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Have You Had Enough Of NASA’s Money Laundering Scheme

We’re Drowning In Fake Space ‘Science’ and They’re Stealing Billions

The last 2 plus years of the Covid Operation have woken up quite a few folks to how corrupted the ‘Science’ community actually is. Only the willfully ignorant or brain damaged ‘vaccine’ recipient, would “Trust The Science” at this point, which unfortunately for them, is a significant number of the citizens of the West.

But there are still those that believe this is just an isolated case of actual ‘Science’ being used by evil individuals in order to extract billions off the gullible sheep. If you know anyone like this, then have them take a look at the following Substack posts:

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If this doesn’t wake them up to the widespread corruption of ‘Science’, then stop wasting your time and move on to those who are interested in finding out what’s actually going on. They’ll certainly never be able to take next leap to realize they’ve also been fooled by the fake ‘Space Science’ operation.

Just like the Covid con, this Universe sized NASA con has been concocted from ‘Science’ fiction and sold to the gullible ignorant public in order to extract hundreds of billions of laundered dollars funneled primarily to the standard .001% of top parasites.

The fake Apollo Project Moon landings have been estimated to have cost $600 Billion in current dollars. Since no one went to the moon and the fake landing was created just like the movie Capricorn One, on a movie set, where did all of that extra money end up? Where it always does….into the hands of the parasites running this shit show.

Here’s a photo of the piece of junk that supposedly landed on the moon:

The video linked below is about the fake Moon Missions:


And while we’re looking at foil and other scrap slapped together…….wait for it……there are no satellites, but there are these beauties:

And the Hubble replacement:

Along with a bunch of CGI contraptions such as this:

The video linked below discusses the satellite myth:


And as you probably already guessed, the International Space Station does not exist.

The following video link reveals the fake ISS:


And yes…all of the other space agencies are in on the hoax.

The video link below discusses this fact:


And all of NASA’s Earth photos are fake.

The following video link discusses this fact:


And they love to laugh at how gullible the public is by doing this sort of thing from time to time:

Here’s one of their fake photos of Pluto:

Or this:

And here’s a bonus shot for everyone:

Unless any died from the Clot shots.

Heh NASA!!!!

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Disney’s Pixar Studio Exposed the Dome

In a previous post, I focused on the greatest lie ever forced on humanity, and that lie is that we live on a globe.

There are many other concocted fake beliefs, which depend on this foundational belief in a spinning globe.

The perpetrators of these beliefs, periodically present subtle messages that expose the globe lie.

Prior to the release of Toy Story, Disney’s Pixar studio released a film called ‘knick knack’, which graphically exposes our real world:


If you’re new to the Flat Earth reality, this presentation may create some cognitive dissonance. This is natural, but it will pass as you begin to realize that you’ve been lied to, once again, and that now you just need to get more information on this Flat Earth so that you become aware of the truth that has always been right in front of you, obscured by the web of lies surrounding the fake globe earth.

To be continued………

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As unbelievable as the current Covid operation lies are for most people, there is a much more fundamental lie that virtually all of humanity has been skillfully indoctrinated to believe, without question, since early childhood. This lie is so skillfully and firmly implanted in young impressionable minds, and so re-enforced by repetition using every possible form of communication and media, that the average person can’t even conceive of there being an alternate explanation.

Take a moment to examine your psychological reaction to the idea that you’ve been told this lie.

What’s your reaction?

Did you laugh? Did you think…that’s crazy shit? Did you say to yourself….only crazy people believe that? Did you just dismiss the idea without any further thought? Did the idea make you uncomfortable? If you’re a paid shill, did you get excited about the possibility of making some more cash steering people away from the truth, and trashing anyone that disagrees with or doesn’t respond to your talking points?

Most people that have come to realize that the Earth is not a globe, came to that conclusion after realizing that we’ve been lied to by authorities about a great many things, including much of world history, as well as recent history.

Taking a close look at the Kennedy assassination opened the minds of many to the lies that are perpetrated by government entities in order to manipulate public beliefs.

There were so many people investigating and questioning the official story about the Kennedy assassination that the CIA came up with an official memo to its agents that told them to derisively use the label ‘Conspiracy Theorist and Conspiracy Theory’ to tar anyone that questioned the official narrative. And look how well this approach has worked for anything or anyone the controllers want to discredit.

Anyway, the questioning of this particular event led many more people to begin to question other current, as well as, historical narratives presented as Truth.

And this ultimately led some to question the idea that we live on a spinning globe.

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Something Good My Have Come Out Of This Covid Operation

Only time will tell…..

Only time will tell…..

A vitally important positive effect of this Covid operation is that, as a result of the obvious massive amount of fallacious ‘health’ guidance generated by the perpetrators of this event, many millions of people are waking up to the fact that we have been, and are being, manipulated with prodigious amounts of fake science.

And false claims by ‘scientists’ have existed for far longer than most people realize. Thanks to Public Indoctrination……er……Education, the average American has adopted the belief that scientists only present truthful conclusions, based on the scientific method.

Unfortunately, we are literally drowning in fake science, since the vast majority of the world population has been so skillfully manipulated into believing whatever the parasitic psychopaths want them to believe, to the point where most individuals don’t even have an idea where they actually live.

The ubiquitous adoption of this fundamental lie has made it exceedingly easy for the controllers to add layer upon layer of lies, that the masses have accepted without question.

So here we are.

The question is…..will enough people become aware of how big the lies really are, and take action, before the plan for Total Control is complete?

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