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A Cashless Society Is Slavery

So when was the last time you used cash to pay for something?

It’s certainly less convenient than using a credit card or a ‘smart’ phone, isn’t it?

When paying for purchases do you find yourself becoming impatient and critical when someone ahead of you uses cash?

Has it occurred to you yet that the person paying with cash is acting to keep their freedom, while those paying with cards or phones are contributing to the loss of their freedom?

Enhanced convenience is a dual edged sword, since cash and economic freedom are inseparable.

Let’s take a look at significant risks and downsides to going cashless:

The enhanced convenience means loss of control. If money is digitally easy to spend, it’s also easy to take. The convenience can easily become tyranny. Automatic deductions have resulted in many people getting ripped off by dishonest companies.

The convenience of digital money also makes it much more convenient for banks, governments and thieves to take it.

In 2013 bank depositors in Cyprus were subjected to a ‘Bail-in’. The failing banks in Cyprus were partially bailed out by the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund on the condition that some depositors would also have to forfeit some of the money owed to them. This was done unilaterally- the depositors simply lost a portion of their money in the bank. There was no meeting of the creditors (depositors) with the bank, just a swift removal of a portion of the depositors’ money. This same bail-in theft is also legal in U.S. banks.

If you think your money is safe in the bank – Think Again…

Your bank account can also be raided by government authorities like the Internal Revenue Service without notice or reason given.

Think that if you’ve done nothing wrong, then there’s nothing to worry about – Think Again…

Proponents of a cashless society claim that theft is more difficult with that system. In actuality theft of digital money is far easier than a burglary involving cash. The number of stories involving theft of bank, bank account, and bitcoin digital wallets being hacked and drained is legion.

If you think digital money is safer than cash, and can’t be stolen – Think Again…

Some believe that in a cashless society crime will go down and drug dealers will go out of business. All sorts of items will continue to be stolen because they have value in and of themselves and will be stolen for use or to sell in exchange for other forms of money or traded for other items. Drug dealers won’t go out of business either, since they also have the ability to take payment in other forms of money, in personal services or traded for other items of value.

In a cashless society, theft will occur online and in far larger amounts than with cash heists. An online thief never has to confront his victim, commit violence, crack a safe, get past an alarm system, dog or armed guards and carry away his loot. The online heist involves no risk of death or threat to the thief’s personal safety and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Think crime will go down if we go cashless – Think Again…

Without cash, the value of currency would have no independent value outside of a functioning banking system. If the banking system is down due to a power outage, a solar flare, financial crisis, internet failure, hack or network crash, your money is unavailable and potentially lost. If back up files are lost how do you prove you had $15,000 in your account?

Think digital banking is stable and secure – Think Again…

Even if digital banking was 100% foolproof you may end up being shut out of the system for ‘wrong doing’ (actual or alleged), bad credit or failure to pay banking fees. The way things are going ‘wrong doing’ may also include questioning the party line or official narrative concerning almost anything the psychopathic globalists come up with. Or you may be a victim of identity theft and as a precaution your account may be closed. Without access to the banking system, and no access to cash on hand, how will you be able to pay your bills and buy items you need?

Think a cashless system is more convenient – Think Again…

You might also lack the means to have access to a computer, ‘smart’ phone, or internet connection. Or your computer or ‘smart’ phone may get damaged or stolen (would never happen in a cashless society…Right?), and you have no backup. Without a way to access the system what would use to buy food?

Think it can’t happen to you – Think Again…

Relatively very few today would risk jail time or fines to use Bitcoin or another crypto-currency, if they were made illegal. Ban cash, however, and the number of people willing to break the law and use a banned currency, would explode exponentially. People whose bank accounts have been seized or have been otherwise denied access to the banking system will revert to other means of exchange.

To combat the lawless use of cash, the government would have to engage in an actual ‘War On Cash’, and treat cash as contraband, with an increase in training dogs to sniff out cash to be confiscated or further investments in machines to find hidden cash. In a mandated cashless society, a robust black market in alternative currencies and goods and services will ultimately evolve.

If there is no cash, a monopoly can charge whatever it wants to use digital cash and to hold your money. For consumers and merchants this means they will pay currency issuing banks a fee for every transaction.

Also, when depositors can’t hold cash, the bank can charge negative interest rates, eating away at the account balance, and since the depositor has no way to withdraw that money, there is an incentive to spend instead of saving, leaving an increasing number of people with no savings to fall back on.

Think going cashless will reduce transaction fees – Think Again

While going cashless may be convenient when you buy something, having a purchase thrust officiously upon you by government order, your money can be removed from your account to pay for it, conveniently of course. This removes your freedom of choice on how your money is spent.

Money is coined liberty. Take cash away and you remove that liberty.

Property rights are the foundation of a Free Society. If you don’t have control, ready access or the ability to spend your money when and as you choose, you do not own it. Rather, you are a co-owner with the currency issuer (the bank) who has veto rights over your use of the currency.

In cashless society there is a critical loss of privacy. Digital money allows you to track and budget your money online. Unfortunately this system also leaves a permanent digital footprint of where you spent your money, accessible to just about anyone who has access to your account, including hackers and government agencies.

Your purchase history can create a profile that the government can use against you, including books deemed to be critical of the current government. Buy the ‘wrong’ items and you might find yourself on a government ‘list’.

Think if you only buy legal items in a cashless society you having nothing to worry about? – Think Again…

This digital currency system will come into existence along with the requirement for all depositors to own a digital leash ‘smart’ targeting phone along with a unique Universal Digital Identity, without which you won’t be able to buy or sell.

Here’s a link to a video on Universal Digital Identity:


Sounds like the Mark Of The Beast doesn’t it?

This Universal Digital Identity will also be be tied to a Social Credit scoring system and vaccine status verification application, just as is used currently in China. The personal ‘smart’ targeting device will be used for all purchases with credit cards being a thing of the past.

If you haven’t started using cash yet, join the Cash On Friday” #cashfriday, movement to start a wave away from digital currency. Here’s a short video discussing this:


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