Jerusalem Truck Attack Hoax

Big surprise here…..another fake attack.

This one’s by Mossad or one of their tools.

One thing I noticed, when I was taking a look at the Twitter account of the Israeli police spokesman, was that fake attacks by Palestinians are obviously used to get international support for maintaining the open air prisons and genocide in Israel.

They particularly like to show lots of photos of big kitchen knives that were supposedly wielded by Palestinian women:

The photo on the right is on Twitter and posted by  Micky Rosenfeld ‏@MickyRosenfeld

Mickey is Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld, Israel Police Foreign Press Spokesman

His comment:

29 Dec 2016
Knife used by female Palestinian in attempted attack at the kalandia crossing. No injuries to officers. Terrorist shot lightly; arrested.

Undoubtedly FAKE!

Anyway this latest attack is a poor copy of the Nice Truck Attack Hoax and it’s obvious that they could care less if it’s fake, since most of the sheep believe whatever they’re told anyway.

Following is the smoking gun proving the hoax.

Below is a frame of the video before the supposed attack:

The truck is going to pass ‘through’ the group of people in the background from left to right.

In the video below take a look at the people before and after the truck passes through:

The people are still standing there.

The same people are still standing there with no one bouncing off the truck.

Now take a look below at the people as the truck approaches…nobody moves that’s in front of the truck even though the truck is right near them:

Also there’s no reaction from anyone in the group in the foreground.

Notice below, that after the truck passes through, the same amount of people are standing behind it:

And some of the people in the group in the foreground have been told to turn, but are clearly not alarmed.

Notice how the truck becomes blurry as it passes through:

This is just sloppy, low grade CGI effects.

There is no truck!


Here’s a video with additional evidence:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

As an added note: The Israelis stating that ISIS claimed responsibility for this, is to make it seem like they are an enemy of ISIS. They’re not. If you’ve been doing some research, you already know this.

Don’t be fooled.

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