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What is RSS?

RSS (Rich Site Summary or also Really Simple Syndication) is a popular and standardized web format used to deliver regularly changing content on the web. It is employed by blogs, news-related sites as well as other sites to deliver their content as an RSS Feed to internet users interested in it.

RSS feeds enable you to see when blogs or websites have added new content so you can get the latest headlines, videos and images within a single interface, immediately after being published, without necessarily visiting the news sources (you have taken the feeds from).

If you don’t have an RSS reader, take a look at these Top 6 Free Online RSS Readers:

And if you are using Linux, take a look at this list of popular RSS readers:

Liferea RSS Reed Reader is one of the most popular for Linux:


Linux Feed Reader aka Liferea is probably the most used feed aggregator on Linux platform. It is fast and easy to use and supports RSS / Atom feeds. It has support for podcasts and there is an option for adding custom scripts which can run depending upon your actions.

There’s a browser integration while you still have the options to open an item in a separate browser.


  • Liferea can download and save feeds from your favorite website to read offline.
  • It can be synced with other RSS feed readers, making a transition easier.
  • Support for Podcasts.
  • Support for search folders, which allows users to save searches.

How to install Liferea

Liferea is available in the official repository for almost all the distributions. Ubuntu-based users can install it by using below command:

sudo apt-get install liferea