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‘Alternative’ Media Platforms Use Fake Hate Laws To Eliminate Free Speech

‘Alternative’ Media Take Advantage Of Deliberate Vagueness Of These Laws To Selectively Censor

Hate laws, with deliberate vague criteria for actions considered as being ‘hateful’, were created by Jewish front groups such as the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), to censor any information about Jews or Israel that they don’t want to be made public.

The clever folks in the ADL, ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center passed these hate laws with the help of the owned U.S. Congress in order to prohibit actions or information that they deem as hate.

The ‘defamation’ part of Anti-Defamation League is only concerned about any defamation of Jews, not defamation of Whites.

The individuals in the following video were not called out for defamation:


It’s particularly notable that Abe Foxman, a head of the ADL, is one of the individuals not only defaming Whites, but recommending genocide and total elimination of the White Race, as are other speakers. And, peculiar as it is, Foxman was not publicly slammed for hate speech.

These fake hate laws and the screeching media and trolls supporting them, have, by design, made it so that people are afraid to utter a word about the ongoing agenda of the Zionists and their ‘Goyim’ shills. Meanwhile, almost all supposed non-Zionist Jews are silent about the blatant attacks and genocidal plans for the White race outlined by their Rabbis, political figures, and assorted cultural Marxist manipulators. This silence is the same as support.

The so-called ‘alternative’ media platforms such as Parler, GAB, Brighteon, Gettr, Rumble, Info-Wars Banned Videos, and others are complicit in the elimination of Free Speech, since they reject videos which expose information about the Zionists or Jews that shows their rabid hate and genocidal plans for the white race. Several of these platforms were designed as honey pots to attract and corral Trump supporters into echo chambers, while they prevent any free speech that doesn’t fit their narrow views.

Controlled opposition is rampant in the alternative media. Here’s a post that gives an overview:

So Who Are The Controlled Opposition

Here’s a specific example of a platform that claims to be Free Speech but doesn’t show it in practice:

I Recently uploaded the video linked above titled White Genocide – The World’s Best Kept Secret, on Brighteon, that exposes the comments by several prominent Jews, where they clearly state that their goal is to eliminate the White Race.

After I uploaded the video, it got no views, so I uploaded it a second time, since I thought it may not have uploaded properly. After the second upload the video got no views again. Now I’m suspicious about what’s going on, suspecting that the video has been shadow banned, which is a way to prevent subscribers from being notified of the new video, and prevent anyone searching the site for the video, from seeing it unless they have a link to it.

So I uploaded it a third time and here’s the response from Brighteon after the upload:

There was a link to get more info about the rejection, which I selected, and was presented with this message:

As you can probably guess, it’s a slam dunk that this video wasn’t rejected because of the actual hate speech being delivered by Jews about Whites, but because it exposed this actual hate speech.

So the video had been shadow banned with the hope that I would just think there was no interest and move on. Well, it’s clear that it was a Free Speech ban, towing the fake ‘Hate Speech’ line to prevent viewers from hearing the actual hate speech by Jews against Whites.

The owner of Brighteon made an emphatic comment about free speech in 2018, stating “Ultimately there should be no central authority, there should be no server; there should be no central location that can block your speech.

We’re here to serve liberty and freedom of speech, and to serve all those people, including myself – who have been heavily banned off of other platforms.”

One has to wonder if this was just happy talk or if the ADL and its accomplices got to him in 2018 when he made another speech saying no ‘hate speech’ would be tolerated on his platform.

Even though ‘Hate Speech’ is protected under the Constitution, supposed ‘alternative’ free speech sites use the Hate Laws as cover for outright banning or shadow banning comments or videos on their platforms.

This ban of free speech has also been deliberately spread to other surveillance platforms such as Next-Door, which is used to corral neighborhood residents throughout the U.S., working with the local police to surveil any free thinkers that are not tolerated under the new totalitarian system.

Folks, we have a very small window in this country to become aware and prevent this end of Free Speech, but unfortunately it looks like the forces of evil that created these fake ‘Hate Laws’ and built the social media corrals, have got a lockdown on the willfully ignorant sheep. The latest Covid Operation makes that very clear.

It was a test and the public passed to the extent that they have been willing participants in their own imprisonment. The fact that almost everyone in this country willingly carries a digital 24 hour surveillance leash, says it all.

Here’s a short video by Steve Cutts sending a clear message:

Wake Up Call


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