White Genocide and Extinction

“Western man is rapidly heading toward being a minority in his own homelands. These points are not debated or labored, for one only needs to look at demographic data or view news reports to see how the racial and cultural make-up of the West has dramatically changed over the last few decades.”(2)

This post does not only seek to blame the downfall of the West on immigrants, but also on the changes that have affected Western man and caused the breakdown of Western society. Immigration obviously leads to demographic problems as mentioned earlier – but it is not only immigration that has fractured the Western communities.

This post primarily seeks to analyze how Western man has gone off track and lost his way. It seeks to analyze the mental state of Western man and show how the enemies of the West have subtly affected the Western psyche and lays bare the ways in which negative influences and degeneracy have been repeatedly pushed upon Western man and used to undermine once cohesive societies.

The primary purpose of this post is to analyze the ways in which Western man has been misguided and lost his way and the way that structures that once held Western society together have been undermined and eroded or perverted.

But make no mistake.

There are enemies of the West whose nefarious purpose is to destroy white culture and the white race, by any means possible, including flooding the West with other races and drowning the West in destructive cultural and racial ideologies, ultimately creating white genocide and extinction.

White Genocide

“What is White genocide?

Moving millions of non-White immigrants into traditionally White countries over a period of years. This alone is not genocide, but the next step makes it a part of genocide.

Legally chasing down and forcing White areas to accept “diversity“. This is known as “Forced Assimilation“.

A combination of mass immigration (of different groups of people) plus forced assimilation would qualify as genocide, as defined by Article II, part (C) of the United Nations Genocide Conventions:

Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

Government refusal to remove genocidal policies that are in place today. By keeping these policies in place, they ensure that the genocide is ongoing.

Society is widely aware that White people are becoming a minority in several countries, but anti-Whites don’t want us to bring an end to the policies which are turning us into a minority everywhere.

How is forced assimilation / diversity White genocide?

Raphael Lemkin, a lawyer, invented the term “genocide” and is responsible for its legal definition today.

Lemkin defined genocide as follows:

“Genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation” . . . “It is intended to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.”

Today, the United Nations Genocide Conventions legally defines genocide as follows:

In our case, “diversity” – but only for White countries – is violating section C, therefore “diversity” is White genocide.”(3)

Diversity is only for White areas

“Diversity is only forced on White countries, neighborhoods, and organizations. No one requires that non-White countries, neighborhoods, and organizations be diverse.

Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.

Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity.

They are already 100% diverse.

Anti-Whites are only telling White children in White countries that they need diversity.

White countries will be 100% diverse when there are no White people left.

“Diversity” means chasing down the last White person

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide

Is White Genocide similar to Tibetan genocide?

The Dalai Lama has spoken out several times against the conditions that Tibet is facing today.

The region is subject to mass Han-Chinese immigration, and Tibetans are legally forced to assimilate, all without a vote for or against these policies taking place.

These conditions will intentionally lead to fewer and fewer Tibetans being born, making Han-Chinese the uncontested majority group in the area, and Tibetans nearly wiped out. Therefore it is a calculated plan to bring about the Tibetan’s physical destruction – which is genocide.

This is highly similar to White Genocide, the only difference is that White Genocide is taking place across many countries, and it is being done to the majority, rather than a minority.

Anti-Whites do not call the Dalai Lama “racist” or “Tibetan supremacist” because of his views against Tibetan genocide. However, White people are called such terms when they express their opposition to White genocide.

Anti-Whites claim to be against “racists” but all these “racists” are people who oppose White genocide or it’s effects. Therefore, anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

The Dalai Lama has also spoken out against White Genocide in Europe, warning Italy about immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White

“It is no secret that the Western world is in decline and it is also no secret that Western man has lost his way. Yet why is this – why has the once mighty Western man who explored and conquered the world been reduced to so little in such a short period of time? Popular explanations will range from and include government policy, liberalism, socialism, immigration and even factors like unemployment. These are all however external influences on Western man.

It is not simply changes in Western man’s government, it is not changes in the make-
up of his homeland nor is it changes in his environment that have truly broken what made Western man great. It is in fact subtle and prolonged changes in Western man’s mind that have taken place over the best part of a century that have altered the way in which Western man’s mind works.

This subtle manipulation of Western man’s mind by his enemies – those who wish to see the West crumble – has altered the behavior of Western man and has both robbed him of the traits that made him great and strong, and at the same time unlocked and fed negative traits in order to make him degenerate and weak. The enemies of the West have not attacked Western man in an overt and physical way, but in a devious series of attacks aimed at the mind.

Only by understanding the way the mind works and by having one’s eyes opened to the mental attacks on the Western psyche can one ever seek to steel themselves against those attacks. To understand the mind is the very first step in building that defense. By understanding the mind one can then learn how the mind is attacked and begin to see those attacks and hence start to be able to build a defense against them.

To save the West and to save Western man, the quest begins in the understanding of what makes us who we are. This quest starts with the understanding of the id, the ego and the superego.

Sigmund Freud

The id, the ego and the superego are the three component parts of the human mind present in Freudian psychology. These three distinct parts of the mind (or psyche) interact with one another to influence the way we behave and moderate the way we go about interacting with our environment and other individuals within that environment. Freud argued that the id, the ego and the superego affect decision making and guide us on a particular path based on our needs and how we should go about satisfying those needs.

Freud’s work forms a basis for understanding how our minds work – and to understand the working of the mind is to understand how we as human beings work on a mental level and is the key to understanding what drives and dictates our actions. Once one understands how the complex human mind works, one can see how the working of the mind can be influenced and altered, and thus how the manipulation of the mind can be used to change the behavior of an individual person or group of people.

The key to understanding the mind would give any person or group of people a powerful advantage over others. This advantage would allow those people to use subtle and coercive techniques in order to not only influence the mind, but also to influence the behavior of the people whose minds were being influenced. In effect, to understand the mind would unlock the secrets to controlling people – not through force, but through more devious and subtle means.

Once the working of the mind is understood, an unscrupulous group could easily use this knowledge in order to place mental chains upon people or to unleash the worst mental aspects hidden within the psyche of those people in order to ensure their servitude or their destruction.

Equally, to understand one’s own mind and the way it works is to give the individual the key to the mental chains placed upon them. To understand one’s own mind would be to understand how one could be manipulated and in turn how one could seek to avoid that manipulation.”(2)

The Id, the Ego and the Superego

The Id

“The id is the first part of our psyche; it is present from birth and constitutes our natural instincts and drives. These drives and instincts are inherited and present in every child. These drives are made up of the driving forces for life, drives such as the need to eat, the need to sleep, the need to drink and the wish to reproduce and satisfy our sexual needs. The id is the impulsive part of our psyche and thus it is subconscious. The id responds directly to instincts and thus unchecked it pushes the human mind toward rash and impulsive decisions in pursuit of immediate satisfaction. When the id is satisfied we experience pleasure, and when it is denied we experience displeasure, discontent or pain.

Freud described the id as operating on the ‘pleasure principle’ which is the idea that every wishful desire of the id craves immediate satisfaction, regardless of the consequences. As such, the id is not affected by the realities of the everyday world. It does not on its own consider morality or logic or even physical safety; it is simply a primitive drive that seeks to satisfy basic needs and pleasures. It is often irrational and orientated toward the immediate moment and the satisfaction of whatever particular want is greatest at that moment.

To draw an analogy, the id is concerned with satisfying immediate drives and fulfilling the pleasure principle. Take in this example hunger. If the individual is hungry the id wishes to satisfy that hunger by obtaining food. The id only cares for satisfaction; it only cares for meeting that need as quickly as possible. Once the id sees its goal it will move to achieve that goal in a relentless and unconstrained manner until the hunger is satisfied.

The id is the completely unconscious, impulsive, childlike portion of the psyche that operates on the ‘pleasure principle’ and is the source of basic impulses and drives; it seeks immediate pleasure and gratification.”(2)

The Ego

“The ego is the next part of our psyche and constitutes what is referred to as the ‘reality principle’. In effect, the ego moderates the id with a view to what is realistic. The ego too wishes for pleasure, it wants the id to be satisfied and wishes to pursue the natural drives and instincts, however it will moderate behavior and often forgo the pursuit of pleasure if it means avoiding pain or negative repercussions.

Essentially, the ego is concerned with creating a viable path to satisfy the id. It wishes to ensure that pleasure is obtained, but at the same time ensuring that any negative consequences of pursuing and attaining that pleasure are avoided. The ego is concerned with survival and is a realistic drive orientated toward problem solving.

The ego is not however concerned with right or wrong. The ego does not care for morality; it cares simply to ensure the id is satisfied, but that such satisfaction is achieved without causing harm to the individual and thus compromising the continued survival of the individual.

To continue the analogy, if the id is hungry, the driving force is to desire and obtain food. The id will relentlessly pursue the goal of satisfying that need by obtaining food. If the id sees its goal and can obtain what it wishes for, the overriding force is to move to take that food and satisfy the immediate need. However the ego keeps the id in check and questions
whether it is safe to pursue that goal. In this example of needing food, if the id desires food and sees a tasty steak it will move to claim that steak, but at the same time the ego will assess whether that move is safe and will not result in harm. If the steak is unguarded and can be claimed without causing harm to the individual, the ego will let the id pursue its goal. However if the steak is being guarded by a large vicious dog the ego will attempt to override the id and postpone the pleasure in order to protect the individual and promote long-term survival over immediate satisfaction.”(2)

The Superego

“The superego is the final part of the psyche. It is not based on natural drives or on reality – but instead based on morality. It is something that is learned and develops over time and is also something that is unique and differs between different cultures and racial groups as it is imparted by the community to the individual.

The superego is primarily imparted by parents and strong role models within the community. The superego functions in order to control the impulses of the id and works to control those impulses within the moralistic framework of society based on the learned morals that have been imparted to the individual.

Freud stated that the superego works on two separate levels – conscience and ideal self.

The conscience makes the individual feel bad and punishes the psyche for giving in to the id. The conscience stops the individual doing things that society would deem wrong or negative in order to ensure the individual conforms to the norms of that society. The conscience is essentially what can be described as guilt or shame. If the id demands pleasure and that pleasure is something that harms others or breaks the moral boundaries that have been learned, then the superego prevents the individual acting toward that pleasure through feelings of guilt or feelings of shame for one’s actions.

The ideal self is the second part of the superego. We learn the superego from our parents and role models whom we ultimately wish to emulate and who help us form an imaginary picture of how we should be. We try to live up to those ideals and the actions of our role models to satisfy the ideal self. This has a two-pronged effect on the mind. If we fail to live up to the ideal self, again we feel guilt and shame and the psyche is punished. But the ideal self also feels pride, so when we do live up to the expectations of the ideal self and behave in a proper and moralistic fashion we feel proud of our actions and the psyche is rewarded with positive feelings.

Thus the superego both punishes the individual and praises the individual in order to allow the individual to reason on a moral level.

In order to illustrate the effect of the superego and how it works alongside the id and the ego, we will again return to the analogy of feeling hungry. If the id desires food the natural instinct is to satisfy that hunger. If an individual is hungry and sees a child with a loaf of bread the pleasure principle kicks in and the id’s natural impulse is to take the loaf of bread for itself. The ego, or reality principle, will be consulted – the child is weak and an easy target and presents no viable threat so the green light will be given for the individual to take the loaf of bread and satisfy the id. However the superego then kicks in – the learned moral values tell the individual it is wrong to steal, it is wrong to take from a child and it is wrong to physically dominate another in such a way. Feelings of guilt flow through the psyche and the superego stops the individual taking the bread despite the natural drive to satisfy hunger being present – because taking the bread is the morally wrong thing to do.

The id, the ego and the superego work in this manner on a daily basis to keep us from making the wrong choices and to ensure our pleasures and natural drives are satisfied but in a way that doesn’t endanger us or break the moral codes of the community in which
we live.

The understanding of the id, the ego and the superego is a basis for the understanding of our mind and of how it works. This model shows in a very basic fashion how we reason and how we make choices in our everyday lives. Make no mistake; the enemies of the West have used this understanding to undermine Western man.

For Western man to ever break free and fight back, he too must understand the working of the mind and become immune to the ways in which his mind is being manipulated.”(2)

The Importance of the Superego

“The superego is the most complex part of the psyche. It makes us who we are and it constrains and regulates our natural urges. Without the superego we would simply be animalistic creatures who seek only to survive and pursue our natural instincts of satisfying whichever immediate pleasure we craved the most at any given time.

The superego is different from the id and the ego in one key and defining manner – it is learned by an individual and passed down to future generations by parents and role models. It is not a natural instinct but a highly complex set of learned morals and values which guide the individual, helping the individual to rise above their base animal instincts and become a developed person.

The id, as explained earlier is simply a set of natural drives or pleasure principles which demand satisfaction. We are not taught these and they are not learned; they are innate drives. They deal with immediate needs and wants on an almost animalistic level. The id is childlike and demands instant gratification.

The ego is the reality principle, the part of the psyche that tells us if a course of action is safe and reasons with the id only on the grounds of safety and whether pursuing pleasure brings the individual into unnecessary danger. The ego does not reason with the id on grounds of right or wrong or on a moral basis; it is simply a way of stopping the id putting the individual in danger.

The superego is the morality; it reasons with the id on a moral level and is thus the highest level of mental reasoning and mental development. It also follows that a developed superego or strong sense of morality across a group of people is actually the key to a smooth running and well-functioning society as a shared sense of morality is what binds any society together. When a strong superego is imparted to children, they grow up to be moral upstanding individuals who share a set of societal norms and morals which is the stuff that binds groups, communities and nations together.

Without the superego we are little more than individuals who seek only to pursue pleasure and survive and strive only for ourselves – not for the good of a group or with an advanced social conscience. A society is held together by shared beliefs and a sense of moral duty. The closer the values are of those living in a community, the more cohesive that community will be and hence the more likely that community will work together toward common goals.

A society or community that works together toward a common goal is one that succeeds and advances. A society made up solely of individuals who pursue their own selfish ends and goals is one that fractures into smaller interest groups – ultimately at its worst becoming a loose collection of disparate individuals who only want what is best for themselves.”(2)

The Role of the Parents

“As stated earlier, the defining factor that makes the superego stand out from the id and ego is that it is learned. It is imparted by parents to their children – specifically and traditionally a strong and dominant male father figure has been the one to impart discipline, order and moral law to his children.

In a natural, loving two-parent family, the father is often seen as the ‘stern one’, the one who hands down the punishments and who gives the moral lesson and is in effect an authoritarian figure. How many times have you heard a mother say – ‘just you wait until your father gets home’ – this is testament to the role of the father. When the child misbehaves, the father disciplines the child and instills a moral lesson into why one shouldn’t behave in a certain manner.

The mother imparts other things that help build the superego. She imparts love, compassion and empathy and more often than not is the parent a child decides to run to when hurt or upset. The mother is also an important role model for young females and plays a vital role in passing down female traits.

Thus two-parent families, specifically ones with a strong father figure, have been the cornerstone of strong societies. Youngsters who have grown up with order and discipline from a strong father figure and love and compassion from their mother follow a path similar to that of their parents, choosing to emulate them and follow in their footsteps. Children from strong upstanding families are more likely to go on to be productive members of society and work toward the common good of that society by upholding existing moral codes.

Whereas DNA passes down physical and biological traits from parent to child, the imparted superego is the way morality and shared values are passed down from generation to generation. A complete human being is not simply a group of cells and tissues, but also a highly mentally-complex life form that is able to pass down far more from generation to generation than simple biological traits.

When parents pass down their superego to their children, they are passing down more than just morals. They are passing down who they are, their way of life, their traditions, their outlook, their heritage and generations of knowledge that bind the future generations to those of the past. This allows a sense of history and tradition to be retained and passed down to future generations.

It is clearly advantageous for a society and the individuals that make up that society to have a sense of shared morality that stretches back over generations – as this not only binds people together but also helps form customs and traditions which build a rich heritage that helps strengthen society’s bonds even further. This shared heritage binds the old to the new and allows traditions held dear by one’s ancestors to live on and flourish in the modern day.”(2)

The Importance of Additional Role Models

“Primarily the father and the mother are responsible for passing down these morals and traditions in the home, but strong societies also develop additional role models that help shape the young. Teachers, scout leaders, community figures, religious leaders and other upstanding role models all played a vital role in the development of young people. As young people grew up and left the home they found themselves surrounded by strong individuals who would impart advice, morality and discipline where necessary. These individuals are role models who would teach, nurture and ensure the next generation developed along the right path.

Further to this there were other healthy role models that emerged on a national level – role models who emphasized hard work, diligence, dedication to a cause and strength. These role models were athletes, painters, writers, inventors, explorers, great military heroes, captains of industry and the men and women who built and shaped Western nations in a genuinely meaningful sense. These national role models were held up in schools and by the entire nation as beacons of virtue.

The combination of a strong nuclear family with loving parents, additional role models within the community and outstanding national role models who excelled on an unprecedented level ensured that future generations would develop a strong and healthy superego.

The strong and positive role models – both in the home, the community and on a wider national level – caused young people to strive for a strong and developed ideal self that emulated the healthiest, most productive and the best examples that Western society had to offer.

When individuals develop strong superegos and have shared morals it allows them to function as a society – a place where everyone looks out for one another and shares the same common values and goals. A strong superego also helps to create a strong vision of the ideal self, something noble to strive for. When a group of people have similar visions of an ideal self, or their visions of the ideal self have strong common facets, it is a recipe for a strong society and for community cohesion.

Whilst the id or pleasure principle is constantly pushing us to pursue the things we enjoy and give in to our natural urges, a strong superego overrides this. Instead of simply chasing a life of hedonism, we search for higher meaning and forgo the calling of the id in order to achieve more and realize a higher form of being – an ideal self.

So not only does the superego impart morality, it binds us together; it causes us to strive and to aim to attain more, something that moves society forward and causes it to develop and flourish. The superego also binds us to our past, to our heritage, traditions and ways of life. The developed superego ensures we move down the right path and continue the good work of our ancestors. One can clearly see that the mental building blocks of any civilization are
individuals with highly developed superegos.”(2)

The Societal Superego

“The notion of these shared ideals and moral values across Western society gives rise to the theory that while each individual has their own superego – the community also has its own societal superego. Society’s shared morals, traditions and heritage are what bind us together and what society seeks to pass on to the next generation of that society, in effect giving rise to the notion of a collective consciousness or collective superego.

Western man has developed his own distinct collective superego – the Western superego. The Western superego guides society and holds it together; it embodies Western tradition and culture and is the very root of Western heritage. From the Western superego sprang forth the great achievements that molded and shaped the Western world.

The enemies of the West know that Western man’s strength lies in the fact that he formed a strong culture and set of traditions which in turn allowed Western man to build a cohesive society that worked in such a harmonious manner that it built the greatest civilizations the world has ever known.

The enemies of the West also know that to assault Western civilization and Western culture head-on would be fruitless and would invariably end in crushing defeat. However if the mind of the individual was attacked, if the individual superego was undermined, then eventually the Western superego too would be weakened. Once the Western superego was weakened, the very collective consciousness of Western man and the glue that bonded individuals together and made them a community would begin to falter, and the cohesive, strong and moral Western society would start to fracture.

The enemies of the West have embarked on a mission to attack the psyche of Western man – their aim is to see the destruction of the Western superego in order to fracture Western society and bring about the fall of the West.”(2)

The Perfect Society

“The perfect society can be defined as a homogeneous group of people who come together with shared morals, shared values and wish to move forward as one, working together for the good of the community whilst not forgetting the rights and importance of the individual. This community cohesion relies on a shared sense of consciousness held by the people who make up that society.

The id is the pleasure principle. It pushes people to pursue selfish, individualistic and hedonistic goals. A developed superego keeps the id in check; the superego is the morality, and when a group of people share the same morals and code of ethics they will be more readily able to form a society.

When individuals in a society adopt moral and ethical codes that are similar, it ensures that said society is more likely to succeed as the individuals in that society are more likely to move in unison to achieve goals together and to advance society for the greater good. The shared moral codes and traditions that have been passed down by generation after generation of Western man have given rise to a shared form of consciousness known as the Western superego.

Conversely, a society made up of lots of different groups and individuals who are solely focused on the selfish pursuits of individualistic happiness and hedonism is destined to crumble. If a society had no shared consciousness it would cease to be cohesive and would no longer work as a well-functioning group.

To draw a simple analogy – imagine two groups of people each set a simple task, to pull a large stone to a destination. The first group has a shared set of beliefs and a common goal. They are bonded together as a group and care for each other. They view the importance of the group and the task at hand at a higher level than they view their own individual goals. These people are all pulling in the same direction, assisting one another and taking up the slack when necessary. Despite the task at hand being overwhelming, they will achieve their goal through their dedication to both the task and to the group.

The second group is just a loose collection of individuals. They are governed by self, by their own individual desires and all put their own self-worth above the notion of any group. They all believe the stone should go in different directions and no one sees any reason why they should strive to pull harder than the next person in the group or ever take up the slack. These people argue, they pull in different directions and their selfish and individualistic nature causes them to put less effort in than the next person in an attempt to ensure a lesser share of the work.

This is of course a very simple analogy and one painted with broad brushstrokes, but it illustrates a point – societies with common goals function far more effectively. Homogeneous societies where everyone has common bonds, a shared belief system, shared goals and most importantly a common set of morals and guiding beliefs – or a shared and developed superego – work more efficiently. Homogeneous societies with a shared and developed superego move forward as one, down a singular path with a clear and defined goal.

This is not only seen in humans, but also in the animal kingdom where the most successful communities are organized in colonies. These colonies are homogeneous and pull together; the colonies are organized to work as one and put the good of the colony above all else. The inhabitants of these colonies do not jostle for position but work together; they pull in the same direction for the greater good.

Take a look at a colony of bees. The beehive is a highly organized structure. The queen, the drones and the workers all have distinct roles. But they all work toward one common goal – the good of the hive. The workers carry out separate duties – cleaning the hive and the comb, feeding the brood, caring for the queen, making orientation flights, building the comb, ventilating the hive, collecting pollen and guarding the hive. However the bees go about their duties with the common goal of the protection and improvement of the hive. The bees that are charged with collecting pollen do not one day decide to strike and demand to go on guard duty. The bees making orientation flights do not decide to just fly off for their own pleasure and pursue a lazy day in the sun. The highly organized and successful colony does not think of the individual – it is the colony that matters. It is this way because the individual cannot exist without the colony; the colony and its continued survival grants the
individual shelter, protection, food and ultimately life.

The closer a group of people are to one another in terms of shared beliefs, moral values and traditions, the more they will work in unison for the common good and for common goals.

When one looks at societies throughout history that have gone on to be great nations, societies that grew and developed and went on to change the world, those societies have always been held together by common bonds and have moved in unison and worked like a natural colony. Whether one looks at ancient Rome, the Japanese Empire or the British Empire, when the people of these nations worked together as one cohesive group, they reached for the skies and changed the world leaving behind legacies that are still marveled at today.

Hierarchies will always exist in these great civilizations – but the important factor for success is that those at the top are moving in the same direction as those at the bottom and both wish to advance society for the good of the group. Those at the top develop, invent, inspire and lead. Those at the bottom work, go to battle and build. But the pyramid, the simplest form of any hierarchy, moves as one in the desired direction.

Equality is not the basis of a smooth-running and well-functioning society. In any successful society there is always a division of labor and the existence of structural hierarchies, just as there is in the natural world. However in a good and strong society, those at the top and those at the bottom have equal respect for each other and realize that they both depend on each other – so they move in unison as a well-oiled machine.

In a colony of bees, the worker, the drone and the queen are not equal. They are different and all have their own role to play in the colony. However their roles are all important and they work together to achieve those goals with one overriding thought pattern – the good of the colony.

In human terms and in relation to the superego, those in the hierarchy who abuse those beneath them are defectives as they have not learned a social conscience. Equally, those in the hierarchy who wish for an easy life and don’t want to put any effort in and don’t want to do their duty are equally defective, as they have not developed an ideal self and are not striving to better themselves.

It is quite clear that when society breaks down due to greed, selfishness, a lack of morality, laziness and the drive for individual gain – all of which are pursued at the expense of the wider good – it is due to a defective superego in the individual and a breakdown of the wider community consciousness.

The individuals who are failing the group are giving in to their id; they are putting their own pleasure principle above the wider societal morals and good of the group, which means ultimately that they have a weak superego. As individuals pursue their own agendas this of course represents a weakening of the societal superego as those who make up that society no longer share the same values.

A developed superego causes the individual to think of the group before the individual thinks of itself.”(2)

The Impact of Capitalism and Communism

“This selfless outlook is a rejection of both capitalism and of communism.

A developed superego rejects capitalism on the grounds that in capitalism all that matters is wealth and the generation of that wealth. Capitalism is an economic system in which money and material gain is put above the good of the people. Individuals seek to maximize profit in a capitalist model – even if that means acting in an immoral way. In capitalism ultimately the worker becomes a slave and is worked as hard as possible for as little as possible for the short-term financial gain of the individual that sits above the worker in the hierarchy. The good of the worker is rarely considered, just the profitability of the company – the worker is
seen as just a disposable resource.

Capitalism is a product of the failed superego based on a lack of conscience. It allows the greedy to absolve their guilt and give into their id to pursue profit and pleasure at the expense of others.

Equally, a developed superego rejects communism. Communism views all as equal, but equality exists nowhere in the natural world and is simply an unnatural human construct. By making everyone equal, it means reducing everyone to the level of the lowest common denominator. The removal of anyone in the hierarchy who is above the lowest level only leads to a society without direction that eventually stagnates. Communism denies that one man may have a different role in the hierarchy to another and that any man may be above another.

Communism is a product of the failed superego based on jealousy and the lack of ideal self. It plays on the minds of the jealous who, instead of striving for the ideal self and wishing to improve themselves, wish to pull down others in order to make themselves feel better.

Both capitalism and communism amount to nothing more than economic systems that the enemies of the West promote in order to enslave and corrupt Western man – one promotes materialism, the other promotes false equality. The worst characteristic of the capitalism vs communism argument is that it is presented as a straightforward choice between two absolutes leaving the individual forced into choosing between the lesser of two evils. However that choice is an illusion as there is a third way – productive enterprise.

The developed superego rejects both capitalism and communism and seeks productive enterprise. The developed superego seeks a hierarchy where those at the top have a social conscience and those at the bottom wish to rise and to achieve an ideal self and move up in the hierarchy. Productive enterprise rewards those at every level of the hierarchy and allows people to rise and fall through the ranks of the pyramid based on ability and effort. Productive enterprise thinks of the good of the group, not the good of the individual – but by putting the group first every individual ultimately benefits.

In productive enterprise those at the top are kept in check by social conscience and they aim to improve conditions for those at the bottom. Those at the bottom pursue their ideal self and wish to rise up the pyramid and because of this strive and work hard. In effect, those at the bottom push up those at the top, whilst those at the top simultaneously pull up those at the bottom. The pyramid rises and everyone benefits, everyone has their place and everyone thinks of the good of the group above their own personal interests. By this action, society advances and no one is left behind.

As in a colony of bees, despite the job specification or the level of the hierarchy the individual is at, all do their best. When all in the colony move in the same direction and individuals choose to dedicate their all, the bees move forward as one and advance the colony. There is no jealousy, no resentment and equally there is no abuse of position at the top nor laziness and greed from those at the bottom. The queen depends on the worker just as the worker depends on the queen.

A perfect society is one based on shared moral values. It is like a colony where those at every level work for the good of each other and the advancement of society as a whole – not selfish individuality and greed. A perfect society is a homogeneous society – a place where the members of that society have common bonds, traditions and a shared heritage. A perfect society is one where the individuals that make up that society have all come from a similar place and move as a cohesive group toward the same destination.

In a perfect society the people look alike, think alike and act in unison, constantly moving forward and advancing as one. It is almost as if a perfect society is in itself an organism – an observation that fits perfectly with the idea of collective consciousness and a society wide superego. As such, a perfect society holds respect for its past, its culture and its traditions and builds a rich heritage passed on from generation to generation. This heritage is what bonds generations together.

American Audience at a concert, 1987

American Black Friday Frenzy – 2012

A perfect society moves forward as a hierarchy, where those at the top and the bottom have a strong bond and mutual respect and care for one another. This is productive enterprise. In a perfect society individuals come together and as a result the group that is formed becomes more than the sum of its parts. This in turn allows great feats to be achieved that could not be accomplished by individuals working alone.

Perfect societies build mighty civilizations. Disparate groups of individuals achieve very little of lasting worth. The perfect society is a product of a strong community consciousness. The Western superego is the perfect example of that strong community consciousness and its achievements are plain for all to see.”(2)

The Imperfect Society

“If the perfect society is made up of a homogeneous group of people who come together with shared goals, common bonds and a binding moral compass, and who work together toward a common end and put the good of the group above the good of the individual, then what would an imperfect society be?

Firstly it is important to note that no society is truly perfect. Within any society there will always be individuals who have a defective superego, and who as a result act purely out of self-interest. The actions of those individuals motivated by self-interest often work to the detriment of society or others within that society. There will always be those individuals who lack social conscience, individuals who seek to rise above others and then exploit them. There will also always be individuals who wish to languish at the base of society and simply do as a little as possible; these individuals lack a sense of duty and ideal self. Those individuals who lack a sense of duty are lazy and strive for nothing, opting to do as little as humanly possible whilst attempting to leech off the hard work of others.

Even in the most noble of societies, both the greedy and the lazy have always existed. But what is important is that a healthy society does everything it can to eliminate those traits in people before those traits grow among the populace and become common enough that they start to harm the functioning of society itself.

A healthy or perfect society does everything to enable individuals to develop their superego in order to ensure that people control their id and work within a framework of moral values, hence preventing people from simply pursuing immediate pleasure and selfish gratification. This pushes people together as a cohesive group where they work together in harmony for the greater good of society.

An imperfect society however is one in which the society is no longer homogeneous and no longer cohesive. This can occur for two reasons – firstly the homogeneous group of people that make up the society lose their bonds with one another and no longer form a cohesive group, instead becoming a loose collection of self-interested individuals. Secondly, one or more other homogeneous groups can be introduced into what then becomes the wider society, meaning that society is no longer made up of one cohesive group, but several different groups all with their own distinct interests and ideals.

Below are  4 racial / ethnic maps of Los Angeles County, California, for 1940, 1960, 1980 and 2000:

Imagine if a beehive (in human terms the hive itself is analogous of the wider society) actually contained several separate colonies of bees (the colonies in this analogy are equivalent to separate and distinct groups living together within a wider human society). Each colony (human group) had their own idea of the way the beehive (the wider society) should be constructed, the way it should be run and each colony had self-interest and as a consequence wanted the lion’s share of the honey. Not only would this not work as nothing would get done, but the different colonies would constantly be altering the work done by each other in order to shape the hive differently – this situation would be actively counterproductive. Further conflict would soon arise between the colonies living in the same hive as each vied for a greater share of space, resources and a greater share of the honey. In effect, each colony would want the hive to be run in the way they thought best and for the good of their colony. Rather than being pulled in one direction, the hive would be split and dragged in opposite directions.

This analogy seems like utter madness! After all, different colonies of bees with different ways would never try to live together in one hive. It simply would never happen as it is an obvious recipe for disaster and would no doubt lead to the death of at least one or more of the colonies and eventually result in dominance by the strongest over the weakest. Yet that is exactly what happens in the imperfect society – different groups of people are forced to live together within the same wider society, and each vie for a better deal and for more
control for their respective group.

The single homogeneous group that society used to be entirely composed of is altered by the introduction of other groups of people with different cultures. Society, which used to be composed of one homogeneous group, then becomes a wider society, a body composed of several different groups, each with their own traditions, morals and cultures. The breakdown of the wider society then occurs as a product of different groups all wanting what is best for themselves, often at the expense of the other groups within the wider society.

In the perfect society, homogeneity is the key to the smooth running of that society. Instead of this, in the imperfect society there is no racial and cultural homogeneity – the imperfect society is based on multiracial and multicultural models where different people with different values, different cultures, different traditions and different heritages are forced together into one wider society. It is not just that the groups that compose the imperfect society are different, but often these groups are actively pulling in opposite directions. This leads to the wider society being pulled apart as different groups vie for control, power and a greater share of resources.

Community leaders and role models pass on the superego in the form of a conscience and the image of an ideal self. Across a homogeneous group this creates traditions and culture stemming from a shared sense of values and morals. This forms a community-wide consciousness as previous generations pass down their traditions, culture and heritage to the next generation.”

The Impact of a Multiracial Society

“But as stated earlier, in the imperfect society there are several different distinct racial and cultural groups. Over time each of these distinct groups have developed traditions and values which have built a shared heritage which is then passed down to their offspring. Each different group has their own community consciousness that is different and separate from the shared consciousness of other groups within the wider society.

Morality and values are not universal across the world. In fact they differ greatly from one cultural group to the next. As the values and morals that are passed on differ between groups, these separate groups develop different traditions – in effect they develop their own distinct culture which is not only different from but often conflicts with the cultures of other groups.

In the perfect society values and morals are universal and they bind the whole of society together, and that society then possesses a shared consciousness – for Western man that is the Western superego. But in the imperfect society which is composed of many different groups, many different and often conflicting value systems exist – this prevents those different groups mixing and bonding and in turn prevents the wider society functioning as one cohesive body.

In a multicultural or multiracial society, there exist lines of nonconformity which stem from different groups having different heritages, traditions and value systems. Individuals identify most strongly with others who are like them. As a result people choose to remain loyal to their own group and their own group consciousness rather than to any notion of the wider society. The different groups within the wider society all have their own traditions and values that their constituent members identify with above and beyond the traditions and values of the other groups within the wider society. Often this leads to friction between groups as values and morals clash.

Shared values are something that is possible, but a move toward shared values and conformity between different groups is a move toward the deterioration and dilution of each individual group’s culture and cultural standards. This is often termed ‘integration’, but to integrate one culture into another means compromises must be made, which inevitably means giving up or diluting parts of one or both of the different cultures being integrated.

Think again of the different colonies of bees. As several different colonies of bees now have to share the same hive, the bees of each separate colony stick together and choose to remain around their own. Each bee within the hive identifies with the dances and the queen of their own colony. Each bee yearns to be with his own and serve his own and further the goals of his own colony. This leads to competition and conflict between the colonies and a desire among each colony to dominate the others. If one group of bees decided to adopt the ways of another, if one group of bees started serving another’s queen or doing another group’s dance, it would lead only to that group losing its own identity and eventually becoming extinct as an individual group. That group would have effectively been conquered, not by warfare but by assimilation and submission. It would be seen as highly unnatural for the bees to do this though, as in nature ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

It is natural for creatures to identify most closely with other creatures of their own species that look familiar and act in a familiar manner. People feel safe around others who not only look like themselves, but also who act like themselves because they share the same morals and values and have the same interests and ways of life. The traits passed down through our DNA allow us to identify with others based on our racial or physical appearance. The shared morals passed down, that over generations become traditions, allow us to identify with one another based on other learned factors – the way we dress, the way we behave, our language and our shared value system.

In a multicultural or multiracial society, not only do people look different, but they dress differently and have different values, different traditions and different ways of life. So it is natural that we seek out those like us and cluster together with our own, feeling more at home and happy around our own where we can enjoy the comforts of being around others like us.

That is why the analogy of a wider society that is composed of many different groups being like one big melting pot is simply a fantasy. The reality is people on the whole like to stick with their own – after all that is their natural calling. Hence in multicultural and multiracial societies different cultural groups cluster together rather than choosing to mix with another. Areas in cities and towns can be defined by the people living there, people who are part of one wider society, yet have made the conscious choice to live in closer proximity with those who share similar racial features or cultural ties.

As different groups refuse to integrate with one another, instead opting to remain as separate and distinct entities in an effort to retain their own culture, tensions often rise within the wider society. Each group wants a better deal for their own people. Whereas in the perfect society people pulled together and worked toward common goals and pulled in the same direction to achieve a better life for everyone, now different interest groups pull in their own directions and want a better deal for their own group – often at the expense of the other groups within the wider society.

One group wants a community center for their cultural needs. They lobby, they demand, they petition and eventually the squeaky hinge gets the oil. Religious buildings, cultural centers and other services are built to serve that particular group – but are of little or no use to other groups within the wider society. People from particular groups then cluster around areas where their community is better represented, where their needs are better catered to and where their community centers, religious buildings and shops are closer.

As time goes by ethnic and cultural lines are drawn across the wider society and people increasingly stick to their own areas – feeling out of place when they venture into an area dominated by another ethnic or cultural group. As a result, people move nearer to their own group and seek to put distance between themselves and groups they don’t feel at home living next to – the effect is akin to trying to mix oil and water.

A society that was once completely homogeneous and composed of just one cultural group can quickly be transformed into a patchwork quilt of different people and cultures that are largely separated in their own areas. The cohesive nature of society has now been broken – replaced instead by many smaller and individually cohesive units, each rubbing against one another as they vie for dominance within the wider society.

As the different groups in society pull further away from one another and continue to move in their own direction it is no longer simply a matter of separate groups jockeying for position in order to try and get a better deal for their own. Over time these groups begin to take exception to the other groups present within the wider society and demand laws to ensure that their way of life is respected and adhered to by others. Sooner or later these factors lead to increasing tensions and even conflict between different groups within the wider society.”(2)

The Impact of Individualism

“But introducing other groups into a homogeneous society is only one of the two ways that society can be broken down – the other way this can occur is if people that make up a homogeneous group lose their bonds with one another and no longer form a cohesive group, instead becoming a loose collection of self-interested individuals.

Now imagine what would happen in a multicultural society composed of many different cultural groups, if one group was undermined. Imagine if as each different cultural group sought to retain their cohesiveness and came together to secure a better life for their group, one group started to lose their common bonds and community consciousness. Imagine if one group, instead of fighting for the good of its own people and acting like a colony, became just a loose collection of individuals. Imagine if – as every other cultural group present in the wider society pulled together with their own – one group instead chose to increasingly spurn its own culture and the individuals within that group sought self-interest rather than putting their own community first.

Imagine what would happen to the group that showed this weakness. That group would surely disappear; they would disintegrate and no longer exist as a cohesive community, leaving the people who once made up that group as helpless individuals. Those individuals would then face the choice of either being absorbed into one of the other different groups within the wider society and taking on that group’s culture, or they would simply go it alone and be slowly bred out of existence.

For this fate to befall a cultural group, that group would have to lose its shared sense of consciousness – or its shared superego. This could of course be achieved by attacking the structures within that group that kept it strong and allowed it to pass down its shared superego from generation to generation. Ultimately this would represent the death of that group’s values and with it their traditions and heritage. The values that bound that group together would weaken and the group would fracture – and as a result the individuals who once comprised that group would either be assimilated into other cultures or die out.

This is the way Western man’s enemies have plotted his downfall – by simultaneously introducing other cultures into the West and creating an imperfect, or multicultural society in which many different groups all vie for dominance. Then by undermining the Western superego and Western man’s sense of community consciousness, that ties him to his brothers and sisters, the enemies of the West have sought to leave Western man as a helpless group of individuals rather than a community that can defend itself.

Western man’s fate is then clear – to be bred out and be assimilated into other more dominant cultures.

The enemies of the West know all too well how the human mind works and are using this knowledge against Western man – they seek quite simply to free the id from the constraints of the developed superego. By freeing the id, the enemies of the West seek to reduce Western man to a group of self-interested individuals, who when placed within the wider confines of a multicultural society do not have the group consciousness or cohesive nature necessary to survive as a distinct people or cultural group.

Let’s look carefully at how this could happen: Imagine a group of people who were once a homogeneous and tight-knit community – a people with an advanced set of morals and values that had developed into deep rooted and highly complex traditions and a long illustrious heritage. We know that those people would pass down their morals and values from generation to generation as parents and role models helped to impart a developed superego into the next generation of society.

Now imagine if over a period of forty or fifty years a generation gap occurred, a gap that prevented the superego being handed down from one generation to the next. Imagine if parental control over the young and the structures within a society broke down meaning that the young grew up without discipline or positive role models. Imagine what would happen to those people if they no longer constrained their id with a strong and moral superego.

Imagine if that group of people stopped passing down their traditions and cultures and instead the young were left without a sense of the heritage that had held those people together as a community for all those previous generations. This would surely not only destroy the individual superego, but also the shared morals and values that exist within a cohesive community.

Imagine if the group that was losing its sense of community and was losing its community-wide superego lived within a multicultural society, and was surrounded by other groups and other cultures – all of whom sought to retain their culture and heritage and remain as individual and distinct cohesive groups.

The group that possessed the weakened superego, and the group which was composed of individuals more likely to give in to their individualistic needs and wants and their basic primal drives for selfish pleasure, would lose its sense of cultural homogeneity and as a result that group would fracture. The individuals within that group would pursue individualistic needs that would put the very existence of the group at risk.

This is the fate of Western man. Western man has allowed millions of immigrants into his homeland, immigrants who have a culture, a sense of togetherness and who wish to retain their moral values and sense of community. These immigrants still retain their superego and pass it down from generation to generation. These immigrants cluster together as distinct communities and seek to retain their culture, heritage and religious practices. At the same time, Western man has slowly seen his superego become weakened and distorted. The consequence of which is that the id has increasingly been allowed to dominate the Western psyche.

Western man has become increasingly individualistic and Western communities have become fractured and disparate. The bonds that held Western communities together and the trust and love between Western man and his brothers have been broken as successive generations have followed the need for immediate selfish pleasure above the need to protect the group and do what is best for Western society. As the individual’s superego has slowly weakened, so has the sense of community consciousness.

Chose to go it alone…please help.

This is the aim of the enemies of the West – to unleash the id and see Western man be reduced to mere animalistic beasts – animalistic beasts that could neither build nor defend a civilization. The promotion of animalistic desires and instant gratification is of course not something the enemies of the West find difficult to push upon Western man – after all, how difficult can it be to persuade people to have fun and let their obligations and cares drift away?

It is even easier to convince someone that the path of hedonism is the correct route to take when their moral compass has been smashed. But how have the enemies of the West gone about smashing the Western moral compass? The enemies of the West have smashed Western morality and values in numerous devious ways, all of which undermine a different key facet of Western society.

Western man has witnessed the rise of the fatherless family, a place where children are brought up without the advice, order and discipline provided by a strong father figure – a place where mothers abandon their offspring to go partying. These women then go on to have children by multiple men in a desperate search to satisfy the id’s craving for sexual hedonism. These children are then often left to be brought up by the television and end up lacking both a conscience and a healthy image of an ideal self.

Western man has witnessed the destruction of the safeguards in Western society. Western schools and community role models are now powerless to dispense any form of discipline and children run wild – instead of developing a superego, the child simply does as it pleases and learns the fatal message that happiness and instant satisfaction are all that matters.

Western man has seen his role models go from being great men and women who shaped society in selfless and awe-inspiring ways, to being drunks, cheats, drug users and degenerates. Young people idolize false role models who constantly give them the message that all that matters is to ‘party’ and have ‘fun’, that living for the ‘now’ and the ‘self’ is all that counts – and after all, if it doesn’t feel good, why do it? The sense of ideal self that is imparted by these role models is now a twisted version of what the ideal self should be and children grow up with a warped sense of what is right and what should be striven for.

The enemies of Western man have used every devious trick they could think of in order to promote the importance of being an individual. They push the notion that individualism should be held up as the highest and most noble virtue. These people scorn the idea of the need for a set of societal standards which allow people to identify with one another and come together as a cohesive community. In fact individualism has become like a cult within Western society. Western man now competes with his brothers and sisters in order to emphasize his own individuality and prove how different he is from those around him.

The cult of individualism affects every aspect of Western life – from the way people dress to the way they style their hair and present themselves. Over time individuals have taken increasingly extreme steps in order to ensure they are truly one of a kind. People now modify their own bodies in ever more outlandish ways in an effort to stand out from the crowd. But the embrace of individualism has a hugely adverse effect on Western society causing it to become less homogeneous – rather than a cohesive community, Western society becomes a loose collection of individuals who no longer relate to one another.

The West was at its strongest when its community was at its most cohesive – and the enemies of Western man know this. That is why once the structures and safeguards that held the West together were weakened, the enemies of the West put into place the final and most devastating part of their plan; to ensure not only the break-up of Western society, but that Western society can never be put back together again.

It is one thing to break up a community – but that process can often be reversed. Times of struggle and hardship can pull a group of people together and cause them to work as one again, forcing them to rediscover common bonds and reunite as a community. However if the individuals that once made up that community had become so different and so disparate that they could no longer relate to one another, then even in times of hardship they would be unable to reunite and work as a cohesive group.

One of the ways the cult of individualism has been created is by the introduction of different subcultures into society. These subcultures are pushed through the very same channels as the
majority of the other highly damaging material that is aimed at destroying Western society. One of the key ways subcultures form is around music. Subcultures are not just a hobby or a pastime – that is an important distinction. Subcultures are not just something that one indulges in during their spare time, but instead something that are more akin to a way of life.

Subcultures influence the way people dress, the way they talk, the music they listen to, the symbols they identify with and even the very lifestyle they lead. This is not the same as a hobby or a pastime. If someone chooses to go fishing at the weekend, they may wear special clothing – but that clothing is only worn for the duration of the fishing trip. A fisherman doesn’t choose to wear those special clothes at all other times to demonstrate to the world that he spends his free time catching fish or so other fishermen can identify with him.

Imagine a society full of different subcultures – each with their own different way of dressing, talking, their own symbols and their own micro-culture. Society would no longer be a cohesive body; it would instead be made up of a loose group of different subcultures that could be likened to tribes. These tribes would often view each other not only as different, but also with a degree of contempt or even dislike, hence the existence of different subcultures would lead to a fracturing of society.

Rather than being one large and cohesive community, Western youth is fractured into hundreds of different groups each with their own ways. Each subculture is different enough to ensure that the small numbers attached to it identify more closely with their own tiny group than with the rest of society.

Instead of subcultures becoming larger and more cohesive over time the trend is the opposite. Over time larger subcultures fracture and an increasing number of smaller subcultures are created, and each of these smaller subcultures then attempts to differentiate itself from the pack and assert its own uniqueness. This has the obvious effect of tearing society apart and creating differences where there used to be uniformity.

Now imagine this trend pushed to its logical extreme – the ultimate form of differentiation, a gang of one, an individual who is completely unique and totally different from everyone else in society and stands as an island unto himself. This is obviously the end game of this devious plan and can be seen in the way people dress, the way they present themselves, the color of their hair and of course through body modifications such as tattoos, piercings and much more outlandish and degenerate transformations that individuals now commit to.

By dying their hair bright pink, by shaving half of their head, by wearing ludicrous or revealing clothing, by sporting a large and visible set of tattoos or by modifying their body in some debased tribal manner – the individual is crying ‘look at me’. The individual seeks attention from other people in order to satisfy their id in the same way the child seeks to satisfy the id when it throws a tantrum in the middle of a supermarket or shopping center.

This is of course perpetuated further by social networks such as Facebook which are under the control of the enemies of the West. People now use these social networks to create as much outrage and controversy as possible by posting ‘selfies’ of their outrageous ‘styles’. Of course the entire selfie culture is simply attention seeking at its worst – but when everyone is doing it the individual seeks increasingly crazy ways to make their selfie stand out from the
crowd in order to attain more of the attention they crave.

The enemies of the West have damaged and undermined the superego by altering the conditions that allow the superego to develop. This has left adults being ruled by their id and one of the most damaging consequences of this is the development of the cult of individualism which is both childish in its nature and detrimental to the cohesiveness of Western society.

As a result Western man will be placed at a huge disadvantage if he is ever threatened by a strong and cohesive foreign culture that acts as single entity. The disparate nature of Western society will prevent Western man from launching an effective defense. How on earth are a group of people meant to ever come together and act as a cohesive society if every single person is doing everything they can to be as different to the next person as humanly possible?

The enemies of the West have played a devious and divisive game that has undermined the common values and homogeneity found within Western society. Sadly this places Western man at the mercy of other races and cultures who have settled in the West yet retained their traditions and values and remained as singular cohesive communities.”(2)

The Impact of Feminism

“The individuals who have advanced Western civilization, the inventors, the captains of industry, the explorers and the military heroes have more often than not been male – but that is not to write women out of history or to diminish the role of women in society. To claim that women have been written out of history or to denigrate their contribution is to play into the hands of the enemies of the West.

To return briefly to the example of the honey bees – each bee has a role to play, whether that is the role of queen, drone or worker and regardless of the job the bee carries out, each is vitally important in its own way. The same is true in Western civilization, the advancement of which came about through people pulling together and playing their individual role without thought to selfish gain. As no bee mocks another because of the role they carry out, no man should sneer at a woman and no woman scorn a man because their role in society may differ.

It has been stated that the male is the head of the house – a disciplinarian and authority figure. Does that relegate the woman to being less than her male counterpart; is the wife in effect less than the husband? Of course not!

Nature favored the male and the female coming together as a lasting and stable family unit and bringing up children in such a way because males and females form a complementary pair. Both the male and female are different, physically and mentally, both bringing different skills and attributes to the relationship. When a male and female come together they create a union that is more rounded and balanced than either individual, and ultimately a couple can be seen as more than the sum of its parts.

If the male can be described as the ‘head of the house’, the female could easily be described as the ‘heart of the home’. The loving and motherly female was as much a central component of Western society and the nuclear family as the male, and her role as the compassionate, supportive, nurturing and loving influence on the child is as important as the discipline, the order and the authority imparted by the male.

The superego is of course composed of the two facets we have previously discussed – the conscience and the ideal self. Whilst the strong male role model imparted discipline and order which helped shape the ideal self, more often than not the conscience which is founded on empathy, love and care was born from the influence of the loving mother. This conscience was helped in its early stages of development by the bond the mother had with the child; this natural and loving connection between mother and child is vital to the early development of the infant.

These are natural callings; nature’s most basic drives are for an individual to survive and to pass on their blood to the next generation. These acts of motherly love and child-rearing have been going on since the earliest days of Western development. Ensuring that the child was kept warm through the ice cold winters huddled in the early dwellings of Northern Europe, ensuring the child came first when it came to food, even if that meant the mother going without, ensuring that the child was protected and nursed through sickness – all of these things were the great sacrifices every successful mother made.

The female was never the ‘weaker’ of the sexes nor treated as such, but was a vital complementary partner to the male. While the male was out hunting, gathering, fishing and creating tools, the female mastered the art of multitasking – feeding the fire, tending to the children and checking the progress of the food being prepared. The female was the homemaker – and running a successful home was no small feat nor was it less important than the tasks undertaken by her partner.

As Western civilization advanced, the motherly figure became the housewife and her role as homemaker was cemented further. As Western society moved off the ice sheets and developed into an advanced society, the female became ever more the beating heart of the household – literally running the home as she raised the children. To pour scorn on the mother and the housewife, or to attempt to diminish the role the mother and housewife played in the development of Western civilization, would not only pay a disservice to generations of women but it would also serve to create division between the sexes where previously there was none.

However this is exactly what has happened during the 20th century – the role of the woman as a homemaker, loving mother and committed partner has been scorned, mocked and derided by those who wish to see the destruction of Western civilization. The same people who have facilitated the breakdown of the family unit, the same people who have removed the safeguards in Western society and the same people who have foisted unsuitable role models upon Western children have conspired to attack the natural role of the female in society with a poisonous ideology known as feminism.

Feminism is a multi-pronged attack on Western civilization that aims to create division and distrust between males and females where previously there was understanding, cooperation and harmony. Feminism is a wholly unnatural calling that attacks the natural urge for a female to come together with a male and form a complementary pair and raise children in a loving two parent home. Feminism is not just an attack on the male as many mistake it for, but an attack on the female and her natural role. When taken to its logical conclusion feminism leaves a woman trying to emulate and outdo the males around her in a futile attempt to prove she is better at masculine pursuits than her male counterparts.”(2)

Betty Friedan was one of the founders of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and a co-signer of the original (1966) Agenda of NOW.

“As per a review, by professor David Horowitz, of Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique, published in Salon Magazine Jan. 1999:
“…the author of that book establishes beyond doubt that the woman who has always presented herself as a typical suburban housewife until she began work on her groundbreaking book was in fact nothing of the kind. In fact, under her maiden name, Betty Goldstein, she was a political activist and professional propagandist for the Communist left for over a decade before the publication of “The Feminist Mystique” launched the modern women’s movement.”



Even a cursory examination of the goals of the creators of the Communist ideology makes it clear that a primary goal of communism was to break up the family, raise children through state institutions and force men and women to function as equal wage slaves of industry.

Already in the original Communist Manifesto produced by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848/49 it was made clear that no society could be successfully restructured unless all established cultural and moral traditions would be abolished – amongst the objectives of Marx and Engels was the liberation of women from the servitude to commerce and industry that 19th century feminists had fought so hard and successfully to achieve.

“Already in the original Communist Manifesto produced by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848/49 it was made clear that no society could be successfully restructured unless all established cultural and moral traditions would be abolished.

The Professor Horowitz review also states:
Friedan’s famous description of America’s suburban family household as “a comfortable concentration camp” in “The Feminine Mystique” therefore had more to do with her Marxist hatred for America than with any of her actual experience as a housewife or mother.
So, “how much of the communist ideology that was such large part of Betty Friedan’s life and, indeed, formed her life, made it into the ideology of the oppressive feminism that now covers all aspects of our lives, of society and civilization and threatens to smother us all?”(5)
It’s important to understand that the Communist movement in Russia was financed by Rothschild banking interests in the West.
“The growing socialist movement—which was closely allied at that time to the Republican revolutions fomenting all over the world—was seen as a danger to the rich. Marx was trained and sent in to splinter and disorient this movement, which he did. Marx was sent in to control the opposition. At every juncture, Marx manages to create factions rather than alliances. He deftly prevents any real action by always turning the socialists against themselves. He keeps them arguing over philosophical fine-points rather than encouraging direct and immediate action.
What we’re looking at here is the bankrolling and use of similar tactics in the West by the same financier/Oligarchs in order to create a androgenous working proletariat, with the added dose of fascist feminism to prevent men and women joining forces to organize against the wage slavery of a monolithic fascist economic cartel.
‘Divide and conquer’ is a standard operating procedure used by every despot that has ever reigned over an unwilling populace. And once race and class have been utilized, dividing the sexes is the final solution. Utilizing agents to create discord between the sexes was much more difficult when men and women, in order to survive, were required to closely join forces. Once industrialization occurred, with its androgenous workforce, and the same financier/Oligarchs also gained total control of the mass media and mass education system, the use of agents to create discord, became highly advantageous.
Communist agents such as Betty Friedan (Goldstein) and Gloria Steinem were utilized and enabled to institute the feminist movement in order to rapidly move the agenda forward. 
The Oligarchs modus operandi is to finance and promote disgruntled minorities in order to destabilize and undermine the world. Feminism is a prime example. It pretends to be about giving women equal opportunity in the workplace when in fact it is devoted to discouraging women from seeking fulfillment in motherhood while castigating men as being hyper-masculanized, brutish, violent, controlling, unevolved beings.
It should be obvious by now that this feminist war against men is deliberate misdirection away from the source of the real fundamental systems of control that exist. Many millions of innocent women have been fooled into supporting this operation by the relentless onslaught of propaganda spewed by the controlled media and thru the controlled public education system. And countless numbers of boys and girls have been psychologically damaged by the agents that strategized and implemented this operation.”(6)
“Feminism attacks the very essence of femininity. It is an attack on everything that women have achieved and the contribution of every loving mother, loyal wife and committed homemaker. It belittles the contribution of the supportive partner, the doting mother and attacks women who seek to satisfy their natural and loving urges.

The feminist battle against ‘the patriarchy’ or the male is seen as a noble cause for women who wish to rise up against their male oppressors – however this battle of the sexes is not a genuine fight but one manufactured by those who wish to create division and discord within Western society.

The war waged by the feminist is done so under the seductive guise of equality. But as stated earlier, equality does not exist in the natural world and men and women were never meant to be equal, but different components of a loving partnership. The woman and the man were meant to work together to achieve more as a pair than either could have achieved alone. Men and women are not meant to be at war with one another, but are meant to form a complementary pair. The male and the female are different, but are meant to come together in order to each provide the different components that make up a single entity which facilitates the successful raising of children.

In the feminist’s battle to defeat the male and surpass and dominate him, the feminist knows that the female cannot be victorious by being feminine, motherly and pursuing her natural gender roles. Feminists tell women to cast off their natural urges and desires and instead emulate male attributes. This wholly unnatural process forces the woman to be like a man in order to compete unnaturally with her partner at the things he does best. Feminism drives women to throw off and discard the traits that make them unique and cherished and so very important to society.

The feminist fantasy of defeating the male on his own ground is however a difficult if nigh-on impossible task as the male and female have carried out their different gendered roles not just for generations but for tens of thousands of years. The male and female have each grown and evolved in different ways over the millennia in order to be best adapted to the roles they played – roles which due to their complementary nature are vastly different. The male developed a stronger, more muscular and athletic build to become the best hunter, a skill that in turn increased the male’s spatial awareness. As discussed earlier, the female developed patience and multitasking as she dealt with many tasks at once, including the rearing of the young.

Feminism has created a dichotomy where the female is forced to compete against her male counterpart, and essentially go against her natural callings and her own highly evolved skill set. To do this she must jettison her feminine attributes and womanly ways and attempt to become like a man in order to compete effectively. But with women increasingly striving to be like men, this presents the West with another mortal blow – the death of the loving mother.

The very heart of the Western family, the loving motherly female, has now been ripped out – a casualty in the feminist’s war for a false equality that is neither achievable nor desirable for a stable and healthy society. For when women try to emulate men, they lose what it is that makes them so special and destroy the attributes that make them so vital to the Western world.

As the female tries to emulate the male, the most striking change that she goes through is to discard her loving and motherly ways. The female aims to excel in the workplace and match her male counterparts, who she now competes with rather than embraces, and the casualty in all this is the female’s natural motherly and loving instincts. The male is strong in different ways to a female; he is harsher and less emotional. In order to compete with the male the woman has to also become harsher and less emotional – essentially suppressing and discarding the traits that made her a good mother. This transformation has a profound effect on the way a woman raises her children.

Rather than aiming to be a housewife and mother and aspiring for a large family, the female aspires to work as a male would and compete with men in the workplace. The woman no longer judges herself on the how well she manages the home and how well her children are brought up but on whether she can perform in the commercial world. This drive is directly at odds with the drive to have children.

What’s more, if and when a woman does have children, her drive is now to get back into the workplace leaving the children at playgroups or with childminders. A child’s early years are vitally important as it is in these early years that a child bonds with its mother through almost constant contact with her. The mother feeds, nurtures, and cares for the child and is in charge of almost every aspect of the child’s upbringing, if these tasks are not carried out by the mother in a natural way, but by others who are designated to carry out the motherly tasks on her behalf, this can stunt a child’s development.

Separating mother from child weakens the bonds that hold the nuclear family together. But this separation also has an effect on the mental development of the child. The conscience is part of superego; it is made up of empathy and gives the individual a feeling of guilt if they contemplate breaking the moral codes and values of society. The conscience is an important aspect of the development of a child and it is imparted largely in the early years from interactions between mother and child. A loving mother imparts those feelings and builds the conscience – a sense of right and wrong, which is obviously bolstered and reinforced by the order and discipline imparted by the father.

A loving mother is essential to a child’s development and her close proximity to that child furthers the mother/child bond and aids in both the mental and physical development of the child. Yet feminism wishes to speed the separation of mother from child in order to hasten the female’s return to the workplace so she can do battle with the male in a futile attempt to better the male on his own ground.

But just as tradition is taught and remembered, it can also be forgotten. As the feminist pushes for the woman do battle with the male and thus abandon her family for the workplace, the young females see this and seek to emulate the actions of their mother. Just as young people who are without a father figure lack discipline and order and risk becoming tearaways, young females and young males are both affected by the lack of a loving motherly figure as this stunts a child’s early mental development.

The female’s hardened attitude to the male that now sees her view him as the enemy, and not the lover, protector and partner, also rubs off on the next generation. Rather than seeing the male as the other part of the complementary pair, the female sees the male as someone she should compete with – this is highly unnatural. Imagine back in the early days of Western society if the male and female had competed with one another and not worked together, Western man would never have survived. Remember, males and females working together and forming family units is the foundation of Western society. To break up the nuclear family by either removing the father or the mother is to tear apart the very foundations of the West.

For young females to be brought up by hardened, unnatural and unloving mothers that prioritize their career over the good of their children is to attack the very foundation of Western society and to undermine not only the development of the next generation but also the development of all future generations thereafter. But that is exactly what those behind feminism wish for. Feminism can be classified as an unnatural ideology – one based in self-aggrandizement that prompts the female to throw off her natural role as a mother and loving partner in order to ‘achieve’ on an individual level and in a way that is not conducive to the growth and maintenance of Western society.

The loving mother was not just a homemaker and was certainly not a ‘slave’ to her male companion as the feminist would like us to believe. The loving mother was the beating heart of the home and was crucial to the mental development of the next generation of the family. By providing stability, love and constant care and attention she nurtured mentally balanced children that would be more likely to accept and learn the morals and values that make up a developed superego.

By ensuring the child was in the right mental state to be able to learn, grow and develop into being a productive and balanced member of society, the mother played a crucial role in the development of Western civilization. Was the role of the mother as the caregiver more important than the role of the father, or was the role of the father as a disciplinarian more important than the role of the mother? The answer, much to the annoyance of the feminist, is that both were and still are equally important.

It can thus be held that the Western female is the mother of Western civilization as she nurtures the young and helps them develop through constant care and attention. The Western female played a pivotal role in the development of the next generation and helped the next generation develop a higher form of consciousness that served to bind Western society together.

The Western female was never less important than her male counterpart, nor was it intended for her to compete with him. The male and female were designed to complement one another and to come together to form a pair that held a value that was more than the sum of its parts. It follows that feminism is an attack not just on the male, but also the female and the whole of Western society as it seeks to undermine the beating heart of Western civilization – the loving mother.

Natural barriers and boundaries have been broken down and the natural order of things has been turned on its head. Feminism has created a world where the woman who follows her natural instincts and becomes a loving and caring mother who nurtures her children is looked down upon and scorned. As a result children are now left without a loving mother – the very person who imparts conscience and guilt.

Feminism has attacked the two-parent family, telling the woman she doesn’t need to stay with the man she fell pregnant to and that a father isn’t important. This has left the Western world with children who don’t have a father, with young men that grow up believing they don’t need to be a father and young women who grow up believing they ‘don’t need a man’.

Feminism has pushed women into the workplace, and the natural and fulfilling roles of being a mother and homemaker have been pushed to one side. Women are encouraged to follow masculine career paths and engage in futile attempts to outperform their male counterparts. This leaves the Western female with a reduced birth rate as women pursue material goals rather than the spiritual ones that have served Western man so well for generations and have held Western society together.

As a direct consequence of feminism the male has become emasculated. The male is no longer the alpha, the provider and the strong cornerstone of the family or the community. The male now cowers beneath his female; he begs, cries and fails to satisfy her as the natural gender roles have been reversed. Young men have increasingly become the weaker sex as they have failed to learn order, discipline and strength due to an absence of a strong father figure or other strong male role models.

The whole basis of modern feminism is built around one central belief – that society is one big ‘patriarchy’ – a social system where men have the upper hand and control the running of society, to the detriment of females who are subservient to the authority of the male, and are in effect little more than slaves to their male counterparts.

In the feminist’s thought process it logically follows that if the woman is oppressed by the male, if she is nothing more than his slave and marriage is just a way of state and religious law ratifying that slavery for life, then women should reject marriage.

Following this rather radical line of thought is the even more extreme idea that we live in a world where ‘rape culture’ is prevalent. In feminist theory, rape culture is a concept in which rape is pervasive and normalized in the West due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. In essence, rape culture is the bizarre theory that all men are potential rapists and rape is something men see as healthy. The theory of rape culture also states that men use rape as a tool to exert control and power over females within society.

This bizarre set of beliefs would be laughable – if they weren’t so dangerous and weren’t influencing the minds of so many young women in Western society. Once young women buy into this warped theory, it is little or no wonder that the family unit becomes the first and most obvious casualty. The notion that women are essentially slaves to men, held in servitude by the threat of rape no less, is hardly a notion that is going to endear women to men.

Now extrapolate that idea – women are told that they are slaves and they live under the constant threat of rape which is used as a tool to control them by their slave masters. Their slave masters are of course men who are all part of an overarching patriarchy that seeks to exert control over all women. How could any woman who believes this nonsense ever engage in a healthy, trusting and loving relationship with a man?

This very notion is one that could not be more divisive to the family unit. The coming together of man and woman is vital to the survival of any racial or cultural group – but if the men and women who made up a particular group were set against one another and made to resent each other the chances of that group surviving would diminish rapidly. Those who are propagating these feminist ideals are propagating an attack on Western society which is wholly destructive and divisive – they are literally attacking the cornerstone of Western civilization by setting the two constituent parts of the family unit against one another.

Before these points are advanced any further, let us take a close look at the underlying thought process and ‘facts’ behind terms like ‘patriarchy’ and ‘rape culture’. Firstly, it goes without saying that men do hold a disproportionate power in the structures that have emerged and developed in Western society – however it does not follow that such power is either oppressive nor does it follow that men are more important or that men exist on a higher level than females.

Males do take leadership roles within society more readily than females – however that is because the male is naturally the disciplinarian who imparts order, a trait important to any successful leader. This of course does not make the female obsolete or less important than her male counterpart as feminists would like to claim. The role of the female is that of a loving mother and partner who nurtures, cares for and oversees the early mental development and growth of her children. The future of any society or nation lies within its youth and what role could be more important to a well-functioning society than ensuring the development of the next generation?

The female’s role is not solely in child-rearing; the female also plays an important role in supporting her male counterpart. This support and love is something that allows men to achieve more than they could on their own and in turn allows greater advancements within society – as such it is commonly said that behind every great man is a strong woman. While men who enjoy the support and love of a good woman are more likely to emerge as authority figures and take leadership roles in society, men also serve as protectors and guardians to the females who support them. Support is not a one-way street and men and women have always supported each other in different ways as they both complement one another.

The feminist however does not acknowledge this. The feminist wishes to create a conflict between man and woman, with the male being painted as the oppressive slave master who wishes to keep the female down and the female being presented as the oppressed victim who needs to break free and regain her independence. But under quite simple examination the idea that the male seeks to turn the female into a slave falls apart.

Crucially, no slave master would ever put their life before that of his slaves in order to protect what was mere property to him. Slaves are merely a commodity, something that is measured in monetary worth and can be used as a medium of exchange. No master loves his slaves; he works them to their limit and sees them simply as a tool in the same way he would see a piece of machinery.

Yet millions of Western men have given their lives wading through the mud of foreign fields and blood of their comrades and enemies as they fought to protect the lives and liberty of their wives and children. A man who is willing to give his life for another person must view that person in nothing but the highest regard – and the highest regard is what Western civilization has always had for the Western female.

In times of disaster it was always women and children first – men would happily go down with the ship and give their own lives so that women and children would be afforded safety. It is doubtful any slave master would choose to fill the lifeboats with their slaves and go down with the ship to ensure the safety of their property above themselves.

The feminist however will eagerly tell you that staying in the home was never a luxury for the female and that the home certainly wasn’t a safe space. The feminist will tell you that the homemaker was not free, nor did she have her liberty – the feminist will try to tell you that the home was a prison. The feminist will attempt to claim the homemaker was essentially tied to the home as a prisoner to a cage, whilst the man was free to go and work and carve out a lucrative career in the freedom of the outside world.

It is true that women did stay at home; they did look after the children and they did support their men as homemakers. But whilst women were at home, the men went out on fishing boats braving the wild seas; they went down mine shafts and risked being crushed to death or being asphyxiated by poison gas. Men also enlisted for military duty to protect their settlements from raiders and rival tribes – literally risking their lives on a daily basis.

There is another crucial attribute of slaves – they are almost universally looked down upon. No one looks up to a slave; no one worships a slave and no one looks to a slave as a source of inspiration. Slaves are the lowest strata of any society and are held in low regard; something that the feminist will claim is true of women in Western society – however nothing could be further from the truth.

Women were never looked down on, but in fact women were deified in Western civilization.

This deification of females and the female form is a theme that is present in Western literature, art, poetry and song. From the earliest Western texts the notion of beauty and the central role females played in society is always present. This is hardly the work or the actions of a civilization that scorns females or treats them as slaves. Women were not beneath men, but often an inspiration to them and the very reason that men fought with such bravery and conviction and strove for such excellence.

Women were always looked up to in Western society – as mothers, wives and for their beauty and femininity. Western civilization noted the differences between men and women and celebrated those differences; it did not pit one against the other, it did not compare the two and it did not cause the two to go into competition – but most importantly it never forced one to try to become the other.

With the term ‘patriarchy’ comes the even more troubling term ‘rape culture’. Feminists will gladly tell you that every male is a potential rapist; this in itself is a flawed and ridiculous argument. The statement is actually factually true as indeed every man could potentially commit rape, just as every woman could potentially murder her own children. This is of course an absurd way to look at either men or women. Just because a small proportion of women smother their babies when suffering from postnatal depression, no man would go into a room and view every woman in that room as a potential child killer, and any woman who views every man as a potential rapist would be equally unreasonable.

However the unreasonable notion that every man should be viewed as a potential rapist is exactly the way in which feminists want women to view men. Feminism doesn’t care for being reasonable – feminism intends to stoke hatred for men. The notion that every man is a potential rapist is a powerful tool in the feminist arsenal when it comes to promoting hatred and fear of men and causing further division between the sexes. What could be a more powerful tool in order to create hate and division between the sexes than to have every woman view every man as a potential threat to her safety?

Let’s examine ‘rape culture’ further though and put the term under the microscope. Rape is surely one of the most heinous crimes and an act that no one should ever be subjected to. As such rape is an act that is looked down on by everyone in society. This is illustrated by the fact that when rapists are apprehended and imprisoned other criminals within the penal system attack them. The very dregs of society who have broken the law and need to be separated from society view rapists as subhuman vermin. That alone says an awful lot about the way sexual predators and rapists are viewed, and is hardly indicative of a society in which rape culture is prevalent.

The fact that rapists are outcasts even among criminals is a barometer of how poorly sex offenders are regarded. Bearing that in mind, the idea that there is a prevalent culture of rape among males, where males exert their power over females through sexual assault, is insane. But despite the theory of rape culture being utterly insane, it is still a powerful tool for the feminist as those who believe it learn to fear and hate the men they should love and embrace.

Western civilization and the developed Western superego would never have tolerated rape or ‘rape culture’. Rape is abhorrent and goes against the very natural urges of a man to protect, love and cherish women. Western man risked his life crawling through mine shafts and braving the open seas to provide for his wife and loved ones. Western man marched to war to protect his tribe and his family. Western man was not a slave master who used rape as a weapon, but a loving and caring partner who relied on his wife for love and support – and in return he loved and supported her.

Feminism is an anti-family movement, a movement that attacks the very heart of Western culture. Feminism seeks to destroy the feminine beauty of the female and transform the woman into a more masculine creature so she can compete with her would-be partner in a pointless struggle for dominance. This war of the sexes is a wholly unnatural social construct manufactured by the enemies of the West. Feminism is another tool used by those who wish to destroy the West, and those who buy into it are being duped and used.

Feminism sets young women against men and builds distrust between the sexes. Feminism makes the man the ‘enemy of the woman’ in an effort to prevent loving bonds forming between the two. Feminism seeks to break the complementary pair that lies at the heart of Western life. Feminism is a tool that is used by those who wish to undermine Western civilization as the feminist mindset undermines the formation of the family unit. Feminism also serves to increase the rate of divorce within society as married women buy into the nonsense that they need to break free from the chains of their slavery.

Feminism seeks to undermine the cornerstone of Western society – the nuclear family. Feminism is an attack on the loving bonds and trust that act as a glue which bind the family unit together – as such feminism represents a threat to Western civilization itself.

Women no longer want to be loving mothers, instead choosing to follow a path where they favor competing with males in the workplace rather than having children. It is not enough that women increasingly want to compete with males and become like males – thus having less children, but it is now a sad fact that women see children as a barrier to achieving their goals and see motherhood as wholly undesirable and something that holds them back.

For the feminist, being a mother is not an honorable pursuit – it simply makes the woman a slave to her male counterpart and ties her to him. Children are no longer desirable; they are a drain on time, resources and money. Children have gone from being a natural and fulfilling addition to a woman’s life to being simply baggage that slows a woman down in her race to achieve material goals.

This is a key facet of the destruction of the Western soul and spirituality that the enemies of the West seek. The warm happiness and spiritual fulfillment that a loving couple gain from raising a family is replaced by individuals seeking greater material wealth. Material goals are put before everything, and the spiritual and soulful desires that brought loving couples together to procreate are now seen as a barrier to the new false idol to which Western people dedicate their life – materialism.

The rise of the notion that a child is no longer desirable and in fact holds a woman back has obviously affected the Western birth rate in a dramatic way. But it is not enough that women decide to simply not have children by avoiding loving relationships and marriage. Women now decide to kill their unborn children in order to forgo motherhood and continue down a path of personal gain and materialistic pursuits.

The developed superego and Western moral code always put the protection of the young first. Once an adult had brought a child into the world, the adult was no longer the center of its own universe – the child was, and for the sake of that child the parent would strive relentlessly to ensure the child enjoyed the best quality of life possible.

The love for a child was once selfless and unconditional, now it is anything but. The love for oneself and materialistic gain is now so great that killing one’s unborn baby is not only desirable, but it is socially acceptable. Every natural drive has been turned on its head. This is yet another victory for the id, as immediate selfish gain is prioritized above the long-term well-being of one’s child and the responsibility one should have toward that child.

However, make no mistake: to terminate the life of a healthy baby out of selfish desire for material gain goes against every natural instinct a woman should feel. Abortion effectively takes the natural and motherly instincts a woman should feel and turns them on their head. What’s more, wide-scale abortion in the West effectively terminates the future of Western man. Every year in England and Wales alone there are over 180,000 abortions; factor in the rest of the UK and you will likely reach a figure of around a quarter of a million unborn children being killed every year in Britain alone.

What is even more frightening than the sheer number of abortions is the fact that the vast majority of those abortions are carried out on Western females and represent the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Western babies – something that will no doubt please the enemies of the West.

The feminist will claim it is the woman’s right to choose, it is her body! But that is not strictly true; the body of the child is a separate human who is composed of the DNA of both the mother and father – it is a living, breathing baby with a heart and mind. What’s more, from a very early stage of development the child feels pain and reacts to its environment.

Feminism sees abortion as a triumph of power and control for the female. Abortion is seen as a way for a woman to break free from the shackles of the ‘patriarchy’ and rebel against nature by throwing off her natural callings and truly advancing to a level where nothing can stop her in the pursuit of her new-found desire to compete with her male counterpart.

Abortion also represents the defeat of personal responsibility. It is yet another damaging and false moral code for the young Western mind, teaching the next generation that one should not have to take responsibility for one’s actions and that taking the easy way out is morally acceptable. To make abortion socially acceptable emphasizes that one can do as one pleases and pursue pleasure – in this case sexual pleasure – without having to worry about consequence or duty. Again, short-term gain and individual pleasure are put before responsibility and long-term commitment.

Feminism has further affected the birth rate by prompting women to see men as their competition, not their partners. The drive to compete with the male has made the man the enemy of the woman. This division between the sexes has led to women no longer wanting loving relationships as they distrust men and see them as the enemy. No one wishes to share a home and pursue a loving relationship with their natural enemy – but therein lays the problem, men and women were never meant to be enemies, and it is wholly unnatural for them to be so. Again the feminist mindset reduces the chance of women becoming mothers or having large families by setting the female against the male.

The final role of feminism is clear – it is not only an attack on femininity and the loving mother, it is not just an attack on men and the formation of couples and marriage – it is an attack on the very future of the West. The final goal of feminism, and the enemies of the West who promote it, is the reduction of the Western birth rate. Through warping the mind of Western females by the promotion of materialistic goals, promoting competition with, and distrust for, men and the growing trend of abortion on demand, the Western birth rate has been decimated.

The very future of Western man lies in mortal jeopardy as Western folk are no longer breeding and are no longer having large enough families. Western couples leave it ever later to have children and put off their duty to their community for the extension of short-term materialistic pleasure which they wish to carry on long into their thirties and forties.

It is true to say that the future of any race or culture lies within their women’s wombs. No race, culture or tribe that has ever survived and prospered has done so with a declining birth rate or an aging population. The future of a people lies in its ability to pass on it genes and then its morals and values to the next generation and to ensure that the next generation survives, prospers and carries on down the path laid out by its forefathers. If the birth rate of a group falls and the next generation is continually smaller than the last, then regardless of all else, that group faces certain extinction.

Western society knew that often there would be great conflicts, war and cataclysms and in those times brave and worthy men would make the ultimate sacrifice, because as long as the females of breeding age and younger survived, that sacrifice would not be in vain.

This is why females were protected and kept out of harm’s way – not because of the evil patriarchy that wanted to keep them from greatness nor because they were slaves, but because the future of the Western man lay in their wombs. The crucial issue is the replacement of the population; a society can either grow or be sent into decline due to the number of children it produces from females of breeding age.

Feminism has had several wide-ranging effects on Western society – it has driven a wedge between the natural partnership of man and woman, setting them against one another, it has changed the mindset of the female and made her more materialistic and most crucially it has caused a shift away from childbirth and reproduction that has drastically affected the Western birth rate. The enemies of the West and the individuals who push the feminist agenda know this, and they know what effect these trends will have on the long-term stability of Western society and the survival prospects of Western man.

Feminism is just one of the attacks on the Western consciousness that seeks to undermine the family and reduce the Western birth rate, but arguably it is the most important. Materialism and selfishness from both sexes have seen a huge rise in the number of individuals who choose not to have children, or who choose to have fewer children.

The defining characteristic of feminism that sets it apart from other attacks on Western man is that feminism seeks to actively break the woman’s maternal instinct. Feminism seeks to repress every natural and motherly instinct a woman may have, ensuring that those who hold the future of Western man in their wombs are no longer willing to have children. Regardless of the number of men who would wish for a child, it is all but irrelevant if the females within the group refuse to play their part and choose instead to turn their back on the ideals of family and motherhood.

The West is now reaching a crucial point its history, a critically low birth rate is coupled with a large, growing and culturally aggressive immigrant community. If this continues, Western man will slowly disappear with a whimper rather than a roar and Western civilization will be confined to the history books.

The Western female must regain her sense of selflessness and rediscover her natural feminine urges and motherly callings and join with the Western male to form the family bonds that served the West so well and helped lay the founding blocks for Western civilization. If she does not, Western man will stand alongside the dinosaurs as a once great but now extinct form of life – but this is of course just what the enemies of the West and those who propagate feminism would wish.

Population Replacement Rate

When discussing the number of children being born in any society there is a crucial figure to bear in mind, this figure is known as the replacement rate.

The replacement rate is defined as the number of babies needed per female of breeding age in order to simply maintain the population at its current level. The figure of 2.1 is widely considered to be the “replacement rate” – the average number of births per woman that will maintain a group’s current population level. Many Western birth rates have now fallen as low as 1.3. By Western birth rates we mean the birth rate of people who are of European heritage – not those of immigrant populations.

The birth rate of 1.3 is a critical low point and to demographers this number has a special mathematical importance. At a birth rate of as low as 1.3, a group’s population would be cut in half in less than half a century, creating a falling-off-a-cliff effect from which it would be nearly impossible to recover. In less than fifty years the population would halve, and the downward spiral would be so severe that it would be almost impossible for that population to recover.

As the birth rate falls, not only does the population decline, but there is also a demographic shift from a young population to an aging population. The aging population is no longer productive or reproductive and needs to be supported by the decreasing number of young people within that society. This demographic shift puts a greater pressure on the young, as rather than having time to procreate and raise families, they spend increasing amounts of time tending to the elderly.

This drive to protect the elderly and support the elderly results in longer working hours, more duties in the home and reduced free time which all hamper not only the time spent meeting prospective partners and making children, but also the free time available to raise children.

Mono-cultural societies have suffered declining birth rates during times of war, famine and hardship – however they have recovered afterwards. The birth rate sharply declined in periods of war where men were away from home fighting overseas and were separated from their wives. These periods were always followed by a ‘baby boom’ when the conflict was concluded as the men returned home and there was a natural drive to have children and repopulate.

Sadly we do not live in a perfect society – we live in an imperfect society. Western countries are now no longer mono-cultural, but they are multicultural and multiracial. Many different groups live within one wider society and as discussed in earlier chapters, these groups all have their own respective cultures, traditions and moral values that cause them to be distinct and to pull in different and sometimes opposite directions to the other groups within that wider society.

Earlier it was stated that if one group within a wider multicultural or multiracial society was to start to decline and shrink in number and lose its cultural ties which bound the individuals in that group together, it would likely be dominated, destroyed and absorbed by the other stronger groups within that wider society and hence cease to exist.


Western man now struggles with a critically low birth rate, and we know that the native populations of Western countries are in decline. However it is constantly stated that Western nations have a growing population – in fact the UK population has steadily grown over the last fifty years from 50 million to over 64 million. It worth noting that 64 million is the official number which relies on official census data – this figure takes no account of those living within the UK illegally or those not filling out the census accurately – the likely truth is that the population of the UK is far closer to 70 million.

If those who are native to the UK are in decline, if their birth rate is falling, then there can only be one conclusion to why the overall population is increasing at such a rate – immigration and the rapid growth and explosive birth rates of the immigrant communities that have settled in the UK. This is a recipe for disaster for Western civilization and Western culture, as due to the demographic issues plaguing Western nations, it looks increasingly likely that Western man will become a minority in his own homelands.

Western nations face a double-edged demographic sword – a critically low birth rate mixed with an explosive growth in the immigrant population, an immigrant population that is culturally foreign and often seeks cultural and social dominance over the native people. Dominance is a goal that is far more easily achieved when numbers and demographics are on your side – and those numbers and demographics are not in the favor of Western man.

The Western mind has been corrupted and the Western body has been broken and grown obese and useless. Western spirituality has been lost and replaced with wanton materialism. But most shockingly, the Western heart has faded and the bravery and courage that Western man showed in abundance when defending his people is now a thing of the past.

Rather than being a strong group with cultural, racial and moral bonds – strong traditions and a rich heritage – Western man has given in to the pull of hedonistic individualism where people live for themselves and the immediate pleasure they can gain in the short term.

As the Western superego has weakened, the id has been unchained. As the id is no longer constrained the individual lives for selfish pursuits and immediate satisfaction – whether that is food, sex, alcohol, material wealth or drugs. Is it any wonder that those who come to Western shores and see Western man engaging in such debased and degenerate acts then view the Western world as a place that is ripe to be taken and conquered?

Western man’s hedonistic lifestyle is the physical embodiment of the rise of the id. But with the rise of the id comes the fall of Western man. The oft heard phrase; ‘fiddling as Rome burns’ seems apt. But in a more modern sense – Western folk are partying, drinking and having endless promiscuous encounters as Western civilization crumbles and the West is slowly colonized by an endless stream of culturally hostile immigrants.

The rise of the id is present before the collapse of any civilization. Every great nation or civilization that has collapsed has embraced the cult of individualism, and the individual has been increasingly motivated by the pursuit of endless and immediate pleasure.

This is of course exactly what the enemies of Western man have planned. The enemies of the West understand the complex working of the human mind and realize that to break a community and turn that community into a group of disparate individuals all that needs to be done is to convince those people to give in to their immediate desires.

Even with immigration and multiculturalism, the enemies of the West knew that Western man would still have a fighting chance of survival – in fact better than a fighting chance. Even if Western man was outnumbered by hostile cultures and peoples, as long as Western man retained his own culture and sense of community he could always fight back – and if history has taught us one thing, it is that Western man would likely have prevailed.

It was not merely enough to flood the Western world with different groups of immigrants who viewed the West with envious eyes. The enemies of the West knew that the Western community spirit – the Western superego – must also be broken in order to ensure there would be no fight back or resistance.

The last thing Western man will see is the look of insane mirth upon the faces of the Western revelers as Western civilization, culture and traditions collapse and are lost forever. Thousands of years of heritage will be lost in a matter of decades as the last generations of Western man compete in a desperate struggle to live for the moment and satisfy their every primal need with no thought for the future or the wider consequences their actions might have for the West.

The enemies of the West know that the rise of the id precedes the fall of Western man, and they sit rubbing their hands and biding their time as the final days of the West rapidly approach.”(2)

The Impact of Single Parent Families

“The developed superego is the key to a well-rounded human being. The superego develops during a child’s upbringing and is the only learned part of the psyche. The superego is the morality and the values that prevent the id from embarking on an endless pursuit of immediate and animalistic satisfaction. The development of the superego goes on throughout childhood, beginning at an early age and moving forward into the teenage years as the child matures into an adult.

It would be accurate and correct to state that the development of the superego is largely down to the child’s parents. During childhood the people a child most closely identifies with are his or her parents. The child spends an enormous amount of time with their parents and the parents have a huge influence on the child’s mental development.

Bearing in mind the dual nature of the superego and the vast influence the parents have on a child’s development, it is obvious that defective parents or bad parenting could easily stunt or completely damage the development of a functioning and well-rounded superego in a child.

Further to this, if one parent was missing from the family unit there would be huge repercussions on the children as each parent imparts different components of the superego to the child. The absence of either parent would leave a child without a balanced upbringing as the child would lack either the male or female perspective.

Caucasian mother holding crying son and talking on cell phone

Before we go on to discuss just how damaging single parent families are to the development of a child’s superego, it is first important to look at how crucial the nuclear family has been to the development of Western man and how the family unit has always been the cornerstone of Western society.

Back in the days of the hunter gatherer, the same battle took place in our primitive minds – the id, the ego and the superego existed. As always, the id pushed for instant gratification and pleasure, the ego added the reality principle and the superego added the early forms of morality.

The earliest moral value was to form a family unit and protect one’s partner and offspring. This initial bout of conscience,which involved not letting your partner and offspring struggle and starve to death, coupled with the early ideal self which was clearly to be a strong hunter, provider and reliable partner, shaped the male into a dominant father figure who was strong, dependable and the cornerstone of the family unit – a protector and an authority figure.

This evolved into the modern Western family unit where the male assumed the role of a fatherly figure that gave advice, dispensed discipline and order and was the head of the household.

These early moral values can also be credited for the creation of the loving, dependable and caring motherly figure – a woman who is loyal to her partner, her children and committed to supporting both. The ideal woman was loyal to her partner as he was loyal to her and the more motherly and caring she was and the more children she bore the more likely it was that her bloodline would flourish.

Europe can be a beautiful and lush place at the right times of the year, but in winter it is a harsh and unforgiving place – and one that would have severely tested Western man’s early ancestors. Let us take this hypothetical situation a step further, and imagine a woman and her child being dumped alone in Northern Europe in December, with no tools, resources or food.

Caring for a baby or small child is difficult at the best of times – but when dealing with the harsh elements as well as a lack of food, resources and long cold nights it would be almost impossible for a single parent (male or female) to bring up a child alone. Yet, those are the conditions in which Western man evolved and ultimately flourished. As Western man is still here today, it is obviously true that his ancestors managed to succeed at surviving through the long, hard winters and that they were effective at raising and protecting children during these trying times.

The obvious answer to how Western man’s ancestors managed to survive and raise children is that they did so as a couple. Those who came together as a couple and those who formed lasting bonds were much more likely to see their children survive through the winter months. Conversely, men who abandoned their women or women who ran from their men would most likely see their offspring perish when the seasons changed and the conditions got harsher.

Nature’s law is survival of the fittest and over time the evolutionary pressures on Western man were clear – those best adapted for survival were those who adopted the early model of the nuclear family. This nuclear family would become the cornerstone of Western life.

With the birth of the nuclear family came the division of labor. The male became the hunter gatherer and the female became the early homemaker. The male left the shelter in search of food and resources and specialized in tasks such as hunting, tool making and foraging. The female remained behind and learned skills that evolved into what we know today as multitasking.

Those that followed their impulsive pleasure principle, those who gave into their id and simply pursued selfish gratification and hedonism were unlikely to survive and their offspring never had a chance. Those who went it alone for an easier life and put themselves first either died alone or their children never reached maturity. Their DNA was lost in the passage of time and their bloodlines came to an abrupt end.

The children of the early nuclear family saw this. They were born with their id, but they soon developed a strong superego. They saw their mother and father together; they saw the division of labor in early Western society and they developed a conscience toward their parents, siblings and the fledgling community that surrounded them. They developed feelings of guilt for letting down their family and community and they developed the first and earliest form of ideal self – they wished to emulate their mother and father and follow in their parents’ footsteps by raising their own family.

Both the male and the female would be brought up in a two-parent family environment. The young females would learn from their mother in the dwelling and the young males would soon leave the dwelling and go with their father to learn how to become men.

Crucially, the male is the key disciplinarian for both young males and young females. The male acts as the head of the family unit and is the strong alpha and as such his role in the family is to dispense any form of judgement, discipline and order within that family. As such the female and other younger members of the family would turn to the male to settle any disputes and keep the family in line.

The female’s role was that of the caregiver. She would give attention to the young, the wounded and the ill. She showed compassion and love and nurtured a different form of development. Both the male and the female imparted equally important values to future generations making both a mother and a father crucially important in the upbringing of children and the formation of the child’s superego.

As Western society advanced and went from families to tribes, and from tribes to nations, the leaders of Western society noted the importance of the family unit. The family unit was enshrined in law – and the idea of divorce was heavily frowned upon with those wishing to split apart their family unit being scorned and treated as outcasts.

This trend was further cemented by religion: all religious texts talk of the importance of the nuclear family and of the union of man and woman. All those who wrote such texts realized that the strength of a people lay in the strength of their family bonds. So it held that religion also strengthened the family, again frowning on divorce and promoting the family unit.

Such was the importance of the family unit and a loving two-parent home, that should a woman fall pregnant, the man was expected to marry her and create a home with her, and both the male and female were to come together for the good of the children to ensure the successful upbringing of the next generation. The superego stated that the pleasure of the two individual parents was less important than the welfare of the next generation.

Today breaking a marriage could not be easier – in fact the divorce rate in many Western nations is now over 50 per cent. People get married, have children and break their vows over the most petty of things – with divorces within the first year of marriage becoming ever more common. It is as if for some the marriage itself is not worth the piece of paper it is written on; marriage has now become more about holding a lavish and materialistic wedding in order to show off to friends and family and less about making lasting vows that should represent an unbreakable bond between two people.

Marriage has been reduced to such a joke and marriage vows are so easily broken, that the importance of marriage has waned in the mind of the Western man. There is now less of a drive for marriage – even if a woman falls pregnant. The idea of a couple being expected to marry if the female fell pregnant would seem positively ‘old fashioned’ and ‘out of touch’ and those putting forward that opinion would be scorned.

But with the breakdown of marriage comes the rise of the single parent family. The cornerstone of Western society, the nuclear family, has been broken. What took thousands of years to evolve through natural means and then was enshrined in both religious and state law has been dismantled in a matter of decades. Western morality and values lay shattered and the family unit is broken up so individuals can pursue their own selfish pleasure.

We now see generations of children who are brought up without a father – the individual who was once the head of the family unit. The father as discussed earlier was the strong disciplinarian – the individual in the household who imparted authority and order, the one the family unit turned to for strength, protection and guidance.

The father figure plays a key part in the development of his child’s superego and helps impart a sense of ideal self; the father is both a role model and a teacher. But increasingly he is no longer present. It is no coincidence that an increasing number of children – both young males and females – are tearaways with little or no care for authority, order or discipline. These feral youths walk the streets late at night, indulge in poor practices, skip school and generally seek only their own pleasure.

Once the single parent family has been allowed to thrive and become a social norm, the values that were once held across Western society begin to crumble. At one point it was necessary to bring up children as a couple – simply for survival. Every child that survived its first winter did so because its parents had worked together. The two parent family was then enshrined in religious and state law through the act of marriage. Marriage is now mocked and the laws surrounding marriage have been progressively weakened.

Society no longer sees the nuclear family as normal or as a desirable ideal. The very sense of ideal self – a fatherly male and a motherly female that was imparted to children as part of their developing superego is lost. The ideal self is no longer centered on attaining a partner and building a strong family. The ideal self becomes a warped and defective version of what it is meant to be and the superego gives into the id’s desire for individualism and pleasure with little or no regard to the upbringing of future generations.

The nuclear family which is the very cornerstone of Western society is under sustained attack. Children and the well-being of future generations are no longer put first; instead selfish individualism becomes the goal. Moral duty has been thrown to one side in order that everyone can ‘do as they please’.

The Elimination of Positive Role Models

As a consequence Western society is now littered with feral children who do not respond to their elders. These feral children lack strong role models in the home and as a result look for role models elsewhere. These lost children are searching for someone to look up to and admire, someone to act as a model for their vision of an ideal self. Now imagine just what would happen if these lost children were then presented with bad role models. Imagine the catastrophic effect on their young minds if when searching for a suitable role model, they came across false and destructive role models who further warped their sense of right and wrong and led them further away from the right path.

The bonds built from generation to generation and passed down from father to child would be broken. Tradition, culture and ultimately heritage would be forgotten. By breaking apart the family unit, the enemies of the West have achieved the first step toward breaking the bonds between Western man and his ancestors, and as a result tens of thousands of years of development and culture stand to be lost.

Role models within society also acted as a safeguard. As stated earlier no society is perfect; there are always defective individuals – people who will put their own individual pleasures above that of the good of the group or even above the good of their own family and offspring. These individuals live for their id as they have a weakened or wholly defective superego. So as tribes formed, a safety net was put in place to ensure that no member of the next generation would fall through any cracks that may emerge.

If a family unit broke down and a mother was left alone – whether that be through a defective individual with a lack of conscience abandoning her, or through tragedy as her partner died, her children would not be left without a strong male role model as these role models were also present within society.

Equally, females developed their own structure within the tribe and women were admired for their beauty, motherly attributes and their skill at bringing up children and keeping an orderly home. These women took up a matriarchal role which molded future generations of young women into ideal mothers through developing a positive female vision of the ideal self.

If, for one reason or another, a child was left without a mother, women within the tribe would take on the role of that child’s mother. This meant that no child would go without a positive role model and that positive role models within the home were reinforced by positive role models within society.

All of these factors brought the tribe together and built a strong superego in future generations. The sense of collective conscience grew as the importance of the tribe grew – it was a shared sense of morality and survival meant looking after one another. Those who did not pull their weight became outcasts and were shunned. Hence a sense of guilt was formed; this guilt punished the id if the individual thought of pursuing selfish pleasure above the good of the group.

Equally, the other constituent part of the superego, the ideal self, was also molded into shape. Through strong two-parent families, fatherly discipline and role models and teachers within the community, children would look up to healthy, loving and strong individuals who all were placed in high regard due to their skills and commitment to the tribe. The Western sense of ideal self started to take shape in the image of an individual who pushed for the good of society and was selfless, strong and moralistic.

As Western civilization began to grow so did the shared values within society and the birth of the Western superego was witnessed.

Skip forward to the height of Western civilization and the safeguards in society were made even stronger. As time advanced, layer upon layer of role models, safeguards and fail-safes were put in place to mold and shape future generations and pass down traditions, values and Western morality.

Through a mixture of schooling, religion, law, the workplace, community groups and strong community leaders, young people had positive role models wherever they turned. Society was geared toward the rearing of the young in such a way that the next generation were intended to be better than the last and move society ever forward – embodying the spirit and heritage of the past with a view to an even brighter future.

Now imagine a society where those safeguards are broken down and dismantled, a society where instead of common bonds that tie different family units together into a cohesive society, those common bonds are eroded. Where generation after generation does not have the tribal leaders and role models, but instead the young are left to listlessly go their own way and develop by themselves. Imagine a society where healthy role models, pastimes and community groups are scorned and mocked and the strong, ordered and dignified industries have closed leaving future generations with little or no purpose.

The Western school system was one of the first and most important safeguards in society. Basic schooling and teaching has been with us since the days of the cavemen – when parents taught their children survival skills and the early tribes had their elders, master craftsmen and most skilled hunters pass their knowledge onto the rest of the tribe.

These teachers not only passed on skills, but became role models and authority figures to the young. The young looked up to them and wished to emulate them and learn from them in their quest for their ideal self. This evolved over thousands of years into a school system – a place where every child had a right to a standard of education, a place where basic numeracy, literacy and other important skills were taught to all in order to raise the quality of life in society as a whole.

Schools did not just teach children, schools provided children with discipline, order and role models. Schools were a place where children could learn and further understand the structures of life – but importantly a place where, if discipline was lacking in the home, children could further develop their superego under the supervision of their teachers. School was one of the most important safeguards in society.

At the height of Western civilization, schools were a place where children learned, a place where children looked up to their teachers and a place where children understood discipline and order. That has now been turned on its head. Robbed of their power, mocked in the mainstream media and with discipline and order removed from them, schools have become a place where children pick up bad habits and learn to scorn Western culture and hate their
own ancestors.

Teachers are no longer seen as role models or authority figures – as they have no power and are afforded little respect. At one time a truant child, who ran away from school to pursue a pleasurable day of play, would soon learn from both teachers and parents just why following the path of the id was not acceptable. Swift discipline would have been meted out. But now truancy, disorder in the classroom and even teachers being attacked and belittled by their students is the order of the day.

Rather than a place of learning where the superego is reinforced, the school has become a place where fewer and fewer safeguards lie in place and more and more youngsters drift off into the pursuit of pleasure, giving into their id without a thought for the consequences. This of course stunts the growth of a child’s superego leaving the child without a conscience or a sense of ideal self.

Western civilization also had strong and moralistic laws and those who upheld the law were seen as beacons of the community and were trusted by all. The police were once seen as role models, people one could trust and people one could turn to. The local officers were respected and formed another important stratum of discipline and order within society that young people could learn from.

The traditional role of the police officer was as a protector of the community. As stated, no society is perfect and even at the height of Western civilization there were still defective individuals and criminal elements – but by and large due to the developed superego and social conscience and strong community bonds people were free of crime and looked after one another.

Times were once so peaceful and crime free that people didn’t lock their doors as they didn’t fear burglars or thieves. The sense of community instilled in people was generally so strong that the community conscience present in society prevented people from harming their neighbor and the sense of ideal self people developed would have been far from the image of a common thief.

The safeguards that have been put in place within Western society in order to strengthen morality and community cohesion have also been removed. The very fail-safes and structures put in place that would aid in the development of a well-rounded and balanced young person have been smashed apart and are now ineffective, distrusted and even mocked by the young people they are meant to inspire.

The safeguards that would once catch the odd wayward child or youngster that came from a broken or dysfunctional home are now all but gone – and at a time when there are more fatherless children, broken homes and wayward children than ever before!

Now imagine a situation where young people who do not have a father figure and also lack positive role models in their communities are searching for someone to look up to and someone to emulate. Young people need role models, role models they can emulate and role models who help them develop their sense of ideal self.

Imagine Western society devoid of loving families, strong fathers and community leaders. Then imagine what would happen if the enemies of the West were to present the lost and confused Western youngsters with the worst possible role models – role models who would attempt to impart a warped and defective superego upon those youngsters. So that instead of pursuing a life of family, order, hard work and selfless dedication to their community the future generations of Western man instead pursued a path of individualistic hedonism and degenerate madness.

Without the family and without the safeguards in the wider community, the young would be easy targets for the enemies of the West. As the pied piper did with the youths of Hamelin, the enemies of the West could easily lead Western youth astray down a path of moral destruction and degeneracy. Then in a few short generations everything that Western civilization has built and everything it once stood for would begin to crumble.

Along with the loss of the nuclear family, the safeguards that society put in place for the young have been dismantled. The community leaders, the strong teachers and disciplinarian figures have all been removed and weakened to the point they are ineffectual.

This has led to a situation in the West where the young have no order, lack moral values and desperately look for role models who they can emulate. But instead of being presented with healthy and virtuous role models, they are presented with bad role models, men and women who emphasize everything that is wrong with society and who push a warped valueless message of selfish hedonism designed at undermining Western society.

One only has to look at the role models presented to young people today – the movie stars, the fictional characters on television and the big screen, the musical icons, the reality TV stars and the many other vacuous and morally devoid individuals who are held up by the media and establishment as ‘heroes’. These ‘heroes’ are anything but real heroes; they are invariably individuals who embody almost everything that is degenerate, defective and
damaging to society.

This amounts to a highly effective attack on the Western superego as those in control of the media and the establishment push endless damaging role models and destructive messages upon a generation of youngsters in desperate need of guidance and moral fiber.

The negative message is always the same – hedonism and pleasure come first.

The negative messages pushed by these destructive role models and the negative examples these role models set are all the same – give in to your natural urges, make rash decisions, be impulsive and seek immediate satisfaction. The message is always to pursue short-term happiness and to never think of the consequences.

Order, discipline, morality and values are scorned in favor of hedonism, pleasure and instant gratification despite what the future consequences may be. Remember, it is more important to pay table service and get drunk than it is to pay your rent, or should that be the other way around?

Instead of the national role models that the young look up to giving out advice and lessons on morality that strengthen the superego and help keep the id in check, role models now do the opposite, urging the young to give in to their base and selfish desires.

The lost youth from broken families, who lack strong role models in their communities, desperately seek to develop their ideal self, and the ideal self they develop is not ideal at all. The ideal self that is imparted by the destructive role models is literally the opposite of the ideal self that was central to building Western civilization. It is a twisted vision of the ideal self, and is anything but ‘ideal’. It is selfish, greedy, lazy, hedonistic, short term in its outlook and the very opposite of the ideal self that is conducive to a well running and cohesive community.

The key to Western civilization is a cohesive community and a strong society. A strong superego and developed moral values build a society where people come together for the common good. Positive role models reinforce the idea that the individual should strive to do well for their community and put that community above their own selfish and hedonistic needs.

Is it any wonder that Western civilization is tearing itself apart and losing its homogeneity when the next generation is actively adopting a selfish lifestyle that is not conducive to community, positive traditions or upstanding values?

Western civilization now has a generation of young people who are literally regressing thanks to their lack of a developed superego. All the safeguards placed within society are being slowly attacked or have been removed; parents are no longer a partnership and discipline in the home is often non-existent and these lost youths turn to the modern-day pied pipers who lead them down the path of destruction.

But it is not just Western youth who will be destroyed due to this madness; it is Western Civilization that will crumble as a result. What took millennia to build and shape will be broken apart in mere decades. Traditions and cultures that were passed down from generation to generation and have evolved and existed for thousands of years will be forgotten and lost. The rich Western heritage, history and Western way of life will all be washed away within a century of madness.

The enemies of the West understand that Western strength and Western culture lies in the ties that bind Western man to his past and his historic achievements. They also understand that the future of the West lies in Western youth – and by separating the two they know it spells disaster for the West.

Western man discovered and colonized the world, then went on to reach for the stars, yet the enemies of the West are intent on sending Western man crawling back to the primitive call of the id. Instant unevolved, animalistic pleasure is now the order of the day as the enemies of the West seek to undermine and destroy everything that once imparted the Western superego to the next generation.

The Effect of the Feminized Male

As feminism has warped the Western female, turning her from a kind, caring, feminine and motherly woman into a shallow and selfish individual who wishes to emulate her male counterpart, the Western male has undergone his own transformation. The Western male, once the ‘alpha’, the strong father figure who dispensed order and discipline and was a beacon of authority, has become weak and feminized.

In a sickening and highly unnatural role reversal, Western man has shed his dominant, strong and manly ways and become feminized, weak and subservient. The strong hunter gatherer, provider, protector and guardian has withered, becoming emotionally driven and unstable due to a mixture of lamentable role models, a weakened role in society and an increasingly purposeless existence.

In his new role, the Western male adopts everything his forefathers would have once scorned. He becomes reclusive from other males, he dresses and presents himself in ways that are more akin to that of a female and finds himself increasingly unable to live up to his natural role as the ‘alpha’. There are many reasons why the Western male has declined in such a way and they are a direct product of the sustained attack on the Western superego.

The enemies of the West have sought to undermine both the family unit and its individual constituent parts – the male and female. The enemies of the West have sought to subvert the natural order of life by reversing the role of the male and female – something that has weakened the West.

The breakdown of the family unit is the first and most obvious cause of the emasculation of males within Western society. The family unit is the cornerstone of Western society and a fully functional family unit is composed of a loving mother and strong father figure. Both the mother and the father have important roles in the development of a young child and both serve as role models to the child in different ways.

In early infancy both children spend nearly their entire waking day with their mother. This early part of human development is where ‘attachment’ takes place and the close bond between mother and child speeds the mental and physical development of the child. Children who have a stronger bond with their mother through their early development become more mentally advanced.

As time goes by and the child grows up, the amount of time the child spends with its mother will change. Young females will tend to continue to spend more time with their mothers, whilst young males would typically spend more time with their fathers. This helps the child to develop their natural gender roles.

As the authority figure and disciplinarian in the family, the father would have a crucial role in imparting the superego – the learned part of the psyche – to his son. An upstanding and strong father becomes an important role model to his son and helps the young male form an image of his ‘ideal self’ which as the young man grows and develops he strives toward.

The Western family unit has been under repeated attack from the likes of feminism, a relaxation in social attitudes toward both marriage and single parent families, and through a relaxation of the laws surrounding divorce. It is now more and more common to see single parent families where a father figure is not present in the household. This removes the disciplinarian from the home and leaves young males without a strong father figure who would serve as their primary male role model and source of inspiration for their ideal self.

The young male would naturally spend more and more time with his father as he grew up, developing his masculinity and learning how to become a man. In a world where there are an increasing number of broken homes, resulting in an increasing number of children who lack contact with their fathers, many young males now grow up without the influence of their father. In essence, this strips the young male of his primary male role model.

This leaves young males looking to their mother as their primary role model in the home, something that leaves the male feminized and emasculated. Despite there being good mothers who do their best to raise a family on their own, there is really no substitute for the discipline and order of a strong father figure – just as in infancy there is no substitute for a loving mother who an infant attaches to. Just as depriving a young infant of its mother causes stunted mental development and even depression in a small child, depriving young males of a father figure as they develop can have similar mental effects.

The young male who lacks a father in the home is increasingly likely to base his vision of an ideal self on his mother and hence more likely to adopt feminine traits. Whilst it is obviously a good thing that young females base their ideal self on their mother, for a young male this is not ideal as it prevents him from developing his natural gender role. Whilst the young male will learn compassion and empathy from his mother, his superego will not fully develop in the way a male’s should and he will be unlikely to learn masculine traits and therefore in later life be unlikely to assume the role of a disciplinarian and authority figure.

Sadly, the problem of the single parent family doesn’t exist as an isolated issue within an otherwise healthy and moral society. Society once had safeguards in place – community leaders and role models who could take on the role of a father figure for young males that came from broken homes. However this is less and less the case in the modern world.

As social creatures human beings are used to working in groups and learning from personal interactions with one another. For young men, being outside in a group surrounded by other young men, roughhousing, fighting and competing against each other – as well as working together, learning from one another and forming bonds as friends – are all important social interactions. The young male learns from this group dynamic as different males strive to be the alpha and each young man learns his place in the group.

This group development is vitally important and it is lost when youngsters are confined to their bedroom engaged in solitary pursuits. It is noted that in today’s connected world young people are not truly alone as they are connected to each other via mobile devices, computers, game consoles and tablets. However this virtual connection is not the same as proper human interaction as it lacks important characteristics present in face-to-face interactions such as eye contact and the ability to read another person’s facial expressions. In these solitary pursuits group dynamics are rarely developed fully and youngsters become withdrawn from the real world and unable to interact as they should when presented with real face-to-face social interactions.

It also can’t be stressed enough how important being in the natural world is for young males. The natural world is beautiful, but also harsh and often unforgiving. Being outside and taking part in physical pursuits toughens the male and allows him to be in touch with his natural side, learning to deal with the elements, the environment and the challenges that environment presents to him. This is in direct contrast to the overly coddled environment where the spoiled and over indulged youth spends his time in warmth and comfort while immersed in a fantasy world on the screen in front of him.

When the young males do go outside, the coddling follows them. Every form of physical activity has been tampered with and in some way pacified in the name of health and safety. At one time building rope swings, climbing trees and diving into rivers was the norm for any healthy young boy. Now these pursuits are off limits for fear of a grazed knee or bruised arm.

The strong and outgoing nature that used to be common in young boys is now actively discouraged, but that very nature is what turned boys into strong and upstanding men. The brave young boy who was the first to try the rope swing was a hero among his pals, but now he would be admonished. The very message this imparts is one of weakness – a feminized message that robs young men of their natural urges and callings.

The rotten role models presented by the enemies of the West showcase everything that is wrong with society. These so-called role models emphasize the pursuit of selfish hedonistic pleasure, push notions of rebellion against the elders in society and make fun of tradition and culture. The role models placed in front of young men are no longer warriors, explorers, captains of industry or inventors – they are metro-sexual mixed-up men who blur the lines between male and female.

Metro-sexual men who own hair straighteners, wear make- up, dress in skinny jeans and spend hours in front of the mirror getting ready, do not build strong nations. That is not to say men shouldn’t be well groomed and well presented. The well dressed, groomed and handsome man was the epitome of the Western male. Being well shaved, styling one’s hair and wearing a sharp suit were something to be admired. But when men start wearing make-up, carrying handbags and dressing in clothes that are better suited to women, a line has been crossed and increasingly the Western male is now on the wrong side of that line.

Just as the enemies of the West placed hedonists and feminists in front of young women to turn them away from their natural motherly calling, the enemies of the West placed feminized males in front of young men to break the strong Western man.

We have discussed why strong males are important to Western society – they make good fathers, they build strong communities and they impart order and discipline which enables a strong superego to be imparted to the next generation. A strong shared superego helps a group to pass down their moral values and traditions from generation to generation – something that helps make a society cohesive, as a sense of shared heritage and tradition ties communities together and builds a strong culture.

A strong male is also important to the natural and healthy female. A healthy female chooses to mate with the ‘fittest’ male. The fittest male is not defined by the modern meaning of the word ‘fit’, which relates solely to physical attractiveness. The fittest male is the best provider; he is strong and dominant and is a male that a female can imagine having children with. The female chooses the fittest male on his ability to provide for her and her children and on his ability to act as a protector, guardian, lover, provider and strong father.

As the Western male becomes weak and feminized, no longer presenting an image of strength and masculinity – healthy-minded Western females look elsewhere to find a mate. The enemies of the West know this and are all too quick to present the Western female with a ‘better option’ than the Western male. The future of Western man lies in the wombs of the Western female, but Western man has no future if the wombs of the Western female are occupied by the seed of a foreign people.

Western females who do search for a strong and dominant male are increasingly looking toward other cultures and other racial groups to find that strong male. Other cultures who have not abandoned their traditions and ways of life become a false beacon of hope to these lost Western females who seek a strong alpha male that will provide for them and protect their children. Of course, this only serves to further decrease the Western birth rate and further seal the fate of Western man.

What’s more, as men from other cultures see the decline of the Western male, they increasingly target Western females as easy pickings. These men know the Western female will not be satisfied by the weak emasculated Western male and she will be instead attracted by the strength of a more dominant male that is part of a culture that is healthy and strong. So whilst feminists turn their backs on Western males out of a misguided hatred for men, those Western females who are still in tune with their natural instinct to find the fittest male also turn their backs on the Western male and choose to embrace foreign cultures in order to find a partner.

The feminization of the Western male now starts from a young age and the destruction of purposeful and fulfilling employment and traditional rites of passage have ensured that the boy rarely becomes a man. Poor role models and a media that is intent on pushing the metro-sexual male image further cement this feminization process, imparting a warped vision of an ideal self upon young men that increasingly embrace traditionally feminine pursuits and who choose to present themselves and dress in an increasingly feminine manner.

The reasons for the feminization of the male are all too clear. A feminized male will never make a strong disciplinarian or authority figure and presents a weakened image of the West to men of other cultures. Western women who still have their natural instincts intact turn away from these weak Western males. Instead they seek solace in the arms of strong men from other more dominant cultures, further accelerating the falling Western birth rate.

The enemies of the West fear the strong Western male; that is why they are hell-bent on attacking the structures and ways of life that make the Western male strong. The feminized Western male is not the same man who created Western civilization. Strong men create civilizations, and it takes strong men to defend them.

The graphic below is a prime example of the attack by the enemies of the west on white people by re-enforcing negative images of young white people to a huge internet audience:

In a normal world, the daily “Google-Doodle” of March 31, 2017 would have infuriated Whitelandia. But because the West has ceased being normal, few will see anything wrong with the subversive messaging. Notice how the Jewish girl (the only one with blue eyes) is positioned front & center — the obvious ringleader. The Jewess is flanked by a Muslim girl and a South Indian tranny. The three White males are castoff to the far sides — two of them are crippled and one of them homosexual (as evidenced by the rainbow Google logo G on his shirt).

Everyone has some sort of logo on their shirt — indicating that they belong to some greater group or cause — except for the two non-smiling, isolated and crippled White boys who are barely dangling on either end.  They are nothing. The lone White Christian girl is sandwiched between the Indian tranny and the tall Black boy she will “hook up with” as the dispossessed pathetic little White boy with the cane looks on helplessly. She has no suitable White partners to marry or to mate with here because all of the White boys are either lame or queer.

In the background, a shadowy mob flashes devil’s horn signs. Wow! Jewish-run Google’s message couldn’t possibly be anymore “in-your-face” than this — “Die, White Man, die!” It is indeed “the Kalergi Plan” — a long term scheme based upon genocidal hatred of European Man.

And this is just one example of a myriad number of ways that these same images are pushed out to give the repeated impression that whites are inferior to any other race.

The Effect of a Sexualized and  Promiscuous Society

Imagine the effect it would have on Western society if natural and loving monogamous relationships were undermined. Imagine if sex became just a carnal desire and was divorced from love and emotion. Imagine if everything in Western society was sexualized in order to tempt individuals into giving in to their id, whilst at the same time the superego was undermined in an effort to create a society where wild promiscuous sex was the acceptable
norm. This would undermine marriage, social cohesiveness and most importantly lasting monogamous relationships and the heart of Western society – the nuclear family.

But you do not have to imagine this scenario – the enemies of the West are doing just this. Through the constant sexualization of literally everything we view and interact with and the relentless pushing of pornography, nudity and sexually-charged material, the enemies of the West have undermined love and the loving relationship in an attempt to reduce Western man to a mere sexual beast who craves to fulfill the animalistic desires of the id. Central to this attack on society, and one of the greatest negative influences on both society and the individual, is pornography.

Pornography is one of the most destructive influences on the Western superego. Pornography is simply sex for the sake of sex, pure carnal desires being fulfilled in a soulless and often degrading and debased manner. Pornography does not have a conscience for monogamy; it is by its very nature promiscuous, and the more partners, and often the more people that are involved in the sex act, the better. Pornography fuels the id and undermines the superego; as such it is highly addictive.

The sex acts carried out in pornographic films are not natural and loving sex acts between monogamous partners – but are often brutal and unnatural. The women employed by the porn industry are more often than not extremely beautiful and the acts they partake in are extremely degrading, humiliating and in many cases unnatural. Pornography is not just an attack on the superego and the foundation of the loving relationship, but is a way in which the enemies of the West can revel in the degradation, objectification and humiliation of beautiful Western females.

There is also no doubt that the enemies of the West who push this filth get some sick satisfaction from watching beautiful Western females being degraded and humiliated in violent sexual acts in which they are treated like pieces of meat. The females who star in these films are unloved, unvalued and ultimately are portrayed as nothing more than soulless sexual objects.

This overexposure to sexual material drives perversion, and sick fetishes emerge, further warping the mind of those who indulge in such material. But the problem is everyone indulges in this whether they wish to or not as Western man is now surrounded by pornography and sexually explicit material. Pornography is no longer restricted to dirty back street stores and sweaty truck stops; sadly pornography is now part of the mainstream. ‘Porn stars’ are now seen as celebrities and held up as twisted role models and what would once have been seen as sexually explicit material is now shown on prime-time television.

All of this fuels the id and increases Western man’s drive for sex and sexual release. Western man’s collective consciousness and superego are further damaged as those within Western society look to fulfill their carnal desires as many times as possible with as many partners as possible rather than forming loving bonds with a single partner. The biggest victim of this drive to sexualize Western society is the nuclear family; again the cornerstone of Western civilization is under attack.

But where are the feminists you ask? The feminists should surely be up in arms over pornography and marching on those who produce it! Pornography is sexually degrading and objectifies women, presenting them as mere pieces of meat that are simply there to satisfy male sexual desires. However the feminists are suspiciously silent. The same feminists who attack and picket beauty pageants are nowhere to be seen when it comes to opposing pornography.

Beauty pageants are however not sexual. Beauty pageants seek to hold up Western beauty as an ideal; they are part of the deification of the Western female. Beauty pageants hold up the natural and high ideal of a beautiful and feminine female as a role model and ideal self for young females. Feminism hates femininity and beauty as those are womanly virtues, virtues that the feminist seeks to supplant as they push for the female to become ever more masculine.

So whilst the feminist attacks the beauty pageant and scorns the noble practice of holding up natural beauty and worshiping true femininity, the feminist stays silent on the degrading practices and sexual violence of the porn industry. This is quite simply because both feminism and pornography are weapons used to destroy the West and attack the Western nuclear family. Those behind feminism and pornography are one and the same.

The level of sexualization within society and the availability of sexually explicit material and pornography is frightening – it is a sure sign of the total moral decay of Western society. Sexualized images, sexual themes and an increasingly sexualized sense of attire stirs and arouses the animalistic urges of the id. The highly sexualized society would be bad enough if it were just adults that were exposed to it. Adults with healthy and developed superegos could withstand much of the bombardment of sexualized material as the moral values they held would keep their id in check.

However, the sexualization of society is extended to young people and even children. More and more children are exposed to sexualized themes, sexualized role models, sexual acts depicted on television and in film and even hard-core pornography which is now readily available and easy to access for anyone with the most basic technological skills. This leads to the destruction of the child’s innocence and the sexualization of children. This has a hugely damaging effect on the developing superego and imparts the warped moral values of promiscuous and unnatural sex being healthy, normal and desirable.

The sexualization of children teaches young boys that females are pieces of meat to be objectified and that to have as many partners as possible is a noble and healthy pursuit – it forces the male into thinking that females are not to be loved and cherished but are there simply as sex objects. The sexualization of young girls teaches them that they should present themselves in a sexualized manner for the pleasure of young men and that sexual attention on an animal level should be desirable and sought after.

This leads to an utterly warped set of moral values that, when presented to children, damages the formation of their superego. Without a well-developed superego youngsters are left answering to the call of their id which leads them to pursue a path of selfish and destructive pleasure. What makes this even more damaging is that the drive to sexualize children does not occur in a society where there are healthy role models, parental figures and safeguards to steer children back in the right direction.

Mentally undeveloped children now seek unnatural sexual relations fueled by their exposure to pornography and sexualized images presented by the media. These youngsters crave warped, unnatural and often degrading sexual encounters which take place without love or emotional value. These children do not care for the consequences of their actions and are not capable of dealing with those consequences if they occur. The sexualization of Western youth is one of the most grotesque and damaging attacks on Western man and Western civilization.

The destruction of the loving and healthy sexual relationship undermines the very core of Western society. Humans are a higher form of being, and sex has evolved from an animalistic sexual act to a spiritual and loving coming together of two compatible individuals. Once love is removed from the sexual equation we are reduced back to the level of animals – and what more could the enemies of the West want than to see Western man reduced to the level of debased cattle?

The Destruction of the Western Mind

The enemies of the West have sought to undermine Western civilization by attacking its very foundations. The same devious individuals have also worked to undermine the structures and safeguards that have been erected in order to protect and strengthen Western society. The aim of this wicked scheme is to destroy the Western superego – Western man’s highly developed shared mental consciousness.

By breaking the Western superego the enemies of the West seek to erase Western culture and the traditions and moral values that have been passed down from generation to generation within Western society. Once the culture that binds Western man together as a group and allows those within Western society to relate to one another is dead, Western civilization shall not long follow it and Western man will face extinction.

Western man faces losing his mind, body, soul and his once mighty Western heart. Each of these four components is an important part of what made Western man the indomitable titan he once was. In order to break the four components that made Western man such a titan, the enemies of the West had to devise a way of twisting Western man’s mind in order to make Western man susceptible to ideas that would otherwise seem insane.

To convince a people to abandon their partners and families, to convince a people to abandon their communities and culture and to convince females to rebel against their male counterparts would undermine any society. Ultimately these attacks on the West are an attempt to break the Western superego, but such a group of concerted attacks had to be carefully planned and carefully executed. Crucially these attacks had to begin somewhere – but where?

The attack on Western society began with the attack on the Western mind. The first logical place to strike is the psyche, as once the mind is reduced in its capacity to reason and the hardened mental fortitude of a people is turned to jelly, those people can be convinced of anything. Enslaving people and manipulating them by force whilst keeping them in chains is difficult and requires huge amounts of manpower and resources. To enslave Western man by subjugating him physically and putting him in chains would be unthinkable.

Western man could not have been tamed or defeated by any other race or culture on the planet in a conventional and physical sense. But imagine a situation where the mind of Western man was slowly broken down over time and the chains placed upon him were not physical but mental – where the cage that held him was not one made of iron or steel but was an invisible and intangible form of mental bondage that controlled his mind.

What could be a more ideal form of slavery than one that does not require chains, guards and constant supervision, but instead the slave is kept in place by his own subservient mental state? But what would make this devious trick even more impressive is if the slave didn’t even realize he was a slave and instead thought himself to be free. For a man to believe he was free when in fact he was actually enslaved would be the greatest trick ever pulled. The most powerful cage that can be placed around a man is the illusion that he is in fact free – for when a man believes he is free he would never seek to escape his cage or rebel against his captor.

What’s more, once the mind is enslaved and has a reduced capacity for reason, then thoughts, ideas and notions can easily be implanted in the mind regardless of their merit. Once the mind has been lost the other constituent parts of Western man – the body, soul and heart – could be attacked with ease by means of simply implanting further negative thoughts in the enslaved and impressionable mind.

Western man did not lose his mind overnight; he wasn’t subdued in days, weeks or even years. It took decades of careful manipulation and brainwashing for him to be subdued to the degree he is today. At first Western man’s mind was not bombarded with damaging material – at first Western man was drip-fed mental poison and over time those drips became a flow and in greater time that flow became a torrent. The poison fed to Western man was a highly toxic message of false moral values fed to him by the mass media. Over decades the enemies of the West who control the media have manipulated everything Western man has seen, read and heard. The brainwashing process has been slow, but it has been stunningly effective.

The brainwashing Western man underwent was not administered in an overt way. People were not dragged out of their homes at night and forced into gulags where they were subjected to mental torture against their will. Western man was not chained to walls or tied to tables screaming in agony as his captors beat new ideas into him. Western man was brainwashed in the comfort of his own home, in fact he chose to turn on the device that imparted that brainwashing and he willingly gathered around it with his wife and family. Western man was not coerced; he was not bullied or beaten, and he went willingly to the re-education classes.

The mass media is firmly in the grasp of the enemies of the West. The film industry, the music industry, the broadcasting media and the press are all under the control of those who wish to see the West fall. These different arms of the media use their respective channels to poison the minds of the Western populace and constantly pump out a torrent of damaging material intent on poisoning the Western mind.

This is not a new phenomenon; it has not been something that has come about over the last five or ten years, but is a long-standing and developed attack that has been taking place for decades. What’s more, this attack has accelerated as the media’s power has increased due to technological advancements and the increasingly connected nature of the world.

Had the mental assault on Western man begun with a torrent of obvious and outrageous degeneracy, then people would have been less likely to accept what was being pushed, so the assault on decency started slowly and increased over time.

Yet those who wish to see Western civilization crumble would tell you that the process you are reading about is simply ‘progress’, indeed the message being pushed has progressed, but that progression is anything but positive. There is however one area where Western society does seem to carry on progressing – and that is in the sphere of technology. Sadly though, the enemies of the West have used this technology against Western man and Western man’s own industrious and inventive nature has been turned against him.

One of the most influential and world changing inventions of the 20 century would speed the decline of the West exponentially. That invention was the television. The filth being produced to warp the Western mind was no longer confined to the big screen or the radio – but the poison was now being beamed into homes and mesmerizing families who gathered around this new technological marvel. Of the shows broadcast none were more addictive nor more destructive than the soap opera – daily tales of ‘ordinary’ people’s lives that always seemed to showcase the worst and most degenerate aspects of society and play them out as if they were the norm.

Now imagine if a show that placed an emphasis on family life always showcased the worst of family life – rather than showcasing cohesive families that got on with one another, the show centered on families that argued, families where the mother and father had extramarital affairs, families that stole from each other and families where the children sought to undermine their parents. This is exactly what the soap opera does; it is a series of intertwining stories that showcase negative drama that would be undesirable in any functioning family unit.

Over time the soap opera seeks to normalize negative behavior and instill a sense of false reality in the viewer. The goal of the soap opera is to make the viewer believe that the families being portrayed on the screen are normal and that their behavior is acceptable. These repeated messages slowly creep into the collective consciousness of those who sit glued to their televisions with the intention of altering the actions and behavior of the viewer. Over time the viewer becomes used to seeing families fighting, couples cheating on one another and friction between individuals within a community. The viewer eventually sees such behavior as normal and as a result begins to replicate this negative behavior within their day-to-day life.

Soap operas also present other social issues in a light that serves the agenda of the enemies of the West. Whether it is the acceptance of abortion, divorce, homosexuality or to normalization of the multicultural society – soap operas are always the first to broach these subjects. As with films, soap operas start pushing their message in a moderate fashion and then push the envelope further and further.

An increasing number of people cannot even differentiate between what is reality and what is fiction and these people actually see characters portrayed by actors and actresses as real-life people who face real life problems and issues.

When people view fantasy as reality, and the fantasy they view constantly pushes a negative message of discord, division and actions that are not conducive to a stable society, is it any wonder Western society has fallen so far?

Not all people watch soaps though and many people can still see that a soap opera is a work of fiction. But it isn’t just fictional works of television and film that seek to warp the mind of Western man – news and current affairs programs are also used to the same effect. The very programs that are meant to report the news insert political and social messages into their commentary which are invariably unconducive to a healthy Western mind and the continued existence of Western man.

The news is always told from a narrow perspective and current affairs are always presented within a narrow political spectrum that always leans to the left. Political commentators are nearly always on board with the message that the enemies of the West wish to push, and on the rare occasion when a dissenting voice is allowed to challenge the prevailing dogma, that voice is quickly shouted down and ridiculed. Current affairs shows and debates even go as far as having specially selected audiences that cheer and boo on demand in order to give the appearance that the public support the charade that is taking place.

These controlled debates and narrow discussions on current affairs and the state of the nation are to give the illusion of choice. Again Western man believes he is free; Western man believes there is choice and believes that there is genuine discourse between those who hold different opinions. However this discourse is no different than watching a choreographed fight where the outcome is predetermined. In current affairs debates all roads end up leading to the same destination – whilst at the same time giving the illusion of freedom and choice.

The Western mind has been broken by a sustained attack by the media. Not only has the message presented by the media been negative and destructive, but that message has consistently become more and more negative and destructive over time.

The enemies of the West have been ever more audacious in pushing the envelope and consistently pushed the boundaries of taste, plumbing new lows with each passing year. Yet despite the media’s output becoming ever more degenerate, the core message has remained the same – it has always been one designed to undermine and break the Western superego.

Western man will never sit in chains and shackles made of iron, because they are not necessary. Western man already sits in a cage that has been constructed in his own mind – Western man is a prisoner of the media.

If Western man is to ever free himself and rise again, his first step must be to break the mental chains placed upon him. Western man must free his mind and clear the misty fog that clouds his judgement. To defeat the enemies of the West, Western man must first be able to see through the lies he has been told and understand the pitfalls placed in front of him. The first thing Western man must do is break free from the media’s iron grip.

The Destruction of the Western Body

The enemies of any nation know that to weaken the bodies of the people who make up that nation would undermine the nation itself. By making a people weak, by robbing them of their ability to defend themselves and by poisoning or breaking their bodies, the community in which those people live is put at risk and becomes increasingly attractive prey to potential predators. But how can the enemies of the West effectively go about weakening the physical form of Western man?

As discussed earlier, the first logical place to strike is the mind, as once the mind is reduced in its capacity to reason and the hardened mental fortitude of a people is turned to jelly, those people can be convinced of anything. The attack on the Western body has intensified as the Western mind has been overcome.

A weakened mental state allows for a subject to be manipulated far more easily. Once the mind has been conquered, unhealthy ideas and theories which would once have been disregarded by an able mind can easily be implanted and seen as healthy. Whereas the healthy mind will reject notions that would lead to the harm of the individual and the destruction of the individual’s body, the unhealthy mind can easily be persuaded that these destructive notions are in fact sound.

The old phrase ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ rings true. When the mind is healthy, so will be the body as the outward reflection of inner mental health and strength is a strong and healthy body. The enemies of the West know this, they also know that by defeating both the mind and the body of Western man, Western man will completely be at the mercy of his enemies and simply be a shadow of his former self.

To convince a sane man to ingest poison and to convince him to commit insane and self-destructive acts would be difficult if nigh- on impossible. However to convince an insane man to ingest poison and harm himself through self-destructive acts would be like pushing at an open door. The enemies of the West know this and that is why they set about destroying Western man’s mind first and foremost, as with the mind broken it would then be so much easier to destroy Western man’s once healthy body.

Just as Western man has been enslaved by subtle and devious means and held in servitude by invisible chains and cages that exist only in his mind, Western man’s body is not poisoned by force either. No one is dragged off to medical facilities and tied to beds to have their poison administered by force; no one has their nose held and the poison poured down their throat against their will. In fact quite the opposite is true, Western man takes his own poison without the need for force as he willfully destroys his own body in acts that amount to no more than self-harm.

The once proud, strong and healthy Western warrior and explorer is now an obese and unhealthy slob confined to his couch as those who control the mass media pump ever more garbage into his head as he shovels ever more garbage into his mouth. As a result of this, the Western population’s level of physical fitness has declined dramatically over the last few decades, and the size of Western man’s waist has increased considerably.

The enemies of the West have pushed the envelope with health just as they pushed the envelope with the poison they poured into the Western mind. Just as it became acceptable to push ever more degenerate nonsense in both music and film, it has become more and more acceptable to become increasingly unhealthy. This acceptance for obesity and unhealthy living has even culminated in what is termed the ‘body acceptance’ movement.

The Western obesity epidemic is not just reducing the capacity of Western man as a fighter, a pioneer and an explorer – but it also brings with it a myriad of health problems. This kind of gluttony represents another triumph of the id over the superego. Eating is a natural drive and as such is governed by the id; it is a desire that we wish to satisfy and when that desire is satisfied we feel good. However a developed superego would control the desire to eat and curb overindulgence. Once the superego is weakened and the id can take control, we seek constant satisfaction and as a result the individual simply eats as a form of pleasure without a thought for the consequences.

Unhealthy food options are also constantly promoted by the enemies of the West through the television and the media. The Western mind is bombarded with adverts – many of which are aimed at young children in order to corrupt their young minds and get them hooked early on poisonous junk food and unhealthy snacks.

It is not enough that Western folk are being poisoned and turned from healthy people into an overweight and unhealthy collection of food addicts – but now the same people who gave us bad role models, media poison and feminism now tell us that fat is ‘beautiful’ and health can come at any size. As Western beauty and femininity is attacked through degrading sexual practices in pornography, it is also attacked through the promotion of unhealthy living and obesity.

The Western female was deified for her beauty and her femininity, inspiring generations of Western society and being the subject of Western poetry, song, literature and art. Whilst the Western female had natural curves, she was not covered in rolls of unsightly fat. To see a bloated and swollen female is to see a perversion of beauty, a twisted vision of what women should aim to be and what men should aspire to be with.

Yet now feminists and those behind the negative role models foisted upon our youth give us the ‘plus sized’ model, ‘fat activist’ and the aforementioned body acceptance movement. The plus sized model is in itself an oxymoron – a model is by its very definition ‘a thing used as an example to follow or imitate’. How on earth is an overweight, greedy, self-indulgent and unhealthy individual an ‘example to follow or imitate’? The answer is simple – they are not, but neither are the other role models being pushed upon impressionable young minds.

The feminist will be quick to tell you that it is not obesity that is the problem, but in fact anorexia and bulimia are what plague the modern female, and the cause of these plagues is an unscrupulous and male-dominated fashion industry. This can be easily debunked as less than 0.3 per cent of the population suffer from those forms of eating disorder, compared to 67 per cent of men and 57 per cent of women being either overweight or obese. Anorexia and bulimia are terrible mental issues, but they are not a plague on society of the same scale as obesity.

The obesity epidemic not only robs Western man of his ability to fight and undermines community cohesion, but it also robs Western man of his ability to reproduce. Obesity is known to be linked with a reduced fertility rate – and a low birth rate is already a critical problem faced by Western man. By literally poisoning their bodies with unhealthy food, Western males and Western females have reduced their capacity to bear children. Not only is the Western mind being twisted to see child-rearing as undesirable, but Western man is increasingly physically unable to procreate.

A rapid increase in size may be the biggest and most obvious change Western man’s body has undergone, but the negative role models pushed upon younger generations are quick to promote other vices that can destroy the body and tear apart a community far quicker than junk food and excess weight.

Both alcohol abuse and drug abuse have dramatically increased in Western society and have taken hold of younger generations as negative role models have glorified substance abuse, binge drinking and a hedonistic ‘party’ lifestyle. Role models that are promoted in both film and music have always pushed the themes of rebellion and living for the moment without a thought for the consequences.

Western man must rediscover his roots and reconnect with natural food and natural healthy pursuits and once again take up the struggle of self-improvement in order to better himself. If the time ever comes where you are forced to defend yourself and your loved ones, make sure you can do so to the best of your ability. It is better to die on your feet with your sword in your hand as you defend your loved ones than to sit in your armchair as a helpless and bloated slob as your family and community perish!

The Effect of Materialism

People now live for the acquisition of material items and every week millions flock to department stores, supermarkets and shopping centers in order to spend money on items they believe will enhance their lives and bring them happiness. These temples of consumerism are neither homely, natural nor are they in any way fulfilling – yet they have become the new places of worship for Western man. As cashiers ring up endless transactions, the consumer clamors to purchase items in a vain attempt to fill the void they feel at the center of their being, a void created by their neglect of genuine spiritual pursuits.

In the short term these purchased items do bring excitement and happiness and a small buzz – but soon that buzz wears off. In the modern world everything is readily available and as a result people are used to excess and accustomed to getting exactly what they desire. This lack of scarcity ensures the individual does not cherish the items they purchase as they might cherish a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. Everything is disposable and this is reflected in the way we treat our possessions. A key part of the problem we face is that we rarely need what we buy. We buy items because we want them, not because we need them; our desires are not driven by necessity but by materialistic greed.

As the items we purchase no longer mean anything to us and the products we crave do not bring lasting happiness, we increasingly discard and disrespect our possessions. Soon people are not buying items because they need them or even because they want them – they are buying for the sake of buying. We have become habituated to walking around shopping centers at the weekend spending money on whatever grabs our attention as we crave the instant gratification we gain from the act of purchasing on impulse.

But that is the problem – we have started to derive pleasure from the act of buying itself – and the more we spend and the higher the bill, the more we feel we are elevated above others around us. People now compete with one another based on what they have purchased and how much money they have spent. Western man has become a slave to consumerism – buying for the sake of buying in order gain attention and one-upmanship over one’s peers.

This grotesque materialism is endorsed by bad role models and reinforced by the vacuous celebrity culture that influences the mind of Western man. Bizarre social rules emerge; females are told they should never wear the same dress twice, men are told that the price of their bar tab is a status symbol and far more important than the taste of the liquor being drunk, and we are all told that the number of bags we carry home is directly proportional to our level of happiness. This warped morality colors our vision and affects the way we value everything in our lives: materialism has become Western man’s new god!

So as Western man rushes to worship at the temple of materialism, he spends, spends and spends some more until he has nothing left. Then he spends some more – because why should he save for something he can have tomorrow when he can borrow the shortfall and have what he desires today? This is exactly what the enemies of the West have planned, and in Western man’s rush to own everything and keep up with his neighbors, he applies for credit cards, payday loans and borrows from wherever he can. Western man is then reduced to no more than a financial slave, forever in the debt of shady money lenders and crooks.

As Western man’s pursuit of materialism intensifies, his debts rise. Western man finds himself with less and less disposable income and this financial pressure begins to affect his personal relationships, often forcing Western man to the suicidal conclusion that he can’t afford to breed. After all what could be a bigger financial commitment than a child? Not only has Western man replaced true spirituality with the pursuit of materialism, but Western man has allowed materialism to become a barrier to the most natural callings in life – building a family and having children.

The enemies of the West must be rubbing their hands with glee. The once great Western man, mentally enslaved, physically enfeebled and spiritually bereft – but also financially shackled and in debt to the very people who wish to see the West fall.

The void we feel at the center of our very being cannot be filled with material goods; as such our devotion to materialism must be broken. Materialism is not a means to an end; it is a means to enslave Western man through usury and debt.

The Destruction of the Western Heart

The enemies of the West have concocted the most devious of schemes in order to break the Western heart. Just like many of their other plots, this scheme begins with their careful use of the media and the promotion of bad role models which are designed to warp the Western mind. Once the Western mind is broken the enemies of the West can manipulate all facets of Western man. This is exactly how the enemies of the West have sought to undermine the Western heart and this attack can be summed up in two words – white guilt.

Link to the interview above with Kevin MacDonald

To make a race or culture hate themselves would be the most powerful way to ensure the destruction of that race or culture as it would rob them of their ability to defend themselves and even cause that race or culture to wish for their own destruction. This feeling of self-hatred has been instilled in Western man by a prolonged and sustained campaign of lies and half-truths intended to make Western man feel guilty for everything he has accomplished, everything he is and ultimately for even merely existing.

Those who control the media and those who have undermined and hijacked the education system have slowly introduced this guilt and self-loathing into almost every level of Western consciousness. This has been done through several highly effective attacks which have originated from twisted portrayals of slavery, the West’s colonial past and of course the holy grail of guilt and self-loathing – the holocaust.

By rewriting history or by presenting historical snapshots in a manner where they are no longer viewed within the correct context or from the correct perspective, the enemies of the West have managed to ensure that generations of Western youth actively despise their own ancestors. This is of course an attack on the superego, as the superego is a way of preserving morals, values and traditions and ensuring they are passed down from generation to
generation. By making the young distrust or despise their own ancestors ensures the death of tradition and heritage, as who would want to follow in the footsteps of those they hated?

When it comes to the notion of white guilt, nothing is pushed more strongly nor made more prominent in the minds of Western people than the holocaust. The holocaust is the alleged extermination of six million Jews at the hands of the German people during World War 2. The level of hysteria that surrounds the holocaust is so great that it is actually illegal in many countries to question any aspect of the holocaust’s authenticity.

The holocaust is taught in schools and presented in the media as the greatest single act of evil that has ever taken place – and of course, that it was Western man and his drive for nationalism that caused such an evil act to occur. The holocaust has been elevated to a level of importance so great that it has its own worldwide day of remembrance, and a multi-million dollar industry exists to push the established narrative. The holocaust industry churns out movies, books and television shows on a regular basis to ensure that the holocaust is constantly kept in the collective mind of Western man.

The holocaust is particularly important as not only is the holocaust presented as the most evil act to have ever taken place – but the motivation for this act was not simply greed, but Western man’s drive for nationalism. So in essence the motto of this story is that Western man’s own love for his people and culture and his will for self-determination led directly to the greatest crime to ever have taken place in the history of humanity. The message imparted to future generations is clear – not only should Western man feel guilty for the crimes of his ancestors, but Western man’s brutality and cruelty is at its worst when he pursues a path of nationalism.

The important question one must ask is clear: in a world where every single detail of history can be questioned, debated and investigated, why is it that one single historical issue should be off limits for any kind of debate or investigation, and why are those who seek to debate or investigate that issue threatened with the full force of the law and the loss of their liberties?

It is often said that the truth does not fear investigation. Yet the holocaust has been elevated to a special level of importance and has become an almost unquestionable truth as if it were a holy teaching central to a religious cult. Like a religious cult, the industry surrounding the holocaust is so zealous that anyone who dares whisper even the mildest doubt over the authenticity of any detail of the established holocaust narrative is hounded and attacked until they are made an outcast and shunned by the rest of society.

The holocaust, slavery and colonialism have been used as sticks with which to beat Western man and instill within him a sense of guilt and self-hatred. This self-hatred and guilt is expressed most easily in a single word, a word so powerful that it can silence any man, end any debate and once uttered against a man can literally make him a pariah – that word is ‘racist’. The word ‘racist’ is so powerful that grown men cower when it is used as a weapon against them.

The word ‘racist’ is the modern day equivalent of the word ‘witch’. Just as the accusation of being a witch could see an individual face a death sentence, today the accusation of being a ‘racist’ can cause an individual to lose their job, lead to their incarceration in prison and ultimately isolate them and leave them as an outcast from society. But just like with the accusation of being a witch, there is very little defense one can use when accused of being a racist other than to grovel, creep and beg in the most craven manner.

The word ‘racist’ has turned Western man into a creature that can only be equated with a whipped dog. On the cry of that one word Western man rolls over and begs for mercy – just as an abused animal would. White guilt, self-hatred and the word ‘racist’ have been used to break the Western heart and subdue Western bravery and courage in order to prevent Western man from standing up in the defense of his own people. Western man is now so cowed that he dare not speak out against any foreign enemy or threat to his people for fear of being branded a ‘racist’.

There is no better example of this than in the northern town of Rotherham. Over 1400 Western girls were systematically groomed, sexually assaulted and raped by Muslim men who were overwhelmingly of foreign descent. Let’s look at this horrendous series of acts and examine them in more detail – and ask what was truly shocking about these horrendous crimes.

Was it truly shocking that gangs of Muslim men sought to exploit Western females? The answer is no. When looking at the treatment of women in Islamic countries – especially the treatment of female non-believers – sexual abuse is often common. What’s more, the grooming of Western girls by Muslim men had been known about for roughly a decade before the grooming of Western girls in Rotherham made national headlines. The actions of these men, while sickening, should not have come as a shock to anyone.

Was it truly shocking that these acts were covered up by the local establishment – politicians and the police? Again the answer is no. It is of no surprise that those motivated by greed – whether it be greed for political power or monetary gain – should cover up vile acts in order to personally profit. Throughout history powerful individuals and groups have covered up criminality and wrongdoing for personal gain. The police officers and politicians who played a part in covering up the grooming of young girls in Rotherham are despicable and should all have been tried for their complicity in these crimes. But the fact that the police and the political establishment were complicit in such crimes should shock no one.

What is truly shocking is that the local community whose daughters were being preyed upon did nothing. The truly jaw- dropping fact that underlies this whole sorry tale is that the local community stood by and let this sickening abuse continue. Grown men chose to watch in silence as their daughters were taken away to be sexually abused, rather than run the risk of being called a ‘racist’ for speaking out or fighting back, and defending their loved ones.

Make no mistake – the most sickening aspect of the scandal in Rotherham was that no one stood up to what was happening. The community never came together to defend their daughters. Fathers never put up a fight against the men who called at their homes after dark with the intention of abusing their children. What’s more, the people of Rotherham did not turn on the police nor did they string up the politicians who were complicit in covering up these crimes – in fact they voted them back into power.

Western man chose to let his daughters be raped rather than risk being called a racist. This is the breaking of the Western heart and the destruction of Western bravery and courage; Western man is now a whipped dog racked with guilt and self-loathing and can be brought to his knees with the use of mere words.

The bravery and courage that Western man was famed for, and that held the world in awe, is now a thing of the past. Western folk have become conditioned to hate themselves through an onslaught of material created to instill guilt in those who view it. Through the bending and manipulation of history Western youngsters have been taught to hate and despise their own ancestors and reject their own culture and heritage.

Western man now walks with his head bowed. He fears speaking his mind and is kept in line not by the rod or the stick but by words like ‘racist’ and feelings of false guilt that have been forced upon him. Just as Western man has been enslaved by ideals implanted in his own mind, just as Western man poisons his own body by choice – Western man also is in effect his own warden, regulating his own speech and actions in order to ensure he does not break the rules imposed on him by his mortal enemies.

As Europe becomes ever more multicultural, as different cultures vie for power and position within Western cities and towns, conflict will naturally arise. Western man will increasingly be the loser in these conflicts as he now lacks the ability to defend himself, his loved ones and his community. Western man is now so conditioned that he would rather roll over and die than defend himself and risk being called a ‘racist’.

Western man is a shadow of his former self: his mind enslaved, his body weakened, his spirit corrupted and the courage and bravery he once possessed radically diminished. The enemies of the West have ripped out the very heart of Western man and left him at the mercy of any foreign foe that chooses to see him and his family as worthy prey.”(2)

The Extinction of the White Race

“White Nationalists frequently claim that the current social and political system has put our race on the road to biological extinction. If present trends are not reversed, whites will disappear as a distinct race.

To many whites, this sounds like an absurd and alarmist claim, given that there are anywhere from 700 million to one billion of us on the planet today. Part of that skepticism is simply psychological denial in the face of an unpleasant prospect. Non-whites seldom show skepticism about white extinction. Indeed, our enemies take our eventual disappearance for granted and openly gloat about our decline.

White extinction is not an alarmist fantasy, but an alarming fact, the inevitable conclusion of sober, informed analysis.

White extinction is a plausible idea, not a far-fetched and fanciful one.

Given present trends, white extinction is not just possible, but inevitable.

Human beings do have an advantage over other species: our intelligence and creativity can allow us to discover and defeat the causes of extinction. Unfortunately, that same intelligence is now being used to create artificial conditions that promote white extinction. Extinctions are divided into natural and man-made (like the dodo and the passenger pigeon).

White extinction is not natural but man-made. Thus, if our race is to survive, the first thing we must do is not defeat nature, but other men.

Extinction is not merely the death of all members of a race. After all, every living thing dies. But if all the members of a race die without replacing themselves, then the race becomes extinct. Thus extinction is not merely death—which comes to us all—but failure to reproduce. Extinction is inevitable if a race fails to reproduce itself. Extinction just is failure to reproduce.

For the existing white population to reproduce itself, each couple must average 2.1 children—2 children to replace themselves, and .1 to replace the race by taking up the slack of those who fail to reproduce at all. The image of a “normal” family—father, mother, and two children—is actually the happy, smiling face of racial annihilation, for if sub-replacement fertility persists long enough—if more people die than are born—our race will eventually cease to exist. If you subtract units from a finite set long enough, you will reach zero. If you take more money out of your account than you put in, you will reach zero. It is simple, mathematical necessity, first-order arithmetic.

Having a third child is the difference between contributing to the death or the growth of our race.  Unfortunately, white birth rates as a whole and in every white country are below replacement. This means that white extinction is inevitable if current trends are not reversed.

What are the causes of reproductive failure, i.e., extinction? Biologists give four basic causes:

  1. Loss of habitat, meaning the environment necessary for sustaining and reproducing the species. Loss of habitat can take place through sudden or slow geological or climate change, the loss of food sources, etc.
  2. Invasive species, meaning competition for resources by another species in the same ecological niche.
  3. Hybridization, meaning reproduction, but not reproduction of one’s distinct biological type. Hybridization is only possible if a sufficiently similar species invades one’s ecological niche.
  4. Excessive predation, meaning that a species is killed by predators faster than it can reproduce itself. Predation includes epidemics. Excessive predation is, in effect, genocide: the killing off of an entire group. Genocide can, however, be divided into hot and cold varieties. Hot genocide is the quick and violent extermination of a group. Cold genocide is the slow destruction of a group simply by establishing conditions that make its long-term survival impossible. Cold genocide could, therefore, also include the other causes of extinction: habitat loss, invasive species, and hybridization.

All of these causes of extinction can be natural or man-made.

Now let’s examine our ongoing extinction in terms of these four biological causes.

Habitat loss: the ongoing conquest of nature through white science and technology would seem to be expanding white habitats. Man can live at the north and south poles, and the bottom of the oceans. But there is a sense in which white reproduction is suffering due to habitat loss: whites do not reproduce in unsafe environments, and one of the greatest causes of unsafe breeding environments is the presence of non-whites.

Now, in the past, whites had high birth-rates while surrounded by non-whites. But these non-whites were enslaved or otherwise subordinate and forced to emulate white standards of behavior. So whites specifically feel unsafe around free and feral non-white populations.

The search for safe white breeding spaces is one of the driving forces behind suburbanization and exurbanization since the collapse of white supremacy, the emancipation of indigenous non-white populations, and the flooding of white lands by non-white immigrants.

One could argue that the mere presence of non-whites in white breeding spaces is not sufficient to suppress white fertility, since non-whites are feared specifically as potential sources of resource competition, hybridization, and predation, which brings us to the other causes of white extinction.

Invasive species: whites in virtually every white nation are now facing demographic competition from non-white immigrants. Even if non-white immigration is cut off, whites will still face demographic competition from existing non-white populations which are usually more fertile than whites.

Hybridization: race-mixing or miscegenation is a form of reproduction, in the sense that both parties pass their genes on to the next generation. But it is simultaneously a cause of racial extinction, since it fails to reproduce the racial type. Miscegenation is inevitable if different human races are allowed to associate freely in the same environment. Thus in the past, when racial integrity was valued, there were social and legal barriers to miscegenation in multiracial societies. Those barriers have been swept away.

But people are not merely “free” to miscegenate. Miscegenation is actively encouraged by the media, educational system and politicians.

Miscegenation is also being forced upon whites by inter-racial rape, which is almost always perpetrated by non-white men on white women. This form of rape is also being actively promoted by cultural phenomena such as pornography and non-white resentment mongering, and by social policies that encourage non-white immigration, the integration of white and non-white populations, and failure to adequately police and punish non-white criminals. Fortunately, most white rape victims have access to abortion.


Predation: whites are not currently being subjected to fast, hot, across-the-board genocide, except in South Africa, and the presence of large, hostile, violent, unsegregated, and poorly-policed non-white populations contributes to white extinction by causing the murder of white children and fertile adults and causing other whites to restrict their fertility because of unsafe reproductive environments.”(1)

South African Genocide

“Since Nelson Mandela and the communist African National Congress (ANC) took over South Africa, more than 70,000 whites have been murdered and untold numbers have been robbed, raped and tortured.

But you will not hear about this in the Western media, which fawns over the black terrorists who now run the once-prosperous country.

Claudia Bryan is a South African activist living in London. Her grandmother owned a bakery in South Africa. One day six blacks entered the bakery and gang-raped her. They then tried to shoot her. The gun jammed. In anger they gang raped her again and the 70-something woman died. Robbery was not the motive.”(4)


“Every white person fears for his physical safety. Crime—murder, robbery and rape—is rampant. South Africa has the highest rape rate in the world and the second highest murder rate, making the country more dangerous than most parts of Iraq.

Most victims and perpetrators are black. Rapes are rampant in black schools, and parents often accept a small sum of money as financial compensation for their raped daughter rather than going to the corrupt or incompetent police.

The website “GenocideWatch.com” observes: “About 50 people on average are murdered in South Africa per day, of which at least 20 of them are whites (95% black-on-white murder rate). Please take into consideration that white people make up only 9% (4,500,000) of the demographics in South Africa, and therefore the white murder rate in South Africa is quite significant.”

Over 70,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa since power was handed to the ANC. Over 5,000 farmers have been murdered. Many of these killings involve hideous torture. An old terrorist chant of the ANC is: “Shoot the farmer! Kill the Boer!” This song has been sung in recent times even by President Jacob Zuma.”(4)

“What is going on in South Africa is a slow genocide of the white population. The mounting homicidal violence against whites, the denial of access to jobs for whites and the erasing of their history and culture mean genocide on the installment plan. Could America be next?”(4)


“In the case of white extinction, all of these causes are man-made. Whites suffer habitat loss, invasion, hybridization, and predation from non-whites because of social policies that have dismantled white supremacy and segregation in multiracial societies, promoted non-white immigration into formerly white societies, dismantled barriers to miscegenation and actively promoted it, and promoted non-white predation by importing and/or emancipating and integrating non-white populations and failing to adequately police and punish them.

In addition to purely biological causes of white extinction, we are also facing distinctly cultural causes. These fall into two basic categories: ideological and technological. Ideological causes of white extinction include individualism, celibacy, feminism and other forms of sex-role confusion, misplaced environmentalism, and white demonization and guilt, all of which promote reproductive failure. Such ideologies were, of course, little threat to white survival until the invention of cheap and reliable birth control technologies.”(1)

“So if the death of the West is rapidly approaching, and if the death of the West does not come about through civil strife or war, how will it occur? Quite simply the death of the West will come about through demographic change – it will happen house by house, street by street and town by town. It will be a slow process that accelerates over time until Western man is a minority in his own lands and is finally bred out of existence. This will not be genocide by the sword or by the gun, but genocide through diversity and creeping demographic change.

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants flood Western nations each year. As those immigrants have a much higher birth rate, and because Western man’s birth rate is in such shocking decline, the trend is clear. As time goes by Western man will become less dominant within the overall population until eventually he becomes a minority in his own land. It will start with houses in the same streets being slowly bought up by those from the same ethnic group who wish to live close by one another. Then when several streets are all made up of one ethnicity, the area will then slowly transform with shops, community centers and religious buildings being erected to serve the immigrant population. Eventually, as more and more of that ethnic group cluster together and as they have more and more children, it will not just be streets or areas that change, but whole towns and cities.

Of course none of this happens overnight; it is a slow and creeping process and one that is aided by Western man himself. Western man now has fewer children and is increasingly eager to sell up and move away from areas experiencing demographic change. Western man does this in order to escape the issue that surrounds him and pretend it isn’t happening – after all to oppose this demographic change would put Western man in jeopardy of being branding a racist! We have already seen that Western man’s birth rate has fallen to a low of 1.3, a critical low from which there may well be no coming back.

The ethnic groups coming to the West have a booming population and the sound of their children playing will fill the streets, conversely the sound of the coughs and splutters of Western man will fill retirement homes. The youthful and strong immigrant communities that have been formed in Western cities will grow and flourish, whilst the Western population literally withers and dies. There will be no need for civil conflict or a war that engulfs nations – the war will be won slowly and the West will die a prolonged and undignified death.

By the middle of the 21 century, Western man will no longer be the majority in most Western nations. By that time, the whole political and social landscape in the West will have changed so dramatically that the West will effectively be on its deathbed. Those fantasizing over a civil war or wishing for a glorious fightback will no longer be in any position to stage that fightback – the demographic shift will leave Western man as a disparate minority seeking individual safety.

Granted, immigrant communities may well be more brazen when demographics have shifted further in their favor. It is highly likely that Western man will increasingly be the victim of racially or religiously motivated attacks. Western man will most likely bear witness to skirmishes that see what is left of his community being forced out of areas where he has become a minority. What’s more, Western man will likely be admonished for not following the religious or cultural rules that have been imposed upon him by the immigrant population. But if Western man is not fighting back against these things now, when he is a majority, he certainly won’t be fighting back against them as an aging minority that has experienced decades more of the brainwashing and white guilt pushed by the media.

Western man may well see racially or religiously motivated rioting increase within the towns and cities where he was once a majority. Civil disorder and violence directed against Western man by those from immigrant communities may well also increase over time. What’s more, the rioting and civil disorder may well last for days or even weeks at a time. There may be cases where Western man forms small pockets of resistance against such violence. But without an organized community, without shared morals, without deeper and spiritually meaningful priorities there will be no organized nationwide fightback. What’s more, anyone planning such a fightback will have the spectre of the word ‘racist’ hanging over them.

As this all unfolds – as the madness reaches a crescendo and the decay of Western civilization accelerates – what of Western man, what will become of him? As things get worse – which they inevitably will, as cities and towns become foreign places and Western man becomes a stranger in his own land – most Western folk won’t even notice. Western man will be too busy partying, consuming and cocooning himself in his own private world. Western man will fiddle as ‘Rome burns’.

How to Prevent White Extinction

“In a way, it is fortunate that the causes of white extinction are man-made, because all of them are within our power to correct. There are two things that we must do.

In the short run, we need to raise white birthrates. This is not a long-run solution, because the problem is not that there are too few whites but too many non-whites. From an ecological point of view, a stable population of a billion or even half-a-billion whites is not necessarily a good thing. We cannot define victory as a population race with fast-breeding non-whites until the globe is laid waste.

But in the short term, we need to halt the decline of our race until we can put long term solutions into place.

In the long run, however, White Nationalism is the only real solution for the problem of white extinction.

The biological causes of white extinction can be addressed by the creation of homogeneously white homelands, either through racial partition and secession schemes or the removal of non-white populations. Homogeneously white homelands would secure white habitats and simply eliminate competition, hybridization, and predation from other races.

The cultural causes of white extinction can be addressed through education and social incentives: individualism can be replaced with an ethic of racial responsibility; sex-role confusion can be eliminated by the reassertion of traditional and biological sex roles: women as mothers and nurturers, men as protectors and providers; white guilt and self-reproach can be replaced by white pride and self-assertion; affordable family formation can be a cornerstone of social policy, with special incentives for greater reproduction from highly genetically valuable individuals; the option of celibacy, as well as non-reproductive sex, could also be preserved and promoted for some as part of an overall eugenic policy, to discourage breeding by individuals with genetic problems.

Some people regard the creation of homogeneously white homelands as unnecessary.

Following are four such arguments with responses:

First, some might argue that it is possible for whites to survive without homelands or political power as small relict populations within larger non-white populations. Unfortunately, historical evidence does not support this. Andrew Hamilton’s review of Riccardo Orizio’s Lost White Tribes indicates that such populations are eventually lost to hybridization.

Second, one might argue that white relict populations can resist hybridization by adopting highly ethnocentric attitudes and marrying only among one’s group, like Jews and Hindus. The problem with this suggestion is that such policies have not worked for Jews or Hindus. Jews are a highly miscegenated population. But Jewish identity can survive miscegenation, since one is a Jew not through pure Jewish descent but merely through a taint of the blood of Abraham. In the case of the Hindus, the caste system was adopted only after a great deal of mixing had already taken place.

White Nationalists view it as a good thing for whites to adopt ethnocentric attitudes and eschew all race-mixing. But those attitudes will not save us if we are reduced to small, politically powerless relict populations in a sea of non-whites. But if we adopted such ideas today, the best way of implementing them would be through the creation of homogeneously white homelands.

Third, one might argue that white extinction will not occur because our very decline might include self-correcting mechanisms which will eventually cause our population to stabilize or rise again. Now that family formation is difficult and unnecessary, divorce is easy, and birth control and abortion are widely available, individuals who are inclined by genes and culture not to reproduce—or not to reproduce with their own kind—simply aren’t. That means that the next few generations of whites will be smaller, but they will be increasingly composed of people who are predisposed to reproduce with their own kind. If that is true, then after a while, white birthrates will rise again. Thus whites are not going extinct. We are merely going through an evolutionary bottleneck that will ultimately render us immune to the forces that are arrayed against us.

This argument is quite plausible, but it is not a case against pursuing White Nationalist policies. First, it may never happen, thus we would be fools to abandon the struggle to create white homelands on the chance that evolution will do our work for us. Second, the selection pressures it posits will not make us immune to outright genocide, so it is not an alternative to creating sovereign, homogeneously white homelands. Finally, if these selection pressures do exist, it means that people will become increasingly receptive to White Nationalist policies, and once implemented, such policies will support such selection pressures. In short, White Nationalism and the population bottleneck theory are complementary and mutually-reinforcing.

Fourth, one might argue that cutting off immigration and returning to white supremacy, segregation, and legal and cultural barriers to miscegenation would be sufficient. Such policies would be improvements, but not long-term solutions. First, if nothing is done to address below replacement white fertility and higher non-white fertility, whites will eventually be reduced to tiny relict populations, as in scenario one. Then we will become extinct. Second, these policies were tried and failed. The conservative fixation on doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a definition of lunacy. If these policies are tried and fail again, our race may never recover.

Thus White Nationalists need to do everything in our power to create a new “normal” image of the three child white family, as opposed to the one or two child family.

The hour is too late for such foolishness. When our existence as a people is at stake, we can no longer afford conservative half-measures and wishful thinking. Only White Nationalism can prevent white extinction.”(1)

“The only true salvation for Western man is nationalism. Western man must return to his roots and embrace what once made him great. Western man must take on an ideology that encourages him to reconnect with his brothers and sisters and that allows him to rebuild his shattered communities. This ideology must reconnect Western man not only with his kin – but must also reconnect him with the land and soil that has been his home for thousands of years. Blood and soil are the natural callings that must be at the center of Western man’s mindset.

But Western man must do more than simply strive to reconnect with blood and soil – Western man must also strive for excellence. This drive for excellence must start with the individual, but it must not be for individual glory, instead this drive for excellence must be for a greater good. Western man must strive for excellence in order to become a beacon of hope around which others can cluster, a beacon that attracts others who wish to embrace a healthier way of life. In this way, Western man can begin to rebuild his fractured communities and create something better.

Western man must improve himself and hold his hand out to his brothers and sisters and aim to improve their lives also. Western man must work to tear down the barriers that have been erected in order to separate him from his kin and break up his once cohesive communities. Western man must rise up and embrace the single ideology that embodies all these virtues – nationalism. Western man must stand against both capitalism and communism and overcome social divisions to create a homogeneous society, and at the heart of this society must be tradition, culture and heritage.

The first and central tenet of nationalism is love for one’s own race – genuine nationalism is not an ideology of hate for others, but a love for and devotion to one’s own people and culture.

To love one’s own people and to respect all others who wish to do the same.

Nationalism wishes for Western man to embrace his own blood and rebuild the Western community. To be at peace with the world, a man must love himself and his own family and community – to hate your own people and to be riddled with false guilt will never lead to happiness or fulfillment. Nationalism is an ideology that elevates one’s own people above all others and places the protection and love of those people above all other concerns.

Hatred for other people or races who also wish to follow a path of nationalism is wholly counterproductive. If Africans, Asians or any other ethnicity for that matter wish to embrace their own people and culture and strive for self-determination, then they should be applauded for doing so. The world is a magnificent place and is made up of an intricate tapestry of different cultures, races and ethnicities – and should remain that way.

Every race and culture should have the right to self-determination and self-governance.

No race or ethnicity should seek to dominate another: let the African be an African, let the Asian be an Asian – but equally let Western man be what he should be. Every race or culture should have the right to determine their own future and the direction their people take without interference or coercion from another. The world is a richer place for the existence of different cultures and ways of life – and it should remain so. Different people should not be forced to live together in one big melting pot which will inevitably lead to conflict and the loss of unique ways of life that have been evolving and developing for thousands of years.

While different races and cultures cannot live in one confined space, there is enough room on this planet for everyone and everyone should have their own place.

All peoples of the world have the right to a homeland and the right to defend that homeland.

Western man has the right to the lands that gave birth to him, the lands that he has tended for thousands of years and the lands that have sheltered generations of his family – those lands are his birthright. Equally, all races of the world have the right to their own homelands too, and they have the right to live in those homelands in peace, free of interference from others. Every race has the right to defend their homeland against an aggressor that seeks to displace
them or dominate them by either force or guile.

As such, every race and every nation has the right to control its own borders and limit immigration as they see fit. No nation is under any obligation to allow other cultures, races or ethnicities to cross their borders and settle within their lands. Ultimately the rich tapestry of the world will only ever be retained if different cultures maintain the traditions that define them. As such, different cultures can learn from and trade with each other, but should never live within each other’s borders on a scale that alters the racial or cultural make-up of the host nation.

People are a product of the land they come from and should respect and honor that land.

All peoples of the world have developed almost independently and often in vastly different environments. These different environments – nature itself – have molded different people in different ways and given each race distinct characteristics. Not only should those characteristics be preserved and that diversity praised, but the environment that created those different races should be respected and honored.

Despite the advancement of technology, Western man should not become a stranger to the land that shaped and molded him and sheltered and provided for countless generations of his ancestors. Western man should reconnect with the natural world and strive to be as close to nature as possible and aim to live in harmony with the natural environment. To believe humanity is above nature is a dangerous fallacy – humanity still depends on the natural world and ultimately the natural world depends on humanity.

Western man should not pollute his lands nor should he treat his environment with disrespect or contempt. Western man should strive to show kindness to animals and compassion to those creatures that have less power than he – for nothing says more about a man than how he treats those less powerful than himself. Western man may be at the top of the food chain, but that does not give him the right to abuse that power or to inflict undue suffering upon the creatures that lie beneath him in that chain. The balance of the natural environment can be a delicate thing; it is best not to upset that balance, and man should strive to live as closely in harmony with nature as possible.

People should live in harmony with their natural environment and show kindness and respect to all living creatures.

Through order, discipline and the creation of a homogeneous society that thinks and operates with a shared consciousness, nationalism strives to create a better future for the community as a whole. Nationalism spurs the individual on to achieve more, but to achieve more for the greater good, not simply for selfish and materialistic reasons.

Nationalism is also the only political ideology that rejects both capitalism and communism. In a perfect society the economic system is based on productive enterprise. In a perfect society people are neither enslaved by materialism nor are they forced to work without incentive or reward. A society that embraces productive enterprise has both a social conscience to ensure that every level of society’s hierarchy benefits from the success of industry, but also ensures that private ownership and profit are not removed from the economic equation.

So while individuals who own capital can profit from that capital, they do so not at the expense of their own workers, but by working with their employees in order to improve the means of production in a way that benefits everyone. In a capitalist society the owner of capital is not concerned with the rights or well-being of the worker; he is simply concerned with profit. Once the problems of capitalism manifest themselves within a society, the enemies of the West propose the false solution of communism. Communism seeks division by promoting class warfare in an unnatural drive for ‘equality’. This class war targets those who own capital leading to a downward spiral in productivity as decision makers, inventors and owners are removed from the economic equation.

Make no mistake; both capitalism and communism are economic systems that are under the control of the enemies of the West. They are presented as two absolutes and as the sole alternatives to one another. But by creating this false dichotomy the enemies of the West have sought to ensure that no matter what option Western man chooses, he will always end up in the clutches of a system designed to defeat and enslave him.

Productive enterprise is a natural solution as it seeks to raise the standard of living for everyone and acknowledges that every level of society has a part to play in the advancement of that society. What’s more, productive enterprise acknowledges that for society to advance successfully, it must move as one – for if it moves in separate directions it will tear itself apart. For if the worker moves in harmony with the business owner, both advance. For the worker and the business owner to move out of step with one another or for them to move in opposite directions would lead to tension, disharmony and ultimately create conflict within society.

Nationalism seeks to raise the standard of living for everyone in society – and although nationalism believes in structure and hierarchy, that structure and hierarchy is there for the benefit of all. Nationalism allows the best to rise to the top and seeks to promote excellence – and excellence is exactly what Western man needs right now.

Nationalism is the political and ideological embodiment of nature’s will. Nationalism places the best in society on a pedestal in order to create role models and promote excellence. At the same time nationalism strives to create a homogeneous society that pulls together in one direction and works toward common goals. Nationalism seeks to allow the best to rise to the top, but at the same time seeks to establish a safety net in order to ensure those who are less fortunate never fall onto the rocks of poverty. But above all else Nationalism seeks to enshrine the family unit, for that family unit is the core of a functioning and cohesive society.

Western man has slowly sunk in the abyss and embraced degeneracy, materialism and individualism. Western man has not only tolerated weakness and depravity, but has worshiped weakness and depravity as if they were virtues. Western man has truly lost his way, and in order to find it again he needs a beacon of hope to act as a light in a sea of darkness. The beacon of hope that Western man needs must embody awe-inspiring excellence – an excellence that will inspire Western man to rise again and be something better than he is now. But this excellence must not be wrapped up in selfish individualism; this excellence must instead embody the noble virtues of family, folk and soil, and seek to uphold Western culture, traditions and spirituality.

Like attracts like and good people follow good people. Equally, if a movement is dominated by losers, degenerates and weaklings it will only attract losers, degenerates and weaklings, and as a result will never achieve anything of note. The nationalists of past generations were writers, poets, artists, inventors, captains of industry, military geniuses, orators and athletes. That is what the West needs now – great men and women. The West needs great men and women to stand up and be counted. The West needs heroes to embrace an American and European revival that will shine like a beacon to Western man. The West needs brave men and women to stand up and inspire the masses. Large numbers of Western folk can now see the problems the West faces but are currently too scared to act – these people need leaders.

As Western man stands on the precipice and stares into the abyss, there are only two options: to embrace the fall and watch as Western civilization crumbles, or to rise up and reclaim the West. Western man must either embrace a strong and righteous ideology that binds him to his community, or Western man will fall and all that has gone before will be forever lost.

There can be no half measures and there can be no room for cowards or individualistic and self-indulgent fools. There is no use in trying to play by the rules invented by the enemies of the West or by competing on a field that has been designed to ensure Western man loses every time. Those who seek to save the West must rise up and walk a difficult path, but a path that will inspire Western man and drag him back from the edge of defeat.

Before Western man can start thinking about saving his community, he must first look at himself and cast off the destructive influences that have affected him personally. All of us must do this, because if we are ever to start a clean slate, we cannot taint that clean slate with the poisonous influences that have brought the West to the brink. To start building a better future, Western man must separate himself from the poison that surrounds him. To start again with corrupting influences would only lead us back to where we are now.

Once we have freed ourselves from the influences that have destroyed the Western mind, poisoned the Western body, corrupted the Western soul and broken the Western heart can we set about building a new and better future, and we can set about putting Western man back on the right path. Once we have freed ourselves from the shackles placed upon us, we must rise up and strive for excellence in a way that would make our ancestors proud. We must embrace Western culture, traditionalism and rediscover the Western superego.

The enemies of the West have a great advantage in that their poison is so addictive – but their poison also has a fatal weakness. The poison pushed upon Western man is intoxicating in the short term, but it always leaves those who embrace it feeling hollow and unsatisfied in the long term. This sense of dissatisfaction is experienced by so many Western folk, and is why so many suffer from depression and feel as if something is missing in their lives – these people are searching for something greater.

If a genuine, healthy and community-based alternative was placed in front of Western man, he would flock to it. People are attracted to strength, and gather around upstanding and strong individuals. By rising up and being the best you can be, you will yourself become a beacon of hope for the West. By coming together with other people like you and striving as a group to be even better, that beacon of hope will grow ever brighter.”(2)


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