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5G Is the Kill Shot

5G, 5G, 5G……It’s supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Take a look at this short video below, which presents:

IEEE Propaganda: Everything You Need to Know About 5G

A key quote from the video above is “but what exactly is a 5G network? The truth is that experts can’t tell us what 5G actually is because they don’t even know yet . . .”

“So, why is the FCC voting on regulations with NO CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE for a yet-to-be-defined technology?

Never underestimate the lobbying power of BIG TELECOM MONEY in Washington, DC or in our State Capitols, to execute the Republican/ALEC agenda in an era when MONEY = FREE SPEECH. We are witnessing a disaster that rapes and pillages the public interest to further enrich our already-obscenely-profitable and monopoly-power-drunk Telecom firms which are grabbing for all they can get during this short-lived Trump administration.”(1)

“Since much of the US population is unwisely bathing itself 24/7/365 in data-carrying, pulsed, Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation), it is important to understand what we are actually doing to ourselves, our loved ones and our environment. Duration of exposure to these micro-second pulses of electrical power, not intensity, is the most important factor.

Therefore, always-on wireless infrastructure antennas are hazardous to one’s health — that is why wireless telecommunications base station antennas belong 200 feet off the ground and at least 2,500 feet away from homes, schools, hospitals, public buildings, parks and wilderness areas. That is why installation of so-called “Small Cell” Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) anywhere near second-story bedroom windows is a disaster — no matter what government guideline is quoted to justify this assault.

The common thread that ties of WiFi, 4G and 5G together is the reliance on OFDM/OFDMA modulation — sophisticated mathematical transformations that pack huge amounts of digital data onto carrier microwaves in order to transmit the data through the atmosphere. The pulsed microwaves either penetrate or reflect off of anything in their path: any flora, fauna and man-made structures you can imagine, including human adults and children, pets, and already threatened species of pollinators birds, bees and butterflies.

What is WiFi and why should you turn off your Wireless Router/Access Point?

Pulsed Microwave Radiation is the Foundation of Wireless Mobile Data. Microwave Radiation, when used to transfer data from Point-A to Point-B, is comprised of micro-second pulses of electrical power sprayed through the atmosphere. Microwaves either penetrate or reflect off of anything or anyone in their path, The data transferred are electrical pulses or ”bullets” traveling at the speed of light, about 670 million miles per hour. These pulses of data can cause biological harm to many living organisms, including humans.

How Do Microwaves Radiate Over Long Distances?

Electromagnetic waves are produced whenever charged particles are accelerated. In the near-field region (within 3-4 wavelengths from the source antenna charges), waves are incoherent, erratic and choppy with high micro-second peaks of Electric and Magnetic fields.  This creates a toxic “hell-stew” of powerful zaps, crackles and pops that are difficult to characterize with any degree of accuracy.  Unfortunately, this is the range where people typically hold their wireless devices. Whenever one sends/receives digital data wirelessly from their device, a toxic, spherical cloud 36″ to 48″ in diameter forms around the device, exposing everyone nearby to peaks of RF/MW radiation.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is neither an accurate nor a scientific measure of the hazards created by this mixture of Electric and Magnetic fields in the near-field region. SAR is a misleading ‘average of an average’, designed to hide the peaks of Electric and Magnetic power that surround one’s device. These peaks of power interrupt the sensitive electrical signals of our body and causes DNA and neurological damage, suppress the immune system, and interrupt hormone production and regulation.

How Do Microwaves Send and Receive Digital Data?

A wavelength carries massive numbers of erratic pulses of digital data, that wirelessly transmit text, image, audio and video data to and from computers, tablets, phones and the (predicted) billions of IoT (Internet of Things) machines, appliances, “things,” sensors and devices. Unfortunately, the microwaves used for this purpose are not the smooth sine waves you may have learned about in text books that describe the transmission of visible light (430 to 770 THz) or Alternating Current electrical power (60 Hz).

Natural Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) come from two main sources: the sun, and thunderstorm activity, with the Earth’s Schumann Resonance centering around 7.83 Hz. Being Man-made, pulsed RF/MW radiation differs from natural EMF. Man-made Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF/EMF) and the resulting RF/MW radiation are defined by the equation: c = f λ, where c = the speed of light, f = the frequency, and λ = the wavelength. This means that since c is a constant, as frequency increases, wavelength decreases. Frequency is measured in a unit called Hertz, which represents the number of cycles or oscillations of a wave in one second. The unit Hertz is named after Heinrich Rudolph Hertz a German scientist who first demonstrated that electromagnetic waves radiate at a constant speed.

In order to transmit digital data, an antenna’s microchips distort the waves’ shape or pace to modulate (encode) the data stream onto the carrier waves at the source before the antenna transmits them. At the destination, other microchips demodulate (decode) the data stream so the destination device can display the text/image or play the audio/video. A modem is a device that literally modulates and demodulates data streams; engineers shortened the name to modem. Each antenna in this scheme is a two-way microwave transmitter/receiver.

There are an infinite number of combinations of wavelength, frequency, intensity and modulation, the mathematical transformations that encode data onto a carrier wave. Each combination is a new digital fingerprint that uniquely identifies a new man-made toxic agent that, when transmitted into the air, instantly fills our homes, schools, workplaces or public spaces.

Microwaves have different properties, depending on their wavelength. The longer waves (20″ down to 5″) travel further and penetrate deeper into buildings and living tissue. The shorter waves (0.5″ down to 0.1″) are called millimeter waves (mm-waves) because they measure from 10 mm (at 30,000 MHz = 30 GHz), down to 1 mm (at 300,000 MHz = 300 GHz). The mm-waves are not as efficient because they don’t travel as far, tend to reflect off of buildings, and deposit mainly into the eyes and skins of living organisms.”(3)

A key target for 5G frequency use is 60 GHz:

William Webb: The 5G Myth And why Consistent Connectivity is the Goal

Some have suggested that 5G will be whatever interesting developments happen from 2018 onwards. There is much political capital expended in claiming that 5G will be deployed early in a country. MNOs and Governments will simply claim from 2018 onwards that they have 5G even though all that has been deployed is evolved 4G. For all the debate, 5G could be a label, not a technology.

End users will be told that they now have 5G even though they have not changed their handsets nor received any improvements in service. Or alternatively, in the case where 5G is the label applied to the introduction of IoT, consumers may be told that 5G is not about their handset but about the ability to connect their devices. In the US, the term 5G might be applied to fixed wireless deployments, with “5G to the home:. Given the confusion around what 5G is, this second “label whatever we have as 5G: approach could be used in Europe and the US alongside the first “limited millimeter wave deployment” approach happening in Asia Pacific.

This is the chilling observation: these planning documents for the recently installed 4G Palo Alto Small cells, show that even though the RF/MW radiation calculations were made for 6 watts of input power, the actual input power for each small cell antenna is 300 to 500 Watts and the “associated equipment” power supply cabinet is 17.5 cubic feet — one for each antenna!

Similar documents for a 2017 Verizon 4G Small Cell deployment in Weston, MA state that each antenna outputs 1,257 Watts of Effective Radiated Power (ERP), a significant RF/MW radiation exposure. These military-grade RF/MW radiation exposures do not belong in residential zones not matter what over-the-rainbow promises are being made about 5G by those who wish to profit for 4G/5G Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) installations everywhere.

As SB.649 contains no language for real-time monitoring of the levels of RF/MW radiation and no warning or detection systems if the RF/MW radiation reaches hazardous levels, then the equipment is already in place to easily increase the power input from 6 watts to 500 watts, which constitutes a Microwave Radiation weapon on every block in downtown Palo Alto — not unlike weapons the Federal Government has already designed and deployed.

Here is an actual, already designed and deployed actual millimeter wave application . . .

Military Ray Gun: Active Denial System, an Electromagnetic Radiation Weapon:

The military exploits the fact that Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation) is biologicially active while the Wireless industry denies that RF/MW radiation is biologically active. Which one is lying?

  • 5G is a pipe-dream: it is not even close to being deployed at scale. The engineers understand this. 5G is the smoke screen/hype machine being used to sell this vision to the politicians.
  • This is actually a real-estate scheme: AT&T and Verizon want to invade neighborhoods and secure cut-rate, rent-controlled access to publicly-owned structures (utility poles, light poles, traffic lights, street signs) so they can expand their operations, at will, without regulation. AT&T and Verizon will install 4G/LTE today to make obscene profits now . . . and perhaps never upgrade it to 5G.

  • Have AT&T and Verizon behaved like this in the past? Sure. Read about their promises to upgrade the copper wireline networks with fiber-optic cables. After years of promises, and a fraudulent diversion of funds that they received to install the fiber-optic cables, they determined it would lower their costs and maximize their profits to use Wireless for broadband instead — even though Wireless broadband is hazardous, extremely energy-inefficient, much less secure and much less reliable than fiber-optic to the home.
  • The real goal is to secure a new source of revenue: cell phone subscriptions are a mature (but still very profitable business); now the Wireless companies want to steal market share from Comcast and other cable companies and charge for data by the gigabyte. How to best do this? Make timely donations to politicians’ local programs to get these politicians to do their bidding, like price-fixing the access price to publicly-owned property to install powerful two-way microwave transmitters 10-15 feet from second story windows in residential neighborhoods.”(1)

More bandwidth – more dangers of 5G

“Who doesn’t want faster, bigger (or smaller), more efficient? Take wireless mobile telecommunications. Our current broadband cellular network platform, 4G (or fourth generation), allows us to transmit data faster than 3G and everything that preceded. We can access information faster now than ever before in history. What more could we want? Oh, yes, transmission speeds powerful enough to accommodate the (rather horrifying) so-called  Internet of Things. Which brings us to 5G.

Until now, mobile broadband networks have been designed to meet the needs of people. But 5G has been created with machines’ needs in mind, offering low-latency, high-efficiency data transfer. It achieves this by breaking data down into smaller packages, allowing for faster transmission times. Whereas 4G has a fifty-millisecond delay, 5G data transfer will offer a mere one-millisecond delay–we humans won’t notice the difference, but it will permit machines to achieve near-seamless communication. Which in itself  may open a whole Pandora’s box of trouble for us – and our planet.

Let’s start with some basic background on 5G technology. Faster processing speeds require more bandwidth, yet our current frequency bandwidths are quickly becoming saturated. The idea behind 5G is to use untapped bandwidth of the extremely high-frequency millimeter wave (MMW), between 30GHz and 300GHz, in addition to some lower and mid-range frequencies.

High-frequency MMWs travel a short distance. Furthermore, they don’t travel well through buildings and tend to be absorbed by rain and plants, leading to signal interference. Thus, the necessary infrastructure would require many smaller, barely noticeable cell towers situated closer together, with more input and output ports than there are on the much larger, easier to see 4G towers. This would likely result in wireless antennas much closer together, on every lamp post and utility pole in your neighborhood.

Here are some numbers to put things into perspective: as of 2015, there were 308,000 wireless antennas on cell towers and buildings. That’s double the 2002 number. Yet 5G would require exponentially more, smaller ones, placed much closer together, with each emitting bursts of radio-frequency radiation (RFR)–granted, at levels much lower than that of today’s 4G cell towers–that will be much harder to avoid because these towers will be ubiquitous. If we could see the RFR, it would look like a smog that’s everywhere, all the time.”(2)

Serious health concerns:

“Definition of Microwave Sickness:

Original Merriam-Webster® link here.

a condition of impaired health . . . that is characterized by headaches, anxiety, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and difficulty in concentrating and by changes in the cardiovascular and central nervous systems and that is held to be caused by prolonged exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation”(1)

“It’s important to know that in 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified RFR as a potential 2B carcinogen and specified that the use of mobile phones could lead to specific forms of brain tumors.

Many studies have associated low-level RFR exposure with a litany of health effects, including:

  • DNA single and double-strand breaks (which leads to cancer)
  • oxidative damage (which leads to tissue deterioration and premature ageing)
  • disruption of cell metabolism
  • increased blood-brain barrier permeability
  • melatonin reduction (leading to insomnia and increasing cancer risks)
  • disruption of brain glucose metabolism
  • generation of stress proteins (leading to myriad diseases)”(2)

And then there’s the negative effects on mitochondria in the cells:

“As mentioned, the new 5G technology utilizes higher-frequency MMW bands, which give off the same dose of radiation as airport scanners.

The effects of this radiation on public health have yet to undergo the rigors of long-term testing. Adoption of 5G will mean more signals carrying more energy through the high-frequency spectrum, with more transmitters located closer to people’s homes and workplaces–basically a lot more (and more potent) RFR flying around us. It’s no wonder that apprehension exists over potential risks, to both human and environmental health.

Perhaps the strongest concern involves adverse effects of MMWs on human skin. This letter to the Federal Communications Commission, from Dr Yael Stein of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, outlines the main points. Over ninety percent of microwave radiation is absorbed by the epidermis and dermis layers, so human skin basically acts as an absorbing sponge for microwave radiation. Disquieting as this may sound, it’s generally considered acceptable so long as the violating wavelengths are greater than the skin layer’s dimensions. But MMW’s violate this condition.

Furthermore, the sweat ducts in the skin’s upper layer act like helical antennas, which are specialized antennas constructed specifically to respond to electromagnetic fields. With millions of sweat ducts, and 5G’s increased RFR needs, it stands to reason that our bodies will become far more conductive to this radiation. The full ramifications of this fact are presently unclear, especially for more vulnerable members of the public (e.g., babies, pregnant women, the elderly), but this technology

Furthermore, MMWs may cause our pain receptors to flare up in recognition of the waves as damaging stimuli. Consider that the US Department of Defense already uses a crowd-dispersal method called the Active Denial System, in which MMWs are directed at crowds to make their skin feel like it’s burning, and also has the ability to basically microwave populations to death from afar with this technology if they choose to do so. And the telecommunications industry wants to fill our atmosphere with MMWs?

Animal research worldwide illustrates how microwave radiation in general and MMW’s in particular can damage the eyes and immune system, cell growth rate, even bacterial resistance. An experiment at the Medical Research Institute of Kanazawa Medical University showed that 60GHz millimeter-wave antennas produce thermal injuries in rabbit eyes, with thermal effects reaching below the eye’s surface. This study, meanwhile, suggests low-level MMW’s caused lens opacity–a precursor to cataracts–in rats’ eyes. A Chinese study demonstrated that eight hours’ of microwave radiation damaged rabbits’ lens epithelial cells. A Pakistani study concluded that exposure to mobile phone EMF prevented chicken embryo retinal cells from properly differentiating.

This Russian study revealed that exposing healthy mice to low-intensity, extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation severely compromised their immune systems. And a 2016 Armenian study concluded that low-intensity MMW’s not only depressed the growth of E. coli and other bacteria, but also changed certain properties and activity levels of the cells. The same Armenian study noted that MMW interaction with bacteria could lead to antibiotic resistance–distressing news, considering immunity to bacteria is already compromised due to the overuse of antibiotics.

Again, if these findings translate to humans, our rampant cellphone use would likely cause profound, adverse health effects; an increase in MMW’s as more bandwidth is introduced could further complicate the matter. But what’s also important to note here is that 5G technologies will not only have a profound impact on human health, but on the health of all living organisms it touches, including plants, as we shall see.

Equally disturbing, 5G technology puts environmental health at risk in a number of ways. First, MMWs may pose a serious threat to plant health. This 2010 study showed that the leaves of aspen seedlings exposed to RFR exhibited symptoms of necrosis, while another Armenian study suggested low-intensity MMW’s cause “peroxidase isoenzyme spectrum changes”–basically a stress response that damages cells–in wheat shoots. Plant irradiation is bad news for the planet’s flora, but it’s bad news for us, too: it could contaminate our food supply.

5G will potentially threaten natural ecosystems. According to several reports over the last two decades–some of which are summarized here–low-level, non-ionizing microwave radiation affects bird and bee health. It drives birds from their nests and causes plume deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship and death. And bee populations suffer from reduced egg-laying abilities of queen bees and smaller colony sizes. More evidence of ecosystem disruption comes from this 2012 meta-study, which indicates that 593 of 919 research studies suggest that RFR adversely affects plants, animals and humans.

It bears repeating: 5G is bad news for all living creatures and the planet we share.

Stop Killing Yourselves

The following video puts a bit more emphasis on the seriousness of this silent weapon:

Beware the propaganda deluge

Despite being fully aware of all these unsettling results, threats and concerns, the US corporatocracy continues to maintain a gung-ho attitude about 5G. The Mobile Now Act was passed in 2016, and many US states have since gone ahead with 5G plans. The telecom industry’s biggest players have basically co-opted government powers to enforce their 5G agenda, with companies like AT&T and Qualcomm having begun live testing. And despite research showing serious threats to humans and the planet, the FCC Chairman announced intentions to open low-, mid- and high-frequency spectrums, without even mentioning a single word about the dangers.

They’re going to sell this to us as ‘faster browsing speeds’ – but the truth is, you’ll barely even notice the difference. They’re going to call anyone who protests against 5G a ‘Luddite’ or ‘technophobe’. But why such a willingness to embrace another new technology   – even though it carries serious risks and brings spurious benefits? Why not heed the lessons learned from killer products like asbestos, tobacco and leaded gasoline?

Because a tiny percentage of people will gain an awful lot of money, is one reason. And because companies and governments will be given unprecedented amounts of power over civilians is the other.

All isn’t doom and gloom, though. At least one US politician is maintaining some level-headedness: in October, California Governor Jerry Brown stopped legislation that would have allowed the telecom industry to inundate the state with mini-towers. Brown’s bold actions have permitted localities a say in where and how many cell towers are placed.

The state of Hawaii has stopped 5G and smart meters by collectively threatening to charge every person who installed such meters with liability for any health problems residents may suffer. Moreover, 180 scientists have started a petition to warn of 5G potential health effects. Maybe these actions will afford more time for additional studies and data collection. Just as importantly, maybe they’ll cause other politicians and figureheads to reflect on what they’ve been pushing for.

Millimeter waves (from 10-mm|30GHz to 1-mm|300GHz) are readily absorbed by the atmosphere and by the eyes and skin of living organisms

In the first quarter of 2017, the US population was being irradiated primarily by the following pulsed microwaves:

  • 700 million to 2.1 billion microwaves per second for 2G/3G/4G mobile data sent to cell phones
  • 2.4 billion to 5.8 billion microwaves per second for Wi-Fi data to tablets/laptops

In the near future, if Verizon, AT&T and others wireless carriers have their way, the US population will be radiated with additional, pulsed microwaves (24 billion to 90 billion microwaves per second) for 5G services and for navigation-assisted cars.

As with any toxic agent, the proper way to evaluate its toxicity is to consider not just the rate of exposure (as the Federal RF/MW radiation guidelines do), but consider total exposure over time. Below is a graph of RF/MW radiation exposures from Wi-Fi of an elementary school student using a wireless iPad. One can see extremely high peaks of electrical power.  These peaks cannot be seen using SAR tests. 

The intense peaks of RF/MW radiation and total exposure over time (not the average rate of exposure), are what impacts health the most.

In May of 2016, scientists at the US Federal National Toxicology Program released “partial findings” from the $25 million study on cellphone radiation, that found that both hyperplasias (abnormal increases in volume of a tissue or organ caused by the formation and growth of new normal cells) and tumors occur at significantly higher rates in the presence of continuous RF/MW radiation,

Disregarding these findings, six short weeks later, the FCC approved a move to 5G, and the wireless industry got to work installing  Distributed Antenna Systems on utility poles as quickly as they possibly could.  Some antennas have been placed as close as 20 feet from second story bedroom windows and will spray 4G or 5G RF/MW radiation 24/7/365 into these bedrooms.. Cancer clusters have been documented for people living closer than 2,000 feet to mobile communications base stations,.Antennas for mobile communications base stations should never be lower than 200 feet, and never closer than 2,000 feet to people and other living organisms.

Massive electromagnetic pollution is spiraling out of control, with both Industry and Government denying the scientific proof of harm from RF/MW radiation. Our Government and the Wireless Industry should not transmit digital data wirelessly, using the data-dense modulation schemes: Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM/OFDMA) used in Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE and 5G — because the US Government has already proven that the data-sparse 2G modulation is hazardous. We must, instead, transmit data from Point A to Point B to every business, every home, every school and farm with far superior fiber optic cables.”(3)

Most 5G Studies Misleading

“5G will use pulsed millimeter waves to carry information. But as Dr. Joel Moskowitz points out, most 5G studies are misleading because they do not pulse the waves. This is important because research on microwaves already tells us how pulsed waves have more profound biological effects on our body compared to non-pulsed waves. Previous studies, for instance, show how pulse rates of the frequencies led to gene toxicity and DNA strand breaks.

Live Testing Already Begun

AT&T have announced the availability of their 5G Evolution in Austin, Texas. 5G Evolution allows Samsung S8 and S8 + users access to faster speeds. This is part of AT&T’s plan to lay the 5G foundation while the standards are being finalized. This is expected to happen in late 2018. AT&T has eyes on 19 other metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco and so on. Indianapolis is up next on their 5G trail due to arrive in the summer.

Charter, the second-largest cable operator in the US, has been approved for an experimental 28 GHz license in Los Angeles. The outdoor tests will use fixed transmitters with a 1 km or smaller effective radius.

Qualcomm has already demonstrated a 5G antenna system with about 27 decibel gain. According to ABI Research, is “about 10 to 12 more db than a typical cellular base station antenna.” Not a good sign.

Many more private sector companies such as HTC, Oracle, Sprint, T-Mobile are playing a role in the developing of testing platforms by contributing time, knowledge or money.

In the UK the 3.4GHz band has been earmarked for 5G use with contracts awarded to O2, Vodaphone, EE and Three. While the 2.3GHz band, awarded to O2, is likely to be used for 5G too in time.”(4)

Take a look at this short video on some of the negative health effects of cell phones and 5G:

Take action

“In the meantime, we as individuals must do everything we can to protect ourselves. Here’s what you can do:

  • Understand EMFs and their behaviors
  • Use EMF meters to measure, mark and avoid hotspots
  • Whenever possible, limit your exposure: use a headset or speaker mode while talking on a cellphone.
  • Refuse to use 5G phones and devices. Full stop. And discourage those you know from doing so.
  • Refuse to buy anything ‘smart’ – ‘smart’ appliances, ‘smart’ heaters, etc.
  • No matter what, do NOT get a smart meter – these put high levels of 5G radiation right in your home
  • Join the growing numbers of dissenters. Get active with them here.
  • Do as the Hawaiians have done and threaten smart meter and 5G tech installers with liability. You can learn how to do that here.
  • Spread the word! Share this article with everyone you know”(2) 

Some Final Thoughts:


(1) What are 4G/5G?

(2) Frightening Frequencies: The Dangers of 5G & What You Can Do About Them

(3) Microwave Radiation Primer

(4) 5G Radiation Dangers – 11 Reasons To Be Concerned

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Distilled Water Is The Fountain Of Youth

If you aren’t already aware of the benefits of Distilled Water then you probably decided to take a look at this because you’re curious about the claim in the title that Distilled Water is the Fountain of Youth.

You may be thinking, “Come on, it’s just water, I’ve been drinking water my whole life, yes, I know, without water death occurs in a short time, but isn’t it actually harmful to drink water that’s been distilled? Can’t you die from drinking distilled water?

Well, unfortunately these beliefs about distilled water have been drummed into us since we were young.

And, as is the case with so many of the beliefs we’ve been programed with, these beliefs are the exact opposite of reality.

“Imagine one common possible cause for nearly all diseases! Can it be that arthritis, kidney stones, gall stones, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), enlarged hearts, emphysema, obesity, constipation, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, all stem from one common cause? Unbelievable! But possibly very true!

We all use it every day-from the baby’s first cry to the old man’s last breath. Water! The one element you need the most and suspect the least. If this shocks you, do not be surprised, as millions of Americans are still unaware of this “aging process,” and indulge in it freely. Multitudes suffer from all the above diseases, and unknowingly contribute to this cause daily. Somehow the shots, pills, vitamin capsules and balanced diets add only brief spurts to well-being.

The arthritis can get a little worse, the arteries a little harder, the gall stones and kidney stones a little larger, the eyes a little dimmer, the hearing more complex, sugar starts to appear in the urine, digestion slows down, constipation calls for stronger laxatives-and waist lines get a little larger. It’s a never-ending cycle of feeling just a little worse than the day before.

Let me cheer you up. There is good news in store for you. Happy years are now ahead of you, far into your nineties or even more. Your stiff joints may begin to loosen, arteries become more elastic, blood pressures can become more normal, heart action firmer and more powerful. Your lungs can expand with fresh air, kidney and gall stones can gradually dissolve, never to appear again. That lost appetite can also reappear, and those aggravating stomach pains somehow can vanish.

Following, are a few authenticated case histories, just to prove what has already taken place in the lives of two famous individuals.

One was an individual named Dr. Brown Landone who lived to the splendid age of 98. His patient, a Captain Diamond, lived vigorously to the fantastic age of 120 years.

Dr. Landone had a heart condition at the age of 17. Today it would have meant a heart transplant or other dangerous surgery. His doctor allotted him three months to live at the most. His heart chambers and valves were coated with mineral deposits much like his mother’s teakettle. Dr. Landone was determined to live. After devising a special treatment, he returned for his second heart examination two years later. His doctor pronounced his heart perfect. All aglow with life, young Landone enrolled in a medical college and received the degree of Doctor of Neurology. He practiced this profession for 50 years, then turned his talents to writing. His average working day was from 18 to 20 hours. At the age of 98, he could have been mistaken for a man of 50!

During Dr. Landone’s years in practice, he met Captain Diamond, who was bed-ridden with arthritis and hardening of his arteries at the age of 70.

Dr. Landone suggested his treatment. Five years later he was teaching classes in physical culture. At the age of 103 he walked from Sacramento to New York. At the age of 110 he danced all night with a 16-year-old. He died at the fantastic age of 120!

The Secret of Longevity

There are at least nine different kinds of water. Some kinds can harden your arteries, form gall stones and kidney stones, bring on early senility, and all the diseases mentioned earlier. Other kinds of water work in reverse. What one type of water carries into the system, the other carries out.

Let’s classify these nine kinds of water. They are hard water, raw water, boiled water, soft water, rain water, snow water, filtered water, de-ionized water and distilled water. All are kinds of water, but remember this: only one of these nine kinds of water is good for you.

Hard Water

Hard water is water containing excessive lime salts, that is, carbonates and sulfates of calcium and magnesium. Sodium, iron, copper, silicon, nitrates, chlorides, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, and many other harmful inorganic minerals and chemicals may also be present. Most all the water we drink comes from public water systems or private wells. These are hard waters. Any water that has run through, or over, ground is hard water to some degree. The longer it filters through the soil, the harder it gets and the more harmful it may become for you.

Soft Water

Some cities take water from rivers and lakes or mountain reservoirs. They call it soft water. But soft water from such sources is soft only in comparison to water which is harder.

Each year the earth’s rivers carry to the sea five billion tons of dissolved minerals and other unnumbered millions of tons of carbon compounds and factory pollutants. “And ocean life is on the decrease,” according to Jacques Cousteau.

There are also the hard waters which are called “mineral waters.” That is, waters from certain mineral springs, well known for their medicinal effects. Practically all kinds of “bottled” water is hard water.

The reason mineral waters have this so-called medicinal effect is because the body tries to throw off the excess minerals which invade it as intruding foreign deposits. Actually, a form of dysentery exists, as the organism tries to eliminate and expel this unusual condition. To subsist on this type of water could be detrimental.

Raw Water

Raw water is water which has not been treated in any way. It may be hard or soft-as hard as lime water, or as soft as rain water. Raw water contains millions of viruses and bacteria, and is densely inhabited in every drop. Chemicals dumped into our rivers may cause cancer, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

True, properly chlorinated water kills most germs and viruses, but it can also kill the cells in our bodies. The only safe rule to follow individually is to distill drinking water, which will eliminate both chlorine and pathogenic organisms.

Boiled Water

Boiled water is advised by some health authorities. Boiling removes none of the inorganic minerals, although it does kill the bacteria in raw water if boiled at least 20 minutes. But the dead bodies of these germs are carried into the system when the boiled water is used. Such dead materials furnish a fertilized soil for rapid and lusty propagation of germs already in the body.

By drinking boiled water one may avoid live disease germs, but still takes on bacterial soil for the growth of other bacteria.

While raw water is an aquarium filled with deadly microorganisms, boiled water is a graveyard of dead germs.

Rain Water

Rain water, which has been distilled by the heat of the sun, should contain no mineral matter and no germs. But when it falls from the clouds as rain, it falls through air filled with bacteria, dust, smoke, chemicals, mud and minerals. By the time it reaches the earth as rain water it is so saturated with decaying matter, dirt and chemicals that its color becomes a yellowish-white.

If rain water is allowed to stand it becomes filthy because of the rotting animal matter in it.


Snow water is melted snow. It, too, picks up minerals, chemicals and radioactive fallout such as Strontium 90. Snow is frozen rain. Freezing does not destroy bacteria. Snow looks white and clean but it contains as many germs, minerals and pollutants as rain water. Remember the dirt left from melting snow in the spring? How the dirt of what has melted forms on top of the snow which is not yet melted! Try melting the cleanest snow, then note the filth in the water. Each snowflake contains some form of air pollution.

Filtered Water

Filtered water is water which has passed through a very fine strainer, activated carbon or some other mechanical barrier. The use of filtered water is still rather popular. Some people think that water which has passed through a filter is purified. They believe that the filter keeps the waste substances and disease germs of the water in the filter. While it is true that chlorine, some suspended substances and many synthetic chemicals are removed in the filter by filtering, there is no filter made which can prevent bacteria or viruses from passing through its fine meshes. Each pore of the finest filter is large enough for millions of germs to pass through, even those containing silver!

Moreover, decaying matter collects on the bottom of every filter. This forms an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. After a filter has been used for a few days, the filtered water often contains more disease germs than the water which is put into the filter. Bacteria are multiplied by the millions by the collected wastes at the base of some filters, and washed through with filtered water, according to Dr. Brown Landone.

You may have heard about water filtered by reverse osmosis. In this process, water is purified by forcing a portion of the raw water through a semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis removes a high percentage of the dissolved solids as well as other contaminants, and when new the result often approaches the purity of distilled water. The degree of purity in any case varies widely, depending on the types and conditions of the equipment used, much as with filter equipment, and the effectiveness lessens with use. Sometimes drastically!”(1)


“Regardless of the process or the technology behind it, the main purpose of these devices is to produce the cleanest, purest, healthiest water possible. The most commonly used method for cleaning
up tap water is the carbon block filter which removes the water’s bad taste, smell, chlorine, nitrates and many chemicals. It is, indeed, the most economical form of water treatment available; however, it comes with several serious drawbacks:
It does not remove all chemicals present.
Chemicals can build up in the filter to dangerous concentrations which end up in your body if  you    don’t change the filter regularly.
A carbon filter is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.
The filter can develop channeling from water taking the path of least resistance. Therefore, unfiltered water can pass straight through the filter, unobstructed.”(2)

De-ionized Water

“Water processed by the de-ionized method effectively removes minerals, and compares to distilled water in this respect. However, it does become a breeding ground for bacteria, pyrogenic matter and viruses. The fault in this system lies in the resin beds which can become notorious breeding grounds. Therefore it is not wise to have this possibility exist in your drinking water.

Furthermore, deionization does not remove synthetic chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, insecticides or industrial solvents.

Distilled Water! The Miracle Of All Water

Distilled water is water which has been turned into vapor, so that virtually all its impurities are left behind. Then, by condensing, it is turned back to “pure” water. Distillation is the single most effective method of water purification. It is God’s water for the human race.

In a manner of speaking, distillation is nature’s way. The weather of the world is created in the tropics, where half the heat reaching the earth falls on land and water masses. Here heat energy is stored within water vapor through the process of evaporation, nature’s distillery. When the jet streams return ocean water to inland areas, they do so without sea salts and minerals, all of which have been left behind.

Distilling water turns it into vapor, and then through condensation, back again into pure water. Rising vapor cannot carry minerals and other dissolved solids. It will not carry disease germs, dead or alive. The secret is that the vapor rises between all the suspended particles and chemicals in the air. When this condensation occurs as falling rain, it picks up airborne pollutants! Not so in a vented distiller where most of them are eliminated.

If pure distilled water is boiled in a teakettle, no calcium or minerals of any kind will collect to coat the inside of the kettle, even though you used the same kettle for ten years.

Distilled water then is water of the purest kind. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless.

As a solvent, it dissolves rocks and soil. It figures in the transport of nutrients into plant life.
In the human body, water fills similar functions. It regulates the temperature of the body by helping take off extra heat resulting from an intake of some 3,000 calories of food each day. Water keeps the body from burning up. It carries waste products from the body.

Distilled water acts as a solvent in the body. It dissolves food substances so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell. It dissolves inorganic mineral substances lodged in tissues of the body so that such substances can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body.

Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth-the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues.

By its continued use, it is possible to dissolve inorganic minerals, acid crystals, and all the other waste products of the body without injuring tissues.

Inorganic Mineral Deposits Must Be Removed

For purification, distilled water is the solvent of choice. After mineral deposits are dissolved, gentle muscular exercise can force the dissolved poisons and wastes from the tissues into the blood so that blood can carry wastes to the excretory organs. Then, these organs can squeeze and pour the wastes out of the body.

Hard water then is your greatest enemy. It will destroy every fond hope you have by striking you down when you should be enjoying the fruits of your labors. Crippled joints, repeated surgeries, enlarged hearts, hardened arteries, gall stones, kidney stones, hearing problems, forgetful minds, all draw your activities from the great out-of-doors into creaking rocking chairs, and finally into bed-ridden old people’s homes.

Let’s trace the course of hard water. It begins in the clouds. As it falls it collects minerals and poisonous chemicals. It is good water, except for what it picks up as it falls. When it reaches the ground it is designed to do one thing, to pick up minerals. These inorganic minerals are wonderful, but only for plants. As the water picks up minerals, it distributes them evenly to plant life. Plants would never grow if these minerals were not supplied to their roots. Water then acts as a carrier of some minerals, namely anion nutrients. But chemicals have now polluted our pure air. To clean the air, and make it fit to breathe, nature designed water to absorb these poisons.

Most people are unaware that these collected minerals from the air and in the ground are all inorganic minerals, which cannot be assimilated by the body unless they are chelated into organic molecules. The only minerals the body can utilize are the organic minerals. All the others are foreign minerals and must be disposed of or eliminated. Herein lies the problem we have never suspected as the possible cause of nearly all our aging diseases.

Only Plants Need Inorganic Minerals

Water, as a carrier of minerals, is fine for the plant. The plant in turn converts the inorganic minerals to organic minerals. Then our bodies can assimilate them. We have worked this process in reverse. We consume hard water saturated with calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, silicon, not realizing the body is unable to assimilate these nutrients efficiently. So nature tucks them in the joints as arthritis, in the intestinal walls as constipation, and along the arteries, causing them to harden. The kidneys and liver roll up the mineral deposits into little stones until they get too large for the ducts. Sometimes the “filters” of the kidneys become so mineral clogged that kidney transplants become necessary.

Many Disease Conditions Can Result From Mineral Deposits

Calcium deposits in the heart chambers and valves become so cemented into place with mineral deposits that heart surgery becomes necessary. Calcium deposits in the inner ear cause deafness. Skilled surgeons can now remove these deposits and in many cases restore hearing again. Should these deposits occur on the nerve, then total deafness can result.

Since water is a carrier of inorganic minerals, harmful to the body functions, it is wise to remove virtually all trace minerals, chemicals and foreign particles through the process of distillation. Then, and only then, is water odorless, colorless, and tasteless and fit for consumption.

Clearing Inorganic Mineral Deposits Brings Renewed Health

Through the process of distilling, the water is separated from virtually everything it carries, and is now pure water. As it enters the body, it again picks up mineral deposits accumulated in the joints, artery walls, or wherever such deposits occur, and begins to carry them out. Gall stones and kidney stones get smaller and smaller until they can safely pass through their ducts. Little by little arthritic pains become less as joints become more supple and movable. Arteries gradually become more elastic as blood pressures tend to become more normal. Gradually the outlook on life becomes a little more youthful-ambitions begin to return, while the squeaking rocking chair will give way to an active lifestyle.

The startling fact to remember is that water attracts chiefly inorganic minerals. Organic minerals stay in the tissues, where they belong. X-rays of the arteries will never show unless there are calcium deposits along the artery walls.

So hard water carries inert minerals into the body, and distilled water carries them out-it’s just as simple as that.

There is then only one way you can purify your body and help to eliminate your chronic aging diseases and that is through the miracle of distilled water. A sludge-filled motor cannot operate smoothly unless the sludge is removed. Neither can a body be supple and ageless unless the joints, arteries, cells and nerve tracts are free of mineral deposits!

The Appalling Truth

The average person drinks about a gallon of water per day. Adding up the cups of coffee, tea, soft drinks, food and water, this gallon isn’t too much. Many men drink much more. At a gallon a day, the average person drinks up to 450 glasses of solids during a life span. These same solids are found in your humidifier, and in grandmother’s teakettle. Think of it-450 glasses of mineral solids in your system during a lifetime.

What does the body do with these foreign materials? Nature does the very same thing you are now thinking. It tries to eliminate them. Do you recall the water spots on your windows from your water sprinkler? Ever try to remove them? It takes lots of vinegar and lots of rubbing to dissolve the deposits.

This same reaction takes place in our bodies. It begins by putting a thin film along our intestinal walls. As soon as one film is laid, it attracts another film much easier, until it begins to build up and one of the first results is constipation, a plague to millions of people. Other deposits occur where blood flows the slowest, such as in the joints as arthritis and gout, along the arteries as hardening, in the veins as varicose, in the lungs as emphysema. It often coats the crystalline lens of the eyes with a fine film possibly resulting in cataracts. Glaucoma, the dreaded eye disease, can be another result of hard water. The tiny vessels film up with mineral deposits, which result in a build-up of pressure in the eye. There has never been a known cause for glaucoma. It might be the mineral deposits.

Heart Attacks Unknown

Bantu African tribesmen were known to have the cleanest arteries, as well as the most elastic ones. They dug no wells, but catch rain water. Although this water is contaminated with bacteria, it is still almost free of minerals. The air and water pollution, such as we have in major cities, have not yet affected them as much. This is a tremendous testimony for mineral-free water.

Even the Europeans have far less cholesterol in their arteries than we do. They of course drink more wine than we do. Wine is comprised of distilled water. All water that passes through the roots of plants, converts the inorganic minerals to organic minerals, and distills the water at the same time. When juices contain minerals, they contain them as complexed organic molecules.

The truth of drinking distilled water is not new. It is just that the public has never caught on. Today, many progressive doctors prescribe distilled water for their patients. All the kidney machines operate on the purest distilled water.

Not only should we be concerned about the minerals in our water, but we must also add the deadly nitrates and anthracenes, as well as pesticides and herbicides, along with thousands of other chemicals, which are seeping into our lakes, rivers and wells and are contained in municipal water sources. The sewer wastes, and factory pollution, detergents included, can travel upstream underground at the rate of a half mile every six months.

Officials inspect and test city water periodically, but water is never the same at all times, and neither are wells in the same locations. Water can vary every day. Sometimes chemicals in water can become excessive; at other times negligible; but at all times the minerals will be there. What is necessary for health is a mineral free and chemical-free water. This is the only kind of water our bodies demand. Only through the process of distillation can we achieve this purity.”(1)

Distilled Water Helps Burn Fat

“Distilled water not only helps to metabolize the fat stored in the body, it also will help to suppress your appetite better than any diet pill on the market today. Pure, clean water not only aids in weight loss, it also helps prevent your body from gaining weight.

When your body is dehydrated and not receiving adequate quantities of water for normal bodily functions, the body will start storing water as a protective measure, and it does so in the fat cells. When the body is starved of water, instead of metabolizing fat with the help of water, it will
start storing water and fat.

Our kidneys cannot function adequately without the proper quantity of water; consequently a portion of their load is transferred to the liver. Metabolizing stored fat and converting it into energy is the primary function of our liver. As a result, the overloaded liver cannot function properly or at full capacity by metabolizing fat; and the fat that is not used as energy is stored in the body.

If you are not supplying your body with an adequate quantity of water, it will perceive this as a threat to the body’s survival. It begins storing water in the fat cells, causing the ankles, feet, legs and hands to swell and puff up. You can actually press against the swollen area with a finger and leave a
temporary indentation. In this process the body will begin storing as much water as it is supplied, and unfortunately the water the body is storing is not being used.

Therefore the organs may start pulling water from less critical bodily functions, which can result in many serious conditions such as:

1. Heat stroke
2. extremely dry mouth and nose
3. extremely dry skin, no elasticity
4. extreme thirst & no sweat no
5. urination or dark yellow urine
6. accelerated heartbeat sunken eyes
7. accelerated breathing
8. no tears when crying fever & possible delirium or even

The only way to rid the body of these symptoms is to drink plenty of water. The body will stop storing water and begin supplying it with much needed hydration. Then the stored water will be released. If you feel you are drinking an adequate amount of water and yet seem to be retaining it due
to swollen feet, ankles, legs, arms or hands, this may be the result of ingesting too much salt.

Your system will attempt to dilute excess quantities of salt which results in swollen tissues. To solve this issue, simply drink plenty of water, preferably distilled or reverse osmosis.

The larger a person is, the more water they require for their metabolic processes. So an overweight person obviously would need to drink larger quantities of water for their metabolism than would a thinner person. If you seem to have frequent muscle cramps, it is a sign that your muscles are
not receiving enough water to stay elastic and maintain proper muscle tone.

Ridding the Body of Waste

Another major function of water is to help rid the body of waste material. As the body starts shedding fat cells after receiving an adequate supply of water, these metabolized fat cells along with residual waste material must be eliminated. It is therefore important that the body received plenty of
water in order to help flush the waste material from the body.

Move Waste Material through the Colon

To move waste material through the colon, it needs a continual supply of water for this process, and if that does not happen you will become constipated. If you are not drinking enough water, the colon is one of the first organs to be deprived of its share. When this happens, you simply
need to drink more water, not take medication.

How Much Water Should Be Consumed Daily

The average person should be drinking 3 to 4 quarts (a bit less than 3 to 4 Liters) of water daily to adequately supply all of the body’s needs and to flush waste and toxins from the colon, kidneys and bladder. The best way to accomplish this is to have a bottle of water close by throughout the day and drink a little bit often. This will assure that you will not only stay hydrated, the water in your stomach will help suppress hunger.

When the Body Is Properly Hydrated

When the body is properly hydrated, every organ will function properly. You will also prevent water retention and any stored water will be released. The liver will properly metabolize stored fat and this fat will be used as fuel and burned up. Then you will again have normal thirst and normal hunger.”(2)

Doctors and Experts With the Courage to Tell the Truth About Distilled Water


“You should DRINK AT LEAST ONE GALLON of purified water a day. Most of us drink only at mealtime and when we’re noticeably thirsty. Wrong. You can develop a habit of NOT drinking water and walk around being 66 or 67 percent water, instead of 74 percent, which is what your body needs.

When you don’t have the water in you, you won’t ever have the energy you need. The very first thing I do to get people’s energy up is to increase the amount of water in their diet. Immediately, their energy goes up.

When someone has dementia, the first thing I do is give them lots of cold water all day, every day. About three weeks later, I start to see their dementia dissipate because they have rehydrated their brains. Unfortunately, your brain actually shrinks as you dehydrate. By DRINKING LOTS OF PURE WATER, you get better neuron activity and better cellular chemistry, and you’re able to detoxify the cells with water.

Water has to be pure, free from fluoride, chlorine, and chemicals, which is why I recommend distilled water. To achieve optimum health, I recommend that you DRINK A HALF GALLON TO ONE FULL GALLON PER DAY.”

— Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D., from, “Gary Null’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Program,”  Kensington Publishing Corp., 1999, Based on the PBS Documentary, “How to Live Forever”


“USED AS A DRINK, DISTILLED WATER IS ABSORBED DIRECTLY into the blood, the solvent properties of which it increases to such an extent that it will KEEP IN SOLUTION salts already existing in the blood, prevent their undue deposit in various organs and structures, favor their elimination by the various excreta, and tend to remove these earthy compounds which have already accumulated in the body.

There is no doubt as to THE HIGH VALUE OF DISTILLED WATER USED FREELY as a retarder of the ossifying conditions which appear to constitute the condition of old age.”

— Dr. C.W. DeLacy Evans, M.D., from How To Prolong Life


” …it is important that we GIVE TO THE BODY A SUFFICIENT QUANTITY OF PURE WATER in order that the blood may be kept in its normal fluid condition, and the disease-producing effete matter eliminated.

THERE IS NO CLEANSING AGENT AS IMPORTANT AS WATER, not only for the exterior of the body, but for the interior from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. It is a simple matter to drink a glass of water, yet the results of the act are marvelous. A very small portion of it enters the intestines, but by far the larger quantity is absorbed into the blood and enters immediately into the circulation of this life-giving fluid.”

“ONE IS ALMOST DRIVEN, if he be particular as to his water supply, TO THE USE OF DISTILLED WATER.”

— Bernarr Macfadden, from Macfadden’s Encyclopedia of Physical Culture, 1911.


“I thought if I DRANK PLENTY OF IT, I might get rid of some of the salts that were covering my sciatic nerves. I tried drinking it, and it worked like a charm. Within a short time my sciatica left me and I have been free of rheumatism from that day to this. I have KEPT UP MY DRINKING OF DISTILLED WATER and I attribute my almost perfect health largely to it.”

— Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the Telephone


“Distilled Water is a pure water. A lot of people have been mislead into believing that it robs minerals out of the body. Well, in my life, I’ve been DRINKING DISTILLED WATER FOR 35 YEARS. University of California Los Angeles, several years ago, told me I had the bone density of a 22 year old athlete. So, if in fact Distilled Water robbed the body of minerals, I would probably be crippled by now”

—Dr. Brian Clement, from the video, “Why Choose Distilled Water?”


“What we as scientists and the public have never realized is that minerals collected in the body from water are all inorganic minerals, which cannot be assimilated (digested) by the body. The only minerals that the body can utilize are the organic minerals (from fruits and vegetables). All other types of minerals are foreign substances to the body and must be disposed of or eliminated.”

“Distilled water then is water of the purest kind.  It is odorless, colorless and tasteless.  The divine purpose of water is to act as a solvent.  In nature, water in evaporation is so fine that your eye cannot perceive it as it is drawn up into the clouds.  Then it falls as rain, keeping the earth from being parched and burned.  As a solvent, it dissolves rocks and soil.  It figures in the transport of nutrients into plant life.

In the human body, water fills similar functions.  …Distilled water acts as a solvent in the body.  It dissolves food substances so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell.  It dissolves inorganic mineral substances lodged in tissues of the body so that such substances can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body.  Distilled water is the greatest solvent on earth —the only one that can be taken into the body without damage to the tissues.”


“Today, many progressive doctors prescribe distilled water to their patients.”

— Allen E. Banik, M.D. excerpts from, “The Choice is Clear”


“I personally have been DRINKING A GALLON OF DISTILLED WATER PER DAY for over 40 years. I fast all food for a minimum of 21 days annually. Over the years I have done three 40-day fasts on just distilled water. I fasted a year ago for 60 days: 40 days, then a break of 6 days eating only vegetables, and then continued another 20 days (for a total of 60 out of 66 days). No “early death” here, just perfect health and longevity.

I guess a man with an experience is not at the mercy of a man with an argument. Change your water and change your health. Drink distilled water purified nature’s way: evaporation and condensation.”

— Douglas Hoover, author of “Distilled Water and Health,”  Founder of Aquamedia Research Group, and


“Only distilled water, the emptiest water is allowed. Distilled water is so empty, it is like a vacuum, it is the universal solvent especially for unwanted mineral deposits. Just by DRINKING DISTILLED WATER ON A REGULAR BASIS you dissolve stones, and prevent new ones from forming…”

— Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., M.H.  from his “Kidney Stone Dissolving Routine”


“It is Mr. Bennet’s theory that old age and ill health are caused by the collection in the arteries and about the joints of lime and clay sediments contained in drinking water. This mineral coating, he believes, interrupts the proper circulation of the blood, prevents the necessary irrigation of the skin, produces stiffness of the joints and dulls the action of the brain.”

“Distilled water and olive oil, one used internally, the other used externally, are my elixirs of youth,” declared Mr. Bennett. “They will counteract the decaying conditions in the body. You must DRINK LARGE QUANTITIES OF DISTILLED WATER, rub yourself with pure California olive oil, and take a moderate exercise. That is the secret which my friends have so long wished to learn.”

“Why, ten years ago I could not read without glasses. Today, I can read the smallest print without artificial aid of any kind.”

— Mr. Sanford Bennet, excerpted from The San Francisco Call, September 24, 1900


” …WATER, FREE FROM IMPURITIES.  Any amount of it may be taken into the system without fear of detrimental results.  Physicians know it is the best solvent of inorganic concretions in the body, …there is NOTHING MORE WHOLESOME THAN PURE DISTILLED WATER, tightly corked in clean bottles, protected from contaminations of even impure air.  PURE WATER, WELL CORKED, NEVER GETS STALE.”

— Dr. Homer Wakefield, M.D., of Bloomington, Ill., from the article, “Pure Water Not a Poison” in The National Druggist, Volumes 29-30, 1899


“I OFTEN USE my water distiller – absolutely pure DISTILLED WATER IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DRINK. I also employ juicing – all the roots as well – and use the blender. In the blender I cut up oranges and grapefruits into small pieces, add water, and blend until liquid. The white parts of these fruits contain valuable bioflavonoids.”

—Kellie Everts, from “Campaign for Women’s Bodybuilding: Interview with the True Champion of Women’s Bodybuilding”


“…there are hundreds of case histories of people who have enjoyed success in alleviating or overcoming these health problems (arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, kidney stones, gall stones, cataracts and emphysema) when they BEGAN DRINKING DISTILLED WATER EXCLUSIVELY.”

—Dr. Clifford C. Dennison, Ed. D., an Associate Professor at Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee, and a lifelong water researcher


“I cannot emphasize enough THE IMPORTANCE OF DRINKING DISTILLED WATER FOR CLEANSING the blood stream, for reducing arthritic pain and lowering blood pressure. It has also been known to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. In fact, the only effect on the body is health.

There are rules of thumb on how much water to drink. The rule of thumb on a normal day is one half your body weight in ounces per day. If you are sweating and exerting yourself you should drink more, not less. We have a tendency to grab pop, coffee, Kool-Aid and juices, but we need to GET BACK TO THE HABIT OF GRABBING DISTILLED WATER.

To give you an example of what this means, if you are a man and you weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking a minimum of 100 ounces of distilled water throughout the day. There is an interesting side note for people that like to study. Job, which is the oldest book of the bible, I believe it is in the 36th chapter, said God took up the water, distilled it, and poured it out abundantly on man. The logical argument is who knows better what we need than the creator, and he gave us distilled water.”

— Dr. Chester Handley, D.C., M.D., from his article, “The Importance of Distilled Water in Aging”


“Often times the blood becomes tainted and needs to be purified. There is only one way of washing the blood and that is by means of dead water, undiluted water, distilled water which contains no life organism, chemicals or similar substances. It has to be dead water, i.e. water condensed from steam.

Distilled water, by virtue of its weight: effects a one pound pressure upon the minerals and acids which clog the bloodstream; it presses them right through the system. Even in a short time it eliminates appreciable quantities of impurities from the blood.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how to take The Cure; it may be taken quickly or slowly, hot or cold. It is left entirely to the individual to decide according to temperament and physical condition.

THE MAIN THING IS TO OBTAIN THE NECESSARY PRESSURE and to ensure that two cups are always taken at one time – A TOTAL OF SEVEN PINTS PER DAY. This is quite easy of accomplishment if the quantity is systematically regulated as follows:

  1. On awakening take two cups.
  2. Another two cups shortly before breakfast.
  3. Two cups in the middle of the morning.
  4. Two more 20 to 30 minutes before the mid-day meal.
  5. Two cups in the middle of the afternoon.
  6. Another two cups 20 to 30 minutes before dinner.
  7. The last two cups in the evening shortly before retiring.

If desired, TWO MORE PORTIONS MAY BE TAKEN one, two hours after lunch, and the other two hours after dinner. As regards to eating and drinking, it is a matter of individual choice. NOTHING IS FORBIDDEN AND THERE IS NO NEED FOR FASTING NOR PRIVATION. One may eat and drink according to individual needs. One eats only moderately after having taken two cups of distilled water. THE PRINCIPLE OF ‘THE CURE’ MUST BE MAINTAINED, I.E., SEVEN TIMES PER DAY, TWO CUPS OF WATER AT ONE TIME making sure to take two cups shortly before each meal.”

— Dr. Otoman Hanish, M.D., D.D., from “The Distilled Water Cure”


“We CONSUME A SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF DISTILLED WATER.  Not only just from the glass to drink, but believe it or not, ALL OF OUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES HAVE DISTILLED WATER in them, so when we consume those, WE CONSUME DISTILLED WATER IN THEM.”

“The plant juices really are the purest water, because the roots act as a filtering system, and so it filters out the impurity, it converts the minerals that are in the ground that are difficult for the body to assimilate, into a mineral that the body can assimilate easily.”

— Ann and Paul Malkmus/Hallelujah Acres, Purified vs Distilled Water Q&A —


“People who say that Distilled Water leaches minerals out of the body are, therefore, correct only in this respect. This is only 50% of the truth. It is virtually impossible for Distilled Water to separate minerals, which have become an integral part of the cells and tissues of the body. Distilled water collects ONLY the minerals which remain in the body, minerals discarded from natural water AND from the cells, the minerals which the natural water originally collected from its contact with the earth and the rocks. Such minerals, having been rejected by the cells of the body are of no constructive value. On the contrary, they are debris which distilled water is capable of picking up and eliminating from the system.”

“How much juice can be taken safely? Just as much as one can drink comfortably without forcing oneself. As a general rule, one pint daily is the least that will show any perceptible results, and PREFERABLY FROM TWO TO EIGHT PINTS OR MORE.  We must bear in mind that the more juice we drink the quicker the results.”

—Dr. Norman W. Walker, from his books, “Water Can Undermine Your Health” and “Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices” respectively.


“The DISTILLED WATER helps clean the inorganic minerals from our body that have accumulated over the years.  It helps transport the toxins out of our body.  And we need an ABUNDANCE of this water, initially, as we are trying to help the body FLUSH these toxins out so that we do not have to deal with a lot of symptoms of detoxification from cleansing.”

— Dr. Olin Idol, N.D., C.N.C., from, “Distilled Water” —


“The Gerson household kitchen supplies: …WATER DISTILLER”

“Gerson PATIENTS NEED PURE WATER, …Most cities have bottled water businesses that DELIVER PURIFIED AND DISTILLED WATER TO HOMES.”

“If your municipal water supply is fluoridated, it is imperative that you USE DISTILLED WATER FOR ALL PATIENT INTAKE”

— Dr. Max Gerson, M.D., from, Gerson Therapy Handbook


“I just completed A 40 DAY DISTILLED WATERS FAST TO HEAL MYSELF from significant degeneration of my knees secondary to osteoarthritis. My fast was fairly simple and straight forward. My goal was to fast on 1 GALLON TO 1.5 GALLONS OF DISTILLED WATER EACH DAY. I would ‘pound a pound’ (drink a pint quickly) at least every 1-2 hours. I was able to obtain a 6 week medical leave of absence and on day one of my medical leave I began fasting on 1.5 GALLONS OF DISTILLED WATER. I am ecstatic with the results. I lost 35 pounds which was very important for my knees. My objective was to remove inorganic mineral deposits throughout my body (like years and years of arterial plaque build-up), however I PRIMARILY DESIRED TO REMOVE ALL THE MINERAL DEPOSITS IN ALL OF MY JOINTS which are greatly impacted by osteoarthritis. 7 weeks ago, I had to order a seated walker to use at work in my role as a nurse consultant. Now that I have finished my 40 day Distilled Waters fast, I can walk and stand for hours with minimal pain.


I return to work in 3 days feeling much better and able to do my work without the need for a walker. This 50 something RN is very grateful for Distilled Waters Therapies! Namaste!”

— Dr. Cheryl R. Scott, RN, PhD, IBCLC


“By using succulent fruits and vegetables in scurvy, or acidosis, MUCH DISTILLED WATER IS FURNISHED THE BODY WITH WHICH TO FLUSH OUT THE ACCUMULATED PUTRESCENCE. Fruit and vegetables contain over ninety per cent water.”

— Dr. J. H. Tilden, M.D., from IMPAIRED HEALTH, ITS CAUSE AND CURE: A Repudiation of the Conventional Treatment of Disease, 1921


“WATER HARDNESS (INORGANIC MINERALS IN SOLUTION) is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract. These (hard minerals) pass from the intestinal walls and get into the lymphatic system, which delivers all of its products to the blood, which in turn, distributes to all parts of the body. THIS IS THE CAUSE OF MUCH HUMAN DISEASE.”

“Water Hardness is inorganic minerals in solution(in water). When these minerals enter the intestines in drinking water, there is an immediate reaction between them and the fats, oils and fatty acids present, causing precipitation of inorganic calcium, magnesium, iron and so on – to form new, insoluble compounds.”

—Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic


” …from Dr. J. H. Kellogg, the physician-in-Chief of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, …in Good Health Magazine for June, 1899, SAYS OF DISTILLED WATER:

“It is FREE FROM GERMS, FREE FROM INJURIOUS SALTS, FROM LIME and other substances with which they are found in combination, if not always of the same uniform quality.”

—from “Distilled Water and Longevity” by Elmer Ellsworth Carey, Chicago, in Suggestion magazine, Volume 10, January 1, 1903

“Still another use for water is TO DISSOLVE AND WASH OUT of our bodies, through the sweat of the skin, and in other ways, THE WASTE AND WORN-OUT PARTICLES which are no longer of any use.”

“Most waters have more or less substances dissolved in them. Water which has much lime in it is called hard water.  Such water is not so good to drink, or for use in cooking, as soft water.  THAT WATER IS BEST WHICH HOLDS NO SUBSTANCES IN SOLUTION.”

“THE PUREST WATER IS THE BEST.  Impure water causes sickness.”

— Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, from, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s Child’s Guide to Health and Hygiene


“ANYONE DRINKING DISTILLED WATER EXCLUSIVELY WOULD EVENTUALLY RETURN TO NORMAL WEIGHT. The reason, hard water film imprisons the cells so tissues become water-logged. Retention of fluid is the chief cause of obesity. Distilled water again breaks the cell barrier and the body weight returns to normal. Weight watchers will lose weight, regardless of present diet if they include 4-6 glasses of distilled water each day taken a half hour before each meal”

— Dr. Brown Landone, neurologist,



—Raymond H. Bishop, Jr. M.D. Major General, Commander – Medical Corps. Department of the Army, U.S. Army Health Services Command


“DISTILLED WATER IS THE ACME OF PURITY. Nothing can be purer than that which is absolutely pure. For medicinal purposes, the highest authorities are agreed that PURE WATER IS PREFERABLE TO THE SO-CALLED MEDICINAL SPRING WATERS. The latter all contain more or less impurities in the form of earthy salts or organic matter, which is not the case with distilled water. For flushing the kidneys, stimulating the sluggish liver, eliminating waste matter from the system; indeed for all affections in which medical waters are believed to be efficacious, PURE DISTILLED WATER FURNISHES THE LONG SOUGHT DESIDERATUM.”

— Dr. R. N. Tooker, Chicago, from “Distilled Water and Longevity” by Elmer Ellsworth Carey, Chicago, in Suggestion magazine, Volume 10, January 1, 1903


“LIQUID WATER IS THE BEST KNOWN SOLVENT IN EXISTENCE. In fact, it is commonly referred to as the universal solvent. This means it can dissolve more of the greatest number of substances than any other liquid.”

“WATER MOLECULES, in contact with foreign substances, have been compared to cowboys cutting cattle from a herd — they FORCE THEIR WAY BETWEEN CLUSTERS OF PARTICLES, BREAK THEM APART AND HOLD THEM AT BAY.”


— Eldon C. Muehling, excerpts from “Pure Water Now: It’s Time for Action”


“When one drinks impure, dirty water, the body acts as a filter, trapping a percentage of the solids suspended in the water. A filter eventually becomes clogged and useless – fit only to be thrown away. The human body might well face the same fate.

But the basic point – that ONLY DISTILLED WATER AVOIDS MINERAL BUILDUPS IN THE BODY – is an inarguable one. The deposits, which build up in a teakettle from repeated use, are traces of minerals left behind as the water evaporates. DISTILLED WATER LEAVES NO SUCH TRACES – in a teakettle or in the human body. It is true that in most hospitals distilled water is used for newborn infants; distilled water is prescribed for heart patients in many cardiac wards. And it is true that kidney stones and other mineral-like buildups in the body are much more common in the areas where the drinking water has high levels in inorganic minerals – and distilled water has none of those at all.

IT IS WITHOUT DOUBT THE BEST WATER AVAILABLE TO MAN – and the only truly pure water available in our waste-laden society.”

—Dr. Paul Conn, from “Not A Drop To Drink”


“DISTILLATION IS EFFECTIVE BECAUSE IT REMOVES THE WATER FROM THE CONTAMINANTS, RATHER THAN TRYING TO REMOVE THE CONTAMINANTS FROM THE WATER. Distillers have several major advantages over other purification systems. A good distillation system pretty much eliminates the need to ever have your water tested. It’s the only purification system I know that removes every kind of bacteria, virus, parasite, and pathogen, as well as pesticides, herbicides, organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals (dissolved or otherwise), AND EVEN RADIOACTIVE CONTAMINANTS.”

— Dr. David Williamson, D.C., from “Why You Should Drink Distilled Water”


“Interestingly, studies examining the role that cholesterol may play in plaque formation have shown that the 42-amino acid form of beta- amyloid builds up more easily in the brains of rabbits given tap water than it does if these animals drink distilled water.


— Dr. Harold D. Foster, from “What Really Causes Alzheimer’s Disease”


“And the ‘Matchless Sanative’ –who has not known of its marvelous cures? Twenty-five or thirty years ago it was all the rage in some places. I have seen many chronic invalids who had worn out half a dozen regular physicians, and swallowed the whole round of patent nostrums; but nothing ever did them so much good as the ‘Matchless Sanative.’ Well, IT WAS A MATCHLESS MEDICINE. It was the very best remedy, as a universal panacea, ever sold to an afflicted mortal at an extravagant price, for IT WAS PURE WATER, AND NOTHING ELSE”

— Dr. Russell T. Trall, M.D., from, “THE TRUE HEALING ART: Or, HYGIENIC vs. DRUG MEDICATION,” An Address Delivered at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., 1862


“Water is so valuable to the entire system of the human body that it is wise to use only the best. USE PURE STEAM DISTILLED WATER FOR HEALTH AND WELL BEING.”

—Dr. John R. Christopher, from “Regenerative Diet”


“THE ONLY TYPE OF WATER THAT SEEMS TO BE FIT FOR CONSUMPTION IS DISTILLED WATER, which is water that is absolutely free of any minerals or chemicals. Distilled water is made pure by first being heated to the point of vaporization, so that all of the ‘impurities’ are left behind. Then, the water vapor is condensed. The process results in water that is in its purest form. DISTILLATION IS THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD OF WATER PURIFICATION.”

—Peter A. Lodewick, M.D., from ‘A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes’



— John Yiamoyuiannis, Ph.D., from ‘Fluoride: The Aging Factor’


“If you decide on bottled water, make sure it’s distilled, (however), in the long run you’ll save money if you clean your water at home. It’s more convenient than hauling gallon jugs from the store. THE ‘GOLD STANDARD’ FOR PURIFYING WATER IS A SYSTEM THAT DISTILLS YOUR WATER and filters it. You have the comfort of knowing there is no chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, or lead. YOU GET NOTHING BUT H2O.”

—Robert D. Willix, Jr., M.D. from ‘Maximum Health’



— Dr. Van Den Burg, of New York, from, ‘Hygiene’ in Suggestion magazine, Volume 10, January 1, 1903


“You can try drinking bottled distilled water if you like. It’s water that has been turned into steam so its impurities are left behind. The steam is then condensed to make pure water. The process of distillation kills and removes virtually all bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and other organic and inorganic contaminants. Once distilled, the water is as pure as water can reasonably be.”

“As far as acidity goes, distilled water is close to a neutral pH and has no effect on the body’s acid/base balance. Distilled water is safe to drink, and the kind of water I use myself.”

— Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.,


“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers are instructed to DRINK DISTILLED WATER.”

—Dr. Edward M. Wagner, from “How to Stay Out of the Doctor’s Office”


“The evidence that DISTILLED WATER ACTS AS A SOLVENT within the body, dissolving the inorganic mineral deposits, is very important. A growing body of evidence suggests that distilled water dissolves AND REMOVES THESE DISEASE-CAUSING MINERALS AND FLUSHES OUT THE HUNDREDS OF DANGEROUS CHEMICALS that have been taken into the body as well. Distilled water is not only free from pollutants, but it apparently helps remove them as well from the cells of the body, thus PURIFYING THE BODY SO THAT IT CAN FUNCTION AS IT SHOULD.”

—Dr. Robert W. Flinchbaught, from “Pure Water is Life”



—Vicki Glassburn, from “Who Killed Candida?”


“DISTILLED WATER IS ‘empty’ water – a hungry water, A WATER CAPABLE OF ABSORBING BODY POISONS. You have had the experience of trying to use an old post office blotter on the desk. Everybody had used it and it is so full of ink that it will not suck up any more. So it is with a ‘full’ water, a water full of chlorine, aluminum, etc. Such water does not have the capacity of absorbing body impurities.”

—Dr. Charles McFerrin, writing in the July 1955 issue of Nature’s Path


“The late Dr. Lambe, of London, was so thoroughly convinced of the IMPORTANCE OF THE PUREST WATER in the treatment of Cancers, Scrofula, and Cachexias generally, that HE RESTRICTED HIS PATIENTS TO THE USE OF DISTILLED WATER.  And his success was remarkable.”

—from Herald of Health, Volume 2, in the article, “The Hygiean Home” by  Russell T. Trall, M.D.


“Instead of drinking the hard water of springs or the chlorinated water of the cities, it will be TO OUR ADVANTAGE TO DRINK DISTILLED WATER …to prevent calcification of the body.”

— Dr. Teofilio de la Torre


“THERE IS ONLY ONE WATER, AND THAT IS CLEAN, STEAM DISTILLED WATER. No other substance on our planet does so much to keep us healthy and get us well as water does.”

— Dr. James Balch, M.D., from Dietary Wellness


“Distilled Water: AN ULTRA-PURE FORM OF WATER with potential antineoplastic activity. Derived by boiling impure water and condensing the resultant steam in a sterile container, DISTILLED WATER HAS BEEN SHOWN TO KILL BLADDER CANCER CELLS in vitro through osmotic lysis (cytolysis).”

— National Cancer Institute,


“The greatest damage done by inorganic minerals (hard)—plus waxy cholesterol and salt—is to the small arteries and other blood vessels of the brain (75% water). Hardening of the arteries and calcification of blood vessels starts on the day you start taking inorganic chemicals (and minerals from tap water) into our bodies.”

“WHEN DISTILLED WATER ENTERS THE BODY, IT LEAVES NO RESIDUE OF ANY KIND. It is free of salts and sodium. It is the most perfect water for the healthy functioning of the kidneys(83% water). It is the perfect liquid for the blood(83% water), the ideal liquid for the efficient functioning of the lungs(86% water), stomach, liver(85% water) and other vital organs. Why? Because it is free of all inorganic minerals. IT IS SO PURE THAT ALL LIQUID DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS ARE FORMULATED WITH DISTILLED WATER.”

— Dr. Paul Bragg, N.D. Ph.T., from “The Shocking Truth About Water”



“It is not possible in the very nature of things —in the organization of our bodies and in its relations to external objects— to improve upon pure water, neither as a circulating fluid conveying nourishment to the tissues of our bodies, nor as a quencher of thirst.”

“PURE WATER CIRCULATES THROUGH THE MOST DELICATE TISSUES, WITHOUT THE LEAST PERCEPTIBLE FRICTION OR IRRITATION, without the least perceptible disturbance to the senses, except by its temperature, as it may be warmer or cooler than the tissues; and when applied to an abraded surface, it falls on it AS HARMLESSLY AND BLANDLY AS FALLS THE SNOWFLAKE ON THE RIVER.”

— Dr. J. G. Webster, M.D., from “THE TWO SYSTEMS” an article in The Herald of Health, Vol. 2 – No. 5, New York, November, 1863



“Distilled water has the inherent characteristics of a magnet, which picks discarded minerals and with the assistance of the blood and the lymph, transports them to the kidneys for elimination. IT IS THIS KIND OF MINERAL ELIMINATION THAT IS ERRONEOUSLY REFERRED TO AS LEACHING.THE NOTION THAT DISTILLED WATER LEACHES MINERALS FROM THE BODY IS INACCURATE; IT DOES NOTHING OF THE SORT. Distilled water collects and removes inorganic mineral that have been rejected by the cells and tissues and which, if not evacuated, can cause serious damage.

Odorless, colorless and tasteless, distilled water contains no solid mater of any kind, no minerals, organic or inorganic and is made solely of the two gases, hydrogen and oxygen. It can be used as a drinking water, for cooking, for electric irons and batteries; and it is so pure that it is used for intravenous feeding, inhalation therapy, prescriptions and baby formulas. ENJOY A GUARANTEED CLEAN GLASS OF DISTILLED WATER THE NEXT TIME YOU NEED SOMETHING TO DRINK AND RELAX.”

— Dr. Wayne Pickering, from “The Distilled Water Myth”


“THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT DISTILLED WATER THAT WOULD MAKE IT HARMFUL FOR THE BODY. It may be helpful to remember that distilled water is the only water available for crews of Naval vessels at sea.”

—Frank N. Hepburn, Chief, Nutrient Data Research Branch, United States Department of Agriculture, Consumer Nutrition Division


“Distilled water is water which has been heated to the boiling point so that IMPURITIES ARE SEPARATED FROM THE WATER which itself becomes vapor or steam. It is then condensed back into pure liquid form. THE IMPURITIES REMAIN IN THE RESIDUE which is simply thrown away. Distilled water contains no solids, minerals or trace elements, and has no taste. Distillation removes the debris, bacteria, and other contaminants.

DISTILLED WATER HAS BEEN A WATER PURITY STANDARD in analytical labs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many other industries for many years and more recently A GOLD STANDARD FOR DRINKING. Distillation duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle. The sun’s heat vaporizes the water and draws it from the earth’s surface into the atmosphere. The impurities remain. As the vapor cools, it falls back to the earth as rain, snow, and other precipitation. As it leaves the clouds, the precipitation is pure but as it makes is descent to the earth it picks up the various forms of pollution found in the air. Then, as it reaches the ground, the water continues to pick-up contaminants on its way back to the various bodies of water on the earth. In mechanized distillation, water is boiled in a distiller, which creates steam that rises and leaves virtually all contaminants behind in the boiling chamber. Steam is then collected and condensed into pure, clean distilled water leaving the impurities behind to eventually flush down the drain. Because of the heat involved in the process of creating steam, all forms of bacteria and all water borne diseases are destroyed. DISTILLED WATER IS THE ONLY FORM OF WATER, WHICH IS FREE FROM ALL CONTAMINANTS AND IMPURITIES. DISTILLED WATER IS THE ONLY CLEAN WATER. VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING IS REMOVED FROM THE WATER BY STEAM DISTILLATION”.

— Dr. Michael Colgan, from, “Optimum Sports Nutrition”


“Now as to the argument that distilled water leaches out minerals. This is true, and this is exactly what we want it to do. The minerals it leaches out are of the unusable, ionic form and we want these to leave the body rather than be deposited and cause disease. Distilled water does not leach out significant amounts of biologically available minerals because these are quickly taken up by the body on an as needed basis. If they are present in excess then they are filtered through the kidneys and this is exactly what needs to happen with all things which are in excess in the circulation. DISTILLED WATER CLEANSES THE BODY through promoting healthy kidney function.”

— Dr. Ron Kennedy, M.D.


“DON’T TAKE UNNECESSARY RISKS, DRINK HEALTHY, DRINK DISTILLED. To be Sure, several drinks of local tap water will not kill you, but common sense will tell you that YOUR BODY CANNOT FUNCTION AND SURVIVE WITH DAILY INGESTION OF POISON.”

— Dr. Ian Shillington N.D., from, “The Importance of Distilled Water”


“DISTILLED WATER REMOVES POISONOUS SUBSTANCES and inorganic mineral matter from the human body. This process will be impeded if the water you drink is already contaminated.”

” …only distilled water produces a completely negative ion reaction in the system. Negative ions are alkaline-forming. These negative charged ions draw the positively charged acid waste products, flushing them into the elimination channels of the body for excretion. So even though distilled water tests slightly acidic, because of its negative charge, A MORE ALKALINE INTERNAL SYSTEMIC ENVIRONMENT IS CREATED WHEN DISTILLED WATER IS CONSUMED.”

“Your body is 60-80 % water; water is the chief catalyst and medium for all the energy reactions that take place. Using higher energy, wet, DISTILLED WATER ASSURES THAT THE BODY’S METABOLIC ENVIRONMENT IS AT ITS BEST HYDRATION.”

— from “Why Distilled Water?” by Dr. Varah Siedlecki. DOM, DN, PH.D.


“First of all DISTILLED WATER IS A HIGH ENERGY WET WATER. In order for it to end up high energy wet water it is going to have to become cationic. Remember, cations can have anywhere from 500 to 999 milhouse units of energy. The closer the distilled water is to 999 the higher energy and wetter it is going to be. Therefore, being highly cationic means it is also going to have a pH on the cationic side of the physiologic “neutral” point of 6.40. In other words, all distilled water is going to test cationic (acid).

This is not a problem, first because water is not to be a source of mineral nutrition — it is to be water and high energy water alone. Second, it has to be converted to the body’s frequency just like food energy. The “electron press” (anions against cations) that causes the resistance for this process to happen is not effected by the pH of the distilled water because there is no mineral base to react .”

— Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe, DDS, Advanced Ideals Institute


“Tissue acid wastes, which lead to an unwholesome death, are positively charged. DISTILLED WATER, BEING NEGATIVELY CHARGED, DRAWS TO IT THE POSITIVELY CHARGED ACID WASTE PRODUCTS and flushes them into the elimination channels.

Even though most distilled water tests acidic, critics of distilled water must understand that BECAUSE OF ITS NEGATIVE CHARGE, A MORE ALKALINE ENVIRONMENT IS CREATED IN THE BODY when imbibed.”

— from “Alkalize or Die” by Dr Theodore A Baroody


“I am often asked about distilled water versus spring water. Distilled water is pure H20. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, OUR BODIES DO NOT ASSIMILATE THE INORGANIC MINERALS THAT ARE IN SPRING WATER or any other type of water other than distilled water. Rain water is distilled water also but in a polluted environment may uptake some of the environmental pollution.

The job of fruits and vegetables is to convert the inorganic minerals in the earth to organic minerals which our body can assimilate. IF WE COULD ASSIMILATE INORGANIC MINERALS WE COULD SUCK ON RUSTY NAILS TO GET OUR IRON REQUIREMENTS or eat dolomite and stones to get calcium and magnesium. IN FACT, THE INORGANIC MINERALS IN NON-DISTILLED WATER ARE STONE-LIKE AND LEAD TO DEPOSITS IN THE JOINTS which cause stiffness and plaque in the vascular system which causes arthrosclerosis.

After making 5 gallons of water my distiller has about a tablespoon of stone like material left behind…better in the distiller than in my body. THE AVERAGE PERSON CAN EASILY TAKE IN SEVERAL POUNDS OF STONE-LIKE MATERIAL IN A TWENTY TO THIRTY YEAR PERIOD OF TIME.


— Dr. George Cromack,  from, “Distilled Water vs. Spring Water” —



(NOTE: DISTILLED WATER falls under the category of “LOW TDS WATER.”  The term “LOW TDS WATER” means water with a low Total Dissolved Solids count. Distilled Water is in the category of “LOW TDS WATER” because it generally has a count of zero parts per million of dissolved solids.)


“The scope of this paper is limited to answering whether low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water contributes to the loss of minerals from body tissues, producing associated harmful side effects.”

“evidence is presented to demonstrate that THE CONSUMPTION OF WATER WITH LOW LEVELS OF MINERALS IS SAFE.”

“it is common for submarines TO PROVIDE NOTHING BUT PURIFIED WATER FOR MONTHS AT A TIME, all with no reported ill effects.  This was confirmed with separate sources at the David Taylor Research Center in Annapolis, the Naval Sea Systems Command, the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, and the Navy Environmental Health Center.  Finally, the Surgeon General directed the Navy to address the subject formally in 1972.  The conclusion was that DRINKING DISTILLED WATER IS NOT HARMFUL.”


“There are NO KNOWN DOCUMENTED EXPERIENCES WHICH SHOW that consuming low Total Dissolved Solids water will create ANY LONG-TERM HEALTH EFFECTS.”

“thousands of private wells, as well as numerous small municipal systems in the U.S., produce low Total Dissolved Solids water. NO KNOWN HEALTH EFFECTS OR PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN REPORTED as a result of this widespread practice.”

In a field test in Boulder, Colorado with about 50 families, an experimental, zero discharge water system provided drinking water containing about .05 parts per million TDS. NO ILL HEALTH EFFECTS WERE CAUSED AS A RESULT OF DRINKING THIS WATER.


— Dr. Lee T. Rozelle and Dr. Ronald L. Wathen, M.D., from “CONSUMPTION OF LOW TDS WATER” by THE  WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION


“I am NOT AWARE OF ANY DATA adequate to support the conclusion that water with low levels of minerals is unsafe.”

— Dr. Edward V. Ohanian, Chief of Human Risk Assessment Branch, United States Environmental Protection Agency, from “CONSUMPTION OF LOW TDS WATER” by THE WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION



— Dr. Galal-Gorchev, World Health Organization, from “CONSUMPTION OF LOW TDS WATER” by THE WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION


When you read the different doctors describe how distilled water melts garbage inside of you, make sure you understand that this translates into real world events. As in, garbage WILL start to pour out of you! It has to come out! But better out than in, right? So this means, you WILL have detox symptoms. And everybody is different as to how they detox, where they detox, and what they detox. It all depends on what YOU have ingested and inhaled your whole life and what routes your body chooses to eject the garbage.

Know that these symptoms are only temporary. They can only last as long as you still have garbage inside of you. You can dial in the speed too. If it’s too much detox for you, back off on the distilled water, eat healthy, consume more raw fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds and then come back to it again when you feel stronger.

Here is a link to a short audio clip specifically about detox symptoms…

Distilled Water Detox Symptoms

Remember, when they say this is the greatest solvent known to man, THEY’RE NOT KIDDING!!!


(1) The Choice Is Clear

(2) Distilled Water and Health


Many of the people reading this post are here because what they see today or what they’ve experienced doesn’t line up with the message of the Medical System. You’ve decided not to live with your head in the ground and want to know what to do when doctors and the medical system define ‘good’ action as compliant.


Vaccine History

To get a clear perspective on the problems concerning vaccines let’s take a look at vaccine history.

“It wasn’t long ago when infections plagued the Western world. Smallpox, scarlet fever, measles, typhoid, diphtheria, whooping cough, and other diseases were once considered a tragic part of life. Starting in the mid-1800s, there was a steady drop in the deaths from all these infectious diseases, decreasing by the mid-1900s to very low levels. The elimination of these diseases is one of the most amazing, yet unsung, public health revolutions in history.(1)


funny-victorian-era-photos-silly-vintage-photography-1-575124eed457b__700“Many of us have a picture of the 1800s colored by a myriad of filters that impart a nostalgic and romantic view of that era. You may picture a time when gentleman callers arrived to meet a well-dressed lady in a finely furnished parlor. A time where people leisurely drifted down a river on a paddlewheel riverboat while sip-ping mint juleps. A time of more elegant travel aboard a steam train passing through the beautiful countryside, or a stylish woman dressed in a long, flowing gown, descending from a sleek horse-drawn carriage with the aid of a dapper companion in a top hat. You may think of those times where life was simple and ordered—a seeming utopia, free of the many woes that plague modern society.


Children snipping beans in Maryland.

“But if those filters are removed and a more objective light is cast upon that time, a different picture emerges. Instead, imagine a world where workplaces had no health, safety, or minimum-wage laws. The 1800s was a century when people put in 12 to 16 hours a day at the most tedious menial labor. Imagine bands of children roaming the streets out of control because their parents were laboring long days. Children were also involved in dangerous and demoralizing work.



Picture the city of New York surrounded not by suburbs but by rings of smoldering garbage dumps and shantytowns.


“Cities where hogs, horses, and dogs and their refuse were commonplace in the streets. Many infectious diseases were rampant throughout the world, particularly in the larger cities. This is not a description of the Third World, but a large portion of what the United States and other civilized Western countries used to be only a century or so ago.

“Infectious diseases were a constant terror during the 1800s. With increasingly dense populations, wars, and abject poverty, diseases of all varieties exacted a horrendous toll. The poverty-stricken masses carried the brunt of the relentless assaults of these diseases, yet no class was spared. Periodic epidemics and pandemics swept across the globe, wreaking havoc and killing millions, rivaling the horrors of war. Abysmal sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, and working and living conditions, combined with a sense of utter hopelessness, laid the foundation for the devastation.


Syracuse, NY—Shanties Back to an Open Sewer.

“Sanitation was not a new concept. In the time of the Old Testament, there were clear-cut biblical rules laid out governing the management and disposal of dangerous human waste and rubbish outside the cities and away from water sources. Greece and Rome also perfected well-regulated public health systems. During the Dark Ages, these ideas simply dropped out of the collective memory in many areas of the world.

“Human smallpox, also known as Orthopox variola, was a notorious infectious viral entity that served up a febrile illness and painful, oozing skin lesions (pox) to its victims. The disease not only disfigured but often led to death.


Only a box for a house, and railroad yard for a playground.

“The most deadly feature of the new towns was the close proximity of human beings to each other. For example, the report of a health officer for Darlington in the 1850s found six children, aged between 2 and 17, suffering from smallpox in a one-roomed dwelling shared with their parents, and elder brother and an uncle. They all slept together on rags on the floor, with no bed. Millions of similar cases could be cited, with conditions getting even worse as disease victims died and their corpses remained rotting among families in single-roomed accommodations for days, as the family scraped together the pennies to bury them.”(1)

Smallpox and Vaccines


“Smallpox is believed to have emerged in human populations about 10,000 BC. The earliest physical evidence of it is probably the pustular rash on the mummified body of Pharaoh Ramses V of Egypt.(3)



“The deviation of man from the state in which he was originally placed by nature seems to have proved to him a prolific source of diseases. From the love of splendour, from the indulgences of luxury, and from his fondness for amusement he has familiarised himself with a great number of animals, which may not originally have been intended for his associates.(4)

“The cow, the hog, the sheep, and the horse, are all, for a variety of purposes, brought under his care and dominion.”(4)

Dr. Edward Jenner, M.D. 1798


From this close association, which became widespread around 12,000 years ago, humans ended up contracting various diseases.
“There is a disease to which the horse, from his state of domestication, is frequently subject. The farriers have called it the grease. It is an inflammation and swelling in the heel, from which issues matter possessing properties of a very peculiar kind, which seems capable of generating a disease in the human body (after it has undergone the modification which I shall presently speak of), which bears so strong a resemblance to the smallpox that I think it highly probable it may be the source of the disease.
Boskapsskötsel_i_ladugården._Mangskogs_socken,_Värmland,_1911_-_Nordiska_Museet_-_NMA.0043102“In this dairy country a great number of cows are kept, and the office of milking is performed indiscriminately by men and maid servants. One of the former having been appointed to apply dressings to the heels of a horse affected with the grease, and not paying due attention to cleanliness, incautiously bears his part in milking the cows, with some particles of the infectious matter adhering to his fingers. When this is the case, it commonly happens that a disease is communicated to the cows, and from the cows to the dairymaids, which spreads through the farm until the most of the cattle and domestics feel its unpleasant consequences. This disease has obtained the name of the cow-pox.”(4)
–Dr. Edward Jenner, M.D. 1798
“A method of inducing immunity known as inoculation, insufflation or “variolation” was practiced before the development of a modern vaccine and likely occurred in India, Africa, and China well before the practice arrived in Europe.

Longqing Emperor 1567–1572

“The first clear reference to smallpox inoculation was made by the Chinese author Wan Quan (1499–1582) in his Douzhen xinfa (痘疹心法) published in 1549. Inoculation for smallpox does not appear to have been widespread in China until the reign era of the Longqing Emperor (r. 1567–1572) during the Ming Dynasty. In China, powdered smallpox scabs were blown up the noses of the healthy. The patients would then develop a mild case of the disease and from then on were immune to it. The technique did have a 0.5–2.0% mortality rate, but that was considerably less than the 20–30% mortality rate of the disease itself.
“Variolation was also practiced throughout the latter half of the 17th century by physicians in Turkey, Persia, and Africa. In 1714 and 1716, two reports of the Ottoman Empire Turkish method of inoculation were made to the Royal Society in England, by Emmanuel Timoni, a doctor affiliated with the British Embassy in Constantinople, and Giacomo Pylarini. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, wife of the British ambassador to Ottoman Constantinople, is widely credited with introducing the process to Great Britain in 1721.
“Stimulated by a severe epidemic, variolation was first employed in North America in 1721. The practice had been known in Boston since 1706, when Cotton Mather (of Salem witch trial fame) discovered his slave, Onesimus had been inoculated while still in Africa, and many slaves imported to Boston had also received inoculations. The practice was, at first, widely criticized. However, a limited trial showed six deaths occurred out of 244 who were variolated (2.5%), while 844 out of 5980 died of natural disease (14%), and the process was widely adopted throughout the colonies.
..scarred the wrists, legs, and forehead of the patient, placed a fresh and kindly pock in each incision and bound it there for eight or ten days, after this time the patient was credibly informed. The patient would then develop a mild case [of smallpox], recover, and thereafter be immune.
— Dr. Peter Kennedy 1716

Portrait of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

“The inoculation technique was documented as having a mortality rate of only one in a thousand. Two years after Kennedy’s description appeared, March 1718, Dr. Charles Maitland successfully inoculated the five-year-old son of the British ambassador to the Turkish court under orders from the ambassador’s wife Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, who four years later introduced the practice to England.

“Smallpox vaccine, the first successful vaccine to be developed, was introduced by Dr. Edward Jenner in 1796. He followed up his observation that milkmaids who had previously caught cowpox did not later catch smallpox by showing that inoculated cowpox protected against inoculated smallpox.

The word “vaccine” is derived from Variolae vaccinae (i.e. smallpox of the cow), the term devised by Jenner to denote cowpox and used in the long title of his An enquiry into the causes and effects of Variolae vaccinae, known by the name of cow pox.


Multiple site vaccination of 1898, showing a ‘typically good arm.’


Vaccination, the term which soon replaced cowpox inoculation and vaccine inoculation, was first used in print by Jenner’s friend, Richard Dunning in 1800. Initially, the terms vaccine/vaccination referred only to smallpox, but in 1881 Louis Pasteur proposed that to honour Jenner the terms be widened to cover the new protective inoculations being introduced.”(2)

“Smallpox vaccines have always been an unknown broth of hundreds of thousands of non-cowpox microbes. The purity was not guaranteed even when smallpox vaccines were advertised as “pure lymph.”(2)

“Dr. Bayly discusses the terminology:

Presumably it is called “pure” because, under the Therapeutic Substances Act (1943) it must not contain more than 20,000 extraneous micro-organisms per cubic centimeter… according to the British Medical Journal (November 4th, 1950) that “With the best of care, heavy bacterial contamination of vaccine lymph is inevitable during its preparation, and as many as 500 million organisms per ml. may be present, particularly in the tropics. They belong mostly to the cocci group, but may include also Bacillus subtilis, Bact. Coli, Pseudomones pyocyanea, yeasts and fungi; anaerobic organisms may also be occasional contaminants.”

Mandatory Smallpox Vaccinations

“Although vaccination for smallpox had been used since the year 1800, the government did not begin to enforce it until the first acts in 1840 and 1853. The 1853 law set the governmental machinery in place to require every child to be vaccinated within three months of birth.

“Concerns over vaccine safety, effectiveness, and governmental infringement on personal liberty and freedom through compulsory vaccination stoked the fires of the anti-vaccination movement. People began to resist the government and chose to pay fines. Some even accepted imprisonment rather than allowing vaccination for themselves or their children. The public backlash culminated in the Great Demonstration in Leicester, England, in 1885.


“By the mid-1800s and into the 1900s, governmental support of vaccination as the only means of controlling smallpox was firmly entrenched. As seen in England in the late 1800s, despite a parent’s belief that a vaccine had caused a child’s injury or death and despite dissenting medical opinions, governments and courts were unified in their decree that vaccination had to be enforced. Fines, seizure of personal property, and imprisonment were instituted to compel the population into compliance of the law based upon the dominant medical paradigm. Punishments were carried out for not vaccinating.

“England, August 1869:

In August [1869] Mrs. Anne Sipple was committed for seven days’ hard labor—an illegal sentence—and confined in a stone cell with an infant of eighteen months, the child deprived of shoes and socks, and a diet of bread and water only for both.

“The year was 1914. Arthur Smith Jr. was a normal, healthy 11-year-old boy living in his home at 8 John Street in New Windsor, New York, with his father, Arthur Smith; his mother, Hilda; and his two sisters, Annie and Jennie. Although not at the head of his class, he did well in school.

“At the opening of the fall school term, a letter was sent to every school in the state of New York. The letter, by Dr. Finnegan of the State Department of Education, called upon the board of education, including every school trustee, to enforce the compulsory vaccination law. The letter stated that if a child was not vaccinated, he or she could not attend school. If kept home for that reason, the parents would ultimately be arrested and sent to prison.

The Sanitation Revolution

“By the mid-1800s, slums had become commonplace settlements in the Western world. New York City had 100,000 slum dwellers living in 20,000 tenement buildings. They were a crowded and vile predicament. Throughout these unsanitary slums, death was ever present. Cholera, typhoid, scarlet fever, smallpox, typhus, and other infectious diseases were never idle.

“But during this time, the seeds of change were sowed and slowly took root. It was the beginning of the Sanitation Revolution. A new understanding that filth contributed to human illness had come to light. It was also known that poverty was often a result of such illness and not just the cause. Based on this awareness, projects for the supply of clean water and removal of human and other waste gradually began to be implemented.

“With so many changes occurring due to massive public health initiatives, the dreadful living situation that existed for multitudes dramatically improved by the mid-1800s. Sanitary infrastructure, understanding of hygiene, vastly improved nutrition, labor laws, advances in science, and many other factors coalesced to create a radical shift. Children who were once dying from diarrhea and common infectious diseases were living and thriving in greater numbers within the span of several decades.

The Vaccination Religion

“Vaccination is regarded as the most important health advance in the 20th century by most health professionals and laypeople. Although the dramatic decreases in morbidity and mortality from diseases that occurred in the course of the 20th century have been credited to the introduction of specific vaccines, scant acknowledgment has been given to improving social conditions.

“Despite questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccination by reputable medical men since its introduction, debate has been, and is, increasingly discouraged.

255px-Poster_for_vaccination_against_smallpox“Information published in scientific journals is used to support this position, other views being regarded as “unscientific.”(1)

It has been a received “article of faith” for doctors and nurses, that vaccination is the single most useful health intervention that has ever been introduced. These health professionals have been taught that vaccines are the reason children and adults stopped dying from diseases for which there are vaccines.

They were told that other diseases, such as scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, typhus, typhoid, cholera, and so on, for which there are no vaccines at the time, diminished both in incidence and mortality (ability to kill) due to better social conditions.

You would think—as medical students who are supposed to be moderately intelligent—that some of them would have asked, “But if deaths from these diseases decreased due to improved social conditions, mightn’t the ones for which there are vaccines also have decreased at the same time, for the same reason?” But, except for a very few, they didn’t.

The medical curriculum is so overloaded with information that medical students just have to learn what they hear, as they hear it: non-vaccinatable diseases into the social conditions box and vaccinatable diseases into the vaccines box and then on to the next subject.

Everything they are taught and read in textbooks, both before qualifying as doctors or nurses and through all post-graduate training, reinforces this view.

Most doctors and nurses regard parents who won’t vaccinate their children as ignorant or, if not ignorant, sociopathic, for withholding what the medical professionals believed was a lifesaving intervention and putting everybody else at risk by reducing herd immunity.


The Real Story

If these same doctors and nurses took the time to do a little investigation into the history of disease rates over time, they would see that once emphasis and action was taken to improve sanitation, hygiene and nutrition, the rates of disease dropped steadily from the mid 1800s.



“For example, by the 1950s when the whooping cough vaccine was introduced, data showed that whooping cough was killing only 1 percent of the numbers of people who used to die in England and Wales 50 years before.




“Official data showed that the same happened with measles. Indeed, when the measles vaccine was introduced to the UK in 1968, the death rate continued to drop steadily, even though the initial uptake of the vaccine was only 30 percent and didn’t get above 50 percent until the 1980s.

“Measles vaccine was introduced in 1963 in the United States. In the 1950’s about 4 million children were born per year. In 1957 the number of children who died with measles was about 93 or 94. Children may die “with measles” but not “from measles”. The use of fever suppressing compounds, like aspirin, raise the death rate “with measles”. The actual cause of death falls under 3 causes: filth, malnutrition and mistreatment. Regarding nutrition, “…when patients with measles are given vitamin A supplements, their complication rates and chances of dying are significantly reduced.” Pg 27 of VACCINES Are They Really Safe & Effective? Edition 2 by Neil Z. Miller.


Smallpox when induced by vaccination

“Even the much-heralded success story of smallpox vaccination was not what it seemed. The enforcement of the compulsory smallpox vaccination law in 1867, when the death rate was already falling, was accompanied by an increase in the deaths from 100 to 400 deaths per million.”(1)

“Some quotes:
Sanitation Vs. Vaccination – The Smallpox & causes, by Dr. Hadwen:

“Since Edward Jenner demonstrated the use of cowpox vaccine against smallpox in 1796, vaccinations against smallpox were started. Despite this, a smallpox epidemic swept England in 1839 and killed 22,081 people.”


Smallpox when induced by vaccination



“In 1853 the Government made smallpox vaccinations compulsory, but the incidence of the disease kept increasing, …and in 1872 another epidemic killed 44,840 people, most of whom were vaccinated.” [In hospital]”One child lay for two weeks and two days with her eyes scabbed and not a single drop of water was given to relieve her.” (5)



“[After the 1872 epidemic, Leicester, a city of 200,000 decreased its vaccination coverage to five percent [5%] of its children and put its efforts into sanitation.]

“1878-96 inclusive, unvaccinated Leicester had so few smallpox deaths that the Registrar-General represented the average by the decimal 0.01 per thousand population, equal to ten per million, while for the twelve years 1878-89 there was less that one death per annum. Here we have real immunity, real protection; and it is obtained by attending to sanitation and isolation, coupled with the almost total neglect of vaccination. Neither army nor navy can show any such results as this.”(5)

“World health records.. “World health records (England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, British India, etc.) document the devastating epidemics which followed mass vaccination. The worst smallpox disaster occurred in the Philippines, after 10 years (1911-1920) of a compulsory U.S. program which administered 25 million vaccinations to its population of 10 million. The result: 170,000 cases and more than 75,000 deaths from smallpox. History past and present is replete with similar tragedies. “Public education” by vaccine producers and their supporters always omits self-incriminating facts.”

” Professor George Dick, speaking at an environmental conference in Brussels in 1973, admitted that in recent decades, 75% of British people who contracted smallpox had been vaccinated. This, combined with the fact that only 40% of children (and a maximum of 10% of adults) had been vaccinated, clearly shows that vaccinated

And let’s not forget these:


1. Before the modern era, polio was a mild disease seldom resulting in paralysis.
2. The largest epidemic occured about 1950 and had significantly declined by 1955 when vaccine was first introduced.
3. Disease can not be ‘conquered’ without addressing the disease cause.
4. Disease is not caused by a lack of “cow-pus”, rotting material or carcinogenic poisons in the bloodstream.
5. Polio causes included:

  • pre-polio vaccines
  • nutritional imbalances
  • environmental poisons- most notably pesticides



The fact that polio incidence increased after WWII and was only a minor problem before 1900 are clues that polio was a man made disease mainly caused by chemical pollution, as a result of, most notably, persistent pesticides which were used very carelessly. Sometimes parks were sprayed with DDT at the same time children were playing. Flys on milk cows were sprayed with not a thought of contaminating the cow’s milk and thus poisoning children as a result.”(5)















Let’s look at the graph above once again:


And by the numbers:



Did we ever really need vaccinations?


What about Herd Immunity?

“The Herd Immunity concept is that you’re irresponsible if you don’t vaccinate yourself and your child since you’re putting other people at risk.

“There’s a few problems with that theory:

  1. A significant number of people are getting vaccinated and then infecting other people, oftentimes shortly after they’re vaccinated.
  2. If people trust their vaccines they shouldn’t be worried about what someone else is doing.

“Now that the ability exists to determine whether a person is infected with a vaccine strain or a wild strain of measles, it has been clearly substantiated that those who are vaccinated do directly infect others. This happens with rodovirus, it happens with oral polio virus, it happens with measles and it’s always been known to happen with rubella.

“When people want to use the Herd Immunity argument it’s not very rational and the concept of herd immunity came from a time when people were not vaccinating.”(6)

Vaccine Safety

“The safety of a vaccine is related to the condition of the person receiving it.

“You could have a disease that the doctor doesn’t know about like an immunoglobulin deficiency or cancer or a mitochondrial disease or a genetic disorder and you get the vaccine and the vaccine can trigger a problem. And the doctor will blame you because you had a pre-existing condition and claim that it is not necessarily a problem of the vaccine.

“Most of the time, with vaccine trials, the vaccines are tested on healthy people.

“If you’ve had anemia or you’ve recently had a blood transfusion or you’re on certain medications, they won’t take you in a trial for a vaccine, but they’ll still offer you the vaccine later.”(6)

Vaccine Response

“There are two branches of our immune system.

We don’t have vaccines for every disease and we don’t die from every disease.

So we must have another ability to fight disease than just memory immunity, which is what vaccines are supposed to give you, is memory immunity in your blood.

You have a line of defense in your blood, a cellular defense, called innate immunity, which includes cells and some non-specific antibodies that are ready to go on the attack.

And there’s also a branch of immunity called humoral immunity that has to do with preformed antibody.

What is found with vaccinations is that 15-18% of children don’t respond with a cellular response and 12-14% don’t respond with a humoral response.”(6)

“Around 39% were found to have a defect in response to CMI and/or HI in the healthy controls.

When these numbers are compared to the 3-5% of children that are not vaccinated, it’s clear that the greater issue revolves around the number of non-responders to vaccination.”(6)

Genetic and Epigenetic Changes

“So what happens on a genetic level when children are vaccinated?

We’re told the vaccines are one-size-fits-all. That the same vaccine is given to everybody and that everybody will have a similar response when it comes to being protected against the target microbe.

What else happens in the body after the vaccination?

When a group of children were vaccinated researchers had the ability to see which genes are activated to produce proteins. When the different actions generated were broken down the resulted in the following list:

The results are known as epigenetic effects since they are not genetic mutations, but a gene activation. Scientists use to believe that our genes are our destiny but recent information demonstrates that they are not our destiny, since only a small percent of our genes dictates what happens to us. Our destiny has to do with what those genes are told to do and what those genes are told to do has a great deal to do with we are exposed to.

Scientists know that smoking or even eating rice has an effect on an individual’s epigenetic profile. So any injection is sure to change the epigenetic profile. Depending on the impact on the cell of different substances, the genetic material in the cell will be given different signals which produce different instructions for the production of proteins inside the cell. So up-regulation of epigentic instructions lead to the effects listed in the chart above.

Each individual can have very different responses than other individuals that receive the vaccination, depending on a myriad of different biological variations that typically exist in each human body. The genes that will be up-regulated will be different in each individual.

So even if the vaccine works there are so many other things that are being changed with the body.

And it is well known that many of the chemicals in vaccines are stirring up the immune system in ways that are not normal.

In a study from 2008 that was a Swedish study that looked at infants after their DPT and Polio-Hib vaccines. The babies got their regular vaccines at 3 and 5 months and then they took some blood and exposed it the the Whooping cough vaccine and looked to see what happened 12 hours later at a genetic level.”(6)

The following chart shows what the doctor reported:

“So these genes are being woken up and it doesn’t necessarily cause these problems to occur right away in everybody but what is unknown is what happens if something doesn’t come along and shut these back down.

And the immunological explanation for the non-specific effects of vaccines is not known at present.”(6)

Withholding Vaccines

Some studies have been to see what happens if vaccines are not given to children.

The following chart show the results from one study:

Examining health histories of unvaccinated children shows the they have far fewer allergies, far fewer cases of asthma and require far less applications of antibiotics than vaccinated children whether vaccinated with DTP or DTaP.

The overreaction to normal environmental factors could be a result of the abnormal programming of the immune system in very young children, due to vaccinations.

Vaccination Reactions

Only 1 in 10 reactions to vaccinations is ever recorded.

As of August of 2012 in the US there have been 67 deaths and 22,143 adverse events related to any vaccines containing Tetanus vaccine, so the reaction to these vaccines is something to look carefully at.


“We are made of protein and water and bacteria and viruses are also made of protein. So how come we can have bacteria on our skin and probiotics in our intestines that are actually good for us and we don’t get sick from them.

Why is it that one person can get along fine with the microbes that surround us while another has strong negative reactions to these microbes. Nature has devised us to be one with the microbial world.

In the intestines are an amount of bacteria that outnumber the cells in the body by 10 to 1 and the number of viruses in the intestines outnumber the number of bacteria in the intestines. We don’t get sick as a result of this because nature has devised a way for our body to harmoniously live with these microbes because they’re so similar to the proteins forming the body’s cells.”(7)

If you don’t react to these microbes you don’t react to yourself:

The proteins from the viruses and bacteria in vaccines are so similar to the proteins in our body that it’s very hard to create a vaccine that the body will respond to.

Adjuvants and Aluminum

For that reason an adjuvant such as aluminum is added to the vaccine to make the immune system respond, because normally if an individual is injected with DTaP or Tetanus Toxoid, they would not respond to it, because the body has already been introduced to many of these proteins and it is programmed to not respond.”(7)

An adjuvant is an agent that modifies the effect of other agents, in this case in a vaccine.

“This is important when it comes to autoimmunity. Something happens to break this tolerance we have to normal protein and our immune system starts to attack our own body cells.

The problem is that many vaccines contain proteins that are the same as some protein segments in the body.

The decision to put aluminum into vaccines was made back in the 1940s to cause a reaction to the vaccine.

So how did they come up with the plan to use aluminum?

They were giving the vaccines for diphtheria and tetanus and they found that they weren’t having much of an immune response and they needed something to make it work more vigorously. And they found that when they used dirty vials to make the vaccines that the vaccine worked better. And one of the vials had aluminum in it and they found that that worked really well.

At the time there were many scientists saying that aluminum shouldn’t be put in food and that it certainly shouldn’t be injected, but these scientists were ignored.

Currently, scientists are saying that even though not everything is known about the effects of aluminum in the body, what is known is not good. It has no biological purpose except to rev up the immune system.

Back then there were just a few vaccines that contained aluminum, but today more than half of pediatric vaccines contain aluminum and they are given earlier and earlier, before babies even have their kidney function up to normal, they are given big doses of aluminum, which can get into the brain, which can alter the immune system, which does epigenetically alter gene function, which changes how enzymes work.

So these huge doses of aluminum are given to babies today, with these vaccines, to get the body to respond and we’re told, don’t worry, because the kidneys get rid of it, but it’s not true when it comes to babies and research backs that up.

They also tell us that we shouldn’t worry about aluminum because it’s in the environment, it’s in the earth’s crust, because it’s in breast milk, because it’s found in our bodies, so it must be OK.

There’s a huge difference between eating aluminum and being injected in a muscle with aluminum. Even being injected intravenously, it’s better than being injected in a muscle with aluminum. The needle going into that muscle stimulates the immune system, it shows damage, releasing particles from inside cells that stimulates the immune system and the aluminum is added, which creates a spark that creates fire. And that fire may not be put out.

And now this fire has possibly been created against ourselves, because of the similarity of the proteins in the vaccines and our own proteins.

There is no way that the doses of aluminum given to babies today is not a problem and that it needs to stop. The aluminum can go into other body parts including the lymph nodes and the brain, it can react with our own proteins and enzymes, alter gene function and it has many known harmful effects.

It might not kill you but in certain populations it can make children and adults sick.

Aluminum forces the immune system to overreact so you can be vaccinated and hopefully immunized. This can lead to an overreaction to germ proteins which may be identical to body proteins. the immune system can then attack body proteins in the brain, nerves and joints.(7)

Let’s take a look at the effect of Tetanus vaccine toxin/Toxoid:

So some of the autoimmunity that exists in society today is directly related to vaccination.

So how safe is aluminum?

And then there’s this quote from Paul Offit, a US vaccine inventor:

This statement is absolutely false and goes against all existing research evidence.

He also puts forth the following reasons for his claims:

These statements are deceptive and completely unscientific. What’s actually happening with aluminum blood levels during pregnancy, is that aluminum and lead, which was previously stored in the mother’s bone, is being mobilized in order to release minerals to the baby.

Just because higher levels of aluminum are found in premature babies doesn’t mean the aluminum is beneficial. It could mean that it’s causing harm. Aluminum is likely a cause of preterm birth not evidence that aluminum is normal. Preterm birth is a definite sign of poor health and Paul Offit’s own references, that he uses to support this nonsense, prove him wrong.

Here’s another outrageous claim by Paul Offit:

Paul Offit is a vaccine inventor, he has been granted a position in medicine to decide what vaccines a baby gets, what the laws regarding vaccine refusal should be and whose voice is the right one to listen to.

Follow the Money!

A meta-analysis done in 2004 sums up the current attitude toward aluminum in vaccines with the following comments:

And the following statement from the analysis:

Autism and Vaccines

“When looking at children with autism it’s important to keep in mind that autism usually involves more than just vaccination. It involves the whole immune system of the child.

The immune system begins to develop within days of conception and even the mother’s immune system changes at conception, so even the mother’s immune system contributes to the development of autism in the child.

It is now known that maternal immune activation has a contribution to schizophrenia, to depression and to autism in children and adults. It doesn’t matter if the mother’s immune system was stimulated by a war, or by a virus, or a bacteria or a vaccine, the inflammation that occurs as a result of maternal immune activation determines how the babies brain develops. Normal brain growth doesn’t occur in autism.

With autism are found bigger brains than normal, along with a high degree of inflammation, the immune systems aren’t functioning normally and the bowels are abnormal.

Even being given oxytocin during delivery updates the percentage of autism in males by 30%. The oxytocin was taken from a cow brain and injected into the mother which epigenetically changes something in the baby.”(7)

Breast Milk vs. Formula

“Breast milk is a continuation of the immunity that existed in the uterus. It’s vitally important for the baby to receive breast feeding for at least 6 months and the World Health Organization even recommends continuing breast feeding for up to 2 years of age.

The reason for this is that it continues to keep the baby in an anti-inflammatory state. Everything from conception to a least 1 year of age is acting to keep the baby’s immune system from being anti-inflammatory, in order to keep the baby’s body anti-inflammatory.

Mother’s milk is deadly to pneumococcal cells and deadly to cancer cells and it’s action takes place without causing inflammation.

The types of microbes that go into the baby’s intestines change the inflammatory pre-disposition of the baby. The microbes from breast milk are anti-inflammatory, but if formula is given the microbes are totally different and one bottle of formula will change the baby’s intestine for 2 weeks.”(7)


Research shows that as other countries change their vaccination programs to match the US, their autism rates go up.

In the US today:

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of children with autism over the last 15 years.

In 1995 there was an increase of about 6,000 cases in school children age 6-21 and by 2011 the increase in this age group reached around 37,000.

So what’s going on here?

The US vaccine schedule as of 2012 included 49 doses of 14 vaccines:


There is a tremendous amount of evidence that shows that the current vaccination rate and the amount of aluminum injected into the children are both contributory factors in the development of autism.

When looking at medical studies it’s important to study the research of independent researchers since research funded by the pharmaceutical industry, or by universities receiving funding from the pharmaceutical industry tend, in known to be of lower quality and usually has a desired endpoint before the study is even done, which inevitably affects the supposed findings.


A study in 2011, by 2 independent researchers, Tomljenovic and Shaw showed that the more aluminum given and the sooner it is given, the more the incidence of autism rates.

Animal Cells in Vaccines

So what sort of animal cells are added to vaccines:

“Human cells started to be used in vaccines because the vaccine producers were having problems with animal cells. From the 1950s to the 1990s there was a cancer virus (SV40) in monkey kidney cells that didn’t cause any problem to the monkey, but was correlated to tumors in the brains and lungs in humans, and the Italian doctor, Dr. Carboni, that’s done most of the research on this virus, calls this virus the ‘perfect war machine’, because he says he couldn’t have designed a better cancer virus if he was able to.

So this has been a problem with animal cells, that there’s been other types of viruses that come along with the animal cells.

So the idea was to utilize the human cells since they can be controlled better and they should then be safer.”(7)

The catch here is that the human fetal cells used all contain retroviruses, which are prevalent in the human body.

“A retrovirus is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA virus with a DNA intermediate and, as an obligate parasite, targets a host cell. Once inside the host cell cytoplasm, the virus uses its own reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its RNA genome — the reverse of the usual pattern, thus retro (backwards). This new DNA is then incorporated into the host cell genome by an integrase enzyme, at which point the retroviral DNA is referred to as a provirus. The host cell then treats the viral DNA as part of its own genome, translating and transcribing the viral genes along with the cell’s own genes, producing the proteins required to assemble new copies of the virus. It is difficult to detect the virus until it has infected the host. At that point, the infection will persist indefinitely.

In most viruses, DNA is transcribed into RNA, and then RNA is translated into protein. However, retroviruses function differently – their RNA is reverse-transcribed into DNA, which is integrated into the host cell’s genome (when it becomes a provirus), and then undergoes the usual transcription and translational processes to express the genes carried by the virus. So, the information contained in a retroviral gene is used to generate the corresponding protein via the sequence: RNA → DNA → RNA → polypeptide.”(8)

This all boils down to the fact that retroviruses can alter the genetics within the cell, triggering specific effects, which can alter or initiate potentially damaging biochemical processes.

“The introduction of the use of these human fetal cells into vaccines has led to a rise in the autism rates. Dr. Theresa Deisher from Stanford University has shown that the combination of fetal DNA and the retroviruses is highly likely a contributor to abnormal brain function leading to autism and cancer.

Dr Deisher, lead scientist and SCPI founder has noted that, “Not only are the human fetal contaminated vaccines associated with autistic disorder throughout the world, but also with epidemic childhood leukemia and lymphomas.”(7)

The genetic material from vaccines can incorporate into our genome.

So how much exogenous DNA is permitted in vaccines?

So, when it comes to the pharmaceutical manufacturers, recommendations are one thing and what happens in reality is completely different. Which, when extrapolated across all pharmaceutical activities, should serve to spark a strong distrust of this industry.

“There are a large number of publications about the presence of human endogenous retrovirus and its association with childhood lymphoma. The MMR II and chickenpox vaccines an indeed all vaccines that were propagated or manufactured using the fetal cell line WI-38 are contaminated with this retrovirus.”

“Manufactured childhood vaccines in human fetal cell lines, with its associated retroviral and human DNA fragment contaminants, fulfills all of the necessary requirements as a primary trigger for autistic disorder.”

Theresa Deisher, PhD

Manufacturing Consent

“When it comes to the decision whether to utilize vaccinations for oneself or for one’s child, any rational person would be interested in studying the known information about vaccinations before deciding whether or not to use them.

In other words one would make an informed decision.

In 1997 the World Health Organization (WHO) formulated a world strategy which it released in a book called The CVI Strategic Plan- Managing Opportunity and Change: A Vision of Vaccination for the 21st Century.

This strategy laid out a map for changing how people thought about vaccines. The plan had key points that were using the Media to structure messages that shaped public opinion, to co-opt or persuade key opinion people in all levels of society, Medical, lay and entertainment.

The goal was to get spokespeople at every level speaking one message and one message only.

The plan emphasized private-public partnership and philanthropy with the aim to make vaccines a core topic in society.

Things got moving in a big way when Bill Gates stepped up to take his place in the World Health Organization. Private stakeholders have existed for a long time, but the game moved into high gear with the Gates funding. In 2010 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $10 Billion to the WHO in order to make 2010 and 2020 The Vaccination Decade.

With that funding by 2015 the focus shifted to making vaccinations mandatory for all people, which has been successful in some places, making vaccines a lifestyle event for all people from cradle to grave, and broadening the appeal of live virus vaccines for the immune system benefits, not just for their disease preventing benefits.

According the WHO:

Today we have a billionaire software developer, the pharmaceutical industry, academia and the US Department of Homeland Security and the World Health Organization all speaking and working in unison toward the same goals.

This should have anyone who is paying attention to ask a lot of questions, since the goal is to restrict our health freedom, to censor what we can read and say and remove our ability to choose what goes into our bodies.

2015 will be remembered by those who pay attention as one of unprecedented activity in the war against a new public menace, the vaccine hesitant.

What we saw in 2015:

A Disneyland spectacle where about 140 people were infected with measles.

Shortly after that we had a surge of Media outlets and the CDC making announcements with half-truths and California parents losing their ability to conscientiously object to vaccinations.

There are still a number of state legal battles going on to maintain parental vaccine objection , with many having been overturned the ban.

There’s an ongoing lawsuit against Merck by two virologists that were formerly employed by Merck Vaccines, who are suing them on the basis of fraudulent testing of the Mumps portion of the MMR vaccine.

A CDC whistleblower named William Thompson came out and said that there was a collusion between Thompson and four research associates to cover up data that showed higher autism rates in African-American boys.

But then Thompson went quiet.

Then he stated that he was awarded a performance based award from the CDC after his public statement. He said that he wanted to be left alone to focus on his job and family.

He continues to go to work at the CDC.

What happened between his pang of conscience and his current silence?

And now we’re seeing censorship of any anti-vaccine views, even of delaying vaccines or altering the schedule at all, the portrayal of refusers as insane and obstinately stupid.

And we’re seeing whole new propaganda that centers around a very important medical paper that came out in 2015, which underlies a lot of what’s happening here and re-enforces the goals.”(10)

The following is an example from the popular press:

“In order to ‘scare the crap out of’ parents they have to restrict information, because when doctors and parents have all the facts and make the connections between their children’s sickness and vaccines, they want to know more and they’ll start looking for themselves.

So, in order to plug holes in the dam that’s starting to crack, journalists also have to be censored.

Dr. Paul Offit, a figurehead, pro-vaccine doctor in the US, who makes recommendations to doctors and advisory panels, says that journalists who discuss or print anti-vaccine facts should be jailed.”(10)

“Most journalists are now terrified to say anything that could lose sponsorship, but the few that are still interested in balanced discussions must be censored, not just according to Paul Offit, but also according to Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, who served from 2009 to 2014.”(10)

Here’s what she said to Readers Digest in 20110:

This has long been the ethos even when the evidence and arguments have been well founded.

As shown in the Federal Register from 1984:

“It doesn’t get any plainer than this.

The open threats to non-vaccinators recently reached out in every direction.

Doctors are under threat everywhere.

Doctors who see things that make them lose sleep, rarely risk everything and speak, because it will hit them in the back pocket.

They are also terrified of becoming Wakefielded.

The fact is that Wakefield was pro-vaccine and all he did was suggest a possible link between autism and measles vaccines based on clinical case studies and colon biopsies of vaccinated autistic children.

The pro-vaccine commandment is that doubt is not allowed to exist, so Wakefield’s name was made synonymous with fraud, by the pro-vaccine, which continued to manipulate the facts.

In the US, journalists, who parrot information, call to have doctors’ licenses revoked.”(10)

And then there’s the move to sue parents who don’t vaccinate their kids:

“When non-vaccinators are kicked out of the office doctors then turn around and say that the other forms of healing that those parents turn to are quackery, dangerous and can kill you because you aren’t using their medicine.

Fortunately many intelligent parents see that the medical system is fear mongering. Once parents have enough knowledge and experience, they no longer feel doctor dependent, because they realize how easy it is to not need doctors.

And this works as long as the parents have the freedom to choose and the medical system knows this, which is why they’re now turning up the heat.

While non-vaccinating parents are treated with disdain, what happens when a previously compliant parent wakes up and asks the following question:

Why did all of these problems start after that/those vaccines?

The doctor automatically rejects the question. If the parent persists in their questioning, rejection becomes disdain and hostility. The angry doctor may call them paranoid, neurotic, stupid, unqualified, hysterical or dangerous.

Doctors that raise the same question are often treated with the same hostility and accused of having blood on their hands.

Those in the medical system sometimes tolerates independent thinking but they don’t encourage anything that disturbs the status quo.

Doctors are told that the science is settled on everything vaccine, but when the so-called evidence is compared to the historic and scientific literature, it becomes clear the the education given to doctors today is a oppressive form of religion, preached as gospel by leading authorities who act as if they’re narrow truth is the only righteous belief. Explaining the broader concepts is to them akin to heresy, even if it’s right there in their peer reviewed medical journals.”(10)

And this same pro-vaccine doctor said the following irresponsible statement:

“Mayo Clinic doctors like Greg Poland, now determine for Google what is vaccine fact and what is vaccine fiction. This is a desperate measure to silence those who question vaccines and try to find information that’s not permitted on mainstream media.”(10)

Doctors are told, by Dr. Robert Jacobson at Mayo Clinic, to keep it simple.

The following if from one of Jacobson’s powerpoint presentations:


Live Viral Vaccines Hype

“In 2015 the pro-vaccine tossed out a new radical message, that live viral vaccines, even the smallpox vaccines, have beneficial effects beyond what you may have ever dreamed.

Suddenly in May of 2015 the public was told that vaccines had extra-special benefits which could magically prevent people from dying of other diseases than what they were vaccinated for.

The two tools used to push these beliefs were unintelligible math and incorrect immunology.

With the key vaccine hero, MMR, rushing to the rescue, but with BCG and smallpox tossed in for variety, the public was told that live viral vaccines have wonderful non-specific effects which make long term death less likely.

But then they were told that measles disease is worse than anyone had noticed before in an article released in 2015. This article was part of a carefully orchestrated plan, piggybacking on the Disneyland measles outbreak’s Forbes magazine cluster bombs and it was backed up by legislative action in the US.”(10)

The message to parents was that vaccines make children glow with supernatural strength and that:

And here’s the paper that these claims were based on:

“The research for this paper was funded by Bill Gates. The explanatory language of the paper is unaccessible to most people, which was probably intended from the start. Most doctors haven’t been able to get their heads around the medical argument presented. The lead author is a medical student who appears to know very little about measles in the the real world but who, by his own admission, loves to fiddle with statistical models.

Here we have a medical student partnering with a computer geek to produce statistical models so complex your eyes would glaze over.”(11)

The important goal here was to give the public a simple explanation, so here is what the public was told:

“And theory here is that measles disease suppresses the immune system causing immune amnesia for a long time after the infection.

The problem with this theory is that long term immune suppression from measles disease was never a real phenomenon, and was based on wrongly interpreted vaccine results in Africa.”(11)

The fact, studies have shown that measles infected children have lower mortality rates than uninfected children:

And most of the measles cases that did better were not vaccinated.

So Mina’s claim above are false and thus when the question is asked:

“One of the key points to remember here is that the first time that Mina and his co-authors ran the data with their first set of assumptions, they didn’t actually see what they wanted to see. They had to change their assumptions and the way they wanted to analyze the data.”(11)

“The real question of the credibility of this study doesn’t lie in the data manipulation at all. The big flaw in this study lies in the immunology assumption, which was the second hypothesis.

The hypothesis stated that:

The measles infection reduces the immune system memory to an empty shell.

Implying that all diseases for which one was vaccinated or had gained natural immunity to, once again, after the measles infection, became not just an individual threat, that they could get infected again, but also a community threat, as Grenfall, in the paper alluded.”(11)

The papers they use to supposedly substantiate this claim are contradictory or contain no substantiation at all:

“Mina and De Vries are banking on doctors being too busy to go and read the references backing up their claims. Because doctors are too busy to check, nobody challenges anything.

The final sentence of the De Vries summary paper listed above states:

Clinical studies are required to test our hypothesis that measles immune suppression is mainly a numbers game.

Yet, not 5 months later, after no clinical studies at all had been done, Mina and Osterhaus, who were thanked in that paper, are presenting mathematical models that they say validate a non-clinical monkey hypothesis.

Dr. Aaby made it very clear that there was no persistent T-lymphocyte suppression in infected children 2 months after infection. By then everything was back to normal.”(11)

In a 5 year followup study done by Dr. Aaby:

And from Dr Aaby:

Which proves that there is no lethal suppression of the immune system, but that the immune system is actually strengthened which invalidates the claims in Mina’s paper, along with the validity of the any fear mongering that would supposedly be warranted.


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The Zika Virus Hoax

It’s time to take a look at the most recent virus hoax……..the Zika hoax.

The official story goes like this:

197-Zika_Virus-ZikaVirus.tif“Zika virus (ZIKV) is a member of the virus family Flaviviridae and the genus Flavivirus. It is spread by daytime-active Aedes mosquitoes, such as A. aegypti and A. albopictus. Its name comes from the Zika Forest of Uganda, where the virus was first isolated in 1947. Zika virus is related to the dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile viruses. Since the 1950s, it has been known to occur within a narrow equatorial belt from Africa to Asia. From 2007 to 2016, the virus spread eastward, across the Pacific Ocean to the Americas, where the 2015–16 Zika virus epidemic reached pandemic levels.(1)

“The infection, known as Zika fever or Zika virus disease, often causes no or only mild symptoms, similar to a very mild form of dengue fever. While there is no specific treatment, paracetamol (acetaminophen) and rest may help with the symptoms. As of 2016, the illness cannot be prevented by medications or vaccines.

“Zika can also spread from a pregnant woman to her fetus. This can result in microcephaly, severe brain malformations, and other birth defects. Zika infections in adults may result rarely in Guillain–Barré syndrome.


“The Zika virus belongs to the Flaviviridae family and the Flavivirus genus, and is thus related to the dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile viruses.

“There are two lineages of Zika: the African lineage and the Asian lineage. Phylogenetic studies indicate that the virus spreading in the Americas is 89% identical to African genotypes, but is most closely related to the Asian strain that circulated in French Polynesia during the 2013–2014 outbreak.



“The vertebrate hosts of the virus were primarily monkeys in a so-called enzootic mosquito-monkey-mosquito cycle, with only occasional transmission to humans. Before the current pandemic began in 2007, Zika “rarely caused recognized ‘spillover’ infections in humans, even in highly enzootic areas”.





330px-Aedes_aegypti“Zika is primarily spread by the female Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is active mostly in the daytime, although researchers have found the virus in common Culex house mosquitoes as well.The mosquitos must feed on blood in order to lay eggs. The virus has also been isolated from a number of arboreal mosquito species in the Aedes genus, such as A. africanus, A. apicoargenteus, A. furcifer, A. hensilli, A. luteocephalus and A. vittatus, with an extrinsic incubation period in mosquitoes of about 10 days.

Global_Aedes_aegypti_distribution_(e08347)“The potential societal risk of Zika can be delimited by the distribution of the mosquito species that transmit it. The global distribution of the most cited carrier of Zika, A. aegypti, is expanding due to global trade and travel. A. aegypti distribution is now the most extensive ever recorded – across all continents including North America and even the European periphery (Madeira, the Netherlands, and the northeastern Black Sea coast).

“A mosquito population capable of carrying Zika has been found in a Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D. C., and genetic evidence suggests they survived at least four consecutive winters in the region. The study authors conclude that mosquitos are adapting for persistence in a northern climate.

“The Zika virus appears to be contagious via mosquitoes for around a week after infection. The virus is thought to be infectious for a longer period of time after infection (2 weeks) when transmitted via semen.

“Since 2015, news reports have drawn attention to the spread of Zika in Latin America and the Caribbean. The countries and territories that have been identified by the Pan American Health Organisation as having experienced “local Zika virus transmission” are Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Suriname, and Venezuela.

Pregnancy Fetal Transmission


“The Zika virus can spread from an infected mother to her fetus during pregnancy or at delivery.


Sexual Transmission


“Zika can be transmitted from a man or a woman to their sexual partners. As of April 2016 sexual transmission of Zika has been documented in six countries – Argentina, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand and the United States – during the 2015 outbreak.

Blood Transfusions Transmission

330px-Blausen_0087_Blood_Transfusion“As of April 2016, two cases of Zika transmission through blood transfusions have been reported globally, both from Brazil, after which the US Food and Drug Administration recommended screening blood donors and deferring high-risk donors for 4 weeks.

Zika Fever

“Zika fever (also known as Zika virus disease) is an illness caused by the Zika virus. Most cases have no symptoms, but when present they are usually mild and can resemble dengue fever. Symptoms may include fever, red eyes, joint pain, headache, and a maculopapular rash. Symptoms generally last less than seven days. It has not caused any reported deaths during the initial infection.

So what does the CDC say is the best treatment for the 20% of people that get Zika Fever?

Medicine meaning a pain reliever like Tylenol or acetaminophen.


DSCN0398-269x192“Infection during pregnancy causes Microcephaly and other brain malformations in some babies.


“Diagnosis is by testing the blood, urine, or saliva for the presence of Zika virus RNA when the person is sick.


“Prevention involves decreasing mosquito bites in areas where the disease occurs and proper use of condoms.

“Efforts to prevent bites include the use of insect repellent, covering much of the body with clothing, mosquito nets, and getting rid of standing water where mosquitoes reproduce.

There is no effective vaccine.


“Health officials recommended that women in areas affected by the 2015–16 Zika outbreak consider putting off pregnancy and that pregnant women not travel to these areas.



Capture9“While there is no specific treatment, paracetamol (acetaminophen) and rest may help with the symptoms. Admission to hospital is rarely necessary.”(1)

The Real Story About Zika

Virus Scares

300px-Biohazard_symbol.svg influenza5_tIn the last ten years there have been the following virus scares:

Bird Flu

Swine Flu


All of which died down as suddenly as they emerged.

Inventing a Fake Pandemic

Remember the Swine Flu hoax in 2009?

“Remember these terms: La Gloria, PCR test. They are important in understanding how a fake pandemic can be invented from scratch, based on no evidence. You see, it’s not the germ, it’s the false announcement of the germ. It’s the concoction of an apparition, a ghost, a phantom. That’s how you launch a fake pandemic. That’s how you sell fear. That’s how you try to make people take their vaccines and keep their mouths shut.

210px-US_CDC_logo.svg“At the so-called height of the Swine Flu epidemic, in the summer of 2009, CBS News exposed the fact that the CDC, in an egregious dereliction of its duty, had stopped counting Swine Flu cases. The CDC just assumed people arriving at hospitals or doctors’ offices with anything resembling the flu had Swine Flu. Therefore, the CDC really didn’t have the faintest idea how many people in America had Swine Flu. Yet, soon after this CBS report broke, the CDC issued a mind-boggling announcement plucked out of thin air: there were undoubtedly 10 MILLION people in the US infected with Swine Flu. No evidence. No test results. No facts. Just scare tactics. As in: “You must get vaccinated.”

“A CDC study [in 2012], published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal, [stated] that the final global figure for Swine Flu deaths, 18,500, was grossly underestimated. The new and far more precise figure is…25,000? No. 50,000? No. 100,000?


“250,000! But wait. It actually might be as high as 575,400, [said] the CDC wizards.

Flag_of_WHO.svg“And of course we all know now that the World Health Organization actually claims that, every year, between 250,000 and 500,000 people die from ordinary regular seasonal flu. This is not called a pandemic that could wipe out humankind. But when 18,500 people die of Swine Flu, this is called a Level 6 Pandemic, the highest danger category the World Health Organization can declare.

“And the CDC also announced [in June of 2012] that, in 2009, the Swine Flu virus was “the predominant virus.”

“In other words, we are supposed to believe, again, with no evidence, that most people who died that year from flu died from Swine Flu. Or to put it another way, in 2009 the usual seasonal flu viruses that circulate decided to take a holiday and give the new kid on the block, Swine Flu, H1N1, a chance to spread his wings and see what he could do.


“Realize, as well, that when the whole Swine Flu scare was launched in the spring of 2009, the WHO absurdly declared the H1N1 virus a Level-6 Pandemic based on a mere 20, that’s 20, cases of Swine Flu. At the same time, WHO changed its definition of “Level-6 Pandemic” so that severe destruction and widespread human death were no longer required. This is like saying a pandemic can be a pandemic without being a pandemic.

“Where did Swine Flu originate? A place called La Gloria, in Mexico, where a large industrial pig farm was located. Press reports described outdoor “pig feces lagoons” on the property. When workers began to get sick, the area was sprayed with unknown chemicals. More workers fell ill. Anyone with a basic knowledge of public health could testify that this combination of mind-boggling sanitation plus a strong germicide could cause human disease. In fact, it doesn’t matter which particular germs are present in the mix.

flu-lagoon“People at the CDC had to be well aware of this. Yet their choice was to rush researchers to La Gloria, armed with the unfounded assumption that some novel virus, never before seen, was the culprit, and their job was to take blood samples and discover what the new germ was.

“There is a test called the PCR. This was the major tool used to diagnose Swine Flu. Given the fact that it’s an expensive genetic assay, we can assume it wasn’t done often. The PCR basically takes very, very tiny amounts of unknown human genetic material and amplifies them to the point where they can be observed. In other words, there wasn’t enough “germ” to begin with. It was so miniscule, you couldn’t ID it as is.

“This is called a clue. In order to even begin to think about indicting a germ as a cause of a disease, you need to find very large amounts of it. The army of germs has to be huge and it has to be doing something in the body. The PCR test doesn’t yield such a conclusion at all. If anything, it confirms that the army was non-existent.

man-216990__340“The test used to diagnose Swine Flu was useless. It was misleading. It was obvious it was misleading. But it was used. Why?

“Because it would provide cover. It would make it seem as if Swine Flu was everywhere on the planet.

“This is more circumstantial evidence of an intentional operation.

“Call a local environmental calamity (in La Gloria) a new disease based on no evidence. Have the leading public health agency in the world (the WHO) change its definition of pandemic to allow a declaration of a level-6 threat, based on a mere 20 cases. Start labeling ordinary flu Swine Flu. Claim it is a new disease, based on no evidence. Use a test to diagnose it that is useless and misleading.

66ba7ab1f9cca107eeefc7049453f303“And you’re home free. You have a global threat. You have fear. You have drug companies making a fortune. You have people believing they have to get their vaccines. You have toxic vaccines (by their very nature and composition) injected into the global population.

“You have billions of people listening to the WHO and the CDC and following medical orders, which really amounts to political control. It’s all part of the operation to ensnare people into a cradle-to-grave medical apparatus that diagnoses one disease after another, treats these diseases with highly toxic drugs that produce new symptoms, then diagnosing those symptoms as new diseases and then treating those with more toxic drugs, until eventually death comes.”(4)

Enter the Zika virus

And now Zika virus is the latest scare, and it’s far less serious than Dengue, except for the supposed risk to pregnant women’s unborn children, due to the supposed risk of Microcephaly.

Yes, Zika is a virus.

Yes, it was first isolated in Uganda in 1947.

Yes, it can be transmitted by mosquitoes and through sexual intercourse.

Yes, Zika causes no symptoms or only mild symptoms, similar to a very mild form of dengue fever.

If an individual contracts Dengue fever, symptoms typically begin three to fourteen days after infection. This may include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash. Recovery generally takes less than two to seven days.


Only around 20% of the people infected with Zika (exhibiting antibodies), develop any symptoms of Zika fever, which, as stated above, are similar to a very mild form of Dengue fever. Cold like symptoms. 80% of those exhibiting antibodies to the Zika virus have no symptoms at all.

Could it be that there’s something deficient in the 20% of people who develop symptoms?

Should the research be to find out how to strengthen the immune systems of those who are susceptible to the virus?

The Microcephaly Hoax Connection

And now Zika virus is the latest scare, and it’s far less serious than Dengue, except for the supposed risk to pregnant women’s unborn children, due to the supposed risk of Microcephaly.

There are on average around 400 cases of microcephaly in the US every year. Since medical records that track cases of microcephaly in Brazil are sketchy at best, an extrapolation based on the US total using the population of Brazil, would mean that there would be around 270 cases a year in Brazil.

Capture2Microcephaly is a medical condition in which the brain does not develop properly resulting in a smaller than normal head. Microcephaly may be present at birth or it may develop in the first few years of life. Often people with the disorder have an intellectual disability, poor motor function, poor speech, abnormal facial features, seizures, and dwarfism.”(2)


microcephaly-comparison-triple-350px“Microcephaly is a condition where a baby’s head is much smaller than expected. During pregnancy, a baby’s head grows because the baby’s brain grows. Microcephaly can occur because a baby’s brain has not developed properly during pregnancy or has stopped growing after birth, which results in a smaller head size. Microcephaly can be an isolated condition, meaning that it can occur with no other major birth defects, or it can occur in combination with other major birth defects.(5)

What is severe microcephaly?

“Severe microcephaly is a more serious, extreme form of this condition where a baby’s head is much smaller than expected. Severe microcephaly can result because a baby’s brain has not developed properly during pregnancy, or the brain started to develop correctly and then was damaged at some point during pregnancy.

“Babies with Microcephaly can have a range of other problems, depending on how severe their microcephaly is. Microcephaly has been linked with the following problems:

  • Seizures
  • Developmental delay, such as problems with speech or other developmental milestones (like sitting, standing, and walking)
  • Intellectual disability (decreased ability to learn and function in daily life)
  • Problems with movement and balance
  • Feeding problems, such as difficulty swallowing
  • Hearing loss
  • Vision problems

“These problems can range from mild to severe and are often lifelong. Because the baby’s brain is small and underdeveloped, babies with severe Microcephaly can have more of these problems, or have more difficulty with them, than babies with milder Microcephaly. Severe Microcephaly also can be life-threatening. Because it is difficult to predict at birth what problems a baby will have from Microcephaly, babies with Microcephaly often need close follow-up through regular check-ups with a healthcare provider to monitor their growth and development.(5)

What head size determines a diagnosis of Microcephaly?

Following is a chart showing head size of children up to 5 years old:


Based on this chart the Brazilian government vastly over-reported the number of cases of Microcephaly:

So what are the known causes of Microcephaly?

Also: The CDC believes that certain infections during pregnancy, such as rubella, toxoplasmosis, or cytomegalovirus can cause microcephaly.

So the primary causes are malnutrition, toxic exposure and problems with the birth.

When looking at Brazil there exists high levels of malnutrition, higher levels of birth problems and high amounts of toxic exposure.

According to the Brazilian government there’s about 150 cases of microcephaly a year. And, as stated above, there’s about 400 cases a year in the US.










It’s important to also take note of the fact that one third of the supposed cases were in the state of Pernambuco.

The Brazilian government finally announced that there had been an exaggeration of total number of cases of Microcephaly and that so far they were only able to confirm 404 actual cases with only 17 of those cases directly correlated with the Zika virus.

And remember…Correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation……especially at numbers this low.

Not only that, but as stated above, 80% of the people that test positive for Zika antibodies never have any symptoms.

Also….There has never been a proven connection between Zika fever and Microcephaly.

Meanwhile the World Health Organization grabs the inaccurate statistics and comes up with the following declaration below…….But is there really a problem with Zika?:

Potential link?……Is this looking like the Swine Flu hoax with a new twist?

So, given the obvious lack of any real emergency, what happens next?


There it is……$1.8 billion and accelerate research into a vaccine…..

As the saying goes…..Follow The Money…….into big Pharma’s coffers….

After all, it’s payback time for those campaign contributions……

Just as a reminder:


And it’s important to keep in mind that:

Except in Columbia!

And the World Health Organization is going to be buying a lot of the fake vaccine, so this ‘evidence’ will likely end up being stated as being more than circumstantial.

The methodology is to generate panic so the money can keep flowing and more and more control is given to these global disease control groups.

Remember the Ebola hoax?

Faded away for now, didn’t it?…..but it will be resurrected as soon as it’s needed again to keep the panic going.

Let’s get back to the actual causes of Microcephaly

The following are positively known to cause it:

Well, Brazil excels in all three listed above.

There is widespread malnutrition in vitamin deficiencies, particularly in the area of the country that has the most cases of microcephaly.  It is also notable that vitamin A and zinc deficiency are endemic in Brazil, leading to widespread low immune function.

Lack of sanitation and deficiencies of vitamin A and zinc are known to be linked to birth defects.

Vitamin A deficiency is linked to Microcephaly.

And the CDC lists malnutrition and toxic chemical exposure as two of three main risk factors for Microcephaly.

Brazil cultivates vast amounts of GM crops and uses tremendous amounts of Glyphosate (Roundup) which has been linked to birth defects in laboratory animals.

As if this wasn’t enough, during the past 18 months Brazil has been adding larvicide to the drinking water in order to kill the mosquito larvae.

Capture30This larvicide had been most heavily used in the state of Pernambuco, where 35% of the microcephaly cases have originated.

Now we’re getting closer to the root of the problem……..

OK….let’s take a look at Atrazine.

So there’s strike three for toxic birth defects.

Atrazine is even more toxic than glyphosate, causing massive deformities in frogs and is very toxic to humans.

“It is one of the most widely used herbicides in US and Australian agriculture. It was banned in the European Union in 2004, when the EU found groundwater levels exceeding the limits set by regulators, and Syngenta could neither show that this could be prevented nor that these levels were safe.

“As of 2001, atrazine was the most commonly detected pesticide contaminating drinking water in the United States. Studies suggest it is an endocrine disruptor, an agent that can alter the natural hormonal system, causing hormone imbalance.“(6)

‘Studies suggest’ means that it definitely causes hormone imbalance in animal studies and as far as humans go, ignorance is bliss……particularly for the chemical corporations.

And who cleans the equipment after use?

And then there’s:

These neonicotinoids are insecticides that are used all over Brazil and in many other countries. In the late 1990s neonicotinoids came under increasing scrutiny over their environmental impacts. Neonicotinoid use was linked in a range of studies to adverse ecological effects, including honey-bee colony collapse disorder (CCD) and loss of birds due to a reduction in insect populations. In 2013, the European Union and a few non EU countries restricted the use of certain neonicotinoids.

And then there’s vaccines:






Since there was a whopping cough outbreak in Brazil, even though vaccines have never been studied by being given to pregnant women, the World Health Organization gave the approval to vaccinate pregnant women with a DPT shot.

The number of women vaccinated is estimated at tens of thousands to multiple hundreds of thousands, but it was mandated that everyone get the vaccination.

When a person gets the DPT vaccine, they actually shed the virus and spread it.

Pertussis vaccine has previously been linked to brain inflammation and brain damage in infants.

And so:

And as an added bonus:



The Gates-Brazil Connection

“In a recent [Feb 2016] greenmedinfo article—“What is the Zika Virus Epidemic Covering Up?” by Jagannath Chatterjee—the author traces other Gates-Brazil connections. Here are several quotes from the article:

One: “Experts suggested that genetically modified [GE] mosquitoes used against the dengue carrying mosquitoes in Brazil should also be used against Zika as the vector, [since] the Aedes aegypti variety was the same.” Well, the company that has released those GE mosquitoes, Oxitec, has received several million dollars of funding from Gates. That mosquito program was launched with no human health-safety studies.

Two: “The agency behind pushing GM crops into Brazil was once again the BMGF [Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation].

Three: “While investigating the procedures directed at pregnant women in the year 2015, shocking facts emerged. Acting as per a WHO [World Health Organization] decision to inject pregnant women with vaccines despite contraindications, the Brazilian Government had allowed its pregnant women to become the equivalent of guinea pigs. Besides the tetanus vaccines (provided as Diphtheria Tetanus vaccines), the women had also received the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine in pregnancy.

What is worse, a DTaP vaccine was mandated for pregnant women in 2014. Citing a shortage of the DTaP vaccine the highly reactive [dangerous] DTP vaccine was also administered. Clearly, huge risks had been inflicted on the unsuspecting women. None of these vaccines are known to be safe during pregnancy and the MMR and the DaPT/DPT vaccines are lapses that cannot be condoned. The rubella virus in the MMR vaccine and the pertussis component in the DPT vaccine are known to cause microcephaly…

“The DTaP vaccine initiative to vaccinate pregnant women was financed by BMGF [Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation] funds… BMGF is therefore coincidentally linked with all that could have gone wrong in the entire picture [in Brazil]…If a vaccine to prevent Zika emerges, and GM mosquitoes are released globally to contain Zika, the gainer once again would be the BMGF. What an interconnected net of ‘coincidence’! If the GM mosquito, herbicides, pesticides and vaccines link to microcephaly in children can be covered up under the Zika protest, the beneficiary once again would be the BMGF which would not be questioned for its failings even as it continues to gain from these dangerous [nefarious] ventures.”(7)

Take a look at this video on the Zika Psyop in Florida by TRUTHstreammedia:



So what’s the personal solution, so you don’t have to run away from the Zika virus or the mosquitoes:


The bottom line here is that the actual cause of these birth defects is known but an innocuous virus is getting the blame. This is just another hoax in a never-ending stream of hoaxes that are contrived in order further the agenda of the financier/oligarchs.

What we’re looking at here is Zika being used as cover for a number of nefarious goals being perpetrated by the financier/oligarchs and carried out by their lackeys in governments and corporations throughout the world.

Follow The Money

KWN-Fitzwilson-V-3292015Of course the primary goal is always to use any means necessary to parasitize as much money as possible from those who actually create wealth.

In this case the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries stand to make obscene amounts of profit by selling the chemicals that cause the disastrous health issues and by selling the drugs and chemicals that are supposed to control the health damage. They get it both ways…how clever.

Just another case of….’problem-reaction-solution’……a tried and true method.

And…..let’s not forget that all the helpful folks in the CDC, the World Health Organization and the other phony groups participating in this hoax, get to keep getting their fat paychecks……as long as they keep their mouths shut about what’s really going on and don’t spill the beans on the fake science and bogus statistics being fed to the gullible willfully ignorant public.

The Name of the Game Is Control

Lemmings at the cliffAnd, of course, the goal of continually increasing control on the masses is always part of all of these hoaxes, whether they involve manufactured epidemics, mass shootings and mass bombings or general terror warnings, nuclear war/EMP threats, nuclear meltdown threats, solar flare threats, asteroid/comet threats, black hole threats, ozone depletion scares, global warming extinction warnings, impending economic collapse predictions, etc, etc, etc.

Each of the contrived events results in the public giving up a bit more of its freedom in order to ostensibly be safer in the future, which gives the financier/oligarchs a greater ability to create the kind of future that they want for themselves.

The Depopulation Agenda

Gaining control of the public enables the financier/oligarchs to further their long-standing plan of world depopulation.

Prince_Philip_March_2015“If I were reincarnated, I would wish to be returned to Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels” -Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh

“World population is, by all intents and purposes, completely out of control.

“Plans are underway now, implemented by the New World Order Elite, to depopulate the planet’s 6-7 billion people to a manageable level of between 500 million and 2 billion.

“There are many means and methods of depopulation that are being employed today, the 3 primary of which include:

Uunsustainable/exploitative international development, which leads to massive hunger, starvation and famine worldwide (at least 40 million deaths annually)

181016_10151542331488885_882312798_n-800x445The fomentation of war, hatred and military procurements throughout the nations leading to millions of deaths worldwide

The creation and spread of infectious diseases leading to global pandemic, plague and pestilence on an unprecedented scale.

“Other methods used include:

The build-up and use of nuclear, chemical and biological agents, weapons and warfare

monsanto_hero_1024x633-e1458076464575The poisoning and contamination of the planet’s food and water supplies

The introduction and use of deadly pharmacuetical drugs in society

Weather modification and the triggering of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis through electromagnetic psychotronic weapons

The promotion of homosexuality to limit population growth and spread the deadly AIDS virus

Forced sterilization in countries such as China

Forced vaccinations, abortions, euthanasia etc…

“The international campaign to eliminate the “useless eaters” (according to the Club of Rome) on behalf of the planet’s privileged financier/oligarch ruling elite, is surely to take a more voracious toll as global population levels continue to rise.

“To implement their “final solution” to depopulate 4-5 billion people from the Earth, the world’s elite [parasites] will undoubtedly harness the newly emerging biotech and nanotechnology industries to create a super ‘bioweapon’ virus creating a global ‘kill-off’ pandemic for which only they will have the cure.(8)

Take a look at the following video by NaturalSolutions where Dr. Rima answers a question about depopulation (turn the volume up):



The War On Women

Microcephaly-imagesThe Zika Hoax is just one more way to further the depopulation agenda, in this case, by creating such fear in potential mothers that they don’t dare get pregnant or they use desperate measures to abort any pregnancy that does occur.

This is on top of the continuing vaccination program designed to sterilize hundreds of millions of men and especially women in order to reduce population, with a particular emphasis on the third world.

The War On Brazil

188px-Flag_of_Brazil.svgIt’s also important to keep in mind that the financier/oligarchs have been waging savage economic, political and psychological warfare against Brazil, as a result of  Brazilian President Lula DaSilva and his hand-picked successor, Dilma Rousseff, along with Hugo Chavez (before his poisoning) and Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, killing the Globalists’ dream of establishing the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas).

It’s just another case of ‘Follow the Money’…….or in this case, the actions taken by sovereign countries to prevent the Financier/Oligarchs from parasitizing their economies. And the standard response to this is to wage war by any means possible to destabilize the countries and take control of their banking, resources and industries.

In times past the standard operating procedure was to use direct military action to take control of another country’s political, social and economic systems. The preferred method for some time now, in order to prevent the parasitic nation’s mind-controlled citizens from becoming aware of the agenda, has been for the Financier/Globalists to use economic warfare. If economic warfare isn’t working fast enough, the Globalists will also use cyber warfare (and social media), weather warfare (manufactured droughts), starvation (manufactured food shortages) and biological warfare, as we see in Brazil with the Zika bio-warfare. When all else fails, the Financier/Globalists use direct military action, with the invasion of Iraq being a prime example of this approach.

Take a look at a video by MarlboroCollege where John Perkins gives an overview of Economic Hitmen (start at 9:50):



Take a look at this short video by Studio Joho, posted NwoSatire and narrated by John Perkins:



In an additional refusal to surrender, Brazil then joined Vladimir Putin’s trade bloc, BRIC (now BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). And to top it all off, Brazil’s condemnation of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and its steadfast refusal to impose trade sanctions on Iran, with which Brazil does a lot of business, really ‘pisses off’ the Financier/Globalists.

What’s particularly interesting about these actions is that the BRIC nations have obviously already witnessed the merciless destruction of other countries who resisted this parasitism, but they still continue to try to retain their freedom.

Either they’re ultimately in on the long term plan or they don’t understand that the Financier/Oligarchs have total control of the world’s economic system at this point. The BRIC economic block is actually a perfect example of ‘controlled opposition’, being used, just as the two party political system is in the US, to give the illusion that there are different groups, with different agendas, vying for control.

But It Won’t Be Me Or Mine

Have you found yourself saying ‘Yes, there’s just too many people….some have got to go’ ?

Well consider this from the “Initiative for the United Nations,Eco 92 Earth Charter”:

“The present vast over population, now far beyond the world carrying capacity cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction in the numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary”

According to that quote, which is part of an official U.N. document concerning the agenda to combat “global warming,” abortion and birth control were part of the human depopulation agenda. They have now determined that these methods are not effective enough and more drastic measures must be taken to bring human population levels down.

Does this sound like it leaves you and yours out of the people to be culled?


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