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  1. Hello Dr Morse

    I’m writing because of my deep concern for my wife. She has large lump on left side of neck in lymphoid. Waiting for testing to see what it might be. Last two days she has developed lumps in both sides of groin.
    She has also been suffering from unexplained hair loss.
    She is diabetic but takes good care of herself. Her mom passed from cancer so she is extremely scared.

    1. These videos are created from the 800 videos that Dr. Morse has on his YouTube channel, and result from editing out information on specific health issues to save people from sifting through hundreds of videos to find information about their particular issue.
      You should contact Dr. Morse’s clinic and they will work with you on this. Here’s the link:
      Dr. Morse’s Website:
      Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club
      It is free to join Dr. Morse’s health club.
      Here’s a phone number to call, and they well help you with a protocol for your wife:
      941 766 8068
      If you’ve watched the video on the Lymphatic system, then you should know that your wife’s issues are primarily due to lymphatic congestion. So the focus needs to be on detoxing the lymphatic system so that her swollen lymph glands will return to normal. Dr. Morse strongly advises against taking antibiotics for this problem, since it decreases the ability of the lymph glands to deal with the acidosis in the body and will actually make things worse as a result. Also, do not allow the medical doctor to remove the lymph glands, since this will severely limit her ability to get well. She should alter her diet immediately to eliminate all acid forming foods. Take a look at these videos to see what is advised to eat:
      Detoxification To Attain & Maintain Health
      Foods Essential For Optimal Health
      Here’s a video on cancer:
      Cancer Isn’t What You’ve Been Told
      And a video on diabetes:
      Diabetes – The Remedy – Dr. Robert Morse
      Dr. Morse and his clinic can definitely help your wife to be free of her issues. He’s been doing this for almost 50 years, working with people who have much more serious health issues than your wife. The important thing is to follows his recommendations, particularly for diet, as well as herbal formulas.Cheers, Tim

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