Nice Attack Hoax

photographer-1210218_640So….how many people think this latest event was real? Raise your hands……

Would you feel better if you knew it was a hoax?

Or….would that disturb and enrage you even more, since it would mean that there are far more nefarious and insidious elements involved in this event?

And that you’d been played….big time?

Let’s look at this event to see how ‘real’ it was:

Here’s the basic story from Wikipedia, as usual:


Promenade des Anglais

“On the evening of 14 July 2016, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a Tunisian resident of France, deliberately drove a 19-tonne cargo truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, killing 84 people and injuring more than 300.


“Tens of thousands of people were celebrating Bastille Day on the waterfront. As well as the customary fireworks, with the celebrations including an air force display.


“At approximately 22:10 CEST (20:10 UTC)[4:10 PM EDT], 30 minutes before the incident, a 19-ton white cargo truck was seen approaching the Promenade des Anglais, driving erratically. “He was speeding up, braking, speeding up again and braking again,” according to a witness. The truck then turned on to the Promenade and headed southwest, but then doubled back again.

“The fireworks were finishing at approximately 22:40 CEST (20:40 UTC), when the truck slowly breached the vehicle barriers opposite the Lenval children’s hospital. At this point, the driver is reported to have sped up, drove northeast, and plunged into the crowds on the Promenade, swerving to hit pedestrians.

“Police tried to stop the truck with gunfire, and the driver shot back at them, as well as at people in the crowd. The driver continued for 2 kilometres (1.2 mi), killing and injuring pedestrians. The police surrounded the truck near the Palais de la Méditerranée hotel. The vehicle was raked with bullets and the driver killed.

“Police [claim to] have recovered a magazine, a pistol, an empty grenade, and replica Kalashnikov and M16 rifles from the truck.”(1)

Sounds straightforward enough, until we start digging into this:

Bastille Day


It’s certainly notable that this event occurred on Bastille Day, which is the common name given in English-speaking countries to the French National Day, which commemorates the Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789, an important event 226 years ago in Paris in the French Revolution, which had begun two days earlier.

The Truck

car3So what about this truck?

“He was speeding up, braking, speeding up again and braking again.”

‘The truck then turned on to the Promenade and headed southwest, but then doubled back again.’

Where were the police during this? Are they the ones that noticed this erratic driving that was supposedly reported?

How is it possible that such a large crowd, on such an important day, is not ‘protected’ by patrolling police and military?

And let’s not forget that France was under effective Martial Law?

Christian Etrosi a former Mayor of Nice has raised his doubts as to how the truck could have been allowed to access the Promenade’s pedestrian area, particularly bypassing heightened French security and “State of Emergency” measures on one of the most important public holidays and historic celebrations in the French calendar.  Reported in Le Monde.

From MailOnline:

Dominique Rizet, crime editor of BMF TV, who is known to have superb contacts within the judiciary, said on BMF TV that the killer managed to find a ‘hole’ big enough to drive on to the Promenade. Everywhere else was blocked off for full pedestrian access during the celebrations. 

This doesn’t pass the smell test….a massive truck like that? We’re not talking a minivan here. But they had to come up with something here, no matter how lame, since many people aren’t buying it. Most will, however, as usual, especially if they’ve bought all the lies so far.

And this from the Telegraph:


Note the second bullet point below.



Was this police department getting direction from Inspector Clouseau? Or……….?

Let’s take a look at the truck driving down the street:

Official reports stated that the truck was driving between 20 and 40 mile per hour into the crowds.

Peekay Truth does a great job, as usual, of pointing out the flaws of the official story in the following video:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

So it’s obvious that the truck was crawling along very slowly (around 5-10 MPH) and the only reason that it appears to speed up is because the video playback is sped up.

People are going to move out of the way of a slowly moving truck, so somethings extremely fishy here.

The truck (allegedly) hitting the crowd

There are no clear videos of the truck actually impacting the crowd.

With all of the HD cameras in cell phones now, why is it that the videos are so grainy, out of focus and pixelated?

Here’s the only video that’s floating around and claiming to show proof:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

Anyway it wasn’t showing the truck hitting the people and looks like poor quality Photoshop.

Just more proof that nobody was hit by the truck……since it was only going 5 mph.

Here’s a shot for you that’s close enough:


How about the running crowds? They’re obviously running from the rampaging truck right?

Wrong. They are running because there’s been a (fake) bomb threat.

And does this event take place for 2KM along the Promenade des Anglais?

No, it takes place on one block that was closed off for the action.

Take a look at the following video by Martin Blaine for proof:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

Was it because the witness in the video says that the crowd of people is running because a bomb threat was announced, and that doesn’t match the official story?

There is another version of the this video that was released by the MSM which cuts off the witness right before he says they are running because of an announced bomb threat.

Did someone put the pressure on the ‘user’ to remove this because, like the video above that was removed, it points to different story than the official story?

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

Well this narrows down the staging area quite a bit doesn’t it. I’m thinking that many people, including Martin Blaine, who did the video above, were originally leaning toward the idea that this was a real event and not a hoax because of the supposed 2KM distance it was reported to have occurred. Taking place on one block dramatically increases the potential for a staged event and that’s what we have here.

Clearly, the bomb threat was to clear the area so that there were few people left that would pay attention to the stage being set up and the filming going on for media consumption. The average person fleeing would just assume that any activity they saw was dealing with the potential threat and of course the police were forcing everyone to get out of the area and go shelter indoors at home so they would be safe.

Let’s look at a video by livingonplanetZ showing the supposed mangled bodies:

This group of bodies obviously includes mannequins, along with other questionable life forms.

The lack of any medical personnel and just an attendant with each allegedly injured person clearly indicates that this is staged.

Was this staged just for this person with the roving camera? And of course, like so many other hoax videos, it’s grainy, blurry and out of focus.

Also where are the entrails? How come there’s no signs of the dragging of bodies?


What the hell is this? So much for the 2 km truck gauntlet.

Where’s all the blood?

Why is it everyone looks so relaxed here? Are they waiting to get the nod to pick these props up and make it a wrap?

More than likely the sheets are covering all of this so that if anyone happens to get passed the police guards they won’t spot the scam.

ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH - A body is seen on the ground July 15, 2016 after at least 30 people were killed in Nice, France, when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday July 14. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

This staging is a blatant as it gets.

This shows some real cynicism on the part of the directors of this hoax.


Again where are the medical personnel or coroners?

Obviously staged for this shot.


How about these stage hands cleaning up the set? The strollers are also a nice touch to grab the heart strings.

And what happened to the truck?

It supposedly went 2 km before it stopped.

Why didn’t the police shoot the tires immediately to cripple the truck?

Was this a low budget project?

Here’s a picture of the truck when it stopped:


This picture should look familiar, since it was utilized in and earlier video to establish where the truck actually stopped.

So what did the police do to get the driver?

And here’s the front of the truck after the police action:


Notice there’s no bullet holes on the driver’s side of the windshield? Does this seem peculiar?

Also, what happened to the front hood? Was it removed since it had no blood or flesh on it?

The following video by Peekay Truth gives a good analysis of this bullet ridden windscreen:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

What about the driver?

Let’s see what the actual perpetrators cooked up for the driver of the truck, which will undoubtedly include some of the standard memes for the masses to swallow the hoax.

3659463D00000578-0-image-a-2_1468751379529“The French authorities identified the perpetrator as Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a 31-year-old man of Tunisian nationality, born in Tunisia, with a French residency permit enabling him to live in Nice.

“Lahouaiej-Bouhlel had three children and was divorced.His parents live in Tunisia and had rarely heard from him since he moved to France in 2005.

“His father said he had undergone psychiatric treatment before he moved to France.”(1)

There it is……the divorced meme [which is always implied to be a result of some wrong the man did- Bad Man, Guilty Man… it no wonder he’s guilty of this]

From the MailOnline:

Bouhlel was on a cocktail of drugs for schizophrenia, alcoholism and depression, it has also emerged. The Bastille Day mass murderer was prescribed the medicine to control increasingly violent rages.

The 31-year-old had been on medication since the age of 12 – a year before he left his hometown in Tunisia to move to Nice.

And the mental health issues (psycho)/druggie meme that they always seem to toss into the mix [he’s crazy so it makes sense he did this crazy act]

“Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was known to French police for five prior criminal offenses, notably for threatening behavior, violence and petty theft.”(1)

And already a violent criminal meme, so he was certainly capable of this violent act.

“He was not registered as a national security risk with French authorities and, at the time of the attack, he was not known by French or Tunisian authorities to have links to terrorist organizations.”(1)

Not registered but the implication here is that he could have been a potential terrorist and very possibly part of a sleeper cell…blah, blah, blah.

36523BC000000578-3694282-image-a-9_1468764385779“Neighbors claimed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel rarely spoke to them and did not appear to be religious due to the fact that he allegedly ate pork, drank alcohol, did not observe Ramadan among other things. Some claimed he did not pray at mosques, and was “more into women than religion”.”(1)

There’s ‘the neighbor says’ crap that always gets thrown in. He “rarely spoke to them” but they know all about his life. Bull.

Oh, and let’s not forget how ‘rarely spoke’ implies a loner, who isn’t speaking because he’s up to no good.

Wait for it……here it comes…….the essential piece of the manufactured picture……..

0514isiscartoons01“However, investigators said Lahouaiej-Bouhlel seems to have become radicalized shortly before the attack and the transformation happened quickly. One local said Lahouaiej-Bouhlel began attending a mosque in April.”(1)

Boom! There’s that ‘became radicalized’ meme, which puts the cherry on top, just to emphasize one more time, that you may know someone that seems OK, but there could be a mass killer lurking inside, so be afraid of everyone and if you ‘see something, say something’ to the authorities.

“An examination of Lahouaiej-Bouhlel’s phone records found evidence that he was in contact with “known Islamic radicals”, although an intelligence source further noted this “could just be a coincidence, given the neighborhood where he lived. Everyone knows everyone there. He seems to have known people who knew Omar Diaby (a known local Islamist believed to be linked with the Al Nusra group close to Al Qaeda).”(1)

Adding information from an ‘intelligence source’ here makes perfect sense since intelligence agents scripted this whole thing. Question: How do you know when an ‘intelligence source’ is lying? I bet you can guess the correct answer to that.

Anyway, it’s always effective to link the supposed perpetrator to “known Islamic radicals” and graft a suspected terorrist’s name to the meme along with the ever popular intelligence creation, Al Qaeda, making it all obviously true and getting the sheep to take the hook, if they haven’t already.

And of course from the MailOnline:

PAY-Islamic-State-of-Iraq-masked-militants-firing-weaponsISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and described the father of three as a ‘soldier’ who had responded to ‘calls to target nations of coalition states that are fighting (IS)’.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said the picture emerging during questioning of scores of friends and relatives was of someone who ‘seemed to have been radicalised very quickly’.

bag-1299303_640“Days before the attack, he sent 240,000 dinars, approximately US$100,000, to his family in Tunisia.”(1)

There’s the money shot. This meme implies that he may not have been very religious but he was willing to take some cash to do the deed, as well as, that those that funded this operation aren’t necessarily depending on fanatics to terrorize the masses.

3652252400000578-3694282-Family_His_brother_Jaber_Bouhlel_said_the_31_year_old_terrorist_-a-11_1468765818947“Lahouaiej-Bouhlel’s brother said he had received images of Lahouaiej-Bouhlel laughing amongst the holiday crowds in Nice hours before the attack.”(1)

Ah yes, there’s that ‘crazy man’ meme again.

“Initially there were media reports that witnesses heard Lahouaiej-Bouhlel shouting “Allahu Akbar” during the attack, however those reports have not been confirmed by officials and were described by the BBC as “fake”.”(1)

Well how about that……’initial media reports’….and “Allahu Akbar“…….what a surprise. And after all you can always trust ‘witnesses’ to tell you how it happened.

Take a look a this video by TopClips247:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

And, of course, the statement ‘not been confirmed’ is liberally used to imply that confirmation is imminent to get the media to throw out meme fictions that the masses lap up, knowing that when they are found untrue later the damage has been done.

As usual, the media initially relayed the idea that the driver acted alone. The old lone gunman meme.

As is often the case though, more ‘helpers’ are suggested.

And let’s not forget the standard social media/text creation. This is the easiest part for the intelligence agents to fictionalize.

From Mail Online:

phone-916392_640The Bastille Day terrorist sent a series of chilling text messages just minutes before his deadly attack on the Nice Riviera – delighting [crazed] in his last minute preparations for the atrocity.

The revelation suggests drug-crazed [crazed] Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was not a ‘lone wolf’ and had at least one helper.

The 31-year-old sent the message at 10.27pm on Thursday saying: ‘Bring more weapons, bring five of them to C.’ An earlier message said: ‘It’s good. I have the equipment,’ French TV reported.

The phone with the final text messages was found in the bullet riddled cab of the truck, alongside Bouhlel’s id card [that’s convenient].

The last text was sent at 10.27pm – minutes before he launched the truck down the Promenade des Anglais, killing and maiming everything in his path. [crazed]

Now, details have emerged of text messages he sent moments before he slaughtered 84 people and injured hundreds of others who were watching a fireworks display.[crazed]

He also took a selfie of himself in the truck between picking it up and going on his killing spree, sending it via SMS to others it has now been claimed.

And in further messages now revealed according to Nice Matin, the local newspaper, he talked of his delight in obtaining a 7.65 pistol and his hope for getting other weapons.[crazed gun-nut]- They finally got the gun control meme here, to make sure the French people continue to self-ban from owning guns.

Blah, Blah, Blah……since this is all fiction it can go on forever and probably will since the goal of intelligence here is to overwhelm the masses with information so they go back to Pokeman Go or some other distraction.

And what about the hundreds injured and missing persons?



Any number of people will be trotted out to talk about their injuries and what they witnessed, with crisis actors used for any lengthy video interviews, as usual. Crutches always work well for this presentation…..can you tell which person was injured in this picture?




Missing? Was there also kidnapping as part of this operation? This isn’t adding up here. It’s most likely just added to create more misdirection from the obviously fake killing aspect of the hoax.

The intelligence agents that concocted this event know that people are analyzing these hoaxes, so they toss as many different elements into the mix as possible to keep them misdirected long enough to drag things out until they execute the next hoax. This is standard operating procedure.

And the witnesses?

Watch this shill giving his story:

“What is a Washington, D.C., so-called think-tank agent and perfectly positioned videographer, Mark Krikorian doing being a star witness for the obviously arch-staged purported Nice civilian truck attack? It fully demonstrates that there was no such attack and that, rather, it is all merely fabricated, a mere hoax.(3)

“Krikorian is the Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies, which ostensibly focuses on “expanding the base of public knowledge”about immigration.

“In Nice he was obviously tasked as an embedded Zionist agent and was not merely there by accident, mere happenstance. It cannot be a coincidence that his video was one of the key ones showing the slowly moving truck moving down the lane, though there was never any video evidence of it striking anyone.

“Per the ADL Krikorian is listed as an antagonist to immigration, surely of Muslim or Islamic immigrants. Then, what could be a greater plot against the activities and/or immigration of Muslims into France other than a staged (seemingly highly murderous) terrorist attack?”(3)

If this seems contrary to what Krikorian would appear to be focusing on then it’s important to understand that Israeli interests have systematically infiltrated every Western organization that can be used to further their aims.

So why was the operation carried out?

Capture“The terror attack in Nice, France could not have come at a more auspicious time for the deeply unpopular President Hollande and his embattled government, leading many to believe this was a false flag government orchestrated attack.  The government and authorities have been struggling to control a citizen uprising for the past three months and now they can impose more state of emergency measures, call up military operational reserves, and justify clamping down on any dissidents to thwart the uprising movement.(2)

c308635be2fdb4862594504feb505be209c6ffc03586290d7f6a79265e8ad9d9“Not long before the attack happened, French President Hollande said the national state of emergency was to be lifted, so it seems like a strange coincidence for an event to appear right away – on Bastille Day, the country’s national day celebrating the French Revolution in 1789 – allowing the state of emergency to be immediately reinstated, the current revolution to be thwarted, and the New World Order’s march to an authoritarian one world government to continue unimpeded.

Flag_of_Palestine.svg“Why is France getting attacked? It all started after France said they were going to recognize Palestine as a state, then they started getting odd ‘terror’ events which are used to demonize Muslims. The same happened with Belgium after they started moving in the same direction. Norway also had a mass killing after they sided with Palestine. A a pro-Palestine and anti-Israel political youth organization was attacked, leaving 77 dead.

“In October 2014, France’s foreign minister said France would recognize a Palestinian state even if peace talks with Israel fails.

In November 2015 we had the Paris attacks.

Flag_of_Belgium.svg“In Belgium the parties of the new centre right government agreed to recognise Palestine as a state. The Chamber of Representatives adopted a resolution in favour of this motion in 2015.

Then we had the 2016 Brussels bombings.

“Norway upgraded the Palestinian mission in Oslo to an embassy in December 2010, and Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre called for the creation of a Palestinian state within a year.

188px-Flag_of_Norway.svgThen we had the 2011 Norway attacks.

“The attacks in Norway were on the largest political youth organization, Workers’ Youth League, who were calling for a boycott of Israel in response to their crimes against humanity in Gaza. Many anti-Israel politicians of the future were killed off that day.

Official_Mossad_logo“The most obvious suspect with the most to gain from such events is the CIA/Mossad. If it is them, they are trying to turn public opinion against Muslims, so there will be less pressure on the French government to help Palestine, and the New World Order can retain control.

“While the mainstream media colludes with the authorities and suppresses news of the massive citizen uprising in France – the largest protests in the country since the French Revolution – they will give the false flag terror event blanket coverage for the next two weeks because this suits the purposes of their masters, the New World Order.”(2)

And just as in the US, this new ‘terror’ event plays the fear card and gives an excuse to clamp down further on the rights of the French citizens, further increase surveillance activities and gain support for increased military activities in Syria and Iraq, which adds greatly to the goals intended by those who are ushering in the Greater Israel Project.

Hopefully one day the French people will realize that they’ve been played through the massive multicultural invasion of their country. This invasion serves the interests of one the Zionist leaders of one particular little country on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, by continuing to weaken and confuse the French through the fear generated by these fake terror events, along with the real false flag events.

This is not to say that the religion of Islam is not founded on violence against infidels and that radical Islamists don’t perpetrate their own violent acts. What’s important here is to discern the difference between acts perpetrated by Zionist extremists and those perpetrated by Islamist extremists. Anytime the event proves to be a hoax or false flag, one should look at the Zionists and their supporters as being the culprits, with their extremist goal of creating a Greater Israel.

Don’t be fooled!

Here’s a few highlights in this video by Russianvids for the capper:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.


(1) Wikipedia

(2) False Flag Terror Attack In France Sees Harsh Military Rules Imposed

(3) Staged American Witnesses, Fake Blood, and Fake Wounded in Nice Truck Attack Hoax

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