Graphene Is The ‘Vaccine’ Killer

And 5G Is It’s Booster To Take You Out

That’s right…..the fake ‘vaccines’ have graphene in them, along with some other stuff that actually has nothing to do with strengthening immunity.

What is graphene?

Graphene is the name for a single layer (monolayer) sheet of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. This sheet is only one atom thick.

Monolayers of graphene are transparent and will become black when stacked on top of each other to form graphite. Since a typical carbon atom has the unique structure of graphene, it possesses other amazing characteristics: Its high electron mobility is 100x faster than silicon; it conducts heat 2x better than diamond; its electrical conductivity is 13x better than copper; it absorbs only 2.3% of reflecting light; it is impervious so that even the smallest atom (helium) can’t pass through a defect-free monolayer graphene sheet with a thickness of about 0.33 nanometers. There are about 3 million layers of graphene in a 1 mm thick sheet of graphite.

Harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber; tougher than steel yet lighter than aluminum – graphene is the strongest known material.

What is graphene oxide?

Graphene oxide (GO) is a single atom carbon layer where both surfaces of the layer are modified by oxygen containing functional groups. In And 5G Is It’s Booster To Take You Outmulti-layer graphene oxide, the carbon layers are separated by functional groups bonded to each layer of carbon atoms.

Although GO – like graphene – is also a 2 Dimensional material, its properties are very different from that of graphene. It does not absorb visible light, has a lower electric conductance compared to that of graphene, and demonstrates significantly higher chemical activity.

The use of graphene-based materials in pharmaceutical nanotechnology has recently received more attention due to their unique chemical structure and physicochemical properties—including an ultra-high surface area, optical, thermal and electrical conductivities, and a good biocompatibility.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is always a significant lag time between the existing uses of new technology and the public being informed of those uses. This is particularly true when the new technology will be used by the military/intelligence organizations or for other nefarious purposes.

Some of the most promising applications of graphene are publicized as being in electronics (as transistors and interconnects), detectors (as sensor elements) and thermal management. The first graphene field-effect transistors (FETs) have already been created and used for nano analog communication or nano digital applications.

Medical nanotechnology researchers (DARPA?) have created nanobots, a popular term for molecules with a unique property that enables them to be programmed to carry out a specific task.

An ever-increasing number of research groups are exploiting programmable self-assembly properties of nucleic acids in creating rationally designed nano-shapes, nano-machines and nano-electronic devices that can self-assemble for many different uses. These devices include nano-routers, nano-antennas, and nano-circuit boards.

A key feature of graphene that is rarely mentioned is the fact that the single layer sheets are extremely sharp…..sharper than a razor blade, while being extremely strong and stable. They can best be described as razor blades.

When graphene is injected into the body and interacts with biological blood or tissue, the graphene picks up hydrogen and becomes graphene hydroxide. The OH (hydroxy) groups can then split off a proton which leaves a negative charge affecting the whole graphene sheet and making it highly acidic and damaging to red blood cells.

The photo below shows what healthy blood cells look like:

And here’s what damaged blood cells look like… a coagulated mosaic of misshapen cells:

The following photo from a ‘vaccinated’ individual contains a graphene sheet and graphene tube surrounded by damaged and coagulated blood cells, with just a few healthy cells.

The next photo below is at the same magnification as the one above and contains a huge graphene tube. Note that blood cells are repelled away from the tube on the left side and attached to the tube on the right side. Since graphene is magnetic when inside the body, this explains the different polarities exhibited here.

And 5G Is It’s Booster To Take You Out

Graphene sheets suspend well in water due to their negative charge. This, in turn, leads to the graphene spreading out homogeneously throughout the circulatory system. This ends up being Russian roulette. It cuts the blood vessels. The inner lining of the blood vessels, the epithelium, is extremely smooth, like a mirror, and it is cut up by these graphene razor blades. These blades circulate throughout the body, continually damaging that inner lining.

At the same time some of the graphene tubes and sheets can block capillaries and arteries, with devastating effects when this occurs in the heart and lungs. We’ve all seen countless videos of athletes dropping on the field and people suddenly passing out while talking in front of an audience. And then there’s all those cases of myocarditis suddenly appearing out of nowhere. These are just some of the many possible health issues related to graphene damaged blood cells. The ultimate result is organ and system failure with a visit from the grim reaper.

Toxicological tests do not show anything. When autopsies are performed they typically don’t find anything. Graphene is a relatively new material with many toxicologists having no knowledge of it or it’s destructive potential.

People bleed to death on the inside. Athletes that are dropping dead, normally have fast flowing blood. The faster the blood flows the more damage the razor blades do.

Anyone injecting this into the blood is a murderer.

People who collapse immediately after ‘vaccination’ and have a seizure have had bad luck with Russian roulette. Very likely a vein was hit by the syringe.

The mRNA (messenger RNA) spike protein story is a diversion from the real destructive ingredient in these fake ‘vaccines’. People do not collapse immediately after injection from mRNA in their system.

Any ‘alternative’ doctors or ‘alternative’ media personalities that are pushing the Spike Protein story are more than likely, at worst, controlled opposition actors and at best, willfully ignorant.

The real issue with the spike protein myth is that there is no Covid-19 virus or any other virus. No virus has ever been isolated or purified or sequenced.

Take a look at the following Substack post explaining the virus myth:

Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical

So let’s get back to graphene……

Dr. Pablo Campra and Ricardo Delgado Martin, along with other doctors and researchers, has identified graphene oxide in every vaccine they’ve studied. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid published an intensive investigation and analysis of the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ proving that graphene oxide is present in those ‘vaccines’.

The following link is to Dr. Campra’s short overview of his research:


And here’s a link to his final report, which also contains images:


After this Pfizer study, researchers discovered that graphene was contained in all brands of Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ they analyzed so they began to study the toxicity or cytotoxicity that graphene oxide has on the body.

Here’s what they found: Graphene oxide inside the body causes thrombogenicity, thrombi. Graphene oxide inside the body causes blood clotting. Graphene oxide inside the body causes post inflammatory syndrome or systemic or multi-organ inflammations. Graphene oxide inside the body when it is above the levels of glutathione, which is the body’s natural reserve of antioxidants, causes alteration of the immune system, collapse of the immune system and A cytokine storm. Inhaled graphene oxide spreads evenly throughout the alveolar tract and causes bilateral pneumonias. Inhaled graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and possible loss of taste and smell: anosmia.

In short, graphene oxide behaves exactly like the supposed SARS-CoV-2 of the official version, generating the same symptomatology of severe COVID-19 ‘disease’. When installed at the neuronal level, it causes neurodegeneration or, in other words, neurological COVID-19 disease.

Another group of researchers also found graphene in the 2019 & 2020 Flu ‘vaccines’.

You may recall that Wuhan city in China was where the Covid-19 pandemic supposedly originated. Every resident of Wuhan had been required to get a Flu ‘vaccine’ prior to the outbreak. As mentioned above, these Flu ‘vaccines’ contained graphene.

The graphene molecule has the ability to inject electrons into other biological substances depending on the electromagnetic environment and temperature. If you have a molecule that’s an electron injector, as soon as you activate it, it starts throwing charges wherever it goes. And, of course, that destroys everything. You charge the molecules, and if the molecules are saturated with a charge that they shouldn’t carry, then they’re destroyed. They break down. 

So when the perpetrators dial up the 5G frequency again, the graphene oxide may activate and start injecting electrons into anything surrounding it, along with anything that comes near it. All it takes is for the graphene to stick to a cell or other cells and start ejecting electrons. And of course, molecules, cells, organisms in general, have a limited capacity to react to this kind of scenario before they destruct.

Graphene has an affinity for the heart and for the head. It may be because of the number of nerves in those areas or simply because of the temperature. There seems to be something there that is attracting it to those two places. It could be that the electrical activity generated by the brain is what is attracting it. Then, as it attaches there, the pericardium becomes inflamed, the myocardium becomes inflamed, the brain becomes inflamed. It creates problems particularly in those two places. 

There are various predisposing factors that make people get sicker than others. But what is it that the perpetrators of this operation put on us intentionally, without any benefit, and, apparently, as a joke? The use of facemasks, and the recommendation to wear them particularly after taking the shots. 

It turns out that when we breathe, our blood becomes more acidified.  And what does graphene do? It can receive electrical energy, transform it, increase it, and then send it back. So what do you call Graphene Oxide when activated? The nanomaterial comes in as graphene oxide —it’s present in the ‘vaccine’ vials as graphene oxide (GO)— but what happens when it’s going to act?  Hydrogen is added to it. An acidic hydrogen atom. Hydrochloric acid is the same as muriatic acid. It’s a very rich source of hydrogen that burns, and it’s what gives the acidity to the graphene. 

So, when you wear a mask, and your blood becomes acidic, it activates the graphene in your blood more easily, and then it’s called reduced graphene oxide (rGO). So, that acidity that comes from wearing a mask —because you’re breathing your own carbonic acid— activates and converts the graphene oxide into reduced graphene oxide faster, which increases the damage caused by the graphene.

By receiving external signals there are changes in the electromagnetic field that cause the graphene molecule to start emitting electrons in certain directions or all directions. In other words, emitting charges. This generates a destructive energy imbalance in any surrounding tissues or other substances. You are introducing energy that is multiplied many times in the same place in the body from a wave that comes from any point outside the body. So you can go walking down the street calmly with your graphene in your body —and nothing happens to you yet because your body more or less accepts it— but when that signal comes and hits the graphene… Goodbye. 

Many individuals have discovered that they become magnetic after taking the Covid-19 shot. This is due to the fact that graphene becomes highly magnetic when it comes in contact with biological molecules. This magnetic phenomenon can also turn inoculated people into superconductors and also stores energy that can be measured with a multimeter in certain areas of the body, such as the injection site and the forehead.

The following video links demonstrate this magnetism effect:

Dr. José Luis Sevillano on authorities and doctors who still don’t explain the magnetic phenomenon

La Quinta Columna: Graphene is being injected into the population.

The magnetic effect created by graphene is a critical link to the effect of 5G EMF on those who have been inoculated with the fake ‘vaccines’.

Covid-19 is not a new disease but a new name for radiation sickness.

The worst symptoms are a mixture of neurological symptoms such as short-term memory loss, lack of concentration, headaches, or hemicraneal paresthesias, extreme tiredness, muscle, and joint pain or dermatological problems, as well as patients with thrombi, loss of vision or blurred vision, tinnitus, stomach problems or mental fog. That’s to say, the whole picture of the symptomatology of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

We also know that this disease is caused by the electro-frequencies emitted by 5G antennas. Although both inoculated and non-inoculated people are being affected by the radiation emitted by the 5G antennas, those who carry graphene oxide in their bodies and live near 5G antennas are the ones who are having the most adverse effects.

And hospitals usually have 5G antennas. So…..

The other key to the original Covid-19 outbreak in China was the fact that Wuhan was the first city globally to turn on 5G millimeter wave technology. And people started dropping in the streets. So 5G causes radiation sickness (big surprise,eh?) and when graphene is added to the mix it significantly increases the damage to the brain and body of those injected, to the point where they can instantly drop dead.

And of course as you probably know, the elderly population, particularly in Rest Homes, were the first to be murdered with forced flu shots and forced ‘vaccine’ shots. Many of these Rest Homes also have 5G small cell antennas close by. The perpetrators of this genocide knew that there would be no public outcry, since old people have deliberately and consistently been labeled as useless eaters just using up increasingly scarce resources.

Something that worries the doctors studying this is that graphene oxide not only makes the inoculated ones more susceptible to electrofrequencies, but it turns them into living multipliers of frequencies. Therefore, they’re being irradiated not only externally but internally at the same time. And, in turn, they could be making unvaccinated people sick.

Many non-inoculated people wonder why being around inoculated people makes them feel sick. Many think they have contracted the famous fashionable Covid-19 virus or some supposed variant. However, vaccinated/graphenated people can emit frequencies to the point that they cause dizziness, heart palpitations along with a whole list of other effects on those receiving these damaging frequencies. Many women, for example, who have been close to a vaccinated person, say they experience an alteration in their menstrual cycle. The effect depends on the signal they have received, on their body temperature, on their level of physical activity which increases those effects, along with where in their body they have vulnerabilites that will be the most affected.

Graphene is simply emitting signals. That’s why people feel sick. They feel sick because they’re being irradiated. They experience radiation poisoning.

Another key discovery by the La Quinta Columna group was the existence of microtechnology in the vaccines. At the same time they were investigating this people were noticing that they could use Bluetooth on their smart phones to pick up MAC addresses from ‘vaccinated’ people, which is disturbing since MAC addresses are used to identify electronic devices. The vaccines contain microtechnology that can transmit these MAC addresses.

A researcher working with La Quinta Columna noticed that one of the items photographed in the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ by Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid resembled nano-routers he had studied in the scientific literature about nanotechnology.

These are objects that shouldn’t be part of any vaccine and that aren’t declared among the components of the vaccines. Additionally, other types of objects have been identified and evidenced in images of blood samples from people vaccinated with coronavirus vaccines. Specifically, micronadators, crystallized graphene nanoantennas, and the famous graphene quantum dots, also known as GQD.

In the original image, a well-delimited drop can be seen in which there’s a crystalline structure of quadrangular or cubic shape. If you look closely, you can see some marks in these crystals with a regular pattern, well delimited in some cases, but limited by the optics of the microscope. The finding has been possible by isolating each quadrangular crystal by applying a process of rastering, focusing, and delimitation of the edges of the image.

Zooming in on the bottom cubic shape displayed the following:

Once this process was completed, a draft was drawn with the lines and patterns inscribed on the crystal, creating a clean outline of what actually looked like a circuit. It was very striking to find parallel and perpendicular lines with a distribution far from what would be fractal patterns, which allowed them to automatically infer the possibility that it had been the product of manufacturing.

They then looked for similar patterns in the scientific literature that had a similar scheme to the circuit that had just been drawn.

Zooming in a little bit more so you can see it better.

The result of the search was almost immediate since the pattern of a quantum dot nanorouter was found, as shown below.

This discovery is of fundamental relevance. Not only to understand the true purpose and components of coronavirus vaccines, but also to explain the existence of the phenomenon of MAC addresses visible through Bluetooth on many mobile devices.

The context of the discovery is as follows. Before proceeding to the explanation of the finding, it’s worth recalling the context in which it is framed, to ensure its understanding and subsequent deepening. First of all, it should be borne in mind that graphene and its derivatives, graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes, form part of the components of vaccines, as has already been explained in this post. The properties of graphene are exceptional from a physical, thermodynamic, electronic, mechanical, and magnetic point of view. Its characteristics allow it to be used as a superconductor. It’s an electromagnetic wave absorbing material, a signal emitter-receiver, a quantum antenna which makes it possible to create advanced nano and micrometric scale electronics.

The scientific literature is very clear about the health implications for the human body. It’s notorious that graphene, graphene oxide (GO), and other derivatives such as carbon nanotubes (CNT) are toxic in almost all their forms, causing mutagenesis (or cancer, chromosomal alteration), cell death, apoptosis, necrosis, and the release of free radicals. And as a consequence of that, it increases toxicity rapidly in the lungs, favoring the cytokine storm that you know as bilateral pneumonia, genotoxicity, or DNA damage.

All those studies that that have been reviewed state “Systemic inflammation…” 

That describes Covid-19.

Immunosuppression, damage to the central nervous system, circulatory, endocrine, reproductive, urinary system, which can cause anaphylactic death, and multi-organ dysfunction.

And as stated earlier in this post, graphene is a radiomodulatable nanomaterial.

This is very important and one that people need to understand. And here’s the interaction with those radio frequency antennas. 

It’s able to absorb electromagnetic waves. 

It can also multiply radiation, acting as a nanoantenna, or else a signal repeater, a transistor. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation can cause the exfoliation of the material into smaller particles called GQDs (Graphene Quantum Dots), whose properties and physical peculiarities are enhanced due to their even smaller scale due to the “quantum hall effect,” since they act by amplifying electromagnetic signals and, with that, the emission distance, especially in environments such as the human body. Graphene quantum dots can acquire various morphologies, for example, hexagonal, triangular, circular, or irregular polygon.” 

Everything in the vaccine has a purpose. Everything.

The perpetrators of this operation are injecting something into people that, at the moment, is killing them. Part of the goal is to kill off a large number of the population, particularly in the white Western countries which have been the primary targets of the fake ‘vaccine’ operation. This makes perfect sense since the greatest resistance to the Great Globalist Totalitarian Reset is coming from white Western societies.

The clever perpetrators of this operation, have used the ‘Advocate Approach’ in order to disperse the vaccines. The numbers are not exact, but here’s a rough breakdown of that tactic: The 1st shot that people received had roughly 1 shot out of 200 containing graphene, with the remaining being saline, so that those who had no negative effects became advocates for the shots. The 2nd shot that people received had 1 shot out of 4 containing graphene, so still many more advocates for the shots. The 3rd shot that people took had 2 out of 4 containing graphene and the 4th shot had 3 out of 4 containing graphene, while the 5th shot had 4 out of 4 containing graphene. When this approach is combined with the individual variability of the damaging effects in different individuals, the advocacy could go on for quite a long time.

The 5G small cell transmitters are a key part of this kill off, but they serve a dual purpose in that they can also be used to monitor and control the population. When enough of the population has been killed off or sterilized the focus will shift more to control of the remaining population by modulating the signals coming from the 5G antennas. The Bluetooth nanorouters injected into every vaccinated person will be the connecting link to the mandatory ‘Smart’ phone that will be required to buy and sell or to have access to anything in the cashless society.

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