The Nazi Hoax

capture2The following information is not presented with the intent to have you disregard all of the other histories or all of the other things you know about Hitler and Germany and World War 2, but without the information below, there are whole pieces that don’t make any sense and the tendency is to just put those out of your mind and not deal with them, and to say forget it.

The information gives a way to fit all of the pieces together, without getting into every single detail.

“Countries repeatedly locate disgruntled individuals in foreign countries, bring them back to their countries and train them as double agents and subsequently advance them to manipulate and/or destroy that foreign country.”(1)

“This process is vastly overshadowed by an international conspiratorial group known as the Illuminati, which is the Masonic cult of super rich bankers who control an interlocking network of cartels. This cult is based in the City of London but uses England and most nations [and many individuals] as sock puppets in a Punch and Judy show called history.”(12)

The financier/industrialist/Oligarchs known as the Illuminati, of course, never get their own hands dirty, leaving the dirty work to ‘Intelligence’ organizations in various countries, with a particular emphasis on British Intelligence.

And British Intelligence was tasked with using Hitler to destroy Germany and most of Europe, as a key part of the Illuminati plan to take total control of the Western nations and create a One World Fascist Government.

Hitler’s Biography


Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau am Inn, a town in Austria-Hungary (in present-day Austria), close to the border with the German Empire.




He was one of six children born to Alois Hitler and Klara Pölzl.




capture61Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) was the illegitimate son of Maria Schicklgruber.

“Historians have discussed three candidates as Alois’ biological father: Johann Georg Hiedler, his brother Johann Nepomuk Hiedler (or Hüttler), and Leopold Frankenberger (whose existence has never been documented). Johann Georg Hiedler was during his lifetime the stepfather and posthumously legally declared birth father of Alois. According to historian Frank McDonough, the most plausible theory is that Johann Georg Hiedler was the real father of Alois.

Although Johann Georg Hiedler was considered the officially accepted paternal grandfather of Adolf Hitler by the Third Reich, the question of who his grandfather was has caused much speculation and has remained unknown.

The indulgence normally accorded to a man’s origins is out of place in the case of Adolf  Hitler, who made documentary proof of Aryan ancestry a matter of life and death for millions of people but himself possessed no such document. He did not know who his grandfather was.”(5)

Several stories circulating in the 1920s about Hitler’s alleged Jewish ancestry including one about a “Baron Rothschild” in Vienna in whose household Maria Schicklgruber had worked for some time as a servant and that a Rothschild was Alois real father.

This possibility is not entirely without merit since the Rothschilds were required to only marry within their extended family, so they had illegitimate children who functioned as anonymous agents, who were manipulated through shame to further the Rothschilds’ nefarious goals.

“In any case Alois, in mid-1876, at 39 years old and well established in his career, asked permission to use his stepfather’s family name. He appeared before the parish priest in Döllersheim and asserted that his father was Johann Georg Hiedler, who had married his mother and now wished to legitimize him. Three relatives appeared with him as witnesses, one of whom was Johann Nepomuk, Hiedler’s brother. The priest agreed to amend the birth certificate, the civil authorities automatically processed the church’s decision and Alois Schicklgruber had a new name. The official change, registered at the government office in Mistelbach in 1877 transformed him into “Alois Hitler”. It is not known who decided on the spelling of Hitler instead of Hiedler. Johann Georg’s brother was sometimes known by the surname Hüttler.”(5)

“Hitler’s father was reputed to have been abusive and his mother over-compensated. Hitler became destitute at age 18 when his mother died, and he lived in a Vienna men’s hostel that was a homosexual haunt.

According to Lothar Machtan’s “The Hidden Hitler” (2001),  Hitler was a homosexual with a long police record for harassing men in both Munich and Vienna. These records reached both Russia and England but were never used for propaganda, more evidence that the war may have been a charade. (Machtan also says Hitler tried to join the Communist Party after the war but was rejected for demanding too much, evidence he may have been a “gun for hire.”)”(12)

In Germany’s National Vice, Samuel Igra wrote that as a young man Hitler “had been a male prostitute in Vienna and Munich” (Igra:67).  Lending credence to this is the fact that for quite a long time Hitler “chose to live in a Vienna flophouse known to be inhabited by many homosexuals” (Langer:192). That “flophouse” was the Meldemannstrasse Hostel. Hitler’s long-time “gay” friend Ernst Hanfstaengl identified this residence as “a place where elderly men went in search of young men for homosexual pleasures” (Machtan:56). “It was an open secret at the beginning of the 20th century,” adds Machtan, “that municipal hostels for homeless males were hubs of homosexual activity…[where many young men] kept themselves afloat by engaging in prostitution. Hitler spent over three years in this environment” (Machtan:51).

This would help to explain Hitler’s close relationships to his purportedly homosexual patrons Dietrich Eckart and Karl Haushofer. Rector writes that, as a young man, Hitler was often called “Der Schoen Adolf” (“the handsome Adolf”) and that later his looks “were also to some extent helpful in gaining big-money support from Ernst Roehm’s circle of wealthy gay friends” (Rector:52).

But Hitler was apparently not involved with homosexuality solely to survive financially. Even in his pre-Nazi years, most of Hitler’s reputed homosexual encounters were consensual meetings in which no money changed hands. Machtan suggests that each of Hitler’s longer-term relationships in his youth — with Reinhold Hanisch, August Kubizek, Rudolf Hausler and Ernst Hanfstaengl — were homosexual “love affairs.”

There are numerous other incidents (“one night stands”) in which Hitler was purported to have been the solicitor and not the solicited one.  Eugen Dollman, former member of Himmler’s staff and one-time Hitler interpreter, cited testimonies from the files of the Munich vice squad in which a series of young men identified Hitler as the man who had “picked them up” on the streets for homosexual relations (Machtan:135ff). Dollman himself was also homosexual (ibid.).“(13)


Here’s a fake Photo for you:


That’s another fake, supposed to be a young Hitler. The head was pasted on another body. The head is too small for that body, so it wasn’t done well. The hair is also too dark for all the other darks in the image. Why would his hair be darker than his black shoes, for instance.


Hitler’s Training

“Hitler was originally trained by the British from February to November of 1912 in Ireland and England at an organization that was the precursor to the Tavistock Institute. Funding was initially provided by the British Royal family, but soon included the Rothschilds (related to Lord Northcliffe by marriage). Wellington House would grow into the Tavistock Institute in 1922 after the propaganda “victories” of the First World War and the Federal Reserve banking system (created in 1913) had been secured.”(1) 

capture60“Tavistock began as a propaganda creating and disseminating organization centered at Wellington House, which was where the original organization was put together with intent of shaping a propaganda outlet that would break down the stiff public resistance being encountered to the looming war between Britain and Germany.

The project was given to Lords Rothmere and Northcliffe and their mandate was to produce an organization capable of manipulating public opinion and directing that manufactured opinion down the desired pathway to support for a declaration of war by Great Britain against Germany.

An associated project of Tavistock Institute was formed at Oxford University, London, by the Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1922. Major John Rawlings Reese, a British Army technician, was instructed to set up the largest brainwashing facility in the world at the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations as a part of Sussex University. The brainwashing techniques had been developed and utilized prior to 1922 with the new organization having been planned to radically increase their utilization.


“A Good Riddance”; propaganda cartoon from Punch, Vol. 152, 27 June 1917, commenting on King George V having ordered the relinquishing of the German titles held by members of his family

Funding was provided by the British royal family, and later by the Rothschilds (to whom Lord Northcliffe was related through marriage), and by the Rockefellers. Arnold Toynbee was selected as Director of Future Studies. Two Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays were appointed to handle the manipulation of American public opinion in preparation for the entry of the United States into WWI, and to brief and direct President Woodrow Wilson.

From a somewhat crude beginning at Wellington House, grew an organization that was to shape the destiny of Germany, Britain and more especially the United States in manner that became a highly sophisticated organization to manipulate and create public opinion, what is commonly termed, “mass brainwashing.

Wellington House board members Rothmere, Northcliffe, Lippmann, and Bernays had read and proposed as a guide the writings of Correa Moylan Walsh, in particular, the book The Climax of Civilization (1917) as corresponding closely to conditions that had to be created before a New World Order, in a One World Government, could be ushered in.

During the course of its evolvement, Tavistock expanded in size and ambition, when in 1937, a decision was made to use the German author Oswald Spengler’s monumental work, Untergange des Abenlandes (The Decline of Western Civilization ) as a model.

In this endeavor the members of the board consulted with the British royal family and obtained the approval of the “Olympians” (the inner core of the Committee of 300) to formulate a strategy. Funding was provided by the monarchy, the Rothschilds, the Milner Group and the Rockefeller family trusts.

Thus the whole thrust of Tavistock was to “democratize” the West by an attack on womanhood, and the racial, moral, spiritual and religious foundation upon which Western civilization rested.

The planners at Tavistock saw that the way to upset the balance of Western civilization was to force unwelcome changes in the race by removing control from the deserving to the undeserving in the manner of ancient Roman leaders who were supplanted by their former slaves and aliens, whom they had permitted to come and dwell among them.”(6)

capture8“Hitler lived in Liverpool from 1912 to 1913. He was trained and seeded to Germany to destroy the German military, which he did completely.

Hitlers mind was deconstructed and re-aligned to the British government and the British war plans as opposed to having his own subconscious mind. His subconscious mind was completely taken over by the British government. The subconscious mind controls the will and the future of the person, and the meetings, opportunity and the synchronicity of the person. Those aspects of Hitler were completely taken over.(1)


World War 1


That is supposed to be Hitler in WW1. No, really. Can you tell me which one is supposed to be Hitler? The one on the right, with the mustache. Again, no, really. That is what they are trying to sell us as Hitler. I guess they think we are all legally blind. That guy doesn’t even remotely resemble Hitler. You will tell me that if Hitler lost fifty pounds, had his neck stretched, had his ears replaced, had chin augmentation, had his eyelids inflated, and had his eyebrows lofted. . . no, he would still look nothing like that guy. Hitler would have to have his entire head remolded with heavy hammers.

“When Hitler returned to Germany in 1913, he enlisted in the German army, served as a runner, but was captured twice by the English military and spared being tried or executed both times. He was spared by a British Intelligence officer. Hitler was protected because he was a British agent, so when he was captured, since he was a British asset, he was sent back to his side. So he had complete immunity to be a runner and not be charged, convicted or be a prisoner of  war.

He was decorated for bravery, receiving the Iron Cross, Second Class, in 1914. On a recommendation by Lieutenant Hugo Gutmann, Hitler’s Jewish superior, he received the Iron Cross, First Class on 4 August 1918, a decoration rarely awarded to one of Hitler’s Gefreiter rank. He received the Black Wound Badge on 18 May 1918.”(7)


Political Infiltration

“After World War I, Hitler returned to Munich. With no formal education or career prospects, he remained in the army. In July 1919 he was appointed by Captain Karl Mayr, Verbindungsmann (intelligence agent) of an Aufklärungskommando (reconnaissance commando) of the Reichswehr, assigned to influence other soldiers and to infiltrate the German Workers’ Party (DAP). While monitoring the activities of the DAP, Hitler was attracted to the founder Anton Drexler‘s anti-Semitic, nationalist, anti-capitalist, and anti-Marxist ideas. Drexler favoured a strong active government, a non-Jewish version of socialism, and solidarity among all members of society. Impressed with Hitler’s oratorical skills, Drexler invited him to join the DAP. Hitler accepted on 12 September 1919, becoming party member 555 (the party began counting membership at 500 to give the impression they were a much larger party).

de-1933At the DAP, Hitler met Dietrich Eckart, one of the party’s founders and a member of the occult Thule Society. Eckart became Hitler’s mentor, exchanging ideas with him and introducing him to a wide range of Munich society. To increase its appeal, the DAP changed its name to the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party; NSDAP). Hitler designed the party’s banner of a swastika in a white circle on a red background.

Hitler was discharged from the army on 31 March 1920 and began working full-time for the NSDAP. The party headquarters was in Munich, a hotbed of anti-government German nationalists determined to crush Marxism and undermine the Weimar Republic. In February 1921—already highly effective at speaking to large audiences—he spoke to a crowd of over 6,000. To publicize the meeting, two truckloads of party supporters drove around Munich waving swastika flags and distributing leaflets. Hitler soon gained notoriety for his rowdy polemic speeches against the Treaty of Versailles, rival politicians, and especially against Marxists and Jews.

Hitler’s vitriolic beer hall speeches began attracting regular audiences. He became adept at using populist themes, including the use of scapegoats, who were blamed for his listeners’ economic hardships. Hitler used personal magnetism and an understanding of crowd psychology [thanks to Tavistock], to his advantage while engaged in public speaking. Historians have noted the hypnotic effect of his rhetoric on large audiences, and of his eyes in small groups. Alfons Heck, a former member of the Hitler Youth, later recalled:

We erupted into a frenzy of nationalistic pride that bordered on hysteria. For minutes on end, we shouted at the top of our lungs, with tears streaming down our faces: Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil! From that moment on, I belonged to Adolf Hitler body and soul.”(7)

Early followers included Rudolf Hess, former air force ace Hermann Göring, and army captain Ernst Röhm. Röhm became head of the Nazis’ paramilitary organisation, the Sturmabteilung (SA, “Stormtroopers”), which protected meetings and attacked political opponents. A critical influence on Hitler’s thinking during this period was the Aufbau Vereinigung, a conspiratorial group of White Russian exiles and early National Socialists. The group, financed with funds channeled from wealthy industrialists, introduced Hitler to the idea of a Jewish conspiracy, linking international finance with Bolshevism, [which he undoubtedly already knew about, thanks to Tavistock.]

The Beer Hall Putsch

Early Nazis who participated in the attempt to seize power during the 1923 Putsch

Early Nazis who, we are told, participated in the attempt to seize power during the 1923 Putsch

“The Beer Hall Putsch, also known as the Munich Putsch, and, in German, as the Hitlerputsch or Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch, was a failed coup attempt by Hitler — along with Generalquartiermeister Erich Ludendorff and other Kampfbund leaders — to seize power in Munich, Bavaria, during 8–9 November 1923. One of Munich’s largest beer halls was the “Bürgerbräukeller.” This was the location of the famous Beer Hall Putsch.

Like most everything else in the 20th century—the Putsch was faked.

“We are told that about two thousand men marched to the center of Munich, where they confronted the police, which resulted in the death of 16 Nazis and four policemen. Hitler himself was also said to be wounded during the clash.

After two days, Hitler was arrested and charged with treason. From Hitler’s perspective, there were three positive benefits from this attempt to seize power unlawfully. First, the putsch brought Hitler to the attention of the German nation and generated front page headlines in newspapers around the world. His arrest was followed by a 24-day trial, which was widely publicized and gave Hitler a platform to publicize his nationalist sentiment to the nation. Hitler was found guilty of treason and sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison.

The second benefit to Hitler was that he used his time in prison to produce Mein Kampf, which was dictated to his fellow prisoner, Rudolf Hess. On 20 December 1924, having served only nine months, Hitler was released. The final benefit that accrued to Hitler was the insight that the path to power was through legitimate means rather than revolution or force. Accordingly, the most significant outcome of the putsch was a decision by Hitler to change NSDAP tactics, which would demand an increasing reliance on the development and furthering of Nazi propaganda.

benito_mussolini_roman_saluteThe attempted putsch was inspired by Benito Mussolini‘s successful March on Rome, from 22 to 29 October 1922. Hitler and his associates planned to use Munich as a base for a march against Germany’s Weimar Republic government. But the circumstances were different from those in Italy. Hitler came to the realization that Kahr sought to control him and was not ready to act against the government in Berlin. Hitler wanted to seize a critical moment for successful popular agitation and support. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Hitler, along with a large detachment of SA, marched on the Bürgerbräukeller, where Kahr was making a speech in front of 3,000 people.”(8)

“We can tell this operation was faked without much effort, since the story makes no sense. If we go to Wikipedia for the mainstream gloss, the first clue we get is with the early mention of Marxism. We are told that Hitler and other revolutionaries were angry about the outcome of WW1, believing the German army to have been betrayed by its leaders. We will leave the question of whether they were betrayed open for now, since it has nothing to do with the clue. The clue is that we are told the revolutionaries believed they had been betrayed by Marxists—the so-called November Criminals.
This November revolution came at the end of the Great War, and although they tell you it happened
because Germany had been defeated, historians admit that isn’t really true. In reality, nothing had been decided in the War, and in October there was supposed to have been a decisive naval battle between Germany and England—a battle most (in the lower ranks) in England expected to occur. The fact that it didn’t occur is one of the great mysteries of the War. Instead of fighting this great battle, Germany decided instead to collapse into a heap. We are told that sailors and then workers revolted, and that almost immediately Emperor [Kaiser] Wilhelm II abdicated and fled the country.

Ludendorff (right) and Hindenburg.

Of course none of that makes any sense, either. It is claimed that Hindenburg and Ludendorff were
running the country at the time. Hindenburg was a Field Marshall and Ludendorff a General of the Army, so if what we have been told about them is true, it is unlikely they would lead or allow a revolution right on the cusp of a decisive battle.
Obviously, something happened in November 1918 we aren’t being told about.
But the biggest problem—the one that takes us back to the Beer Hall Putsch and Hitler—is that we are told by both sides that this 1918 revolution was a Socialist or Marxist revolution. It couldn’t have been a Socialist or Marxist revolution, since Marxism was itself a fake.
capture3Marx was the son of a rabbi and a billionaire heiress, and he was just a mole himself. Marxism was created around 1848 to divert attention away from the worldwide Republican revolutions of that year. It was a very successful project to divide and conquer, redirecting the revolutionary energy and spirit into manufactured guaranteed-to-fail events. In the US, we saw this later spin out into the various fake Communist parties here, led by convincing frauds like Eugene Debs.
Well, at the same time Eugene Debs was working his magic here, these frauds in Germany were doing the same thing there. In other words, Marxism was—and is—just a front. With Debs, we saw Marxism was the Industrialists in disguise, and we may assume in Germany it was the same. Not all these Industrialists are Jews or bankers, but some or many of them are.
Marxism itself was a Jewish project back to the beginning, but not only a Jewish project. Since the project benefited all merchants, bankers, and Industrialists, they joined it, Jewish or not.
Back to the Putsch……
Again from Wikipedia:
Hitler’s arrest was followed by a 24-day trial, which was widely publicized and gave Hitler a platform to publicize his nationalist sentiment to the nation. Hitler was found guilty of treason and sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison. The second benefit claimed here for Hitler was that he used his time in prison to produce Mein Kampf, which was dictated to his fellow prisoner, Rudolf Hess. On 20 December 1924, having served only nine months, Hitler was released.
Not one sentence in that paragraph makes any sense. Why would the government allow Hitler an
extended platform to publicize his side of the story? Is that what a government trying someone for
treason would do? Would they sentence him to just five years? Petty robbers are now given mandatory life sentences in the ridiculous three-strikes programs in this country, but we are expected to believe a man convicted of plotting to overthrow the government is given only five years, despite the fact that many people were allegedly killed in the coup attempt? Four policemen were allegedly killed, so Hitler should have been tried for murder as well. How could he get off with five years? Even worse is that he was released after only 8 months! Absurd!
According to the laws of Germany, which match the laws of the US in this regard, Hitler should have
served a minimum of five years. Not been sentenced, but served. According to statute, he should not have served a partial sentence, especially not one as slight as 8 months.
For this reason, it’s a safe guess that Hitler didn’t spend one day in jail.

Here’s a paste-up of the supposed defendants for your viewing pleasure:


Alleged Defendants in the Beer Hall Putsch trial. From left to right: Pernet, Weber, Frick, Kiebel, Ludendorff, Hitler, Bruckner, Röhm, and Wagner. Note that only two of the defendants (Hitler and Frick) were wearing civilian clothes.

And how do we know it’s a fake? Take a look at the photo taken moments earlier or later:


See if you can spot the problem.
Except for the three front and center, everyone else has shifted all over the place, but Hitler has hardly moved a muscle. Look at his tie and collar and shoulders. Then look at his hat and hand position. Identical. They have tried to cover this problem by making a few minor changes in the sleeve and the foot positions, but it doesn’t look convincing. Also notice that although his body hasn’t been stretched, his face has. His face is mysteriously longer just a few moments later in the second photo. How did that happen? The angle of the camera hasn’t changed.

Here’s another variant of the top photo:


Although all the other people in the front row haven’t moved a muscle, Hitler and Frick are different. Hitler is now listing dangerously to the starboard. He looks like he is falling to the right, doesn’t he? That is because he was pasted in very poorly. Frick was also pasted in. His facial shadows don’t match everyone else’s, in either photo.
And again from Wikipedia:
Hitler remained in the army, in Munich, after World War I. He participated in various “national thinking” courses. These had been organized by the Education and Propaganda Department of the Bavarian Reichswehr, under Captain Karl Mayr, of which Hitler became an agent. Captain Mayr ordered Hitler, then an army lance corporal, to infiltrate the tiny Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, abbreviated DAP (German Workers’ Party). Hitler joined the DAP on 12 September 1919.
This statement is a huge red flag. Hitler was an agent of Army Intelligence, and in 1920 he was infiltrating workers parties! So why are we supposed to believe he wasn’t still a cloaked agent in 1923? Simply because we are told he sympathized with those he had been ordered to infiltrate, and joined them. But do we have any evidence for that, beyond the word of German Intelligence? No.
Something else to think about: If Hitler really switched over in 1920, leaving the army and earnestly
joining the German Workers Party, why was one of the first things he did in 1933 upon taking power
the dissolving of all unions? Yes, this early workers’ party was anti-Jew, but it was supposed to be pro-worker. How could a workers’ party be anti-worker? In fact, the reason they were allegedly anti-Jew is because they were pro-worker. The workers didn’t like the poor Jews coming in from the east and taking jobs. In the early Hitler story, he is supposed to be a man of the people, electrifying crowds using populist themes. One of these themes was of course the worker. Despite that, he immediately dissolved the trade unions upon coming into power. And yet we are supposed to believe the workers still loved him. It doesn’t add up, to say the least.

Another Paste-up:


Strange selective lighting there, with bright light on Hitler and the little girl, but the guy between them looking like he just climbed out of a chimney. How does that work? And there are other versions of this photo where someone lightened up the chimney sweep to Hitler’s left, but the shadows don’t work right in those. So fake.


Dietrich Eckart

One thing we don’t get at Wikipedia is an early link to Dietrich Eckart and the Thule Society. We have to go to for that. Eckart was the head of the Workers’ Society that Hitler had infiltrated. He was also heavily involved in the occult Thule Society. But once again, this guy has red flags all over him. He was from a very wealthy family, his father being a Royal Notary. Just to be sure you got that, his dad worked for the Kaiser. That is what “royal” signifies there.
Eckart dropped out of university in Munich and became a protégé of Count Georg von Hulsen-Haeseler, the artistic director of the Prussian Royal Theater. Just to be sure you are reading closely, you should translate that as “gay lover” of Count Georg. When you see “protégé” and “artistic director of a theater” in the same sentence, you can almost always assume “gay lover”.
This is not just idle speculation. See the Harden-Eulenberg Affair, in which not one but two von Hulsen-Haeselers were mentioned. In that affair, everyone in The Prussian Court was suspected of being gay, including the Kaiser himself.
Von Hulsen-Haeseler was head of the Royal Secret Service. You can think of him as the J. Edgar Hoover of his time and place. This von Hulsen-Haeseler, a four-star general, was uncle to the Count Georg von Hulsen Haeseler of the Prussian Theater, and both were accused of “perversity”.
So that is the circle Dietrich Eckart ran with. Strange, then, isn’t it, to find him a few years later the
head of a Workers’ Party and handler of Hitler? Eckart was a millionaire playwright with connections
to the Kaiser and to Intelligence, and yet we are supposed to believe he became the head of a Workers’ Party? The things they expect you to buy!

Alfred Rosenberg (c. 1935)

I suggest you read all this as “controlling the opposition”. Eckart, like Hitler, was a mole. Others doing the same thing were Alfred Rosenberg and Gottfried Feder, with whom Eckart edited the allegedly antisemitic periodical Auf gut Deutsch. Do those names look strange to you? Rosenberg is
often a Jewish name, and they admit Alfred Rosenberg’s father was a wealthy merchant. Feder’s
mother was née Luz, which is also a Jewish name. It means almond tree in Hebrew. So it looks to me
like these Jewish guys are just pretending to be anti-Semites, in order to control the opposition. David Irving did the same thing. He is supposed to be one of the biggest Holocaust deniers in the world right now, but he was Jewish through his mother.
However, even if some of these moles after WW1 aren’t Jews, it is still admitted they are from rich
merchant families, which—for our purposes here—leads to the same conclusions. We see them joining and even heading workers’ parties, but why would the sons of rich merchants be involved in that? You now know why: this was all another project. As with the fake Socialist Parties in the US in the same period, these Parties and Unions in Germany were either infiltrated by the Industrialists, or built from the ground up as misdirection. In other words, we may assume that many of these Parties weren’t started by workers at all. They were started by moles like Eckart, to draw in naïve revolutionaries.
thule-gesellschaft-svgSince the Thule Society was pushed by these same people, we may assume it was also misdirection. Since it was founded at the very same time Captain Mayr was ordering a young agent Hitler to infiltrate the Workers’ Party, we may assume Thule was another Intelligence Project. It looks exactly like many other Intel projects. Intelligence loves to hide behind the fake occult, and they make up these ridiculous stories like we see in Thule as a smokescreen. Aleister Crowley did this, and Gerald Gardner, and the Process Church, and Anton Lavey, and many others.

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life with the names of the Sephiroth and paths in Hebrew

Again, it goes all the way back to the 16th century and before, and is linked to the Kabbalah. There the occult acted as a smokescreen in many projects of the Jews against the Royals and the Vatican. It was also used in the Salem Witch Trials, from the 17th century, where the local merchants—many of them Jewish—ran a major project against the Puritans, running it under the cover of the occult.
Therefore you can dismiss the whole occult angle of the Thule Society, instead substituting “Intelligence” everywhere you read “Occult”.
The last person Ludendorff should have been consulting with was Hitler, unless. . . .Unless both Ludendorff and Hitler were still agents, and this whole story is another cover. It is pretty obvious Hitler never switched sides. He was an agent in 1919, successfully infiltrated the Workers’ Parties, led them astray and reported on them, and was still an agent in 1923.
The Beer Hall Putsch was a manufactured event, created to publicize Hitler and the manufactured Nazi movement.
Which means Hitler was just a tool from at least 1919 on.
This would explain what historian David Irving said about Hitler being created by Hollywood and
Madison Avenue. It seemed strange that Irving the historian wouldn’t say that Hitler had been created
by historians. It is strange enough to say he was created, but created by Hollywood and Madison
Avenue? Why would Irving say that? Because, like film and advertising, Hitler’s career was fiction
from start to finish.

General Erich Ludendorff

The Putsch trial was also a farce. We are told the jury trial was dissolved by emergency degree, and replaced by selected judges. That’s convenient. Ludendorff claimed to have been present by accident and was acquitted. That’s also convenient. As is this from Wikipedia:
One of Hitler’s greatest worries at the trial was that he was at risk of being deported back to his native Austria by the Bavarian government. However, Judge Neithardt was very sympathetic towards Hitler and held that the relevant laws of the Weimar Republic could not be applied to a man “who thinks and feels like a German, as Hitler does.” The result was that the Nazi leader remained in Germany.
Right. Hitler kidnaps the leaders of the Bavarian government and yet is assigned in emergency degree a lead judge that argues that relevant laws do not apply to Hitler, because “he thinks and feels like a German”. Despite being Austrian. Now they will deport you for overstaying a 3-month visa, but we are expected to believe they wouldn’t deport you back then for kidnapping the leaders of the state and plotting the overthrow of the country.
And what are we supposed to believe the leaders in Berlin were doing while this trial was being publicized in all the newspapers? Were they all wintering in Brazil? It wasn’t up to this one addled judge whether Hitler would be deported at the end of his 8-month detention. The leaders in Berlin who he had wanted to overthrow might have had something to say about it, right? Why would they not have him deported? They also thought he was good German? Really? Those in Berlin who Hitler had called “Marxist Jews” thought Hitler was a good German who didn’t need to be deported?”(9)

Here’s another paste-up:


They have published that one tiny and with no resolution, but it is a fake. Hitler is lit from the left, but the guy on the right is lit straight on. So one or both of those heads were pasted in. Hitler’s head is obviously pasted in, because his head size doesn’t match his body size. It looks like the guy to the right was pasted in completely, including his body, since all the blacks in his figure are two shades lighter than the rest of the blacks in the photo. Compare his eye sockets to Hitler’s eye sockets, and it becomes clear.

Here’s another terrible fake:


Notice how about twice as much light is falling on Hitler. His face is blown out (white) while everyone else in the photo is many steps darker. He is also about twice as blurry as everything else. His hand is a big white blob. And he is out of step. Those behind him should be matching their steps to his, but although they are matched to one another, they are not matched to Hitler. That is because he was pasted in there later. They don’t look like they are trying very hard to fool you there.


Goldene Zwanziger (The Golden Twenties):

“Now let us move on the period after the Putsch. In that period, we are sold two contradictory histories. On the Weimar Republic page at Wikipedia, for instance, we are told the period from 1923 to 1929 was the Goldene Zwanziger, or Golden Twenties. Civil stability was restored, inflation was gotten under control, and all the new laws passed by the Republic should have calmed the workers. The workers had more rights, shorter hours, more breaks and vacations, universal suffrage, and dominated the health insurance boards.

There was also a cultural renaissance, which they admit proceeded even during the worst period of hyperinflation. As with the Roaring Twenties in the US, the bars and clubs were packed. Newly emancipated women joined the men there, smoking, drinking, bobbing their hair, and dancing. Jazz and cabaret were popular. The art scene also expanded and quickly Modernized, the Germans sometimes leading the way, as with Bauhaus. Expressionism also bloomed.

But on the Hitler pages, we are sold a different story. There we are taught that the seething undercurrent of Germany in the early 1920s was not Modernism, Socialism, or Liberalism, it was a taste for Nazism. We are taught that if not for some unexplainable tactical blunders, Hitler might have taken over Bavaria in 1923—the rank and file swooning over his speeches even then because he spoke to them in their own language.

These two stories don’t mesh very well. This is the “mood of the country” they are talking about, and it should be one or the other, but not both. Another thing that doesn’t mesh well with sense or rationality is the continued story of Hitler after the Putsch. On Hitler’s page, we find this:
As a result of the failed Beer Hall Putsch, the NSDAP and its affiliated organizations were banned in
Bavaria. In a meeting with Prime Minister of Bavaria Heinrich Held on 4 January 1925, Hitler agreed to respect the authority of the state and promised that he would seek political power only through the democratic process. The meeting paved the way for the ban on the NSDAP to be lifted on 16 February.
banksters-get-out-of-jail-card-freeNSDAP was the precursor of the Nazi Party, remember. So we are expected to believe Hitler got out of jail on December 20, 1924, after serving only 8 months, and less than two months later Bavaria lifted the ban on the Nazi Party? All because Hitler “agreed to respect the authority of the state”? Yes, a verbal contract is always binding in such cases. Who wouldn’t take the word of a man convicted the year before of high treason?
You should also ask the question no one ever asks: why and how did Hitler become a German citizen? According the mainstream story, he didn’t become a citizen until 1932, but that begs the question why Germany would grant citizenship to a man convicted of leading a coup against her.
If you went to Canada tomorrow and applied for citizenship, they would do a background check on you, pulling up all your records. If they found you were previously convicted of High Treason against Canada, it is very doubtful they would give you citizenship, right?
But we are told:
On 25 February 1932, the interior minister of Brunswick, Dietrich Klagges, who was a member of the NSDAP, appointed Hitler as administrator for the state’s delegation to the Reichsrat in Berlin, making Hitler a citizen of Brunswick, and thus of Germany.
Does that make any sense to you? We are told the appointment automatically made Hitler a citizen, but shouldn’t a candidate to the Reichsrat already be required to be a German citizen? Doesn’t it seem
backward that the appointment would confer citizenship.
capture25The farce continues, because we are told that upon allegedly gaining citizenship in 1932, Hitler immediately ran for President against Hindenburg. Let’s again transfer that story to the US. You are a Mexican national who has just passed his citizenship test. To celebrate, you decide to run for President. Brilliant, right? No, impossible. To run for President, you have to be a Natural Born Citizen: a citizen from birth.
I don’t know what the rules in Germany were at the time, but I would guess to run for President of Germany, you would have had to have been a citizen for more than the one month Hitler had been a citizen. But it doesn’t really matter, because Hitler should have been ineligible to run for any office for at least two other reasons.
One, as a convicted felon having been sentenced to five years in prison, he would be ineligible to vote and thereby to stand for office. In Germany, standing for office is determined by your eligibility to vote. If you can’t vote, you can’t run. Two, as a convicted traitor, he would be permanently ineligible to vote or stand for any office. Remember, they admit that Hitler was tried and convicted of High Treason. Conviction for that offense has always been special and still is. See the section on suffrage here, where it states that those convicted of treason in Germany are excluded from suffrage and thereby running for office. That is also true in the US, where section 18 of the US Code states that those guilty of treason “shall be incapable of holding any office”.
We have even more problems with his 1932 run for President, since we are told he gave a speech to the Industry Club in Dusseldorf to start his run for President, which won him the support of many of Germany’s most powerful industrialists. The problem? We were just told that Hitler gained citizenship February 25, 1932. The speech was January 27, 1932. So at the time of this famous speech, Hitler was not a German citizen and was ineligible to run. I guess the industrialists in the audience overlooked that little glitch in the story.

Hitler bows to Hindenburg

It’s just been proven that not only was Hitler ineligible to run for President in 1932, he was ineligible to be appointed Chancellor in 1933. We are told, The absence of an effective government prompted two influential politicians, Franz von Papen and Alfred Hugenberg, along with several other industrialists and businessmen, to write a letter to Hindenburg. The signers urged Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as leader of a government “independent from parliamentary parties”, which could turn into a movement that would “enrapture millions of people”.
Why would an elected President need to appoint a Chancellor to lead the government? The President at the time was already the “leader of the government”, so Hindenburg didn’t need to appoint anyone to do that. It would be like Obama appointing a Prime Minister. The position makes no sense and has no historical precedent. It is like we are being told President Hindenburg is appointing a dictator, just so they can have a non-parliamentary government (“independent from parliamentary rules”).
In fact, all this history we are sold in 1933-4 is a total fabrication, since that was the only time in the history of Germany when an elected President appointed a Chancellor with the powers of Hitler. Before that, in the Weimar Republic, the Chancellor was a weak figure, and was mainly just a chairman for the President in Parliament. In that capacity, it would be ridiculous to appoint a Chancellor that was “independent from Parliamentary parties”. And after Hitler, the Presidency became more of a figurehead, with the Chancellor acting as head of the government. So 1933 was the only year in the history of Germany when both positions were positions of power. Clearly, this was just a way to get Hitler in a position of power in the story without him being elected. Conveniently, President Hindenburg “died” just a year later, allegedly allowing Hitler to take over both offices.
The whole appointment of Hitler by Hindenburg in 1933 should therefore look incredibly suspicious.
Hitler was just 43 and had done nothing important. He had held no offices, had never been elected to
anything, had quit the army as a lowly corporal, and hadn’t even graduated from high school. He had
zero qualifications for anything in government. He was not legally a citizen of Germany, since his
citizenship had been faked the year before. And he was ineligible for any office due to his treason
conviction. So basically, this is the stupidest story anyone has ever told another person.
Unwinding it is easy, since we can tell both Hindenburg and Hitler were part of some major
Intelligence operation at the highest level. Hindenburg had been instructed to appoint Hitler and then
fake his own death, at which point Hitler could just declare himself dictator. Since he was a pawn of
the Industrialists, he could not lose. They owned the army and the press, so if they wanted it done it
was done.

Franz von Papen

Notice they even admit that the Industrialists were behind Hindenburg and Hitler in the quote above. That’s pretty singular, seeing that it is about the only true thing we have been told in this whole history. However, in this case even that is misdirection. One of these alleged Industrialists was von Papen, as you see, and von Papen wasn’t really the kind of Industrialist discussed above. He was actually an aristocratic frontman for the superwealthy. In other words, he was an aristocrat that had been bought out by the billionaire families, and was another agent himself. He had been in German Intelligence since before WW1, and they admit that in his mainstream bio. We are told he was expelled from the US in 1914 for being a spy. The strange thing there is that he was accused of planning acts of sabotage, and yet simply expelled. Why wasn’t he tried and hung? Undoubtedly because he was a noble, and also because the espionage he was allegedly involved in was just more spy-versus-spy fakery, created to convince Congress to do something or convince the American people they were being attacked by Germany.
Von Papen was a lieutenant colonel, which is a common rank for Intelligence officers in big projects. In 1932, Hindenburg mysteriously appointed von Papen as Chancellor under strange
circumstances, since this required the resignation of Chancellor Heinrich Bruning. It was even more
strange in that von Papen had no qualifications, was not popular or well known, and was in the Centre Party—which considered him a turncoat for accepting the appointment. Since von Papen was only Chancellor for five months, it now looks like he was just paving the way for Hitler. The same can be said for Kurt von Schleicher, who then held the Chancellorship for less than two months while they brought in Hitler.

Kurt von Schleicher

The stories told to explain Hitler’s rise during this time are some of the most fantastic in the history of storytelling. For instance, we get this stunner on Schleicher’s Wiki page:
The ousted Papen now had Hindenburg’s ear, and used his position to advise the president to sack Schleicher at the first chance. Papen was urging the aged president to appoint Hitler as chancellor in a coalition with the Nationalist Deutschenationale Volkspartei (German National People’s Party; DNVP) who, together with Papen, would supposedly be in a position to moderate Nazi excesses.
Yes, nothing like appointing the leader of the Nazis as Chancellor to “moderate Nazi excesses”. The stupidity continues when we are told that Schleicher also supported Hitler’s Chancellorship, to prevent von Papen from returning as Chancellor. That same day, Schleicher, learning that his government was about to fall, and fearing that his rival Papen would get the chancellorship, began to favor a Hitler chancellorship. Knowing of Papen’s, by now, boundless hatred for him, Schleicher knew he had no chance of becoming Defense Minister in a new Papen government, but he felt his chances of becoming the Defense Minister in a Hitler government were very good.
You see what they are doing? They are playing Papen and Schleicher off one another, to make it look
like they were both supporting Hitler. They are in the desperate situation of having to explain the rise
of Hitler, which is unexplainable by any rational or true story, so they have to come up with something. But notice that if Papen is supporting a Hitler Chancellorship, and if Schleicher hates Papen, Schleicher should logically be opposed to Hitler. Not only because Hitler is Papen’s man, but because Schleicher has to step aside to make room for Hitler. Schleicher’s support for Hitler makes no sense on any level, and the Papen/Schleicher rivalry does nothing to explain it. It just makes the mystery deeper and the con more obvious.

Alfred Hugenberg

As for Alfred Hugenberg, he was a media mogul who had long been the moneybags for the Nazis. But this just means he was in on the project from the ground floor, working hand-in-hand with German Intelligence to install their actor/puppet Hitler and his cinematic goonsquad. Hugenberg was useful not only for his money, but even more for his control of the press, which they needed to insert their daily stories of ever-increasing gore and trauma.
It is actually in this regard that the US right now is most like Nazi Germany. Some have claimed that Nazis or fascists have taken over here, and while that is true in some ways, it is important to understand how it is true and how it is not true. It is most true in that we are now in a cycle of accelerating fake events, many of them extremely gory and traumatic, and most them in service of confusing the populace and keeping their eyes off real events. We see this daily in the newspapers and on TV, where we are being sold a completely manufactured reality of fake events. It is also true in that our current Nazis are ruled by the same people that ran everything in WW2, on both sides.
However, it is not true that either the old Nazis or the new Nazis are anti-Semitic, Socialist, or doing anything you are told they are. Then as now, everything is a smokescreen. It is curtain fronting a curtain fronting another curtain. To understand how that is true now, it helps to understand how it was true in the past. It is often easier to look closely at the past than at the present, since at least the past will stand still.
We see this smokescreen again with the Enabling Act of 1933. Here is what we are taught:
The Enabling Act (German:Ermächtigungsgesetz) was a 1933 Weimar Constitution amendment that
gave the German Cabinet– in effect, Chancellor Adolf Hitler– the power to enact laws without the
involvement of the Reichstag. It passed in both the Reichstag and Reichsrat on 24 March 1933, and was signed by President Paul von Hindenburg later that day. The act stated that it was to last four years unless renewed by the Reichstag, which occurred twice.
reichsadler_der_deutsches_reich_1933-1945-svgDoes that make any sense to you? If so, you have been plugged into the machine too long. That entire paragraph is completely illogical. Would a Congress pass an act to make itself obsolete? And if it would do that, why would it need to? If Hitler is going to ignore the Reichstag, why would he need their permission to do it? Why not just ignore them without the vote? Wouldn’t it amount to the same thing? And why would the Reichstag need to renew their own bypass? Once they are bypassed, they
don’t need to renew the bypass. If they are bypassed, they are bypassed, and a renewal is just a joke.
The German Parliament is passing a law that says it is no longer needed to pass laws. So logically, if the German Parliament is no longer needed to pass laws, then any laws it passes are null and void. Any laws that Hitler wishes to pass he can create without them, therefore the Parliament is just a floater. But if the Parliament is just a floater, then any acts it passes are meaningless, which means the Enabling Act is meaningless. Clearly, Hitler wasn’t enabled by the act itself, since a body with no power cannot enable a body with power. If Parliament had any power, they would not have passed the Enabling Act. Hence they have no power, in which case the Enabling Act is a misnomer. The Enabling Act is not an Enabling Act for Hitler, but a dis-Enabling Act for Parliament, which is just admitting it is already defunct.
capture9You will say, “Yes, but this was because the Reichstag was afraid of the Nazis. They had been scared by the Reichstag Fire, which they knew had been set by the Nazis”. No, the Reichstag wasn’t afraid of the Nazis, because the Nazis were just a bunch of actors. Most in the Reichstag probably knew that. The Reichstag was no more afraid of the Nazis than they were afraid of the Keystone Cops. The
Reichstag was and always had been under the thumb of the Industrialists [just as the US Congress is], and if the Industrialists ordered them to pass the Enabling Act they did it.
Is the current US Congress afraid of Nazis or dictators now? Not as far as we are told. Has the Capitol building recently been burned or attacked? Not as far as we are told. And yet they daily pass enabling acts for big business and the military and Intel. All of US Government is one big enabling act for the Industrialists and one big disabling act for you.
Which all goes to say the the Enabling Act of 1933 was another smokescreen. It didn’t allow Hitler to

do anything that wasn’t already in the script. What enabled Hitler was not the Reichstag vote or the
brownshirts or the SA or the secret police or anything else we are taught. What enabled Hitler was
German Intelligence, and what enabled German Intelligence was the wealthiest families. These
wealthiest families were not aristocrats, they were Financier/Industrialists. The Nazis were just a very complex and extensive curtain—a brilliantly painted veil—in front of the Industrialists. The Marxists were an earlier and larger curtain in front of the same people, but the Nazis were far more cinematic and theatrical. It is no coincidence that we have seen Eckart involved above, and Count von Hulsen-Haeseler of the Prussian Royal Theatre. This was all German Theatre at its finest.

Here’s Hitler posing for the camera:


Hitler posing for the camera

He is clearly practicing his role as Hitler, just like an actor. And no one ever found that suspicious? A lot of people in Germany must have known about this. But those people on the ground weren’t interviewed or quoted. Their testimony has been lost, and almost all are now dead. Any witness would now be at least 95, which may explain why the historians have gotten ever sloppier and more brazen. They think that 75 years on, no one will be clever or determined enough to see through this.
You will say, “No, it can’t be. You can’t just create someone like that!” Really? What about the
current US President? Obama was manufactured by Intelligence from the ground up, just like Hitler.
Obama’s birth certificate is an obvious fake, as everyone who has seriously studied it knows. There is
no documentation for his having attended either Columbia or Harvard, since he has never released his records and the universities won’t, either. His alleged mother worked for known CIA fronts. He is a total figment of your imagination, planted there by storytellers.

Mein Kampf

mein_kampf_dust_jacket-jpegThis Hitler biography was supposedly written by Hitler while he was serving time for treason. Or, it was dictated to his cellmate Hess. Again, we see red flags all over the place here. To start with, Hitler was just 34. Who writes an autobiography at age 34? Why would any one care about this young man’s views of Jews or anything else? Two, since both he and Hess were convicted of High Treason, they would not have been put in the same cell or adjoining cells. So when was all this dictation supposed to have taken place? At lunch? In the showers? Three, since the entire Beer Hall Putsch was faked, and Hitler was an agent all along, that means his prison term was also faked. Which of course blows a hole in the creation of Mein Kampf.
Clearly, Mein Kampf, like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is another not-so-clever production of Military Intelligence. We could go line-by-line through the book, showing the inconsistencies, but it isn’t worth it. It is enough to show that it later provided the seed for the Holocaust, which was one of its main points. Hitler said that 12 to 15 thousand Jews should be subjected to poison gas, which provides early documentation of that project.
ezra_pound_1945_may_26_mug_shotBut if Mein Kampf is a fake, what was its purpose? Well, in it Hitler was first propped up as an ‘Anti’. That term describes the Ezra Pound project during WW2. Pound was sent to Italy during the war to do radio broadcasts. In these broadcasts, he did much like Hitler, blaming the Jews for everything, attacking the banks, and so on. However, after the war Pound was brought back to the US, where he was tried for treason. Although the court case strangely never ended in a verdict, and seems to have just evaporated as it progressed, nonetheless Pound was “declared insane” and sent to a mental institution.
So the message in the press from this event was that those who blamed Jews or bankers for anything were crazy. That is what I meant by Anti. Pound was propped up to espouse a lot of ideas that the governors wished to blackwash. He was instructed to attack all the people they wished to cleanse. His being declared insane would serve to make the Jews and the bankers look innocent.
Well, Hitler’s pose, including Mein Kampf, was just another larger instance of the same thing. It was a longer and more prominent project to whitewash the Jews and the Industrialists, and to give credibility to the Marxists. Like Pound, Hitler was set up to fail. He attacked the Jews, was later shown to be a very bad man, and through him the Jews and other Industrialists were cleansed.
180px-1905_velikoe_v_malom_-_serge_nilus_-_title_page_-_facsimile_-_1920This is why Mein Kampf is so clever, and why it worked so well. Like the Protocols, although fake it contains a lot of truth. It therefore fools a lot of people, not all of them Jew haters. As we have seen, the Industrialists were behind the Weimar Republic. Many of these Industrialists were Jewish. And these people did stab the German Army in the back, since the outcome of WW1 was predetermined. The Industrialists knew Germany would lose from the first shot in 1914. That was the script.
The idea, as usual, was to empty all the national treasuries in many rich countries, steal all the productivity of the lower classes for several years, cull the populations a bit, test new weaponry, and bring the aristocracy down another notch. All this acted to further solidify and cloak the positions of the Industrialists.
After this major theft and hoax, the citizenry was naturally suspicious. By 1918 many were whispering the truth: that Germany—like Russia—had just been raped by the Industrialists with the war as an excuse and smokescreen. Many were looking sideways at the bankers and the richest Jewish families. So these families realized the first thing they needed to do was to run a major misdirection campaign, to redirect everyone’s gazes. Hitler’s career was just the most visible part of this campaign over the next two decades. He was hired to tell the people what they already knew, but then to subtly turn their gaze to other things. After he had done that, the whole story could be flipped. Hitler would fall in the nastiest manner possible, making the average citizen think they were wrong about the Jews and other Industrialists.
And this is exactly what happened. Hitler was made to look far worse than any Jew or Industrialist,
and after the war everyone was taught to look out for genocidal Nazis, not cloaked Industrialists.
Beyond that, a constant stream of other manufactured bogeymen have been marched across the
headlines in the Western Press, again to keep your eyes off the real bad guys. In the US it was Red
Commies, then cult murderers like Manson, then serial killers, and now mass murderers. Anything to
keep your eyes off the Industrialists that have been running all the real schemes all along.
It is evident from all this that the mainstream story and the alternative story of Hitler have been faked.
ndaaherr_obamaHitler was little more than an actor and agent. He was no more responsible for whatever happened in WW2 than Obama is responsible for whatever is happening in Libya or Syria. Without a Teleprompter, Obama couldn’t even spell Libya or Syria. It was the same with Hitler, and that also includes all his fake henchmen, who were also just poster boys for Nazism. Nazism, like everything else, was manufactured from the ground up by Military Intelligence, at the behest of the billionaires. It was little more than another stupid script.
This doesn’t mean the World Wars didn’t happen, it just means they didn’t happen for the reasons you
are told. They were manufactured in whole and faked in part, to do exactly what General Smedley
Butler told you in 1935: to hide the racket that is war.

Propaganda and Theater

Hitler’s LIFE was faked. It was all from a script, and large parts of it never happened at all. They only happened on paper and in fake photos and newsreels. So when David Irving said Hitler was created by Hollywood and Madison Avenue, he wasn’t joking. It may have been a slip of the tongue or a clue dropped on purpose, but either way it was very close to the truth. It explains why propaganda and theater and art were such a major part of the Nazi story, including the whole Leni Riefenstahl subtext.

Hitler congratulating Riefenstahl with flowers, 1934

Remember, her first movie for the Nazis, Victory of Faith, came out in September 1933. Her second movie, Triumph of the Will, came out in 1935. She was a famous movie director and actress, and these Nazi films (including the later Olympia) were huge productions. Triumph of the Will “starred” Hitler, Himmler, Hess, Lutze, and many other top Nazis, as well as 30,000 extras. Some will say the big crowd scenes we see in the Hitler newsreels couldn’t have been faked, but they were faked in Triumph of the Will.

capture4Again, director Riefenstahl had 30,000 extras to work with. You should really pause and look closely at these Nazi movies in a new light. They are a gigantic clue most have passed over. They weren’t just propaganda, they were the actual creation of the story.
It’s important to remember that Hitler had connections to the Prussian Royal Theatre, through his early handler Dietrich Eckart. Remember, Eckart was the protégé of the artistic director of the Royal Theatre, Count von Hulsen-Haeseler. So do you really think it was a coincidence Hitler was already hanging out with actors and playwrights by 1920? No, it is another big clue, one everyone has missed. This is why they insert fake clues like the Thule Society. The whole Thule Society clue has always been a diversion, and it was inserted right at this place in the history, when Hitler was meeting Eckart. They wanted you following the sexy occult clue, and missing the obvious link to the Prussian Royal Theatre.”(9)

Martin Bormann

“Because Hitler was an agent he was supported by other double agents in Germany, including the Central Bank financiers, who were looking to create a war between Britain and Germany and other countries so that they could fund both sides of the war and that way bankrupt the countries, take control of the governments and make huge profits.

And that’s exactly what happened. Everything went according to plan.”(1)

capture49“The second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, Hitler’s Private Secretary and Head of the Nazi Party apparatus, was Illuminati (i.e. British) agent, Martin Bormann, who ensured the destruction of both Germany and European Jewry.

Bormann advanced two of the Illuminati’s main goals: integrate Germany into a world government by annihilating its national, cultural and racial pretensions, and establish Israel as the Masonic banker’s world capital by threatening European Jews with extermination.

The Illuminati are a loose alliance of Jewish and non-Jewish financial Oligarchs and the British/American/European aristocracy joined by marriage, money and belief in the occult (Freemasonry).

They own vast interlocking cartels (banking, oil, pharmaceuticals, war industries, chemicals, minerals, media etc.) and control society and government through corporate and professional groups, the media, education, secret societies, think tanks, foundations and intelligence agencies. Their goal is “to absorb the world’s wealth” (in Cecil Rhodes’ words) and control its citizens using propaganda, “education” and social engineering.

Nations (particularly Britain, US, Israel) movements (Zionism, Socialism, National Socialism, Communism) and people (Americans, Germans, Jews) are their pawns to be sacrificed to their demented megalomaniac scheme for global dictatorship.

capture62Bormann’s career illustrates how they orchestrate wars to advance this long-term objective.

Martin Bormann (1900-?) was the organizer, treasurer and paymaster of the Nazi Party and controlled its powerful machine. He was the contact with Illuminati bankers and industrialists who financed the Nazi Party and donated millions to Hitler. As Deputy Fuhrer and Hitler’s Secretary, Bormann signed Hitler’s paycheck and managed his accounts. He  determined whom and what Hitler saw, and acted in his name.

Goering said “Bormann stayed with Hitler day and night and gradually brought him so much under his will that he ruled Hitler’s whole existence.” (“Martin Bormann” by James McGovern, p.160)

Hitler made Bormann the Executor of his will. Bormann, not Hitler, owned the Berghof. “The entire complex on the Obersalzberg, consisting of 87 buildings and worth over one and a half million marks, was legally registered in Bormann’s name. (McGovern, p.128)


General Reinhard Gehlen

In 1972 Gen. Reinhard Gehlen (head of Wehrmacht Soviet Intelligence) revealed that Bormann had been a Soviet spy, a view shared by many top Nazi generals and officials including Gottlob Berger, a SS Lieutenant General who knew Bormann well. “Bormann did the greatest harm of anyone,” Berger testified at Nuremberg. (McGovern, 181)

The implications are staggering. Remember what Winston Churchill said. “This war is not against Hitler or National Socialism but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.” (Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill, His Career in War and Peace p. 145)

The Nazi Party was created, and the Second World War staged in order to  lead the German people into a diabolical trap, after fatally compromising them morally.

In “The Bormann Brotherhood” (1972) William Stevenson says Bormann “gave the lowest priority to the fate of Germany..He was concerned instead with a future based on Nazi  philosophy, financed by Nazi loot, supported by a personally loyal Brotherhood…” The Masons/Illuminati.

Obviously Bormann was working for both the Soviets and the Nazis, i.e. he was working for the Illuminati.

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Louis Kilzer makes the case that Bormann was a “Soviet” spy in his book “Hitler’s Traitor” (2000). He examined the wire traffic between the spy known as “Werther” and Moscow and determined that only Bormann had access to this information. Bormann told Hitler he wanted a record for posterity and had stenographers transcribe Hitler’s war conferences.

The Soviets were able to ask very detailed questions about Nazi defenses and intentions. The result was the decisive Nazis defeats at Stalingrad and Kursk. “Bormann had been as useful to Russia as fifty Red Army divisions,” Kilzer writes.

270px-stalin_imageHis value to Stalin began early. In 1941, when Germany could have used millions of Ukrainian nationalists to defeat Soviet rule, Bormann decided that they deserved only, “enslavement and depopulation. …Faced with … genocide by the Germans or political domination by the Soviets, the Ukrainians chose to live and by so doing ruined German hopes for an easy conquest.

Borman used the Nazi defeat at Stalingrad as an excuse to begin the extermination of Jews, the second Illuminati goal.

Bormann encouraged Hitler to ignore the threat of encirclement at Stalingrad. Hitler’s decisions “ceased to have anything in common with the principles of strategy and operations,” General Halder noted in his diary.


Hitler and Bormann

Bormann won Hitler’s total allegiance by pretending to be his ruthlessly efficient instrument. When Bormann was criticized, Hitler replied, “Everybody has failed me but Bormann…who ever is against Bormann is also against the State! I’ll shoot the lot of them…” And, “Bormann’s proposals are so exactly worked out that I need only say yes or no…”

William Stevenson provides a suitable conclusion: “Bormann represented secret power; and in our disheveled human condition, we suspect that the trappings of democracy are more of a dangerous camouflage…that real power begins where secrecy begins. Martin Bormann … possessed that secret power…to such a degree that he was able to escape the gallows.”. 

Bormann’s example suggests that the Illuminati modus operandi is to empower someone who is predisposed or even brainwashed to do what they want. While he still has personal volition, they subtly manipulate him. “(10)

Hitler’s British Handler


A meeting between F.W.Winterbotham, Head of the Air Section in the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), and SIS agent Baron de Ropp, right, on the Baltic shore in East Prussia, 1936.

“The name “Baron Willam de Ropp” isn’t well known. There is just one photo available, and only a short Wikipedia entry. Yet he was a British agent who may have been Hitler’s British handler.

Hitler’s “daring” diplomatic & military coups, which astounded the world, were based on advanced knowledge of British intentions provided by de Ropp. He adds credence to the argument that the Illuminati created Hitler to foment world war.

According to Ladislas Farago, William de Ropp was “one of the most mysterious and influential clandestine operators” of the era. Born in Lithuania in 1877, educated in Germany, he moved to England in 1910.  After serving the British in World War One, he moved to Berlin and contacted fellow Balt, Nazi theoretician Alfred Rosenberg who introduced him to Hitler.

Farago: “A close personal relationship developed between the Fuhrer and de Ropp. Hitler, using him as his confidential consultant  about British affairs, outlined to him frankly his grandiose plans…a trust no other foreigner enjoyed to this extent.” (“The Game of the Foxes” p.88)

In  “King Pawn or Black Knight,” (1995) Gwynne Thomas writes:   “The Nazi leader took an instant liking to him, particularly when he discovered that de Ropp had powerful connections among English society and was well informed about much of what was happening in London. De Ropp not only enjoyed [Hitler’s] confidence but became his spokesman in dealings with the many important British people Hitler wished to influence…there is strong evidence that de Ropp was instrumental in raising funds in the City of London to finance several of the Nazi election campaigns which ensured that by the end of 1933 the Nazi party was totally established and in control.”  (p.25)

After the Illuminati put Hitler in power, they kept him there by sabotaging German opposition.

On May 4, 1938, Ludwig Beck, Chief of the German General Staff had called for the overthrow of Hitler, warning that the country was headed for disaster.

In the Lyndon Larouche-sponsored book, “The New Dark Ages Conspiracy: Britain’s Plot to Destroy Civilization” (1980)  the author Carol White writes:
“The truth about Hitler is that he was not only created by the British and British-allied networks, but that the British government led by Winston Churchill continued to use Hitler throughout the war. If this fact was not clearly understood by the allied forces, it was strongly suspected in Germany itself.” (p.126)
White goes on to list numerous German army overtures to the British regarding the overthrow of Hitler. All were rebuffed. 

Winston Churchill

capture56“When Churchill was questioned in Parliament about British failure to support these efforts, he replied that the government had a deliberate policy of not dealing with German nationalist leaders who were considered to be a greater evil than Hitler.” (p.144) 
In terms of the Illuminati Jewish goal to destroy Germany as an independent force in the world, this is very revealing. The Illuminati protected Hitler. He was their man.”(14)
“And Winston Churchill was a crypto Jew who sold out his country to the Rothschilds’satanic (Cabalist) plot to enslave humanity.

After the first Nazi air raid on London Sept. 7, 1940 which killed 306 people, Winston Churchill remarked, “They cheered me as if I’d given them victory, instead of getting their houses bombed to bits.”

Churchill is telling the truth.

Unknown to Londoners, he had rejected Hitler’s proposal to spare civilian targets. Quite the opposite, he goaded Hitler into bombing London by hitting Berlin and other civilian targets first.

Churchill told his Air Marshall: “Never mistreat an enemy by halves” and instructed his cabinet, “bombing of military objectives, increasingly widely interpreted, seems our best road home at present.” He blocked the Red Cross from monitoring civilian casualties.

Before the end of Sept. 1940, 7,000 Londoners including 700 children lay dead. By the end of the war, more than 60,000 British civilians and 650,000 German civilians died from “strategic” bombing.


In 1940, Churchill had to divert attacks from RAF airfields but he also wanted to start the bloodletting. A year had passed with little action. It was being called the “phoney war.” Hitler was making generous peace offers that many Englishmen wanted to accept.


Churchill described the Second World War as the “most unnecessary war in history.” But he served bankers in the City who had made good his stock market losses and saved his beloved Chartwell from foreclosure. A manic-depressive, he thrived on the rush of war and cared little for ordinary people.

The essential fact about Winston Churchill is that his mother’s father was Leonard Jerome (formerly Jacobson, 1818-1891) a speculator and business partner of August Belmont (nee Shoenberg 1813-1890), who was Rothschild’s main American representative.

Jennie Jerome’s marriage to Randolph Churchill, the second son of the Duke of Marlborough, appears to have been one of convenience, typical of many unions between daughters of Jewish financiers and spendthrift British aristocrats.


Robert Waley Cohen, c.1920

In the 1930’s Churchill’s banker friends made him the leading light in their lobby, “The Focus Group,” led by the Zionist chairman of British Shell, Sir Robert Waley-Cohen. Churchill became the main opponent of “appeasement” and eventually the main barrier to making peace with Hitler.

In 1936, the Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin told a delegation led by Churchill, “If there is any fighting in Europe to be done, I’d rather see the Bolshies and Nazis doing it.” But this policy was not what the Illuminati had in mind. (61)

“Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war,” Churchill said,” was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.” (Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby, quoted in the Foreword, 2nd Ed. Sydney Rogerson, Propaganda in the Next War
2001, orig. 1938.

The Second World War was a big step in a long-term program to enslave humanity in a world dictatorship run by the Illuminati (London-based monopoly capital.)

The Illuminati start wars to increase their wealth and power and to control, reshape and brutalize society. The “War on Terror” is intended to make us forfeit civil rights and engage in yet another unnecessary war, this time against Islam.

Most politicians (Churchill, Obama, Clinton, McCain etc.,) are flunkies, con men, traitors and criminals, packaged and sold by (banker-owned) mass media and universities.”(15)

 The Money Trail

Nathan-Rothschild-and-famed-quote“Hitler was essentially funded by the Bank of England and the Bank of England was totally and completely controlled by the Central Bank, which was run by the Rothchilds.

The Rothschilds, the bloodline formerly known, among other names, as the Bauers, is one of the most notorious black occult bloodlines of Middle Ages Germany. It became known as Rothschild (red-shield or rotes-schild in German) in the 18th century when a financial dynasty was founded in Frankfurt by Mayer Amschel Rothschild working in league with the Illuminati House of Hesse and others.

They took their name from the red shield or hexagram/Star of David on the front of their house in Frankfurt. The Star of David or Seal of Solomon is an ancient esoteric symbol and only became associated with Jewish people after the Rothschilds adopted it for themselves. It has absolutely no connection to “David” or “Solomon”, as Jewish historical sources confirm. The Rothschilds are one of the top Illuminati bloodlines on the Earth.”(2)

So this whole operation was a massive con, a poker game played on a worldwide scale.

clip_image002-33The overriding goal was to get rid of all of the remaining factions to clear the way for a one world order run by the Central Banks which are run by the Rothchilds, which are the parent family to the British royal family. And the British family is the most obvious royal family in the world, with most of the others being eradicated from 1914 to the 1920’s. The were just completely disbanded or murdered.”(1)

“But Hitler did something particularly bad from the point of view of the Rothschilds and that was to issue his own currency. The result of this was that Hitler wasn’t taking loans anymore from the Rothschilds and this weakened their power over him. They didn’t call attention to this in their controlled press because it would call attention to it by other countries and they may follow the example and also weaken the Rothschild’s power over them, since they couldn’t control these countries through the creation of debt, which was and is the primary means of control used by the banking oligarchs.

This action by Hitler was far worse than anything Stalin ever did to go against the plans of the Rothschilds and their intermediaries, so they teamed up with Stalin to create a pact to lure Hitler into Poland, with the knowledge that the Western press would place all of their condemnation on Hitler and not on Stalin, leaving Hitler on the defensive.

Both Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland and the Polish-American Society led by Dana Alvey said that the Nazis and the Communists both did the same thing when they took over Poland….they both killed all of the Intellegencia. They both acted like a very hostile force to Christianity when they invaded Poland.


Rudolf Hess

Hitler had a lot of support in England from the Clivden Group, which was a lot of Jewish rich people who had become Lords and gotten themselves in the English aristocracy. He thought he had an understanding with England. This is why he let the English navy go at Dunkirk where he had them surrounded and could have easily destroyed them. He did not want a knockdown dragged out war, but when he and Stalin had invaded Poland and the Western press only attacked him, he realized something had gone wrong, and sent Rudolf Hess to England to find out what went wrong and if there was any way to salvage the deal.

Churchill immediately arrested Hess before he could see anybody and at the end of the war Hess was kept in Spandau Prison from 1945 to 1987 when he died.

This was done to Hess an example to all of the British aristocracy. He was an example to anyone in the world who knew about the Zionist-Nazi connection and all of the background information, with the implied message that ‘If you speak you’re going to end up dead or like Rudolf Hess’ in a prison for life. To strengthen the message he was held in a prison that could hold 300 people and he was all alone there until his death and every month he was alive, one week the US soldiers would march around Spandau Prison, one week the Russians marched around, one week the French marched around and one week the British marched around. 

This was a message to anyone in the world that ‘you better not reveal what went on in this part of World War 2 or you’re going to end up like Rudolf Hess’. “(3)

Hitler’s Jewish Connections

Was Hitler Jewish?


A silver Jerusalem shekel (AD 68) from the First Jewish Revolt against Roman rule. The obverse inscription reads “Shekel of Israel / Year 3” and that on the reverse “Jerusalem the Holy”.

Schicklgruber in German literally translates as “digger of Jewish coins.” Shicklgruber = Shickl (= “shekel” or “schekel” in German) + “grub” (= “dig”) + er.

Hitler is also a Jewish name.

Names usually mean something. Like an indication of what the occupation of a person is – e.g. Shoemaker, Miller, etc, as well as their ethnic origin.

The word for hat in Yiddish is hitl. The word for hatmaker in Yiddish is hitelmacher. Therefore, “Hitler” must be some kind of contraction like the English “hatter” is a contraction of “hatmaker.” In German, Yiddish and English “-er” is tacked on to the end of a word to indicate the maker of something. Thus:

Hitl + er = Hitler = “Hatter” = contraction of “hat maker” (hitelmacher) in Yiddish. In German “hat” is “hut” and “hat maker” is “hutmacher.”


Hans Frank was a German lawyer who worked for the Nazi Party during the 1920s and 1930s, and later became Hitler’s personal lawyer.

“Hans Frank, Hitler’s lawyer during the Nazi regime, commented before his execution at Nuremburg, that at the end of 1930 Hitler had shown him a letter, commenting that this was a disgusting blackmail story of one of his most repulsive relatives concerning Hitler’s ancestry. The relative had dropped hints to the effect that “In connection with certain remarks in the press, one would be well advised not to broadcast certain circumstances of our family history.” The point was that Hitler had Jewish in his veins and therefore had scant credentials for being antisemitic. This blackmailer was William Patrick Hitler.

When Adolf Hitler came to power, William Patrick Hitler came to Germany with the expectation that, since he was a relative of Hitler, he had the potential of getting a good position, but he ended up being knocked around, starting out in a lowly bank job, he then worked in a car factory, never really getting any decent money or decent position. This led to his sending the blackmail letter to Adolph, basically saying ‘If you don’t get me a better job and treat me a little better, I’ll go public with the speculation within the family that you had a Jewish grandfather. Hitler did bow down to this threat and did give William some money in an amount equivalent to $250,000 today. So William was paid off to keep quiet about the Jewish connection?

Frank claimed that after Hitler had directed him to look into the matter he found out from all kinds of sources, which he did not want to divulge, the following:

Before the child was born, Hitler’s grandmother, Shicklgruber, had been a cook in the house in Graz of a Jewish banker by the name of Frankenburger, that she had become pregnant by the son of the house and that for the next 14 years she had received child support payments for little Hitler’s father.

There had been a correspondence between the Frankenburgers and Hitler’s grandmother which went on for years, and whose basic thrust it was that everyone had tacitly acknowledged that Shicklgruber’s illegitimate child was born under circumstances that obliged Frankenburger, to pay child support.

According to his own racial laws, Hitler would have been a 1/4 Jew and would not have been able to produce the necessary ticket into the 3rd Reich, the proof of Aryan descent. Frank was conspicuously ambiguous and leaving the impression that he did not find this theory implausible.


Sandstone vestige of a Jewish gravestone depicting a Tzedakah box.

“Hitler actually did a lot to destroy his genealogical information located in his birthplace, which was Braunau am Inn in Austria. When Hitler went into Austria, he had the graveyards in Braunau am Inn bulldozed. This clearly appears to be the covering up of some facts about his history.

Less than 2 months after Hitler invaded Austria, in May of 1938, an order was issued to the land registries, concerned to carry out a survey of Dollersheim, Alois Hitler’s birthplace, with a view to the suitability as a battle training area for the Whermacht. In the following year the inhabitants of Dollersheim were forcibly evacuated and the village and the surrounding countryside was blasted and withered by German artillery and infantry weapons. The birthplace of Hitler’s father and the grave site of his grandmother’s grave were rendered unrecognizable. Today this whole tract of what was once fertile and flourishing country is an arid desert sown with unexploded shells. But an area so closely associated with Hitler’s family, could not have been used for battle training without his knowledge and permission.

In 1933, when Hitler came to power, scores of reporters started searching for Hitler’s Jewish relatives. It was discovered that the Hitler name was discovered among families in the small German town of Polna, in Moravia of Poland and there was a Jewish merchant there who claimed to be a relative of Hitler. In Warsaw, some Jewish families with the name of Hitler, officially applied for a change of name averting to the antisemitic German politician.

There were also many Hitler tombstones in the Jewish cemetery in Vienna, with many other revelations in newspapers throughout the region.


Angela Hitler Angela Hitler was born in Braunau, Austria-Hungary, the second child of Alois Hitler, Sr. and his second wife, Franziska Matzelsberger.

Hitler’s older half sister, Angela, following World War 1, managed the Mensa Academica Judaica in Vienna, a boarding house for Jewish students. When non-Jewish students rioted in the city, Angela protected the Jewish students, even wielding a club against the rioters.

The most fascinating connection of all is Hitler’s relationship with the Jewish physician, Dr. Edward Bloch. Dr. Bloch was the Hitler family doctor for years when Hitler was young and it was Dr. Bloch who later treated Hitler’s mother when she was dying of cancer.

Hitler also had a Jewish cook when he was chancellor of Germany.(3)

And again….this is the man who was trying to wipe out every Jew in the world???

“Hitler said many things against Jewish domination, but the sum total of his actions contradict all he said. In all probability he was the most potent agent through which the leaders of world Jewry carried out their final attempt at securing world domination.

Antisemitism Germany 4

Hitler’s antisemitism was merely a distraction. A great deal of emphasis has been put on Hitler’s focus on the ideology of blood and race, of which antisemitism is but a part. It should be remembered that Hitler was not the only one who attached importance to blood. None have been more interested and laid such importance on blood, in its social aspect, than the Jews themselves.

Hitler’s blood theories resulted in his Nuremburg laws, which are nothing but the transplantation onto gentile soil of those marital laws to which the orthodox Jew attaches so much importance. So Hitler brought to a non-Jewish country the laws that the orthodox Jews have always felt were important.

Hitler’s anti-Jew laws, including the prohibition of Germans marrying Jews, were the only original addition to a program of aggrandizement and centralization of power which he took over from Bismark and Wilhelm. Both of these leaders were constantly surrounded by Jewish advisors and all of the German Reich’s constitutions have been framed by Jews.

Hitler was following a program that was foisted on Germany since the time of Bismark, who is made so much of in the history books.

Hitler’s assignment in Germany was to rant against the Jews as strong as possible and at the same time to help to pave the way for as many Jews as possible to move from Germany to Palestine in order to help the Zionists to prepare for the invasion and take over of  Palestine, which happened in 1948.”(3)

Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers

The official line has been that Hitler was trying to exterminate every Jew in the world.

Below is an article in the Daily Telegraph from Monday December 2nd 1996, titled Fatherland’s honour for hated race with three pictures, including Helmut Schmidt, from the Luftwafte, Helmut Wilberg, an architect of the concept of Blitzkreig, and Edger Jacobson, a propaganda maker, given the Iron Cross First Class:













And another part of the same article:


As it turns out, almost all of the key Nazi officials turned out to be half or part Jewish, including Hitler himself, as shown above. There were around 130,000 soldiers who were part Jewish in Hitler’s armies and 1,100+ officers, 79 high level officers and 9 Generals, who were part Jewish.

And yet Hitler tried to kill every Jew in the world… does that fit?

Hitler and Roosevelt both came to power in March of 1933 and Roosevelt closed the US borders to Jewish immigration in 1933.

So why would Roosevelt close the borders to Jewish immigration, right when Hitler came to power and the Jews were desperately trying to leave Germany?

The reason was directly connected to World Zionism and the worldwide permanent revolution, the Freemasonic-Anglo faction that has worked with World Zionism for many generations.

The plan was this:

Hitler was funded to power for several reasons: He screams bloody murder from day one against the Jews, starts to round them up, Franklin Roosevelt closes the border in the United States, so that when Hitler begins to let some of the Jews out of Germany they only have one place they can easily go to and that is Palestine.”(3)

Hitler and the Zionists

300px-ibm_logo-svg“Thomas Watson of IBM went to Germany in March 1933, right after Hitler came to power and began helping Hitler catalog every Jew in Germany on IBM punch cards.

We’re supposed to believe that the Germans were demanding, since they couldn’t stand the Jews, that somebody needs to identify them and round them up, but that was not what was happening.

People in Germany at that time will tell you that they noticed the Jews starting to be rounded up but this didn’t occur before Hitler came to power and started screaming about it.

shrinking-palestine-1024x724Of course, the German people wanted their country to be raised up because they had been humiliated by the Versaille treaty, but what was happening is that the top Jewish financiers, the Rothschilds, had lost control of the Jewish people and they needed to round them back up and get control over them, so they could get a lot of them to move where they did not want to move, which was down to the Middle East and Palestine  to fight the Arabs in the sands for the rest of their lives.

The German Jews didn’t want to go there and the Rothschilds needed a way to make them go there in order to create their Jewish state.

In the Middle Ages the rabbis kept close tabs on and exploited the Jewish people in the ghetto. What was happening with Zionism and Nazism in WW2 was to regain control of a people that were intermarrying too much, co-existing to well, assimilating to some extent into the gentile population. The Rothschilds wanted to stop this trend and get back to the Zionist plan to take over Palestine.

capture21Tens of thousands of Jews left Germany to go to Palestine, with Hitlers government paying to move individuals and businesses with the agreement of World Jewry that they end their world boycott and resume the purchase of German products.


When Hitler came to power he immediately closed down every single Jewish newspaper except one….he left the Zionist paper open. The Zionists weren’t getting any traction on their project to move Jews to Palestine, so the Zionists fortunes suddenly go way up.

The first ship that brought Jews from Germany to Palestine, left Germany with a Nazi commander and on the ship was the swastika and on the side was in Hebrew ‘Tel Aviv’, in spite of what was being presented otherwise to the whole world.

So Nazism and Zionism are two sides of the same program, kind of like the Democrats and Republicans in the US, except that people were getting killed, rounded up in a much more serious situation than what’s going on in America.

Antisemitism Germany 4

Illustration from a German antisemitic children’s book titled “Trust No Fox in the Green Meadow and No Jew on his Oath” (translation from German). The headlines depicted in the image say “Jews are our misfortune” and “How the Jew cheats.” Germany, 1936.

Antisemitism became official German government policy when Hitler was named Chancellor of the German Reich on January 30, 1933. The spring of 1933 also witnessed the beginning of the private cooperation between Zionism and the fascist German regime to increase the inflow of the German-Jewish immigrants and capital to Palestine. The Zionist authorities succeeded in keeping this cooperation a secret for a long period and only since the beginning of the 1960s has criticism of it been expressed here and there. The Zionist reaction has usually consisted of declarations that their one time contact with Nazi Germany were undertaken solely to save the lives of Jews. But the contacts were all the more remarkable because they took place at a time when many Jews and Jewish organizations were demanding a boycott of Nazi Germany.

On the occasion of the 16th convention of the Israeli communist party a paper was submitted at the outset of the conference in which it was stated that ‘After Hitler’s taking of power in Germany, when all anti-fascist forces in the world and the great majority of Jewish organizations proclaimed a boycott against Nazi Germany, contacts and collaboration existed between Zionist leaders and the Hitlerite government.

So there’s a worldwide boycott of German goods because Hitler is so anti-Jewish.


Transfer agreement used by a large consulting firm PALTREU, an acronym for Palaestina Treuhandstelle, established specifically to assist Jews fleeing the Nazi regime to recover some portion of the assets they had been forced to surrender when they fled Nazi Germany.

In connection with the emigration with Palestine that had been caused by the Haavara agreement, the Zionists had established their own Palestine shipping company, which brought the German passenger ship Howenstein and renamed it Tel Aviv.”(3)

“The Haavara agreement was also called the Transfer Agreement which tied the emigration of Jews to Palestine to the sale of the German goods. While the worldwide boycott was called by Samuel Untermeyer, Hitler concluded an agreement with the Zionist company Haavara which shipped a lot of German goods, making millions from the sale of the goods, and breaking the Jewish boycott.

The Jewish anti-German boycott, begun shortly after Hitler came to power in January 1933, was effectively neutralized as a result of Haavara. The Third Reich and the Palestine Question Jews were allowed to emigrate to Palestine with their wealth. Yes, the wealth of Jews was confiscated but they were reimbursed. The Transfer Agreement was the most far-reaching example of cooperation between Hitler’s Germany and international Zionism.

Through this pact, Hitler’s Third Reich did more than any other government during the 1930s to support Jewish development in Palestine. Between 1933 and 1941, some 60,000 German Jews emigrated to Palestine through the Haavara and other German-Zionist arrangements, or about ten percent of Germany’s 1933 Jewish population. (These German Jews made up about 15 percent of Palestine’s 1939 Jewish population.)

Some Haavara emigrants transferred considerable personal wealth from Germany to Palestine. As Jewish historian Edwin Black has noted: Many of these people, especially in the late 1930s, were allowed to transfer actual replicas of their homes and factories — indeed rough replicas of their very existence.

Of course, the Rothschilds, the main supporters and creators behind the Zionist movement, were also reimbursed when other Jews were, especially since Hitler had declared his admiration of Lord Rothschild.

aykin9Since the Rothschilds are trillionaires they can document as many lies as they want as being facts and get all of the newspapers in the world to back them up. Of course, the Rothschilds would have had to skedaddle out of Europe to be safe from the bombing and from the people who were being slaughtered as the result of what they had done. There is no question that Churchill was their war mongering agent. The only properties that they lost in the end were the ones that the allies had bombed and the war had increased the wealth of the Federal Reserve, which was their instrument, immeasurably.”(4)

Hitler never publicly complained about this Haavara shipping deal. Why?

He didn’t complain about it because he was in a deal with the Rothschilds, the Warburgs and those who funded him to the top.

Some people will say that Hitler was everything we’ve been told he was and cooperated with this move of Jews to Palestine because he wanted to get rid of the Jews and the Zionists also wanted to move the Jews there.

But if Hitler was actually an anti-semite why would he cooperate with moving the Jews to the one area of the world that they chose to go and not to anyplace else?

swithoragWhy cooperate to take over the one part of the world that they want so they can try to prove that Christ never came as savior and that they really belonged there all along and secondly where there’s going to be endless fighting between the Arabs and Jews and everybody else?

Also Mussolini and Adolph Eichmann set up training camps for the Zionist Irgun Military Force in Italy and in many of Hitler’s occupied territories. Adolf Eichmann spoke Yiddish. Eichmann was hiding that he was a full-blooded Jew and he went down to Palestine many times. This was all done under Hitler’s regime with Hitler’s knowledge.

How do we explain, based on what we’ve been previously told, why Hitler was helping to set up Irgun training camps to train the Jewish fighters so they could invade and take over Palestine?

unnamedWhen Hitler started this roundup, guess who was helping to organize and round up the Jews in Germany. Jewish police helped to round up Jews to put in the camps and the Zionists were happy they were being rounded up, didn’t care that they were betrayed and had a lot of the everyday jews killed.

Many of the Jewish leaders in the United States wanted to establish the Jewish State in Palestine, so they didn’t intervene at all to help the Jews that were being rounded up by the Nazis. They wanted the persecution to take place so they could prove that they needed the Jewish state.

A primary legacy of World War 2 is that vast numbers of Jews, Germans and Poles were victimized by the machinations of some super-criminals, who used Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt as the front super-criminals.”(3)

 Bormann and Hitler Escape

So, was Hitler’s death also faked?….Of course.

His life was faked so why wouldn’t his death be also.


Lieut. Commander John Ainsworth-Davis

“The book “OPJB,”(1996) was Lieut. Commander John Ainsworth-Davis’ account of how he and Ian Fleming led a 150-man team that rescued Martin Bormann from war-torn Berlin on May 1, 1945 using river kayaks. According to this book, Bormann lived under an assumed identity in England until 1956 before dying in Paraguay in 1959. 

The title of the book stands for “Operation James Bond.”  Ian Fleming took the name of the author of “A Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies” for the Bormann rescue and later gave it to the hero of his spy series who was modeled on Ainsworth-Davis, who used the name, Christopher Creighton.  He died in 2013 at age 89.  

Talk about hiding in plain sight!  The evidence that Bormann, the man most responsible for the holocaust, was a British agent, has been on bookshelves since 1996! The book includes a 1963 letter from Ian Fleming confirming that he and Creighton led the Bormann rescue. It also includes a photograph of a 1954 letter from Winston Churchill giving Creighton permission to tell this story after Churchill’s death, “omitting of course those matters which you know can never be revealed.”

The real James Bond helped kill thousands of people, mostly British allies. He was haunted by the ghosts of “perfectly loyal and innocent people who had been caught up in our operations…” (79)

capture51He was just “following orders” which made no sense from a patriotic p.o.v.  “We were not acting from patriotism or high moral principles. We were not doing this for England or Uncle Sam. As usual, we were doing what we had been told to do: we were carrying out our orders.” (170)

For example, Creighton tipped the Nazis off to the exact time and location of the 1942 Dieppe raid which cost 3000 Canadians their lives. He was told that the British wanted to test Nazi defences. The real reasons: convince Stalin it was too early for a second front, and build up Creighton’s credibility when it came time for the Normandy Invasion.

Agents who stumbled on the “true secrets of World War Two” (i.e. the fact that the Nazis were infiltrated and run by the “English”) were often betrayed and met death in action. This happened to Creighton’s girlfriend, Patricia Falkiner. Desmond Morton confessed that Falkiner was his ward: “He had done his utmost to keep Patricia out of operations…only when she had stumbled on the most vital secrets at Bletchley that he had been forced to deploy her…” (p.85)“(16)


morton1“Officially Desmond Morton was Winston Churchill’s “adviser.”   In fact, he was in charge of a top secret Illuminati organization dedicated to advancing world government dictatorship through skullduggery. It was funded by the “Crown” i.e. the Rothschild’s Bank of England. It answered only to Churchill, who, of course, answered only to Victor Rothschild. The Director of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman, recommended Ian Fleming to Naval Intelligence. (Fleming was 15 years older than Creighton.)

“M SECTION” had the resources of the Royal Navy and Marines at its disposal and was responsible for rescuing Martin Bormann, and Hitler as well.

Morton never married and there are rumors he and Churchill had a homosexual attachment. He accused Churchill of having homosexual feelings for FDR. (Winston Churchill, by Chris Wrigley, p. 268)

Top agents and commandos like Creighton were chosen from men and women in their late teens who were personally known to the Illuminati. Creighton was only 21 years old in 1945. Often the youths were orphans or separated from their parents.  For example, Creighton’s parents were divorced but  Louis Mountbatten and Desmond Morton were family friends. Morton took Creighton under his wing and became his “uncle.” In a moment of crisis, “I hugged him as I had hugged him so often in the past.”

Creighton speaks of his service in Section M in sinister terms: “ghastly years of betrayal and horror into which I had been forced.” (78) He speaks of the “Svengali-like influence and control that Morton had exercised over me since my early childhood.”(16)


Ian Flemming

“Hitler’s escape was called Operation Winnie the Poo and it was tacked on to Operation James Bond. Operation James Bond, with Ian Flemming as head, was to move Martin Boorman out of Germany on the 2nd of May 1945. Boorman was actually taken back to Berlin by Ian Morton for his own war trial, but he had undergone plastic surgery and viewed the trial from the viewing docks unrecognized. So Martin Boorman was at his own trial but not acknowledged as being present.

Operation Winnie the Poo was to remove Hitler from Berlin. Once Ian Flemming had sighted Martin Boorman as the real Martin Boorman, he split off into Operation Winnie the Poo and met Hitler and Eva Braun, who were flown to Barcelona. Hitler lived out his days in Barcelona.

Hitler did not die in the bunker. They found 6 body doubles on top of the bunker and another body double that was in the bunker. Both Eisenhauer and Stalin said that they hadn’t found Hitler and all of the news reports said that they hadn’t found Hitler.”(1)

The World War 2 Hoax


darkmoon2-20255px-standarte_adolf_hitlers-svgThe Nazi period is the most discussed period in history, yet most Jews and other Americans are unaware of the actions between Zionism and Hitler and Mussolini. The reason is simple and stark. The Zionist record is dishonorable. This post brings to light the disservice that the Zionists did to the Jewish people before and during the Holocaust.


Zionists betrayed the Jews.

The reason this information is so critical is that the top Zionist Jews are now using the Holocaust as a brick bat against humanity to accomplish all sorts of things.

It’s important to realize that just like the average Jew had nothing to do with the rounding up, the starving or the disease that happened near the end of World War 2, the average German, the average Pole, the average Christian in Europe had nothing to do with the plans for the Holocaust. It was financed, thought of, organized by the top international bankers, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

You may have heard of George W. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, who was involved in the financing and helping of Hitler.

What actually existed was super-criminals on all sides…..the Rothschilds, the Schiffs, the Rockefellers, and the bankers at the top, along with Stalin in Russia, Hitler in Germany, Churchill in England, Roosevelt in the United States, all super-criminals, working together, with Zionism, Nazism and Communism working together, in a way that shocks most people.

This is the real picture of World War 2 that puts it all together.

six_po11“World War Two was the most egregious hoax in history. A cult of Masonic/Illuminati Financiers/Industrialist/Oligarchs, financed primarily by the Rothschild syndicate, is responsible for destroying more than sixty million lives.  

Hitler proved by his actions that he was a traitor. He was installed by the Illuminati to destroy Germany so that it would slip neatly into the One World Order.

Hitler was catastrophic for Germany. But what did the German people expect from a Viennese vagrant and male prostitute?  

obhitA comparison with Barack Obama is pertinent. Like Hitler, he is not native born and has a shady homosexual past. He works for the Illuminati. His assignment is to destroy the US, so Americans will also meekly accept world government.

Hitler’s example reveals the unexpected dimensions of treason. If we fail to learn the lessons of the past, we will repeat them.”(11)

“History is unfolding according to the Illuminati’s long-term plan. Wars are plotted decades in advance and orchestrated to achieve the destruction of nations and natural elites, depopulation, demoralization, and of course power and profit.

The super rich have organized themselves into a satanic cult to prey on mankind and to establish their permanent hegemony. Put yourself in the Oligarch bankers’ shoes. The nations of the world owe you trillions based on money you printed for the cost of paper and ink. The only way to protect this “investment” is to establish a thinly disguised dictatorship, using sophisticated methods of social and mind control. This is the true meaning of the “War on Terror.” It’s not directed at “Muslim terrorists.” It’s directed at you and me.

capture64World War Two achieved all of the Illuminati’s goals. Germany and Japan were turned into a wasteland. Sixty million people were slaughtered. The Jewish holocaust motivated Jews to establish the Rothschild’s world government headquarters in Israel. Idealists and natural leaders on both sides were slaughtered. Nations were laden with debt. The United Nations [fake collective government] rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Hiroshima [faked Atomic Bombs) cast a pall of terror over the world. The USSR [faked Communist operation] was a superpower and controlled Eastern Europe. The stage was set for the next act…the Cold War [fake conflict].”(13)

The entire 20th century was a series of faked events, brought to you by the financier/Oligarchs.



“Given the bleak outlook for humanity, there is a tendency to actually idealize Hitler as an opponent of central banker hegemony. Like Stalin and Mao, Hitler was an agent; and the Illuminati sponsor “enemies” in order to foment conflict, and keep humanity in its thrall.”(13)


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