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BlackRock Is On Track To Own Everything

Anyone following financial news is well aware of BlackRock, the voraciously parasitic financial organization gobbling up every attractive asset it fixes its sights on. Larry Fink is the founder of BlackRock along with his AI creation known as Aladdin, which stands for ‘Asset Liability And Debt And Derivative Investment Network’.

Take a look at this short video to get a revealing overview of what’s in store for us as this AI monster does its master’s bidding:


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Are You Tired Of Being Sprayed Like A Bug? Chemtrails Are Killing Us and the Forests!

And 5G Death Towers Are Boosting The Kill Rate

If people would stop starring down at their high tech tracking devices and look up they might just notice the chemtrail aerosol fogging that is a another contributor to the slow kill strategy leading to their eventual demise.

I realize that I’m preaching to the choir when it comes to most of the readers here, but the chemtrailing operation is such a key part of the psychopaths’ slow kill objective, that I feel I need to review it just in case some folks land on this post who don’t understand how serious this is.

Let’s get a key false argument out of the way immediately, which is “These are just contrails. Right?”

Absolutely not!

Here’s a short video (7 Min) on the contrail myth:

High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engines, Geoengineering, And The Contrail Lie ( )

Are we really witnessing “contrails” in our skies? Can “contrails” be turned on and off? No. ALL commercial jet aircraft and ALL military tankers are fitted with “high bypass turbofan jet engines”, does this type of propulsion system typically produce any “condensation” trails? No again. The grand deception is this, all available data proves beyond reasonable doubt that the trails being used to blot out the sun and alter the weather around the globe are intentionally sprayed (and highly toxic) particulate trails that are the direct result of ongoing covert climate engineering programs.

The video below (13:26) is from a whistleblower pilot who explains how the aerosol spraying program operates and why even though there are dozens of chemtrail pilots, almost none of them expose what they’re involved in:


The following video (14:21) shows the inside and outside of chemtrail jets:


Jasper Kirkby is a particle physicist who was engaged with cloud physics research at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research. IPCC climate scientists, Geoengineers and government agencies are fully aware that jet aircraft are dumping aerosols into the atmosphere with the effect of deliberate and covert climate manipulation. But even Dr. Kirkby may not be aware that these aerosols contain much more than chemicals for climate manipulation.  Bio-engineered pathogens have been systematically sprayed on entire populations to infect the environment with a “New Biology” of cross-domain organisms that manifest as “Morgellons Syndrome” in man.

The global controllers can and are spraying whatever they want into our skies. There is virtually no oversight, regulation or enforcement to stop them. In addition to highly toxic elements like aluminum, barium, strontium, manganese and polymer fibers, which lab tests all over the world prove are raining down through our breathable air column, there is the extremely toxic and controversial element graphene, which has also been found to be contained in the experimental Covid-19 ‘vaccines’.

So, at the same time the parasitic psychopaths are running this weather warfare operation, they are also running a genocidal operation by saturating the environment with heavy metals, ultimately killing the forests, wild animals and humans.

The combination of graphene and 5G EMF is a deadly combination that is being used to target humans for control and potential extermination.

The following video (22:46) explains the deadly connection between graphene and 5G:


EMF is also used via the HAARP ionosphere heaters to manipulate the weather, creating droughts, such as those on the West coast of the U.S., which also often lead to major forest fires. Cloud formations affected by the HAARP transmissions have a distinct pattern to identify them.

Below is a photo of the California coast with the HAARP affected cloud pattern:

The following video (26:19) gives and overview of the HAARP program as it relates to Heat Domes’ created over the West Coast:


Several years ago I called the state Air Quality board where I live and the person I was shunted to claimed to know nothing about chemtrails. All of their responses to questions were essentially silence. If you tried to do this you probably also ran into the same deliberate dead end. In the same way that the talking points for the fake Covid pandemic were universal throughout the U.S., regardless of political party (the Uniparty), the talking points related to chemtrails are also universal, with weather forecasters (such as the weather girls) also forbidden to discuss what’s clearly overhead or they lose their jobs. If you have any doubt that these things are orchestrated from behind the scenes, then it’s time to wake up to how evil this is and the level of control here, along with the degree of willful ignorance of these shills.

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Have You Had Enough Of This Anti-White Operation Yet?

So Who’s Running This Anyway?

Has the Anti-White Operation been going on so long that it’s barely noticeable to you?

This ‘Soft Genocide’ is attacking the White Race from multiple fronts as a full spectrum assault, with a particular focus on White men. TV commercials have been heavily used to push this assault and make it clear what the goal is. Just four Jewish owned mega-corporations control the vast majority of all advertising agencies. The Omnicom Group of New York, WPP of London, Publicis of Paris, and Interpublic of New York are the key corporations in the West.

Take a look at this 2 minute video advertisement for Netflix ***(Edited with correct link)***:

The Couple | Open Relationships | Netflix

The Netflix commercial “Open Relationship” depicts two couples, an interracial couple, and a white couple. The white man is depicted as small, weak, insecure, “non-progressive” and closed-minded.  His white girlfriend quickly decides to cast him aside to spend the evening with the interracial couple, as the black man quite literally steals the man’s girlfriend in front of him, humiliating him.

This approach is common in anti-white commercials, with the white woman clearly showing attraction toward the black man and spurning the white man, which is curious since research shows that white women are strongly against race-mixing;  they respond most frequently to white men and least frequently to black men. In light of this data, it is all the more bizarre that the combination of a white woman with a black man is seen so frequently in advertising.

As a consequence of Jewish media control, we are now subjected to constant streams of anti-White propaganda, both overt and subliminal, designed to make Whites feel bad about themselves as well non-Whites to regard Whites with increasing contempt and hostility. Whites are not only made to feel guilty about the Holocaust and the crimes of colonialism but to regard themselves as an essentially flawed race, as morally repugnant and fit only for history’s garbage dump — in short, as “white trash”.

Here’s video composite of ‘Anti-White’ bashing with an emphasis on white men:


Of the interracial combinations, marriages between whites and blacks were found to be the least stable and the most likely to result in divorce. A 2015 study examined the outcomes of women that have children with black men. The results were staggering. Currently, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock; however, when the mother is white and the father black, the rate jumps to 97%. 98% of white mothers studied reported that the black father does not support their children financially, 97% report the father is not in the child’s life, and 97% of the women have used welfare to help support themselves and their children. Only 10% of women that have children with black men out of wedlock end up marrying them.

Why are the advertisers engaging in this devious social engineering? Who are they exactly? And who is financing them?

White men are the last vanguard against the intrigues of an ethnic group who historically hate Europeans. White women are displayed with non-white men not to sell items but as a tactic of psychological warfare against European culture and civilization.

Which brings us to another key strategy used to create ‘soft genocide’ on the White Race, and that’s the flooding of European countries with Muslims and Africans as well as the United States with Mexicans and other Hispanic groups, along with any Muslims or Africans that can be flown in.

Take a look at this short video with Barbara Lerner Spectre discussing the role of the Jews in the ‘Soft Genocide’ of Europe: and

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

Here’s another video discussing the mass immigration of Europe:


And here’s a video that focuses on the genocidal invasion happening at the southern border of the U.S.:


Another ‘Soft Genocide’ frontal attack against the White Women and White Men in particular is the Feminist operation (actually anti-feminine) and its feminization/emasculation of White Men.

Careful study and review shows that Marxist Communism encompasses today’s “feminist” movement. Feminism’s goals are to use women to undermine and destroy the culture by abandoning marriage and by not carrying on the critical task of “transmitting the culture” to the next generation.  Today’s feminists use women to advance the destruction of men, women, children, and families while convincing them they are somehow a “victim” of the patriarchal structure.  And the patriarchal structure is nothing but Orwellian NewSpeak for the social structures and institutions that have kept Western civilization together long before the social decay we see today.

Western White men have been feminized and Western women defeminized. Feminists have destroyed men, who are now raised to be women. Consequently, there is no one to protect white women from the sexually aggressive immigrant-invaders brought into all European countries by the anti-white European Union, an enemy of national sovereignty that wants the destruction of European ethnic nationalities.  The EU is heavily supported by Washington and American money, and the destruction of White Western culture in Europe and in the U.S. has been openly called for by Jewish religious and political leaders, as well as activists.

Danish journalist Iben Thranholm speaking about the disappearance of Western manhood says Western men have been deprived of strength and confidence by feminism.  All over Europe, white women of European ethnicity, French, German, Danish, Swedish are raped openly in public by the privileged people of color welcomed in by scum like Merkel, the corrupt French governments, the bought-and-paid-for Italians, the British, and the white men just look away and walk on by. Not only has the feminist movement deprived men of any sense of obligation to their women, they are scared to death of being arrested for offending a person of color by interfering with his rape of a white woman.  Indeed, in Scandinavia women are not only afraid to leave their homes, they are afraid to report their rape, because the police might charge them with a hate crime for claiming rape by a protected person of color.

And by the way – Androgyny is historically a sign of cultural collapse.

While keeping in mind the deliberate feminization/emasculation of White Western boys and men, it’s important to look at the inevitable results created by women becoming ‘sexually liberated’.

If women’s sexual preferences are liberated and go unchecked they destroy civilization. If women are allowed to choose, harems form. If women are allowed to have a voice in matters that pertain to the safety of a nation, then that nation will die, inevitably.

Not all women are the same, but there are some easily identifiable patterns of behavior that are a key part of this overall tendency. Every dramatic change that Western White women have brought to society has been allowed by Western White men. Western White women are not as a group seeking to undermine the foundations of White Western society, through calculation or deception. But there have been certain calculating Jewish women that have conspired to destroy the family and White Western society using the women’s ‘liberation’ movement to achieve their goals. And to a large degree those goals have been met.

Another key reality here is that women are not very good at being loyal to the tribe. They never have been and never will be. It’s not in their nature to do so. Women throughout history have shown time and time again they’re quick to seek the favors of men they feel are stronger and more dominant whether they’re part of their in-group or not. Japanese and Vietnamese war brides and the many women in Europe who hooked up with occupying German military personnel during World War 2, are prime recent examples of this. When social stability was restored to these countries these women were punished for their betrayal and transgressions against their people.

Currently, not only are women not punished for inviting alien and unassimilable armies of men into the west, they then vote for political parties that have the national wealth redistributed to this army of aggressive and hostile men. Many women in power celebrate this destruction while openly taunting and condemning those who oppose it.

Take a look at this video to get a more complete picture of this reality:


Another side of the anti-White operation includes those White people that are twisted to the point that they are also manipulated to be anti-White, by the same group of people that are running the other aspects of the operation. Self hate and self destruction is the best kind genocide, since it seems to leave the perpetrators out of the equation.

The fact that so many Whites have willingly adopted the assigned guilt by their sworn enemies is a testament of the skill with which they’ve been indoctrinated to directly assist in racial suicide. These traitors are indeed more dangerous than declared enemies. They obviously have no idea that the black race is being run by the Jews organizing this operation to attack the White race.

Here’s a link to a video discussing how to confront Whites with an anti-White mindset:


And lest we forget who’s running this operation:


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Usury Is The Root Cause Of All Problems On Earth

Love of money is the root of many evils. Usury, the rent seekers’ preferred tool, is the weaponization of the love of money. It feeds the avarice of the usurer. It corrupts commerce, which becomes ever more exploitative to pay off ever higher interest charges. It is the foundation of rent-seeking. It rips apart the fabric of society and makes a mockery of any kind of social contract.

It causes hunger. Bankruptcies. Intense stress in families. Weighs especially heavily on the poor and leads to all sorts of excesses by the rich. Billions of people live in abject poverty all over the world because of it. Entire communities, nations are gutted to pay the interest to the opulent. Nobody counts those dying prematurely from its effects. They are billions.

Usury is the elephant in the room that nobody mentions, because like so many other injustices it has been deliberately normalized to the point that it is believed to be necessary for economies to function. When is the last time you’ve had a conversation about economic problems and anyone brought up usury as a key factor? …Never? That’s what I thought. Just as Capitalism is considered to be crucial for robust economic health, so is usury believed to be indispensable. And the two go together like hand and glove, since Capitalism is the idea of ‘return on investment’ and this is unthinkable without Usury.

The Usurers’ domination is so total, that Debt and Usury are complete non-controversial subjects, while they totally dominate everyone’s lives.

Marxism was designed to co-opt opposition against Capitalism and its parasitic banking scheme by claiming private control of the means of production as the problem, instead of the private control being consolidated in ever fewer hands through Usury.

40% of what we pay for the goods that we buy is usury passed on in prices. It’s also 50% of taxation. All this usury goes to the wealthy, enriching them by up to $2 Trillion per year in the U.S. alone, far outpacing economic growth even in good times. As Warren Buffett put it: “There’s class warfare, alright, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

And people wonder why income distribution in the United States is at the level of Haiti?

The greatest degeneracy is ‘making money with money’, which is all about avoiding our duty to create a living for ourselves and our families through work. And with Capitalism producing stuff is for suckers. The ‘smart’ people work for banks and hedge funds. Or buy bitcoin. The ‘smart people’ ‘make money with money’. In other words: they’re parasites, slithering away with their loot, without having ever produced anything of any value to anybody.

It’s Usury that finances all the skullduggery that we hate and rightly call ‘degeneracy’. Bankers finance all the various forms of degeneracy to distract the masses from their horrid plunder.

Most of the $12 Trillion we pay in Usury per year ends up with the richest few thousand families in the World, the old Plutocratic Families that are behind the New World Order.

And that is not counting associated income from speculation ‘investing’ (buying up all corporations, land), and Landlordism. Almost all production these days, created with the sweat of the toiling masses, is being sucked up by these various devices.

To pretend that Capitalism is ‘good’, and that ‘only’ Communism is bad, that Usury and Speculation are bad when Bankers do it, but good when ‘normal people’ like ourselves do it, is what has gotten us where we are now.

Usury creates more debt than enough existing money to pay it off. The central banks only put into circulation the amount borrowed, while the interest due back is not put into circulation, so Humanity will be forever debt slaves,since we can never pay back the debt. 

The fight against usury goes back to the earliest known beginnings of civilization. From the days of Sumer to the present, decent people have struggled against this tool of the forces of darkness. Charging interest was condemned by the ancient Greek, philosophers.

Up until the end of the Middle Ages it was forbidden for Christians to charge interest. To charge interest on a loan was tantamount to murder and robbery.  Later, those who charged interest were treated as heretics. Martin Luther stated plainly: “All usurers are thieves and belong in the gallows.” During the Middle Ages only Jews were allowed to lend money with interest: In Deuteronomy a Jew is forbidden to charge interest from his brother. But the goy (non-Jew) was not his brother and for Jewish extremists plunder was very common.

We are dealing with highly sophisticated, multi-generational families who, over time, have slithered their way into being accepted as the world’s money suppliers. Once they gained this control they effectively own the nations and the people they lend to. The private central banks run by these mega rich families can create money out of thin air and manipulate the financial markets, creating bubbles, recessions or inflation when they want.

Historically many Western countries have been functioning well or even thriving, when usury has been introduced, nearly always by Jewish people who came to live in that country. These countries always took a downward turn when Usury was introduced, with the usurious activity eventually leading to tremendous economic and cultural problems. Jews have been kicked out of over 100 countries throughout history, particularly because of their practice of Usury, but also due to their unwillingness to mix with the host population, or adapt to their cultural norms, while refusing to actually take part in any labor contribution to the society.

And who are these powerful bankers running the world today? They are Jews – Jewish Zionists.

King Edward on 18 July 1290 compelled the entire Jewish population of 16,511 to leave England forever, due to their usurious immoral money lending practices and the other problems they caused, and this expulsion led to a very prosperous golden era. This golden era came to an end in the 17th century – when usury was allowed to flourish again – and this of course was because Jews were allowed back into England.

What you have been taught about history in school, by your television, and by Hollywood is a load of rubbish. Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Tsar Nicholas II, and Hitler, all got rid of Usury and freed their countries from the malevolent influence of the international Jewish bankers – to create thriving countries. Caesar was assassinated for it, Napoleon had wars brought against him by these bankers and was then assassinated by them. International Jewry declared war on Hitler and Germany in 1933 and then they were destroyed by the Zionist controlled allied forces in World War 2, because Hitler had transformed Germany into a happy, family orientated, prosperous powerhouse with full employment after eliminating Usury and taking away the influence of the immoral Jewish bankers. Tsar Nicholas II was murdered and Russia was destroyed by the Jewish Bolshevik revolution and World War 1 – because Russia was incredibly prosperous without usury. Libya’s Gaddafi was murdered as well for eliminating usury and giving interest free loans, free higher education, and creating a thriving economy. All done by the Jewish Zionist bankers manipulating their puppet leaders and politicians from behind the scenes. The Zionist Bankers run our education systems, they own all the media, the publishing companies, and Hollywood. They lie about these leaders, and they lie about history.

U.S. presidents have been killed because of Usury. Abraham Lincoln and James Garfield were assassinated because they wanted to look after the American people and get rid of Usury as well as the private bankers influence. Andrew Jackson survived an assassination attempt as he tried to do the same. John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he wanted to end Usury and get rid of the Federal Reserve. Who is behind all these assassinations? The Zionist Bankers that still run the world today.

Japan was purposely brought into World War 2 through great provocation by the United States and the Zionist controlled Allied forces, through the application of trade embargos, unreasonable demands and interference. Japan was destroyed because they too had almost totally eliminated Usury and the private bankers influence freeing themselves from the international Jewish bankers’ influence.

All wars have been bankers wars, created by usurious bankers to destroy countries and murder leaders that were demonstrating that thriving countries can be created quite easily and swiftly when you abolish Usury and have an intelligently and ethically run national bank that issues interest free money and loans to its people.

Eliminating usury would get rid of many atrocities occurring in the world today:

30 million people starve per year, poor countries pay up to ten times more interest on their foreign debts than they receive in development aid.

Poverty amid plenty. Mainly a result of money scarcity through Usury.

We have relegated our children to indentured servitude. Without a second thought.

We have relegated our children to indentured servitude. Without a second thought.

All the Usury ultimately ends up with people already owning Trillions. It feeds their avarice, burning away their souls.

While we are working harder and harder to pay off the interest on our escalating debts (calling it ‘independence’ and ‘self-realization’), we are deserting those that need care, our elders and children.

The Usurer is behind the sexualization and degeneration of the Public Domain. He needs us to be distracted by our carnal nature so we won’t notice our demise.

They are working towards a Global Government. A grandiose Despotism that will finally externalize the Usurer’s Hierarchy:

One reason why we have a few money lenders and landlords running the whole world, with the rest of us toiling as serfs to pay their monthly dues to them, is because we have no real inkling of how we would live without them.

And the difference is so enormous, almost everyone avoids speaking of it, for fear of being condemned as a foolish Utopian.

But here are a few characteristics of a Usury free society with a liberated Commons and current technological levels:

– A man would work a maximum of 15 weeks per year to provide for his wife and children. A man produces easily enough for at least five people to live well. This is the reality. We have the duty to ourselves to claim this production for ourselves, and our loved ones.

– Self Employment and Small Business would be the norm. Wages would be for the young and the simple.

– Men and women would see stress levels decline dramatically. They would spend far more time with each other, their children, their families, and their friends.

– By far most people would live a very comfortable middle class existence. There would still be a few rich people, but they would be much less rich, and not able to dominate society because of their wealth.

– Building would see costs decline by 80 to 90% (!). An architectural revival and boom of uncanny proportions can be expected.

– Every man and his family would have access to decent land and living and working space at very low cost. By far most people would own some land, but vast landholdings would no longer exist, because there would be no renting.

– Food production would be heavily decentralized, and many families would grow at least some food themselves. Food quality would improve incredibly.

– Poverty would be out of the question. There would still be differences in class, but they would be more about genetics and education and not about wealth. But there would be no disenfranchised underclass, and only the most problematic people would be unable to join the general well being. The War On the Poor would end, and a great emancipation of those now oppressed by Usury and wage slavery would result.

– There would be no Big Pharma (owned by the Banks) to war on Natural Health. Combined with low stress and excellent nutrition, both physical an psychological health, along with longevity would improve substantially, while substance abuse would decline.

– There would no longer be trillions of dollars for the Plutocrats to fund all these problems aimed at distracting us and centralizing power. No Migration, no Climate Change, no Bankers orchestrating wars. There would be no funding for endless fake news, bogus ‘science’, or devious ideologies aimed at dividing people.

– Families and local communities will have plenty of funding for their own needs.

– General corruption levels would decline immensely.

– Urbanization would decline and the country side would be repopulated, as abundant money would revive local economies, and there would be no Plutocratic land holdings keeping people out.

– There would still be inequality, but based on merit, and added value, not on wealth and property. Hard work and achievement would be rewarded. Money will no longer be the main driver of status, with wealth inequality levels being far lower. Social elevation will be based on service along with spiritual and intellectual awareness, not on the acquisition of treasure.

– The State could decline very seriously in scope and impact, returning to its basic jobs of providing a basic legal system and defense, not endless nannying and other massive overreaches.

This is what is at stake, and this is what they have stolen from us. This is how we would live, without Usury, without the landowners, without the speculators. Without the parasites who add nothing, and have everything. Without their insidious ‘making money with money’ schemes, which have no other purpose than exploiting the toil of the masses.

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A Cashless Society Is Slavery

So when was the last time you used cash to pay for something?

It’s certainly less convenient than using a credit card or a ‘smart’ phone, isn’t it?

When paying for purchases do you find yourself becoming impatient and critical when someone ahead of you uses cash?

Has it occurred to you yet that the person paying with cash is acting to keep their freedom, while those paying with cards or phones are contributing to the loss of their freedom?

Enhanced convenience is a dual edged sword, since cash and economic freedom are inseparable.

Let’s take a look at significant risks and downsides to going cashless:

The enhanced convenience means loss of control. If money is digitally easy to spend, it’s also easy to take. The convenience can easily become tyranny. Automatic deductions have resulted in many people getting ripped off by dishonest companies.

The convenience of digital money also makes it much more convenient for banks, governments and thieves to take it.

In 2013 bank depositors in Cyprus were subjected to a ‘Bail-in’. The failing banks in Cyprus were partially bailed out by the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund on the condition that some depositors would also have to forfeit some of the money owed to them. This was done unilaterally- the depositors simply lost a portion of their money in the bank. There was no meeting of the creditors (depositors) with the bank, just a swift removal of a portion of the depositors’ money. This same bail-in theft is also legal in U.S. banks.

If you think your money is safe in the bank – Think Again…

Your bank account can also be raided by government authorities like the Internal Revenue Service without notice or reason given.

Think that if you’ve done nothing wrong, then there’s nothing to worry about – Think Again…

Proponents of a cashless society claim that theft is more difficult with that system. In actuality theft of digital money is far easier than a burglary involving cash. The number of stories involving theft of bank, bank account, and bitcoin digital wallets being hacked and drained is legion.

If you think digital money is safer than cash, and can’t be stolen – Think Again…

Some believe that in a cashless society crime will go down and drug dealers will go out of business. All sorts of items will continue to be stolen because they have value in and of themselves and will be stolen for use or to sell in exchange for other forms of money or traded for other items. Drug dealers won’t go out of business either, since they also have the ability to take payment in other forms of money, in personal services or traded for other items of value.

In a cashless society, theft will occur online and in far larger amounts than with cash heists. An online thief never has to confront his victim, commit violence, crack a safe, get past an alarm system, dog or armed guards and carry away his loot. The online heist involves no risk of death or threat to the thief’s personal safety and can be done from anywhere in the world.

Think crime will go down if we go cashless – Think Again…

Without cash, the value of currency would have no independent value outside of a functioning banking system. If the banking system is down due to a power outage, a solar flare, financial crisis, internet failure, hack or network crash, your money is unavailable and potentially lost. If back up files are lost how do you prove you had $15,000 in your account?

Think digital banking is stable and secure – Think Again…

Even if digital banking was 100% foolproof you may end up being shut out of the system for ‘wrong doing’ (actual or alleged), bad credit or failure to pay banking fees. The way things are going ‘wrong doing’ may also include questioning the party line or official narrative concerning almost anything the psychopathic globalists come up with. Or you may be a victim of identity theft and as a precaution your account may be closed. Without access to the banking system, and no access to cash on hand, how will you be able to pay your bills and buy items you need?

Think a cashless system is more convenient – Think Again…

You might also lack the means to have access to a computer, ‘smart’ phone, or internet connection. Or your computer or ‘smart’ phone may get damaged or stolen (would never happen in a cashless society…Right?), and you have no backup. Without a way to access the system what would use to buy food?

Think it can’t happen to you – Think Again…

Relatively very few today would risk jail time or fines to use Bitcoin or another crypto-currency, if they were made illegal. Ban cash, however, and the number of people willing to break the law and use a banned currency, would explode exponentially. People whose bank accounts have been seized or have been otherwise denied access to the banking system will revert to other means of exchange.

To combat the lawless use of cash, the government would have to engage in an actual ‘War On Cash’, and treat cash as contraband, with an increase in training dogs to sniff out cash to be confiscated or further investments in machines to find hidden cash. In a mandated cashless society, a robust black market in alternative currencies and goods and services will ultimately evolve.

If there is no cash, a monopoly can charge whatever it wants to use digital cash and to hold your money. For consumers and merchants this means they will pay currency issuing banks a fee for every transaction.

Also, when depositors can’t hold cash, the bank can charge negative interest rates, eating away at the account balance, and since the depositor has no way to withdraw that money, there is an incentive to spend instead of saving, leaving an increasing number of people with no savings to fall back on.

Think going cashless will reduce transaction fees – Think Again

While going cashless may be convenient when you buy something, having a purchase thrust officiously upon you by government order, your money can be removed from your account to pay for it, conveniently of course. This removes your freedom of choice on how your money is spent.

Money is coined liberty. Take cash away and you remove that liberty.

Property rights are the foundation of a Free Society. If you don’t have control, ready access or the ability to spend your money when and as you choose, you do not own it. Rather, you are a co-owner with the currency issuer (the bank) who has veto rights over your use of the currency.

In cashless society there is a critical loss of privacy. Digital money allows you to track and budget your money online. Unfortunately this system also leaves a permanent digital footprint of where you spent your money, accessible to just about anyone who has access to your account, including hackers and government agencies.

Your purchase history can create a profile that the government can use against you, including books deemed to be critical of the current government. Buy the ‘wrong’ items and you might find yourself on a government ‘list’.

Think if you only buy legal items in a cashless society you having nothing to worry about? – Think Again…

This digital currency system will come into existence along with the requirement for all depositors to own a digital leash ‘smart’ targeting phone along with a unique Universal Digital Identity, without which you won’t be able to buy or sell.

Here’s a link to a video on Universal Digital Identity:


Sounds like the Mark Of The Beast doesn’t it?

This Universal Digital Identity will also be be tied to a Social Credit scoring system and vaccine status verification application, just as is used currently in China. The personal ‘smart’ targeting device will be used for all purchases with credit cards being a thing of the past.

If you haven’t started using cash yet, join the Cash On Friday” #cashfriday, movement to start a wave away from digital currency. Here’s a short video discussing this:


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The Sinister Truth About Ukraine and Putin


The scripted news is saturated with what ‘evil’ Putin is doing to ‘poor little’ Ukraine, with associated stories about how Putin is trying to recreate the Soviet Union, is angry that NATO is planning to put more military forces on Russia’s border, or that Putin is just a Blood Thirsty Invader.

It’s important to keep in mind with all this scripted news that in 2014 U. S. government operatives, along with George Soros operatives installed a puppet government in Ukraine, with the Jewish comedian Zelensky as the presidential puppet, along with other high level Jewish administration officials. Installing a comedian, is right there with installing a Reality TV star or homosexual with a transexual ‘wife’. Folks…The puppet-masters are laughing at us, the same way they’re laughing at the willfully ignorant sheep that willingly strapped diapers to their faces which do absolutely nothing to stop the imaginary particles known as the Coronavirus.

This whole Ukraine/Putin narrative is just another operation by the psychopathic globalists, who’s goal is a totalitarian world, with China as the current model for what’s to come.

Let’s take a closer look at the history of Ukraine, which was settled in past by a group of people called the Khazars, a warlike Turkic people who converted to Judaism en masse during a tumultuous time in Eastern European history.

In the eighth to ninth centuries, surrounded on both sides by the warring religions – Christianity and Islam, the Khazar Empire chose the path of Judaic conversion as a means of stemming off invasion from either of its larger neighbors.

In the 11th Century, the Russian Empire conquered Khazaria and destroyed any possibility of a larger establishment of a Khazarian/Jewish homeland in Eastern Europe. Centuries later, the Khazarian remnants gained a level of revenge by orchestrating the Bolshevik Revolution and murdering the Russian monarch family the Romanovs and 40 million white Russians.

The Khazars are the ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews, who are the predominant ethnic group in Israel. In 2012, Israeli researcher Eran Elhaik published a study claiming to prove that Khazar ancestry is the single largest element in the Ashkenazi gene pool. Progressive organs such as Haaretz and The Forward trumpeted the results.

Genetic research showing that eastern European Jews do indeed originate from the historical region of Khazaria in Central Asia and not Palestine has been officially accepted. Curiously, a mere month before this news was released in 2014, the western-backed coup in Ukraine erupted.

A blue-ribbon team of scholars from leading research institutions and museums issued a secret report to the Israeli government, acknowledging that European Jews are in fact Khazars. At first sight, this would seem to be the worst possible news, given the Prime Minister’s relentless insistence on the need for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” and the stagnation of the peace talks. Speaking off the record, he explained, “We first thought that admitting we are really Khazars was one way to get around Abbas’s insistence that no Jew can remain in a Palestinian state. Maybe we were grasping at straws. But when he refused to accept that, it forced us to think about more creative solutions.” 

Coincidentally(?) around the same time as the Khazar revelation, Ukraine officials stated that all Jews who wish to return would be welcomed back without condition as citizens, the more so if they take part in the promised infusion of massive Israeli military assistance, including troops, equipment, and construction of new bases.

The Ukrainian invitation for the Jews to return was a godsend. Relocating all the settlers within Israel in a short time would be difficult for reasons of logistics and economics. This migration was originally intended to load Crimea with Jewish migrants, but the Russian move to annex Crimea through official diplomatic means has caused a readjustment of strategies.

The pressure building along Russia’s borders from NATO and Western Jewish financiers, such as George Soros, is intent on establishing a new Khazaria which will be larger than the original and will incorporate the nation of Kazakhstan, which has developed a close relationship with Israel. An exodus of ethnic Russians moving back to Russia from Kazakhstan has created the opportunity for many Israelis to move to Kazakhstan, replacing doctors, teachers, scientists, and other prominent members of society.

A new capital called Astana was established within Kazakhstan on December 10th, 1997.  This capital is under construction and has contributed to a massive construction boom in the region.  This new futuristic city is full of Masonic symbolism and New World Religion designs. Though it has relatively flown under the radar for many years, there is a surprisingly large amount of information available about the construction of Astana.


It is looking obvious that both Russia and China are willing to accept the establishment of this new Khazaria in the heart of the Eurasian continent.  The monetary objectives of all players on designing a new international financial framework is extremely telling of the more macro geopolitical and economic alignments taking place.

The establishment of a one world system of governance, including political, economic, and religious, can be compared to herding cats.  It would almost seem impossible if it weren’t for the fact that all cats were being directed down a very wide pathway which allows them to bump into one another and switch sides consistently as they rush to the final objective.

So what does Putin have to do with all this?

Let’s take a look at Putin. Putin is a Jew, and the name of his mother, Maria Ivanovna Shalamova (died 1998) is a Jewish name that was later changed to Shelomov. She switched the name to appear to be a Russian – like many crypto-Jewish priests in the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin’s father – Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (died in 1999) was also a jew who changed his name from Epstein to Putin.

In Russia many Jewish people hide their  Jewish origin or they do not know or do not want to know if their relations changed names. Putin is a person who hides his Jewish origin but uses it in the  corruption nets. Common Russians think that Putin is an ethnic Russian. If they understood that Putin is a Jew they would not vote for him.

The picture below shows Putin’s resemblance to a Jew from the Tsarist era. 

Russia and Putin, as well as Ukraine are under the control of the Rothschilds, just as is Israel, ‘The Land Of The Free’, the good old USA, and the European Union.

To equate the New World Order with Zionism is incorrect.  Zionism is just one pincer in the NWO. The other is Opposition-to-Zionism, represented by Russia’s Putin and Iran’s Ahmadinejad as well as his successor. The Rothschilds control them both through MI-6.

This dialectic succeeds the Nazi-Communist one of WW2. You can’t have a Third World War unless you have two sides. This time round, Putin and Ahmadinejad have been cast as defenders of Nation and Religion. But don’t be fooled. This is the Rothschild Modus Operandi.  They routinely simulate the opposition or pretend to fight themselves. (See Protocol 12 – Control the Press & Protocol 17 – Abuse of Authority) This way they can initiate profitable conflicts and orchestrate the outcome. Wars keep us off balance and unable to address the real problem……them.  Meanwhile the idealistic plebes fight and die for a “cause.”

Putin, a Grand Master Royal Arch Freemason, was on intimate terms with the head of the largest faction of Russian Jewry, the Chabad Lubavitchers. The Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson related how when young Vlad was hungry, they fed him and he has felt gratitude ever since. After Putin came to power Chabad rabbi Lazar became known derisively as “Putin’s rabbi”. This sect is on the forefront of the NWO. Donald Trump has longstanding connections to Chabad along with Chabad Lubavitcher Kaballists Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

MI-6 defector, Richard Tomlinson trained with young KGB agent Putin. They both learned to serve the Illuminati, who were ‘born to rule’, as the self-elected custodians of society.

Then there is the famous picture of Putin kissing the stomach of a young boy in public, suggesting he has the pederast foibles typical of his kind. Putin’s break with the Rothschilds and the West is no more than stagecraft. Does Russia have a central bank controlled by the Rothschilds?

Putin is just another corrupt Jewish official who does exactly what the world’s elite want him to do, which currently includes invading Ukraine where he is playing his part in ushering in World War 3, as an important step in creation of the Satanic New World Order.

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‘Alternative’ Media Platforms Use Fake Hate Laws To Eliminate Free Speech

‘Alternative’ Media Take Advantage Of Deliberate Vagueness Of These Laws To Selectively Censor

Hate laws, with deliberate vague criteria for actions considered as being ‘hateful’, were created by Jewish front groups such as the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), to censor any information about Jews or Israel that they don’t want to be made public.

The clever folks in the ADL, ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center passed these hate laws with the help of the owned U.S. Congress in order to prohibit actions or information that they deem as hate.

The ‘defamation’ part of Anti-Defamation League is only concerned about any defamation of Jews, not defamation of Whites.

The individuals in the following video were not called out for defamation:


It’s particularly notable that Abe Foxman, a head of the ADL, is one of the individuals not only defaming Whites, but recommending genocide and total elimination of the White Race, as are other speakers. And, peculiar as it is, Foxman was not publicly slammed for hate speech.

These fake hate laws and the screeching media and trolls supporting them, have, by design, made it so that people are afraid to utter a word about the ongoing agenda of the Zionists and their ‘Goyim’ shills. Meanwhile, almost all supposed non-Zionist Jews are silent about the blatant attacks and genocidal plans for the White race outlined by their Rabbis, political figures, and assorted cultural Marxist manipulators. This silence is the same as support.

The so-called ‘alternative’ media platforms such as Parler, GAB, Brighteon, Gettr, Rumble, Info-Wars Banned Videos, and others are complicit in the elimination of Free Speech, since they reject videos which expose information about the Zionists or Jews that shows their rabid hate and genocidal plans for the white race. Several of these platforms were designed as honey pots to attract and corral Trump supporters into echo chambers, while they prevent any free speech that doesn’t fit their narrow views.

Controlled opposition is rampant in the alternative media. Here’s a post that gives an overview:

So Who Are The Controlled Opposition

Here’s a specific example of a platform that claims to be Free Speech but doesn’t show it in practice:

I Recently uploaded the video linked above titled White Genocide – The World’s Best Kept Secret, on Brighteon, that exposes the comments by several prominent Jews, where they clearly state that their goal is to eliminate the White Race.

After I uploaded the video, it got no views, so I uploaded it a second time, since I thought it may not have uploaded properly. After the second upload the video got no views again. Now I’m suspicious about what’s going on, suspecting that the video has been shadow banned, which is a way to prevent subscribers from being notified of the new video, and prevent anyone searching the site for the video, from seeing it unless they have a link to it.

So I uploaded it a third time and here’s the response from Brighteon after the upload:

There was a link to get more info about the rejection, which I selected, and was presented with this message:

As you can probably guess, it’s a slam dunk that this video wasn’t rejected because of the actual hate speech being delivered by Jews about Whites, but because it exposed this actual hate speech.

So the video had been shadow banned with the hope that I would just think there was no interest and move on. Well, it’s clear that it was a Free Speech ban, towing the fake ‘Hate Speech’ line to prevent viewers from hearing the actual hate speech by Jews against Whites.

The owner of Brighteon made an emphatic comment about free speech in 2018, stating “Ultimately there should be no central authority, there should be no server; there should be no central location that can block your speech.

We’re here to serve liberty and freedom of speech, and to serve all those people, including myself – who have been heavily banned off of other platforms.”

One has to wonder if this was just happy talk or if the ADL and its accomplices got to him in 2018 when he made another speech saying no ‘hate speech’ would be tolerated on his platform.

Even though ‘Hate Speech’ is protected under the Constitution, supposed ‘alternative’ free speech sites use the Hate Laws as cover for outright banning or shadow banning comments or videos on their platforms.

This ban of free speech has also been deliberately spread to other surveillance platforms such as Next-Door, which is used to corral neighborhood residents throughout the U.S., working with the local police to surveil any free thinkers that are not tolerated under the new totalitarian system.

Folks, we have a very small window in this country to become aware and prevent this end of Free Speech, but unfortunately it looks like the forces of evil that created these fake ‘Hate Laws’ and built the social media corrals, have got a lockdown on the willfully ignorant sheep. The latest Covid Operation makes that very clear.

It was a test and the public passed to the extent that they have been willing participants in their own imprisonment. The fact that almost everyone in this country willingly carries a digital 24 hour surveillance leash, says it all.

Here’s a short video by Steve Cutts sending a clear message:

Wake Up Call


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White Genocide – The World’s Best Kept Secret

It’s time to take a look at the elephant in the room….White Genocide.

So why is it such a secret? Could it be that there’s been such a strong campaign, by some group(s) to silence and censor any mention of this actual ongoing genocide, while constantly trumpeting about a fictitious event that supposedly occurred during World War 2 (Have You Had Enough Of ‘The Holocaust’ Myth Yet?), in order to misdirect, control and extort Western societies?

Just to make it clear what sort of actions qualify as genocide, lets take a look at Article 2 from the United Nations Genocide Convention:

A through D in the genocide list above have been perpetrated through the Covid Operation, with predominantly white Western nations being the main focus of lethal ‘vaccinations’ (The Primary Goal of The Covid Operation Is Depopulation):







C in the genocide list, stating, ‘Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part’, is perpetrated by flooding white countries with non-whites, feminizing men, shaming white women for breeding with their own race, conditioning white women to breed with non-whites, pushing the use of abortions on white women, forcefully integrating white neighborhoods with non-whites, educating white children to believe they don’t deserve to exist, and that the white race needs to become extinct.

The following short video (10 minutes long) contains statements by some of the well known perpetrators of this genocide. They leave no doubt as to what their goal is and how they are achieving it. Let’s hear it boldly, and unabashedly from the source:


Unfortunately many white people are aggressively assisting in the speedy elimination of their own race thanks to the Public Indoctrination Centers, controlled Mass Media, and good old ‘every man for himself’ parasitic greed.

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The Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Operations Are Cover For The Economic Collapse

And Cover For Genocidal Depopulation

It’s obvious by now, isn’t it…that the Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter Operations have been utilized as cover for the next devastating stage of the planned economic collapse, and, of course, targeted depopulation (Genocide- The Primary Goal of The Covid Operation Is Depopulation).

You’ve got to hand it them….these psychopathic parasites that are orchestrating these events are diabolically brilliant, overlapping as many goals in their operations as possible.

In the same way that the standard ‘Incompetence and Terrorist’ cards were played after the 9-11 false flag Operation was completed (9-11 – 20 Years On And They’re Still Blowing Smoke), the perpetrators of the Covid Operation played the same cards with the fake terrorist being a fake ‘Virus’.

There’s no doubt that this whole operation was gamed out well in advance with experienced predictions of how the public would respond, although they may not have expected such a sheepish response in ‘The Land Of The Free’. Some compartmentalization occurs here just as it did with the supposed building of fake nuclear bombs (Nuclear Bombs Do Not Exist), so many of the shills who willingly participate in this have no idea there is a grand totalitarian plan.

Create a fake pandemic, based on a non-existent virus (since they all are: Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical ), that is claimed to necessitate people self imprisoning in their homes, and requiring what the perpetrators call ‘safe distancing’ when the people are away from their homes, as well as muzzling themselves, while also prohibiting groups of people from congregating.

This is one hell of a way to rapidly divide and prevent people from righteously organizing and taking to the streets. Toss in what’s called ‘contact tracing’ and they have the ability to keep a real time surveillance on all associations between all persons, in order to anticipate ‘pre-crime’ activity and head it off before it occurs…and/or…prepare the amount of counter force desired by the puppet masters.

Just as the initial outbreak of the so-called Covid-19 ‘virus’ was planned, so the additional waves have also been planned, with some flexibility as needed. These waves of control and release, are based on what’s termed ‘Trauma Based Mind Control’, a conditioning process, used in this case, to normalize self imprisonment and ‘divide and conquer’ actions that decrease the ability of citizens to communicate and organize outside of the internet/phone surveillance grid.

Make no mistake….the psychopaths and their shills pulling the strings here were well aware that the riots would occur, long before they occurred. They were by design, just like the fake pandemic. This ‘Black Lives Matter’ Operation is just another distraction to increase racial tension and deflect from the real terrorists, the parasitic psychopaths that have destroyed the U.S. economy, just like they did the German and Russian economies, while siphoning off most of the wealth from the 99%.

This video by Rabbi Yaron Reuven sheds some light on this reality:


The 1% knows full well that the good citizens are going to come for their heads when these folks actually comprehend what’s been done to them, so the 1% are using distractions and phony fear based events to both extract as much wealth as they can and lock the country down as much as possible to prepare for the uprising that they know is going to occur.

Creating events that lead to martial law is a key part of this operation, the goal being to get the majority of the population to call for the military to be on the streets so they can feel ‘safe’, and this will be perfect in order to be prepared for the massive riots that will occur when it becomes clear that the standard of living of the 99% is going to take a massive drop to third world levels.

Unfortunately there is little chance that the U.S. public will ever rise up since the ‘ME, MY, MINE’ mentality is so well ingrained by design in the average American that all but a few will just grab everything they can as the country disintegrates, hoping they’ll be some of the small number of selected upper class remaining after the crash.

The Self Chosen Parasites have done one hell of a job conditioning and indoctrinating white Americans to act in ways that lead to their own doom.

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Have You Had Enough Of ‘The Holocaust’ Myth Yet?

So….Have you had enough of ‘The Holocaust’ myth yet?

For more and more folks the answer is “Yes, a long time ago!”

Are you one of those or do you still believe it? If you even think about questioning it, do you immediately feel guilty, fearful, and a strong impulse not to even discuss it?

Here’s the uncomfortable truth for many people……you’ve been indoctrinated not to question whether ‘The Holocaust’ occurred or not, and to feel guilt if you do.

Here’s a very short video (4 minutes & 26 seconds) that sheds some light on the reality here:


This ‘Holocaust’ myth was concocted officially during World War 2, but the Western public was bombarded with predictive programming about this prior to it’s official release by the perpetrators. Here’s how:


It’s probably just a coincidence that the 6,000,000 figure was repeatedly used before the Big event. Right???

Many folks are already aware that this 6,000,000 figure has, not only been debunked as false, but that the whole story about ‘The Holocaust’ has been debunked with extensive documentation.

To make it clear how important it was to keep the truth from coming out, all one has to be aware of is that in Europe at least 16 countries have laws against ‘The Holocaust’ denial, as well as denial that 6 million Jews were genocided by Nazi Germany. Some countries also ban the exposure of other elements of the myth. And several prominent investigators that have debunked the myth have been imprisoned for exposing the truth.

Take a glance again at the graphic above concerning how to find out who rules over you.

In the U.S. there are those that would like the same criminal prosecution of individuals who question the official narrative. The tactic here has been to try and lump exposing ‘The Holocaust’ myth into the highly flexible ‘Hate Crime’ laws.

The primary way that the Holocaust establishment has been able to prevent the exposure of the truth results from the fact that they control the Mainstream Media, and the dominant social media platforms, by which they censor all references possible regarding ‘The Holocaust”, as well as anything else related to it that they deem to be verbotten.

This along with the indoctrination of the public, cradle to grave, has created a very obedient population in the U.S., in spite of the 1st amendment.

The best kind of censoring is self-censure.It needs no enforcement, just a constant reminder through the media and indoctrination of the young through the ‘Public Education System’.

If you’d like a prime example of the use of constant reminders, take a look at the Daily Mail, U.S. Edition and you’ll see, at minimum, weekly top stories about various aspects of ‘The Holocaust’ myth. They recently had one focusing on the Anne Frank myth. And, of course, there’s normally at least one annual Hollywood film related to ‘The Holocaust’ myth, which consistently ends up being nominated for an academy award. Let’s not forget the ever expanding list of cities having Holocaust museums and even Anne Frank memorials.

The Holocaust establishment is forcing us to suspend our logical sense and accept without question their ‘just so’ stories. They want us to abide by their ideology and if you dare to deviate from any of their stated dogmas, then you are branded an antisemite. This is intolerable because these people are deliberately deconstructing the entire foundation of the West.

The Holocaust establishment has certainly crippled much of the West precisely because academics and historians don’t have the freedom to ask important questions about what happened in Nazi Germany. People in the establishment actually believe that anyone who asks for evidence is an antisemite or something equally worse.

Well, “You are a vicious antisemite” says the Holocaust establishment. No argument, no serious discussion, and end of discussion, precisely because the entire Holocaust narrative is a fabrication, created to control Western populations and extort massive amounts of wealth, as they’ve done in Germany, achieving the goal they set out to attain when the World Jewish Economic Federation declared economic and financial war on the Germany in 1933, including a worldwide boycott of German goods led by international Jewish organizations. The boycott was particularly motivated by the German imposition of the Nuremberg Laws, which ironically were similar in intent and content to the Jewish cultural exclusivism practiced so visibly in present-day Israel.

So ‘The Holocaust’ myth has been used as a highly effective stick to beat Germany and any of those in the West that understand what the truth is about what actually occurred in Germany during the period prior to and during World War 2.

Here’s a video of Rabbi Yaron Reuven explaining the first laws that Hitler instituted when he became Chancellor of Germany:


Here’s where the real German Holocaust occurred:



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It’s been common knowledge, since mid 2020, among people who have been investigating the Covid Operation that intubation or venting, has for many people, ended up being a death sentence.Death results because oxygenated air is forced into the lungs, which progressively damages the lung tissue, increasing the inability of the lungs to oxygenate the blood. The victim, er….patient is also sedated to the point that they have no ability to communicate their worsening ability to breathe. Death is a common outcome for these people.

The horror story, shared by the man in the video below, underscores the obvious conclusion that the reason so many patients are ‘diagnosed’ with Covid-19 and vented, is because the hospitals receive $39,000 if they vent patients with positive Covid-19 PCR tests. And all they have to do is up the pressure level on the vented air in order to make sure the patient dies before much of that $39,000 is eaten up by care costs.

One wonders how many of these ‘health professionals’ even know that the PCR test is known for giving false positives, and absolutely not recommended for diagnosing any Covid Variant by the man that invented the test.

Yes, this is an insidious, murderous business, right there with the killing off of supposed, vast numbers of Covid-19 patients in rest homes by overdosing them on Midazolam.

Here’s a link to the fellow that managed to survive this medical nightmare:


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Nuclear Bombs Do Not Exist

Another Lie Based On Fear Porn

Terra Times1 min ago

If you’ve been following the news lately then you’re probably aware of the resurgence of fear porn being generated around the possibility of nuclear war with Russia. And then there’s the ongoing story about Iran getting close to creating a nuclear bomb, or some other country trying to build a bomb. The message is ‘BE VERY AFRAID’. This nuclear bomb fear campaign has been whipped up ever since the end of World War 2, with the supposed ‘nuclear’ bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Here’s the good news…….there’s are no nuclear bombs. And here’s the bad news……that the ‘Master Parasites’ have been running this extortion, and money laundering operation to keep the world population in constant fear in order to extort trillions of dollars from current and future generations, while also stripping away freedoms to gain an increasing amount of control.

Ponder the magnitude of this lie for a minute……and if you’re not real mad, then you haven’t grasped the psychopathic criminality involved in this operation.

The initial push to traumatize the world population with a deep-seated fear of “nuclear weapons’ originated from the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were actually destroyed using firebombs using napalm, just like Tokyo, and many other Japanese cities.

Here’s Hiroshima after the firebombing:

Here’s Tokyo after fire being firebombed:


The unproven theory perpetrated by the nuclear scientists was that uranium could be bombarded with neutrons and that would lead to a fission reaction that would cause a massive explosion, referred to as a Critical Mass Explosion. The plagiarist Albert Einstein, proposed this theory to President Roosevelt, but most scientists of the time, had serious doubts that this theory would succeed. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you view it, the theory could not be proven, since a Critical Mass Explosion could not be created.


Even though the project failed to produce a nuclear bomb, the psychopaths running it, decided (likely even before the project began), to act as though they succeeded, since they realized they could fool the public into believing that nuclear weapons existed, which would be both a tool to control the masses through fear, and a way to extort hundreds of millions and ultimately trillions of dollars from the current and future taxpayers. So the project continued to be moved forward with the claim that a nuclear bomb could be created.

The operation was called the Manhattan Project, and was highly compartmentalized so that people working side by side knew very little, to nothing, about what workers around them were doing, and were sworn to secrecy about the what they were personally working on, so only a few people at the top knew that this was a deliberate hoax.

So…..The old “How could so many people be involved in this conspiracy”, trope, is cancelled by this compartmentalization.

And, of course, a key part of the fake evidence to attempt to substantiate the development of the nuclear bomb, were photographs of the supposed explosions. Massive amounts of TNT were used for explosions and the photography was created by Lookout Mountain Lab in Hollywood, California.


And, of course, all of the so-called ‘nuclear nations’ are in on the lie, as well as the extortion, just like Russia, exactly the same way they are all in on the NASA extortion hoax.

Folks, we’ve been deceived, once again. And believe it or not, this just scratches the surface.

So….who is it that is actually perpetrating this psychopathic lie against humanity?

The trolls will show you…….

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Covid-19 Is Caused By Graphene Oxide

Since there is no Covid-19 virus (Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical), what is causing Covid-19 symptoms and death?

The primary cause is Graphene Oxide, with a powerful kick from exposure to 5G microwaves.

As usual, to those deliberately indoctrinated, who haven’t bothered to investigate this Covid Operation, this will sound like a wild conspiracy theory.


Graphene oxide is a toxin which triggers thrombi and blood coagulation. It also has an extremely negative impact on the immune system, by altering the oxidative balance in relation to glutathione reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased, by any method of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and initiates a cytokine storm, which can lead to death. Graphene oxide accumulated in the lungs generates bilateral pneumonias, along with other devastating impacts.

Graphene oxide causes a metallic taste in the mouth. Inhalation of graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes, resulting in loss of taste and partial or total loss of smell.

Graphene oxide exhibits powerful magnetic properties inside the body. This is the reason for the magnetic properties experienced by millions of people around the world, after it is given through various routes of administration, including the ‘vaccines’.


Here’s the truth:

Graphene oxide is the supposed SARS-CoV-2, the supposed new Coronavirus, that caused the disease known as COVID-19.

This is why no one has ever isolated or purified a real new ‘coronavirus’, as recognized by most health institutions at the highest level, and in different countries, when they were questioned about it.

If you’ve been investigating this Covid crime at all, then you should already be aware that the so-called ‘vaccines’ are being called ‘Clot Shots’ by many people, due to the fact that many people who took the shots, end up with severe damage or death from blood clots (The Covid Shot Guarantees Blood Clots – Dr. Charles Hoffe). Many doctors, nurses, and even those doing embalming for funeral homes, have witnessed the devastating effects of these clots. Unfortunately, most of these individuals have been misdirected by the idea that ‘Spike Proteins’ are the cause of these clots. Since no Covid virus exists, the virus ‘Spike Proteins’, that are claimed to be created in vaccinated individuals, don’t exist.

The problem is the graphene.

The results of the Spanish study show, that the recorded vaccine related deaths and “adverse events” (e.g. published in the US by the CDC and in the EU) are attributable to the presence of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the Covid vaccine vial.

Graphene oxide is also contained in the face mask commonly distributed by governments and health agencies (acknowledged by national health authorities).

The Swabs used for PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles.

All Covid vaccines, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, Etc., also contain a considerable dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles. That these ‘vaccines’ contain graphene oxide, has been confirmed through electron microscopy and spectroscopy, by Ricardo Delgado Martin, Founder and Director of La Quinta Columna. Ricardo is responsible for coordinating the Spanish research team’s analysis of the impacts of graphene oxide nano-particles contained in the vial of the mRNA vaccine.

The flu vaccines, that have been commonly taken by many people every year, as well as the new and supposedly intranasal anti-covid vaccines, they are preparing, all contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles.

Like any material, graphene oxide has what is called an ‘electronic absorption band’. This means that it absorbs a certain frequency that excites and oxidizes this material very rapidly, disrupting the ability of natural antioxidant glutathione reserves to neutralize the toxin. The frequency that causes this effect is being transmitted in the new emission bandwidths of the new 5G wireless technology.


That’s why the deployment of these antennas never stopped during the ‘pandemic’.

The La Quinta Columna researchers suspect that for the 2019 anti-flu campaign, more graphene oxide was added to the ‘vaccine’, since it was already used as an adjuvant.

With the subsequent 5G technology trials in different parts of the world, Covid-19 disease developed due to the interaction between the electromagnetic fields and the graphene oxide already in the bodies of those who took the flu shot.

Remember that it all started in Wuhan, and this was the first pilot city in the world to do the 5G technology trial in late November 2019.

Both the pangolin and the bat soup versions of the origin were just misdirection from the real cause, as have been the Wuhan lab claims.

So here’s the bottom line:

There is no virus, since viruses don’t exist, and Covid-19 is just a name for a disease state caused by graphene oxide and worsened by exposure to 5G radiation.

Here’s a link to a video clip by La Quinta Columna and a clip by Stew Peters discussing much of the information above:



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The Primary Goal of The Covid Operation Is Depopulation

That’s right…..the primary reason for the Covid plandemic is depopulation.

Many investigators are well aware of this, but won’t discuss it because of where this horrific fact leads to if they expose the truth.

When I say ‘primary goal’, it’s because the perpetrators of this operation have a number of goals they want to achieve, including cover for the economic collapse, creation of a universal digital identity system, along with a Central Bank Digital Currency, and the elimination of cash, as well as a Social Credit system, at least as draconian as the one used in China. And let’s not forget the 5G ‘internet of things’ and ‘of people’, electronic control system, which integrates all of these goals.

If you’ve already investigated enough to realize that the 9-11 attacks were an inside job, assisted by “our most important ally”, then none of this should be a surprise to you.

If you’re not aware of the truth about 9-11 then you probably also don’t realize that almost everything we’ve been taught is a lie, and often the exact opposite of the truth.

And this includes a great deal of history, as well as fake ‘scientific’ information.

The kicker here is that this depopulation is targeted, utilizing more than just lethal vaccines, madazolam, remdesivir, intubation and 5G. Anyone who’s been watching recent history, knows who the primary target of this depopulation really is.

And it’s not Kalergi, that’s the target, since he originated what’s called ‘The Kalergi Plan’ as a leader of the group that is running this operation in Europe, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and in ‘The Land Of The Free’, the rapidly disintegrating USA.

It doesn’t take much investigation to realize that the ‘safe and effective’ vaccines are causing vasts numbers of people to end up with extremely serious permanent injuries, including sterility and death. Knowing this information, and the Kalergi Plan, if you keep in mind that there is no virus, because there’s no such thing as a virus, you begin to realize quickly that the goal is genocide, and if you then look at where the greatest push to inject the clot shots is occurring, Europe, Great Britain, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course, the U.S., it becomes clear that the the white race is the target.


So who’s running this depopulation operation?

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Ending The Virus Myth Is Critical

Almost everyone that reads the title of this post, will wonder what ‘Virus Myth’ is referring to, and that response makes perfect sense given what we’ve all been taught about ‘viruses’.

This current Covid Operation is based on an actual endemic condition, and that condition is an almost universal belief in the existence of viruses. Without this endemic belief none of the numerous criminal, virus prevention schemes could be pulled off. The entire narrative falls apart.

Ponder that for a bit…….no virus, no supposed pandemic caused by a virus, no masks stopping a supposed virus, no distancing to protect from a virus, no lockdowns to protect from a virus, no forced lethal ‘vaccine’ to protect from a virus. I’m sure you can also list all of the other criminal events that occurred as a result of the endemic belief in viruses.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of reading about all of the damage being done to every aspect of peoples’ lives, based on this belief in viruses. And make no mistake about it, there are those running this operation that know the truth about viruses, and they’re using the lie to achieve their goals.

So what is the truth about viruses? Here it is………


Let that sink in……..

Here’s a link to a video by Dr. Tom Cowan discussing this truth, as well as his frustration with those in the ‘Alternative’ Media, who still don’t realize this fact:



If you’ve been researching this Covid-19 Operation, you must have run across many ‘alternative’ media ‘stars’ who strongly oppose the current fake vaccines, because they aren’t ‘true’ vaccines. This stand is great as far as it goes, but almost to a person, these ‘alternative’ folks have no problem with vaccines, and continue to believe that viruses exist. Many of them are controlled opposition, assigned with the task of misdirecting viewers/listeners from the truth. They all have access to the truth, and many have research assistants, so……it’s safe to assume that all of the big names (and you know who they are), are in on the game. If they haven’t publicly stated that viruses don’t exist then assume they’re controlled opposition. And here’s the main problem here, as you may have realized…..


And that means total control will continue. And the supposed ‘alternative’ media is actively helping to maintain this myth and the control that results.

Here’s another link to a video where Dr. Andy Kaufman explains what a so-called virus actually is:



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