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Graphene Is The ‘Vaccine’ Killer

And 5G Is It’s Booster To Take You Out

That’s right…..the fake ‘vaccines’ have graphene in them, along with some other stuff that actually has nothing to do with strengthening immunity.

What is graphene?

Graphene is the name for a single layer (monolayer) sheet of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. This sheet is only one atom thick.

Monolayers of graphene are transparent and will become black when stacked on top of each other to form graphite. Since a typical carbon atom has the unique structure of graphene, it possesses other amazing characteristics: Its high electron mobility is 100x faster than silicon; it conducts heat 2x better than diamond; its electrical conductivity is 13x better than copper; it absorbs only 2.3% of reflecting light; it is impervious so that even the smallest atom (helium) can’t pass through a defect-free monolayer graphene sheet with a thickness of about 0.33 nanometers. There are about 3 million layers of graphene in a 1 mm thick sheet of graphite.

Harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber; tougher than steel yet lighter than aluminum – graphene is the strongest known material.

What is graphene oxide?

Graphene oxide (GO) is a single atom carbon layer where both surfaces of the layer are modified by oxygen containing functional groups. In And 5G Is It’s Booster To Take You Outmulti-layer graphene oxide, the carbon layers are separated by functional groups bonded to each layer of carbon atoms.

Although GO – like graphene – is also a 2 Dimensional material, its properties are very different from that of graphene. It does not absorb visible light, has a lower electric conductance compared to that of graphene, and demonstrates significantly higher chemical activity.

The use of graphene-based materials in pharmaceutical nanotechnology has recently received more attention due to their unique chemical structure and physicochemical properties—including an ultra-high surface area, optical, thermal and electrical conductivities, and a good biocompatibility.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is always a significant lag time between the existing uses of new technology and the public being informed of those uses. This is particularly true when the new technology will be used by the military/intelligence organizations or for other nefarious purposes.

Some of the most promising applications of graphene are publicized as being in electronics (as transistors and interconnects), detectors (as sensor elements) and thermal management. The first graphene field-effect transistors (FETs) have already been created and used for nano analog communication or nano digital applications.

Medical nanotechnology researchers (DARPA?) have created nanobots, a popular term for molecules with a unique property that enables them to be programmed to carry out a specific task.

An ever-increasing number of research groups are exploiting programmable self-assembly properties of nucleic acids in creating rationally designed nano-shapes, nano-machines and nano-electronic devices that can self-assemble for many different uses. These devices include nano-routers, nano-antennas, and nano-circuit boards.

A key feature of graphene that is rarely mentioned is the fact that the single layer sheets are extremely sharp…..sharper than a razor blade, while being extremely strong and stable. They can best be described as razor blades.

When graphene is injected into the body and interacts with biological blood or tissue, the graphene picks up hydrogen and becomes graphene hydroxide. The OH (hydroxy) groups can then split off a proton which leaves a negative charge affecting the whole graphene sheet and making it highly acidic and damaging to red blood cells.

The photo below shows what healthy blood cells look like:

And here’s what damaged blood cells look like… a coagulated mosaic of misshapen cells:

The following photo from a ‘vaccinated’ individual contains a graphene sheet and graphene tube surrounded by damaged and coagulated blood cells, with just a few healthy cells.

The next photo below is at the same magnification as the one above and contains a huge graphene tube. Note that blood cells are repelled away from the tube on the left side and attached to the tube on the right side. Since graphene is magnetic when inside the body, this explains the different polarities exhibited here.

And 5G Is It’s Booster To Take You Out

Graphene sheets suspend well in water due to their negative charge. This, in turn, leads to the graphene spreading out homogeneously throughout the circulatory system. This ends up being Russian roulette. It cuts the blood vessels. The inner lining of the blood vessels, the epithelium, is extremely smooth, like a mirror, and it is cut up by these graphene razor blades. These blades circulate throughout the body, continually damaging that inner lining.

At the same time some of the graphene tubes and sheets can block capillaries and arteries, with devastating effects when this occurs in the heart and lungs. We’ve all seen countless videos of athletes dropping on the field and people suddenly passing out while talking in front of an audience. And then there’s all those cases of myocarditis suddenly appearing out of nowhere. These are just some of the many possible health issues related to graphene damaged blood cells. The ultimate result is organ and system failure with a visit from the grim reaper.

Toxicological tests do not show anything. When autopsies are performed they typically don’t find anything. Graphene is a relatively new material with many toxicologists having no knowledge of it or it’s destructive potential.

People bleed to death on the inside. Athletes that are dropping dead, normally have fast flowing blood. The faster the blood flows the more damage the razor blades do.

Anyone injecting this into the blood is a murderer.

People who collapse immediately after ‘vaccination’ and have a seizure have had bad luck with Russian roulette. Very likely a vein was hit by the syringe.

The mRNA (messenger RNA) spike protein story is a diversion from the real destructive ingredient in these fake ‘vaccines’. People do not collapse immediately after injection from mRNA in their system.

Any ‘alternative’ doctors or ‘alternative’ media personalities that are pushing the Spike Protein story are more than likely, at worst, controlled opposition actors and at best, willfully ignorant.

The real issue with the spike protein myth is that there is no Covid-19 virus or any other virus. No virus has ever been isolated or purified or sequenced.

Take a look at the following Substack post explaining the virus myth:

Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical

So let’s get back to graphene……

Dr. Pablo Campra and Ricardo Delgado Martin, along with other doctors and researchers, has identified graphene oxide in every vaccine they’ve studied. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid published an intensive investigation and analysis of the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ proving that graphene oxide is present in those ‘vaccines’.

The following link is to Dr. Campra’s short overview of his research:


And here’s a link to his final report, which also contains images:


After this Pfizer study, researchers discovered that graphene was contained in all brands of Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ they analyzed so they began to study the toxicity or cytotoxicity that graphene oxide has on the body.

Here’s what they found: Graphene oxide inside the body causes thrombogenicity, thrombi. Graphene oxide inside the body causes blood clotting. Graphene oxide inside the body causes post inflammatory syndrome or systemic or multi-organ inflammations. Graphene oxide inside the body when it is above the levels of glutathione, which is the body’s natural reserve of antioxidants, causes alteration of the immune system, collapse of the immune system and A cytokine storm. Inhaled graphene oxide spreads evenly throughout the alveolar tract and causes bilateral pneumonias. Inhaled graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and possible loss of taste and smell: anosmia.

In short, graphene oxide behaves exactly like the supposed SARS-CoV-2 of the official version, generating the same symptomatology of severe COVID-19 ‘disease’. When installed at the neuronal level, it causes neurodegeneration or, in other words, neurological COVID-19 disease.

Another group of researchers also found graphene in the 2019 & 2020 Flu ‘vaccines’.

You may recall that Wuhan city in China was where the Covid-19 pandemic supposedly originated. Every resident of Wuhan had been required to get a Flu ‘vaccine’ prior to the outbreak. As mentioned above, these Flu ‘vaccines’ contained graphene.

The graphene molecule has the ability to inject electrons into other biological substances depending on the electromagnetic environment and temperature. If you have a molecule that’s an electron injector, as soon as you activate it, it starts throwing charges wherever it goes. And, of course, that destroys everything. You charge the molecules, and if the molecules are saturated with a charge that they shouldn’t carry, then they’re destroyed. They break down. 

So when the perpetrators dial up the 5G frequency again, the graphene oxide may activate and start injecting electrons into anything surrounding it, along with anything that comes near it. All it takes is for the graphene to stick to a cell or other cells and start ejecting electrons. And of course, molecules, cells, organisms in general, have a limited capacity to react to this kind of scenario before they destruct.

Graphene has an affinity for the heart and for the head. It may be because of the number of nerves in those areas or simply because of the temperature. There seems to be something there that is attracting it to those two places. It could be that the electrical activity generated by the brain is what is attracting it. Then, as it attaches there, the pericardium becomes inflamed, the myocardium becomes inflamed, the brain becomes inflamed. It creates problems particularly in those two places. 

There are various predisposing factors that make people get sicker than others. But what is it that the perpetrators of this operation put on us intentionally, without any benefit, and, apparently, as a joke? The use of facemasks, and the recommendation to wear them particularly after taking the shots. 

It turns out that when we breathe, our blood becomes more acidified.  And what does graphene do? It can receive electrical energy, transform it, increase it, and then send it back. So what do you call Graphene Oxide when activated? The nanomaterial comes in as graphene oxide —it’s present in the ‘vaccine’ vials as graphene oxide (GO)— but what happens when it’s going to act?  Hydrogen is added to it. An acidic hydrogen atom. Hydrochloric acid is the same as muriatic acid. It’s a very rich source of hydrogen that burns, and it’s what gives the acidity to the graphene. 

So, when you wear a mask, and your blood becomes acidic, it activates the graphene in your blood more easily, and then it’s called reduced graphene oxide (rGO). So, that acidity that comes from wearing a mask —because you’re breathing your own carbonic acid— activates and converts the graphene oxide into reduced graphene oxide faster, which increases the damage caused by the graphene.

By receiving external signals there are changes in the electromagnetic field that cause the graphene molecule to start emitting electrons in certain directions or all directions. In other words, emitting charges. This generates a destructive energy imbalance in any surrounding tissues or other substances. You are introducing energy that is multiplied many times in the same place in the body from a wave that comes from any point outside the body. So you can go walking down the street calmly with your graphene in your body —and nothing happens to you yet because your body more or less accepts it— but when that signal comes and hits the graphene… Goodbye. 

Many individuals have discovered that they become magnetic after taking the Covid-19 shot. This is due to the fact that graphene becomes highly magnetic when it comes in contact with biological molecules. This magnetic phenomenon can also turn inoculated people into superconductors and also stores energy that can be measured with a multimeter in certain areas of the body, such as the injection site and the forehead.

The following video links demonstrate this magnetism effect:

Dr. José Luis Sevillano on authorities and doctors who still don’t explain the magnetic phenomenon

La Quinta Columna: Graphene is being injected into the population.

The magnetic effect created by graphene is a critical link to the effect of 5G EMF on those who have been inoculated with the fake ‘vaccines’.

Covid-19 is not a new disease but a new name for radiation sickness.

The worst symptoms are a mixture of neurological symptoms such as short-term memory loss, lack of concentration, headaches, or hemicraneal paresthesias, extreme tiredness, muscle, and joint pain or dermatological problems, as well as patients with thrombi, loss of vision or blurred vision, tinnitus, stomach problems or mental fog. That’s to say, the whole picture of the symptomatology of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

We also know that this disease is caused by the electro-frequencies emitted by 5G antennas. Although both inoculated and non-inoculated people are being affected by the radiation emitted by the 5G antennas, those who carry graphene oxide in their bodies and live near 5G antennas are the ones who are having the most adverse effects.

And hospitals usually have 5G antennas. So…..

The other key to the original Covid-19 outbreak in China was the fact that Wuhan was the first city globally to turn on 5G millimeter wave technology. And people started dropping in the streets. So 5G causes radiation sickness (big surprise,eh?) and when graphene is added to the mix it significantly increases the damage to the brain and body of those injected, to the point where they can instantly drop dead.

And of course as you probably know, the elderly population, particularly in Rest Homes, were the first to be murdered with forced flu shots and forced ‘vaccine’ shots. Many of these Rest Homes also have 5G small cell antennas close by. The perpetrators of this genocide knew that there would be no public outcry, since old people have deliberately and consistently been labeled as useless eaters just using up increasingly scarce resources.

Something that worries the doctors studying this is that graphene oxide not only makes the inoculated ones more susceptible to electrofrequencies, but it turns them into living multipliers of frequencies. Therefore, they’re being irradiated not only externally but internally at the same time. And, in turn, they could be making unvaccinated people sick.

Many non-inoculated people wonder why being around inoculated people makes them feel sick. Many think they have contracted the famous fashionable Covid-19 virus or some supposed variant. However, vaccinated/graphenated people can emit frequencies to the point that they cause dizziness, heart palpitations along with a whole list of other effects on those receiving these damaging frequencies. Many women, for example, who have been close to a vaccinated person, say they experience an alteration in their menstrual cycle. The effect depends on the signal they have received, on their body temperature, on their level of physical activity which increases those effects, along with where in their body they have vulnerabilites that will be the most affected.

Graphene is simply emitting signals. That’s why people feel sick. They feel sick because they’re being irradiated. They experience radiation poisoning.

Another key discovery by the La Quinta Columna group was the existence of microtechnology in the vaccines. At the same time they were investigating this people were noticing that they could use Bluetooth on their smart phones to pick up MAC addresses from ‘vaccinated’ people, which is disturbing since MAC addresses are used to identify electronic devices. The vaccines contain microtechnology that can transmit these MAC addresses.

A researcher working with La Quinta Columna noticed that one of the items photographed in the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid resembled nano-routers he had studied in the scientific literature about nanotechnology.

These are objects that shouldn’t be part of any vaccine and that aren’t declared among the components of the vaccines. Additionally, other types of objects have been identified and evidenced in images of blood samples from people vaccinated with coronavirus vaccines. Specifically, micronadators, crystallized graphene nanoantennas, and the famous graphene quantum dots, also known as GQD.

In the original image, a well-delimited drop can be seen in which there’s a crystalline structure of quadrangular or cubic shape. If you look closely, you can see some marks in these crystals with a regular pattern, well delimited in some cases, but limited by the optics of the microscope. The finding has been possible by isolating each quadrangular crystal by applying a process of rastering, focusing, and delimitation of the edges of the image.

Zooming in on the bottom cubic shape displayed the following:

Once this process was completed, a draft was drawn with the lines and patterns inscribed on the crystal, creating a clean outline of what actually looked like a circuit. It was very striking to find parallel and perpendicular lines with a distribution far from what would be fractal patterns, which allowed them to automatically infer the possibility that it had been the product of manufacturing.

They then looked for similar patterns in the scientific literature that had a similar scheme to the circuit that had just been drawn.

Zooming in a little bit more so you can see it better.

The result of the search was almost immediate since the pattern of a quantum dot nanorouter was found, as shown below.

This discovery is of fundamental relevance. Not only to understand the true purpose and components of coronavirus vaccines, but also to explain the existence of the phenomenon of MAC addresses visible through Bluetooth on many mobile devices.

The context of the discovery is as follows. Before proceeding to the explanation of the finding, it’s worth recalling the context in which it is framed, to ensure its understanding and subsequent deepening. First of all, it should be borne in mind that graphene and its derivatives, graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes, form part of the components of vaccines, as has already been explained in this post. The properties of graphene are exceptional from a physical, thermodynamic, electronic, mechanical, and magnetic point of view. Its characteristics allow it to be used as a superconductor. It’s an electromagnetic wave absorbing material, a signal emitter-receiver, a quantum antenna which makes it possible to create advanced nano and micrometric scale electronics.

The scientific literature is very clear about the health implications for the human body. It’s notorious that graphene, graphene oxide (GO), and other derivatives such as carbon nanotubes (CNT) are toxic in almost all their forms, causing mutagenesis (or cancer, chromosomal alteration), cell death, apoptosis, necrosis, and the release of free radicals. And as a consequence of that, it increases toxicity rapidly in the lungs, favoring the cytokine storm that you know as bilateral pneumonia, genotoxicity, or DNA damage.

All those studies that that have been reviewed state “Systemic inflammation…” 

That describes Covid-19.

Immunosuppression, damage to the central nervous system, circulatory, endocrine, reproductive, urinary system, which can cause anaphylactic death, and multi-organ dysfunction.

And as stated earlier in this post, graphene is a radiomodulatable nanomaterial.

This is very important and one that people need to understand. And here’s the interaction with those radio frequency antennas. 

It’s able to absorb electromagnetic waves. 

It can also multiply radiation, acting as a nanoantenna, or else a signal repeater, a transistor. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation can cause the exfoliation of the material into smaller particles called GQDs (Graphene Quantum Dots), whose properties and physical peculiarities are enhanced due to their even smaller scale due to the “quantum hall effect,” since they act by amplifying electromagnetic signals and, with that, the emission distance, especially in environments such as the human body. Graphene quantum dots can acquire various morphologies, for example, hexagonal, triangular, circular, or irregular polygon.” 

Everything in the vaccine has a purpose. Everything.

The perpetrators of this operation are injecting something into people that, at the moment, is killing them. Part of the goal is to kill off a large number of the population, particularly in the white Western countries which have been the primary targets of the fake ‘vaccine’ operation. This makes perfect sense since the greatest resistance to the Great Globalist Totalitarian Reset is coming from white Western societies.

The clever perpetrators of this operation, have used the ‘Advocate Approach’ in order to disperse the vaccines. The numbers are not exact, but here’s a rough breakdown of that tactic: The 1st shot that people received had roughly 1 shot out of 200 containing graphene, with the remaining being saline, so that those who had no negative effects became advocates for the shots. The 2nd shot that people received had 1 shot out of 4 containing graphene, so still many more advocates for the shots. The 3rd shot that people took had 2 out of 4 containing graphene and the 4th shot had 3 out of 4 containing graphene, while the 5th shot had 4 out of 4 containing graphene. When this approach is combined with the individual variability of the damaging effects in different individuals, the advocacy could go on for quite a long time.

The 5G small cell transmitters are a key part of this kill off, but they serve a dual purpose in that they can also be used to monitor and control the population. When enough of the population has been killed off or sterilized the focus will shift more to control of the remaining population by modulating the signals coming from the 5G antennas. The Bluetooth nanorouters injected into every vaccinated person will be the connecting link to the mandatory ‘Smart’ phone that will be required to buy and sell or to have access to anything in the cashless society.

Welcome To The Machine

By now I’m betting that you’ve all heard of The Great Reset and Agenda 2030, along with the slogan “You’ll own nothing and be happy”. You’ve also probably heard that American citizens and the ever increasing number of non-citizens will be herded into a much smaller number of stack-and-pack cities.

The red and yellow areas in the map below, will ultimately contain no humans or a small amount of highly regulated human activity and the small number of green zones will be for ‘normal’ human use:

The actual meaning of the word ‘Normal’ in the designation ‘Normal Use’, is vitally important to understand in order to realize what’s in store for us when the Great Reset occurs.

The closest current example of what’s meant by ‘Normal Use’, is life in a large Chinese city, where cameras watch all movement of cars and people, with all of those same people monitored and managed by a real time social credit system.

The following video link gives an overview of China’s social credit system:


China, already being a regimented society, was chosen to be the test case for the World Wide social credit system that is in the process of being rolled out.

China has also been a test case for the transition away from cash to a digital currency system with the majority of Chinese people using ‘Smart’ phones to pay for goods and services.

The following Substack link discusses the reasons that a cashless society is slavery:

A Cashless Society Is Slavery

The name of the game here is Total Full Spectrum Control by the cabal at the top of the pyramid of world power:

The United States has been steadily groomed for more than 100 years to be a part of the New World Order. A world order that has one government entity, one religious entity, one financial entity and a neo-feudal society. Local politicians may not be aware of this, but you can bet that many top state and all national politicians understand what the game plan is, and those at the top do not get selected….er…elected unless they’re in on the game. This obviously includes ALL U. S. Presidents.

The following Substack link discusses the Presidential Puppets:

Have You Had Enough Of These Puppet U.S. Presidents

Preparing American citizens for the New World Order has been facilitated by a series of planned steps. The creation of the private Federal Reserve system in 1913 was a key part of the plan, making it obvious who controls the nation’s financial system, since it officially took away the ability to create money and credit (debt) from the U.S. Treasury Department.

With the Federal Reserve in charge of the economic system, the parasitic usury system set on a path to get every American burdened with debt, paying interest forever to the top .1 percent of ultra-parasites.

The following Substack link discusses Usury and its connection to creating hell on Earth:

Usury Is The Root Cause Of All Problems On Earth

The Public Indoctrination….err….Education System was instituted by the Rockefeller Cartel in order to create dumbed down workers for the Industrialists to utilize to create more parasitic wealth. This regimentation system further prepared subsequent generations for the coming neo-feudal slavery of the New World Order.

The Federal Reserve banksters engineered the Roaring Twenties economic bubble and precipitated the Great Depression of the 30’s in order to enable the greatest transfer of wealth in history to the top 1%, while also increasing the pliability of the American citizens when it comes to the consistent winners and losers in the ‘Greatest Economic System’, the world has ever seen.

Millions of Americans were then forced by the puppet-masters to participate in World Wars 1 and 2 to eliminate any competition for the extraction of wealth from developed and developing nations. The national regimentation and rationing that occurred during these wars was excellent preconditoning for the New World Order lying ahead.

When the U.S. economy was taken off the gold standard in 1971 the floodgates were opened for the banksters and their puppet-masters to drastically increase the number of Americans becoming indebted to the banks, utilizing newly minted credit cards to live beyond their means, while the top 10% of the population was given preferential access to massive amounts of money created by the Federal Reserve out of thin air.

The resulting record breaking debt based financial bubble led Americans to believe that their standard of living was much higher than it was, which enabled the parasites at the top to cream off that much more wealth from the clueless indebted taxpayers. The complacency of the taxpayers that resulted from this debt bubble also resulted in the parasites being able to extend the length of time that they could extract vast amounts of wealth.

In 2001 it was decided by the puppet-masters that it was time to apply a plan concocted decades before in order to turn the screws down on the freedom of American public, in preparation for the next phase of the New World Order. That plan included a false flag attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, which occurred, as you know, on September 11th 2001.

Following is a Substack link which discusses what actually happened on 9-11:

9-11 – 20 Years On And They’re Still Blowing Smoke

The 9-11 false flag event was used to create national trauma based mind control, based on re-enforcing the fear based notion of invisible terrorists lurking around every corner, ready to strike at any moment. Cementing this belief allowed the puppet-masters to put in place draconian security measures that took away virtually every freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, thereby bringing the American public that much closer to the Full Spectrum Surveillance and Control in the New World Order.

And the Mainstream Media and television in general have been a longstanding part of this creation of The New World Order. They’re called television programs for more than one reason. Particularly over the last 20 years the indoctrination built into TV programs has increased tremendously. Movies and TV series such as Black Mirror, are notorious for using scripts (complements of the CIA?) to expose the viewers to predictive programming in order to normalize future planned events in the minds of the viewers.

People who watched the Star Trek series certainly remember the flip type communicators they used to communicate particularly between planets and the Enterprise. This was predictive programming for the release of the cell phone for personal use, with the goal of getting everyone to carry and use these tracking, surveilling, conditioning and targeting devices. Got one? These are integral to the implementation of the New World Order and the world population has overwhelmingly adopted their use, leading to their own enslavement.

The current Covid operation has been the latest move by the puppet-masters to condition the public for the Great Reset ahead. This operation allows the perpetrators to move forward a number of different aspects of their plan. It continues their trauma based mind control using another terrorist in the form of the fictional Covid virus, since almost everyone believes viruses exist, that they are out to kill them and that various useless tactics, such as quarantines and lockdowns , along with ‘vaccines’ will save them.

The following Substack link discusses the fictional viruses:

Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical

The New World Order plan also includes a large reduction in world population and the use of the Covid sterilization kill shot ‘vaccines’ takes care of some of this reduction. The kill shots contain ingredients that destroy the immune system, so the more shots a person takes the more their immune system is destroyed. The graphene in the shots destroys the circulatory system with a particular target on the heart. So anyone that is highly active, such as athletes, may likely have heart issues, and this is what we see occurring. And of course, although not accurately covered by the controlled media, many people are just suddenly dropping dead.

The following video link discusses what causes the disease called Covid-19:


It’s important to understand the connection between graphene, 5G and the ‘vaccine’ shots. As Ricardo Delgado stated in the video above Wuhan residents were forced to take flu shots containing graphene, and then were exposed to the ramp up of 5G emf weaponry, which drastically increased the damaging effects of graphene.

Graphene has also existed in the recent flu shots taken by Americans and Europeans, while the fake ‘vaccines’ taken by millions of Americans contain a significant amount of graphene. That graphene immediately begins to damage the circulatory system and organs of the body causing a variety of the 1200 ‘side effects’ listed by Pfizer for its ‘vaccine’. When 5G is dialed up to the correct emf frequencies the graphene in these shots will create a greater amount of damage in those who submitted themselves to these kill shots.

Along with sudden death, one of the key depopulation effects of the shots is sterilization of the recipients. It’s no accident that the white race has been the primary target of this depopulation agenda, since they are the only ones that could reverse the evil plan to enslave humanity under this neo-feudal totalitarian system.

The following Substack link discusses White Genocide:

Have You Had Enough Of This Anti-White Operation Yet?

Deagel.com, a research company cataloging world wide military weaponry, has done population projections based on information from the CIA, IMF, UN, USG, and other sources. Deagel’s projections show dramatic decreases in the population of countries with majority white residents by 2025, with massive decreases in the United States and the U.K. The following list shows current and 2025 population totals:

While the Covid shots are killing and sterilizing many millions of people in Europe and the United States, the controlled demolition of the European and U.S. economies will lead to the deaths of many millions more. The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending ponzi schemes such as the stock exchange and the pension funds. The population will be hit so badly by a full array of bubbles and ponzi schemes that the migration engine will start to work in reverse accelerating itself due to ripple effects thus leading to the demise of the United States. This unseen situation for the United States will develop itself in a cascade pattern with unprecedented and devastating effects for the economy.

The death toll will be horrible. The American standard of living is one of the highest, while having a services economy that will be gone along with the financial system. When pensioners see their retirement disappear in front of their eyes and there are no service jobs you can imagine what is going to happen next. Mass suicides. Never in human history were so many elders among the population. In past centuries people were lucky to get to their 30s or 40s. At least younger people can migrate, although the younger generations have been living in such a coddled world that they lack basic survival skills and many will also choose suicide. The American downfall is set to be far worse than the Soviet Union’s downfall in the 1990’s.

Another key piece of softening up the Western populations to the Great Reset is the old standby used over and over throughout history, and that’s orchestrated mass starvation.

This operation is rapidly taking shape with the destruction of supply lines, weather modification used to destroy crops and livestock, the destruction of food processing plants, and of course ever increasing inflation.

The ultimate goal of the psychopaths running this operation is to create such hell for the Western White populations that they beg for any solution that supplies food and the bare necessities for staying alive.

Right now, people look outside and think, “This won’t change, people have houses, cars, freedom, they won’t accept anything less than this.” But they will. When you pull back the veil and veneer of the modern civilized world, you find degenerate behavior, mental illness, depression, dislocation, the break up of the family, drastically low IQ’s over the years, incredible problems with substance abuse and addiction to digital devices. To transition this world into their new vision is going to go smoother than people realize.

The people in charge of this world aren’t the slightest bit worried about people rising up. Incredibly enough, they expect and want to see mass protests. Klaus Schwab has openly talked about the ‘anger’ that will come.

Then they will offer their ‘solution’ to fix all of it. They want people to experience some pain, economic pain, so they are ready to accept whatever is offered. Very similar to letting the world be afraid of Covid for six months or a year before a ‘vaccine’ solution was offered. This economic situation will actually be scarier for people than Covid was, if they believed the Covid narrative at the time.

And one possibility for the ‘solution’ that these megalomaniacs have in mind could include the following:

It’s going to come online when they’ve put the whole world into a collapse, which is what they’re doing right now, little by little. All you have to do is open your eyes to see all of the idiotic things they are doing to destroy the economy.

Once the world is in a severe economic depression, the system will be brought online and is expected to be accepted by the majority. It will be seen as a ‘relief plan’ and widely praised by the media. CEOs and top so-called capitalists, who are all secretly in favor of this communist-style plan will praise it. Just like they praised the vaccine, they’ll praise this, and people will say, ‘Oh, the TV and government says this is good, so it must be good.’

We are entering a new period of time, where economic freedom will become a rare luxury under the so-called ‘Great Reset’ being planned. Much of this is based on Marxist, Leninist and Communist policies, which are secretly held by the world’s elite. They have all agreed Capitalism ‘must go’ because it provides the common person with too much freedom, and they’ve extracted as much wealth out them as is feasible until the new system comes on line.

According to investigators this ‘Great Reset’ system includes a software suite that will transition all financial transactions from the current SWIFT banking system into a new blockchain-based system. This is expected to take place over a 3 to 5 day period in the future when it comes online. It will also bring with it a very robust social credit and tracking system. Cash will no longer be used for payment with a digital USDR replacing all financial transactions.

The system will include a multi-tiered Class System with all world citizens slotted into one of 4 classes. Most of the world would be placed in the Common category, with a small percentage placed in the Restricted or Quarantined categories. These categories greatly restrict freedom and capital, require vaccination, and they’re closely tied to a social credit score.

Following is a breakdown of the limitations set for the Common (C) class:

C – Common Class

Amount of accounts: 7.1 Billion or 95.5% of humans (approximate)

Covid vaccination required: Yes

Booster shots required: Yes (2 or more)

Asset limitations: Yes (no greater than $5,000 USDR net worth at any given time)

Account limitations: Yes (bank account cannot exceed $1,000 USDR)

Carbon score: Yes (restricts travel and food consumption; 1 is lowest and best, 500 is highest and worst).

The Restricted and Quarantined classes will have more stringent limitations than the Common class.

The file for each member of these three classes also contains separate areas for fines, demerits, penalties and so on, as well as sections for rewards for good behavior.

At the top tier of this system is the Sovereign class which is completely different. There’s no vaccination requirement at all, no asset limits, no bank account limits. It’s estimated that there will be only about 7 to 8 Million of these Sovereign accounts for the entire human population of the world.

Sovereign accounts do not have the variables of the other 3 classes, though they appear to contain a separate module for certain benefits, such as vacations, golf club memberships and so on.

Of course the Sovereign class will include high level government officials, media figures, the super-rich and celebrities. And it will also include any alt-media personalities that have a large following, since almost all of them have been controlled opposition.

Most of those with a net worth under $10 Million and income per year under $2.5 Million will have to adhere to the new rules. They will be re-classified under the Class C designation. Their funds and private property will be seized and redistributed.

A huge number of people most of us would think of as ‘rich’ will be removed and placed in the Class C category. That’s because a lot of rich people are not part of this cabal. They will suffer like the rest of us, if they aren’t Class S.

The poor and lower classes, even middle classes, watching the upper middle class and lower level rich people all get reduced to their level is a big selling point, a big part of the propaganda! Don’t discount how powerful that will be! The masses will relish watching this unfold, and see it as this new, fair system of wealth redistribution, which it’s not at all.

The Covid operation proved the public will believe anything they are presented with, anything.

This is a massive wealth-redistribution plan, except it doesn’t actually take any wealth from the super-rich, it just makes them richer. It’s a middle-class destroyer. It’s an upper-middle-class destroyer. It will put everyone but the Sovereign class on a low-level playing field, where you have to behave so you can get a few extra crumbs each month.

They want to adjust people’s behavioral patterns, so they’re tightly controlled, monitored, and they get to pass out small rewards and freedoms for good behavior. They also think this is workable since China has proven it can work with 1 Billion people, and since they are reducing the Earth’s population drastically with the vaccines and starvation they are looking at a smaller population that they they can manage.

The transition will happen over a few days during a period of collapse. You login one day to your bank account, you see you have $708 U.S. Dollars. Right? It doesn’t buy much, because milk is $50, gas is $40 a gallon and your rent just went up double digits.

Then the next day you login and you have this thing called USDR in your account, and a new section for your social score, you say, ‘What’s that?’ and you see you have $1,000. You go outside and down the street, you see gas prices are now set to $1 per gallon. You go in the store and milk is $2. The world has changed.

You go online and you go to your prepper group and you say, ‘This is Communism, we have to fight this!’ and within seconds, $25 is deducted from your bank account and you receive a notice about your online behavior, with helpful articles on how to correct it and avoid future fines.

Simulations showed in the first month, many people would drain their accounts to nearly zero due to ‘bad behavior’ but by the second month, their behavior radically adjusted to the point they received virtually no demerits or deductions. In other words, people shaped up and got with the program. They will learn quick that compliance means food in your belly.

Non-compliance means pain. No money, no friends, and you end up stuck in a queue of red tape for all of your violations and having to jump through hoops to undo them, or worse, you just end up in one of their special ‘camps’ for re-educating you. Yes, they really are planning on those.

People will only get around $1,000 per month as Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Your bank account cannot exceed this amount at any time. Wages, generally speaking, will no longer exist, and could not exceed $1,000 per month regardless. There will be no cash, so no underground or under the table economy, no bartering allowed.

People will still be required to work and will be expected to attend to their jobs as normal. New jobs and roles will also be centrally issued by the government. If you’re a lawyer, you will work. If you’re a housekeeper, you will work.

Failure to work, failure to adhere to new social credit guidelines, and any kind of protest or criticism, will result in immediate demerits, fines or deductions from your account, ranging from $5 to $800, depending on the offence.

Welcome to your new world. This is life now. You have USDR. Prices are lower. You’re broke but you have enough to survive on. You’re not happy about it, because you know it’s slavery. Sovereign accounts do not have these variables, though they appear to contain a separate module for certain benefits, such as vacations, golf club memberships and so on.

What can you do? You can complain, protest, drain your USDR account to zero, and in the process, lose friends and family, who, by their association with you are having their social score impacted, it’s going down for them.

It’s total control. Families against families. Like vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated but ten times worse. This is ultimate control. It will turn your closest friend against you. If your beliefs do not align with the new system and you express them, you not only get fined and lose the little USDR they give you, you are going to impact the social scores of those around you. They will quickly disassociate with you.

Small groups will form, people who are against it. Testing algorithms show within one month, most of these people will start complying. The hold-outs will be few and far between. The preppers will realize how difficult it is to completely divest themselves, so some will start complying. But they will all have to get vaccinated.

Others will not comply, they will stubbornly resist and try to survive without USDR. They will get their power turned off along with water and sewer by the city, if they aren’t completely off-grid, because their social score is now about 0 and they are all now Quarantined class, if they weren’t already.

They will get visits from the local police, then it will go up higher, the national guard will pay a visit for a ‘check up’. These visits won’t typically be hostile, because these are locals, they will be instructed not to be aggressive. There will be a lot of back and forth, ‘Please sign this, Mr. Brown, please agree to a search, Mr. Brown.’ This goes on, and with no progress, it gets escalated. Now with escalation, a military group shows up, or the drones are brought in. There’s no mercy. They might issue one warning over loudspeaker, and if there’s no quick compliance, there’s neutralization.

They will use gas or darts not to kill, but to render you unconscious, then the drone will inject the vaccine.

They’ll leave. Now you’re vaccinated with the nano tech. They believe your behavior will change, then you will begin to comply because of the vaccine within you, but it doesn’t in everyone. The ones it doesn’t are the ones who finally get marked for either elimination or placement in a camp.

Welcome to the Great Reset

For more info on this version of the Great Reset take a look at this site:

Oculum Labs

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5G Is The Kill Shot

5G, unlike all of the other generations (G’s) of telecommunications, is technically identified as an urban radar directed energy in air emission, which requires the antenna to be designed to cause the focused energy in air for the high-speed compression of data to and from antennas designed to send and receive focused energy through a theoretical collimated and coherent signal.

The sweeping movement of the beam wave causes the positive charging of air, which is noxious to all biological life at significant distances from the antenna emission to the target acquisition zone, such is the capability of the 5G hard- and software and is the very reason this equipment is, and has been, used extensively on the battlefield as scanning environment radar and Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) for the purpose of disrupting and disabling enemy hardware, as well as biological assets, i.e. humans.

It’s a military weapon folks.

The telecoms industry and other regulatory bodies have continually denied the real purpose and existence of the radiation dangers posed by the deployment of 5G technologies; they have actively misled the public by issuing demonstrably false press releases through local and national media, as well as by making false statements in courts in failed attempts to discredit experts.

“Backhaul” in the context of 5G is the term used for the technological advance that enables data to be interrogated and uplifted from multiple devices and environments simultaneously; in other words spying across the whole area, leaving no chance of any privacy.

Spectrum dominance of the 5G network from sub 3 GHz to 300 GHz poses a real risk of bodily harm from higher photon energy value frequencies that are coherent radiation emissions.

Serious critical infrastructure risks have been ignored in the unregulated rush to deploy the 5G network. The new 5G protocol will require many more, higher radiation beam wave emissions using precisely located towers at a much shorter height with
significantly larger energy demands on the electric grid and network.

The propaganda narrative of industry and agencies claiming these 5G networks use less energy is demonstrably false. The massive increase in antennas from massive multiple-in multiple-out (MIMO) antennas for 5G, plus the mini and micro relay networks, as well as increased device data usage all require further power consumption in watts.

Microwave radiation will also affect a large number of molecular structures in materials, which increases building fire risk. This is due to hydrocarbon elements in buildings breaking down due to modulated microwave radiation, which causes localized heating and the breakdown of materials. Microwave radiation at certain frequencies will excite water molecules and if there is no moisture available, other less volatile molecules will absorb the radiation and start to heat. Therefore, any material that has dried out can overheat and ignite more easily in a microwave field, a type of priming. The risks particular to the 5G radiation emissions are due to the proposed mass densification and spectrum dominance of the radiation emissions. Also, any metal objects inside a microwave field can exhibit dielectric properties that can cause sparking, which could lead to a fire; this is caused by a build-up of charged particles, energy that produces a concentrated electric field at the edge of the metal.

The Santa Rosa fires that occurred in 2017 are a devastating example of the use of Directed Energy weapons to destroy thousands of houses, leaving very little debris.

The following video link exposes the deliberate destruction in Santa Rosa:


These are all scientific phenomena that have been deliberately ignored by the regulators and industry, but the most alarming, unrecognized and unregulated issue is fatigue of materials caused by the continual bombardment of 5G data compression and focused (QAM) modulated microwave energy fields. 5G requires far more complex and focused data package compression of energy. The potential for specific frequency causing the disassociation of molecular structures of solid building materials, among other things, cannot be overstated due to the currently un-researched (?) cross-wave impacts of such high levels of energy-in-air modulated radiation emissions. This cacophony of microwave radiation pollution could lead to severe failures in larger capital equipment, including the electrical grid.

What has also been discovered is unnecessary latent power capacitance built into the 5G SMART Internet Of Things (IOT) hardware network. This large capacitance could easily be used for a possible Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack on cities and populations. We’ve been warned this is coming by those who plan to implement it, but of course, Russian or Chinese hackers will be blamed.

When 5G was switched on in South Korea in April 2019, it caused a number of city fires due to the documented failure of the electrical grid transformers. The South Korean government and media passed this off as having been caused by forest fires in five separate cities simultaneously all across the country when 5G was turned on, but this alleged cause does not explain the electrical grid disturbance and destruction of critical electrical grid hardware.

The telecommunications narrative for 5G is only a cover for its actual future capability and purpose, as confirmed by the total absence of environmental risk research and insurance liability cover for harm. The future domain for the battle space and the ongoing deployment of 5G technological advance include 5G weapons for warfare across cities, towns and countryside. The domain includes psychological warfare technologies, including control and dissemination of information through social media to obscure the real purpose of 5G as a warfare system.

“The Fifth Generation mission-space represents a new environment in which future operations will take place. Special operations forces are already debating the opportunities and risks from the IOT 5G networks, with assassination through the Lethal Autonomous Weapons System (LAWS) that can be used to eliminate targeted individuals.

The military industrial complex across the world know only too well the advantages of using electromagnetic weapon systems for battlefield interrogation, namely 5G, and have done so since the emergence of the technology during the Second World War. What is also well understood is the vast body of published scientific data showing the detrimental health and environmental effects from the current telecommunications networks. 5G adds a whole range of further risks to the environment, and to the health of the population.

This is not an argument that can now be disputed; mission creep and the planning of
asymmetrical, unconventional warfare across cities should be of great concern, especially to the civilian population as they are becoming the target of an Orwellian technocratic, fascist regime.

In that case, who would be controlling the spying urban interrogation radar and directed energy in air weapon systems?

Many opportunities are currently under discussion across the defense industry, focusing on the capability of the 5G urban networks to tag the population with metamaterial antennas, while serious concerns and risks are seemingly ignored.

Vaccines have been shown in a number of studies to contain toxic metal contaminants,
including “inexplicable” levels of nanometal contamination. This phenomenon is far from inexplicable if the research scientists who carried out this study had knowledge of the defense industry goals and the metamaterial ingredients that can be used to enhance urban 5G interrogation technologies, as well as various other nano material development projects.

Metals are almost universally radar-reflective and therefore are visible for use as a means of detecting objects. “Wetware” is the name given to biological structures operating in the battlefield space that are far more difficult to track and trace or attack using LIDAR, RADAR or DEWs. Metals are strong reflectors of electromagnetic waves and allow for increased detection and resolution from battlefield interrogation technologies. Specific metal shapes in polymers can be used for their dielectric properties to deflect and absorb the reflection and interrogation capability of current radar systems. Without using this precise shape and polymer encapsulation, metal contamination in the form of metamaterials allows for a higher resolution of the target.

After the Covid-19 vaccine technology is injected into the body, the target acquisition of wetware is far more precise and the technological field can be used to gather biometric data. It is envisaged that wearable and portable electronic devices that are currently in use to connect the person to the Cloud will become redundant due to these and further technological advances. The Neuralink control network uses implanted nano technology antennas that can gather such data and upload it to the Cloud; these innovations are well beyond the planning phase and all part of the future battlefield space.

Dr. Robert O. Young’s research confirms that the Covid-19 injections have been fully loaded with metamaterials, namely graphite, ferrous oxide nanoparticulates (graphene).

The video link below discusses the connection between 5G and a condition called Covid Lung:


This shocking discovery is confirmed through research carried out on victims, as well as thousands of anecdotal videos showing electromagnetic radiation emissions; together with magnets and metal objects reacting to the injection sites of those vaccinated with the Covid-19 serum. Other biomarkers used include SM-102, which is a toxic phospholipid present in the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines, a synthetic luciferin that improves bioluminescence-imaging luciferase.

The video link below discusses luciferase in the vaccines:


Luciferins can be activated using electromagnetic radiation to create a bioluminescence of the subject.

Facial recognition technologies, part of the 5G technology toolbox, can then be used to track and trace the contaminated subject across the environmental space.

The deaths and significant biological damage in the population caused by the Covid-19 experimental mRNA vaccine medical intervention have now been documented in nearly one thousand published scientific papers. Covid-19 injections are now related to blood clotting, myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain-Barré syndrome, and cancer, among others. This is confirmed by irrefutable science and government-gathered data from the UK Health and Security Agency, which shows Covid-19 vaccines to be unsafe and ineffective.

The vast majority of the populations across the West, in particular those of the Five Eyes community, the Anglosphere intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, have been injected without their knowledge with nano metamaterial antennas and are unfortunately going to suffer increased mortality rates due partially to localized reflecting radiation emissions from the 5G urban radar.

Many of these same willfully ignorant people, who narrowed their information to official sources and condemned those who exposed the actual facts about the shots they took, are also suffering serious physical damage and increased mortality rates due to the fact that graphene sheets are sharper than razor blades and damage blood vessels throughout the body.

The Video link below discusses how this destruction occurs:


All of the known coronavirus symptoms can be attributed to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

5G has been identified in a number of published papers as the actual cause of the pandemic, the start of which coincided with the switching on of the 5G network in Wuhan province, whose population had just been vaccinated with a mandated flu vaccination. 5G has the potential to deliver ionizing energy levels that would cause immune system suppression, leaving the body at risk of disease.

The Covid-19 pathogen has not been isolated or purified and currently no government
agency can provide the isolate or evidence of its actual existence.

A Covid-19 virus or any other virus has never been isolated or purified and will never be isolated or purified since viruses do not exist. The virus myth has just been used as just another form of terrorist to create fear and manipulation in the willfully ignorant population. The original notion of a virus may have just been an error of analysis, but for many decades now it has been utilized to generate fear and control along with the parasitic extraction of many trillions of dollars from the gullible public.

The following Substack link discusses this insidious virus lie:

Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical

Coincidentally, the PCR test was never able to identify a live virus or pathogen and is the fundamental basis for the lockdowns across the world, which have been used with great effect to terrorize the world’s population into believing that Covid-19 exists as a live virus and that the only survival strategy is taking a bio weapon technology masquerading as a vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have now removed the PCR test as a diagnostic tool, after it was misused, which is evidence of its deliberate use to create fear and distress among a misinformed population.

Research scientists and medical doctors across the world have been gagged, threatened and vilified in the media and discredited as conspiracy theorists by governments and their agents when they have spoken out to oppose this trans-globalist agenda.

5G urban emissions are designed to deliver chronic radiation exposure that will undoubtedly increase the genotoxic effects on all the biological life that the radiation comes into contact with. Evidence from areas blanketed by the less powerful and less densified radiation emissions of 4G networks have already shown significant detrimental effects on wildlife.

Smaller biological organisms that make up the whole ecosystem have less protection from man-made radiation emissions and can therefore show effects in a more visible,
incontrovertible way. The acute lack of small insects has been shown to be caused primarily by new experimental man-made radiation emissions, including light emitting diodes (LED).

The addition of nano metamaterials through implant, injection, and environmental
contamination will create a cytotoxic environment detrimental to all biological life. Localized reflection from the metamaterial antennas or the nanometal-contaminated vaccinated entities will add to a substantial increase in radiation exposures, especially across cities. 5G backhaul technology can now capture and interrogate multiple data points, conversations, as well as bodily biometrics and movements 24 hours per day, every day, to the detriment of the Covid19-vaccinated for the rest of what is likely to be a limited life expectancy, as well as of those unable to remove themselves from these 5G radiation networks and nanoparticle-polluted environments.

Man-made magnetic fields accompany the digitized (QAM) beam wave,
which increases emissions and creates an energy vibration disturbance of the nano
metamaterial particulates in the contaminated vaccinated body; this will significantly increase the cytotoxicity of the technologies on an unsuspecting mass population of vaccinated persons. The mandating of this technological experiment in the form of a vaccine that increases sterility and causes untimely death is a criminal enterprise by organizations and individuals who have failed to recognize the compartmentalized development of weapon systems required for the control and planned depopulation agenda.

The mass depopulation intelligence was confirmed in defense circles as early as 2017 by the Deagel weapons hardware intelligence group, which predicted many millions of casualties occurring in countries across the West by 2025, with the population of the United States being reduced to around 100 million, which syncs with roughly two thirds of the population taking the death shots.

At the root of the flagrant disregard of all ethical and legal obligations
is the overarching military battlefield agenda, which dictates that war should now be waged against civilian populations.

5G is a compartmentalized weapons deployment masquerading as a benign technological advance for enhanced communications and faster downloads. The globalist false propaganda falls away with one simple undisputed fact: their PCR test patent for Covid-19, which was filed in 2015, was never able to identify a live virus, so that it could be utilized to terrorize ignorant and unsuspecting populations across the world into taking a Covid-19 vaccine polluted with a nano antenna technology to hook victims up to the 5G network.

Emerging 5G, autonomous, augmented reality technologies, often referred to by the
manufacturers as “killer tech”, will prove to be exactly that. The laissez-faire approach
adopted by regulatory bodies and the telecoms industry encouraged the total disregard of the known biological harm from increasing levels of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation arising from the mass deployment of these technologies, which were developed for battlefield use.The following video link is to a video by Joe Imbriano, where he pulls no punches about the 5G death shot:

The Covid-19 vaccine adverse reactions data read like the destruction of mankind as millions of North American citizens die and are injured in this medical experiment that is in breach of the Nuremberg Code and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The fact that the Covid-19 vaccines vector data were developed in biological chemical weapons laboratories proves that they are only masquerading as vaccines, with the emerging data of sterilization, ill health and death across the West revealing their true purpose.

The 5G network has the capability to target acquire and attack the vaccinated due
to their nano metamaterial antenna Covid-19 vaccine. Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) require the 5G networks to maintain their geoposition and navigate their environment to the target; these weapons cannot rely on satellite (high altitude balloon) communications due to the potential for inclement weather events and signal latency to disrupt their signals so they must have localized 5G networks for the upcoming cityscape battlefield environment, for assassination capability and for battlefield domination in planned future wars.

The compartmentalization of weapons systems development has played a crucial role in not alerting those within the regulatory authorities and telecommunications industry to the real purpose and intentions of those ultimately driving and funding the deployment of 5G and biological chemical weapons masquerading as Covid-19 vaccines for a planned control and command kill grid.

The world is blindly following the plans of the technocratic elite and the
military-industrial-pharma complex to terminate large numbers within populations across the world with no regard to the primary legislation. God-given rights and laws enshrined for the protection of men and women have been disregarded by these cult-like forces in their depopulation, sterilization and mass murder agenda.

5G is a weapon system, a crime against humanity so monstrous that even an educated person may find it unbelievable on first inspection of the facts.

The prima facie evidence of this globalist depopulation agenda is unequivocal and should be tested in the courts so that the conspirators involved in this murderous plan can be brought to justice.

This is the greatest crime ever to be perpetrated on mankind and all of God’s creation.

The following video link is to a video by Joe Imbriano, where he pulls no punches about the 5G death shot:


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X-Files Laid Out The Covid Operation 6 Years Ago

The link below is to a video from The X-Files Season 10 Episode 6, which was released in 2016. This episode reveals the insidious ongoing operation that we’ve been subjected to since 2020 starting with the Covid plandemic.


As usual there’s a bit of misdirection with the discussion of viruses, which don’t actually exist. The link below is to a video making this​_ clear:

Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical

The connection of EMF to climate control is mentioned, but there is no mention of EMF Millimeter waves and 5G as a key part of the Surveillance/Kill grid. This is a notable omission, since it’s integral to the overall plan for depopulation and Total Control. The link below is to a video discussing 5G:


The link below is to a video discussing the direct connection between 5G and the supposed Covid ‘infection’:


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The Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Operations Are Cover For The Economic Collapse

And Cover For Genocidal Depopulation

It’s obvious by now, isn’t it…that the Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Operations have been utilized as cover for the next devastating stage of the planned economic collapse, and, of course, targeted depopulation (Genocide- The Primary Goal of The Covid Operation Is Depopulation).

You’ve got to hand it them….these psychopathic parasites that are orchestrating these events are diabolically brilliant, overlapping as many goals in their operations as possible.

In the same way that the standard ‘Incompetence and Terrorist’ cards were played after the 9-11 false flag Operation was completed (9-11 – 20 Years On And They’re Still Blowing Smoke), the perpetrators of the Covid Operation played the same cards with the fake terrorist being a fake ‘Virus’.

There’s no doubt that this whole operation was gamed out well in advance with experienced predictions of how the public would respond, although they may not have expected such a sheepish response in ‘The Land Of The Free’. Some compartmentalization occurs here just as it did with the supposed building of fake nuclear bombs (Nuclear Bombs Do Not Exist), so many of the shills who willingly participate in this have no idea there is a grand totalitarian plan.

Create a fake pandemic, based on a non-existent virus (since they all are: Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical ), that is claimed to necessitate people self imprisoning in their homes, and requiring what the perpetrators call ‘safe distancing’ when the people are away from their homes, as well as muzzling themselves, while also prohibiting groups of people from congregating.

This is one hell of a way to rapidly divide and prevent people from righteously organizing and taking to the streets. Toss in what’s called ‘contact tracing’ and they have the ability to keep a real time surveillance on all associations between all persons, in order to anticipate ‘pre-crime’ activity and head it off before it occurs…and/or…prepare the amount of counter force desired by the puppet masters.

Just as the initial outbreak of the so-called Covid-19 ‘virus’ was planned, so the additional waves have also been planned, with some flexibility as needed. These waves of control and release, are based on what’s termed ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’, a conditioning process, used in this case, to normalize self imprisonment and ‘divide and conquer’ actions that decrease the ability of citizens to communicate and organize outside of the internet/phone surveillance grid.

Make no mistake….the psychopaths and their shills pulling the strings here were well aware that the riots would occur, long before they occurred. They were by design, just like the fake pandemic. This ‘Black Lives Matter’ Operation is just another distraction to increase racial tension and deflect from the real terrorists, the parasitic psychopaths that have destroyed the U.S. economy, just like they did the German and Russian economies, while siphoning off most of the wealth from the 99%.

This video by Rabbi Yaron Reuven sheds some light on this reality:


The 1% knows full well that the good citizens are going to come for their heads when these folks actually comprehend what’s been done to them, so the 1% are using distractions and phony fear based events to both extract as much wealth as they can and lock the country down as much as possible to prepare for the uprising that they know is going to occur.

Creating events that lead to martial law is a key part of this operation, the goal being to get the majority of the population to call for the military to be on the streets so they can feel ‘safe’, and this will be perfect in order to be prepared for the massive riots that will occur when it becomes clear that the standard of living of the 99% is going to take a massive drop to third world levels.

Unfortunately there is little chance that the U.S. public will ever rise up since the ‘ME, MY, MINE’ mentality is so well ingrained by design in the average American that all but a few will just grab everything they can as the country disintegrates, hoping they’ll be some of the small number of selected upper class remaining after the crash.

The Self Chosen Parasites have done one hell of a job conditioning and indoctrinating white Americans to act in ways that lead to their own doom.

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It’s been common knowledge, since mid 2020, among people who have been investigating the Covid Operation that intubation or venting, has for many people, ended up being a death sentence.Death results because oxygenated air is forced into the lungs, which progressively damages the lung tissue, increasing the inability of the lungs to oxygenate the blood. The victim, er….patient is also sedated to the point that they have no ability to communicate their worsening ability to breathe. Death is a common outcome for these people.

The horror story, shared by the man in the video below, underscores the obvious conclusion that the reason so many patients are ‘diagnosed’ with Covid-19 and vented, is because the hospitals receive $39,000 if they vent patients with positive Covid-19 PCR tests. And all they have to do is up the pressure level on the vented air in order to make sure the patient dies before much of that $39,000 is eaten up by care costs.

One wonders how many of these ‘health professionals’ even know that the PCR test is known for giving false positives, and absolutely not recommended for diagnosing any Covid Variant by the man that invented the test.

Yes, this is an insidious, murderous business, right there with the killing off of supposed, vast numbers of Covid-19 patients in rest homes by overdosing them on Midazolam.

Here’s a link to the fellow that managed to survive this medical nightmare:


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Covid-19 Is Caused By Graphene Oxide

Since there is no Covid-19 virus (Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical), what is causing Covid-19 symptoms and death?

The primary cause is Graphene Oxide, with a powerful kick from exposure to 5G microwaves.

As usual, to those deliberately indoctrinated, who haven’t bothered to investigate this Covid Operation, this will sound like a wild conspiracy theory.


Graphene oxide is a toxin which triggers thrombi and blood coagulation. It also has an extremely negative impact on the immune system, by altering the oxidative balance in relation to glutathione reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased, by any method of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and initiates a cytokine storm, which can lead to death. Graphene oxide accumulated in the lungs generates bilateral pneumonias, along with other devastating impacts.

Graphene oxide causes a metallic taste in the mouth. Inhalation of graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes, resulting in loss of taste and partial or total loss of smell.

Graphene oxide exhibits powerful magnetic properties inside the body. This is the reason for the magnetic properties experienced by millions of people around the world, after it is given through various routes of administration, including the ‘vaccines’.


Here’s the truth:

Graphene oxide is the supposed SARS-CoV-2, the supposed new Coronavirus, that caused the disease known as COVID-19.

This is why no one has ever isolated or purified a real new ‘coronavirus’, as recognized by most health institutions at the highest level, and in different countries, when they were questioned about it.

If you’ve been investigating this Covid crime at all, then you should already be aware that the so-called ‘vaccines’ are being called ‘Clot Shots’ by many people, due to the fact that many people who took the shots, end up with severe damage or death from blood clots (The Covid Shot Guarantees Blood Clots – Dr. Charles Hoffe). Many doctors, nurses, and even those doing embalming for funeral homes, have witnessed the devastating effects of these clots. Unfortunately, most of these individuals have been misdirected by the idea that ‘Spike Proteins’ are the cause of these clots. Since no Covid virus exists, the virus ‘Spike Proteins’, that are claimed to be created in vaccinated individuals, don’t exist.

The problem is the graphene.

The results of the Spanish study show, that the recorded vaccine related deaths and “adverse events” (e.g. published in the US by the CDC and in the EU) are attributable to the presence of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the Covid vaccine vial.

Graphene oxide is also contained in the face mask commonly distributed by governments and health agencies (acknowledged by national health authorities).

The Swabs used for PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles.

All Covid vaccines, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Etc., also contain a considerable dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles. That these ‘vaccines’ contain graphene oxide, has been confirmed through electron microscopy and spectroscopy, by Ricardo Delgado Martin, Founder and Director of La Quinta Columna. Ricardo is responsible for coordinating the Spanish research team’s analysis of the impacts of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the vial of the mRNA vaccine.

The flu vaccines, that have been commonly taken by many people every year, as well as the new and supposedly intranasal anti-covid vaccines, they are preparing, all contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles.

Like any material, graphene oxide has what is called an ‘electronic absorption band’. This means that it absorbs a certain frequency that excites and oxidizes this material very rapidly, disrupting the ability of natural antioxidant glutathione reserves to neutralize the toxin. The frequency that causes this effect is being transmitted in the new emission bandwidths of the new 5G wireless technology.


That’s why the deployment of these antennas never stopped during the ‘pandemic’.

The La Quinta Columna researchers suspect that for the 2019 anti-flu campaign, more graphene oxide was added to the ‘vaccine’, since it was already used as an adjuvant.

With the subsequent 5G technology trials in different parts of the world, Covid-19 disease developed due to the interaction between the electromagnetic fields and the graphene oxide already in the bodies of those who took the flu shot.

Remember that it all started in Wuhan, and this was the first pilot city in the world to do the 5G technology trial in late November 2019.

Both the pangolin and the bat soup versions of the origin were just misdirection from the real cause, as have been the Wuhan lab claims.

So here’s the bottom line:

There is no virus, since viruses don’t exist, and Covid-19 is just a name for a disease state caused by graphene oxide and worsened by exposure to 5G radiation.

Here’s a link to a video clip by La Quinta Columna and a clip by Stew Peters discussing much of the information above:



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The Primary Goal of The Covid Operation Is Depopulation

That’s right…..the primary reason for the Covid plandemic is depopulation.

Many investigators are well aware of this, but won’t discuss it because of where this horrific fact leads to if they expose the truth.

When I say ‘primary goal’, it’s because the perpetrators of this operation have a number of goals they want to achieve, including cover for the economic collapse, creation of a universal digital identity system, along with a Central Bank Digital Currency, and the elimination of cash, as well as a Social Credit system, at least as draconian as the one used in China. And let’s not forget the 5G ‘internet of things’ and ‘of people’, electronic control system, which integrates all of these goals.

If you’ve already investigated enough to realize that the 9-11 attacks were an inside job, assisted by “our most important ally”, then none of this should be a surprise to you.

If you’re not aware of the truth about 9-11 then you probably also don’t realize that almost everything we’ve been taught is a lie, and often the exact opposite of the truth.

And this includes a great deal of history, as well as fake ‘scientific’ information.

The kicker here is that this depopulation is targeted, utilizing more than just lethal vaccines, madazolam, remdesivir, intubation and 5G. Anyone who’s been watching recent history, knows who the primary target of this depopulation really is.

And it’s not Kalergi, that’s the target, since he originated what’s called ‘The Kalergi Plan’ as a leader of the group that is running this operation in Europe, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and in ‘The Land Of The Free’, the rapidly disintegrating USA.

It doesn’t take much investigation to realize that the ‘safe and effective’ vaccines are causing vasts numbers of people to end up with extremely serious permanent injuries, including sterility and death. Knowing this information, and the Kalergi Plan, if you keep in mind that there is no virus, because there’s no such thing as a virus, you begin to realize quickly that the goal is genocide, and if you then look at where the greatest push to inject the clot shots is occurring, Europe, Great Britain, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course, the U.S., it becomes clear that the the white race is the target.


So who’s running this depopulation operation?

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Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical

Almost everyone that reads the title of this post, will wonder what ‘Virus Myth’ is referring to, and that response makes perfect sense given what we’ve all been taught about ‘viruses’.

This current Covid Operation is based on an actual endemic condition, and that condition is an almost universal belief in the existence of viruses. Without this endemic belief none of the numerous criminal, virus prevention schemes could be pulled off. The entire narrative falls apart.

Ponder that for a bit…….no virus, no supposed pandemic caused by a virus, no masks stopping a supposed virus, no distancing to protect from a virus, no lockdowns to protect from a virus, no forced lethal ‘vaccine’ to protect from a virus. I’m sure you can also list all of the other criminal events that occurred as a result of the endemic belief in viruses.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of reading about all of the damage being done to every aspect of peoples’ lives, based on this belief in viruses. And make no mistake about it, there are those running this operation that know the truth about viruses, and they’re using the lie to achieve their goals.

So what is the truth about viruses? Here it is………


Let that sink in……..

Here’s a link to a video by Dr. Tom Cowan discussing this truth, as well as his frustration with those in the ‘Alternative’ Media, who still don’t realize this fact:



If you’ve been researching this Covid-19 Operation, you must have run across many ‘alternative’ media ‘stars’ who strongly oppose the current fake vaccines, because they aren’t ‘true’ vaccines. This stand is great as far as it goes, but almost to a person, these ‘alternative’ folks have no problem with vaccines, and continue to believe that viruses exist. Many of them are controlled opposition, assigned with the task of misdirecting viewers/listeners from the truth. They all have access to the truth, and many have research assistants, so……it’s safe to assume that all of the big names (and you know who they are), are in on the game. If they haven’t publicly stated that viruses don’t exist then assume they’re controlled opposition. And here’s the main problem here, as you may have realized…..


And that means total control will continue. And the supposed ‘alternative’ media is actively helping to maintain this myth and the control that results.

Here’s another link to a video where Dr. Andy Kaufman explains what a so-called virus actually is:



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Lest we forget….it’s been one year since Trump forced the kill shots through at warp speed, ignoring the need for long term testing. He won and we lost…….so it’s time for all Trumptards to drop the adoration for this psychopathic murderer.

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