Dallas Police Shooting Hoax

OK…..let’s take a look at this one…….

Once again Wikipedia helps us out by giving an outline of the event. [pre-scripted?]


Alton Sterling

On Thursday July 7th a protest march occurred in Dallas that had been organized by the Next Generation Action Network (Black Lives Matter) in response to the killings of two men, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, by police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota, respectively, days before.


Philando Castile

The Dallas protest was one of several held across the United States on the night of July 7. Around 800 protesters were involved, and around 100 police officers were assigned to protect the event and the surrounding area.


What started out as a peaceful demonstration, exercising First Amendment rights, quickly became disrupted by the sound of gunfire, with protesters running in all directions to get away from the shooting.

Before the shooting occurred, no other incidents were reported, and the event was peaceful.

The gunfire began in downtown Dallas at 8:58 p.m. A bystander reported hearing 50 to 75 shots.

The video below caught the police response and the sound of some of the gunfire:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

Protesters fleeing- start the following video at 1:31:

Protester reports what occurred:

So far this is looking like other hoax shooting events that involved large numbers of people such as Boston, Orlando and Paris, but in this case the group of people are protesting, while the others were groups congregated for recreational or entertainment purposes.

In the other hoaxes the crowd of people were targeted while in this shooting the police were specifically targeted with a few protesters shot as collateral damage.

Let’s look a bit further here:

It’s important to remember here that, as stated above, there were around 100 police that were assigned to the demonstration, so seeing police in the videos doesn’t mean they suddenly came to the location due to gunfire. Just because a lot of police are running around that doesn’t mean there is a small war is occurring.

The following video is an alleged shooting of a policeman:

Start the video at 2:09

And some more spark hits.

Start the video at 2:10:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

Here’s some police taking tactical positions to engage the shooter:


What’s wrong with this (coreographed?) group?

Watch a video of what actually appears to be going on here:

Start this video at 6:48

Now let’s watch a press conference with the Dallas Chief of Police and the Mayor as they begin the standard script of misinformation for public consumption:

According to the Chief :

“two snipers, at least two snipers”…….[OK]

“they began firing upon our officers…ambush style”………[What?….ambush ‘style’?]

This is starting to sound like a wild west shootout!!!

Next thing you know he’ll say that the cowards  “shot ’em in the back”…..[No!]

“some shot in the back”….[there it is.….]

“we believe that these suspects were positioning themselves in a way to triangulate on these officers”

Is this is starting to sound like highly trained individuals using tactical strategies to engage the enemy. [can you say ex-military?]

Could this misinformation be re-enforcing the veteran terrorist meme that’s been hammered over and over with these shooting hoaxes?

Should we be looking for the announcement that the shooter(s) were vets?

Should we also be looking for the announcement that the shooter(s) had mental health issues?

So let’s watch a followup press conference that muddies the water a bit more:

From the Chief:

“We cornered one suspect and tried to negotiate for several hours” [What? Did the suspect have hostages?….oh that’s right…….of course……there were bombs….bombs are good for fear mongering]

“Negotiations broke down….we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect” [Yes…….?]

drone“We had no other option but to use our bomb robot”

Notice how hard it is for the Chief to choke this out since he likely knows it’s as absurd as it sounds.

“Other options would have exposed officers to grave danger”  [Bullshit!!! Not buying this!]

Here’s a bit of a quiz….can anyone reading this think of other ways to incapacitate the shooter besides throwing an atom bomb at them?

“Were the mainstream narrative of this event true (and it certainly is not), wouldn’t law enforcement choose to gas the subject or subdue him, to gather information about his so-called terror cell?”(1)

This action is just to plant a fear bomb in the general public and prepare them for other high tech weapons that are in the police closet. [start with a lethal device that looks like a toy your kid might have]

Get past the horror of what the shooter was accused of doing and think about that precedent for a moment.

The Dallas shootings have ushered in a very new world for US citizens. For the very first time, drones have been used on US soil to kill Americans without trial or charges.

Whether the shooter “had it coming” or not, this bodes ill for the long term possibilities.

This is obviously more predictive programming (remember Yemen?) to get Americans acceptable to the use of robots as police/executioners.

And remember, a human was operating the ‘joy’ stick to blow up this ‘suspect’.

No joy sticks here:

Here’s a later update by the Chief and his handler in this video:

This speech by the Police Chief zeros in on some key reasons that this shooting hoax was perpetrated.

The goal is to dramatically emphasize that the police are extremely vulnerable to armed shooters in order to gain more support from the public, since the public confidence in police forces across the country has fallen year after year.

The speech clearly paints the police as victims and gives the impression that the for the shooter it was like shooting ducks in a barrel.

And let’s not forget the consistent focus on the ultimate goal of creeping gun confiscation.

Any other police departments located anywhere that witness what occurred in Dallas, have got to, at the very least, be seriously questioning the training of the Dallas police officers and, at best, can clearly see that this is a drill gone live, like so many others before it.

Seriously?……One shooter killed 5 and injured another 6 police officers, but was also such a skilled marksman that they shot (collateral damage) civilians also?

The net effect here is as though the shooter had perfect cover and the police were standing in a barren field with no cover.

It doesn’t pass the smell test…..except by the MSM hypnotized sheep.

OK….let’s move deeper into the weaving of the memes and the creating the shooter’s history which is used to get the desired reaction from the willfully ignorant viewers and true believers:

The Chief again:

“The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter” [obvious sympathizer=bad]

“He said he was upset about the recent shootings” [obvious sympathizer=bad]

“The suspect said he was upset at white people” [playing the racist meme]

“The suspect said he wanted to kill white people…..especially white officers” [playing the murderous racist meme…..and cop killer]

“The suspect said we will eventually find the IED’s” [Here’s the ‘dangerous veteran’ connection again]

“The suspect said he was not affiliated with any groups and he stated that he did this alone” [the lone gunman meme (Oswald, etc,etc)…..because it’s easier to kill off one person….and dead real or fake men tell no tales]

Let’s watch some ‘reports’ and ‘reactions’ of some protesters.

The sound is out of sync here but it looks like a good time is being had by some:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

It could be the directors of this event decided to back off on crisis actors since they apparently believed they’d get enough punch just by interviewing garden variety protesters.

Also, it’s clear that the primary focus in on the shooting/killing of police and not on black protesters, so no need for over-acting grief-stricken crisis actors here.

The perpetrators of these hoaxes shift the focus of the shooting events from one group of people to another. We’ve seen it shift from movie goers (Denver), to school children (Sandy Hook), to marathon runners (Boston), to concert goers (Paris), to nightclub goers (Orlando), to police protecting protesters (Dallas), with others, of course.

So what about the suspect(s)

This is a part of the script that is consistently set up to confuse those following the progress of the event. Most events start out with official pronouncements of multiple shooters, as in this event and most end up with a single shooter that ends up dead.

Here’s the story of an initial ‘suspect’ when the event controllers were deliberately creating confusion about the event to discourage people from trying to divide fact from fiction:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

And what about the blown up suspect:


The deceased ‘suspect’ was Micah Xavier Johnson……Micah X. Johnson.

Micha-X-Johnson……Micah X…….are you getting the deliberate association here to Malcolm X?


Malcolm X guards his family

“Immediately given the symbolic title “Michael X” to affiliate the suspect with Malcolm X, the entire scenario, from the revised proclamation of cell terrorist to “lone wolf,” now smells of sub-par Hollywood script-writing (especially the ludicrous climax of “hidden IEDs” and a bomb-carrying Robocop executioner as the only rational means of halting the crazed assassin.”(1)



Clearly, the goal here was to create a blend of  Malcolm X and the Black Panther Party militants in the minds of the MSM hypnotized. The media even referred to him as ‘Micah X’ to intentionally prompt a Malcolm X tone to the event.

And then there’s the crazy, violent veteran meme to spin:

“Johnson had served in the U.S. Army Reserve from March 2009 to April 2015, serving as a carpentry and masonry specialist. Johnson held the rank of private first class and was deployed to Afghanistan from November 2013 to July 2014 with the 420th Engineer Brigade.

3614473300000578-0-image-a-29_1468068273453“In May 2014, during his deployment, he was accused of sexual harassment by a female soldier, who sought a restraining order against him and said that he needed mental health counseling. After the Army initiated proceedings to dishonorably discharge him, Johnson, at the advice of his lawyer, waived his right to a hearing in exchange for a lesser charge. He was sent back to the U.S. with an Army recommendation of other than honorable discharge, considered by his lawyer to be a “highly unusual” decision. However, Johnson was instead honorably discharged in September 2014.”(2)

So they wrapped up the recent history of Micha X with the standard boilerplate claims of being potentially mentally disturbed and sexually abusive. These memes both support the creeping gun confiscation push, with a particularly strong focus on angry voting women.

And then there’s the scripted list of Mr. X’s interests that point to his supposed motive for the shootings:

  • BLM_Letterhead
  • Disturbed about Black Lives Matter movement
  • Disturbed about recent shooting by police
  • Wanted to kill white people
  • Was distrustful of police (according to friend and coworker)
  • Wanted to kill white police officers
  • Practiced military exercises in his backyard (according to police and a neighbor)
  • Had interest in black nationalist groups (online investigation)
  • NbplogoOn Facebook he “liked” the pages of black nationalist organizations such as the New Black Panther Party, and also posted critiques against white people.

“Black power groups are notorious for being infiltrated by federal agents and provocateurs, and the New Black Panther Party is a shining example.  Allowed to consistently call for the death of all whites (which is illegal), this fake front group is allowed to continue to agitate and play on public fears, like other “terror groups” and racial identity movements.   Like the KKK or Elohim City and McVeigh, the black power and Nation of Islam movements have been exposed as phony government fronts many times, often identified by their outlandish and outrageous calls for violence.   Most famously, this was seen in the COINTELPRO operation, with informant Richard Aoki arming the Panthers to make them appear distastefully radical.”(1)

  • Also “liked” the African American Defense League, whose leader, Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, called for the murders of police officers across the U.S.
  • Had been a member of the New Black Panther Party chapter in Houston for six months (according to community activist Quanell X)
  • A profile photo depicted Johnson raising his arm in a Black Power salute, along with images of a Black Power symbol and a flag associated with the Pan-Africanism movement
  • In 2014, Johnson received training and instruction at a private self-defense school that teaches special tactics such as “shooting on the move”, in which a gunman quickly fires and then changes position before resuming gunfire. (according to Yahoo News)

This is quite an impressive list, but it’s important to keep in mind that it can all be concocted, and undoubtedly was, just as were those of so many of the other alleged shooters.

Let’s not forget that Dallas had a recent history of faking police shootings.

Do you remember James Boulware and his supposed shooting of a policeman last year?

Here’s a video reviewing some of the hoax:

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

And what of shooting drills that occurred in the area recently?

“At least two large-scale drills in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area preceded the 7/7 event by only a week.  One drill even included “three shooters and bombs,” a narrative now fed into the mainstream media concerning the Dallas sniping event.  Given every major terror event of recent recollection has been preceded by a drill of the same scenario, it should be obvious to question the Dallas event, as it fits the same patterns as prior “terror.”(1)

So where does all of this leave us?

“The political ripple effects of this unlikely and highly improbable event were felt immediately, as the mainstream media siege was underway, and the politicians began lining up to weigh-in and jockey for political position on any number of issue ranging from gun control, to race relations, and police brutality, but also debating the whether or not public marches and demonstrations are indeed “safe for the public” to attend in the face of this latest “security threat.”

***NOTE*** YouTube has deleted this video to scrub evidence showing this event was fake.

“On the police side of this dialectic, law enforcement are also queuing up to decry the violence against police and calls are omnipresent for increased police powers and security measure in order to “combat the rising threat of domestic extremism.”

“Coincidentally, yesterday’s event just happened to all on July 7th, or ‘7/7’ ala London 7/7.  Following on that theme, the media and law enforcement began floating the term “terrorist attack” and CNN leading the pack by claiming that Dallas 7/7 was the police’s “worst loss since ‘9/11′” (Sept 11, 2001). So one can see how the spin is already being applied to this media event.”(1)

300px-US-FBI-ShadedSeal.svg“This event in Dallas is characteristic of FBI-hatched terror plots.  Terror in these instances functions to exacerbate a “strategy of tension” to smear opposition, promote undue fear, and cajole the populace into accepting more surveillance and security theater.

The Dallas Shooting is significant on a number of levels.

“Firstly, Dallas will further accentuate the artificial divide between what Americans perceive as the ‘Left’ or liberal wing of political society, and the what is sold as America’s ‘Right’ or conservative wing. In this dialectic, Democrat is set against Republican, young against old, black is pitted against white, wealthy against poor, upper class against middle class, and even middle class against lower class.

“In the run-up to the Presidential election in November, this division will be important in order to polarize America along a prefabricated dialectical line and thus keeping the national discourse down at a base, or emotional level – and through this binary process avoid any real examination of America’s fundamental issues, policy flaws and the federal government’s unsustainable bloated borrow & spend habit – effectively kicking the can down the road another 4 years (which seems to be the norm). Ultimately, this serves the state, its bureaucratic stakeholders and the power structure as a whole.

i_support_gun_control_oval_decal“Secondly, this event can be used to nudge the ‘left-wing’ and Democrat party’s own gun control agenda, which is being aggressively pursued at the moment. This wing of the political establishment has already demonstrated that it has no qualms about using a national incident or tragedy, like the Orlando Shooting, as warm PR leverage to push their ’emergency’ legislative agenda. Ironically, ‘left-wing’ and black activists will be blamed for this latest act of political violence and will be used in this case to further advance the political left’s own bespoke gun control agenda – much to the dismay of ‘Conservative America.’

“As a result of this staged event carried out by agent provocateurs, “anti-police” or “anti-government” African-American ‘militant’, or ‘Black Power’ activists will be painted a poor light, and effectively marginalized. Once this process if complete, the state can then move in to extend that marginalization to any ‘anti-government’ protests – further neutering any real grass-roots opposition for what is obviously a rapidly growing police state in the US.

“Thirdly, this event is being used to increase tension between the public and law enforcement. Note the differences between the short and the long-term narratives at play here. In the short-term, this Dallas Sniper event is originally designed as a ‘reaction’ to US police killing poor unarmed black men on the streets of America, but in the long-term the pendulum will swing back to the state in order to “restore law and order”, thus further consolidating power into a more concentrated police state. This is evidenced already by US law enforcement are already rallying in solidarity, in an “us against them” dialectic by placing the nation’s police as the protagonist and the public as the antagonist.

“Given the government admission that much of modern history has been manipulated and contrived through false flags and staged events, is it sensible to take the Dallas event at face value?  We are constantly reminded in every “terror” event to “never forget” 9/11, but a much more apt recollection would be to never forget the admissions and examples of fake and staged news, as well as individuals who supposedly die in three separate “terror” events being still alive show the lunacy of the fact there is no law or regulation upon the government and private infotainment news agencies barring them from manufacturing events.”(1)

And just to additionally underscore the Hoax reality of this event, following are photos of George the clown at the memorial for the ‘slain’ officers.

George W Bush has been mocked on social media for laughing and dancing to the Battle Hymn of the Republic during yesterday’s Dallas police memorial. Mr Bush jigged about and chuckled as he held hands with his wife Laura and Michelle Obama. One Twitter user said: ‘George Bush laughing and dancing during the Dallas cop memorial while standing next to the Obamas is white privilege on hallucinogens.’ Another social media user said Michelle Obama gave a ‘master class on restraint’. The memorial was being held after five police officers were allegedly shot dead by a sniper in the Texas city last week.


They all know it’s a farce.



(1) DALLAS “ATTACK” DIALECTICS: Summer of Uncle Sam

(2) Wikipedia

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