Tucker Carlson Is Controlled Opposition

This video clip discusses Controlled Opposition and exposes popular media figures that act as agents. Related Posts: Telltale Signs of False Flags & Hoaxes Telltale Signs Of Fake History Masonic Misdirection And Control … Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Libertarianism?

“Every couple of years, mainstream media hacks pretend to have just discovered libertarianism as some sort of radical, new and dynamic force in American politics. It’s a rehash that goes back decades, and hacks love it because it’s easy to write, and because it’s such a non-threatening “radical” politics (unlike radical left politics, which threatens the rich). Pull up libertarianism’s … Continue reading

The Federal Reserve and the New World Order

At this point in time, almost everyone in the U.S. and in Europe, has heard of the Federal Reserve, due to the regular news stories discussing interest rates and quantitative easing. What many people still don’t know, however, is how, or the real reason why, the Federal Reserve came into existence, or how it fits into the creation of a … Continue reading