rest of us toiling as serfs to pay their monthly dues to them, is because we have no real inkling of how we would live without them.

And the difference is so enormous, almost everyone avoids speaking of it, for fear of being condemned as a foolish Utopian.

But here are a few characteristics of a Usury free society with a liberated Commons and current technological levels:

– A man would work a maximum of 15 weeks per year to provide for his wife and children. A man produces easily enough for at least five people to live well. This is the reality. We have the duty to ourselves to claim this production for ourselves, and our loved ones.

– Self Employment and Small Business would be the norm. Wages would be for the young and the simple.

– Men and women would see stress levels decline dramatically. They would spend far more time with each other, their children, their families, and their friends.

– By far most people would live a very comfortable middle class existence. There would still be a few rich people, but they would be much less rich, and not able to dominate society because of their wealth.

– Building would see costs decline by 80 to 90% (!). An architectural revival and boom of uncanny proportions can be expected.

– Every man and his family would have access to decent land and living and working space at very low cost. By far most people would own some land, but vast landholdings would no longer exist, because there would be no renting.

– Food production would be heavily decentralized, and many families would grow at least some food themselves. Food quality would improve incredibly.

– Poverty would be out of the question. There would still be differences in class, but they would be more about genetics and education and not about wealth. But there would be no disenfranchised underclass, and only the most problematic people would be unable to join the general well being. The War On the Poor would end, and a great emancipation of those now oppressed by Usury and wage slavery would result.

– There would be no Big Pharma (owned by the Banks) to war on Natural Health. Combined with low stress and excellent nutrition, both physical an psychological health, along with longevity would improve substantially, while substance abuse would decline.

– There would no longer be trillions of dollars for the Plutocrats to fund all these problems aimed at distracting us and centralizing power. No Migration, no Climate Change, no Bankers orchestrating wars. There would be no funding for endless fake news, bogus ‘science’, or devious ideologies aimed at dividing people.

– Families and local communities will have plenty of funding for their own needs.

– General corruption levels would decline immensely.

– Urbanization would decline and the country side would be repopulated, as abundant money would revive local economies, and there would be no Plutocratic land holdings keeping people out.

– There would still be inequality, but based on merit, and added value, not on wealth and property. Hard work and achievement would be rewarded. Money will no longer be the main driver of status, with wealth inequality levels being far lower. Social elevation will be based on service along with spiritual and intellectual awareness, not on the acquisition of treasure.

– The State could decline very seriously in scope and impact, returning to its basic jobs of providing a basic legal system and defense, not endless nannying and other massive overreaches.

This is what is at stake, and this is what they have stolen from us. This is how we would live, without Usury, without the landowners, without the speculators. Without the parasites who add nothing, and have everything. Without their insidious ‘making money with money’ schemes, which have no other purpose than exploiting the toil of the masses.

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