The Truth About the Conflict With Russia

A primary reason for the conflict with Russia involving the the U.S. and Ukraine, with a clandestine role played by Israel.

Putin and the New World Order

The Ashkenazim and the Destruction of the West

Israel Control’s the U.S. War Machine

What Causes Spinal Degeneration & Scoliosis – Dr. Robert Morse

Dr. Robert Morse explains what causes Scoliosis and Spinal Degeneration.

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Transgender Insanity – Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro does a masterful exposure of the transgender insanity that is currently ravaging the culture in ‘The Land of the Free’.

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Emasculation and the Feminization of Society

Jordan Peterson – Western Culture Is Not a Male Dominated Patriarchy

Israel Control’s the U.S. War Machine

The U.S. war machine is controlled by Israeli Zionists and their agents in the U.S. government and military.

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The Ashkenazim and the Destruction of the West

Universal Identity – The Beast System

The plan to create a Universal Digital Identity for everyone on the Earth.

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Social Credit – Another Brick In the Wall

Israel’s Orwellian Surveillance State