The Boston Marathon Bombing Was a Hoax

The Boston Massacre

Anyone who’s visited Boston has more than likely walked the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile-long (4.0 km) path through downtown Boston, Massachusetts that passes by 16 locations significant to the history of the United States.

Preserved and dedicated by the citizens of Boston in 1951, the Freedom Trail is a unique collection of museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks, a ship, and historic markers that tell the story of the American Revolution and beyond. Led by 18th-century costumed Freedom Trail Players, tours feature tales of high treason, mob agitations, revolutionary actions, and partisan fights of the American Revolution.

The Boston Marathon, just like the Freedom Trail, follows a designated route through the city of Boston, and normally celebrates American freedom.

But this wasn’t to be the case for the Boston Marathon of 2013.

Sinister elements of the government had other ideas for this marathon.

Assisted by a cadre of willing actors, the perpetrators of this operation enacted a fake terror event in order to manipulate the American people into allowing these criminals to push forward a nefarious agenda that includes not only an attack on the 4th amendment, but also the perpetuation of illegal and genocidal wars, while advancing the attack on the 2nd amendment through Gun Control.

Here’s a link to Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

The Pyrotechnics

On April 15, 2013, two homemade ‘bombs’ detonated 12 seconds and 210 yards (190 m) apart at 2:49 p.m., near the finish line of the annual Boston Marathon, allegedly killing three people and injuring several hundred others, including 16 who lost limbs.

But what really happened???

Below is a view of the finish line at the marathon.

The time of this picture is almost two hours after the winner crossed the finish line and yet there is a group of camera men eagerly poised here:

The first blast (pyrotechnic display) occurs just as the finish line marathon clock turns from 4:09:43 to 4:09:44:

Below are some initial main stream media photos taken soon after the 1st pyrotechnic display:

“The only images of this event, that the vast majority of the public has ever seen, have come from the mainstream media sources.

A major source of both photographic and video footage comes from the Boston Globe. Additional mainstream footage comes from Fox News, ABC, NBC and CBS and a few professional freelance photographers.

There were a few non-professional and non-insiders who approached the scene and took some cell phone and video photos, before being driven away by shouting police or by shouting bystanders.

There were also two people who took many photos from nearby windows. One from, more or less, above the scene and another from down the street a distance.

The next two slides show the two different set of photographs taken from the nearby windows:

Below is the first of the Thorndike set of photos. All together there are 26 photos and they capture 2 through 14 seconds after the pyrotechnic display, near the finish line.”(1)

“The image below is taken from the Aaron Tang or hahatango, his flicker moniker, set of photos.

The image is taken from further away than the Thorndike vantage. There are about 65 photos in the Aaron Tang set, which captured the scene at the finish line from 19 seconds to over 20 minutes after the pyrotechnic display:

The photo below shows the locations of Throndike and hahatango:

The photo below was taken from a window on the other side of the pyrotechnic staging area. This photo captures exactly 1 minute and 38 seconds after the first pyrotechnic display, before anyone was taken out of the area by wheelchair or by stretcher.

Note that there’s not a lot of people on the scene in this photo. Altogether, at the first pyrotechnic site, there were 27 victims lying or sitting around and appearing to be injured, not all of them being clearly visible in this photo:

Plus, there were a number of people who stayed standing and walking around the site and were later reported as injured. There were also a number of people who ran away from the site very soon after the pyrotechnic display or possibly were never near the site at all and were later reported as injured.

At the second pyrotechnic display site, a block down the street, there was a much smaller amount of victims.

Though most of the focus will be on the first site, below is a photo of the site of the second pyrotechnic display, which is a block further back from the finish line than the first site.

The alleged epicenter of the alleged blast is near the center of this picture, between the tree and the dark green mailbox:

This photo was taken 30 seconds after the second pyrotechnic display. The picture is grainy, but there are several, so-called, victims on the ground between the mailbox and the tree.

There are several more to the left of the tree and behind the barricade fencing on the left. All together, there’s a dozen, so-called, victims surrounding ground zero in this scene.

But the stage at the second pyrotechnic site was wider than just the immediate area around ground zero. By the time this photo was taken there were a number of so-called victims that were taken away or ran away from the immediate area of ground zero. Plus there are some so-called victims who show up in the media footage, who were probably never close to ground zero at all.

From all of the available footage, there are no more than two dozen crisis actor victims on the entire stage of the second pyrotechnic display, which is to say nothing of their accomplices, the crisis actor heroes, the people who played the roles of the uninjured helpers.

We will soon be discovering that all of the alleged victims are crisis actors. The reference to ‘crisis actors’ does not refer to professional crisis actors, but to people of various professions and walks of life, who were recruited to be crisis actors in this particular event.

The official story is that there were 264 people injured at the Boston, so-called, bombing, but in reality they kept the number of the crisis actor victims, a lot smaller than that.

The number of crisis actor victims, between both sites, was somewhere around 70 people, and quite a few of them have seemed to have missed out on the injury makeup and fake blood.

Anyhow, there was certainly no where near 264 crisis actor victims and there was zero real victims, because the entire event and all its transpirings was not real.

Before we go any deeper into the Boston Unbombing, it’s important to have full context.”(1)

Disaster Preparedness Drills

“The first thing you need to know is that the Boston Unbombing, was, in a nutshell, a disaster preparedness drill gone live, meaning that the Boston Unbombing was carried out by people with various federal and local government agencies that have been involved in running mega disaster preparedness drills across America for years now.

But what’s the use of stating that the Boston Unbombing was a large disaster drill gone live, if you don’t know what a large disaster drill looks like and what types of participants and props and effects are typically in use therein?

In or to have the necessary context, we have to go over some of the basic elements of large disaster and emergency response training drills.”(1)

The Art of Moulage

“Even crisis actors get a coffee break. The crisis actors below are at a large disaster drill in England:

Fake wounds and fake gore are called ‘moulage’ in the special effects industry and are an element of hyper-realistic emergency response drills.

Moulage is the word for the day.

Here’s some more media coverage of the same drill in England. Lots of actors, lots of moulage,

That cut leg looks like it hurts:

Moulage is an art.

Here’s an amateur homemade moulage wound, made of various silicones and putties and paints.

The funny comment says she going to pick the kids up from school with that on her arm:

Not bad for an amateur.

Now let’s see some work from the pros.

This is professional work by the UK based firm ‘Trauma  Effects’:

Pretty realistic and pretty gross!

More from Trauma Effects:

And more from Trauma Effects, using an amputee crisis actor:

Below is a palate cleanser after the last image:

Below is an advertisement for silicone sleeves with prefabricated wounds. Silicone sleeves and silicone skin wrap, and silicone patches are common elements in emergency response drills, as well as movie special effects makeup:

Here’s another one from the same company. Collect all twelve:

But you should also get a fake blood pump kit, if you’re going to do the job professionally. Notice in the picture above, that the fake wound is bleeding. Of course it is. Bleeding is an important part of trauma simulation.

Why not visit ‘etsy’ and get yourself a silicone trauma simulation sleeve, with a dynamic bleeding tube included.

As the description says “This sleeve works with a HydraSim!”:

And here’s the HydraSim Trauma Bleeding Simulation System. It’s basically a small pack containing a fake blood supply and a pumping mechanism and some tubes.

The ad reads: “A rugged, realistic and affordable solution to the chaos caused by external hemorrhage:

The 3 photos at the bottom of the next slide, are a few of the more sophisticated fake bleeding rigs on the market. Some of them are battery operated.

The photo at the top is for an emergency training company advertising the simulation effect of fake blood squirting fake blood, frighteningly, from a fake leg wound.

You might have noticed the word ‘Squib’ under one of the pictures. Squib is a word used for fake blood packets in the field of trauma simulation and also in the movie special effects industry.

Any professional emergency response drill or military drill, makes use of fake blood in a variety of forms, including blood capsules, blood sponges, blood syringes and blood squibs. A simple blood squib is a pouch designed to break with impact.

There are all kinds of squibs, using various pump assemblies:

The image below is an article from Fox News about the benefits of hyper-realistic emergency training. The article reads “The makeup artists create combat wounds that bleed actively from hidden tubes.”

At the right is a still frame from the video accompanying this article and it shows a crisis actor using the fake blood delivery system:

Below is another product that includes a tube that sends fake blood squirting out of a gruesome moulage wound. Of course you’d want to hide the tube a bit better than that in a disaster drill or a trauma simulation drill:

If you’re doing an emergency drill, you don’t really need a super-duper realistic silicone moulage sleeve, nor would you need a particularly deceptively hidden fake blood tube delivery system.

The photo at the top is a demo of a fake blood tube simply tucked under a flesh colored sleeve and simulating bleeding through some holes in the sleeve. That wouldn’t pass in a Hollywood movie.

The silicone sleeve on the bottom, on the other hand, is quite convincing. You can hardly see the edges. Sneak a fake blood tube under there and you’re ready for the big screen.

As for the Boston Unbombing, the Boston Unbombing was not quite ready for the big screen.”(1)

Moulage and the Unbombing Actors

“The photo below was taken by Thorndike photo number 7, taken 5 seconds after the first pyrotechnic display:

The Eric Whalley Performance

Now we’ll magnify the picture where the blue arrow is pointing:

The fellow above is a crisis actor named Eric Whaley, who according to the official story, had his pants blown off by a shrapnel filled bomb.

We see no evidence from this angle that his legs are bleeding. We do, however, see and anomalous line all the way across the top of his left thigh, which is direct evidence, as several more photographs in the next several slides will prove, that he’s wearing a thin silicone sleeve over his left thigh.

The photo on the right has the contrast enhanced in order to see the line on his thigh more clearly.

Just to make it easier to see the lines, below is a photo with a blue line drawn over the line:

And to be extra clear, the photo below has the area with the silicone sleeve pulled up over his upper thigh colored in green:

The object here is not for you to come to a conclusion from the photos above alone. There will be additional photos including a high resolution of this silicone sleeve over his upper thigh, with a fake blood tube under it.

The purpose now is to establish that this line around his leg was there immediately after the pyrotechnic display.

Below is another photo showing another angle on the scene:

Yet again, we see that his legs aren’t bleeding and now we can see from another angle that the same line that we saw going across the top of his thigh is also going around his inner thigh.

So we know it is something that he’s wearing around his leg.

As we’ve established, silicone sleeves and coverings are commonly used in the field of special effects makeup. But, of course, we should be asking all of the logical questions at this point.

We should ask if the line is some kind of shrapnel gash across his leg, but if that was the case then he would be bleeding here, 5 seconds after the pyrotechnic display.

And he’s not bleeding.

And that line across his leg is not a wound.

He rolls around a bit and we don’t get too many good pictures of his leg in the Thorndike set.

The photo below is a bit out of focus, but it shows us again that anomalous line on his left thigh:

The photo below was taken several minutes later. Now Mr. Whaley has been moved several feet away from where he was and he’s in the process of being attended to by the first responder special effects makeup team.

And there’s that same line around his left thigh.

The photos below have a blue line showing the sleeve line:

Notice how the large red stain is coming from that line on his thigh. That is because the fake blood is coming from under the silicone skin covering or sleeve. There’s a tube under that sleeve and it’s connected to a hidden blood squib.

If you look at where the white arrow is pointing on the photo below, you can see an anomalous round indentation under the sleeve on the back of his thigh, which looks just like the end of a tube, because it is.

The photo below has a blue highlight on the round indentation:

Below is another photo of Mr. Whaley, which provides more conclusive evidence:

Here we see the same anomalous line from another angle; both sides of the back of his thigh and the same evidence of blood staining on only one side of that crisp line, which is only possible if that stain was flowing out from under that line.

Keep in mind that this man has been rolling around every which way, with his leg up and down and in all directions, including the bend pictured above. So, if there was a real wound on the back of his thigh, then the blood should be, and should have been, pouring down his upper thigh towards his butt, whenever his thigh was raised like this. But the blood hasn’t done so, and instead we see a clean line of demarcation, because fake blood is pouring from under a flesh colored silicone sleeve, which is a commonplace element of both trauma simulation and cinema special effects.

The photo below was several minutes after the previous photo and Mr. Whaley has been moved into a wheelchair:

As with the advertisement we looked at above, for the trauma effects sleeve, the edge of this sleeve is difficult to discern from certain angles, but we still clearly see the edge of the sleeve at the back of his thigh and also that a bit of the fake blood flowing out from under the sleeve has now spilled over the edge.

The Eric Whaley Finale

“But we haven’t bid a proper farewell to Mr. Whaley of the silicone thigh sleeve yet, so here’s one last picture of him:

Here, going back to the Thorndike photos at 4 seconds after the pyrotechnic display.

The picture is hazy but it shows that the back of his legs are not a bloody mangled mess.

Again, the official story is that a shrapnel bomb blew off his pants at close range, but it is impossible that shrapnel blowing out at close range, and with speed and force, would leave his legs so clean.”(1)

It’s important to mention here that Mr. Whaley wasn’t the only person here that the Boston Unbombing with a fake blood tube tucked under his pants.”(1)

The Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo Performances

“Now we’re going to focus in depth on one of the most famous iconic episodes of the Boston Marathon Unbombing, and that is the heroic rescue of Jeff Bauman, who lost both of his legs, by Carlos Arredondo, who wheres a cowboy hat and carries an American flag.

It must have been some wheelchair ride. Jeff is looking a little pale on the left, and appears to have regained his skin color in the photo on the right.

The photo below shows Carlos, heroically jumping over the fencing to get to the scene. The star spangled banner is gallantly waving in his hand.

And below is the award winning photographer, in the process of taking that iconic photograph we just saw.”(1)

The video below celebrates the ‘Man of the Moment’:

“According to Carlos, he jumped onto the scene, started removing fencing and then went to Jeff.

Carlos says that Jeff was bleeding when Carlos got to him, and that he applied tourniquets to stop the bleeding, and put Jeff in a wheelchair and got Jeff out of there as quickly as possible.

Here’s what happened according to Carlos and in his own words:

So to summarize, Carlos says that when he got to Jeff, he saw that Jeff was bleeding heavily from his legs. Carlos also repeats the story that he ripped up a shirt use as tourniquets, which he applied with the help of another man to stop the bleeding. And then when someone came running up with a wheelchair, Carlos grabbed it right away, he says, and got Jeff out of there as soon as possible.

The other Samaritan, mentioned by Carlos to Dennis and Callahan, was the man pictured in the photo below, Dr Alan Panter:

The official story is that, together, Carlos and Dr. Panter, got tourniquets onto Jeff’s legs.

Panter has been quite vague in every interview about his interaction with Jeff.

Below is a diagram from south Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper, which gives us a step by step, based on news and witness accounts, of the official story of Carlos and Dr. Panter:

Jeff Bauman also gave an interview with Dennis and Callahan’s show. And Jeff’s account is an abbreviated version of Carlos’s account. Jeff was lying on the ground and Carlos ran up and picked him up and threw him into a wheelchair.

Now we’ll follow Jeff and Carlos through the extensive photographic and video footage.

The evidence will reveal that the official story of Carlos and Jeff is, in fact, just a lie, and that Carlos and Jeff are but two members of a larger cast of crisis actor victims and pretend heroes, and make believe bystanders, all carrying out their given roles.

Let’s begin by following Carlos with the first of many photos from the hahatango set, showing his actions at the scene:

The photo below shows Carlos jumping over the fence. We also want to know where Jeff is on this stage. The blue line points to where Jeff is, lying on the bricks in front of the black lamppost, and is obscured by the standing crowd:

The photo below shows Jeff’s location:

The Thorndike set of photos showing us exactly where Jeff is. The photo above is from the Thorndike sequence, and captures 7 seconds after the pyrotechnic display.

Jeff is circled. You can see his leg stumps up in the air. Looking from the street, he is in front of the black lamppost, on the paved brick section, where the left edge of the bricks meets the cement sidewalk, as highlighted by the blue arrow.

Now that we know where Jeff is, let’s get back to following Carlos.

Below is Carlos jumping over the fence:

And from another angle:

The photo below shows an EMT that just jumped over the fence and arrows point to Dr. Panter and Jeff, with Dr. Panter now standing over Jeff.

Another angle:

The photo below is almost exactly 1 minute after the pyrotechnic display, and the EMT and Dr. Panter are standing directly over Jeff. So who needs Carlos to the rescue?

Another angle:

In the photo below, we see that the EMT has turned around and he’s going to walk back a few feet and reach over the fence for his medical bag.

Carlos at this moment, however, at this moment, is crouched by the fence, preoccupied with his flag and his camera:

In several interviews after the event, Carlos displayed his blood-soaked American flag and said that he dropped his flag on the blood-soaked ground after jumping over the fence, and that he also snapped 5 photos, oddly enough.

Below is Carlos, showing his photos later that day:

At the bottom of the slide above is a Florida Sun Sentinel article, for which Carlos was extensively interviewed. He said he snapped 5 photos, right after he jumped the fence, because he thought it was important to record the moment.

The photo below was taken 3 seconds after the last photo, 1 minute and 20 seconds after the pyrotechnic display:

The EMT has retrieved his medical bag over the fence and goes back to Dr. Panter and Jeff, and Carlos is still by the fence at 1 minute 28 seconds after:

Carlos still by the fence at 1 minute, 30 seconds after:

This is a still frame of a video. Keeping track of Carlos at 1 minute and 39 seconds after:

Carlos at 1 minute 48 seconds after:

Carlos at 1 minute 58 seconds after:

2 minutes after. Carlos still at the fence rolling up his flag:

2 minutes and 6 seconds after. Carlos is reaching for some scaffolding:

Carlos moving scaffolding at 2 minutes and 10 seconds after:

Remember that Dr. Panter and the EMT were already over Jeff at 1 minute after the pyrotechnic display. Now in the photo above, at 2 minutes and 10 seconds after the pyrotechnic display, there are exactly 3 medical doctors and 1 EMT standing around Jeff.

So who needs Carlos to the rescue?

The official story about Carlos being Jeff’s first responder, and being the point man for Jeff’s tourniquet, is demonstrably false at this point.

Let’s keep following Carlos….

In the photo below, there he is on the right at 2 minutes and 14 seconds after the pyrotechnic display:

The we have a guy walk up, who could be called a scene director, and gives Carlos some instructions:

Then a man in a yellow jacket hands Carlos a large flag:

Dr Panter steps out to talk to a cop:

And the same man in the yellow jacket motions Panter back, with four waves of his hand:

Waving Panter back. Not looking directly at Panter, but discreetly telling Panter to get back to his place on the stage. and Panter turns and leaves:

Next the guy in the yellow jacket taps Carlos:

Takes the flag back from Carlos and converses with Carlos, and there they are at 2 minutes and 39 seconds after the pyrotechnic display:

No tourniquets yet for poor Jeff…

hahatango caught them standing there also:

A few seconds later and in the next hahatango photo, Carlos is standing alone by the pole:

Maybe he’s wondering where the wheelchair is for his big moment.

Maybe Carlos is wondering why that empty wheelchair is being wheeled the wrong way:

And why that other empty wheelchair is just sitting there.

According to a FEMA assessment, there was no lack of wheelchairs or stretchers near the scene:

Below is a photo of a guy, right near the finish line, rolling a wheelchair, at only 19 seconds after the pyrotechnic display:

Unfortunately he’s going the wrong way.

Maybe Carlos is wondering if anyone has thought to put tourniquets on Jeff’s legs in all this time:

It should be mentioned that the use of tourniquets was highly commended all around, in the days and weeks after the Boston unbombing:

So let’s consider Carlos’s story, that he and Dr. Panter quickly put tourniquets on Jeff, before Carlos whisked Jeff off from the first available wheelchair.

In the photo above, we see that Carlos has not gotten to Jeff yet. But we’ve already seen that Dr. Panter and an EMT were standing directly over Jeff at just over 1 minute after the pyrotechnic display.

And we saw the paramedic retrieve his medical bag and bring it right back to Dr. Panter and Jeff.

Here they are:

Surely the Boston EMT knew that tourniquets would be essential for Jeff.

Below is the basic treatment protocol for victims of explosions:

It’s just common sense.

At almost 2 minutes 30 seconds after the pyrotechnic display, we saw 4 medical professionals. 3 doctors and an EMT, standing in a circle around Jeff.

So has anyone put tourniquets on Jeff by now?

The answer is no.

Half a minute after the previous photo, the next photo was taken:

The man in the blue circle with the white hat comes on the scene, for the first time. He was not there before, but he’s entering now, and he’s easy to spot, wearing a white visor. Note that he’s also wearing camouflage pants and tan boots.

Another half minute passes and we see that the man in the white visor, camouflage pants and tan boots, is now standing very close to Jeff:

Note that a woman is being taken out on a stretcher. Her name is Mery Daniel, and she was right next to Jeff on the bricks.

You might not have noticed her next to Jeff in the photo below from above:

Mery Daniel is being taken away on a stretcher. So there will now be an empty spot where she was on the bricks.

Here’s where we find out if anyone’s put tourniquets on Jeff yet.

The photo below

The gruesome photo below, circulated widely within hours after the Boston, was taken just after Mery Daniel was removed:

Here we see that the guy with the camouflage pants and tan boots has arrived near Jeff.

Here we see that there is no tourniquet on Jeff’s exposed left leg. His other leg is partially wrapped in Dr. Panter’s jacket, but clearly, his left leg has not received a tourniquet, which completely contradicts the official story and also contradicts common sense, given the number of medical professionals surrounding Jeff, up to this moment.

Another thing we notice in this picture, is a tube coming out of the back of Jeff’s shorts.

At the bottom right of this photo is included a cropped and magnified portion of this photo, showing the tube. We even see a bit of blood splatter right at the end of the tube.

Nobody on the scene cares about getting a tourniquet onto Jeff, because everybody knows that Jeff is a crisis actor.

Remember that when Carlos said he reached Jeff, that a lot of blood was coming out of Jeff’s legs?

There’s no way that a bunch of medical professionals wouldn’t think to put tourniquets on Jeff’s legs.

It really is common sense.

Just for perspective…consider the report below about a kayaker that got his foot bit off by a shark:

A friend put a make-shift tourniquet on his leg, and a nearby charter boat rushed him back to the dock, but he still bled to death before even reaching the dock.

Guess who took the picture of Jeff above?

You guessed it……Carlos.

The video clip, displayed in the upper left of the slide above is the photo in the lower right corner.

Carlos told the Florida Sun-Sentinel that he quickly snapped 5 photos after he jumped over the fence. In reality, Carlos took this photo 2 and 1/2 minutes after he jumped the fence, and he released the photo, that very day, within mere hours after the unbombing, as shown by the screen shots at the bottom of the slide below:

Aside from the lack of tourniquets, the most revealing feature is the tube coming out of Jeff’s clothes above his thigh.

So, back to the picture below, at 3 minutes, 10 seconds after the pyrotechnic display. In this photo, we see that Carlos has finally arrived near the non-tourniqueted Jeff, around the same time as the guy with the white hat, camo pants and tan boots:

Now, if you think Jeff will be getting out in a wheelchair any time soon, then think again.

As an overview of the scene at this point, we see that the area is fairly flooded with first responder medical professionals of all stripes.

By this time, several crisis actor victims have already been taken away by wheelchair or by stretcher.

Let’s keep following Carlos.

The next we see of Carlos in the hahatango set, he is fiddling with an ID on a lanyard. There’s also a blue wheelchair in the background:

There’s been a number of wheelchairs going all around the area.

The time here is 4 minutes and 5 seconds after the pyrotechnic display.

In the photo below, the guy in grey has been circling around the outskirts of the scene, with no visible injuries, except for a possible toothache, but he’ll get a wheelchair ride out, long before Jeff does:

The next we see of Carlos, he is putting the ID lanyard over his hat. The clock, in the upper right, is being lowered for removal, at this point, and it is now 4 minutes and 9 seconds after the pyrotechnic:

Under the clock that is being lowered, the chief of Boston EMS, James Hooley, is entering the scene with a wheelchair in tow. He’s probably concerned about the fact that Jeff, and so many others, haven’t been wheeled out of there yet.

After all, it’s only one block to the medical tent.

The professional moulage artists are taking their time. They’re not used to dealing with reality, but Hooley is, and it’s starting to look bad from the medical responder side.

On the right side of the picture, there’s a medical respond girl in a red hat, circled in front of the pole. She’s holding onto a wheelchair, and you can see by the arm padding, that the wheelchair is maroon.

Here’s a closeup of the above picture, showing the girl holding the maroon wheelchair:

Just a few seconds later, from the other side of the scene, a photo shows the girl bringing in the maroon wheelchair, while Carlos is still trying to get that ID necklace over his head:

Dr. Panter is right next to Jeff. You can see part of Jeff’s left leg, between the blue jeans of the the guy in the orange shirt. Notice that there is no one at all between the maroon wheelchair and the spot where Dr. Panter and Jeff are.

In the picture below, we see the girl with the maroon wheelchair is right behind Carlos and Dr. Panter. There is no one between them and the maroon wheelchair. Are they going to finally put Jeff into a wheelchair?

Below is the next picture of the hahatango sequence, 4 minutes and 20 seconds after the pyrotechnic display. In the bottom part of this picture, we see that Carlos is now standing directly in front of the maroon wheelchair, actually leaning into the wheelchair, which couldn’t be any closer to him.

Jeff Bauman is on the ground next to him.

Is Carlos going to put Jeff into the first chair he could get his hands on, like he said?

NO. The crew decides to put the wheelchair back on the street. There is video footage. The blue arrow, in the clip below, shows the girl and the maroon wheelchair:

And she puts the wheelchair back….


If we look to the front of the tree, to the right of the wheelchair, we see that our toothache victim in the grey shirt, gets a wheelchair ride out:

In the next hahatango photo, we see the maroon wheelchair is back on the street. Toothache Timmy is getting a wheelchair ride out and there is a little huddle going on around Jeff. It’s now 4 minutes and 43 seconds after the pyrotechnic display:

The guess is that they are having trouble with Jeff’s moulage. No one wants a fake leg bone falling off, on the iconic wheelchair ride with cowboy Carlos.

The lowered clock is now being removed, because no one wants to see a clock, on the iconic wheelchair ride, showing how much time has actually passed, when the script was the Carlos threw Jeff into the first wheelchair that came along and whisked him off to the nearby medical tent, just one block away.

Next we see of Carlos, it’s almost 5  and 1/2 minutes after the pyrotechnic display, and he’s holding something up in the air:

Precious time is passing. A girl pushing a blue wheelchair has been circling the area for over a minute.

The next hahatango photo, unfortunately, doesn’t capture the whole scene, but we see at the right that the blue wheelchair has finally moved close to Jeff:

The next hahatango photo we see of Carlos, he is taking Jeff on that iconic wheelchair ride:

Now how long did it take him to get Jeff in that wheelchair and whisk him across the finish line?

On the day of the event, a brief bit of footage was aired that, when magnified and stabilized, shows the marathon clock that had been set to the side on the ground.

And there you have it, the marathon clock says 4:16:16.

They crossed the finish line at 6 minutes and 33 seconds after the pyrotechnic display.

But every last article in the mainstream media forwarded the lie the Carlos immediately rescued Jeff.

Below is a typical report from GQ. Keep in mind that the pyrotechnic display was a 2:49 PM:

The important point is that the mainstream media got their story from the first hand accounts of the people directly involved.

Below is a response from one of the many medical professionals that participated in the hoax, that is, the Boston Unbombing:

In this first person account of his experience in the medical tent, this male nurse, forwards the official story of the speedy rescue of Jeff by cowboy Carlos.

The nurse writes “The first victim to come into the tent, was an image I would never forget. A young man was wheeled in with both of his legs amputated by the blast.”

By which, of course, he means Jeff Bauman, who was the only double amputee there.

But it is really unfathomable to think that this nurse could have could missed the 11 people who were brought into the medical tent before Jeff Bauman was brought in. A few of them were sporting some pretty serious fake blood and according to the official script, several of them were very, very seriously injured.

A simple examination of video footage from several news sources, particularly the Boston Globe, and ABC News, shows us conclusively, that at least 11 people, beginning with a cop in a wheelchair, were all brought into the medical tent before Jeff Bauman. Here are the 11 people:

Some of them were very close to death when brought into the tent, by which we know that the medical tent nurse was lying.

It’s important to say that at least 11 people were brought in before Jeff, because there may have been a few more that the news cameras didn’t catch.

Below is a report from another nurse, named Betty Sparks, who tells the same lie. Quoting from her interview with The Improper Bostonian, she says “I texted Scott to ask where the explosions were. Before he replied, a police officer was wheeled in with a bandage around his head. The next announcement called for ER nurses and doctors to grab supplies and go to the finish line. I did just that. As I ran out, Jeff Bauman was being wheeled towards me. Both of his legs were gone.”

In a different interview, with CTV, she told the same story: “So that when we heard the bomb go off, I wasn’t totally sure what it was. But they asked for nurses and doctors to go out to the finish line with IV equipment, which I did, and the first sight I saw was Jeff coming across and he already lost 90% of his legs. And at that point in time, I have to say, I was very frightened, for what I was going to see when I got out there.”

Now, we know she’s not telling the truth, because she makes it clear that she ran out of the tent very soon, and passed Jeff’s wheelchair. As we know, in reality, Jeff’s wheelchair was not being wheeled to the medical tent until almost 7 minutes after the pyrotechnic display, in which time, nurse Betty could not possibly missed 10 other people brought into the medical tent before Jeff, including a few, who are said to have almost died, and one who had to have a leg amputated.

Picking up again from the article above, Betty goes on to say “As I ran out, Jeff was being wheeled towards me. Both of his legs were gone. Next I saw a stretcher coming at me. They were performing CPR on Krystle Campbell. “

As you recall from above, Krystle was the girl they say died. We know nurse Betty is lying, because the fact is that they didn’t wheel Krystle Campbell across the finish line until almost 3 minutes after the wheeled Jeff out. Krystle’s stretcher hadn’t even arrived empty at the display site when they were wheeling Jeff out.

Krystle wasn’t wheeled out until 9 and 1/2 minutes after the pyrotechnic display.

There was absolutely, positively nobody in any stretcher, on the road, during the whole time that Jeff was being wheeled up to the medical tent. In fact, before Jeff’s wheelchair ride, there was only 2 stretchers brought up the road to the medical tent. One was carrying Victoria McGrath and the other was carrying Mery Daniel, and they were wheeled away from the finish line, almost side by side, starting at 3 and 1/2 minutes after the pyrotechnic display, and arrived at the medical tent long before Jeff was even in a wheelchair.

The next stretcher carrying anybody up the road, crossed the finish line, at over 2 minutes after Jeff was already in the medical tent. And that stretcher was carrying Krystle Campbell.

The slide below is a still frame from a Boston Glove cameraman Steve Silva’s footage, showing Krystle’s stretcher a block past the finish line, on the way to the medical tent, at 10 minutes and 21 seconds after the pyrotechnic display.

In the above right, is a photo taken from above them at the finish line, for comparison. That’s definitely them. Also the time lapse finish camera ends at 9 minutes and 20 seconds after the pyrotechnic display, and Krystle’s stretcher has not crossed the finish line before the time lapse video ends.

So we know for certain that they didn’t get Krystle out until 9 and 1/2 minutes after.

Not only is Betty Sparky full of malarkey, but Krystle Campbell did not die at the Boston Unbombing.

Perhaps she is enjoying a new career overseas. Perhaps she’s had a little light cosmetic surgery, or perhaps she was dead before the unbombing, and they used her identity as a casualty.

Perhaps Krystle isn’t even her real name. One things for sure though…..she didn’t die at the Boston Unbombing.

Can you guess what have might encouraged nurse Betty to participate in this hoax? T Lie?

Is it because she’s a Satanist and a 34th degree Illuminati? Not exactly.

Perhaps she was just philosophically vulnerable to the Statist con artists. Perhaps she was sold the idea that the ends justify the means, and that emergency preparedness programs were under threat, and that she would be helping to save them by participating.

Unfortunately for nurse Betty and all the other like-minded participants in this hoax, and for us, the globalist war profiteers and regime changers, had the wrong plans for how to utilize this hoax.

But we’re not done yet with Jeff and Carlos:

Now that we know how much time has actually passed before Carlos ran off with Jeff in a wheelchair, we should see that the gross photograph below, plainly illustrates a hoax in action, because some might excuse the idea of Carlos throwing Jeff into a wheelchair like this after the blast, there absolutely no excuse, after more than 6 minutes of doctors and paramedics and paramedics equipment bags, literally surrounding Jeff, for Jeff to be sent off in a wheelchair like this, with loose flaps of flesh dangling every which way and even down to a front wheel of the wheelchair, and with his legs not securely wrapped and not sterile bandages, according to the most basic emergency care protocols.

This would never be allowed. In fact, sending Jeff out on a wheelchair at all, instead of a stretcher, would never be allowed.

To the left of Carlos, there is a professional EMT accompanying them from behind, and there is a physician approaching them from in front.

And they are actually allowing this?

It is ridiculous!

The slide below is ugly as hell, but it’s all moulage, and we have to look:

The photo above is a magnification from the previous photo, with exposure lightened for better clarity. Look at the huge flap of torn, fake flesh, hanging down in the middle, from his left leg, all the way down to the front wheel. There is some kind of gristle or ligament, in imminent danger of being run over by or entangled in the wheel.

There are also loose ligaments, and vessels, and flaps of flesh, flapping out from the other side of his left leg.

His unwrapped right leg appears to be tearing at the thigh, but again, it’s all moulage, calculated for the right effect from a Hollywood perspective, but it’s absolutely ridiculous from a medical responder perspective.

It’s time to go over the basics of emergency response.

There are three basic guidelines for traumatic amputation:


And from EMS World:

The protocol of elevating the amputated limb is one of several common sense reasons why professional EMTs normally take leg amputation victims away on stretchers, and not wheelchairs. In fact, stretchers, and not wheelchairs, are a basic protocol for any severely injured persons.

In the slide below, on the left is a page from an EMS primer about moving victims to safety. It says “Use standard stretchers when available.”

According to reports, there were plenty of stretchers and wheelchairs at the finish line that day, according to reports.

Now let’s backtrack to Carlos’s claim that he was holding onto Jeff’s artery, while running along side, during the wheelchair ride.

This claim is so absurd, and so contrary to normal medical protocol, that it was discounted by many people, who assumed that Carlos was holding part of a tourniquet, despite what Carlos said to Dennis and Callahan.

See the Wikipedia section below, about this:

The artery story was just a misunderstanding, Wikipedia says.

The entire story of Carlos and Jeff is just a merry-go-round of lies. One lie leads to another.

Returning to the picture below, we notice that there is some serious moulage attached to Jeff’s legs:

The way this is done in trauma simulation, is to attach a moulage prosthetic on top of the existing leg stumps, and this is the case with Jeff.

So let’s look for any evidence for the crew setting up Jeff’s moulage prosthetics. We can assume they would have wanted to get the main work done very soon after the pyrotechnic display, while the scene was still clouded in smoke, which would provide cover in which to work, without being seen.

Well, Well, Well! Looks like we have some persons of interest in this closeup from the 4th Thorndike photo, at 4 seconds after the pyrotechnic display:

Our persons of interest are even clearer, in this closeup from the 6th Thorndike photo:

From here, we’re going to backtrack from Thorndike 5, to 4, 3 and 2, so you’ll be able to spot them in the heavier smoke, in the earlier pictures.

Thorndike 5:

Back to Thorndike 4:

Christian Williams is the man in the hood with his hand on Jeff Bauman’s right leg. Mery Daniels is between the 2 men, and she’s grasping Jeff’s hand.

How soon after the pyrotechnic display is this?

Let’s zoom out:

The marathon clock isn’t in the photo, but see circled at the top, the runner in the orange shirt, with both sneakers on the H of the finish line?

There he is in the photo below, at marathon time 49:09:48, 4 seconds after the initial moment of the 1st pyrotechnic display:

Now Thorndike 3:

Let’s zoom out:

The runner in the green shirt at the top, is approaching the finish line, and the guy in the orange shirt has not arrived there yet. He’s mostly obscured by a flag in this photo:

And there they are, 3 seconds after the pyrotechnic display:

Now Thorndike 2, 2 seconds after the pyrotechnic display:

It’s very hazy, but you can see that Christian Williams is already in position, with his hand on Jeff’s leg.

They were in position immediately.

Before going to the next pictures, there’s three important points:

Firstly, in trauma simulation kits, as well as in Hollywood sets design, silicone amputation prosthetics often incorporate tubes and ports for the simulation of bleeding.

Secondly, most leg prosthetics, whether they’re special effects moulage pieces, or normal, day to day prosthetics for amputees, stay attached by the mechanism of suction or vacuum, and in the process of attachment, an expulsion valve and a tube are used, to expel all the air between the skin and the prosthetic, and thereby create the suction that keeps the prosthetic in place.

Thirdly, a well known trick, in the world of Hollywood special effects, is to make silicone body parts that are rigged to burst open, full of moulage and fake blood, when triggered to do so by various mechanisms.

That said, in the following images you will see Christian and Mery working intently on Jeff’s legs.

An interpretation of the images is that they are securing the prosthetic by air expulsion and suction, and that they are also activating the pump rig, incorporated into the prosthetic. And, they are opening the prosthetic, which is sealed, to burst open with increasing pressure from the incorporated pump rig.

As we look through these photos, what is without a doubt, is that this is not the chaotic aftermath of a bomb.

According to the official story, Christian Williams and Mery Daniels, both received extremely severe injuries, both nearly dying, and the both certainly wouldn’t be set up, like this, over Jeff, decisively manipulating his legs, throughout this sequence of photos. Not to mention, that Christian is wearing sunglasses, as you will see, and he wouldn’t have even been able to see or know what he was doing, so intently, in heavy smoke, unless he was going through pre-planned steps.

Thorndike 6. Christian reaches up, Mery is holding Jeff’s hand:

Thorndike 7. Christian is pulling a strap off over his hood. Mery is gripping Jeff’s open hand. Her orange bag is laid over Jeff’s waist:

Thorndike 8. Christian moves the strap down. Mery is grasping Jeff’s hand, and Jeff has grasped the strap:

Thorndike 9. Christian moves the strap over Jeff’s leg. Jeff and Mery close their hand grasp even more, and Jeff is holding the strap:

Thorndike 10. Jeff pulls down on the strap. Mery’s hand is still on Jeff’s hand. The prosthetic on Jeff’s right leg, oddly changes color, and something has popped out of the left side of the prosthetic, at the knee. In this photo, we find out here, that Christian has been doing his work here in the thick smoke, while wearing sunglasses:

Thorndike 11. Mery’s hand is still on Jeff’s hand. She extends her left arm, and appears to be giving a hand signal. Whatever has popped out on the left side of Jeff’s knee, is still there:

Thorndike 12. The strap is now off Jeff’s leg. Mery is still giving a signal with her left hand, and still grasping Jeff’s hand with her right hand. Christian glances to his left:

Thorndike 13. Mery’s left hand is still signalling, and her right hand is still grasping Jeff’s hand. Whatever has popped out of the left side of Jeff’s knee, is still there. This photo was 8 seconds after the pyrotechnic display. If this were actually real, and the official story true, then these 3 people should be in a pool of blood by now. The bricks they’re on, are a red colored, but we would see a deep red pool of blood all around them, and especially on the right, by the legs of Christian and Mery, if the official story were true:

The official story is that Christian Williams had very severe injuries to both legs, which required multiple surgeries, and that he nearly lost his right leg, and also that his right hand was severely injured.

The official story of Mery Daniel is that she had very severe injuries to both legs, resulting of the medical amputation of her left leg.

Obviously, Jeff Bauman has leg issues of his own.

They are not in a huge puddle of blood, however, and we see no blood on the ground, around their non-bleeding legs, because this is fake.

It should be noted, that it is a medical possibility, that if this were real, then Christian and Mery, could be bleeding significantly more than Jeff, because sometimes in complete traumatic amputations, the blood vessels may constrict, which may reduce the bleeding, or, on the other hand, sometimes a quick complete amputation, will lead to bleeding to death. It depends on different factors.

In any case, reduced bleeding does not mean zero bleeding, as appears to be the case here.

Also, remember that we heard Carlos say that he saw a lot of blood coming out of Jeff’s legs.

And note here, that Mery is wearing a red jacket and a white blouse, and her immaculately white blouse, testifys to the actual lack of blood from Jeff’s legs, up to this point.

Thorndike 14. Again, Mery’s hand is still signalling. Her right hand is still grasping Jeff’s hand. Whatever has popped out of the side of Jeff’s knee, is still there:

Thorndike 15. Mery is still signalling. They’re still holding hands. Christian is moving back from them:

Thorndike 16. Mery’s left hand is still signalling. Her right hand is still grasping Jeff’s hand, She’s looking at Jeff intently:

Thorndike 17. Still looking and signalling and holding hands:

Thorndike 18. Now we see what looks like blood or moulage, coming out of Jeff’s right leg, as the color of his thigh changes again. The prosthetic setup is doing what it was rigged to do:

Thorndike 19. The prosthetic and fake moulage rig on Jeff’s leg, has finally opened up. Christian moves back more. Mery still signals with her left hand. Her right hand has released Jeff’s hand.

Thorndike 20. Mery is still positioned over Jeff:

Thorndike 21. A blurry picture, but Mery appears to be grasping Jeff’s right leg:

Thorndike 22. Mery’s hand is on or near Jeff’s right leg. Christian may be holding a fake blood squib in his right hand:

Thorndike 23. Mery is still over Jeff. Her hand is on or near Jeff’s right leg:

Thorndike 24. Mery is still over Jeff:

Thorndike 25. Mery’s hand moves in tandem with Jeff’s leg. Christian and Mery have been working intently on Jeff, over this entire sequence of photos:

These are definitely not, severely injured people, in a state of chaos and shock.

Just for the sake of clarity, below are media accounts of the official stories of Mery’s and Christian’s injuries.

For starters, the official story is that both Christian and Mery were severely injured and almost died.

Below is a slide of Christian’s own photos and descriptions, which were linked to his GoFundMe page:

Let’s take a look. He almost lost a leg. He had multiple wounds to both legs, which required multiple tourniquets to stop the bleeding. He could actually see his femur bone in one wound, and his right hand was severely injured.

The photo below, shows Christian and the doctor, according to the official story, initially treated him at Beth Israel Medical Center:

She said that Christian’s injuries were extensive to both legs and “His hand had been basically blown off, and his index finger was hanging by a thread.”

In the photo below, Christian is shown in two frames of news coverage, being wheelchaired away from the first pyrotechnic display site. They just weren’t in the mood for stretchers that day.

How does that right hand look?

Let’s magnify the photo on the right:

At the top left, is the magnified photo from the last slide. Now compare that to the photo on the bottom left, of his right hand, from his GoFundMe page.

In the wheelchair photo, his hand is bloodless, with no sign of any damage, on the clearly visible side of his middle finger, unlike the same side of the same finger, from his GoFundMe photo, which is made to look horribly flayed and charred.

The photo on the right side of the slide above, is Williams lying on the ground, less than a minute after the pyrotechnic display. His right hand is bloodless, and shows no sign of any damage. And still wearing those shades.

Below is a compilation of the official story of Mery Daniel:

They had to amputate her left leg, she lost a massive chunk of her right leg, she was rushed unconscious to the hospital, and her heart stopped twice during surgery, after which, she was in a coma for a few days.

Mery eventually ended up with 14 other amputee crisis actors from the Boston Unbombing, as the very first inpatients, at the brand new, just opening, $225 million, Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, near Boston.

It was great PR for the Spaulding Center, and also a great way to sequester the crisis actors, safely away from unwanted eyes, at a variety of other medical facilities, as the make-believe rehabilitation and therapy phase of the hoax commenced.”(1)

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

The Shrapnel Myth

“Now we will move on to another crisis actor that demonstrates exactly what a shrapnel bomb cannot do to clothes and skin.

Mr. Whaley wasn’t the only person who lost his pants at the Boston Unbombing.

A sure sign of unreality, in this event, is all of the people who had clothing torn off, according to the official story, by a shrapnel filled blast, and yet their skin remained unbleeding.”(1)

The ‘Running Boy’ AKA – Kyle Larrow Performance

“The guy in the middle of the picture below, with the shredded clothes, called Running Boy, according to the official story, both of his pant legs and one of his shirt sleeves have been torn off by a shrapnel filled bomb, and that which is left of his pants and shirt have been quite shredded.

And yet he has no bleeding shrapnel wounds on his legs or arms or torso or face or anywhere else.

Here we see one absolutely non-bleeding scratch mark on the side of his lower left leg:

This guy is not bleeding. He would have suffered real and horrific injuries from a real pressure cooker bomb, filled with gunpowder, and BB’s and nails and other shrapnel.

Such a bomb falls under the category of a low order explosive bomb. If you are close enough to such a bomb to lose any clothing, then you are literally in the zone of fire and the literally fiery thermal burning zone, and you are also in the direct line of shrapnel fire, which is like getting shot by many BB guns at once, but much much worse.

You are not in your safe space.

Looking good! Looking ridiculous!!

If a shrapnel filled bomb tore apart and shredded this guys pants, his legs would be bleeding heavily and he would be in very bad shape. So far we saw one scratch mark and zero bleeding.

His lower back doesn’t look injured. No burns there.

Now we see he’s taken the shredded shirt off and he’s in a black T-shirt.

And off he goes……

Would you believe that Running Boy’s injuries include severe burns to his left arm and lower back and multiple shrapnel wounds to both of his legs and his left arm, resulting in multiple procedures to pull all of the projectiles out of his body?

Those are his reported injuries.

His identity is not a mystery. His name is Kyle Larrow and there’s a bunch of mainstream media articles about him being a Boston Marathon Bombing victim:

Of course those articles did not include the pictures above, but he is, in fact, Running Boy.

In the slide below in the upper right is a picture of Running Boy, AKA Kyle Larrow, being attended to by some cops later that day. Looking good! At the lower left is a picture of him from a Harvard baseball team video. Same guy.

When he was a kid he was also a cast member of a TV show called Zoom, which is notable because in the picture in the bottom right of the slide, from the Zoom show, he’s making exactly the same face as the picture above it.”(1)

The James (Bim) Costello Performance

“The next several slides focuses on evidence of clothing, cut with scissors or razor type way, with unbleeding skin underneath, which is impossible, to be the result of a shrapnel bomb.

For starters, here’s a real oddball from the second pyrotechnic site. This fellow is named Bin Costello:

The vertical cuts in his shirt are ridiculous. Real bomb shrapnel goes through fabric, making holes in clothing, and results in much traumatic bleeding when it does so. Shrapnel does not cut a shirt like scissors, but scissors do.

His pants are supposed to be blown apart by a shrapnel filled bomb, but while he is marked up, there is zero sign of him actually bleeding.

This photo is just ridiculous.

Speaking of clothing being cleanly sheared, below is a photo from the first pyrotechnic site.

The Cutting Crew

Here we see a fat lady in a purple shirt, exiting the scene, less than half a minute after the pyrotechnic display, with scissors in her hand:

The woman in the red shirt, next to her, is her accomplice. We’ll call them the cutting crew.

Below is a closeup:

In the photo above the scissors are closed.

In the photo below they’re open:

The blue arrow points to a guy who has recently met with some scissors.

The Colton Kilgore Performance

In the slide below, the 2 photos on the left are from the Thorndike set and we see this fellows pants, neatly sliced open, a few seconds after the pyrotechnic display. The 2 photos on the right are from hahatango, and show him minutes later displaying the tailoring for a cop:

He told ABC News that his jeans were blown apart by a bomb. His name is Colton Kilgore.

The reddish color on his leg is visible, indicating that he used some of the abundant fake blood available at the event.

It is the absolutely cooky, crazy, cutting of his pants, that is pointed out, as a possible result of a shrapnel bomb.”(1)

Revisiting the Art of Moulage

“Before the piece of direct evidence we’re going to revisit the art of moulage.

Below is an example of the moulage process from a moulage specialist. A wound built on a silicone sleeve, wrapped around a limb:

The finished result here looks pretty good, though it is just a demo and not too fine tuned. Even when it’s done well the essential problem is that rubbery look. That’s a problem whether it’s a silicone sleeve or patch or an entire fake limb made of silicone.

There are a whole array of blood gels and blood paint additives to mitigate the problem of fake blood unnaturally beading up on silicone.

The point here is that the state of the art of moulage is still not quite like reality and even the pro work looks rubbery and unnatural under close scrutiny.”(1)

The Rebekah Gregory Performance

“Like the photo below of the lower leg of a crisis actor at the Boston Unbombing:

The whole area around the wound has that rubbery silicone look. Not only is the wound fake, but the whole lower leg is fake. The wound is part of a silicone prosthetic attachment and this actor wearing the prosthetic was already an amputee prior to the Boston Unbombing.

To be more precise, this photo was a still frame from a video. The video was taken at the scene by another crisis actor, pictured in the slide below in the bottom right photo, with his camera in hand:

Taken at the scene at the finish line, a few minutes after the pyrotechnic display, for almost 2 years this footage was unseen by the public, thus escaping the initial flurry of scrutiny and investigation in the weeks and months after the event.

The fact that such blatant evidence of fraud was ever released at all is a testament to man’s perennial hubris.

A trauma surgeon who was asked for an opinion of this wound, stated that it looked ridiculous and specifically mentioned the rubbery look, the unrealistic rolled edges on the sides of the wound and the unrealistic way that the flesh is torn.

But we don’t have to rely on hearsay or anyone’s word, to be absolutely sure that this wound is fake, because we can directly prove from the early Thorndike photos, that this wound is fake.

Below are 2 photos showing the same fake lower leg wound, at 8 and 9 seconds after the pyrotechnic display.

These photos are magnified portions of 2 photos from the Thorndike set.

If this wound were real, then the medical impossibility displayed in these photos, would be that this very severely wounded lower leg is not bleeding.

Thorndike photos, 6 through 17, show that this lower leg stayed at the same spot for at least 6 seconds, in which we see that the wound is not bleeding at all, and also that the pavement on both sides of this wounded lower leg does not have any blood on it at all.

When in reality there would have been a large amount of blood spilling onto the pavement.”(1)

Just to show how the lie keeps on giving, here’s a link to an article on Rebekah Gregory:

The Bill White Performance

“Zooming out a bit, it’s important to point out that the girl with the fake lower leg wound, whose name is Rebekah Gregory, isn’t the only person in this area who should be bleeding heavily onto the ground, but is not doing so.

According to the official story, the man at the left side of these photos, with the white hair and the red jacket, named Bill White, suffered a severe lower right leg wound, so bad that doctors had to amputate his lower right leg.

He should be bleeding all over the ground. Look at the ground around his leg in the bottom photo. It is 11 seconds after the blast and no blood.”(1)

The Pete DiMartino Performance

“To make matters more ridiculous, notice in the top 3 photos, the guy wearing shorts, standing up in the middle. Actually the guy wearing partial pants, because his pants are supposed to have been blown partially off by a shrapnel filled bomb.

Notice in the top photos, that his right leg is right next to the right leg of Bill White, at the left. The official story is that this guy in the middle, named Pete DiMartino, just had 90% of his right achilles tendon blown off by the alleged bomb.

Notice in the bottom photo, that when Pete moves his leg away, that he should have bled all over the ground in the same area where Bill White should also be bleeding all over the ground, but isn’t bleeding, because the official story is a lie.

Also consider, that if a shrapnel filled bomb really shredded Pete’s pants off of his legs, then he should be bleeding  heavily from multiple areas of his legs.

You can see in the bottom photo that Pete did manage to wipe some fake blood on the bottom of his leg, but the irrefutable tell-tale evidence is that no one has bled onto the ground here.

Eventually, however, Bill White does manage to spread some fake blood onto and around his leg, as shall be documented below.

Back to Bill White. In the photos at the top of the slide below, we see at 12 seconds after the blast, that bill reaches his hand down to his right leg, which, as of yet, is not in a puddle of blood. And on the photo at the bottom, we see that when he pulls his hand away, there is finally blood, at 13 or 14 seconds after the blast.

Again, the official story is that his lower right leg was severely wounded. The problem and the medical impossibility is that there was no blood for the first 12 seconds.

The explanation is that Bill has been supplied with a blood squib.

Every crisis actor in this false flag event was supplied with various blood squibs and blood capsules. There were also several moulage makeup artists on the scene, who in addition to setting up and fine tuning the fake wounds and fake blood, were also busy dousing the ground in fake blood.”(1)

The Krystle Campbell Performance

“The photos blow are magnifications of a photo showing a young female crisis actress, being wheeled away on a stretcher from the first pyrotechnic site:

The blue arrow in the photo above points to a silicone moulage sleeve or covering, that has been placed over and partially around her left leg, and not very well placed, at that.

The pictures at the right are a magnified section of the photo, with contrast adjusted at the bottom right for better clarity.

The photo below includes blue lines that highlight the edges of the moulage silicone sleeve covering:

The photographer just happened to be at the right angle to catch what the red arrow is pointing to, which is part of her real leg, and you can clearly see that part of her real leg is disappearing under the right side of the silicone moulage covering, and you can also see down by the shin of the leg, there is a wide gap between the bottom of the silicone covering and the lower leg that it has been placed over.

This is a very blatant example of fake injury props in use.

Zoomed out to the full picture, we see that this photo was taken while the stretcher was still near the sidewalk curb.

They will do a little further moulage adjustment, before they make their dash across the finish line, towards the medical tent.

Now they are crossing the finish line. After the adjustment and from other camera angles, the silicone covering is not as noticeable, although having seen it we can now spot some anomalous outlines in the closeup on the bottom right:

This crisis actor is named Krystle Campbell and the official story is that she died that day, but, in reality, nobody died that day at the Boston Unbombing.”(1)

In photo below there is an unfortunate soul who was underneath the fat purple lady in the first 2 photos from the Thorndike set:

It’s this woman in the photo below, under the white arrow:

She told the Boston Herald that “my shoes were blown right off, and part of my jeans, but my glasses stayed on, and we had that blanket.”

Ripped jeans are a fashion, so don’t assume anything, but she herself says that a shrapnel filled bomb blew off part of her jeans. But even more bizarre is the statement that a bomb blew off her shoes, and yet apparently her feet were not affected.

In the photo below is another crisis actor that is sporting a ridiculous scissors of razor like cut in his jeans, with totally clean, unbleeding skin underneath. Obviously not a fashion statement.”(1)

These are still frames from ABC News footage. This guys being wheeled out of the first pyrotechnic site:

The Dynamic Duo Performance by Roseann Sdoia and Shores Salter

“Below is a photo of a crisis actor at the second pyrotechnic site. The mainstream media blocked out her lower right leg, but we see some silly scissors cuts in her lower left pant leg.

Shrapnel bombs simply don’t cut clothes like this, and, of course, we see that the skin under the silly scissors cut is not bleeding.

Now this is supposed to be very soon after the pyrotechnic display, and the guy applying the tourniquet is supposed to be her heroic first responder. No medical professionals have been cutting her clothes for any reason at this point.

Let’s investigate the larger ridiculous story to these 2 characters.

Below is the first photo we see of them, about 1 minute and 5 seconds after the second pyrotechnic display:

The official is that this guy, named Shores Salter, heroically rescued this woman, named Roseann Sdoia

You can see the mailbox and the tree back on the sidewalk. That’s ground zero of the second pyrotechnic site. Now this guy, somehow moved this lady from the scene on the sidewalk to this spot in the street. Here we see them standing there for a moment before he lays her down, and applies a brown belt tourniquet to her leg, as we see in the slide below.

The official story is that her leg was massively wounded by shrapnel, and that she was, in her own words, bleeding very, very badly. At the right is a cropped and magnified image of her leg from the same photo at left, with the exposure lightened for clarity.

There’s definitely no belt tourniquet on her leg, as of yet, which proves that this woman and man are total fakers, because it is impossible that she would be standing there with a massive shrapnel wound, grotesquely thwarting her leg, with no blood pouring out of her leg onto the ground.

According to the official story, her leg was medically amputated when she got to the hospital, but her leg is careful not to bleed on the clean Boston street here.

Another point to ponder is that this guy allegedly carried her to this spot and his sleeves are still perfectly white.

What she really needed was one of those fancy battery operated blood squibs, with the pump and the tube, that you can tuck under your pants.

In the photo below, the 2 photos on the right are supposedly of Mr. Salter applying the tourniquet to Rosanne. Both photos have been cropped by the mainstream media, and in the lower right photo, her leg wound has also been blocked out by the MSM.

In both photos we can see the the brown belt tourniquet is being applied. The photo on the left is them standing there with no tourniquet, and yet she is not bleeding onto the ground, by which we can conclude that our hero and damsel in distress, are nothing more than 2 unfortunate victims of the governmental con artists, that have convinced them to participate in this elaborate fraud.”(1)

And another article link keeping the lie going:

The Paul Norden Performance

As long as we’re at the second pyrotechnic site, here’s something else that demonstrates a hoax in action, and  that is a lower leg, from which a foot has been amputated, and yet, does not bleed onto the ground.

The leg belongs to Paul Norden.

The photo at the left is 20 seconds after the second pyrotechnic display, and if this were real, by now there would have to be a huge puddle of blood under that missing foot on the sidewalk, and the sidewalk curb.

The photo on the right is 45 seconds after, and we can see that his leg stayed at the same area by its proximity to the railing, and the red and white sign, and the storm water drain, and also to the plastic water bottle.

Like Roseann, Paul Norden has fake blood smeared on his leg, but there is no sign of him actually bleeding onto the ground, and in reality, by 20 seconds after, let alone, by 45 seconds after, there would simply have to be a large puddle of blood, on the ground, all over the area, under and around his missing foot.

But the reality is, that the event was a fake staged hoax.

The Bruce Mendelsohn Blast Wave Hoax

Here’s another ridiculous lie from the official story.

Below is the account given by a fellow named Bruce Mendelsohn, who claimed he was knocked off a couch by the blast wave, while he was inside at a nearby 3rd floor office.

The photo below shows where Mendelsohn was relative to the pyrotechnic display:

This same story is repeated on his storify blog:

Bruce’s story is beyond ludicrous. The official story is that the pressure cooker bomb, was loaded with black powder, also called gunpowder, which is categorized as a low explosive or low order explosive.

Low explosives, when used in a pressure cooker bomb, can be horrifically destructive, but they simply do not generate the kind of blast that can knock you off a couch inside a 3rd floor office, at the distance, Mendelsohn claims to have been.

On the other hand, high energy explosive materials, create a supersonic blast wave of pressurized air, that can knock people down at a distance well beyond the incendiary zone. If there had been a high order explosive detonation, then yes, there would have been a huge, knock you down blast wave, and there would have also been a crater in the sidewalk, and a wide ring of dead bodies around the detonation site. God forbid.

Just by analyzing the footage, you can see that plenty of people, who were actually close to the pyrotechnic, remained standing.

Both of the images below are taken 1 second after the pyrotechnic display:

Lots of people on the sidewalk are still standing.

The Bill Iffrig Performance

Why didn’t all the people in the street get knocked over by a blast wave? No one on the street fell over, excepting one old fellow named Bill Iffrig, who was a member of the crisis actor crew.

As for Bruce Mendelsohn up in his 3rd floor office….Bruce Mendelsohn…You’re Fired!

The John Mixon Performance

Actually, there was also a guy over in the bleachers, who said he was knocked over by a blast wave. Like Bruce Mendelsohn, John Mixon was allowed to run onto the scene and play hero.

In the article below, from the Portland Press Herald, Mixon says that the blast wave knocked him “right out of the bleachers.”

John Mixon….You’re Fired!

There was no bomb, but we all saw something go boom.

So let’s briefly consider the question, that how it’s possible, that what we saw wasn’t a bomb.

Is it possible that special effects experts can conduct a fairly convincing simulated explosion, in a crowded area, without injuring anyone?

The answer is yes. They do it in the movies all the time, and also in military training battlefield simulations, as featured on the slide below:

And they also do this on stages at entertainment events.

The video below is a homegrown demonstration of this sort of explosion, at close proximity. Start the video at 4:00 unless you want to see how to make these things:

If you try this at home, better to get someone you’re not very fond of, to stand there, while you film from a safe distance. Just in case.

There is gunpowder involved in this, but the cloud is mostly dusty soil and fireplace ash.

Notice that absolutely no part of his clothing was burned off.

It’s also important to mention that there are all kinds of explosion simulation effects, which don’t use gunpowder at all, as shown in the slide below:

Often, several different simulation devices are used in combination. Just add a well-timed bright flash of yellowish or orangish light to simulate a flaming core.

In the slide below, the area within the railings would have been an ideal area for explosion simulation mechanisms, including smoke machines and cryogenic CO2 smoke jets. They could of possibly hidden pipes within the railings or they could have utilized the built-in metal pipe, sticking out of the sidewalk in front of the building.

These are only possibilities, to make the point that simulating a bomb explosion at a site, would not have been beyond the ability of special effects professionals.

It’s worth noting, that in the 6th, the 7th, and 8th Thorndike photos, we see a guy reaching under a board that appears to have a hole in it. And he picks something up from under the board. It looks like he’s grabbing onto a handle. Could be a smoke machine. Could be a smoke machine disguised in a black bag:

And in Thorndike 9, 10 and 11, we see him walk towards the Marathon sports store, with whatever he retrieved:

The smoke could have been coming from several locations.

In the slide below, the photo at the top from 2 seconds after the initial most of the display, we see that a lot of the smoke is actually further back on the sidewalk, toward the buildings:

The photo on the bottom is from 5 seconds after, and we see that the flags, that were not blowing outward, from any so-called explosion at 2 seconds after, are now blowing outwards, furiously.

I was a windy day, so who knows.

But something else in this photo that we see, is a stream of smoke apparently blowing sideways and downward out of a window, as indicated by the blue arrow. Blowing smoke or fog out of the windows, would have been easy enough to do.

This concludes the answer to the question if it would have been possible to simulate an explosion

It would have been a cake-walk for the professionals.

Just a bit of Industrial Light and Magic.

The Stage Crew

As part of the description of events above, there have been a number of people pointed out that clearly appear to be assisting, supervising and giving directions to the crisis actors. These folks are the stage crew, supervisors and directors of the Boston Unbombing.

We won’t be covering these folks in depth here, due to existing length of this post, but they are definitely circumstantial evidence, that adds to the overwhelming physical evidence presented here.

Why Stage the Boston Unbombing?

Over the last several years in the United States and Europe, there has been a series of terrorist attacks that have been increasing in frequency.

This list of attacks includes the Woolwich London attack, the Charlie Hebdo in Paris, attack, the Bataclan in Paris, San Bernardino, California, Brussels, and the Orlando, Florida, Pulse Club, among others.

Knowing what we know, we should be suspicious of each event.

It is certain that Charlie Hebdo, San Bernardino, Brussels and Orlando, were staged fake events.

It’s beyond the scope of this post to examine each of these in depth, but it is worthwhile to provide some clear evidence regarding Orlando, which you can find at this link:

The Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax

The Syrian Connection

The day after the Orlando so-called, gay club, shooting, Hillary Clinton gave a speech in response:

And what did she call for? More bombing of the Middle East. Particularly of Iraq and, you guessed it, Syria, where she said we need to be “Ramping up the air campaign.”

The fact is, that this minion of Satan, was directly orchestrating a horrendous proxy war of regime change in Syria, since 2011.

The fact is, that the United States has been waging war on Syria since 2011. Until 2014 this was primarily orchestrated through a coalition of Arab dictatorships, with advanced weaponry supplied by the United States, and through a so-called Syrian rebel army, mostly comprised of foreign mercenaries, which was put together by the CIA, and the State Department, and the coalition of Arab dictatorships, along with the helping hand of Israel, whom Hillary Clinton called, “Our partners in the region.”

Direct airstrikes on Syria, officially began in 2014, with Hillary Clinton’s enthusiastic endorsement.

And unsurprisingly, Donald Trump is continuing this attack on Syria.

Terrorism is not the direct connection between Orlando and the Boston Unbombing. The connection is that when they want popular support for war, they launch false flags.

Gun restriction is just a secondary restriction of Orlando, and San Bernardino, for that matter.

After the San Bernardino false flag attack, President Obama pointed directly to the Boston so-called bombing, in a sales pitch for the authorization of bombing, for all the bombing he’d been doing without authorization.

But we know who the number 1 terrorists are.

The truth is, war on Syria was decided on the day that Syria declined a major pipeline deal with the United States financial partners. The truth is the Islamic terrorist groups like ISIL/ISIS are created and funded by Western globalist elites, and used for the purposes of geopolitical control and financial profit.

The whistle-blowers, that exposed this truth, are ignored by the mainstream media. To name just  few of these whistle-blowers: Sibel Edmonds, Michael Springman, Robert D. Steele, and Scott Bennett:

As things stand, the false flags are ramping up, and so is the proxy war on Syria, launched by Barrak Obama, Hillary Clinton and their globalist cohorts.

The mainstream media won’t even relay the more twisted statements coming from these war criminals, but the alternative media will. For example, when the Syrian forces pushed the Islamist rebels out of the city of Palmyra, in March of 2016, the U.S. Department of Defense spokesman, said, that Palmyra was “now, out of the frying pan and into the fire,” and “from being under the boot heel of ISIS to being under the boot heel of Assad.”

Which is totally absurd, considering that anybody interested in religious tolerance should know that in Palmyra and throughout Syria, Christians and other minorities were practicing their religions openly and in peace, before the U.S. coalition flooded the area with Islamist mercenaries.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, has zero Christian churches, and it is illegal to openly practice Christianity there, and yet Hillary Clinton called the Saudis our partners in the region, and Obama personally authorized the sale of over $100 billion in fighter planes and weapons to the Saudi government, which are now being used to slaughter tens of thousands of innocent people in Yemen, and to supply depraved mercenaries in Syria and throughout the Middle East.

And the Trump administration supports the sale of another massive amount of weaponry to the Saudis.

Real-time Facial Reenactment

And as an added bonus….

We’re living at a time when corrupt worldly powers are gaining much greater abilities to manipulate peoples’ 3D five sense perception.

Take a look at the video below, which demonstrates real time facial reenactment, underscoring the kind of deception that technology is capable of enabling:

And this is just the publicly available technology. This is undoubtedly quaint compared to the things they’ve developed and are working on in the black budget world.

No doubt they can create media footage of anyone saying anything or doing anything anywhere.”(1)

The Martial Law Test and the 4th Amendment Connection

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another key reason for the Boston Unbombing.

WATERTOWN, MA — On Friday, April 19, 2013, during a manhunt for a bombing suspect, police and federal agents spent the day storming peoples homes and performing illegal searches. While it was unclear initially if the home searches were voluntary, it is now crystal clear that they were absolutely NOT voluntary. Police were filmed ripping people from their homes at gunpoint, marching the residents out with their hands raised in submission, and then storming the homes to perform their illegal searches.

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing police abuse.

This was part of a larger operation that involved total lockdown of the suburban neighbor to Boston. Roads were barricaded and vehicle traffic was prohibited. A No-Fly Zone was declared over the town. People were “ordered” to stay indoors. Businesses were told not to open. National Guard soldiers helped with the lockdown, and were photographed checking IDs of pedestrians on the streets. All the while, police were performing these disgusting house-to-house searches.

So considering what we already know about the fake Boston Unbombing drill, it’s clear that this was a Martial Law drill to gauge how the public would react to a total suspension of their civil rights.

And, as trained, the public complied with barely a whimper.

And these martial law drills are training for what, do you think?


(1) The Boston Unbombing: How And Why The Boston Marathon Bombing Was A Staged False Flag

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