Contrails vs. Chemtrails (Aerosols)

“We are told by all official sources, agencies, and elected officials, that all we are seeing in our skies are “condensation trails” (contrails). They say that it is perfectly normal for this “condensation” to stay in the sky for hours or days, widening and spreading until whole horizons are completely blotted out. Yes, what we see is exactly what they say they want to do with solar radiation management (SRM), but they assure us that geoengineering is not actually going on.” (2)

“The greatest lie ever perpetrated and propagated is the lie of the “persistent condensation trail”. Without knowing any of the related science facts on this issue, anyone with a sense of reason should be able to determine the fact that our skies are being sprayed. Trails that are turned on and off, grid patterns one day and nothing the next (in spite of identical atmospheric conditions). Witnessing one jet leaving a trail from horizon to horizon adjacent to another jet at a similar altitude that leaves virtually nothing. Trails of completely dissimilar compositions and colors. Plumes behind jets that do not match the alignment of the engines themselves causing some of the trails to shoot out to one side of the aircraft. There is also of course the fact that climate science circles and governments around the globe are clamoring for climate engineering to be deployed, though none in these communities of tyrants and cowards will yet admit to the truth. Our society has been well trained to accept the official narrative on countless issues which is how those in power hide their crimes in plain site. The fact that so many official explanations are completely contrary to reason and the laws of physics seems not to matter to most of the population, “ignorance is bliss” as the saying goes.”

“Here is the fact of the matter: all commercial jet aircraft and all military tankers are fitted with a type of jet engine that is by design nearly incapable of producing any condensation trail except under the most extreme circumstances, the high bypass turbofan.” (2)


When condensation trails are formed behind jet aircraft they dissipate quickly without lingering or spreading out into various patterns.


“Notice the gradual formation of the contrail, and the dissipation of the trail within approximately a 45 second interval. The camera was held stationary on the contrail after the plane passed. Notice none of the trails are coming directly from the tail of the airplane.” (1):






















“Here is another normal contrail, notice the gradual formation as it cools from the engine, as opposed to forming discretely at the tail surface” (1):







Irrefutable Film Footage of Aerosol Spraying:

Please keep in mind that given the fact that, as stated above, all commercial jet aircraft and all military tankers are fitted with the high bypass turbofan jet engines, this means that any trails emitting from these aircraft, whether long or short, are not contrails.

The increasing amount of public awareness concerning the spraying of aerosols overhead has resulted in the increasing use of non-persistent aerosol trails that look similar to contrails, since they appear to dissipate the same way a contrail would, but just like persistent aerosol trails they form immediately upon exiting the planes wings or tail.

Climate Engineering Enters Increasingly Toxic Phase Where Large Volume Aerosol Dumps Are Being Added to Aircraft Chemtrails Emissions.


The Evergreen Airways patent claims the aircraft is fully capable of large volume aerosol deployment as “Weather Modification”. 

Patent (PDF)



From the Patent:

The system of claim 1 Wherein the material tanks are configured to contain material selected from the group consisting of at least a Water, gel, decontamination compound, weather modification compound, oil spill treatment compound, and a fire fighting compound.” (page 9 of 10)

Patent highlights

  • “The aerial Delivery system can be used to fight fires, chemical decontamination, weather modification, to treat oil spill contamination, and other uses.”
  • “The aerial delivery system can drop about 25,000 pounds of fluid in approximately 5 seconds”
  • “The aerial delivery system has the capability to premix materials, mix materials on-board or disperse two different materials separately. “
  • “The system’s load has the ability to be dispersed in segmented drops or at one time.” (3)









“Much  evidence exists that Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for jet aerosol operations within the United States, weapons,  arms dealing, drug running and rendition tortures.

In 2010, Shepard Ambellas – Investigative journalist for the The Intel Hub – interviewed a former Evergreen Air employee (now whistleblower) who verified his work history at the Pinal County Arizona facility with documentation.

The former employee reported that Evergreen was involved in retro-fitting Boeing 727 and 747-c aircraft with liquid discharge tanks and aerosol sprayer devices.” (3)


“Evergreen’s photo album once included a scenario demonstrating a fleet of supertankers spraying aerosols over New York City. This photo was removed from the site in 2012.” (3)

The following is additional explanation of jet engine types and their ability to produce contrails:




(1) Normal Contrail Photographs- Carnicom Institute

(2) High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, And The Contrail Lie

(3) Aerosol Geoengineering Emissions Deployed as Trails and Plumes


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