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Have You Had Enough Of ‘The Holocaust’ Myth Yet?

So….Have you had enough of ‘The Holocaust’ myth yet?

For more and more folks the answer is “Yes, a long time ago!”

Are you one of those or do you still believe it? If you even think about questioning it, do you immediately feel guilty, fearful, and a strong impulse not to even discuss it?

Here’s the uncomfortable truth for many people……you’ve been indoctrinated not to question whether ‘The Holocaust’ occurred or not, and to feel guilt if you do.

Here’s a very short video (4 minutes & 26 seconds) that sheds some light on the reality here:


This ‘Holocaust’ myth was concocted officially during World War 2, but the Western public was bombarded with predictive programming about this prior to it’s official release by the perpetrators. Here’s how:


It’s probably just a coincidence that the 6,000,000 figure was repeatedly used before the Big event. Right???

Many folks are already aware that this 6,000,000 figure has, not only been debunked as false, but that the whole story about ‘The Holocaust’ has been debunked with extensive documentation.

To make it clear how important it was to keep the truth from coming out, all one has to be aware of is that in Europe at least 16 countries have laws against ‘The Holocaust’ denial, as well as denial that 6 million Jews were genocided by Nazi Germany. Some countries also ban the exposure of other elements of the myth. And several prominent investigators that have debunked the myth have been imprisoned for exposing the truth.

Take a glance again at the graphic above concerning how to find out who rules over you.

In the U.S. there are those that would like the same criminal prosecution of individuals who question the official narrative. The tactic here has been to try and lump exposing ‘The Holocaust’ myth into the highly flexible ‘Hate Crime’ laws.

The primary way that the Holocaust establishment has been able to prevent the exposure of the truth results from the fact that they control the Mainstream Media, and the dominant social media platforms, by which they censor all references possible regarding ‘The Holocaust”, as well as anything else related to it that they deem to be verbotten.

This along with the indoctrination of the public, cradle to grave, has created a very obedient population in the U.S., in spite of the 1st amendment.

The best kind of censoring is self-censure.It needs no enforcement, just a constant reminder through the media and indoctrination of the young through the ‘Public Education System’.

If you’d like a prime example of the use of constant reminders, take a look at the Daily Mail, U.S. Edition and you’ll see, at minimum, weekly top stories about various aspects of ‘The Holocaust’ myth. They recently had one focusing on the Anne Frank myth. And, of course, there’s normally at least one annual Hollywood film related to ‘The Holocaust’ myth, which consistently ends up being nominated for an academy award. Let’s not forget the ever expanding list of cities having Holocaust museums and even Anne Frank memorials.

The Holocaust establishment is forcing us to suspend our logical sense and accept without question their ‘just so’ stories. They want us to abide by their ideology and if you dare to deviate from any of their stated dogmas, then you are branded an antisemite. This is intolerable because these people are deliberately deconstructing the entire foundation of the West.

The Holocaust establishment has certainly crippled much of the West precisely because academics and historians don’t have the freedom to ask important questions about what happened in Nazi Germany. People in the establishment actually believe that anyone who asks for evidence is an antisemite or something equally worse.

Well, “You are a vicious antisemite” says the Holocaust establishment. No argument, no serious discussion, and end of discussion, precisely because the entire Holocaust narrative is a fabrication, created to control Western populations and extort massive amounts of wealth, as they’ve done in Germany, achieving the goal they set out to attain when the World Jewish Economic Federation declared economic and financial war on the Germany in 1933, including a worldwide boycott of German goods led by international Jewish organizations. The boycott was particularly motivated by the German imposition of the Nuremberg Laws, which ironically were similar in intent and content to the Jewish cultural exclusivism practiced so visibly in present-day Israel.

So ‘The Holocaust’ myth has been used as a highly effective stick to beat Germany and any of those in the West that understand what the truth is about what actually occurred in Germany during the period prior to and during World War 2.

Here’s a video of Rabbi Yaron Reuven explaining the first laws that Hitler instituted when he became Chancellor of Germany:


Here’s where the real German Holocaust occurred:



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