Munich Shooting Hoax

OK……let’s take a look at this one……


“On 22 July 2016 a shooting was carried out in the vicinity of the Olympia shopping mall in the Moosach district of Munich, Germany.(1)

AbuNidal3Munich………could this city have been chosen to bring back memories of the false flag ‘massacre’ at the Olympic games in 1972, that was actually a Mossad operation conducted by their agent, Abu Nidal, to garner sympathy for the state of Israel, in order to direct public attention away from its ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people?

[At the mall] “Ten people, including the perpetrator, were [allegedly] killed and 35 others [allegedly] injured.” (1)

Just one shy of the eleven Israeli Olympic team members killed in 1972.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.35.14 PM“The shooting took place at a McDonald’s restaurant near the shopping mall and in the mall itself.”(1)

Let’s call this one the McHoax event….with some free advertising thrown in.

“At 17:52 CEST (15:52 UTC)[1:52 PM EDT], a lone gunman opened fire at a McDonald’s west of the Olympia shopping mall in Moosach, a district of Munich, Germany. A video distributed online showed him firing at pedestrians outside McDonald’s.”(1)

Let’s take a look at that video, included in a video by Peekay Truth:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

Have you seen Fahrenheit 451 ?

Anyway, something clearly stinks with these videos and, as Peekay says, why do so many of the people taking these videos always seem to start filming the ground or sky just when any real evidence ‘might’ be visible? I say ‘might’ since the myriad of crisis actor staged events, along with all of the Hollywood blockbusters, demonstrate that even the actual filming doesn’t necessarily show real events (‘Wag The Dog’ comes to mind).

The cluster of people that suddenly turns and runs is obviously a group of crisis actors in this cinematic achievement. And the shooter is apparently a time traveler.

Take a look at this video by Global Agenda:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

Just more CGI like the rampaging truck in Nice that looks like it’s going to hit but somehow the video breaks away and …….we’re supposed to believe people were hit after seeing nothing.

While we’re on the subject of videographers, there’s also the fact that the same guy who took a key video in Nice, where he just happened to be in the perfect location, at the perfect time, to shoot the rampaging truck, also just happened to be in Munich on the perfect street corner, at the perfect time, to shoot the video above of the murderous madman.

Let’s take a look at another video by Peekay Truth about this:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

Here’s another video by futurevideo10 about Richard Gutjahr:

This video was changed to private!!!

It’s obviously no coincidence that Gutjahr was in both places at exactly the perfect locations at the perfect time to video these staged events. The fact that his wife was an agent in ISIS (Israel Secret Intelligence Service) or MOSSAD, speaks volumes about why this operation was carried out.

Below is the logo of MOSSAD, The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) :

Top: “kee betachbulot ta’ase lecha milchama”

Translation: “With clandestine terrorism we will conduct war”


Bottom: “Ha’Mossad Le’modiein”

Translation: “The institute for the collection of Information”

Capture10Einat Wilf (Hebrew: עינת וילף‎‎, born 11 December 1970) is an Israeli politician who served as a member of the Knesset for Independence and the Labor Party. She completed her military service as an Intelligence Officer in Unit 8200 with the rank of Lieutenant. Wilf is married to German journalist and television personality Richard Gutjahr.

Nathan-Rothschild-and-famed-quoteGermany has been a castrated submissive pawn of Israel ever since it was destroyed by the allies in World War 2. Actually, the German economy and culture were dominated by jewish interests long before WW2. By the 1930s, the banks, including the Reichsbank and the big private banks, were practically controlled by them. So were the publishing trade, the cinema, the theaters and a large part of the press — all the normal means, in fact, by which public opinion in a civilized country is formed… The largest newspaper combine in the country with a daily circulation of four millions was a Jewish monopoly…and all of this by a group of people that only comprised about 1% of the population.

Since the Second World War Israel’s political power has grown much stronger and this increase in power has been consistently utilized to keep Germany under their control. The German government, banking, and industries continue to be dominated by Israeli interests, just as they were before the war. The primary difference now is that there have been several generations of Germans that have been so thoroughly indoctrinated through guilt and lies that the average German has become a slave to interests other than those of their own country.


“This was not the change I was hoping for”

All through this post war period the US has been a willing surrogate for Israeli interests in Germany, continuing to re-enforce the guilt and control of the German society, constantly dampening any nationalist interests that threaten to organize, effectively creating a zombie citizenry that focuses almost solely on creating more wealth for parasitic individuals controlling them.

As more Germans are waking up to this subservient reality, the result has been that flickers of German nationalism have been understandably arising where enough people still have the ability to think critically about what is happening to their economy and culture. Bavaria has been a particularly key area of Germany that has built support for a stronger focus on nationalist interests.

March-24-1933-Daily-Express-Judea-declares-war-on-GermanyThe irony here is that this is nearly identical to what occurred in the early 1930s and brought National Socialism into the spotlight as an alternative to the degradation that the German people felt at that time.

Few people know the facts about the singular event that helped spark what ultimately became known as World War II – the international Jewish declaration of war on Germany shortly after Adolf Hitler came to power and well before any official German government sanctions or reprisals against Jews were carried out. The March 24, 1933 issue of The Daily Express of London (shown above) described how Jewish leaders, in combination with powerful international Jewish financial interests, had launched a boycott of Germany for the express purpose of crippling her already precarious economy in the hope of bringing down the new Hitler regime. It was only then that Germany struck back in response. Thus, if truth be told, it was the worldwide Jewish leadership – not the Third Reich – that effectively fired the first shot in the Second World War. Prominent New York attorney Samuel Untermyer  was one of the leading agitators in the war against Germany, describing the Jewish campaign as nothing less than a “holy war.”

Where are the white women?

The recent forced influx of foreign immigrants, deliberately brought into the country in order to radically dilute the German culture and ethnic identity, has magnified the damage that has been done since WW2.

The same interests that crushed Germany in WW2 and only left them the ability to generate wealth, are determined to prevent the Germans from re-establishing their national identity and throwing off the chains of slavery they live with today.

Flag_of_Israel.svgAlthough the German political establishment along with the German population, consistently follow the party line that originates out of Israel, operations like the one that just occurred in Munich are periodically carried out to remind anyone that might have other ideas, who it is that actually controls things in Germany.

The operation in Nice served the same purpose as a reminder to the French and the regular staged events in the US serve the same purpose there. Norway and Belgium had their reminders also.

Back to the Wikipedia description of the Munich Operation

“The gunman then moved on to the mall. Another video showed the gunman walking alone on the roof of a nearby parking garage before opening fire again. He was heard shouting “I am German” (German: Ich bin Deutscher) and “I was born here” after an onlooker shouted anti-Turkish abuse at him.”(1)

Here’s a photo that’s allegedly showing this:


Come on………this could be anybody saying anything. What a joke!


Crisis Actors

“Soon after, there was an urgent warning to avoid the Karlsplatz (“Stachus”), where German media outlets reported multiple shootings and multiple attackers. Drivers were advised not to pick up any passengers. Later, police denied that there was a crime scene at Karlsplatz, though a mass panic was reported there. People in Munich were warned by the police to stay at home and avoid crowds and public squares.”(1)

This is typical of most hoaxes to generate fear in the wider public in order to easily control their movements and follow up with increasing restrictions on their rights….all for better ‘security’.

“Following initial reports of shots being fired, some 2,300 officers from the greater area and surrounding states were deployed throughout Munich. A manhunt was soon initiated. Munich police urged residents not to leave their homes until further notice. The special operations police unit GSG 9 was deployed. Other regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland were asked to assist in the investigation.”(1)

Ah yes…..the manhunt…..again to keep the public cowering in their houses and get them increasingly accepting of martial law……fear…fear…fear……control….control…..control…….

Capture8“A backpack apparently matching the one carried by the gunman at McDonald’s was found. Police reportedly used a robot to investigate it. A total of 300 rounds were found inside. Police officials warned of “an acute terror situation” and initially thought there were up to three shooters, but later confirmed that there was only one gunman.”(1)

The backpack again (remember the Boston Bombing Hoax)……fear again…..any backpack could be a bomb….or…..?

A Robot (remember the Dallas Shooting Hoax)…….getting the public used to robots (drones) replacing humans……

300 rounds…….fear again…..big plans for murder here…….fear…….fear…..

Up to three shooters…….This is consistent with other hoaxes…….fear……fear……hide…..martial law necessary for safety……..conditioning……..

Capture9“An interesting fact here regarding guns and ammo is that Germany has the most stringent gun control laws in Europe. It restricts the acquisition, possession, and carrying of firearms to those with a creditable need for a weapon. It bans fully automatic weapons and severely restricts the acquisition of other types of weapons. Compulsory liability insurance is required for anyone who is licensed to carry firearms.”(2)

To own a gun in Germany, it is necessary to obtain a weapon license for which applicants must generally be at least 18 years old and show they have they have a reason for needing a weapon.
German authorities can prohibit anyone who is dependent on drugs or alcohol or is mentally ill from obtaining a gun license. People under 25 have to undergo a psychiatric test.

“This latest reform led to the creation of a federal gun register and to intense governmental monitoring of gun owners’ compliance with requirements for the safe storage of firearms. Pursuant to the reformed legislation, the authorities may at any time request access to the premises of any registered gun owner to monitor whether proper safe-storage procedures are being observed.”(2)

Since there is already such strict control of guns in Germany, and the public is already effectively disarmed, except for criminals, there was no need in this operation to emphasize the need to clamp down on gun ownership, unlike the constant drumbeat for creeping gun confiscation in the US.

What about the shooter?


Obviously a murdering psycho

“Ali David Sonboly (called David S. by the police) was identified as the assailant. He was an 18-year-old Iranian-German with dual nationality. The Munich Police Department said that the gunman was born and raised in Munich and had no criminal record. He lived in an apartment in Maxvorstadt with his parents and younger brother.”(1)

‘Iranian-German with dual nationality’…….dual citizenship with Iran…..suspicion meme planted…and…..the Israeli’s are living for the day Iran is destroyed like Iraq was and Syria will be…..for Greater Israel…….

‘No criminal record’……recently radicalized meme….like so many other hoax participants…..

“German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said he was the son of Shiite Muslims from Iran who came to Germany as asylum seekers in the 1990s.”(1)

The Iranian connection meme again…….danger…..danger…..fear…..fear…..destroy……

“Sonboly’s parents told police their son had possibly converted to Christianity, but he was not religious.”(1)

‘Converted to Christianity’……….suspicion……suspicion…..cover meme…..’not religious meme’……cover…..

“Neighbors have described him as “polite”; “very friendly”; “intelligent, quiet and shy”; “a decent, normal guy”; “a little lazy”; and lonely.”(1)

‘Quiet and shy and lonely’……hiding something meme….disturbed meme……..there’s those neighbors again……investigators just can’t get enough of their opinions…..

terrifying_asylum_tour_of_the_past_01“Police said that he had been in psychiatric care where he was treated for depression. Prosecutors said he had been treated for two months in a mental care facility in 2015.

‘Treated for depression in a mental care facility’….recently…….prosecutors would say that wouldn’t they………as always, the crazy meme has got to come……”I’m depressed, I think I’ll go to the mall and shoot a bunch of people”……….

“De Maiziere said he may have been bullied by his peers, and police said he had suffered “bodily injury” in an incident involving other young people in 2012. During the ordeal, Sonboly shouted that he had been bullied for seven years. A former classmate recalled: “We always mobbed him in school, and he always told us that he would kill us.””(1)

3531445744‘Bullied by peers, plus ‘bodily injury”….there’s the justification memes… by ‘7 years’ of abusive hell……..and there it is ‘told us that he would kill us’ meme…….wrapped up in a nice neat package.

“Sonboly had an obsession with mass shooters, including the perpetrator of the Winnenden school shooting in 2009; he compiled a scrapbook of news clippings on mass shootings and owned several books on the matter. He also visited Winnenden and took pictures there.”(1)

3984And the ‘mass shooter’ obsession meme is the cherry on top.

“One of Sonboly’s classmates said that Sonboly had changed his profile picture on the messaging service WhatsApp to a photo of Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.”(1)

‘Terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’……..the ‘home grown’ terrorist meme…..don’t leave home without it…..remember the Israeli’s will do anything to prevent the growth of nationalism.

And of course Sonboly killed himself with a ‘self-inflicted gun-shot wound’.

This serves to make the police blame free, having killed no one.

And how about the crisis actors:

There can be no question that this is a drill and an arch-fraud. The following image alone proves the nature of the scam, as crisis actors are instruct to run, while wedged between two sets of cameras. Behind them, it appears that there is yet another set of crisis actors, also ready to make such a run.


“Would you guys hustle it up and act like you’re scared for Chrissake!”

 Below are some more crisis actors


“Hands up! Don’t Shoot! Hands up! Don’t Shoot! Hands up! Don’t Shoot!”

And of course the standard police/swat shots:

An absurd staged shot………

Seriously……The men are wearing safety vests?……..and 22s?

And what’s with the the guy in the back wearing blue shorts?……crisis actors strike again!

How about those groups of actors walking by? Notice the gap between groups, ready to be cued up?


What are we supposed to be aiming at Heinz”


Rambo……..and friend who’s thinking “This guy’s over the top”……over-acting……again

The keystone cops?


“If you’re going to stand that close Heinrich, how about giving me a reach around”

The directors of this event know that all they have to do is stand some police around holding guns and the masses believe somethings actually happening.

And then there’s this look………serious….it’s war…..not a shopping spree…..

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.57.08 AM


(1) 2016 Munich shooting

(2) Firearms-Control Legislation and Policy: Germany

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