Boldly Out Of The Closet

While posing for a picture at the event in Toronto, Canada, Twitter conspiracy theorist noticed something off about Prince Harry’s hand – it was in the sign of devil horns:

They must be convinced that they’ve got an iron grip on the sheep. So boldly flaunt it…….

Could be a sign to fellow mason, Trump, with the middle fingers hidden in a covert move:

But it’s not his first time for the satanic sign….

And Him

So who does he serve?

Was in on the game

In on the game

More subtle, just like Harry above with Melania

Surprised by this? Give peace a chance…

In on the game

Surprised by this. Shouldn’t be….he was a tool

William plays the game well

What a surprise

Pure evil

A double shot

Noooo….not Ronnie…it couldn’t be…unless you were paying attention

Didn’t hide it well…..ever


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