Squatting For Health

Zappa-frank-toilet-5000882Have you ever been camping in a place where there’s no restroom facilities?
And you didn’t bring along a port-a-potty?
And your only option was to squat somewhere private?
Once you got over the awkwardness of this different position, did you notice that your movement took less effort?

Well, the reason it took less effort was because the only natural defecation posture for a human being is squatting.
The alignment of the anorectal angle associated with squatting permits smooth bowel elimination. This prevents excessive straining with the potential for resultant damage to the recto-anal region and, possibly, to the colon and other organs.

Here’s 5 Problems with Sitting on a Toilet:
#1: Constipation
#2: Hemorrhoids
#3: Colon Disease
#4: Urinary Difficulty/Infections
#5: Pelvic Floor Issues

When we’re standing or sitting, the bend, called the anorectal angle, is kinked which puts upward pressure on the rectum and keeps the feces inside. The sitting posture actually keeps us in ‘continence mode’. This makes elimination difficult and incomplete, creating the need to STRAIN.

Optimal elimination is achieved in the natural squat position when the puborectalis muscle relaxes, allowing the anorectal angle to straighten, resulting in easier defecation.

An Upscale French Toilet in Béziers

The French used squatting toilets up until very recently and still have these toilets in many places in France.

India also still uses squatting toilets in most bathrooms and toilet facilities.

The easiest solution in the U.S. for optimal elimination is to use the Squatty Potty® toilet foot stool.

This stool adapts to a standard western toilet while giving the benefit of enabling a squatting position during elimination.

The Squatty Potty® toilet stool is recommended by doctors as the #1 way to help you go #2. It helps to reduce the risk of toxic build-up of fecal matter left in your colon; reduces straining and decreases the pressure in the anal and rectal veins; heals or prevents hemorrhoids; and makes it easier for elimination and efficiency to empty the bowel.

Of course, handy individuals, who are so inclined, could certainly make their own stool!


Take a look at the video below for more information on the importance of squatting for health:

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