Extraterrestrials are a Hoax

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The ‘Space Race’, which began in the 1950s, brought with it the American cultural trend not only of flying saucer sightings, but of reported meet-and-greets with their occupants. The mass hoax spread across the nation as people grappled for a stint in the spotlight. Some would dress up strangely, posing for photographs or gently harassing acquaintances.

Others would come to invent elaborate stories involving creatures from outer space, with the Intelligence operatives in Hollywood leading the charge.

The Alien Project

The movie industry didn’t waste any time to get in on the game, resulting in a continuous string of features with alien beings, alien monsters and human space travelers.

the_blob_posterThe 1958 film The Blob, starring Steve McQueen, was one of the most well known of this genre to hit the big screen.

During one long night in a small rural Pennsylvania town in July 1957, teenager Steve Andrews (Steve McQueen) and his girlfriend, Jane Martin (Aneta Corsaut), are kissing on a lovers’ lane when they see a meteor crash beyond the next hill. Steve decides to look for it. An old man (Olin Howland) living nearby finds it first. When he pokes the meteorite with a stick, it breaks open, and the small jelly-like blob inside attaches itself to his hand. In pain and unable to scrape or shake it loose, the old man runs onto the road, where he is nearly struck by Steve’s car. Steve and Jane take him to Doctor Hallen (Stephen Chase).


And of course the Masons in the Intelligence community and their cohorts in Hollywood quickly utilized the ET threat as fertile subject matter to further their nefarious agenda. The ultimate goal of this Illuminati project was to create a new off-world ‘alien’ threat, that would eventually replace the use of petty dictator puppets, such as Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Khrushchev, Saddam Hussein, Noriega, Gaddafi, Putin and the infamous Goldstein of 1984.

Beaming Our Minds Up

A master stroke was the debut of the Star Trek TV series, which not only re-enforced the alien threat, but also served as predictive programming to condition the viewing public for their eventual acceptance of the New World Order, with a politically correct, socialist/fascist form of government federation based in the United Nations.

“Watch “StarTrek” from the beginning episodes up to the present, and you will begin to realize that it was an indoctrination into the concepts of socialism and fascism through subliminal initiation of the youth of the nation.

Captain James T. Kirk (JTK = K(nights) of the T(emple) of J(erusalem) and Captain Christopher Pike are symbolic salutes to the Order of the Templars, and to the Brotherhood’s greatest philosopher and most prolific writer, the Christed General Albert Pike.

The ‘Enterprise’ represents the Masons’ great work or plan, which if navigated properly, will lead them to the realization of their dream of a united socialist ‘utopian’ world.

The Borg is ‘B-org’, Original “Bee”. It’s the bee that they want to create for the hive and it’s no coincidence that on the Star Trek series, the Borg ship was called the hive and that it was squared – it was a cube, which is the ashlar, the perfect squared stone of Freemasonry, representing the perfect society.


It’s pretty well known that the first Star Trek series was credited to a Mason – Gene Roddenberry. He was also a member of NASA, went to the main meetings and his job was to utilize ‘predictive programming’ to, with the assistance of NASA, take the public for a ride.

He was told to write stories to change the cultural focus of the public, with the Star Trek series showcasing the federation of a Council of 12, which was a movie representation of the Kabbalistic Order of the Rosy Cross, with its Council of 12 members, giving a nod to Freemasonry.

The voyages of the Enterprise involved traveling through space to bring everybody into a federation of free galactic trade and those nations or planets which wouldn’t join were the bad guys.

Those groups that resisted were always nasty guys and the ones who joined were always nice and pleasant.

All the different types of aliens were really included to represent the idea of multiculturalism and to re-enforce the idea that we can all get along famously together.

The episodes utilized the standard nine plots that sell, repeatedly interlaced with examples of the programming listed above to thoroughly hammer the message into the viewers’ minds.

This was how they program the children for what’s coming on earth.

The original Star Trek series is responsible for the brainwashing of a whole generation.

This series is a prime example of how the illuminati prepare us for future events through sci-fi and other Hollywood films.

The themes in the films prepare us for what the New World Order has in store for us.”(1)

Theoretical Science Indoctrination

Another attractive benefit from the phony ‘Space Race’ was the re-enforcement of the Illuminati goal to advance to anti-God materialist theory of evolution that has been staunchly protected by the infallibility of “science” for over 150 years.

cellulaire“Evolutionary theory claims that life started with a cell that formed by chance. According to this scenario, four billion years ago various lifeless chemical compounds underwent a reaction in the primordial atmosphere on the earth in which the effects of thunderbolts and atmospheric pressure led to the formation of the first living cell. The first thing that must be said is that the claim that inanimate materials can come together to form life is an unscientific one that has not been verified by any experiment or observation. Life is only generated from life. Each living cell is formed by the replication of another cell. No one in the world has ever succeeded in forming a living cell by bringing inanimate materials together, not even in the most advanced laboratories. The theory of evolution faces no greater crisis than on the point of explaining the emergence of life. The reason is that organic molecules are so complex that their formation cannot possibly be explained as being coincidental and it is manifestly impossible for an organic cell to have been formed by chance.” -Harun Yahya, “The Evolution Deceit” (128-130)

Astronomer Fred Hoyle compared the odds that all the multi-faceted and multi-functional parts of a cell could coincidentally come together and create life analogous to “a tornado sweeping through a junk-yard and assembling a Boeing 747 from the materials therein!” Hoyle wrote that, “If there were a basic principle of matter which somehow drove organic systems toward life, its existence should easily be demonstrable in the laboratory. One could, for instance, take a swimming bath to represent the primordial soup. Fill it with any chemicals of a non-biological nature you please. Pump any gases over it, or through it, you please, and shine any kind of radiation on it that takes your fancy. Let the experiment proceed for a year and see how many of those 2,000 enzymes (proteins produced by living cells) have appeared in the bath. I will give the answer, and so save the time and trouble and expense of actually doing the experiment. You will find nothing at all, except possibly for a tarry sludge composed of amino acids and other simple organic chemicals.” Even if scientists placed all the chemical substances necessary for life in a tank, applied to them any processes of their choice, and waited for billions of years, not a single living cell could or would ever form.

darwin-obama“The likelihood of the spontaneous formation of life from inanimate matter is one to a number with 40,000 zeros after it … It is big enough to bury Darwin and the whole theory of evolution. The beginnings of life were not random; they must have been the product of purposeful intelligence. From my earliest training as a scientist, I was very strongly brainwashed to believe that science cannot be consistent with any kind of deliberate creation. That notion has had to be painfully shed. At the moment, I can’t find any rational argument to knock down the view which argues for conversion to God. We used to have an open mind; now we realize that the only logical answer to life is creation – and not accidental random shuffling.” -Astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe

“Scientific proofs from such branches of science as paleontology, microbiology and anatomy reveal evolution to be a bankrupt theory. It has been stressed that evolution is incompatible with scientific discoveries, reason and logic. Those who believe in the theory of evolution think that a few atoms and molecules thrown into a huge vat could produce thinking, reasoning, professors, university students, scientists, artists, antelopes, lemon trees and carnations. Moreover, the scientists and professors who believe in this nonsense are educated people. That is why it is quite justifiable to speak of the theory of evolution as ‘the most potent spell in history.’ Never before has any other belief or idea so taken away peoples’ powers of reason, refused to allow them to think intelligently and logically, and hidden the truth from them as if they had been blindfolded.” -Harun Yahya, “The Evolution Deceit” (178-179)

Consciousness, life, the beautiful diversity, complexity and interconnectedness of nature and the universe simply could not be the result of some random coincidental physical phenomenon. If the likelihood of life forming from inanimate matter is 1 x 1040,000 power, then those are precisely the magnificent odds against which the universe could be unintelligently designed! Even the simple formation of DNA and RNA molecules are similarly beyond the reach of chance to come together, equivalent to 1 x 10600 power, or 10 with 600 zeros afterwards! Such a mathematical improbability actually so closely borders the impossible that the word “improbable” becomes misleading. Mathematicians who regularly work with these infinitesimally small numbers say anything beyond 1 x 1050 powers should be considered, for all intents and purposes, impossible.”(2)

The Kabbalah Connection

sephirothshiningones“The Origins Scenario endorsed by the Theoretical Science Establishment today (heliocentricity, Relativity, Big Bangism, 15 billion years of evolutionism, Expanding Universe, etc.) is rooted in 1st, 13th, 16th, and 20th century–Kabbalism (Cabalism).”

The root of that Big Bang-activated 15-16 billion year old “creation scenario” taught everywhere with tons of tax monies is the Creation Account found repeatedly in the Kabbala, a holy book of a religious sect of Judaism. The fact that this religion’s teachings from both this holy book–the Kabbala–and the Talmud are secrets that have been closely and successfully guarded by certain Rabbis through the centuries, is something that is now facing exposure because of the information explosion on the Internet.”

“The size of the Universe is now determined by the dictates of the Kabbala. That book–in addition to outlining the “Relativity” concept to allow the 15+ billion year age of the Universe–also outlines the Big Bang and Expanding Universe concepts which give license to claim billions of light year distances to the stars. Both of these myths about the age and size of the Universe have been brought to fruition by a Theoretical Science Establishment which has used NASA’s “Origins Program” to establish the Kabbala’s reign over all “science”.

This victorious trampling of real science, common sense, and the Bible began with “The Copernican Revolution” which–300 hundred years before Copernicus– was resurrecting Aristarchus and being taught in the Kabbala. That Revolution was completed by using ever more occult Pythagorean mathematics and unabashed manipulation of technology…particularly since the computer revolution.

“Ben HaKana, a 1st century Kabbalist using a 42 letter name for God estimated a 15 billion year old universe. Also Kabbalist Nachmanides outlined Relativity, a Big Bang, and an Expanding Universe (and Zionism and Dispensationism in the 13th century. Then, in that same century, that same Nachmanides also revived the rotating, orbiting Earth concept of Aristarchus from the 3rd century BC.

solar-system-11111__340Although Nachmanides understood that a heliocentricity model was the required first step on the road to legitimizing a relativistic, big bang, expanding universe cosmological fantasy which would establish eons of evolutionism and destroy all Bible credibility, he didn’t have the mathematical mechanism attached to Copernicanism that gave it “scientific” status.

The heliocentricity mechanism was the only concept that could remove the Earth from its glorious physical and spiritual centrality in a God-created universe and pave the way for evolutionism’s success. Barely three and a half generations after Darwin, a Saganesque Kabbalic Big Bang Expanding Universe 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick would be triumphant over Biblical Creationism forever. Really, it was the only mechanism that could consign the Earth to being just one of billions of cosmic accidents produced in the “Origins Scenario” of esoteric Kabbalism whereby an explosion of a “substanceless substance” 15 billion years ago could become the accepted “scientific” explanation for the creation of all that exists and simultaneously destroy Bible Credibility from Genesis to Jesus.

There is no escaping this rudimentary fact that a revival of Aristarchus’ 3rd century B.C. heliocentricity model of a rotating, sun-orbiting Earth provided the only key that could release the occult scientism that would culminate in the establishment of the Kabbalist Origins Scenario now certified in textbooks worldwide. Equally inescapable is the conclusion that all evolutionary mythology–from the now- discarded Darwinian “primeval soup” nonsense to today’s extraterrestrial Panspermia goofiness–also required for its success the previous victory of heliocentricity over Biblical geocentrism. The success of Copernicanism has made all the rest possible…as Marx, Engels, Freud, Einstein, Gamow, Penzias, Sagan, et al realized, even if Christian Kabbalists do not. Just as surely as the whole mountain of false-science manufactured deception could only be erected on a moving Earth model, just so surely can the whole Cabal be brought to naught only by exposing the truth about that baseless model.

yso5bzlx5nhrusaztsfnThe steady replacement of Biblical Geocentrism with Copernican Heliocentricity accomplished five major things:

1) It torpedoed Bible Credibility amidships.

2) It set the stage for the Darwinian Revolution and all its offspring.

3) It provided a license to a Theoretical Science Establishment to subvert True Observational Science and to become the source of “truth” for “enlightened” people.

4) It sanctified the use of increasingly arcane/Cabalist mathematics and fraudulent use of technology to support its claim to be “science”.

5) It provided a way to cleverly move man’s concept of knowledge–anchored in his concept of the Origin of all things–from being Bible Based to being Kabbala based by presenting the change as something demanded by “secular science” with no “religious” connections.”

“Copernicanism is the linchpin, the keystone of the whole of modern cosmology; the very linchpin that was described in the Kabbala over seven centuries ago…300 years before Copernicus.”(1)

Nicolaus Copernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus

“There were proponents of a rotating, orbiting Earth writing on that subject well before Copernicus (Kabbalist Nachmanides, 13th century…Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, 15th century). Also, the concept of “other worlds” with “extraterrestrial life forms” was stirring before Copernicus’ book came out in 1543. Once Copernicanism achieved lift-off, others began to embrace similar ideas about extraterrestrialism. Kepler provides one of the better known examples, writing of alleged moon dwellers.”

“In recent years there has been a shift of emphasis from evolution on Earth to the evolution of extraterrestrials…begat by bacteria hitchhiking in comets and spreading seed for evolution all over the universe, Earth included. The backbone of the Big Bang Expanding Universe Model–without which all of this science-fiction extraterrestrial evolution nonsense would die on the vine–is the contra-Biblical Copernican model of a rotating and orbiting Earth.”

“From those early musings about extraterrestrial life forms following the spread of the Copernican Revolution, we can see how the two concepts are interdependent and supportive of each other. Not even earth-bound evolutionism could have gotten off the ground masquerading as “science” if the Earth had remained stationary with the sun going around as the Bible teaches. It is no different now in the 21st century when a ubiquitous theme about evolved extraterrestrial life forms has swamped all media genres. Copernicanism is still the platform on which the whole Kabbalist Evolutionary Space Show “revolves around”, as it were.”

big-bang“The popular modern scientific-materialist-atheist worldview propagated by NASA, the mainstream media and the public education system is that you are here because nothingness for no reason exploded and created everything! Before time, space, matter, consciousness, intelligence, and life, there was nothing. Then the nothingness exploded, and instead of destroying things like every other explosion ever, this explosion created things, created everything! The nothingness explosion somehow created space, time and all matter in the universe in an instant and for no reason at all. Then all the creationary explosive debris flying outwards at over 670 million miles per hour for 14 billion years culminated to create you!

This anti-God materialist theory of evolution has been staunchly protected by the infallibility of “science” for over 150 years, but in actual fact, just as “science” has failed to find one true, valid proof that Earth is a ball spinning around the Sun, scientists have failed to discover a single piece of evidence that the material world is a product of blind chance evolution.

the-law-of-entropy-1024x417The Big Bang theory is easily proven false as the nature of explosions is to destroy, to break things down into their constituent parts, increasing chaos and decreasing order; explosions simply do not and cannot create things, causing disparate parts to combine into more ordered wholes as the Big Bang theory contends. Similarly, the theory of evolution is proven false by entropy, the second law of thermodynamics. It is a fact that systems left to their own devices tend to become corrupted, disordered and dispersed over time. All things, living or not, wear out, deteriorate and decay. They do NOT spontaneously come together over time, in incredibly implausible combinations creating diverse, complex and beautiful living forms! Thus the theory of evolution is in direct opposition to the law of entropy; Evolution supposes things become more ordered, more structured and more complex over time, but from rust to mould to rotting corpses, nature is everywhere at odds with such a notion. Furthermore, according to the Le Chatelier Principle in chemistry, life could not have been formed in the sea as evolutionists allege anyway; since the peptide bond created by amino acid chains produces water molecules, it is not possible for such a reaction to take place in a hydrous environment.

Evolution is a Hoax

monkey-darwin“Although it is cloaked in the guise of science, the theory of evolution is nothing but a deceit: a deceit defended only for the benefit of materialistic philosophy; a deceit based not on science but on brainwashing, propaganda, and fraud. The theory of evolution is a theory that fails at the very first step. The reason is that evolutionists are unable to explain even the formation of a single protein. Neither the laws of probability nor the laws of physics and chemistry offer any chance for the fortuitous formation of life. Does it sound logical or reasonable when not even a single chance-formed protein can exist, that millions of such proteins combined in an order to produce the cell of a living thing; and that billions of cells managed to form and then came together by chance to produce living things; and that from them generated fish; and that those that passed to land turned into reptiles, birds, and that this is how all the millions of different species on earth were formed? They have never found a single transitional form such as a half-fish/half-reptile or half-reptile/half-bird. Nor have they been able to prove that a protein, or even a single amino acid molecule composing a protein, could have formed under what they call primordial earth conditions; not even in their elaborately-equipped laboratories have they succeeded in doing that.” -Harun Yahya, “The Evolution Deceit” (214-215)

“An important example which proves the fact that Darwinism is one of the biggest deceptions of atheistic freemasonry is a resolution carried in a mason meeting. The 33rd degree Supreme Council of Mizraim Freemasonry at Paris, reveals in its minutes its promotion of evolution as science, while they themselves scoffed at the theory. The minutes read as follows: ‘It is with this object in view [the scientific theory of evolution] that we are constantly by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories. The intellectuals will puff themselves up with their knowledge and without any logical verification of them will put into effect all the information available from science, which our agentur specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want. Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism.’ Atheistic freemasonry in the United States has picked up the resolution of Mizraim before long. New Age magazine in its March 1922 issue stated that the kingdom of atheistic freemasonry will be established by evolution and the development of man himself. As seen above, the false scientific image of evolution is a deception set in the 33rd degree atheist Masonic lodges. Atheist masons openly admit that they will use the scientists and media which are under their control to present this deception as scientific, which even they find funny.” -Harun Yahya, “The Fundamental Philosophy of Atheistic Freemasonry”

Just like Copernicus never claimed to have any new or special evidence for his heliocentric theory, Darwin never claimed to have any verifiable scientific evidence proving his evolution theory, yet here we are 150 years later, no closer to a proof of either, but with the vast majority of indoctrinated sheeple convinced they are monkey-men hanging from a spinning ball!

evilution“When we look at the Western media carefully, we frequently come across news dwelling on the theory of evolution. Leading media organizations, and well-known and ‘respectable’ magazines periodically bring this subject up. When their approach is examined, one gets the impression that this theory is an absolutely proven fact leaving no room for discussion. Ordinary people reading this kind of news naturally start to think that the theory of evolution is a fact as certain as any law of mathematics. They print headlines in big fonts: ‘According to Time magazine, a new fossil that completes the gap in the fossil chain has been found’; or ‘Nature indicates that scientists have shed light on the final issues of evolutionary theory.’ The finding of ‘the last missing link of the evolution chain’ means nothing because there is not a single thing proven about evolution. In short, both the media and academic circles, which are at the disposal of anti-religionist power-centers, maintain an entirely evolutionist view and they impose this on society. This imposition is so effective that it has in time turned evolution into an idea that is never to be rejected. Denying evolution is seen as being contradictory to science and fundamental realities.” -Harun Yahya, “The Evolution Deceit” (210)”(3)


“The controlling elites are ‘hiding God’ (intelligent design) to keep you weak and a slave (politically, spiritually, financially). There are obviously many reasons the elite lie to us about this (including simply, “why not?” They love to fool and deceive us whenever they can), but I think one of the biggest reasons is to convince us not to trust our senses, not to trust ourselves. Our senses tell us the earth is flat and still. But then the “experts” come along and tell us, “you silly ignoramus, it’s a spinning ball!”

Now, if our senses and common sense could, in effect, lie to us, about something so huge and fundamental as the shape and behavior of the very earth on which we live, how can we trust them for anything? We clearly can’t, and this makes us malleable and confused, unable to trust ourselves and thus wide open to whatever “reality” the elite wants to impose on us.”(1)

57fb8b09c36188cc708b45a4“Their expanding, chaotic universe adds more unknown demons and increased fear porn from aliens, meteors, black-holes to untold cosmic disasters that invoke helplessness, desperation and despair among many. That way we are easier to control, our dependency on their usury system increases and all the hangers-on who don’t care or can’t think for themselves, can make money by going along with it all.”(4)

NASA Space Travel is a Hoax

“Early science fiction writers like Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe fueled the public’s interest in voyages to other worlds, and as technology developed some people began to wonder if that might not indeed be possible for advanced civilizations.”(7)


“Earth is not a spinning ball and nobody has ever landed on the Moon or gone into “outer-space.” Most NASA astronauts and the leading heliocentrists for centuries have all been members of the same Freemasonic secret society, slowly and successfully duping and taking over the world.





For there to be this many Masons, members of the largest and oldest secret society, involved with the propagation of this globalist heliocentric doctrine from its outset to today, should raise some serious suspicion.



<<<<< Why would the National Aeronautics and Space Administration choose this as their logo?

NASA’s logo is a red forked serpent’s tongue, overlaying the starry heavens. Serpents, and specifically their forked tongues, have long been associated with lying, deceit, cleverness, two-facedness, manipulation and with Satan, the Devil.


The United Nations, the New World Order government headquarters, built on land donated by 33rd degree Mason, John D. Rockefeller, is represented by a logo and flag which clearly depicts a flat earth divided into 33 sections.

There are 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the UN flag features a flat earth divided into exactly 33 sections.

Why would the United Nations founders choose a flat earth logo and flag divided into 33 sections?

How is it the the forefathers of the ball Earth theory, and so many NASA astronauts, are freemasons?

The Mason’s esoteric religion, the very basis of their symbols and rituals is Sun worship.

areyouamasonpostcard6From their first day in the lodge, Masonic initiates learn the Freemasonry is all about light, enlightenment, illumination, hence the Illuminati and the worship of the Sun as the giver of light.

Masonic halls are all constructed to correspond with the motions of the Sun, they’re always situated facing east towards the Sun, with the worshipful master sitting in the far east, on a throne with a picture of the Sun.

The high festivals of the Masons is on the Christians’ St. John’s day, or the 24th of June, otherwise known as Midsummer’s Day, when the Sun arrives at its highest elevation, the Summer Solstice.

Regarding the Masonic Rite of circumambulation, 33rd degree Masonic historian Albert Mackey said that in Freemasonry, people always walked 3 times around the altar, while singing a sacred hymn. In making this procession, great care was taken to move in an imitation of the course of the Sun.

deccalkomitesi2Masonry is derived and is the remains of the religion of the ancient Druids, who like the Magi of Persia and the priests of Heliopolis in Egypt, were priests of the Sun. They paid great worship to this great luminary, as the great visible agent of a great invisible first cause.

The Christian religion and Masonry have one common origin. Both are derived from the worship of the Sun. The difference between them is that the Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man, whom they call Christ in place of the Sun and pay him the same adoration that was originally paid to the Sun and in Masonry, many ceremonies of the Druids are preserved in their original state, at least without any parodies. With them the Sun is still the Sun, and his image in the form of the Sun is the great emblematical ornament in Masonic lodges and Masonic dresses. It is the central figure on their aprons and they also wear it as a pendant on the breast of their lodges.

The reason the Sun is placed in the center of the Masonic hall is because it represents the core of their five century long heliocentric deception.

geocentric-heliocentricFirst the Sun worshipers took us off the natural 13 month lunar calendar and replaced them with the unnatural 12 month Gregorian solar calendar.

Second, they put the Sun into the center of the universe and then convinced people that the Earth and everything else revolved around it.

Third, they made the Sun the biggest object in the heavens, supposedly 119 times bigger than the moon, even though we can clearly see they are equal size.

Fourth, they demoted the Moon to being a mirror of the Sun’s magnificent light, claiming the Moon having no light of its own.

11aldrinaccoutermentsfb9Finally, in 1969, the Sun worshipers, aboard a craft named Apollo, after the Greek Sun god, claimed to land on and thereby physically and spiritually conquer the Moon.

Tex Marrs, in Codex Magica, says that the Sun has ever been at the center of false religion. The ancient mystery religions venerated the Sun, the solar disc as deity. The Greeks honored Apollo as the child of the Sun. The Romans paid homage to Mithra, the Sun god. These pagan philosophies formed the basis for the Illuminati and indicate the importance of the Sun as a symbol of Satanic deity.

Now today, the Masons, as did the apostate Jewish elders and priests in the days of Ezekial, continue to worship, Satan, the Sun god, also called Lucifer or Baal, by other names. The name of their great god Jabulon, which is revealed to the Masons in the higher degrees, is a synonym for the solar deity.

The winged disc symbol, displayed prominently over the doorway of Masonic lodges, shows a solar disc with eagle’s wings and two serpents. This ancient symbol was found in Egyptian, Sumerian, Mesapotanian, Hittite, Anatolian, Persian, Native American, Mexican and Australian tribal cultures, always representative of the Sun. Eagles have also long been associated with the Sun, since they fly highest, closest to the Sun and they can stare straight into its light.

NASA’s Apollo 11 mission patch shows an eagle landing on the Moon. The Apollo 16 and 17 patches also prominently feature eagles.

se63hsIn total, NASA supposedly landed 12 men and 0 women on the Moon. Since the Moon has always been associated with the feminine, and the 13, the Sun, associated with the masculine, and number 12, putting 12 men on the Moon is once again symbolic of the Masonic patriarchal brotherhood conquering the divine celestial feminine. It is also the occult reason why Apollo 13 coincidentally had an explosion at 13:13 (1:13), on April 13th.

William Cooper, in Mystery Babylon, said “To make interstellar travel believable NASA was created. The Apollo space program foisted the idea that men could travel to and walk upon the Moon. Every Apollo mission was carefully rehearsed and then filmed on a large sound stage at the Atomic Energy Commission’s secret test site in the Nevada desert and in a secured and guarded sound stage at the Walt Disney Studios in which was a huge scale mock-up of the Moon. All names, missions, landing sites and events in the Apollo space program echoed the occult metaphors, rituals and symbology of the Illuminati secret religion. The most transparent was the faked explosion of the spacecraft Apollo 13, named Aquarius, New Age, at 13:13 Military Time, on April 13, 1970.”(5)

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

flying_saucer_poster-02“The first reports of what could be called UFOs emerged in the late 1800s, though in those days they didn’t use terms like “UFO” or “flying saucer,” but instead “airships.”

The most dramatic early UFO encounter occurred in 1897 in Texas, when E.E. Haydon, a newspaper reporter for the Dallas Morning News, described an amazing UFO encounter complete with a crashed spacecraft, dozens of eyewitnesses, a recovered dead Martian body, and metallic wreckage (fifty years later a nearly identical story would circulate about a crash in the neighboring state of New Mexico). The fantastic tale unraveled when researchers could find no eyewitnesses to support Haydon’s story, and nothing of the alien nor the “several tons” of mysterious spacecraft wreckage was ever found. It turned out that Haydon had made the whole story up as a publicity stunt to attract tourists.”(7)

UFOs suddenly starting getting media attention shortly after the end of World War 2, coincidentally(?) following the use of V2 rockets by Germany during the war.

capture90“The first well-known UFO sighting occurred in 1947, when businessman Kenneth Arnold claimed to see a group of nine high-speed objects near Mount Rainier in Washington while flying his small plane. Arnold estimated the speed of the crescent-shaped objects as several thousand miles per hour and said they moved “like saucers skipping on water.” In the newspaper report that followed, it was mistakenly stated that the objects were saucer-shaped, hence the term flying saucer. Investigators believe that Arnold probably saw a flock of pelicans and misjudged their size, their large wings creating the “V” shape he described.

Sightings of unidentified aerial phenomena increased, and in 1948 the U.S. Air Force began an investigation of these reports called Project Sign. The initial opinion of those involved with the project was that the UFOs were most likely sophisticated Soviet aircraft, although some researchers suggested that they might be spacecraft from other worlds, the so-called extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH).

the-art-of-deception-training-for-a-new-p36-largeWithin a year, Project Sign was succeeded by Project Grudge, which in 1952 was itself replaced by the longest-lived of the official inquiries into UFOs, Project Blue Book, headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. From 1952 to 1969 Project Blue Book compiled reports of more than 12,000 sightings or events, each of which was ultimately classified as (1) “identified” with a known astronomical, atmospheric, or artificial (human-caused) phenomenon or (2) “unidentified.” The latter category, approximately 6 percent of the total, included cases for which there was insufficient information to make an identification with a known phenomenon.

An American obsession with the UFO phenomenon was under way. In the hot summer of 1952 a provocative series of radar and visual sightings occurred near National Airport in Washington, D.C. Although these events were attributed to temperature inversions in the air over the city, not everyone was convinced by this explanation.

Robertson Panel consultant J. Allen Hynek

Robertson Panel consultant J. Allen Hynek

Meanwhile, the number of UFO reports had climbed to a record high. This led the Central Intelligence Agency to prompt the U.S. government to establish an expert panel of scientists to investigate the phenomena. The panel was headed by H.P. Robertson, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Calif., and included other physicists, an astronomer, and a rocket engineer. The Robertson Panel met for three days in 1953 and interviewed military officers and the head of Project Blue Book. They also reviewed films and photographs of UFOs. Their conclusions were that (1) 90 percent of the sightings could be easily attributed to astronomical and meteorologic phenomena (e.g., bright planets and stars, meteors, auroras, ion clouds) or to such earthly objects as aircraft, balloons, birds, and searchlights, (2) there was no obvious security threat, and (3) there was no evidence to support the ETH. Parts of the panel’s report were kept classified until 1979, and this long period of secrecy helped fuel suspicions of a government cover-up.

A second committee was set up in 1966 at the request of the Air Force to review the most interesting material gathered by Project Blue Book. Two years later this committee, which made a detailed study of 59 UFO sightings, released its results as Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects—also known as the Condon Report, named for Edward U. Condon, the physicist who headed the investigation. The Condon Report was reviewed by a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences. A total of 37 scientists wrote chapters or parts of chapters for the report, which covered investigations of the 59 UFO sightings in detail. Like the Robertson Panel, the committee concluded that there was no evidence of anything other than commonplace phenomena in the reports and that UFOs did not warrant further investigation. This, together with a decline in sighting activity, led to the dismantling of Project Blue Book in 1969.

The Petrozavodsk object

The Petrozavodsk object

In the Soviet Union, sightings of UFOs were often prompted by tests of secret military rockets. In order to obscure the true nature of the tests, the government sometimes encouraged the public’s belief that these rockets might be extraterrestrial craft but eventually decided that the descriptions themselves might give away too much information. UFO sightings in China have been similarly provoked by military activity that is unknown to the public.

UFO reports have varied widely in reliability, as judged by the number of witnesses, whether the witnesses were independent of each other, the observing conditions (e.g., fog, haze, type of illumination), and the direction of sighting. Typically, witnesses who take the trouble to report a sighting consider the object to be of extraterrestrial origin or possibly a military craft but certainly under intelligent control. This inference is usually based on what is perceived as formation flying by sets of objects, unnatural—often sudden—motions, the lack of sound, changes in brightness or color, and strange shapes.

That the unaided eye plays tricks is well known. A bright light, such as the planet Venus, often appears to move. Astronomical objects can also be disconcerting to drivers, as they seem to “follow” the car. Visual impressions of distance and speed of UFOs are also highly unreliable because they are based on an assumed size and are often made against a blank sky with no background object (clouds, mountains, etc.) to set a maximum distance. Reflections from windows and eyeglasses produce superimposed views, and complex optical systems, such as camera lenses, can turn point sources of light into apparently saucer-shaped phenomena. Such optical illusions and the psychological desire to interpret images are known to account for many visual UFO reports, and at least some sightings are known to be hoaxes. Radar sightings, while in certain respects more reliable, fail to discriminate between artificial objects and meteor trails, ionized gas, rain, or thermal discontinuities in the atmosphere.”(6)

CGI Fakes

8139984486_cbf92a2609_h“With the advent of easily accessible, high-quality 3D-rendering computer software, the general public has taken UFO fakery to a new level. UFO sightings, with convincingly detailed video evidence, have appeared to explode through Britain, the United States, and especially Haiti. The Haiti UFO footage, popular on youtube and said to have been filmed in August of 2007, depicts several close-up views of mechanized, lit saucers. A woman gasps as the crafts fly directly overhead and then into the distance between two palm trees.

It is upon closer inspection of the palm trees that the video is proven likely to be a hoax: every palm tree in the video is exactly the same. Not only were the spacecrafts created by 3D-rendering software, but the entire video, including the backdrop, foreground and awkward camera work, is fabricated. The creator of the video, known online as “Barzolff81,” has publicly stated that he used a program called “View 6 Infinite” to fabricate the footage for fun.”(11)

Here’s a video called ‘UFO Over Santa Clarita’ which went viral in 2012:

Here’s a CGI VFX breakdown of how the video above was done:

They’re all fake, with the early UFOs just being more crude than the newer CGI creations, just like the newer CGI creations done by NASA.

Alien Crashes and Area 51

“The most famous UFO crash allegedly occurred when something—skeptics say a top-secret spy balloon, believers say a spacecraft with alien pilots—crashed on a ranch in the desert outside of Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, and the debate rages to this day.”(7)

“One of the most persistent and prevalent examples of a modern myth that will not die is the story of Area 51. So ingrained in our culture has it become that nearly everyone (at least in the U.S.) knows what you are talking about when you refer to it. It’s been featured in movies as diverse as Independence Day (one of my favorite big budget, brain-meltingly silly end-of-the-world movies about alien invasion) and, of course, Area 51.

Forests of trees have been slain in order to publish books on the subject, and cable TV channels serve up near constant stream of documentaries either about Area 51 or mentioning it as a place of secret government studies of aliens who crash landed and deep conspiracies to keep The Truth About The Aliens from the American people. While there is no doubt that something secret was going on at Area 51, which is in fact a military base located on the shore of Groom Lake within the U.S. Air Force’s Nevada Test and Training Range.

The most famous legend is that the U.S. government brought the wreckage and alien corpses from a space ship crash at Roswell, NM in 1947. Indeed, the very plot of Independence Day has the movie’s heroes visiting Area 51, where a functional alien spaceship had been studied since 1947, and it turns out that it was a spaceship piloted by a scout from the alien race who had invaded the earth and caused such devastation. In a scenario that’s hard to believe even suspending disbelief for purposes of a shoot-’em-up blockbuster science-fiction alien invasion movie, two of the protagonists figure out how to pilot the ship to the alien mothership to deliver a computer virus that would shut down the alien fleet’s defenses (not to mention a nuclear bomb to blow up the mothership), so that a coordinated world-wide counterattack would have a chance of succeeding.”(8)


“As the Roswell controversy hit the news, kid pranksters everywhere got hungry for a piece of the action. Armed with cameras, they hurled anything disk-like, from hubcaps to pie plates to saucers, into the sky, faking photos by the dozens. Through a camera lens, an old button on the ground can look like a crashed UFO. Some photos can’t be proven fake: the film is un-tampered with, and the graininess of the photos themselves prevents even the experts from obtaining definitive answers as to just what is depicted.

photo of a UFO made from a cottage cheese container and an aluminum plate by Robert Sheaffer

photo of a UFO made from a cottage cheese container and an aluminum plate by Robert Sheaffer

While Fox Mulder’s “I Want To Believe” poster is likely a picture of someone’s thrown hat, we’ll never be able to ‘know’ for sure. What we do know for sure, though, is that a lot of kids stole mom’s good silver to aid in an afternoon’s mischief, and continue to occasionally do so today. The rest is a matter of likelihood.”(11)

“Other conspiracy theories that have sprung up around Area 51 include the aforementioned storage and attempted reverse engineering of the alleged alien space ship claimed to have crashed at Roswell; meetings with extraterrestrials; the development of all manner of secret weapons programs, such as energy weapons; and all manner of imaginative (and not so imaginative) activities. Given the secrecy that has been maintained by the U.S. government over the years regarding Area 51, it’s not too surprising that conspiracy theories took hold, although, despite the fact that the events that inspired the conspiracy theories took place in the 1940s and 1950s, most of the myths surrounding Area 51 didn’t actually start to spring up so much until decades later, when a man named Bob Lazar claimed that he had worked on alien spacecraft at Papoose Lake, which is south of Area 51. Since then, Area 51 has become, with Roswell, the twin capitals of alien abduction paranoia in the U.S.

It turns out that some of the secret projects that have been carried out at Area 51 have been declassified. Veterans are talking, and–surprise! surprise!–they aren’t telling any tales of space aliens or UFOs:

Noce, 72, and his fellow Area 51 veterans around the country now are free to talk about doing contract work for the CIA in the 1960s and ’70s at the arid, isolated Southern Nevada government testing site.

Their stories shed some light on a site shrouded in mystery; classified projects still are going on there. It’s not a big leap from warding off the curious 40 or 50 years ago, to warding off the curious who now make the drive to Area 51.

The veterans’ stories provide a glimpse of real-life government covert operations, with their everyday routines and moments of excitement.

Noce didn’t seek out publicity. But when contacted, he was glad to tell what it was like.

“I was sworn to secrecy for 47 years. I couldn’t talk about it,” he says.


Lockheed Martin A-12

In the 1960s, Area 51 was the test site for the A-12 and its successor, the SR-71 Blackbird, a secret spy plane that broke records at documented speeds that still have been unmatched. The CIA says it reached Mach 3.29 (about 2,200 mph) at 90,000 feet.

Although the story doesn’t provide a lot of detail, Noce’s recollections do suggest that the military and CIA actually didn’t mind the notoriety of the place and the stories of aliens and spaceships that had popped up over the years. The reason is that such tales served as a lovely bit of misdirection to obfuscate and cover up the real secret projects going on there, specifically the secret planes that were being tested.

No one has as yet produced compelling evidence that extraterrestrials have visited the earth or that alien spaceships have crashed and been dismantled and studied by our government. Inevitably, any evidence presented is of the variety of the testimonial of a “friend of a friend,” stories with little or no evidence to support them, or physical evidence that proves nothing but is held up as evidence of extraterrestrials.”(8)

The Alien Interview

“It was 26th July, 1996 when the President of Rocket Picture, Tom Coleman received a phone call from an anonymous person who identified himself as Victor. The caller claimed to have a video tape in his possession that had the footage of an alien being interviewed at a remote secret U.S. facility near Area 51, Nevada called S-4. The tape contained a three minute video where a brown colored alien being is seen getting interviewed until it chokes and gets attended by some doctors. The video does not have any audio as Victor claimed to have removed the audio citing security reasons.

A Hollywood special effects expert believed the video used a puppet in an elaborate fraud.”(9)

Following is an alleged and debunked interview with an alien:



A few points here about the video:

“(1) It is very surprising that an interview with an extraterrestrial thing is happening in the dark. While the narrator (Victor) mentions that the room has been kept dark on purpose for the comfort of the aliens, but that does not explain the reason behind the darkness. The alien didn’t look to be too sensitive to the torch beams at the end of the video though.

(2) Nothing but the head and a little part of the shoulders are being seen in the alien interview video. If an extraordinary thing like an ET would have been interviewed and if that was being recorded on tape, is not sensible to capture the full body of the creature?

(3) The alien’s head movement was very puppet-like. While there is limited knowledge about the muscle movements of the aliens, but the moves that were made by the alien in the interview video looked very mechanical and far for being natural.

(4) It was mentioned that aliens could get rid of germs and microbial entities from the air, and then we find the alien getting sick by breathing the planet’s air.

(5) At the last part of the video when the alien falls sick, two men, supposedly doctors, rush in to examine the being. All they do is put hold his head and try to look into the orifice of his mouth. The whole gesture of the ‘doctors’ look so artificial and they certainly did not look like examining the way real doctors would check their patients, especially if the patient is someone out of this world.

(7) The alien was supposedly seated inside a bio-confinement area so that it is not exposed to any earthly germs, and then it is seen that the doctors who take care of the being are wearing half sleeve shirts. Didn’t we know that any such sanitized area has the requirement of specific dresses that covers the full body?”(9)



Alien Autopsy

“The 1995 “Alien Autopsy” film was claimed to depict the post mortem of an extraterrestrial who died in a UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947—and was part of a “documentary” that aired on the Fox television network. Skeptics and many UFOlogists quickly branded the affair a hoax.”(10)

Here’s part of the film with comments:


“Among numerous observations, they noted that the film bore a bogus, non-military codemark, that the injuries sustained by the extraterrestrial were inconsistent with an air crash, and that the person performing the autopsy held the scissors like a tailor rather than a pathologist (who is trained to place his middle or ring finger in the bottom of the scissors hole and use his forefinger to steady the blades).

Hollywood special effects expert Trey Stokes (whose film credits include “The Blob,” “Batman Returns,” and “Tales from the Crypt”) said that the alien corpse behaved like a dummy, seeming lightweight, “rubbery,” and therefore moving unnaturally when handled. (See Joe Nickell, “‘Alien Autopsy’ Hoax,” Skeptical Inquirer, Nov./Dec. 1995, 17–19.)

Belatedly, a Manchester sculptor and special-effects creator, John Humphreys, now claims the Roswell alien was his handiwork, destroyed after the film was made. He made the revelation just as a new movie, “Alien Autopsy,” was being released, a film for which he recreated the original creature. As he told the BBC, “Funnily enough, I used exactly the same process as before. You start with the stills from the film, blow them up as large as you can. Then you make an aluminum armature, which you cover in clay, and then add all the detail.” The clay model was used to produce a mold that yielded a latex cast.

Humphreys also admitted that in the original autopsy film he had himself played the role of the pathologist, whose identity was concealed by a contamination suit.

The alien-autopsy hoax represented the culmination of several years’ worth of rumors, myths, and outright deceptions purporting to prove that saucer wreckage and the remains of its humanoid occupants were stored at a secret facility—e.g., a (nonexistent) “Hangar 18” at Wright Patterson Air Force Base—and that the small corpses were autopsied at that or another site.

Among the hoaxes were the following:

poster_of_the_movie_the_flying_saucer• A 1949 science fiction movie, “The Flying Saucer,” purported to contain scenes of a captured spacecraft; an actor actually posed as an FBI agent and swore the claim was true.

• In 1950, writer Frank Scully (is this where they got the idea for Scully in X Files?) reported in his book “Behind the Flying Saucers” that the U.S. government possessed no fewer than three Venusian spaceships, together with their humanoid corpses. Scully had been fed the tale by two confidence men who had hoped to sell a petroleum-locating device allegedly based on alien technology.

• In 1974, Robert Spencer Carr began to promote one of the crashes from the Scully book and to claim firsthand knowledge of where the pickled aliens were stored. But as the late claimant’s son admitted, Carr was a spinner of yarns who made up the entire story.

• In 1987, the author of a book on Roswell released the notorious “MJ-12 documents” which seemed to prove the crash-retrieval story and a high-level government coverup. Unfortunately document experts readily exposed the papers as inept forgeries.

• In 1990, Gerald Anderson claimed that he and family members had been rock hunting in the New Mexico desert in 1947 when they came upon a crashed saucer with injured aliens among the still-burning wreckage. Anderson released a diary his uncle had purportedly kept that recorded the event. Alas, forensic tests showed that the ink used to write the entries had not been manufactured until 1974.

The most elaborate Roswell hoax, however, and the one that probably reached the largest audience was the “Alien Autopsy” film. It will be remembered as a classic of the genre. The truth about “the Roswell incident”—that the crash device was merely a secret U.S. spy balloon, part of Project Mogul, which attempted to monitor emissions from anticipated Soviet nuclear tests—continues to be obscured by hoaxers, conspiracy cranks, and hustlers.”(10)

Alien Abductions and Seductions

“Extraterrestrials kidnapping humans, taking them to their space ships, performing experiments on them, cutting them open, raping them, forcing women to bear hybrid babies? Thousands of people believe they have been abducted by aliens. Their memories of these experiences are vivid, painful, and terrifyingly real. What’s up here? Should we believe their stories?


Emanuel Swedberg

Tales of alien contact have been narrated for centuries. Francis Godwin’s The Man in the Moone (1638) and Ralph Morris’ A Narrative and the Life and Astonishing Adventures of John Daniel (1751), are taken today as intended fiction. However, in 1758, in Concerning Earths in Our Solar World, Emanuel Swedenborg made the claim that he had actually visited all the then-known planets, which he described in great detail, all inhabited by creatures who had devised ideal societies.

The pre-1947 literature on alien contact usually has the contactee visiting another planet. These narratives include an account given in 1890 by Helen Smith of Martians speaking a language that sounds very much like French; in 1906 by Sarah Weis, who described nonexistent Martian canals in great detail.

In 1930 by one Willard Magoon, who described Mars as a beautiful, lush planet of forests, parks, and gardens. Today’s contactees hardly ever tell stories of being transported to the extraterrestrial’s home planet; instead, the aliens are here, on Earth, and the contactees are frequently abducted and taken onto an alien spaceship. When we listen to or read a tale of alien abductions, we are confronted with the phenomenon of “close encounters of the fourth kind.”

Abductees (who prefer the term “contactees”) describe all manner of contact, a great deal of it sexual in nature. The parallels with imaginary—or invented— satanic ritual abuse, frequently described in the 1980s and 1990s, is extremely strong.

Here’s a few reports from abductees:


John Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist, endorsed the idea that the stories his patients told him about having been abducted by aliens were literally and factually true. Mack’s evidence? He was convinced because of the intense, heartfelt emotion that accompanied their stories, and because of their narrative consistency. They had to be telling the truth, Mack reasoned, because they had no reason to lie, they told their stories reluctantly, their stories were similar to one another, and their therapeutic sessions with him were filled with genuine terror. They aren’t faking or seeking attention, Mack reasoned, nor are they insane. They sincerely believe that they are telling the truth.

Members of folk and tribal societies have told consistent and emotion-laden stories of being attacked, seduced, apprehended, abducted, threatened, or terrorized by ghosts, goblins, elves, demons, fairies, “old hags,” and assorted incubi and succubi, with great emotional intensity for thousands of years. For Mack, the highly emotionally-charged manner in which these accounts were narrated to him was the empirical observation that convinced him of the reality of aliens on Earth.

Scientists tend to be skeptical about contactee reports. The fact that they almost never point to independent corroborating witnesses who can confirm their stories or have witnessed the abduction, even if they have been taken in an urban environment such as New York City, seems to be of little concern to believers. To the scientist, this consideration makes the assertion highly suspicious.

The fact that a remarkably high proportion of abductions occur during hypnogogic (in a twilight state when falling asleep) and hypnopomic (when waking up) states, forces scientists to wonder whether these are hallucinations, dreams, rather than genuine, real-world events. To the ufologist or UFO believer, this issue is of little concern or interest.

capture4The fact that contactees return from their experience with aliens in space vehicles without any extraplanetary physical souvenirs; an apparatus of some kind, an article of clothing (apparently aliens never wear clothes), part of a space suit (perhaps they can breathe our atmosphere without difficulty), a scrap of metal, glass, plastic (it could be they’ve evolved beyond and have no need of these primitive materials), food (maybe they don’t eat or drink), something—anything. Nothing. And if they do obtain such an object, they should take it to the Smithsonian, the Museum of Natural History. Apparently they don’t got it. Why shouldn’t scientists be suspicious? Ufologists don’t seem to be bothered by these matters; but they would be ecstatic—as all of us would—if a contactee backed up a story with a solid piece of undeniably trans-galactic paraphernalia.

Contactees claim that aliens display powers that scientists say are all but impossible. They move through solid objects, move from one location to another practically instantaneously, beam humans onto the mother ship, appear before entire cities and remain undetected. It is not surprising that most scientists remain extremely skeptical of contactee claims. Ufologists invoke forces that are contrary to the laws of science, and offer no plausible evidence to back up their stories.

capture71The fact that abductees return claiming to have had experiences that normally leave physical traces when they display none, or unremarkable, clearly earthly, marks, causes the scientist to be extremely skeptical about whether such experiences actually took place. Female contactees report having been impregnated and bred for alien-human hybrid offspring, yet gynecologists detect no such physical changes in their bodies.

Contactees report having been cut open, yet no scars, or only old and conventional scars, can be found. Electronic devices are reported to have been implanted in their brains, yet, again, none that are indisputably extraplanetary have been located. As an explanation, contactees claim that the technology of the extraterrestrials is so powerful, so advanced and sophisticated, that aliens can make evidence of such interventions disappear or blend in with human tissue. Mack agrees; he claims implants have been recovered from the bodies of contactees, but when retrieved, they turn out to be unremarkable and not uncontestably of extraterrestrial origin. He argues that the genetic or chemical structure of material in his patients’ bodies conform to earthly specifications is of little significance, since, again, aliens are capable of altering that material. Scientists and most physicians don’t buy it. Usually, this matter is of little or no concern to abductees and ufologists.”(14)

Whitley Strieber


“Whitley Strieber is an American writer who was born in 1945. As well as his horror novels, The Hunger and The Wolfen, Strieber is best known for Communion, a ‘non-fiction’ account of his alleged experiences with alien entities.

In Communion (1987), Strieber retells the story of his perceived abduction by non-human beings from his cabin in New York in 1985. The author refers to his abductors as “the visitors” and refuses to conclude they were aliens and instead poses the possibility that they could exist in his mind.”(13)

Strieber is the poster boy for alien abductions, due to heavy media exposure and the prolific amount of ‘documentation’ found in his many books.

Unlike other ‘abductees’, he has approached the abduction idea from as many different ways as conceivably possible, clearly having an understanding that both repetition and overlapping stories creates the most powerful ‘evidence’ for leading others to ‘believe’.

How does the line go ‘The bigger the lie the easier it is to get others to believe it’.

Strieber comes off as just minding his own business when the ‘visitors’, as he calls them, just showed up and started doing all kinds of strange things to him, but he had actually been involved in various occult activities prior to his supposed visitations, with the first visit occurring during one of his ‘mind opening’ meditations.

He also mentions that he had contact with the CIA and wondered if they had done some mind control experimentation on him.

alien-contactee-whitley-strieber-1“Strieber has for decades warned the public that there is overwhelming evidence of a disturbing alien agenda which already well under way – that of building a hybrid human-alien race. Strieber points out that in many abductee testimonies, men’s sperm and women’s eggs being forcibly extracted; women are being unknowingly implanted with babies; and abductees are being given alien implants under their skin. Why? Strieber proposes that the hostile ETs doing this cannot physically experience Earth in their own bodies, so they appear to be trying to experience it through others.”(12)

It’s not surprising that the agents that wrote the X Files episodes added all of Strieber’s points to their stories, since they’re working for the same clandestine organization. Was he also one of the writers?

Did Whitely Strieber Steal Alien Greys and Other Ideas from Aleister Crowley?

capture44Let’s look at ‘Greys’, as in aliens, for a minute. Did you ever wonder why these androgenous characters seem to show up repeatedly when aliens are ‘spotted’ or decide to pay someone a visit?

Could it be that the idea behind this creation is to use repetition, as usual, to generate familiarity and legitimacy in those that want to believe? Just another case of predictive programming by Intelligence in order to further the nefarious agenda of their puppet masters.

“Was the cultural phenomenon of the “grey alien”, with its unnatural, eerie features, made famous through a stolen depiction of a drawing based on an entity an occultist artist contacted in 1918?

To answer this question we have to look at the works of two men – Aleister Crowley around 1918 and Strieber in the 1980s.

crowleyAleister Crowley was one of the most well-known occultists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and possibly of modern times. The English occultist, ceremonial magician and painter was a savvy self-promoter and self-styled himself as “The Beast 666”. Crowley wrote numerous textbooks about occultism, as well as founding several occult fraternities.

In 1919, Aleister Crowley drew a portrait titled “Lam”. It is widely believed that Lam represents a “Grey Alien”, which Crowley contacts during a “magickal” operation known as “The Amalantrah Working”. The Amalantrah Working is a series of visions and trance communications which took place in 1918.

Crowley’s Lam has also been associated with the drawing of Aiwass. One (1) definition of Aiswass is:

“An alleged superhuman intelligence contacted by Aleister Crowley in 1904, Aiwass dedicated to Crowley a work called ‘Liber AL’, or ‘Book of the Law’, which prophesied wars and revolutions leading to the collapse of Christian civilizations.”

lamlargeCrowley’s portrait of Lam is certainly representative of the grey aliens we are familiar with today. As Daniel Boudillion writes in a report titled “Aleister Crowley’s Lam and the Little Grey Men”:

“The ‘grey aliens’, slight-bodied, big-headed, large-dark-eyed manikin creatures are primarily an American phenomena. And, it is interesting to note that all the Lam workings were done in America.”

Grey aliens became particularly prevalent in the 1980s. The prevalence of these wide-eyed creatures reached greater heights through a book by Strieber known as Communion.

“What’s particularly interesting is the front cover of Communion, which bears uncanny resemblance to Crowley’s Lam. With its huge dark eyes, large and egg-shaped head, the drawing of the grey alien on Communion’s front cover became a cultural phenomenon. As Daniel Boudillion writes:

“The greys appear eerily similar to La, with the exception of Lam not having the large insectoid wraparound eyes reported of the greys.”

But was the drawing that is still widely representative of how aliens from outer space are perceived today nothing more than a stolen meme from Crowley’s old occult writings?

Though it’s not just the Lam-esque drawing that hints toward the idea that Strieber might have been an avid reader of Crowley’s work.

In the Journal of Possible Paradigms, author John Carter reflects on the work of Strieber. Carter recalls reading an interview with Strieber in the early 1990s when he talked of an urban legend about himself and his son’s friend getting lost in a strange part of town which they had never been to before. Carter points out that the same story is in Aleister Crowley’s Confessions, which was written 50 years earlier.

There is a lot of money to be made through retelling experiences of alien encounters. Could it also be possible that Whitley Strieber’s reported experience of which he thought he was abducted by aliens from his cabin in New York and his extra-terrestrial drawing that became a cultural phenomenon was deliberately stolen from Aleister Crawley as a means of making Strieber both famous and rich?”(13)

john_henry_fuseli_-_the_nightmare“Contact events,” such as abductions, are often associated with UFOs because they are ascribed to extraterrestrial visitors. However, the credibility of the ETH as an explanation for abductions is disputed by most psychologists who have investigated this phenomenon. They suggest that a common experience known as “sleep paralysis” may be the culprit, as this causes sleepers to experience a temporary immobility and a belief that they are being watched.”(6)

And there’s a whole range of other psychological reasons why someone would actually believe or pretend to believe that they were abducted or contacted by ETs.

“Are you worried about being abducted by aliens?

Professor Rich McNally and his colleagues at Harvard University have spent over 10 years researching the psychology of alien abductees, and in particular why it is that some people embrace the identity of “alien abductee.” His research has isolated a number of traits possessed by ‘alien abductees’ each of which he argues contributes to the experiences they recall when ‘being abducted’ and to the desire to cling on to their belief that aliens were responsible for their abduction experiences.

1. Regularly experiencing sleep paralysis and hallucinations when awakening: Many people who have reported alien abduction suffer episodes of early morning sleep paralysis. On awakening from this paralysis, their terror gives rise to hallucinations of flashing lights and buzzing sounds. Some experience feelings of ‘floating’ around the room or seeing figures in the room. While many people interpret these post-sleep paralysis experiences as dreaming, some people interpret these experiences as seeing figures, ghosts, or aliens.

2. Tendency to Recall False Memories: In an elegant set of experimental studies, McNally and colleagues found that individuals who claimed to have been abducted by aliens were prone to what is known as “false memory syndrome.” That is, alien abductees regularly claimed to recall words, items, sentences, etc. in memory tests that they had never actually seen before. If this “false memory” affect can be generalized to autobiographical memories, then individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens would be twice as likely to “falsely remember” things that had never happened to them than would non-abductees.

3. High levels of “Absorption”: Alien abductees also score significantly higher than most people on the mental characteristic known as ‘absorption.’ This is a trait related to fantasy proneness, vivid imagery, and susceptibility to hypnosis and suggestion. Because of this it is probably not surprising that many alien abductees recall their experiences under hypnosis, where memories of abduction can be induced through suggestibility—especially if the person leading the hypnosis session asks particularly leading questions about abduction.

capture91 4. New Age beliefs: Being whisked up into space ships by tractor beams or light sources is not something that happens every day—nor is it something that is easily explainable within our existing knowledge of physics. Similarly, being subjected to imaginative medical procedures requires a tendency to accept unusual and non-mainstream ideas. This is also a trait possessed by ‘alien abductees.’ They score highly on measures of magical ideation and endorse New Age ideas that encompass beliefs about alternative medicines and healing, astrology, and fortune telling. Such beliefs would certainly allow the individual to accept things happening to them that would be dismissed by existing scientific knowledge.

5. A familiarity with the cultural narrative of alien abduction: As a cultural phenomenon, alien abduction has entered folklore and the images and descriptions of aliens and their spacecraft have become familiar to many people. Alien abductees tend to be very familiar with this cultural narrative which is one possible reason why their descriptions of aliens and their spaceships are so similar—being fuelled as they are by sci-fi films and numerous books about aliens and alien abduction.


As Professor McNally points out in a very readable review of his studies on alien abduction, it is still unclear whether all these characteristics are necessary ingredients in the recipe for ‘alien abduction’ or whether some are more necessary than others. Other researchers have also identified further traits that appear to be characteristic of ‘alien abductees’, such as paranoid thinking and weak sexual identity.”(14)

A Reason to Believe

“The reason that stories of UFOs and extraterrestrials persist is explained relatively well by, of all organizations, the CIA. A companion story to the Area 51 story points out a fascinating CIA report entitled CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90, which points out:

An extraordinary 95 percent of all Americans have at least heard or read something about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs), and 57 percent believe they are real. (1) Former US Presidents Carter and Reagan claim to have seen a UFO. UFOlogists–a neologism for UFO buffs–and private UFO organizations are found throughout the United States. Many are convinced that the US Government, and particularly CIA, are engaged in a massive conspiracy and coverup of the issue. The idea that CIA has secretly concealed its research into UFOs has been a major theme of UFO buffs since the modern UFO phenomena emerged in the late 1940s.

After describing the history of the CIA’s investigations of UFO sightings over five decades, the report concludes:

The UFO issue probably will not go away soon, no matter what the Agency does or says. The belief that we are not alone in the universe is too emotionally appealing and the distrust of our government is too pervasive to make the issue amenable to traditional scientific studies of rational explanation and evidence.”(8)

Cattle Mutilation

capture93“A typical cattle mutilation story begins when the remains of a victim animal have been discovered. Most commonly, these remains have been found in some open field by a rancher, farmer, or other unlucky individual. The animal in question is commonly reported to have been in good health just days prior to the discovery, so the death is unexpected and “natural causes” seems unlikely.

The body itself appears to have been mutilated after death. Oftentimes, external body parts are missing, such as the ears, the eyes, the sex organs, or the tongue; in some cases flesh even appears to have been stripped off of the skull. Witnesses insist that the edges of the wounds are smooth and clean, as though done with a surgeon’s scalpel. A scalpel also appears to have split open the stomach of many animals, and internal organs have been removed. A conspicuous absence of blood is another common feature. Always, the witnesses claim that there are no footprints, tire tracks, or scavenger prints leading either towards or away from the body. The death is a mystery, and foul play of some kind is assumed.

capture92The phenomenon does happen; a simple Google Image search for “cattle mutilation” will bring up endless gruesome images of cattle, sheep, and other victim animals with their lips stripped from their teeth, their eye sockets staring out from circles of excised flesh, their bellies open. The question is, how does it happen, and who — or what — is responsible for the condition of the remains?

capture95If you are one of many true believers in UFOs and alien encounters, then you’re likely to point the fingers at these extraterrestrial visitors. And the reasons you may offer as to why aliens have this continuing need to strip cattle and sheep of their sex organs and innards? Those vary, but they usually involve some sort of medical experimentation or even attempts to make some sort of cattle hybrid. As no one has ever actually been able to ask the aliens about it on the record, these explanations are all just conjecture.

Researcher Bill Ellis places the first occurrence of “modern” cattle mutilation in England in the early 20th century, where mutilated cattle led to fears that a wolf was on the prowl. Over the course of the century, mutilations were attributed to various evil agents, including Satanists, hippies, and lunatics, before becoming attached to extraterrestrials in the 1960s.

The scare reached its height in the 1970s and 1980s, when several law enforcement and scientific investigations were launched to determine the cause of the phenomenon. The FBI was even compelled to investigate. Their investigation amounted to little more than collections of newspaper clippings because of jurisdictional issues, but they concluded that nothing seemed to be amiss in the deaths other than natural causes. This was a conclusion shared by other investigations.

Blowfly and fly larvae on 5-day old corpse

Blowfly and fly larvae on 5-day old corpse

In 1979, Sheriff Herb Marshall of Washington County, Arkansas, took a different approach when dealing with a flap of cattle mutilation reports in his jurisdiction. He obtained a fresh cow corpse and put it out in a field in conditions like the ones so-called mutilations were being found in. The corpse was watched for 48 hours straight. No aliens came for the corpse, nor did big predators; instead, the sheriff and his officers observed as a combination of bloating and blowflies went to work. Expanding gases split the stomach and exposed the internal organs; blowflies feasted on the organs and laid eggs in the soft-exposed tissues of eyes, lips, and anuses; and the resulting maggots devoured the soft tissues down to the bone. These flies can hatch in as little as ten hours, and the larvae can mature in as little as two days. The result was a caracas that matched the common mutilation story, all from natural causes. For Sheriff Marshall, that was case-closed on the mutilations in his area.

A decade later, researchers in Alberta, Canada looking into the matter actually published a scientific study of such stories in their area. These researchers found that

The parts reported missing from mutilated cattle are the same as those known to be removed by scavengers, primarily coyotes and birds, in the early stages of scavenging a carcass.

They concluded:

capture97the mutilations are the work of scavenger animals, mainly coyotes and birds; the mutilations occur after the animal has died; and any investigation of bizarre gross findings in dead cattle must rule out scavenging beyond any reasonable doubt before proceeding to investigation of other possibilities.

Not much actual scientific study of the mutilation phenomenon has been published since then, because science doesn’t really have much more to say on the matter. The opinions of learned studies mean little to true believers, however, and today stories of new mutilations still make headlines on some news sites, though often relegated to sections for “weird news” or reader-submitted reports. Believers refuse to accept the scientific consensus, and persist in claims that these deaths are the result of nefarious alien activities.

Even using the term ‘cattle mutilation’ makes an unnecessary assumption that some agent deliberately acted to mutilate the corpse. It’s really just cattle decomposition and scavenging in particular natural conditions as interpreted by those who don’t understand what’s going on. A dead cow that has had its face chewed off by maggots is really super creepy! People in modern times aren’t used to seeing dead things. We don’t know what they are supposed to look like; only what we think they are supposed to look like.

Nothing about the cattle “mutilation” phenomenon requires us to suppose an actual act of mutilation. Cattle die of natural causes, they decompose by natural methods, and sometimes they are scavenged in such a way that they look, to those not used to seeing dead things, as though they had been vivisected. Continued belief in active mutilation says more about the believers than it does about the world. “(15)

Crop Circles

crop-circle-1-tm“The crop-circle phenomenon came to global attention in the 1970s, when simple circles began appearing in the English countryside. The number and complexity of the circles increased dramatically, reaching a peak in the 1980s and 1990s, when increasingly elaborate circles were produced, including those illustrating complex mathematical equations such as fractals. The obvious and best-supported scientific explanation — that the designs are made by artistic hoaxers — is, by far, the least satisfying for many people. Which is more fun to believe: that nighttime pranksters are at work, or that mysterious, unknown intelligent beings are trying to communicate with humanity using complex, coded messages?(16)

“Urbanites and rural-dwellers alike are familiar with the crop circle, of English origin. A couple Englishmen took some planks, some rope, and some measurements to a field in 1975, and after a few separate tries, convinced the locals that something wholly unnatural was bending their crops into pretty shapes.

Without a human confession, it was only natural for curious folk to link the big, mysterious, and complex patterns with those big, mysterious, complex UFOs people claimed to see flitting about once in a while. By the time the original human circle makers admitted to their vandalism in 1996, hardly anyone listened. It didn’t matter if crop circles could be easily created with common tools, or that a few people showed exactly how it was done: enthusiasts were determined in their convictions, and continue, despite numerous debunkings, to believe that crop circles are of extraterrestrial origin, even today.”(11)

crop-circle-computer-chip“A mysterious 310-foot-diameter crop circle that appeared in a farmer’s barley field in Chualar, Calif., as 2013 ended puzzled the public for more than a week. Echoing the sentiments of many, the field’s owner told CNN, “To be that intricate in design, it kind of baffles me as to how that was done.”Videos and photos of it went viral, and though some dismissed the crop circle as a hoax, others weren’t so sure. Some crop-circle experts wrote in-depth analyses that claimed to cleverly decode hidden meanings in the pattern, including that a bright comet would appear in the sky later this year.

It remained a mystery until Sunday night (Jan. 5), when at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the real circle makers stepped forward: a marketing team hired by computer-graphics company Nvidia. The “crop circle” was not an astronomical calendar forewarning of an impending comet, but instead a drawing of the company’s new Tegra K1 processing chip. A small team of British crop-circle artists created the complex pattern expertly and without detection. It was a great publicity stunt, and one that left many people wondering how experts could have been fooled.

Why do people fall for such obvious hoaxes? Part of the answer is that the human brain is hardwired to seek meaning, even when there is no meaning to be found. In psychology, the tendency for the mind to find coincidences, patterns and connections in random data is called apophenia. In statistics, there is even a name for this type of fallacy: a Type I error. A common example of a Type I error is a false positive result on a medical test. [In Photos: Mysterious Crop Circles]

Carl Sagan, in his book “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark,” discussed the psychology of this phenomenon. “The pattern-recognition machinery in our brains is so efficient in extracting a face from a clutter of other detail that we sometimes see faces where there are none,” he wrote. “We assemble disconnected patches of light and dark, and unconsciously try to see a face. The Man in the Moon is one result.”

Crop-circle books brim with wild, contradictory theories about what the circles mean, including religious revelations, messages of peace and cosmic harmony, nuclear power secrets, maps of the universe and much more.

In this case, the “experts” were once again fooled; it was, undeniably, an advertising stunt. This hoax also reveals an embarrassing truth about crop circle research: that so-called experts cannot distinguish a supposedly real crop circle from a fake one. If the ones supposedly made by humans are so amazingly complex and intricate — and laden with so much hidden meaning — that they are mistaken for the real thing, then, by definition, all of them could be hoaxes.

kitty_aerialThis isn’t the first time a company has used a crop circle as part of a marketing campaign. It’s been done several times; even Hello Kitty’s adorable face appeared in a field.

You’d think that an alien species smart enough to travel across the galaxy to visit Earth could find a more effective way of communicating with humanity than making ambiguous patterns in plants. Learning another language is something even children can do, and if our planet has been visited for decades by crop-circle-making intelligences, it’s reasonable to expect they could write out messages in plain English or another human language. Ironically, that would likely be seen as an obvious sign of a hoax, even if it were real.”(16)

Ancient Aliens

“The idea that life could exist on other worlds had a long history dating back to early Greek philosophers who speculated on the nature of beings on other worlds. Anaxagoras (c. 500-428 BCE) proposed that life began from “seeds” that littered the universe; Anaxarchus (c. 340 BCE) thought there to be an infinity of worlds, and Epicurus (c. 341-270 BCE) felt life existed on many planets across the vastness of space. These philosophers, though, did not propose the visitation of these aliens to the earth.

Helena Blavatsky

Helena Blavatsky

The most important early writer to propose extraterrestrial visitation on earth was Madame Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891), the founder of Theosophy, a Victorian-era amalgam of Spiritualism, Eastern religions, and good old-fashioned hokum. In The Secret Doctrine, Theosophy’s most important text, Blavatsky noted Greek speculation about life on other worlds and asserted that the ancients had first-hand knowledge of the fact of extraterrestrial existence. She speculated that the beings on the innumerable inhabited worlds may have “influence” or “control” over the earth. She also asserted that spiritual beings originating on the moon contributed to the metaphysical development of earth life, but for her any alien intervention is a sideline to the epic history of evolutionary and spiritual developments of an assortment of earth creatures who grew from primal ooze to Aryan supremacy on the lost continents of Hyperborea, Lemuria, and Atlantis.

The first race of men were, then, simply the images, the astral doubles, of their Fathers, who were the pioneers, or the most progressed Entities from a preceding though lower sphere, the shell of which is now our Moon. But even this shell is all-potential, for, having generated the Earth, it is the phantom of the Moon which, attracted by magnetic affinity, sought to form its first inhabitants, the pre-human monsters.

Helena Blavatsky , The Secret Doctrine (1888)

mu_churchwoodmap1Blavatsky’s disciple W. Scott-Elliot expanded on hints in the Theosophical cosmos by creating a race of divine beings inhabiting Venus. In The Lost Lemuria (1904), Scott-Elliott claimed that beings that evolved on Venus but had reached a spiritual or “divine” stage of development came to earth and taught the inhabitants of Lemuria the arts of civilization and gave them wheat and fire (34-44). A critical difference between the Lords of Venus, Blavatsky’s moon creatures, and Mythos beings (and indeed modern ancient astronauts) is that the Theosophical Venusians and lunarians are not envisioned as true extraterrestrials (in the modern sense) from distant star systems but as incarnations of spiritual beings who share a mystic connection to earth creatures and feel a spiritual calling to aid their brethren on earth. Here, the Venusians are inhabitants of Venus in the same sense that the angels of God were once thought to inhabit Venus, Mars, and the other crystalline spheres that surrounded the earth.

The positions occupied by the divine beings from the Venus chain were naturally those of rulers, instructors in religion, and teachers of the arts, and it is in this latter capacity that a reference to the arts taught by them comes to our aid in the consideration of the history of this early race, continued.

W. Scott-Eliot, The Lost Lemuria (1904)

In 1919, the great collector of anomalous trivia, Charles Fort, published the Book of the Damned, in which he speculated that old stories of demons could be related to “undesirable visitors from other worlds” (66), though he did not draw a firm connection between devils and aliens. He also suggested that other worlds may have communicated with ours in the distant past (118), left behind advanced technology (124), or attempted to colonize the earth (164). However, Fort made no claim that such things actually happened, only that they may have happened, and at any rate there is no way to tell whether the creatures were alien, trans-dimensional, spiritual, or even imaginary—perhaps the result of telepathy, communications from the spirit realm, or from myriad other sources.


H. P. Lovecraft

Providence, Rhode Island author H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937) has been justly hailed as a master of the horror story, and his work claims a place beside Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King in the pantheon of the genre. Born into a wealthy family in 1890, Lovecraft’s life was a series of reverses and declines as his family lost their fortune and his parents succumbed to madness. He was a precocious and self-taught scholar who read voraciously and devoured as much literature as he could read. He read the novels of H.G. Wells, whose War of the Worlds told of the coming of alien creatures to earth. He also read the eighteenth-century Gothic masters of horror, and above all Edgar Allan Poe. He also read works of pseudoscience and mysticism for inspiration.

When he set about writing his own works, he began to blend the modern world of science fiction with his favorite tales of Gothic gloom. Lovecraft’s works banished the supernatural by recasting it in materialist terms. He took the idea of a pantheon of ancient gods and made them a group of aliens who descended to earth in the distant past.

Lovecraft read both The Book of the Damned and Scott-Elliott, in the compilation volume The Story of Atlantis and Lost Lemuria (1925), and from these fragmentary ideas about prehistoric extraterrestrial visitation imagined (more-or-less) flesh-and-blood aliens arriving on earth in the distant past and all that this implied.


Cthulhu– Is this where Intelligence got the idea for the character Davey Jones in The Pirates of the Caribbean?

Across his works, Lovecraft provided a number of different explanations for the arrival ancient visitors on the primeval earth. In “The Call of Cthulhu,” the Old Ones, including the tentacled, star-born Cthulhu, are said to have come “to the young world out of the sky” and to have raised mighty cities whose remains could be seen in the cyclopean stones dotting Pacific islands. In the Cthulhu Mythos, these Old Ones brought with them images of themselves (thus inventing art) and hieroglyphs once legible but now unknown (the origins of writing). They spoke to humans in their dreams, and established a cult to worship them (the origins of religion). They appeared as, and were treated like, monstrous living gods, so great were their mystical powers.

In later stories, Lovecraft added new details and altered his previous conception of the Old Ones to provide a richer and more developed picture of alien intervention in earth life. In At the Mountains of Madness, Lovecraft presents his most complete vision of the extraterrestrial origins of human life. Here, the Old Ones were now a separate species of alien creature at war with Great Cthulhu and his spawn, who only arrived eons later. The Old Ones were “the originals of the fiendish elder myths” of ancient mythology, and they raised great cities under the oceans and on the primitive continents. These beings arrived on earth after colonizing other planets, and they created life on earth as a source of food. These artificial primitive cells they allowed to evolve naturally into the plants and animals of the modern world—including primitive humanity, which they used as food or entertainment.

Elsewhere, Lovecraft described his ancient visitors as maintaining a presence on the modern earth, and like the Nephilim of the Bible, they begat children with earth women in “The Dunwich Horror,” “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” and “Medusa’s Coil.” In “The Horror in the Museum,” it is suggested that the monstrous creatures once worshipped as gods were not all extraterrestrials, and that some may have come from alternate dimensions. In The Shadow Out of Time, the extraterrestrial Great Race is one of countless species spanning the universe, and their mental powers let them project themselves backward and forward in time, gathering intelligence and knowledge for their library and, in places, imparting their own wisdom. Most to the point, in his ghostwriting of William Lumley’s “The Diary of Alonzo Typer” the title narrator learns from the pre-human Book of Dzyan that aliens from Venus came to earth in spaceships to “civilize” the planet.

According to Lovecraft’s stories, human knowledge of these aliens is fragmentary and obscure. Evidence exists in the form of anomalous ancient artifacts of pre-human manufacture, garbled folklore and mythology, and written texts like the Necronomicon, Nameless Cults, and the Book of Eibon, which hint at but do not fully disclose the extraterrestrials’ nature and habits.

Many critics of Lovecraft have noted that his vision for the Mythos changed over time, as the godlike and semi-supernatural Cthulhu of “The Call of Cthulhu” gradually gave way to the fully material aliens of At the Mountains of Madness; in time faux mythology gave way to faux science in the Mythos.

Lovecraft’s Mythos became one of the touchstones of modern horror literature and a powerful theme in horror, fantasy, and science fiction, where the idea of alien visitors in the deep past continues to enjoy popularity in contemporary works like Stargate, The X-Files, Doctor Who, Alien vs. Predator, and hundreds of other movies, books, and television shows. However, Lovecraft’s alien gods also spawned the decidedly non-fiction (if not factual) ancient astronaut theory, which continues to convert new adherents today.

Lovecraftian fiction became increasingly popular in Europe, where the French embraced him as a bent genius, much as they embraced Edgar Allan Poe. In France, the Russian expatriate Jacques Bergier and the writer Louis Pauwels read Lovecraft and were inspired by his cosmic vision. Bergier claimed to have corresponded with Lovecraft in 1935, though no letters survive. He spent much of the 1950s promoting Lovecraft in the French media, including the magazine he and Pauwels edited, Planète, and working to bring Lovecraft’s work out in French editions. The Planètes editors held Lovecraft as their prophet, and their reprints of his stories helped to popularize him and the Cthulhu Mythos in the French imagination.

the_morning_of_the_magiciansDigging into Lovecraft’s Theosophical and Fortean source material, Bergier and Pauwels wrote Le Matin des magiciens (1960) (published in English as The Morning of the Magicians) and presented the first fully-fledged modern ancient astronaut theory. (See here for more on Bergier and Pauwels’ use of Lovecraft in Morning.) In it, they presented the themes found in Lovecraft as nonfiction, speculating about such alternative history touchstones as the “true” origin of the Egyptian pyramids, ancient maps that appear to have been drawn from outer space, advanced technology incongruously placed in the ancient past, and the other staples of later ancient astronaut theories. They note that ancient mythologies are replete with gods who visit earth in fiery chariots and return to the sky. These, they state, may have been alien visitors in spaceships.

Pauwels and Bergier drew on unrelated writings from a number of French and other authors who wondered to a greater or lesser extent that modern UFO sightings might have antecedents in prehistory, but they combined this 1950s space-age speculation with a Lovecraftian cosmic vision and a New Age sensibility that translated Cthulhu into an ancient astronaut in a way that shiny atom-age extraterrestrials in spacesuits never could.

chariots_of_the_godsMorning of the Magicians became one of the most important sources for Erich von Däniken, the Swiss writer whose Chariots of the Gods? brought what had hitherto been a theory known only to Theosophists, Lovecraft aficionados, and fringe theorists into the cultural mainstream. Von Däniken did not mention Pauwels and Bergier in his works, however, until a potential lawsuit forced him to disclose the sources he closely paraphrased in Chariots. The bibliography of Chariots thereafter listed the French writers’ book in its 1962 German translation, Aufbruch ins dritte Jahrtausend. Tens of millions of copies of Chariots and its sequels sold, and the ancient astronaut theory became a cultural phenomenon, appearing in movies, on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, in Playboy, and practically anywhere people were talking about the past.


Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin

Other authors were inspired by von Däniken’s theories, including Robert Temple (whose Sirius Mystery argued that amphibious aliens from Sirius taught Sumerians civilization) and Zecharia Sitchin (whose Twelfth Planet argued that aliens from a “wandering” planet called Nibiru conquered ancient earth to steal its gold and other precious metals). By the end of the 1970s, there was an entire network of authors and promoters then known as the Ancient Astronaut Society (now the Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association, or AAS RA).

So what made so many believe aliens visited our ancestors?

The Ancient Astronaut Theory, as it developed in the hands of Pauwels and Bergier, von Däniken, and others, uses a combination of suggestive archaeological, mythological, and artistic evidence. Though believers interpret nearly every piece of ancient history as supporting the ancient astronaut theory, in outline, the most important evidence is as follows:

Evidence of Ancient Aliens


6116633Believers maintain that ancient cities and monuments the world over display three important properties that speak to their non-human origins. First, many are composed of stones that weigh so much that it seems impossible for ordinary humans to have moved them.

Such engineering is said to be possible only with alien help, either as the builders themselves or as teachers who imparted the knowledge of such building techniques.

Second, believers argue that ancient sites and artifacts encode scientific data that should be unknown to Stone Age peoples.

Third, anomalous artifacts represent advanced technology of possibly inhuman origin.


ezekiel-vision-merkaba-272x270Ancient myths and legends record the arrival of the aliens and their deeds upon the earth. Believers in the ancient astronaut theory are united in their belief that myths and holy books are factual accounts of events that happened in the real world.

And of course, like the Old Ones in At the Mountains of Madness, the gods who created humans and other earth life in myth and religion are here interpreted as aliens that genetically engineered earth life for their inscrutable purposes. They also manage earth life, like the Old Ones who wipe out unfavorable races, by sending floods or annihilating trouble spots with nuclear weapons.


hieroplanes-gifAncient art shows images of the aliens and their advanced technology, according to believers.


Archaeologists, paleontologists, anthropologists, and other scientific professionals were less than impressed by the web of suggestion and interpretation that masqueraded as a scientific hypothesis. Since the mid-1970s, skeptics have produced articles, books, and documentaries aimed at debunking the ancient astronaut theory and explaining its “evidence” as a series of misinterpretations, misrepresentations, and ignorance of scientific research. It would be impossible to thoroughly explore the scientific arguments against the ancient astronaut theory in anything short of a book but the general lines of argument run like this:


No evidence of extraterrestrial technology has ever been found on earth, and no artifact can conclusively be tied to a planet other than earth. Such claims are exaggerations, misinterpretations, or frauds.


Coso artifact

For example, the alleged Coso artifact is not a billion-year-old bit of advanced technology but a 1920s spark plug encrusted in solidified crud mistaken for ancient rock. Ancient monuments show every sign of being constructed by the ancient people who lived around them, as demonstrated by the artifacts found in, around, on top of, and under ancient sites. Construction of buildings—even highly precise and heavy ones—can be accomplished with large numbers of people working together.


Ancient myths do not have a direct correlation with events in the distant past. Instead, they are complex web of symbolism, religious belief, historical events, and imagination. There may be some distorted truth behind myths (as the discovery of Troy proved for Homer’s Iliad), but they cannot be interpreted as literal accounts of historic happenings. Nor are the myths themselves consistent across time.

Mythology must be seen in its cultural context, and any interpretation must account for changes, distortions, and mutations that accrue over time as oral stories are retold, come into contact with stories from other cultures and lands, and eventually take on a written form. This is not unlike the contradictory variants of Mythos legends found in Lovecraft’s own stories.


Again, ancient art should not be taken as a literal recording of events happening before the artists’ eyes. Many works of prehistoric art, such as cave paintings, depict shamans engaged in rituals designed to imbue them with the powers of the netherworld and their spirit animals. These cannot be taken literally but must be seen in cultural context and in terms of the visions of strange shapes and forms humans see when in shamanic trance states. Other pieces of ancient art, like the Dendera light bulb or Pacal’s coffin lid, must be viewed in light of other artistic depictions from the period, not by itself, in order to understand the symbolism and artistic conventions used in the work. Neither seems so much like ancient depictions of technology when compared to other Egyptian depictions of the lotus, or Mayan funerary art. No one piece exists in isolation, and an interpretation based only on what something “looks like” instead of its place in the broader cultural picture will lead to mistaken correlations.”(17)

Pakal’s “Rocket”

“Arguably the most remarkable Mayan artifact ever found – the stone sarcophagus lid of King Pakal – has produced considerable controversy. Mainstream scholars believe the depiction of King Pakal on a journey to the underworld, but ancient astronaut theorists believe the king is portrayed at the seat of the controls of a space craft and have dubbed him the Palenque astronaut.”(18)

Pacal's Coffin Lid

Sarcophagus lid of Lord Hanab-Pakal II, Palenque. The sarcophagus itself is meant to represent the center of the cosmos, the place where creation began. The right and left edges of the lid display columns of glyphs representing various celestial elements, known as sky bands. The body of the king is thus surrounded by a symbolic representation of the universe. The placement of glyphic elements on the lid parallel the orientation of the real world. The central glyph on the right (east) side is the sign for “sun,” while opposite it on the left (west) side is the sign for “moon.”

“According to the Ancient Alien Theory the individual appears to be going into space. He is the original rocket man manipulating his spacecraft; going into space.

They have maintained for a very long time that the depiction here is king Pakal sitting in some kind of spacecraft. He is at an angle like modern-day astronauts upon lift-off. He is manipulating some controls. He has some type of breathing apparatus or some type of a telescope in front of his face. His feet are on some type of a pedal. And you have something that looks like an exhaust – with flames.

The sarcophagus lid of Pakal has been a centerpiece for the Ancient Astronaut theories since the beginning. Eric Von Daniken believes this to be one of his best pieces of evidence.

The claim is that with his upper hand – he is manipulating some controls. From the lower hand – he is turning something on. The heel of his left foot is on a kind of pedal and, outside the capsule, you see a linking flame. This is claimed to be incredible. This is claimed to be absolute proof of extraterrestrials.

The theory rests on the idea that the Mayans were not depicting their usual symbols here but were trying to realistically depict a rocket with Pakal as its pilot.

The best thing to do here is to clearly explain what Mayanists and other scientists who specialize in Mayan culture and artwork believe this scene is depicting.

Archeologists believe this scene is depicting the moment of Pakal’s death and his decent into the underworld. Let me show you why they believe that.

yggdrasilThe most famous symbol in this picture is that of the “World Tree” which, if you believe Ancient Aliens, would make up the entire hull of the rocket. It’s hard to over emphasize the importance of the World Tree in Mayan mythology.

The idea was that the World Tree extended into the heavens with its branches, and its roots extended into the underworld. So it was a symbol of the bridge between the underworld, heaven and earth.

When it is depicted it almost always has the double headed “vision serpent” on its branches, just like it’s depicted on Pakal’s lid. The vision serpent was believed to live at the center of the world, thus it is depicted just above the underworld and just below the heavens.

In its top branches is the celestial bird which is seen a little more clearly in other World Tree depictions like this one, but on Pakal’s lid you can see its clearly depicting the same bird.

capture101The celestial bird represented the heavens and thus was pictured on the top of the World Tree.

The exhaust or fire from the rockets takeoff is the roots of the World Tree extending into the underworld. Which is not just typical for depictions of the World Tree, it’s pretty much a requirement.

In the underworld we see a picture of the Mayan sun monster which Pakal is riding into the underworld.

The idea was that every time the sun set it was actually traveling into the underworld where it would die, like everything else in the underworld. You can even see the bottom half of the suns face was a skeleton while the top half still had flesh and had not yet died. This too is a common theme showing the moment of transition.

So Pakal is hitching a ride on the sun into the underworld.

Even the so-called smoke is easily explained when you understand Mayan symbols.

In Mayan art whenever you see a so-called “traveler”- which is a person in transition from one world to the next – there must be something that is making that travel possible. Sometimes it is a twisted umbilical cord, but almost always it is a serpent, often a double headed serpent. In other words being in the mouths of a double headed serpent was a symbol of transition from one world to the next.

You can see that the so called smoke is actually the traditional serpent’s beard which appears in almost every depiction of a serpent in Mayan art.

Now that you have an idea about what the scholars believe about this, let’s look at some of Ancient Aliens’ specific claims:

They say his hands are manipulating some controls, but if you look closely his right hand isn’t touching anything at all, and the thing to its right is not connected to the tree anymore that any of the other floating design elements in the picture.

His left hand could be said to be manipulating controls more than his right, but you would have to say that all these marks on the tree are controls too which, in reality, is probably the bark of the World Tree, which was modeled after the Ceiba tree, which had a very unique bark and was usually depicted in some way or another in World Tree art.

capture100The odd position of Pakal’s hands in this image is really what the fuss is all about. In the 1970s video refutation of the Ancient Astronaut theories the Mayan expert in that film made the point that the hands in Mayan art are often depicted in “delicate positions.

The Maya liked to show hands in rather delicate gestures. Such gestures are common in Mayan art. There are similar examples on the side of the slab.

As far as the claim about his foot being on a type of pedal, If that is how aliens designed pedals, then we are far more advanced in pedal technology than they are because that may be the worst angle to put any kind foot pedal. Plus, there are other reliefs of Mayans in the underworld on similar slabs, with their feet in similar positions, but without the rocket.

What about this so-called “breathing tube” for his nose?

Well, it doesn’t connect to anything and, if you look closely, the thing it could potentially could connect to is also represented on the other side of the lid and is clearly a stylistic element of the vision serpent.

capture103Finally, consider the context that we find this image. It’s on a coffin lid, so the mainstream view is perfectly in line with that, and the whole concept was common in Mayan burials. It would have been a strange thing for them to all of a sudden abandon their usual symbolic artwork to depict a rocket on a coffin lid.

The fact is that the symbols on the sarcophagus lid are really consistently used. Often the symbols are even explained in the extensive Mayan writings. These symbols fit perfectly with what we know about their beliefs about the world and the afterlife.”(18)

Cosmos Con

And last, but not least, there’s the question of where these alleged Extraterrestrials are supposed to be actually coming from in order to visit Earth.

Hold onto your hats folks……..

There’s no actual evidence that there are any Extraterrestrial places that Extraterrestrials could be coming from.

Everything that you are shown by NASA is created through CGI- Computer Generated Images like this:


















And how about these galaxy fakes for your viewing pleasure:






And here’s the best fakes of all:

Earth- Reality:

No real photos of the entire Earth exist!!!

Earth- CGI:



Are you getting the picture now?

It’s all faked!!!

Why are NASA and its puppet-masters creating all of these fake CGI graphics?

Could it be necessary to fabricate an ‘Out There’ for them to maintain the idea that there are Extraterrestrials coming from an ‘Out There’?

Otherwise, why would they need to fake it?

And then there’s this to ponder:

“The sun, moon, and stars are actually doing precisely what everyone throughout all history has seen them do. We do not believe what our eyes tell us because we have been taught a counterfeit system which demands that we believe what has NEVER been confirmed by observation or experiment.

That counterfeit system demands that the Earth rotate on an ‘axis’ every 24 hours at a speed of over 1000 MPH at the equator. No one has ever, ever, ever seen or felt such movement (nor seen or felt the 67,000 MPH speed of the Earth’s alleged orbit around the sun or its 500,000 MPH alleged speed around a galaxy or its retreat from an alleged ‘Big Bang’ at over 670,000,000 MPH!). Remember, no experiment has ever shown the earth to be moving.”(19)

Is it any wonder that the same nefarious entities that created the fictional movement of Earth described above, also created a fictional cosmos beyond Earth, as well as the fictional Aliens that come from that fictional cosmos to Earth.

Each of these lies are used to support each other in order to give the appearance of credible information.

This approach is vitally important to maintaining the lie since there isn’t any scientific evidence to support any of the lies.

But all that is actually needed to maintain the lies is for enough people to belief them and support them, as proven by how successful these lies have been at maintaining any credibility at all, without any real evidence to support them.

If any one of these elaborate fictions collapse the remaining ones will inevitably collapse as well.


This is the reason that there is constant re-enforcement of the fictions through as many forms of media as possible, with a particular emphasis on the incessant press releases from NASA, which was created specifically to maintain the lies and funnel billions of dollars into dark projects, hidden from public observation.



They Aren’t Out There

“Declining numbers of “flying saucer” sightings and failure to establish proof of alien existence has led UFO enthusiasts to admit they might not exist after all.

For decades, they have been scanning the skies for signs of alien activity.

But having failed to establish any evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life, Britain’s UFO watchers are reaching the conclusion that the truth might not be out there after all.

Enthusiasts admit that a continued failure to provide proof and a decline in the number of “flying saucer” sightings suggests that aliens do not exist after all and could mean the end of “Ufology” – the study of UFOs – within the next decade.

Dozens of groups interested in the flying saucers and other unidentified craft have already closed because of lack of interest.

Dave Wood, chairman of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (Assap), one of the country’s foremost organizations involved in UFO research, stated the following in 2012:

“It is certainly a possibility that in ten years time, it will be a dead subject,” he added.

“We look at these things on the balance of probabilities and this area of study has been ongoing for many decades.

“The lack of compelling evidence beyond the pure anecdotal suggests that on the balance of probabilities that nothing is out there.

“I think that any UFO researcher would tell you that 98 per cent of sightings that happen are very easily explainable. One of the conclusions to draw from that is that perhaps there isn’t anything there. The days of compelling eyewitness sightings seem to be over.”

He said that far from leading to an increase in UFO sightings and research, the advent of the internet had coincided with a decline.

Assap’s UFO cases have dropped by 96 per cent since 1988, while the number of other groups involved in UFO research has fallen from well over 100 in the 1990s to around 30 now.

Among those to have closed are the British Flying Saucer Bureau, the Northern UFO Network, and the Northern Anomalies Research Organisation.

As well as a fall in sightings and lack of proof, Mr Wood said the lack of new developments meant that the main focus for the dwindling numbers of enthusiasts was supposed UFO encounters that took place several decades ago and conspiracy theories that surround them.

Mr Wood added: “When you go to UFO conferences it is mainly people going over these old cases, rather than bringing new ones to the fore.

David Clark, a Sheffield Hallam University academic and the UFO adviser to the National Archives, said: “The subject is dead in that no one is seeing anything evidential.

“Look at all the people who now have personal cameras. If there was something flying around that was a structured object from somewhere else, you would have thought that someone would have come up with some convincing footage by now – but they haven’t.

“The reason why nothing is going on is because of the internet. If something happens now, the internet is there to help people get to the bottom of it and find an explanation.

“Before then, you had to send letters to people, who wouldn’t respond and you got this element of mystery and secrecy that means things were not explained.

“The classic cases like Roswell and Rendlesham are only classic cases because they were not investigated properly at the time.”(20)

Signs of Life Hoax

Just as the distance to other stars was deliberately pushed out to incomprehensible distances, the timeline for discovering extraterrestrial life ‘out there’, has been pushed out.

And this from NASA:

Humanity is on the verge of discovering alien life, high-ranking NASA scientists say.

“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years,” NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan said Tuesday (April 7) during a panel discussion that focused on the space agency’s efforts to search for habitable worlds and alien life.

“We know where to look. We know how to look,” Stofan added during the event, which was webcast live. “In most cases we have the technology, and we’re on a path to implementing it. And so I think we’re definitely on the road.”

Former astronaut John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, shared Stofan’s optimism, predicting that signs of life will be found relatively soon both in our own solar system and beyond.

“I think we’re one generation away in our solar system, whether it’s on an icy moon or on Mars, and one generation [away] on a planet around a nearby star.”(21)

Have you ever heard the expression ‘Talk is Cheap’?

Well that definitely applies here.

Which brings to mind another expression that you may be familiar with ‘The Bigger the LIE the MORE people will believe it’.

Joseph Goebbels summed this up well when he said:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

And this is what we have with NASA today.

NASA has concocted an astronomical collection of fraudulent graphics and data, the likes of which have never been seen in history, all to further the agenda of the Financier/Oligarchs that are controlling the State apparatus.


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