Islam is a Death Cult

Ever since the 9-11 attacks on New York City, Islam and the Muslims who were the alleged perpetrators, have received voluminous amounts of media exposure.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this media coverage is the fact that initially the Muslims responsible for the attacks were clearly labeled as Muslim Terrorists, resulting in an understandably strong backlash against Muslims by many in the general public.

It didn’t take long for the media to begin stressing that these Muslims were extremists and that Islam is actually a religion of peace.

And some time after that Muslim refugees began to arrive in the U.S.

Europe actually got a head start in the invasion of Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa.

Anyone who has been following the news out Europe realizes that these Muslims do not integrate into Western Culture, but instead insist on maintaining a religiously focused authoritarian subculture within European countries.

The results of this subculture have been graphically demonstrated in Sweden, Germany, France and Britain, with mass rape of white women, sex trafficking of young white girls, massive violent protests, open condemnation of Western Culture, the implementation of Shariah Law in many Muslim dominated communities, with attacks against non-Muslims that try to enter those communities.

Almost everyone in Europe and the United States has heard the statement ‘Islam is a religion of peace,’ and that violent terrorist attacks are perpetrated by individuals that aren’t practicing Islam.

There has been a great deception, in the United States and in Europe, about what Islam actually is.

The Sources of Islam

In order to break free of this deception and understand what Islam is, it’s important to take a close look at verified written sources of information about Islam.

The Quran

“The number one source is the Quran.

The Quran is believed to be the inspired holy book given to Mohammad, who was a prophet of Islam, by the Angel Gabriel. The same angel Gabriel that is said to have showed up to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and gave her revelation. Supposedly the same angel shows up 600 years later to Mohammad, and gives him a different revelation.

So, both can’t be true.

Islam teaches that the Christians are wrong. There is no common ground. The Muslims believe and the Quran clearly teaches that it is Christianity that is corrupted, that Judaism and Christianity are corrupted and that Mohammad is the final messenger, sent to give the final revelation.

So both can’t be true. One is right and one is wrong.

Mohammad thought he was demon possessed when he first got the revelation. He actually thought he was possessed by a spirit, meaning a demon, and he was going to go on a cliff and commit suicide.

Muslims don’t tell you that oftentimes, when they reverently talk about their prophet.

He was supposedly convinced by some people around him, including his wife, a young boy who was a Christian, and his uncle, that he was hearing from, what they believed to be, God.

Mohammad claimed that the angel Gabriel dictated to him in perfect Arabic and that the angel told Mohammad to recite and write, except there was a small problem, in that Mohammad was illiterate.

So, Allah, being so powerful apparently, not only gives him only one language, Arabic, and if you become a Muslim, no matter what country you’re from, or what language background you have, you have to learn to pray in Arabic. Because apparently Allah only understands Arabic.

That’s how ridiculous it is.

An average Muslim doesn’t just open the Quran and read it by themselves. They can’t do that. They have to have interpretations from a cleric, an Imam, or from a scholar.

When they do look at it they believe that it is divinely inspired from heaven and it is in perfect Arabic, so they have to not only learn the Arabic, but make sure they’re getting the interpretation.

The website is a source that can be used since it is the source used by Islamic scholars. It is an accepted source with accepted translations.

The Quran has no original source to back it up. There is not one original manuscript of the Quran, because it was never written down during the time of Mohammad.”(1)

The Sunna

“The secondary source is called the Sunna. The Sunna is called the practice.

One of the misconceptions of the Islamism is that Muslims only follow the Quran. This is absolutely not correct. Muslims follow the Quran and the Sunna, because the Sunna has two sources, the Hadith and the Sira. These are different biographies written about Mohammad.

It’s all about Mohammad.

Those sources come together and those sources are called the practice, meaning ‘What did Mohammad do?’ How did Mohammad live, what did he do, what did he say, how did he behave. And those sources supplement the Quran.

If there’s ever a question about the Quran and what it teaches, the Muslims are supposed to go to the Sunna and say ‘What did Mohammad do?’

There is a slight difference between the Sunni Muslims, who are about 85% of the Muslim population and the Shiites, because the Shiites do not accept the Hadith that comes from the first three Caliphs. After Mohammad died there were three Caliphs and those Caliphs were on the Sunni side. There was a division. The Hadiths that are written by Sunni Caliphs are rejected unless they are from Mohammad, meaning anything Mohammad said or did by his own work. These are fine. But anything that was written about him by the first three Caliphs was rejected because the Shiites follow Ali, who is the fourth Caliph. And this is where the division came for the two major sects of Islam.”(1)

The Shariah

“The third source is called the Shariah. The Shariah is called ‘The Way’ or ‘The Path.’ It is the sacred law of Islam.

Shariah is all of their jurisprudence. It is all of their case law.

Islam is not just a religion. Islam is a complete political, economic, military, criminal, civil idealogy and therefore it has laws, it has courts, and that system of the Shariah is inscribed by over a thousand years of case law which is also accepted Islamic ruling.

Therefore, the Muslim will look at the Quran, will look at the Sunna and will look at the Shariah.”(1)

Reliance of the Traveler

“The Shariah source is a book called the Reliance of the Traveler, which is validated by affidavits from different  Imams and scholars. There is also an affidavit from probably the foremost accepted Islamic source on the Earth, and that is Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. Al-Azhar is like putting Yale, Harvard and Princeton all together. Al-Azhar not only gave an affidavit that Reliance of the Traveler is not only consistent with accepted Islamic law, but that it is, in its English translation it is consistent with accepted Islamic law.

One of the things you’ll get from Islamists or apologists is “Oh, well you have a translation of an English Quran or an English whatever, but your translation is not accurate.”

So, it’s important to use their sources, because truth has a way of shutting down that argument. And once you shut down those arguments, what’s left is name calling, emotional outbursts, with statements such as “you’re a hater,” “you’re a racist,” “you’re an Islamophobe,” and on and on.”(1)

Most people at one time or another have heard that “Islam is a religion of peace.” This is a clear sign of how well the Muslims have lied to us, because this is the mantra.

“If anybody comes and gives a narrative, other than the narrative that “Islam is a religion of peace, it is tolerant, it is peaceful, it is nonviolent” and all the things you’re seeing in the world, ISIS and all that stuff, that’s not representative of true Islam.

We will break down and refute the two main statements in the explanation below.”(1)

Islam is not Peaceful and Islam is not a Religion

“The Shariah, as stated above, is not just religious, in fact, less than 20% of all of Islamic law is religious in nature. The majority of it is everything that in the West is seen as criminal and civil law that deals with the rest of life.

Islamic peace, and the peace that non-Muslims would recognize, is very different.

Islamic peace will only occur when non-Muslims have surrendered to Islam. So when all non-Muslims have become Muslims or they’ve been done away with, when everybody has surrendered to Islam, then the promise is ‘peace will ensue and Allah will bring peace.’

So the reality is that anyone who will not surrender to Islam will never experience peace.

Islam teaches that peace will come under two criteria.

Condition number one is that they have to work to turn every country into an Islamic country, by either immigration, population, revolution, military or whatever means possible. They must turn that country so that is under predominantly Muslim control.

Condition number two is that Shariah must govern that nation.

These are the two conditions that are given under Islamic ideology for the peace of Allah to ensue upon the nation and ultimately upon the whole Earth.

If someone says Islam is a religion of peace, one of two things are happening, either they have been deceived or they are a deceiver.

There’s only those two options. There’s no middle ground.”(1)

Islamic Peace Means Surrender to Islam

“The word Islam does not mean peace, it means ‘the surrendered one.’ So a Muslim is a surrendered one to Islam.

One other aspect that supports this idea is the idea of transition, keeping in mind the countries around the world that are in transition, is a concept that’s called dualism or abrogation.

Dualism or abrogation is the concept that the verses in the Quran change. That early on in Mohammad’s ministry, when he was in Mecca, he was given the opportunity to state that Islam is a religion that doesn’t teach violence, and that it doesn’t force compulsion on people to convert to Islam. 

Could it be that these original verses were accurate for the early phase of Islam?

When Islam gets the upper hand and gets control, then we see the verses change and there is compulsion in Islam.

According to Reliance of the Traveler an apostate has a death sentence, and that is compulsion. Yet the mantra that is given is that Islam does not force anybody to convert. That is in the early phase.

When Mohammad was in Mecca he didn’t have very many followers. Had he tried to enforce Islam on them, they would have just killed him. So therefore, they play this game until they get the upper hand.

When Mohammad moved from Mecca to Medina, in a mass migration, then his behavior changed. He became a warlord. He began to amass wealth, military, horses, began to raid caravans, began to commit assassinations and plots against his enemies, killed his enemies, killed his detractors. Eventually, once he gained power, he went back to Mecca and broke a treaty he had made with them, and routed Mecca and killed the people who had criticized him.

Muslims are not taught this information.”(1)

Dualism or Abrogation

“Keep in mind that Mohammad is the only one getting these ‘revelations.’ There is no corroboration. There are no other witnesses. So when his behavior starts changing, interestingly enough, conveniently enough, the verses that he claims he getting, change. And now he starts justifying that “Allah is telling me these things are OK.” So when his followers against him these questions about the verses, the answer is “well, it’s been abrogated.”(1)

The following verses cover Dualism or Abrogation:

“Remember, this is supposed to be a divinely inspired book that came down from their god. But apparently their god changes his mind and brings a different revelation.

Many Muslims and non-Muslims claim that the concept of abrogation is not in the Quran, the word abrogation is in the Quran.

Muslims were accusing him of lying back then.

The fact that verses are abrogated is critical because it creates something that’s called the two house concept. In the latter verses you then see actual verses of aggression and violence, not just against any non-Muslim, but specifically against the people of The Book, called Jews and Christians.

In the Reliance of the Traveler the section on Jihad, there is a section that spells out who non-Muslims are, and they point out that Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians (ancient Persian belief system), Sumerians, and Sabians are not Muslims. So they mention five groups, but the Jews and the Christians are the dominant ones.

Over 100 verses in the Quran call for violence against Jews and Christians. These 100 verses are in the abrogated version of the Quran. The same Quran, but later on. The Quran is not chronological. You don’t read it from beginning to end. Oftentimes the shorter verses are earlier and the longer chapters are later verses, that Mohammad gets when his behavior changes. When he’s forcing people to convert to Islam and he’s killing his enemies, interestingly enough, the verses change and this is backed up.

It’s important to understand the Islam is in a flux of two houses. There’s an early house, there’s a latter house. There’s an early phase, there’s a latter phase. Islam is transitioning. Every nation on the Earth, they consider to be transitioning or in flux.

This is what Americans don’t understand, because they look at the idea “Oh, there are nice peaceful Muslims.” Well that may be true or it may not be true, but the problem is that one doesn’t know what flux phase of their stages they’re in, because there are two houses.”(1)

The Two Houses

“The early house is called ‘Dar Al Harb.’

The latter house is called ‘Dar Al Islam.’

‘Dar Al Harb’ is literally defined as ‘House of War.’ So that’s the house of the Infidel. They view the house of a foreign nation, where they don’t have control, as a ‘House of War.’

‘Dar Al Islam’ is the house of Islam.


Every nation that is ‘Dar Al Harb’ must be turned into ‘Dar Al Islam.’

They consider a country, even like Iran, that is a predominant Muslim country, to be ‘Dar Al Harb’ until it is converted over and being governed by the Shariah, when it will be ‘Dar Al Islam.’

In ‘Dar Al Harb’ Muslims are permitted to not have to follow all of the teachings of the Quran. If they can’t do it or it will expose the greater agenda, they don’t have to follow all of the teachings of the Quran in the early house. 

There is in the early house that thing about non-compulsion. So Muslims will tell Christians “Listen, we don’t want to convert you, we just want to live side-by-side, coexist. live in harmony and peace. Except that there’s a latter house coming, but they won’t tell you that part, if the know their own ideology.

Around 30 – 35% of Muslims are devout. The majority are agnostic or lukewarm Muslims. The agnostic and lukewarm Muslims, who don’t even understand their ideology, are not the problem. In fact, oftentimes those Muslims themselves get killed.

One of the arguments put forth is that ISIS and these groups are not Islamic because they’re killing Muslims. That’s not new because Mohammad did the same thing, because a Muslim is not really a Muslim anymore, because when Islam gets control and they deem that Muslim to not be following Islam, they’re deemed an unbeliever, therefore they can be killed as an apostate.

What’s also permitted in the early house, is lying. There are four types of lying in Islam. Three of them a permissible in the early house. A fourth one is permissible in the latter house, and is called the ‘Lie of Treaty’. If a Muslim country or a Muslim group is making a treaty with another country, they are permitted to break that treaty and lie.

So it’s perfectly permissible for a Muslim country to make a treaty with a non-Muslim country, and break it.

Has this happened before with the U.S.? Yes.”(1)

The Barbary Wars

“The Barbary Wars. The very first war that the United States fought as a nation, was against Muslims. It wasn’t the War of 1812, it was before that in 1803, 1804 and 1805.

The Muslims were the Barbary Pirates, off the coast of North Africa, taking our ships, taking our slaves. They were taking American and British slaves and demanding payment, extorting money.

The leaders of the U.S. tried the appeasement strategy, giving money over to them, and it didn’t work. This went on until Thomas Jefferson became president and got a copy of the Quran. That’s why he had a Quran, not that he was an admirer of Islam. He read the Quran and for the first time understood Jihad, and understood what these nations were doing and understood that appeasement will never work. At that point they put allocation towards military and they said they weren’t going to pay any more tribute, that they were going to put every last dollar to defense, called up the U.S. marines and sent them over to kick butt.”(1)

“That’s history…..and it’s not being taught. It’s been whitewashed.

So, Muslims, in the early house, can lie to a non-Muslim, even lying that they are a Christian. It is permissible. In fact, in the Reliance of the Traveler, there’s a whole section on lying. It lists all of the lies that are permissible and also includes lies that are obligatory. Mandatory. It is obligatory for a Muslim to lie to officials to protect the rest of the Islamic community, which is called the Ummah.

U.S. law enforcement is being trained that Muslims are obliged to lie to them to protect the Islamic community.

When did they go from ‘Dar Al Harb’ to ‘Dar Al Islam’? It depends on what source you talk to and on what aspect. The question is, ‘who decides’. Who decides is the Ummah, the Islamic community, but particularly the Clerics, the Islamic leaders. The religious leaders. It’s not the governmental leaders that decide, it’s the religious leaders that decide.

The call goes to go to the upper house of ‘Dar Al Islam’.”(1)

Europe is Dar Al Islam

Europe is now ‘Dar Al Islam’. For the last five years in Europe, the call has gone out from the mosques that Europe has gone to ‘Dar Al Islam’.

“How is that possible?

The average Muslim population of most European countries is 12%, 14%, 10%.

So how is ‘Dar Al Islam’ possible?

According to the Muslim Brotherhood and a document that is called The Explanatory Memorandum, that was discovered by the FBI in the United States, they believe they can flip a country with 5% of the population.”(1)

The United States is Dar Al Harb

“So what the percentage in the United States?

If you believe the census bureau then there’s only 3 million Muslims in America, then you’d be wrong. The reality is that it’s more like 9 to 12 million Muslims in America. Maybe more, because we don’t know the illegal population and now with the refugee situation, we don’t know the exact number.

If 9 to 12 million is true, then we’re looking at a 3 to 4% population.

But there’s one factor, that Europe never dreamed of having, that has existed in America and that is for the Muslims to have control of the top of our government. Under Obama, the White House was controlled by Muslims. European leaders may be supportive of Islam, or like Angela Merkel in Germany, that you would look on the outside and think, are they committing suicide? Saying that they’re going to bring in 2 million refugees? Or is it intentional?

America from what is known, has not yet been declared ‘Dar Al Islam’. It is still ‘Dar Al Harb’.”(1)

Conversion to Dar Al Islam

“What happens when call goes out to transition to ‘Dar Al Islam’? What Changes?

Muslims will then be required to follow the teachings of the Quran. All of the teachings of the Quran. That’s why you have secular Muslims, who when you see an overthrow in Egypt or some other Muslim country like Iran, secular Muslims are killed.

There were several secular Muslim Generals in Iran when the Shah was in power. When the Shah was overthrown these generals would not leave and would not convert to Islam, and they were summarily executed. Once Iran was transitioned to ‘Dar Al Islam’ they were required to follow the teachings of the Quran. They refused, so death was the result.

When a country is transitioned to ‘Dar Al Islam’ the Muslims are no longer permitted to lie, except the ‘Lie of Treaty’, so that’s what’s being seen in Europe is Muslims there are flat out telling people what their agenda is. There’s no deception, there’s no hiding things, their just telling the Europeans, “Listen, it’s just a matter of time before we’re going to dominate you and take you over. They’re not holding punches back. Why? Because they are ‘Dar Al Islam”.

This is critical to understand for a  foundation, because until we understand that Islam is functioning in a duality, almost like a split personality, almost like dysfunctionality.

The early verses have not been done away with, they are abrogated when they gain the upper hand. So Muslims come to America and say “We want to coexist, we want to live, there’s no compulsion. That’s technically accurate, but it’s not permanently accurate. Once they get the upper hand, there is compulsion.”(1)

Take a look at these chapters from Surah chapter 9:

“Surah chapter 9 is believed to be the last chapter that Mohammad was given in revelation in Medina, in what are called the Medinan verses.

The “forbidden months” are the months of Ramadan.

In “Then fight and slay the Pagans”, the word in the Arabic there would actually be ‘the Kafir’.

“Fight” them, “seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)”.

Does that sound like a very peaceful verse?

Now how do we know that this is how Muslims actually operated?

This is what Mohammad did.”(1)

Here’s the good  news in verse 9:29:

Three Option for Non-Muslims

“When a country is transitioned to Dar Al Islam, Muslims must give non-Muslims three options:

Option 1 – Convert to Islam – the first thing they have to offer up is their evangelism. “Convert to Islam and we’ll leave you alone.”

Option 2 – Pay the Jizziya Tax acknowledging that they are in a status of inferiority (dhimmitude) to Muslims. The Reliance of the Traveler spells out the amount per family, what their obligated to give by cash, by gold, by silver or, if necessary, by slaver labor, because slavery is alive and well in Islam.

This kind of sounds like the Mafia, requiring protection money from families and businesses.

This is exactly what ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria in the Middle East.

Option 3 – Fight until one wins. Either Islam wins or the non-Muslims win. It’s a fight to the death.

So, in the chapter, which is supposedly the last chapter that Allah gave to Mohammad. This is the last words that Allah gave him, which says that ‘you’re to fight the unbelievers, until they convert, until they become inferior, or until one of you wins the war.

So what happened to the early verses? What happened to ‘no compulsion’?

That goes away when they get the upper hand.

Until this is understood, one will never understand Islam, how they’re functioning and how they’re transitioning. They’re constantly in a state of transition from the lower house (Dar Al Harb) ultimately to the upper house (Dar Al Islam).”(1)

Islam and Our Definition of Peace

“Another way to clearly establish that Islam is not a religion of peace, is by using our definition of peace.

Is Mohammad central to Islam? YES. He’s the only one that got the revelation.

Is Mohammad to be followed or imitated? YES

Did Mohammad do the following things, that are violent or non-peaceful:

Lies YES. He lied to even his own followers and supporters, because their were different versions of the (supposed) revelation that he was giving to them.

Deception/breaking treaties YES. He deceived his enemies and broke treaties with them.

Ordered the killing of apostates YES. According to the Reliance of the Traveler, according to the Quaran, and according to the Sunna, Mohammad himself said there are three conditions for justifiable killing an apostate:

Condition 1 – If they have killed a Muslim they are to be killed.

Condition 2 – If they have committed adultery they are to be killed. Of course, most of the time that punishment is taken out on women, because under Islamic law, the testimony of a woman is half that of a man in Islamic court, therefore, oftentimes what happens is husbands will cheat on their wives and then accuse their wife of having an affair, of having an adulterous affair. Then the wife can’t defend herself, since she has to bring four female witnesses or two male witnessed to counteract husbands testimony. Therefore the wife is found guilty of adultery and stoned, or beheaded.

Condition 3 – Mohammad said apostasy is a justifiable killing. The question is, did he not only order it, but did he participate in it?”(1)

“Did Mohammad take sex slaves and child brides? YES

He himself commissioned the idea that when they sacked another community or non-Muslims they’re permitted to take what’s called booty, which included sex slaves.

It why we are seeing today with the Christian Yizidis being used as sex slaves.

Did Mohammad have a child bride. YES

It is estimated that Mohammad had at least eleven wives even though under Shariah Muslims are only allowed to have four wives. Muslim men only. Muslim women are not permitted to have four husbands.

One of Mohammad’s wives was Aisha, and according to Aisha’s own words in the Sunna, she was six years old when she was introduced to and betrothed to the prophet. And she was nine years old when they had a conjugal visit and had intercourse in marriage.”(1)

“As a result nine years of age was used as the age of consent for girls at that time in Muslim countries, and is still used by many Muslim countries today. In Iran, the age of consent is nine years old, while in some countries it is 7 or 8, but the official age of consent is nine because Mohammad did it himself.

Would you consider all of the examples listed above as indicative of a peaceful society, as a society that would espouse religious freedom and tolerance?

Did Mohammad order and participate in beheading? YES”(1)

“The argument we see out there is “Well, what ISIS is doing and Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah terrorist groups are doing, they are not Islamic and they don’t represent the true nature of Islam.

Not only are these actions Islamic, but Mohammad modeled these actions for them.

If Mohammad modeled it for them, then wouldn’t it be Islamic? and, in fact, obligatory?…when they get the upper hand.”(1)

Let’s look at a verse from the Quran:

“So how can the executioners confer favor on them if they’re dead?

They can’t, but they can confer favor on those left alive, meaning when you inflict slaughter and when you inflict fear, what do you do with those that are left behind. If the convert, if they give up, leave them alone.”(1)

Islamic Invasions of Europe

“This is nothing new in history. This is what happened in Europe in the 7th century. Europe was almost sacked by Islam if it wasn’t for the Franks who stopped them in France in 732. And the Christian knights pushed them back out of Europe again.

This is also not new compared to the Muslim invasion of Europe in the 16th century. The Battle of Vienna on  September 11, 1683. (These dates are accidents.) On this date the Muslims were pushed out of Europe by force for the second time.”(1)

“Of course, we had that thing in the middle that happened, called the Crusades during the late 10th century.

It’s noteworthy that Obama compared what ISIS is doing to the Crusades, just in case you still think he’s a Christian.”(1)

“In the U.S., current public school textbooks that teach world history about the Crusades, the textbooks say that the Muslims were the ones who were being oppressed and were the defenders. It was the Christians that were the oppressors and this is the white wash garbage that American children are being taught in public schools today.

Indoctrination is what it is. Blatant, flat out lies.”(1)

Muslims Murdering Christians

When ISIS has done this they picked on the Coptic Christian church in Libya and Ethiopia.

The photo below shows some of these Christians with a clear message directed at the Christian church:

“They literally picked on Christian church, the Coptic Christian church.

Is that considered consistent with Islamic teaching, that they pick on Christians? YES

The verses above make it clear that it does.

This isn’t terrorism, this is a consistent causing of fear, because they behead the men in the above photo, and what do they hope will happen with the Coptic Christians back home?

That they’ll stop being Christians. They’ll stop converting people.

Did Mohammad order, but also participate in this type of behavior?

If you were a jury of my peers, and I was tasked with presenting evidence before you, to either indict Islam or to say Islam is guilty and is getting a bad rap, I would present evidence of the source.”(1)

Here’s more of the source, concerning the central figure of Islam:

The Banu Qurayza Massacre

“Here is a story that is proof, not only of Mohammad ordering, but participating in beheading.

When Mohammad went from Mecca to Medina, up on the Arabian peninsula there were non-Muslims. There were Christians, there were Arabs, there were Zoroastrians, there were Jews. In Medina there were three tribes of Jews, specifically that are mentioned. Mohammad went up there and told them “You need to convert or we’ll kill you.”

And remember that Mohammad claimed that the verses had changed.

So now, two tribes flee. They won’t convert. One tribe, the Banu Qurayza, would not flee and they would not convert. So they surrendered themselves to Mohammad.”(1)

“This is completely consistent with the teachings in the Quran as demonstrated above, with the statement the a beheading is to take place of a non-Muslim.

In case you’re not sure what it means for them to “struck off their heads”, “this beheading went on until the apostle made an end to them.”

Taking 600 to be the number, in one day the so-called peaceful, holy prophet of Islam, Mohammad, not only orders defenseless Jews, who had surrendered themselves, who weren’t fighting back, to not  only be beheaded, but actually participates in the beheading.

Isn’t ISIS doing the same thing?

The propaganda and rhetoric coming out of the U.S. government concerning Islam states that any person who comes out and says Islam is not a peaceful tolerant religion, and who hopefully backs it up with Islamic source, is now being deemed by many Christians and many churches in America, to be unloving, intolerant, un-Christ-like, and should not be listened to.

In case the events above are not convincing, here’s another source:

Following is a Bukhari. And a Bukhari is a Hadith.

The previous story was from the Sira and this is from the Hadith, both being part of the Sunna mentioned above.”(1)

“In this one story: beheading, murder, sexual slavery, regular slavery all condoned by Mohammad himself.

Now do you understand why Muslims don’t want other Muslims to know about Mohammad?

Now do you understand why if we say things about Mohammad they have to kill you?

When you expose a demonic element, when you expose evil, we know that evil fights back.

Satan will fight back.

And this is why it’s so critical that our voice not be silenced.

This ideology and evil and demonic system must be exposed to anyone that will listen.

There is no such thing as a peaceful Islam!”(1)

There are no Moderate Muslims

“There may be ‘peaceful Mulims’, but a peaceful Muslim is really a lukewarm Muslim, because once Islam gets the upper hand in the upper house, those Muslims themselves can be can be subject to being killed because they are then deemed to be unbelievers, if they don’t follow along.

There is no such thing as a peaceful Islam.

Unless you consider peace to be surrender to Islam, there is no peaceful Islam.

That is probably one of the biggest lies that has been perpetrated on the world.

There is no such thing as a moderate Islam. There may be moderate Muslims, but moderate Muslims are really lukewarm Muslims, because Islam has no moderation. When Islam gets the upper hand, you see the real face of Islam.

There is but one Islam and this is the Islam of Mohammad and the Islam that is Allah, who has been revealed, and unfortunately, many of Christian missionaries are saying in the Christian church that we should have no problem using Allah to describe the God of the bible.

Over 93 times in the Quran, every Muslim is commanded to follow the example of Mohammad. Why? Because the Quran literally says that Mohammad was the perfect man.

What??? The man that was described above, and as is described in hundreds of stories, commissioned the execution of his enemies is the perfect man.

One of the things that he did when he went from Medina back to Mecca, was he ordered his followers to go and hunt down and kill anybody that had criticized him when he was in Mecca earlier in his ministry.

In the United States today, in our laws, we would call that a commission of a capital offense, which is subject to the death penalty, because he solicited murder.

And this is the holy prophet of Islam.

The perfect man.”(1)

Look at what Mohammad himself said:

“If Muslims are to imitate Mohammad, who is Mohammad imitating?

Many Muslims will say that that “fight” is a spiritual fight.

How do we know it’s a literal fight and not a spiritual fight?

Because Mohammad did it. He did it.

Is there a spiritual aspect to Muslims fight? Yes

But there’s a literal aspect that they must fight.”(1)

There’s no Such Thing as Radical Muslims

And there is no such thing as ‘radical’ Islam. It’s either Islam or it isn’t Islam.

The following video is of a conference in Norway where they describe whether their radical or not:

“In there own words here. No hiding. No deception. Their just saying the way it is.

Why? Because they’re in Europe. Europe has been deemed ‘Dar Al Islam’.

They’re saying that this is consistent with Islam. This is not radical. This is not extremist.

When the Reliance of the Traveler says that apostates should be killed, it’s nothing personal, they’re just following Islam.

So can there be a moderate Islam? No. It is impossible.

So with everything we’re hearing, it is one of two camps. Either they are being deceived or they’re deceivers.

If someone believes that there’s a moderate, peaceful Islam, they’ve either been deceived or they are a deceiver. Or they’re part of the camp that is doing the deception.

What happens to someone who criticizes Islam?

It is referred to in the Quran as ‘slander’ and currently as Islamophobia.”(1)

Following is a verse from the Quran explaining this:

“So the number one consequence for maligning Allah or his messenger, Mohammad, is your curse. You go to hell.

What does massacre mean? Kill. What does it mean to kill completely, as if there’s a halfway killing? It could mean that they’re to be killed in a manner consistent with the killings described  earlier, so that inflicts fear on those who are left alive.

In case that you are wondering if Islam has become reformed or come into the 21st century, take a look at the last part of this verse:

This is what they did back then, because Mohammad did it himself. In fact, Mohammad incited his followers to kill those who had slandered him when he was earlier in Mecca.”(1)


(1) 1. Answering Islam: True Face of Islam


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