Berlin Truck Attack Hoax

OK, folks…..We’ve got another staged event by Intelligence.

Below are photos of the scene that are supposed to be taken after the event occurred at the market:

Note the rear of the truck that is backed up to the red fence and next to a building (circled in red). Both the fence and the building are undamaged. Note that the undamaged corner of the building is visible (in red circle).

Here’s a closer shot of the corner of the building and the red fence:

The fence is undamaged with the rear of the truck to the left.

Here’s a picture of the Christmas lights over the shopping area on the other side of the fence and buildings:

Note how far the lights run down the shopping area (circled in red).

Here’s a photo of the scene later that night:

Note that the building has now been damaged and some of the red fence is gone.

Here’s a photo of the Christmas lights (circled in red):

Notice most of the lights are now taken down. They should stretch at least far enough to cover the debris in the shopping area as shown in the photo above.

Note the red circled area at the back of the truck and the damage to the building in this photo:

This area also makes it clear that the truck was backed in and pushed a piece of the building backward.

The conclusions are obvious here.

The truck never drove into the shopping area.

The truck was backed into the corner of the building and some of the fence was taken down to make it look like the truck came from the shopping area.

Most of the lights were taken down to make it look like they were knocked down when the truck came through.

Trash and debris was scattered around to make it look like something actually happened there.

Nobody died or got injured from getting hit by this truck.

This was a fake, staged event, undoubtedly by the usual suspects….remember Nice?

The fact that this was clearly staged means that anything else you’ve been exposed to that claims that an actual terrorist attack happened here is FAKE news and it is highly advised that the media outlets presenting this fake news should be avoided.

There’s undoubtedly plenty of other evidence that this was faked, just as in Nice, but this is the smoking gun.

Don’t be fooled!

Here’s a video reviewing this in more detail:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

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