The Nuclear Bomb Hoax

It’s time to bust open another longstanding hoax.

The best place to start is with the news from Japan in August of 1945.

News of the dropping of the ‘Atomic’ bomb on Hiroshima, August 6th.


Thanks to the heavy media coverage of this event many people around the world perceived this as a whole new terrible devastating weapon of war. The photos and reports coming from Japan appeared to show the horrific power of this ‘atomic’ weapon, inciting an ominous fear that would be utilized up to the present day as a way to manipulate the public into supporting a long string of contrived military campaigns affecting many sovereign nations.

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Are the rest of you ready?

No ‘Atomic’ bomb fell on Hiroshima……or Nagasaki!!!

Let’s take a look at this hoax.

Atomic bombs were and are just propaganda. There is no evidence that they worked 1945 or later.

Below is a photo from Hiroshima ‘ground zero’ autumn 1945 after the streets had been cleared of debris:


“It is clear that there was no ‘ground zero’ and that no atomic bomb exploded here at all and destroyed buildings, bridges, inhabitants and everything as suggested by US military authorities. It seems that all, wooden/paper buildings housing mostly poor people were simply burnt down by napalm carpet bombing (exactly like Tokyo March and Yokohama May 1945) leaving steel bridges and the external walls/roofs of all brick/concrete office buildings intact.”(1)

And here’s a photo of Tokyo after it was napalmed:

The Operation Meetinghouse firebombing of Tokyo on the night of March 9–10, 1945, was the single deadliest air raid of World War II;[33] with a greater area of fire damage and loss of life than the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima or Nagasaki as single event

The Operation Meetinghouse firebombing of Tokyo on the night of March 9–10, 1945, was the single deadliest air raid of World War II;[33] with a greater area of fire damage and loss of life than the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima or Nagasaki as single event


It’s no coincidence they look similar.

They were both fire-bombed with napalm bombs.

Notice the bridges and roads are undamaged in both photos.


Take a look at the following videos explaining/demonstrating napalm bombs:




This building was very close to the supposed ‘ground zero’:

U.S. military observers watch the explosion during Operation Crossroads Baker, a nuclear test conducted on Bikini Atoll on July 25, 1946. This was the fifth nuclear explosion ever, after two other tests and the two bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Another well known Hiroshima building located just beside the alleged a-bomb explosion in the background – but just burnt down by napalm bombs. Notice all the trees standing bare like after a forest fire. Most of them survived and 1946 new leaves budded.

It is common knowledge that 1945 central Hiroshima and Nagasaki was 95% wooden/paper houses for housing and simple stores/shops while only 5% of the buildings were concrete buildings, including banks, insurance companies, trading companies offices, etc. And all had quite bad fire protection.

Take a look at this photo showing intact concrete buildings:


The photo below is of Hiroshima city center, before the bombing, showing the target Aioi bridge and location of Bank of Japan office and location above where the alleged A-bomb is said to have exploded over Rijo Dori street at Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku:

Map of Hiroshima city centre, target Aioi bridge and location of Bank of Japan office and location above where the alleged a-bomb is said to have exploded over Rijo Dori street at Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku. There are many similar stone/concrete/brick buildings

Map of Hiroshima city centre, target Aioi bridge and location of Bank of Japan office and location above where the alleged a-bomb is said to have exploded over Rijo Dori street at Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku. There are many similar stone/concrete/brick buildings


And after a supposed ‘atomic’ bomb dropped this close to the Bank of Japan building, the building looked like this:



And here’s how it looks today:


Bank of Japan building at Rijo Dori street, Kamiya-cho, Naka ku, Hiroshima, 2013, was built 1936 and located almost below the alleged a-bomb explosion 1945. It survived the bombing without serious damages, a clear evidence that no a-bomb was used – only napalm carpet bombing.

“Major Alexander P. de Seversky, who 1945 inspected the bombed towns of Japan, testified:

In Hiroshima I was prepared for radically different sights. But, to my surprise, Hiroshima looked exactly like all the other burned-out cities in Japan.There was a familiar pink blot, about two miles in diameter. It was dotted with charred trees and telephone poles. Only one of the cities twenty bridges was down. Hiroshima’s clusters of modern buildings in the downtown section stood upright.

It was obvious that the blast could not have been so powerful as we had been led to believe. It was extensive blast rather than intensive.

I had heard of buildings instantly consumed by unprecedented heat. Yet here I saw the buildings structurally intact, and what is more, topped by undamaged flag poles, lightning rods, painted railings, air raid precaution signs and other comparatively fragile objects.

At the T-bridge, the aiming point for the atomic bomb, I looked for the “bald spot” where everything presumably had been vaporized in the twinkling of an eye. It wasn’t there or anywhere else. I could find no traces of unusual phenomena.

What I did see was in substance a replica of Yokohama or Osaka, or the Tokyo suburbs – the familiar residue of an area of wood and brick houses razed by uncontrollable fire. Everywhere I saw the trunks of charred and leafless trees, burned and unburned chunks of wood. The fire had been intense enough to bend and twist steel girders and to melt glass until it ran like lava – just as in other Japanese cities.

The concrete buildings nearest to the center of explosion, some only a few blocks from the heart of the atom blast, showed no structural damage. Even cornices, canopies and delicate exterior decorations were intact. Window glass was shattered, of course, but single-panel frames held firm; only window frames of two or more panels were bent and buckled. The blast impact therefore could not have been unusual.

Then I questioned a great many people who were inside such buildings when the bomb exploded. Their descriptions matched the scores of accounts I had heard from people caught in concrete buildings in areas hit by blockbusters. Hiroshima’s ten-story press building, about three blocks from the center of the explosion, was badly gutted by the fire following the explosion, but otherwise unhurt. The people caught in the building did not suffer any unusual effects.”(1)


The photo below shows the ten-story press building and other surrounding buildings:


Downtown Hiroshima 1946 with a Gelbi bank building in back ground at Rijo Dori street! Note the Hiroshima’s ten-story press building also in the background right, about three blocks from the center of the explosion, badly gutted by the fire following the explosion, but otherwise unhurt with a flagpole on top … still standing. No ‘atomic bomb’ exploded down the road to the left and produced a blast/heat wave FIREBALL here 1945!


The photo below shows the Gelbi bank building 1946 at Hiroshima at Rijo Dori street – 380 meters sideways from and about 600 meters (1,800 feet) below the alleged ‘atomic bomb’ explosion and blast/heat wave FIREBALL center across the street:



The photo below is another view of the Gelbi Bank Building and the Bank of Japan building:

Downtown Hiroshima and Bank of Japan and Gelbi bank buildings at Rijo Dori street 1945 facing Ground Zero, where a fake a-bomb apparently exploded and produced a FIREBALL at low altitude! Notice all the trees standing bare like after a forest fire.

Downtown Hiroshima and Bank of Japan and Gelbi bank buildings at Rijo Dori street 1945 facing Ground Zero, where a fake atomic bomb apparently exploded and produced a FIREBALL at low altitude! Notice all the trees standing bare like after a forest fire. Most of them survived and in 1946 new leaves budded.


“The a-bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were thus just propaganda 1945 to end WW2 in Japan and to impress the USSR. Fooled the world then as there was no free press around. Only censorship.

To keep the hoax going two a-bomb museums were quickly built at Hiroshima and Nagasaki for school children to be fooled by.

Another a-bomb museum is in Albuquerque, New Mexico,  paid for by the US government that started the hoax and keeps it going.”(1)

‘Atomic’ Bomb History

“The “a-bombs” were actually invented by science fiction writer H.G Wells in 1913 nearly 30 years before US president Roosevelt started the top-secret Manhattan Project. Wells’ story, The World Set Free, describes cities around the world being devastated by what he called “atomic bombs”. Wells predicted not only the mushroom cloud we associate with a-bombs, but their lasting radiation as well.

“Few who adventured into these areas of destruction and survived attempted any repetition of their experiences. There are stories of puffs of luminous, radio-active vapour drifting sometimes scores of miles from the bomb centre and killing and scorching all they overtook.”(7)

So, just like many other science fiction stories that have been and continue to be fed to the public as science fact, the A-Bomb story had its unique grand opening for public viewing in Hiroshima.

As the historical story goes, on August 2, 1939, just before the beginning of World War II, Albert Einstein wrote to then President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Einstein and several other scientists told Roosevelt of efforts in Nazi Germany to purify uranium-235, which could be used to build an atomic bomb.

Roosevelt then allegedly ordered the atomic bombs to be designed (or created) and built by clever US scientists and engineers 1939, 1941 or 1942, it is not clear when, because it is still a military secret in 2014. Was it 1939?

The very secret Briggs Advisory Committee on Uranium, created by Roosevelt, had its first meeting on October 21, 1939, in Washington, D.C., only seven weeks after WWII started and discussed Making uranium (fission) chain-reaction bombs.

“Nuclear fission is a nuclear reaction in which the nucleus of an atom splits into smaller parts (lighter nuclei). A nuclear fission process produces, apart from energy, free neutrons. Nuclear fission produces energy for nuclear power but cannot drive the explosion of nuclear weapons as suggested by Wikipedia and others.

Nuclear power is possible because certain substances called nuclear fuels undergo fission, when struck by fission neutrons, and in turn emit neutrons, when they break apart. This makes possible a peaceful, self-sustaining, moderated nuclear chain reaction that releases energy at a controlled rate in a nuclear reactor. Nuclear fission in a nuclear power plant just produces energy, heat, that heats water to drive electric generators. No smoke! The nuclear fuel becomes other, lighter atoms.”(1)

So the alleged goal of this Advisory Committee was to come up with a way to create a fission bomb using U-235 metal, which would end up being an impossible task…….and may have already been known to be an impossible task by some of its members.

Nevertheless, the Advisory Committee eventually morphed into the Manhattan Project and was off to the races to build an Atomic Bomb.



But just like so many other hoaxes we’ve seen over the years this was just another ‘project’ that was vital for ‘National Security,’ whether it was physically possible or not. Does the fake moon landing come to mind here?




Anyway, let’s look at how this nuclear bomb hoax was contrived…..

The scientists involved in the project to create a fission bomb focused their initial efforts on developing a way to efficiently extract U-235 from uranium ore, since U-235 only made up 0.72% of normal uranium metal ore and has to be separated from the remainder (mostly uranium-238). To obtain 61 kg of pure uranium-235 (U-235) metal you need about 8,400 kg or 8.4 ton of uranium to separate the uranium-235 (U-235) from.

Several uranium enrichment factories, using different methods of enrichment, were constructed at great cost, although the ability to create a fission bomb had not been proven.

“How to separate uranium-235 (U-235) from uranium-238? Well, one way, the gas extraction method, is that you treat the uranium with fluorine, F, so it becomes a gas – UF6 – and then, in gas separators you separate the lighter U-235 F6 molecules from the little (three neutrons) heavier U-238 F6 molecules! And then you remove the fluorine again and have pure, metal uranium-235 (U-235). Voilà!

Another supposed way was to use magnetism to separate U-235 from U-238. Some people say Clinton Engineer Works, 20 miles west of Knoxville, TN, produced the [U-235] using the calutron electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS) process. Hundreds of thousands of magnetic type separators (!) driven by great amount of electricity were used by Clinton Engineer Works to produce some hundred kilograms of U-235. Reason for so many separators was the relatively low product collection rate of the process and the long cycle time required to recover material between runs.

It is, however 2016 – 71 years later, still TOP SECRET, what US factory managed to separate U-235 from 10 tons of U-238 by gas separation or whatever – magnetism? Reason apparently being that no such workshop or technology existed at that time, 1942-1945.

Plutonium Production

Plutonium is a radioactive actinide metal whose isotope, plutonium-239, is one of the three primary fissile isotopes (uranium-233 and uranium-235 are the other two).

Pure plutonium-239 may have a multiplication factor larger than one, which means that if the metal is present in sufficient quantity and with an appropriate geometry (e.g., a sphere of sufficient size), it can form a critical mass.

Trace amounts of at least four plutonium isotopes (plutonium-238, -239, -240, and -244) can be found in nature. Small traces of plutonium-239, a few parts per trillion, and its decay products are naturally found in some concentrated ores of uranium. The ratio of plutonium-239 to uranium at the Cigar Lake Mine uranium deposit ranges from 2.4×10−12 to 44×10.−12

These trace amounts of 239Pu originate in the following fashion: on rare occasions, 238U undergoes spontaneous fission, and in the process, the nucleus emits one or two free neutrons with some kinetic energy. When one of these neutrons strikes the nucleus of another 238U atom, it is absorbed by the atom, which becomes 239U. With a relatively short half-life, 239U decays to 239Np, which decays into 239Pu.

During fission, a fraction of the binding energy, which holds a nucleus together, is released as a large amount of electromagnetic and kinetic energy (much of the latter being quickly converted to thermal energy). Fission of a kilogram of plutonium-239 can [theoretically] produce an explosion equivalent to 21,000 tons of TNT (88,000 GJ). It is this energy that makes plutonium-239 useful in nuclear weapons and reactors.

Plutonium’s higher spontaneous fission rate made it much more useful in the creation of nuclear bombs, so Plutonium breeder reactors were built to create artificially increased amounts of Plutonium 239 isotopes from Uranium 238.

Emilio Segrè at Los Alamos discovered fairly early on that reactor-bred plutonium had a higher concentration of the isotope plutonium-240 than cyclotron-produced plutonium. Plutonium-240 has a high spontaneous fission rate, raising the overall background neutron level of the plutonium sample. The original gun-type plutonium weapon, code-named “Thin Man“, had to be abandoned as a result—since the increased number of spontaneous neutrons meant that nuclear pre-detonation (fizzle) was likely.

As a result, the production of Plutonium was shifted from the Oak Ridge Tennessee nuclear site to the Hanford B Reactor, in Hanford, Washington, the first industrial-sized nuclear reactor for the purposes of material production, which was completed in March 1945. B Reactor produced the fissile material for the plutonium weapons used during World War II.

Fission Bomb Assembly Methods

465px-Fission_bomb_assembly_methods.svgThe ‘nuclear’ scientists eventually came up with two basic assembly methods for constructing a fission bomb, the Gun-type assembly and the Implosion-type assembly.

The Gun-type utilized Uranium 235 as the fissile material and the Implosion-type utilized Plutonium fissile material, although the Implosion process could also utilize enriched Uranium.

Gun-type Assembly Method

The Gun-type assembly utilized a gun mechanism in the bomb that would fire one piece of U-235 at another piece, which would cause a nuclear reaction and immediate explosion.

Sounds plausible doesn’t it?

Below is a cross section drawing of the proposed nuclear bomb:


According to the underpaid US scientists in 1945 the atomic bomb above exploded (!), when the 9 projectile rings (item S above) of 30.5 kg uranium-235 (U-235) were mechanically pushed over and mechanically compressed into (?) the 6 target rings (item H above) also of 30.5 kg uranium-235 (U-235) by the projectile Tungsten-Carbide disk (item T) at a speed of >1.000 m/s (according #20 of the Los Alamos Primer) and the projectile steel back (item U) in turn accelerated by exploding cordite power bags (item W). 4 Polonium-Beryllium initiators (item G) on the plug crushed by the projectile rings apparently started the magic atomic action (LOL!)?

So an atomic bomb is very simple! Slide or drop or push (assisted by exploding cordite!) uranium-235 (U-235) projectile rings over 6 uranium-235 (U-235) target rings and compress them together inside a Tungsten-Carbide tube (sleeve/disk/plug) a speed of >1.000 m/s and fission occurs and … BOOM.

The above theory is evidently pure nonsense. Stupid, idiotic propaganda. It does not work! Metal in contact with metal, be it gold, silver, lead, iron, uranium of any kind incl. uranium-235 (U-235) of any critical mass, does not fission exponentially and explode (initiated by Polonium-Beryllium) even after being mechanically compressed together at a speed of >1.000 m/s … suddenly.

What is supposed to happen to initiate fission? The projectile rings and their steel back (items T and U) – say weight 50 kgs – accelerate down the 2 meters long tube in microseconds and collide with the impact absorbing anvil (item E) with a velocity of v – say v = 150 m/s, which is pretty high (more will blow the tube apart).

The total energy applied at collision impact is 562.5 kJ and half of it is absorbed by the impact absorbing anvil (item E) trying to push the projectile rings and its steel back (item U) back up the tube. You know – objects also bounce, not just compress, at impacts. The remaining energy – 281.25 kJ – is supposed to radially compress mechanically the projectile rings and the target rings (total 61 kg) and adjacent items (say also 61 kg) but 2.3 kJ/kg energy will not compress metal a lot in any direction.

You really have to wonder what idiot or nuclear physicist came up with this crazy idea that two pieces of cold metal (uranium-235) mechanically compressed together using cordite would start to fission. Would the two cold metal pieces really merge into one? What really happens at the contact surface between the projectile rings and the target rings? Do the rings become one solid mass? And why would it explode?

The Critical Mass Theory

Of course, the ‘experts’ have an answer to that. Critical mass! The critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction. For uranium-235, U-235, the critical mass is 61 kg! If 30.5 kg of metal U-235 projectile rings are brought in mechanical, compressive contact with 30.5 kg of metal U-235 target rings they add up to 61 kg =critical mass! A 3.39 kg projectile ring in contact with a 5.08 kg target ring does not produce fission! Why? Because 3.39 + 5.08 = 8.47 kg is not a critical mass! On the other hand, according to the ‘experts’, a sphere or ball of uranium-235 with diameter 17 cm has a critical mass of only 52 kg.

Or: A mass may be exactly critical without being a perfect homogeneous sphere. More closely refining the shape toward a perfect sphere will make the mass supercritical. Conversely changing the shape to a less perfect sphere will decrease its reactivity and make it subcritical.

So a 52 kg sphere of uranium-235 is a critical mass like 61 kg of rings of uranium-235. atomic physics is just a big laugh. Military secret, of course.

In retrospect it would have been much easier to allow two 26 kg half-spheres of uranium-235 to collide than to play around with projectile and target rings. And what damages are caused by cordite gases when the projectile rings or half-spheres have been pushed down the gun tube? Doesn’t the whole A-bomb assembly blow apart? OK, OK, it was never built! It was just a joke. Military propaganda 1945 worth US$ 2 billion! And ‘nuclear’ physicists believe it 2016.”(1)

Implosion-type Assembly Method

As always happens with these ‘scientifically’ created hoaxes, the next step was to create a more technically complicated assembly using ‘smoke and mirrors’, that, of course, would serve to be more efficient and compact.

375px-Implosion_nuclear_weapon_design_-_explosive_lenses.svgA second assembly method was based on the idea that a 360 degree compression of the fissile material would act to more efficient compression and allow the bomb to be reduced in size at the same time.

The implosion assembly utilizes explosive lenses surrounding a sub-critical sphere with a core of plutonium using chemical explosives to compress the core many times its original density (the “implosion” method).

In a nuclear weapon, an array of explosive lenses is used to change the several approximately spherical diverging detonation waves into a single spherical converging one. The converging wave is then used to collapse the various shells (tamper, reflector, pusher, etc.) and finally compresses the core (pit) of fissionable material to a prompt critical state.

The Nuclear Reactor

The fission generated in a nuclear reactor is a different story.

And has an actual scientific basis.

One U-235 uranium atom may fission, as discovered by Otto Hahn in the 1930’s. You do not have to mechanically compress uranium metal rings in a tube for it. In a peaceful atomic power plant there is no mechanic compression of uranium U-235 to keep the plant going.

When one U-235 nucleus fissions into two lighter nuclei fragments or products (i.e. other atoms), about 0.1 percent of the mass of the uranium nucleus appears as fission energy of 202.5 MeV.

In nuclear reactors, the fission fragment kinetic energy remains as low-temperature heat, which itself causes little or no ionization.

Slow and Fast Neutrons

“Fission depends on the energy of the neutrons

Nuclear fission can occur when a nucleus is rendered sufficiently unstable by the absorption of a passing neutron. The probability for such a fission reaction to take place depends on how energetic these neutrons are, and so the knowledge of their energies spectrum is vital for an understanding of how nuclear reactors work. The custom is to classify these neutrons in groups corresponding to their energy ranges, the most important of which are the ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ neutrons.”(2)


Distribution of slow and fast neutrons in a PWR: This repartition of the neutrons in a pressurized water reactor shows the different roles played by slow and fast neutrons. Slow neutrons are responsible for most of nuclear fission and therefore help sustain the chain reactions. Fast neutrons, on the other hand, play a small role in fission but can transform nuclei of uranium 238 into fissile plutonium 239. Other neutrons are lost when they are captured by ‘sterile’ nuclei or when they escape from the reactor as they slow down. Among these, some can poison the performance of the reactor, others are used for the control of the chain reaction (control rods). IN2P3

Slow neutrons

After a series of collisions with different nuclei, the energy of neutrons produced by fission reactions drops to the order of a few electron-volts or a few fractions of an electron-volt. Neutrons with energies in this range are collectively referred to as ‘slow’, and neutrons whose energies match those of the surrounding atoms are known as ‘thermal’.

It is these slow neutrons that allow for nuclear reactors to run with fuel based on natural uranium or uranium lightly-enriched in fissile isotope 235. Without them, the most common pressurized (PWR) and boiling water (BWR) reactors would not operate. As a result, the neutrons emitted by nuclear fission have to be slowed down by collisions with a ‘moderating’ medium. Reactors based on natural uranium, which contains comparatively little of the enriched uranium 235, require the use of special moderators which absorb very few of the neutrons : such moderators are heavy water and pure graphite.

Fast neutrons

Before they are slowed down by a large number of nuclear collisions, neutrons produced by fission reactions are known as ‘fast’. They usually have energies between 0.1 and 2 or 3 MeV.

The fact that they possess a substantial amount of kinetic energy allows fast neutrons to fission more easily nuclei once they get captured. They can therefore split not only nuclei reputed fissile by slow neutrons, but also minor actinides, the heavy nuclei which build up inside nuclear fuel as radioactive waste. Fast neutrons are needed to eliminate these waste products.

The use of fast neutrons in so-called ‘fast reactors’ allows for the production of more fissile nuclei than are destroyed, as the absorption of at least one neutron per fission by an uranium 238 nucleus transforms this uranium 238 into a fissile plutonium 239 nucleus. This process is known as breeding, leading to an almost inexhaustible supply of nuclear fuel.

One drawback of fast neutrons in reactors is that the probabilities of their capture by nuclei are comparatively small. Traveling in matter, neutrons see nuclei as targets. The apparent cross-section of these targets is much more smaller for fast neutrons than it is for slower neutrons. As a result, an intense neutron flux and a fuel rich in fissile elements are both needed to compensate for this lower probability.

In a medium rich in hydrogen like water, the slowdown is much faster requiring much less collisions. This is reason for the use of a water moderator in conventional reactors, for which a rapid slowdown is needed.”(2)

“It is the speed of the neutron, when it hits the nucleus that has a lot to do with how likely a fission is to occur. One might think, intuitively, that if the neutron is going really fast that it has a better chance of “shattering” the nucleus, but that’s not really how it works. Actually, for the fissile nuclei such U-235 the SLOWER the neutron is going, the more probable fission is.

So slowed-down neutrons to maximize fission are an absolute requirement. And then from fission comes more neutrons, which continue the reaction. Well, mostly right. Actually, the neutrons born from fission are going really fast. Really, really fast. And they have to slow down to have a good chance of causing fission. That’s where the moderator comes in.

The moderator in a nuclear reactor is the material whose job it is to slow down neutrons without absorbing them. This slowing-down is done by neutrons bouncing off the nuclei of the atomics in the moderating material. For most reactors, moderation takes place in the water that also cools the reactor. For a high-temperature reactor like the liquid-fluoride reactor, graphite (carbon) is used as the moderator. This was not really known in the 1940’s when the atomic bomb was said to have been invented.

It is thus the moderated free neutrons that keep the fission going in a peaceful nuclear power reactor by heating the water. The 2 MeV kinetic energy of a free neutron becomes 0.01 MeV kinetic energy and the rest – 1.99 MeV – heats up the water.

And the hot water drives steam turbines to generate electricity.

So unlike nuclear bombs, nuclear generated power does exist…….but it’s an expensive way to boil water!

Nuclear Bomb Radiation

What about the radiation from the alleged bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

“According to the media about 70,000 persons died immediately at Hiroshima due to the a-bomb explosion in 1945 and another 70,000 persons died later due to radiation and poisoning by radioactive fall-out.

Over the decades the American and Japanese governments have spent more than $100 million to try to understand just what the radiation from the atomic bombs did to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Evidently during seven years of US occupation of Japan no real radiation studies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were done. The authorities just claimed that two a-bombs had exploded, that people were dying of radiation and anybody disagreeing, particularly the ‘Hibakusha’, the poor a-bomb survivors (a clever invention!), would be visited by the local yakusas to be told to shut up or they would be getting problems. So all Japanese just agreed with the 1945 a-bomb nonsense to carry on peacefully.

No big deal actually. Japan became quickly an economic super power. But normal people were scared for ever of this mysterious radiation.

The big deal was the fire-bombing of both cities along with 60+ other cities in Japan, which targeted civilian populations and not military targets.

Can you say terrorism and genocide?

And guess what napalm fire-bombing causes………lot’s of burn victims, which is what we are told are radiation burned victims.

Napalm burns are horrendous burns since the burning napalm gel sticks to the clothes and skin increasing the burn damage.

Don’t be fooled by the photos….yes the people are burned…..but not from a nuclear explosion.

Atomic Bomb Testing

But wasn’t the A-bomb tested at Alamogordo, NM, USA July 16, 1945 as reported by L. R. GROVES, Major General, USA, and seen on plenty of films made?

Just a reminder here:

All tests and events were and are faked.
If they had any real events to show us, they wouldn’t need to show us faked events.
Before we get into the actual ‘testing’, it’s important to look at a key player in the film production of the faked tests, and that’s the Lookout Mountain Air Force Station in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles.
Lookout Mountain Air Force Station

Lookout Mountain Air Force Station

“It was originally a small military station hidden away in the hills of Los Angeles, which was built in 1941. It expanded in 1947, year one of the CIA. It produced thousands of propaganda films, and this is admitted. It was said to have been closed in 1968, but we now know that was a lie. Lookout Mountain is thanked in the credits to Return of the Jedi in 1983, so it must have still been open then.
The 100,000 sq ft (9,300m) facility was built on 2.5 acres in 1941 as a World War II air defense center to coordinate Los Angeles area radar installations. When the studio was established in 1947, its purpose was kept secret. The studio consisted of one large sound stage, a film laboratory, two screening rooms, four editing rooms, an animation and still photo department, sound mixing studio, and numerous climate controlled film vaults. Using the latest equipment, the studio could process both 35mm and 16mm color motion picture film as well as black and white and color still photographs.”(3)
Keeping this in mind, let’s get back to the fake nuclear bomb testing.

The Trinity Test

“Trinity was the code name of the first detonation of a nuclear weapon, conducted by the United States Army on July 16, 1945, 5:29 am 45 seconds as part of the Manhattan Project.

The test was conducted in the Jornada del Muerto desert about 35 miles (56 km) southeast of Socorro, New Mexico, on what was then the USAF Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range (now part of White Sands Missile Range).

The only structures originally in the vicinity were the McDonald Ranch House and its ancillary buildings, which scientists used as a laboratory for testing bomb components.

Norris Bradbury, group leader for bomb assembly, stands next to the assembled Gadget atop the test tower. Later, he became the director of Los Alamos, after the departure of Oppenheimer.

Norris Bradbury, group leader for bomb assembly, stands next to the assembled Gadget atop the test tower. Later, he became the director of Los Alamos, after the departure of Oppenheimer.

The test was of an implosion-design plutonium device, informally nicknamed “The Gadget”, of the same design as the Fat Man bomb later detonated over Nagasaki, Japan, on August 9, 1945. The complexity of the design required a major effort from the Los Alamos Laboratory, and concerns about whether it would work led to a decision to conduct the first nuclear test.

Fears of a fizzle led to the construction of a steel containment vessel called Jumbo that could contain the plutonium, allowing it to be recovered, but Jumbo was not used.
The 30-metre (100 ft) "shot tower" constructed for the test

The 30-metre (100 ft) “shot tower” constructed for the test

The Gadget was hoisted to the top of a 100-foot (30 m) steel tower. The height would give a better indication of how the weapon would behave when dropped from a bomber, as detonation in the air would maximize the amount of energy applied directly to the target (as the explosion expanded in a spherical shape) and would generate less nuclear fallout.(4)
The Gadget is unloaded at the base of the tower for the final assembly

The Gadget is unloaded at the base of the tower for the final assembly







Below is a photo of the Fat Man bomb that was used in Nagasaki 24 days after the gadget was detonated:

The first nuclear weapons were gravity bombs, such as this "Fat Man" weapon dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. They were very large and could only be delivered by heavy bomber aircraft

The first nuclear weapons were gravity bombs, such as this “Fat Man” weapon dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. They were very large and could only be delivered by heavy bomber aircraft

“Amazing, isn’t it, that they could refine their tech that much in just three weeks? The diameter of Fat Man is only 60 inches, so the Gadget we see in the picture above wouldn’t ft inside it. The gadget inside Fat Man would have to be smaller and simpler, while supplying the same output.
Well, that begs the question: if Fat Man was already built and was smaller and simpler, why was the Gadget so large and complex? They were built at the same time. Although we are told they had been working on this for years, in truth they had been working on it for only one year. The first enriched uranium didn’t arrive at Los Alamos until June of 1944. You can’t work on a uranium bomb without any uranium.
You should find it very curious that the bomb tested at Trinity was a plutonium device, like Fat Man allegedly used at Nagasaki. The bomb used first at Hiroshima was a uranium bomb, so it was never tested. Why would you choose to first drop the bomb you haven’t tested, instead of the bomb you
have tested? It makes no sense. This also makes no sense:
After the war ended, it was not expected that the inefficient Little Boy design would ever again be
required, and many plans and diagrams were destroyed.
What? Do you know how much the Manhattan project cost? Around 25 billion dollars. Does it
make any sense that they would spend billions to build a successful nuclear device and then
destroy the plans and diagrams?
Concerning the failure to test the first nuclear device allegedly used in war, we are told:
There were several reasons for not testing a Little Boy type of device. Primarily, there was little uranium-235 as compared with the relatively large amount of plutonium which, it was expected, could be produced by the Hanford Site reactors.
Additionally, the weapon design was simple enough that it was only deemed necessary to do laboratory tests with the gun-type assembly. Unlike the implosion design, which required sophisticated coordination of shaped explosive charges, the gun-type design was considered almost certain to work.(3)
The things they expect you to swallow! Please read the last two sentences closely, since the second
contradicts the first. In the first sentence, the weapon design is simple, and the only thing that needs to be tested is the gun-type assembly. In the second sentence, notice that this reverses: the gun-type assembly is certain to work, so it is implied it doesn’t need to be tested. But the implosion design is now sophisticated.
Your brain is being stirred!
In truth, neither statement is to the point. This weapon was alleged to be a first of its kind, as we know. It was alleged to be the first nuclear explosion invented and the first to be used. It cost huge amounts of money and allegedly required the coordination of the top physicists in the West, including several stolen from Germany. So how could the weapon design be simple? It didn’t just require “coordination of explosive charges”, it required the first chain-reaction fission explosion, which up to then was just theoretical. The idea that this would never be tested in the field is ludicrous.
Plus, if these things didn’t need to be tested before the first use in war, why did the later bombs need to be tested by the hundreds, blowing the shit out of large parts of the world? As usual, there is no coherence in the story being told us.
Jumbo was the container built in case the Trinity Gadget failed to detonate properly, so that the plutonium could be saved. They didn’t have enough for a second test, you see. So how did they have enough for the Fat Man?
We are told that by July they did have enough for a second detonation. But here is what it says at
Wikipedia concerning that:
By the time it [Jumbo] arrived, the reactors at Hanford produced plutonium in quantity, and Oppenheimer was confident that there would be enough for a second test.
This is the explanation for why Jumbo wasn’t used at Trinity. But this indicates that at the time of
the Trinity test, they weren’t sure whether the new plutonium would be used in a second test, or in
a bomb headed for Japan. They also weren’t sure the amount of plutonium was sufficient. Oppenheimer having to say he was confident indicates there was a big question mark there.
Regardless, this certainly indicates that Fat Man had not been filled at that time. Are we to assume
it had been already been built empty, just in case the Trinity test was successful and Truman ordered an immediate delivery to Japan? Even if they had enough plutonium from Hanford to fill Fat Man, they would have to ship the plutonium in, fill the Fat Man, calibrate it, load it, and so on, in less than three weeks.
In fact, we are told they did it in about nine days, since Fat Man left Kirtland on July 26. It strains belief that all this would be so rushed, since 1) it makes no sense to rush work on such a device—it should be extremely dangerous to rush work on such an important device, 2) there was no rush. Japan had already been defeated and there was no reason to bomb them at all, much less to bomb them with the first nuclear devices.”(3)
The Bomb Rehearsal
Men stack crates of high explosives for the 100-ton test

Men stack crates of high explosives for the 100-ton test

“As more evidence in this direction, you may not know that before the Trinity test was run, a “rehearsal” was run two months earlier. In this rehearsal, 108 long tons of high explosive TNT were detonated in the same place. Curiously, this conventional explosion was spiked with radioactive isotopes and gamma producers, and they admit that.
That is the conventional stack of explosives. You may want to ask yourself how a conventional explosion is a “rehearsal” for a nuclear explosion. Since nuclear explosions are sold to us as
completely different in kind from conventional explosions, the latter cannot be a rehearsal for the
former. Do you rehearse a mile swim by running a mile? No. You cannot learn anything about a
nuclear explosion by running another conventional explosion. The only way to rehearse a large
nuclear explosion is by running a smaller nuclear explosion.
The spiking with radioactive isotopes is another obvious clue, since they are trying to make the
conventional explosion look like a nuclear one. But who would they be fooling with that? They
can’t fool themselves, because they are the ones who spiked the punch. They can only be fooling
Compare it to the way they now run drills for the newer faked events. Remember how there were
all sorts of drills occurring on 911, simultaneous with the actual event? Same thing with the 7/7
events in London, where identical drills were happening on the same day. Same thing with Sandy
Hook and most of the other “tragedies” you have been sold recently.
There are always “rehearsals” just before or during the events themselves. We see the same thing with the Trinity test, which has this strange rehearsal two months earlier, with a conventional blast made to look like a nuclear blast.
Why? Well, when you see pictures of the Trinity test, do you have any way to know whether
they are from the event in July or the event in May? No. They are not time-stamped, are they? Do
you know the difference between a nuclear blast and a large conventional blast, on sight? No. No
one does, because there is no such thing as a nuclear blast. There are large conventional blasts and
then there are faked nuclear blasts, pasted up in photo labs or faked in large film studios like
Lookout Mountain.
They admit the plume from the rehearsal blast was visible 60 miles away, and Major Shields said it
looked “beautiful”. Why no photos of it? Why can’t we compare the two? Well, one reason is that
they ran this rehearsal at night, at 4:37am. Why would they do that? Why would you want to be
fumbling around with this stuff in the dark, out in the middle of the desert?”(3)

Back to the supposed ‘real’ nuclear Trinity test:

***A Note About Atomic Explosions and Mushroom Clouds!***

An atomic explosion is allegedly, according to ‘nuclear’ physicists, only fission (see above).

But these same physicists also claim that this pure energy from fission becomes within nano-seconds:

FLASH of extremely bright light, traveling at the speed of light 299.792.458 m/s blinding any viewers/the enemy but apparently not producing any shadows on films of such events.

Followed by:

A deadly SHOCK WAVE full of radioactive particles/split atoms felt as a noisy air/blast pressure increase >1 000 bar moving at supersonic velocity say >100.000 m/s into the stationary atmosphere, that blows away the viewers/enemies and destroys everything but also shakes the ground like an earthquake with noise traveling at only 330 m/s in air.

Followed by:

A terrible FIREBALL of the released energy,  with HEAT (very high temperature >1 000 000° K) expanding at say only 10.000 m/s velocity into the surrounding cold air vaporizing viewers/enemies, unless they were blown away by the initial shock wave, heating up the air, so it glows and the ground below it melts and starting fires.

Followed by:

A dirty MUSHROOM CLOUD (???) consisting of hot dirty smoke in cold, clean air and which is full of RADIOACTIVE PARTICLES. These radioactive particles then fall out of the mushroom cloud, or out of the dispersing cloud of particles blown by the winds thus becoming FALLOUT that gives off invisible, gamma ray radiation killing people still alive inhaling them.

Followed by (sometimes):

A CRATER at Ground Zero.

If you do not die at once by the flash, shock wave, heat, radiation and fireball, you will no doubt die by inhaling the fallout later. Unless you dropped below a table with a wet towel around your nose and mouth.

A-bomb mushroom clouds are pseudoscience!

In order for the mushroom cloud to rise into the sky – and to be photographed as evidence of an atomic explosion – violent winds are supposed to blow from the point of atomic burst, etc, etc. Only fools believe this nonsense. All the energy of the alleged atomic explosion is distributed in all directions as a heat/blast wave and there is no time for a mushroom cloud to be formed rising in the sky. Evidently air is sucked in after the explosion but it is also from all directions. Nuclear detonations produced high above the ground also do not create mushroom clouds! Nuclear detonations cannot take place at all as explained above!

There is no scientific, peer reviewed evidence that the effects of a ‘nuclear’ explosion above can happen. All is military, national security top secrets approved by nuclear experts. However, uncontrolled fission of atoms just produces heat that boils or melts the surroundings which then prevents further fission. Nuclear power plants have had these melt-downs.

Any atomic bomb would just melt before exploding.

Big Hint:

A chemical explosive is a compound or mixture which, upon the application of heat or shock, decomposes or rearranges with extreme rapidity, yielding much gas and heat.

Chemical explosions normally take place at ground level and the gas forms a mushroom cloud rising in the sky after the explosion.

Any photograph or film of a supposed nuclear explosion, which isn’t a past-up, is guaranteed to be a chemical explosion similar to the TNT ‘test’ at the Trinity test site.

And any physicist suggesting a-bombs can explode is lying.

You can bet your life on it!

At the Trinity test, the photo below shows the soldiers watching from only six miles away. We know those soldiers were unprotected, since we have seen the photos. They are in fatigues.

If this blast had been real, that would have been a very bad idea:


Soldiers supposedly exposed to blast radiation. Not to worry….no nuclear bomb here.

“So many things wrong there. To start with, the explosion is pretty pathetic compared the way they faked the later ones. Trinity was about 20kt, while Able and Baker in the Bikini Atoll were only slightly bigger at 23kt.”(3)

Bikini Atoll- Baker

“What a difference 3 kt makes, eh?

But there are even bigger problems with that photo from Trinity. Look closely at the soldiers. Why are the nearest soldiers in black shadow, while the ones just in front of them are shadowed in light gray? It makes no sense. The sun doesn’t cast a selective shadow. It is either black or gray, but not both. It’s a poor paste-up, to make it look like a lot of soldiers are there when they aren’t.”(3)

Another indication of a poor paste-up job is that the soldiers orientation is turning to the left of the explosion. They’re looking to the left, not straight ahead where the explosion is actually happening. Fail!

Below is the color photo of the Trinity test:

45-Trinity in Color
“That’s the only color photo of the event, said to have been taken by environmental physicist Jack
Aeby. It is supposed to have been taken at f4. Since this was at 5:30 in morning, why didn’t he
open the lens up all the way, to f2.8, say? He wanted to be sure the shot was garbage? It looks like
the film was ISO 1600, instead of 100, since why else would it be so grainy? His shutter speed was
100. What, he had never heard of a tripod? And why did the US government have to get its only
color photo from an amateur? They couldn’t afford to hire any professionals who knew how to use
color film and tripods? C’mon, this story is such obvious bullshit. Operation Get-Outta-My-Face.
We are told:
The photography group employed some fifty different cameras, taking motion and still photographs. Special Fastax cameras taking 10,000 frames per second would record the minute details of the explosion.
If so, then why are all the images from Trinity the sort of garbage we have seen: grainy, blurry, shot
from a distance, and in 7/8 shadow? Why is Aeby’s pathetic photo still trotted out?”(3)

Why are the films of this quality:


Or of this quality:

“Remember, we saw precisely this same sort of misdirection with the later Moon landings and the Kennedy assassination. With the Moon landing, we had to watch grainy, ghosted second-generation images, filmed from flickering monitors. With the Kennedy assassination, we had to study Zapruder’s shite film shot with a Bell and Howell Zoomatic, although we now know professional cameramen were standing curbside during all the action.”(3)


On the Wikipedia Lookout Mountain page, we find this:

Lookout Mountain photographer on camera mount

Lookout Mountain photographer on camera mount

“So it is not like the military didn’t have any tech. They didn’t need to be relying on amateur cameramen positioned 50 miles away. They feed you these garbage photos because it helps them hide. These ridiculous low resolution photos are harder to analyze, so they prevent analysis.
We find more problems with the alleged time of the Trinity test. We are told it was originally
scheduled for 4 MWT. Since we were still on Roosevelt’s war time in July, 1945, sunrise in central
New Mexico on July 16 would have been at about 6:07am. Why would you schedule an important
test in the middle of the night? And if the test was scheduled for 4am, why were all these cameramen there? They couldn’t have gotten any images, beyond the initial flash. But this is even more important, since we are told the detonation went off at 5:29 MWT. That’s is still 38 minutes
before local sunrise. Just check the charts.”(3)


Trinity ‘Blast’ Paste-upSo how did they get this daylight image? >>>

How did they get this daylight image?>>>>>>>
“That is 38 minutes before sunrise? Wow, the Moon must have been really bright back then, before the astronauts landed and painted it black. Look at those amazing shadows the Moon used to cast in the old days!
We are told 5:29 would be twilight, since it isn’t fully dark right up until official sunrise, of course. But we are supposed to be a full 38 minutes before sunrise here, and it wouldn’t even be legal to shoot a deer then. And if human eyes don’t like twilight, cameras like it even less.
With that little light, there is no way you could shoot at 100 and f4, for instance, as Jack Aeby was said to have

done. Plus, these cameras should have had filters on them, to protect the film from radiation. That dims the light even more, of course. So none of the story we have been sold makes any sense.
I will be told these guys are being lit by the explosion, not by the sun, but we can see that isn’t true,
either. If they were lit by the explosion, their shadows would be right behind them. But we can see the shadows are to the left. Plus, the detonation only “lit the mountains for one or two seconds”. This is minutes after that.
William Laurence, the New York Times’ spook on the ground at Trinity, wrote of the event this way:
A loud cry filled the air. The little groups that hitherto had stood rooted to the earth like desert plants broke into dance, the rhythm of primitive man dancing at one of his fire festivals at the coming of Spring.
That loud cry should have been the cry of hundreds of idiots having their eyes blasted into permanent blindness by gamma rays and the fertility in their testicles permanently blighted.
Conveniently, that didn’t happen.
Also strange is that in the movies of the pre-event, we see many signs telling the soldiers to keep
quiet about what they are about to see. Why? The test was not a secret. How could it be? It could
be seen for hundreds of miles, over most of New Mexico. It was in the newspapers in the west later
the same day, and of course they were bragging about it within a matter of weeks. Hiroshima was
only 21 days later, and the full nature of the test was made public at that time.
So why all the warning signs to the soldiers on the ground? I suggest they were being ordered to keep quiet about the fake. Many probably knew or intuited this explosion wasn’t a nuclear explosion, and that is what needed to be kept secret. This also explains why all these soldiers had no problem hanging out near the event with no protective clothing. They knew you didn’t need protective clothing around a conventional blast. Once you know what was really going on, the films from the event begin to make sense.
As back-up for the Trinity story, we are told some fallout reached as far away as Indiana, ruining
Kodak film there. Interesting that film was ruined in Indiana weeks later, but cameras only a few
miles away were unaffected. In other words, fallout ruined film thousands of miles away, but
gamma rays spared all the local cameras. A miracle really. Let’s call it Operation Horse Hockey.”(3)

And after the fake blast:

46-Ground Zero in September 1945 from LANL

Major General Leslie Groves and Robert Oppenheimer at the Trinity shot tower remains a few weeks later. The white overshoes were to prevent the trinitite fallout from sticking to the soles of their shoes.

“I will give you a few moments to stop laughing……… They are standing at ground zero a few weeks after the test, with no protective clothing except white canvas bags over their shoes. A 20kt bomb is
supposed to have exploded just 100 ft above that point they are standing, and yet all we see is a little pile of dirt, not even scorched.
Look at the ground. It is just cracked dirt. It should have been heated to extremely high temperatures and turned to magma or aerosoled.
We are told they are wearing the medical booties to prevent trinitite from sticking to their shoes, but do you see any trinitite? Trinitite is supposed to be a kind of glass, created by taking the dirt and rocks to high temperatures. Do you see anything that resembles glass there? I don’t. It just looks like cracked clay, as in any normal desert. And does glass stick to your shoes? No. If you brought the desert floor to extremely high temperatures and then allowed it to cool very fast, it would be the opposite of sticky. It would be very hard and non-porous, again like glass.
We are told the desert sand was largely made of silica, but from the photo above, we can see that
isn’t true. They are standing on cracked clay, not sand.
And why no hole? Remember, all the faked photos we see of these events include a giant column
and mushroom. Where do you think the column and mushroom come from? We are led to believe
they come from an uplift of sediment on the ground. Where else would they come from? Well, if
you uplift a huge column of sediment on the ground and broadcast it into the sky, then there will
have to be a huge blast crater or hole. Instead, we see just a miniscule pile of dirt here.
You will say, “Why expect a crater? Do you know what nuclear bombs detonated 100 ft. up do to
the surface below them?” No, and neither do you. All we can ask for is consistency—which we
aren’t getting with these stories. For example, in the Baker detonation at Bikini, which was only
about 13% stronger than the Trinity blast, we are told it created a crater in the ocean floor 2000 ft.
wide and 30 ft. deep. And that was with the ocean as a buffer.
Baker was detonated halfway down to the sea floor, we are told. So there was 90 ft. of water between the explosion and the created crater. But Trinity was only 100 ft. off the desert floor, with nothing but air between. And yet we are told it left a crater 30 ft. wide and 5 ft. deep. Again, that’s 2000 ft. wide for Baker versus 30 ft. or Trinity. It looks to me like they just didn’t want to dig a big hole at the Trinity site, so they blew it off.
However, as we can see from the photo above, there isn’t a crater at all, not even one five feet deep.
Oppenheimer and his pals are at the base of the shot tower, which was the tower on which the detonation took place. They are staring at one of the four legs, and the guys behind them are staring at another.
Do you see any crater between them? I don’t.
Finally, we are expected to believe these guys are just hanging out in a highly radioactive area with
no protective clothing, at a time when there would still be fallout from the sky? I will be told the
fallout ends after two weeks or something, and that the ground is also not radioactive after a few
weeks. But that contradicts all the other stories we have been fed.
Like this one:
On the Wikipedia Bikini Atoll page, we saw the natives being taken back ten years after the last blast [in 1968], “ based on scientific advice that the radiation levels were sufficiently reduced”. However, in 1982, a French team found that radiation levels were still not safe and the islanders were again removed. That’s 24 years after the last blast.
And yet we see Oppenheimer himself standing at ground zero in a suit and tie just a few weeks after the Trinity test!”(3)

Here’s another picture of ground zero:

Ground zero after the test

Ground zero after the test

“That isn’t from some family’s vacation, that is a government photo from soon after the test. It is one of a few published on the Trinity page at Wikipedia. Not only does it not match the previous photo, but again, there is no hole, no scorching, no glass, no evidence of a 20kt explosion 100 ft above that.
I have seen more damage at the beach caused by schoolchildren making sand castles. And who are these bozos? They look like a couple of bums. Is that the sort of photo you would expect to stand as proof of the Trinity test on a huge mainstream website 70 years after the fact? You would expect either a fleet of 5-star generals and other bigwigs, or a cadre of men in lead suits. You would not expect a couple of guys who appear to be looking for old tires.
Again, the joke is so in-your-face you just have to laugh.
We can call this one Operation Sure-It-Did.”(3)


Following are some photos of test sets used in nuclear ‘tests’:


Mannequins representing a typical American family gathered in a living room are pictured on March 15, 1953 in House No. 2, awaiting an atomic test explosion on the Nevada Proving Grounds.

Mannequins representing a typical American family gathered in a living room are pictured on March 15, 1953 in House No. 2, awaiting an atomic test explosion on the Nevada Proving Grounds.

After the blast, a damaged living room, members of the mannequin family tossed about or missing after an atomic blast on March 17, 1953.

After the blast, a damaged living room, members of the mannequin family tossed about or missing after an atomic blast on March 17, 1953.

And they left Iron Man sitting up….

And some quick thinking here:



Operation Sandstone

Operation Sandstone was a series of ‘nuclear’ weapon tests in 1948. It was the third series of American tests, following Trinity in 1945 and Crossroads in 1946. Like the Crossroads tests, the Sandstone tests were carried out at the Pacific Proving Grounds, although at Enewetak Atoll rather than Bikini Atoll.

Here’s a paste-up of that ‘test’:


“That is from the Enewetok blast, during Operation Sandstone. But it is an obvious fake, since it has
lines all over it. Look at the long vertical line in the lower half, to your right. Even worse is that the refection in the water isn’t in the right place. See how the refection is leaning to your left? That is impossible, unless the ocean itself is tilted. The refection should be directly between the image and the photographer. In other words, the two bright spots should line up vertically.
Another problem is that they failed to fake a surge in the sea. There should be a big circular tidal wave around the explosion, but there isn’t. We see a lot of water moving up, but no water moving out. You will say there seems to be a partial surge, but that isn’t a surge, that is the atoll itself.
Another problem is again those little clouds hanging around, not responding to the blast at all. You
will say the blast is limited at that point to the mushroom cloud, but that isn’t true. The explosion
would travel quite fast through the air, much faster than the water spout could form. By the time
the water spout formed to that extent, the shockwave in the air should have reached those nearest
clouds and blown them away or at least stretched them, so they pointed at the event.
We also get this from the mainstream account:
Observers watching from ships in the lagoon saw a brilliant flash and felt the radiant heat.
If they felt the radiant heat, they also got a dose of radiation, since the two would travel together.
We aren’t shown what these observers were wearing, but in the Bikini publicity photos, one of the
sailors was shirtless. The things they expect you to believe!
And what lagoon are they talking about? In the same atoll? Surely not. We are told the sound took
45 seconds to reach them, so they were about 15 km away, or 9 miles. Since the atoll is about 15
miles in diameter, they were in a lagoon in the same atoll! So go back to the explosion picture, above. The observers were inside that circle.”(3)

Operation Greenhouse

Operation Greenhouse was the fifth American nuclear test series, the second conducted in 1951 and the first to test principles that would lead to developing thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs). Conducted at the new Pacific Proving Ground, specifically on islands of the Enewetak Atoll, all of the devices were mounted in large steel towers, to simulate air bursts.

Production still from the film Operation Greenhouse

Production still from the film Operation Greenhouse

“Don’t you find it strange that this event is a
motion picture with a script? I can understand recording the event, but scripting it? Why would you need to script a nuclear test? Remember, you normally script a fictional event, not a real one. Real events don’t need scripts. Once again, we see them placing
prominent clues right in front of your nose. They should call this Operation Yeah Tell Me Another One, General.”(3)



 If we go to the Wikipedia page for Enewetok, we find this photo:


Filters are being removed from a US Air Force Boeing B-17 drone after a flight through the radioactive cloud.












Note that the caption (from photo subtext) says:

Filters are being removed from a US Air Force Boeing B-17 drone after a flight through the radioactive cloud.

“What? You can’t filter radioactive particles with some white sheet placed over the windows, or whatever is going on there. And if the plane is a drone, why use filters at all? The only reason to fly a drone through a radioactive cloud is to monitor the ion levels. But if you are monitoring ion levels, you don’t need a filter, do you? You would need a filter only if the plane were manned.
It’s highly likely the plane was manned. Why? Because it’s sitting there. According to other stories at the time, drones were used only for “suicide” missions, since they couldn’t be taken off or landed successfully. Pilots had to take them to altitude and then bail out, after which they could be flown by remote control. But since they couldn’t be landed by remote control, they had to be crashed somewhere on purpose.
The reason they are telling you this B-17 was a drone is so you don’t ask questions about that
stupid filter. If they admitted the plane was manned, you might start to ask how radioactivity can
be filtered in a cockpit like that. The short answer is, it can’t. Radioactivity is very small ions, like
alphas and betas. Betas are high energy electrons. Electrons are tiny, and cannot be filtered by
screens. Neither can photons. The cockpit would have to be completely shielded all around. Shielded, not filtered. But if it is shielded, it can’t be flown, since the shields would prevent all
visibility. So the story fails both ways.”(3)

Bikini Atoll Tests

“The first Bikini Atoll nuclear tests took place in 1946, we are told. The Bikini Atoll is part of the
Marshall Islands in the East Indies. The tests were the first since the bombs dropped in Japan in 1945.
Two tests took place, called Able and Baker. Both were about 23 kilotons. For reference, the bomb
dropped on Hiroshima was said to be 15 kt. They were detonated just 3.5 miles or 5.6 kilometers from shore.”(5)
Map of Bikini Atoll

Map of Bikini Atoll


Able and Baker Tests:

Here is Able, which took place first:
Able Operation Crossroads

Operation Crossroads


Here is Baker, 24 days later:

“Mushroom-shaped cloud and water column from the underwater Baker nuclear explosion of July 25, 1946. Photo taken from a tower on Bikini Island, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) away.”

“Mushroom-shaped cloud and water column from the underwater Baker nuclear explosion of July 25, 1946. Photo taken from a tower on Bikini Island, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) away.”

“The first thing you should notice is the little huts on the shore, and the palm trees.
Also notice the little sunning deck, about 10 feet out in shallow water. Doesn’t look too sturdy, does it? So how did these wicker structures survive the first blast? The little trees didn’t lose a leaf after the Able detonation. Compare that tree near center to the same tree pre-Able. Exactly the same fronds in the same positions. You will say the tree on the far right has lost all its fronds, but check the
Able photo again: it didn’t have any to begin with. A real nuclear bomb detonated that nearby should have caused not only a tsunami, swamping this entire beach, it should have also caused a heavy wind.
The soldiers are said to have been six miles from the blast at the Trinity test, and the beach at Bikini Atoll was about twice as close. And yet somehow that beach on the Bikini Atoll is exactly the same before and after the Able detonation.
I also urge you to study the black and white stripes painted on the trees in the Able and Baker photos.
What are those for, you should ask. They are there to measure the water surge. The stripes act as a simple flood meter.
So the people involved apparently want you to think they are expecting a surge, but then they forget to fake the signs of one. If there had been a surge after Able, we should see some sign of it in the Baker photo. But we don’t. No lines appear on the trees. Even more damning is that we see no sand piled up in front of the trees (toward the beach). If there had been any wave caused by the blast, the sand would have piled up around the trunk of the tree.
You will say, “No, no, they swept that all away, to start fresh for the second test.” Right. And did they also rebuild the little structures in exactly the same configuration and same place, down to matching the sticks and the holes in the roofs?”(5)

Now let’s look at the ships. The photo below is higher definition than many so zoom in to get a better look:

“Mushroom-shaped cloud and water column from the underwater Baker nuclear explosion of July 25, 1946. Photo taken from a tower on Bikini Island, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) away.”

“Mushroom-shaped cloud and water column from the underwater Baker nuclear explosion of July 25, 1946. Photo taken from a tower on Bikini Island, 3.5 miles (5.6 km) away.”


“If you think those black ships look real, I don’t know what to say. They shouldn’t be black, for a start. The nearer ships are lit from this side, so why aren’t the bigger ships? But an even better question is this: if you think they are black because they have been charred by the blast, tell me why they weren’t
swamped by the blast? Why are they just sitting there upright? Again, they should have been hit by a
strong surge in both air and water.
Whoever faked this photo has tried to indicate the surge by whitening the water out in a circle, but the surge should be far stronger than that. As we see from the Trinity blasts, the detonation shouldn’t just throw water and air up, it should also throw both water and air out to all sides. A wave should be coming right at us here, in both water and air. So this photo has no continuity with the Trinity films, as well as no continuity with physics or logic.
Remember, Baker was detonated underwater—halfway down to the sea floor—so why would it create this gigantic water spout up, but no wave to the side? We should see a large concentric water wave moving out from the blast, but we don’t. When that huge spout of water and sea-floor sediment that we see going up came back down, we would get a second gigantic wave, possibly even larger than the first. And yet we are told that only 10 of 78 ships in the area were sunk. That makes no sense.
You will say that none of the stuff going up will come down, since it is all vaporized. But the stuff in
the spout isn’t vapor. If it were vapor, it would look like the vapor above it. That is vapor. We don’t
know what the stuff in the spout is, on close-up it looks like shag carpet.
First, study the edge of the spout, where it meets the background. Doesn’t look right, does it? It looks
like one photo was superimposed on top of another, sort of like they do with green screen now.
Next, stare at the spout itself for a moment. Looks a lot like carpet, doesn’t it? Is that a nuclear spout,
or a cat’s scratching post?
 And this gives a whole new meaning to “carpet bombing.”(5)

Here’s another picture of the Baker detonation:

“And this gives a whole new meaning to “carpet bombing.”

So many problems there it is hard to know where to start. First of all, the spout doesn’t match the other spout. The spout here is larger at the bottom and tapers up; the other doesn’t. This spout is surrounded by white foam; the other isn’t. If you answer that this photo is a few seconds later, allowing these things to change and develop, then you have to answer this, too: How did the white cloud above get smaller? If this is a few seconds later, allowing the white foam below to develop, why hasn’t the vapor cloud above expanded? The top of the cloud, containing the broccoli shapes, has expanded, so why would the white vapor halo beneath that have contracted? They forgot to match the photos to one another.

The ships here are also too big. We are at least three times farther away, but the ships next to the foam haven’t diminished in size proportionally. Another problem is the fall-off of light from right to left across the photo. See how the right side is bright and the left side is dark? Whoever faked this photo was trying to match the shadows on the sailors, which—as we can see—fall to the left. The sailors are bright to the right and dark to the left. But there wouldn’t be a shadow on the ocean as a whole. The sun to the right won’t cast a shadow to the left on the ocean! Just go outside in a field or on the beach or on the ocean or on a lake, in the morning or evening when the sun is to your right. Then see if it is darker overall to your left. I will tell you: it isn’t.
Finally, we have sailors watching without protective clothing, goggles, or—in at least one case—a
shirt. Even if these guys are ten miles out, this makes no sense. The blast is traveling out through the
air. The expanding event doesn’t magically stop ten miles out, or even twenty, and they knew that at
the time.
Do you honestly think they knew enough about radiation and fission to build a successful
bomb, but not enough to know how the event would travel through air? Even if they were so stupid or careless they couldn’t figure that out from equations, the earlier tests in Nevada would have told them that. The mushroom in Nevada was said to have traveled out many dozens of miles, and that was just the visible cloud. This was also after the events in Japan, where they tell us they saw the effects of radiation firsthand. So you have to be an idiot to accept this picture as real.”(5)

Here’s a third photo of the Baker event, from the air:

The Wilson cloud from test Baker, situated just offshore from Bikini Island at top of the picture.

The Wilson cloud from test Baker, situated just offshore from Bikini Island at top of the picture.

“As you can see, it doesn’t match either of the previous two. The overall shape of the halo is completely different in all three photos. Beyond that, the ambient cloud cover isn’t even close to matching. Here
we have a very few tiny wispy clouds. In the second picture, we had lots of medium sized cumulus clouds. And in the first picture, we had a mostly cloudy sky.
You will tell me that in the previous pictures, we see signs that the blast blew the local clouds out of the near vicinity. In the first picture, we saw some clearing above the blast. But it has to be one or the
other: either the blast will clear the clouds or it won’t. There is no halfway, as we see in this last photo. We should have a super strong wind, right? If the clouds are blown away, you wouldn’t expect to see a few wispy, very light clouds remaining. How did these little clouds dodge the wind?
In 2008, the Daily Mail in London admitted that sea life in and around the atoll is abundant, with huge coral trees growing underwater and schools of fish swimming in the mile-wide Bravo “crater.” What’s more, Wikipedia admits that diving tours have been given there since 1998. Do they swim in lead suits? Oh, they don’t need to because nuclear contamination can’t move through sea water, and doesn’t last for decades.
Wrong. Just ask yourself this: is that what they are telling you about Fukushima: the sea water is blocking all release of radiation and it will only last a few years? No. If that were the case, Los Alamos National Laboratory could just throw all its high-level waste into the oceans.
Why do you think they go to the trouble of burying that waste at great depths in unpopulated areas? Because according to the mainstream story, it will be hot for centuries. High-level waste has a very long half-life, and while it is true that decommissioned bombs aren’t said to be as big a problem, it isn’t decommissioned bombs were are talking about here. It is exploded bombs. In exploded bombs—as in reactor cores—very high heats have been created, as well as large amount of fission.
Over 42 megatons of fission yield were detonated in Bikini from 1946 to 1958. It is for this reason that the stories don’t add up. We are being told many contradictory things. If all these giant hydrogen bombs had actually been detonated there, the Bikini Atoll should not be now be green and cultivated, the coral and fish should not thrive there, no diving tours should be given there, and no natives should have ever returned, even for a moment.
Also consider this: if the Bravo blast in Bikini had really created surface temperatures of 100,000°F in a fireball five miles wide, that heat would have to dissipate in all directions, through all media. The sea would have boiled for many miles and the atmosphere would have been scorched for many more.
Here’s a supposed photo of Bravo:
Bikini- Castle Bravo

Bikini- Castle Bravo

The landmass of the Atoll would have been in or near the edge of that initial fireball, so we should ask what happens to land that is heated to that degree. Even if the temperature had dropped by a factor of ten at that distance from center, that would still indicate a temperature of the land of 10,000°F, which is the temperature they now give to the core of the Earth. If you heat land to that temperature and then let it cool, you wouldn’t expect it to just return to its original form, would you?
If you heat sand and rocks and dirt to that temperature, it melts. In fact, it melts at about 1/5th that temperature, creating magma. When it cools, it is then igneous rock. But the surface of the Bikini Atoll is still limestone and sand. Limestone melts at 1,500°F, which is 67 times cooler than the temperature said to be created by Bravo. Sand normally melts at above 2,000°F, so we should also see the beaches at Bikini turned to glass. We don’t.”(5)

Hydrogen Fake Bombs

In another successful plan to fool the public into believing in the nuclear bomb hoax, some of the bomb inventing ‘physicists’ came up with the hydrogen-fusion or thermonuclear bomb concept.

Teller-Ulam_device_3D.svg“A thermonuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon that [we are told] uses the energy from a primary nuclear fission reaction to compress and ignite a secondary nuclear fusion reaction. The result is greatly increased explosive power when compared to single-stage fission weapons. It is colloquially referred to as a hydrogen bomb or H-bomb because it employs fusion of isotopes of hydrogen.

As thermonuclear weapons [we are told] represent the most efficient design for weapon energy yield in weapons with yields above 50 kilotons of TNT (210 TJ), virtually all the nuclear weapons today are thermonuclear weapons.

The basic principle of the Teller–Ulam configuration is the idea that different parts of a thermonuclear weapon can be chained together in “stages”, with the detonation of each stage providing the energy to ignite the next stage. At a bare minimum, this implies a primary section that consists of an implosion-type fission bomb (a “trigger”), and a secondary section that consists of fusion fuel. The energy released by the primary compresses the secondary through a process called “radiation implosion”, at which point it is heated and undergoes nuclear fusion.(6)

“The hydrogen weapon – the h-bomb – is just an a-bomb in a box full of hydrogen isotopes (hydrogen atoms – deuterium and tritium – carrying one and two extra neutrons) in the shape of bits of solid metal, Hydrogen compounds, where the Hydrogen atom is replaced by its isotope.

When an A-bomb explodes only 1.5 to 2% of the Uranium or Plutonium atoms fission, while neutrons fly away, we are told, and described below. In an H-bomb the exploding A-bomb liberates the extra neutrons of the Hydrogen isotopes that fission the remaining 98.5 to 98% of the Uranium or Plutonium atoms in the A-bomb making it >50 times stronger, bla, bla. No nuclear fusion takes place of any kind, even if experts confusingly suggests the opposite:

The presumable (sic – it is secret!) structure of an h-bomb is as follows: at its center is an atomic bomb; surrounding it is a layer of lithium deuteride (a compound of lithium and deuterium, the isotope of Hydrogen with mass number 2); around it is a tamper, a thick outer layer, frequently of fissionable material, that holds the contents together in order to obtain a larger explosion. Neutrons from the atomic explosion cause the lithium to fission into helium, tritium (the isotope of hydrogen with mass number 3), and energy. The atomic explosion also supplies the temperatures needed for the subsequent fusion of deuterium with tritium, and of tritium with tritium (50,000,000°C and 400,000,000°C, respectively). Enough neutrons are produced in the fusion reactions to produce further fission in the core and to initiate fission in the tamper.

Imagine 400 000 000°C temperature. During some nano-seconds! Why Hydrogen isotopes fuse is not really clear, as usual. Only extra neutrons of the Hydrogen atoms of the metal compound are released to fission the Uranium or plutonium atoms of the A-bomb. But as every A-bomb does not work, all H-bombs likewise are clever, pseudo-scientific propaganda.

The magic H-bomb is so strong, it cannot be dropped by a plane – since the plane will be destroyed Kamikaze style at the explosion – so the ‘physicists’ suggest it arrives by ICBMs – Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles – at a speed >7,000 m/s but … it is nonsense.”(7)

The ICBM hoax is a topic for another post….

Anyway, H-Bombs are fake, just like A-Bombs.

What a surprise!

Russia Has No Nuclear Bombs

“The US (fake) first atomic test bomb exploded in New Mexico 16 July 1945, we are told, and president Truman was informed, we are told, who indicated to USSR dictator Stalin 24 July 1945 at Potsdam, Germany, that USA had a new weapon.

Two days later 26 July 1945 US, UK and US puppet CKS/China but not USSR agreed and published a Proclamation Defining Terms for Japanese Surrender (the Potsdam proclamation).

The alternative for Japan was not the a-bomb! It was secret. But USA didn’t await any response from Japan to this proclamation. Three weeks later the fake a-bombs were brought into action. Why not? USA had invested a lot in this nonsense.

Klaus Fuchs had already 1 July 1945 told his USSR spy masters about the US test of the (fake) bomb so Stalin and/or his deputy Beria was in the picture.

Klaus Fuchs was a German engineer, physicist and communist born 1911 at Kiel that escaped from Nazi Germany and studied and worked in Great Britain in the 1930’s. He was 1942 persuaded to work as a civilian for the US Manhattan project together with 12 Nobel Prize winners to develop the (fake) a-bomb in UK, Canada and at Los Alamos, NM, USA and to sign the declaration form of the Official Secrets Act that provides for the protection of state secrets and official information, mainly related to national security. Poor Fuchs could therefore not tell anybody what he was doing.

Fuchs apparently soon found out that the Manhattan project was just propaganda (young engineers like him writing science fiction papers or screwing together something looking like a bomb) … but he could not tell anybody. National security! Crazy, wasn’t it. So Klaus told the stupid secret about the a-bomb that didn’t work to some representatives of the USSR, so that they knew what was going on. He shouldn’t have done that. 1950 Fuchs was arrested and jailed, later condemned to 14 years prison for treason after a 90 minutes trial in the UK. Tough luck. 9 years later he was kicked out of UK and settled at Dresden. The Fuchs’ arrest and trial and the Rosenbergs’ executions were clear signs to any civilian physicist in the know that a-bombs do not work – shut up or … .

Two more (fake) US a-bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan on the 6th and 9th of August.

Back in Moscow Stalin or Beria created, 20 August 1945, a secret committee to produce a Soviet ‘atomic’ bomb, fake of course, as quickly as possible. The committee consisted of three communist gangsters, Malenkov, Voznessenski and Zaveniaguine and three corrupt scientists, Kurtchatov, Joffé and Kapitsa. Kapitsa had already, 11 October 1941, written an article in Pravda about how to build an a-bomb that could wipe out a city, so it was not news. The committee also got, 11 October 1945, a full set of plans of the US (fake) bomb provided by Fuchs so it was just to copy and paste and … voilà – the USSR would have its (fake) bomb at little cost.

And the rest is history with the USSR/Russia and the US pretending to have a draw with Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)……..isn’t that clever?……..and both using the big lie to control their own populace, channel lots of tax monies to black projects and keep the rest of the ignorant countries in line with the threat of annihilation.

There is no business like the fake nuke business. It goes full speed 2016! Iran and North Korea are in the lead!

Nuclear Secrecy

“The significance of the a-bomb for military purposes is crystal clear according the US Atomic Energy Act of 1946 (Public Law 585, 79th Congress).  

The US Atomic Energy Act of 1946, e.g. Sec. 10. (b) Restrictions. (1), (and its revisions) charges the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), and later the US Department of Energy (DoE), with regulating restricted data wherever it appears and wherever it comes from, i.e. control of information.

In plain language – censorship! The restricted data clauses of the US Atomic Energy Act specifies that all nuclear weapons-related information is to be considered classified unless explicitly declassified, and makes no distinction about whether said information was created in a laboratory by a government scientist or anywhere else in the world by private citizens.

Thus nuclear weapons information or propaganda is born secret according to the US law. The US authorities and public don’t have any choice in the matter in 2016. Therefore all information that A-bombs are fake is effectively censored in the USA.

It must be kept secret! And vague!

Though large quantities of vague data have been officially released, and larger quantities of vague data have been unofficially leaked by former bomb designers, most public descriptions of nuclear weapon design details rely to some degree on speculation, reverse engineering from known information, or comparison with similar fields of physics (inertial confinement fusion is the primary example). 

It worked beautifully in Japan 1945-1953 as Japan was occupied by the USA applying strict, military censorship there, so it was illegal to question the a-bombings in 1945. You were arrested, jailed and even executed, if you said the a-bombings of Japan were just propaganda and that there were no evidences they had taken place.

And the hoax works today 71 years later by keeping plenty silly, unintelligent and opportunistic people occupied everywhere. It (the a-bomb) is a criminal threat. Terrorists may use them!

And thus the following statements are repeated constantly to terrorize the public:

The threats from nuclear … weapons are real. The possibility that terrorists might acquire and use nuclear weapons is an urgent and potentially catastrophic challenge to global security.


Understanding the Nuclear Weapons Threat – While it has been more than twenty years since the end of the Cold War, the existence of thousands of nuclear weapons continues to pose a serious global threat.”(7)





 “Many people including the nine politicians/clowns playing nuke games in above stupid photo apparently believe A-bombs, created by evil magicians since 1942 or so, work and can be used by terrorists and the reason is that they are manipulated to believe so by equally mad a-bomb and terrorist supporters of USA, USSR (Russia), Great Britain and France backed up by mainstream media.
Why the European Union, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan participate in the madness is easy to grasp. You have to be politically correct and corrupt. Angela Merkel apparently has a PhD in physics and should know better but then she was also an FDJ-member and learned to lie and cheat as a young woman.
In order to hide the truth about the a-bombs, when occupying Japan, the US immediately created the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) within its Civil Information Section. CCD was secret. You could not even say that censorship existed in occupied Japan. Anybody taking photos of the ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and suggesting, e.g. that the two a-bombs were fake, was simply arrested and maybe executed because such suggestions disturbed public tranquillity. How was it possible? The CCD was run by US general Charles A. Willoughby.”(7)

Political Implications of ‘Nuclear’ Weapons

“The political implications of the a-bomb being a hoax are really not enormous apart from being funny and comical and I cannot understand why media cannot report it. Except that it is forbidden by a US law!

It means only that the USA (presidents Roosevelt/Truman) successfully cheated the world at the end of WW2 with the USSR, UK, France, Israel, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea joining in later. Just laugh about it.

The “treason” of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg was probably part of the US show and they were not executed but given new identities.

The Israeli whistle-blower Vanunu is also part of the show by “exposing” Israel’s nuclear arms program when no such program exists.

Israel stating that it is concerned about a possible Iranian nuclear bomb is also pure a-bomb showbiz, knowing that no such bomb has ever been and cannot be built.

The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 was also a total fake with both Khrushchev and Kennedy cynically aware that they were engaged in a bogus argument about non-existent a-bombs. They had however just a little earlier decided to start the fake space race with cosmos clown Gagarin 1961 flying around the Earth in less than 120 minutes!

Many people cannot believe how easy it is to fake the whole a-bomb story: just keep the details secret and keep you scared via media.”(7)

A parting shot (the devil’s in the details):



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