What Are Major Telltale Signs Of Government Contrived Events (Aka Hoaxes)?


“Hoax:” — “A trick or a fraud.” – Webster’s New World Dictionary – 1953-’59 – The World Publishing Co.

Those who don’t get their news strictly from the mainstream media normally become aware that many of the mass shooting events that occur are staged to push forward the gun control agenda as well as to escalate the increasing surveillance of all citizens.

The name of the game is control!

These staged events are accurately labeled ‘false flags’ or ‘hoaxes’.

There are many individuals who have been carefully analyzing these events to discover and share the obviously scripted and staged aspects of these hoaxes in order to expose the actual perpetrators.

This investigation of false flags and hoaxes really took off when the 911 false flag occurred, since the official story immediately became highly suspect to anyone who took even a cursory look at the supposed ‘facts’ put forward by the government through the mainstream media.

Over time, investigators discovered an increasing number of telltale signs that indicate that a supposed real event, was in fact, a contrived, scripted unreal hoax.

“A “hoax” or “false flag” is an elaborate pre-planned scheme and action introduced to deceive either the few or the many. Government contrived propaganda and / or violence events are intended to deceive the masses. Whatever these contrived practices are called, they are fraudulent in nature and are criminal. Fraud impedes a free society and American capitalism. It also is an assault upon this United States Constitutional Republic. Intentional and willful fraud needs to be met with vigorous prosecution and harsh punishments.

A “hoax” may include fake or real blood; fake or real deaths. The common denominator in these “event happenings” is the perpetrated coordinated deception, motive, planning and purpose.

It is very helpful to realize what is meant by “false flag” and especially “hoax.” What the two have in common is the fraud which both are intended to convey. False flags and hoaxes are designed to deceive the public. They are “smoke screens” to draw attention (away) from the goals and objectives of those initiating the fraud.

Government (sponsored) contrived events, whether they are purely propaganda in nature or violence events, are hoaxes. Mind you that hoaxes can and do have various characteristics. Some are (real) bloody hoaxes. Many are not as theatrical blood is put into place. Regardless, the goal of hoaxes, always remain the same. They are elaborate pre-planned fraudulent affairs designed to trick and deceive the public.”(1)

Let’s take a look at some of these telltale signs:

***Important Note***

You will notice that all of the videos below show ‘Deleted by YouTube’ and this was listed as a telltale sign in #9 below:

Online presentations (especially videos) exposing government contrived (hoax) events are scrubbed (deleted) from the Internet.

When this post was written YouTube Truth Banning Agents had not yet banned any of the videos embedded in the post.

As you can see now, the banning of undeniably truthful information via actual video of events, is now in full swing.

1) The Immediate Mainstream Media Dispersal Of The Reported Event

“Government contrived (hoax) events immediately receive national and global mainstream media MediaManipulationNetworksInHeadattention. Rarely are traditional journalistic tools utilized. The government contrived event receives automatic and widespread media coverage. The latest news is reported as real, as fact – not as “alleged.” With rare exception, mainstream media employees will not think critically and satisfactorily explain many anomalies and inconsistencies, which arise following the event’s aftermath.

Propaganda talking points are prepared for mass media distribution. When do law enforcement tell the media that the event is under investigation and keep a closed lip? Instead, very quickly, after the event, law enforcement is publicly talking to media. All this is done for the connived purpose of cementing the hoax event into history’s record; and to move on to the next government sponsored, event – all for the purpose of propagandizing the public and breaking down its resistance to ultimate government control, of which agenda, specifically, includes “gun control.” Remember what happened after the Boston Marathon fake bombing? Watertown, Massachusetts was placed under martial law.

 2) Crisis Actors Are On the Scene For Every Government-Contrived Event

“What would a government-contrived event be without government crisis actors? These low forms of human life are especially needed to sell the event as genuine and convince the public that the government-contrived event is genuine.


Crisis actors vary in their crisis acting abilities. Some are very easy to spot. They are obvious. Their acting oftentimes is “over-kill.” They don’t respond in the same natural manner as genuine family members and / or friends and acquaintances of those reported victims involved with the events.

Crisis acting grief is difficult to portray as genuinely real. Most often crisis actors are found to be without genuine tears. Immediately they are pushed upon the public scene to display their disingenuous grief and to propagandize the government event as historically real. Also, they use this public attention to rail (subtly and not-so subtly) against Second Amendment American freedoms. Remember Gabrielle (Gabby) Giffords? Remember Richard Martinez?

Crisis actors are integral for government contrived events, whether they be paid off for violence events or other. Crisis actors and crisis acting are designed to influence the vast majority of the American audience. The sick use of fake human grief is especially odious and immoral as it is designed by the hoax initiator to play with the public’s emotions and sympathies. With respect to the Sandy Hook Shooting hoax, the public’s emotions and sympathies gave rise to generous financial contributions. That reality alone is proper reason for future justice to pursue crisis actors and those intimately involved. It is imperative that they are charged with criminal scam and subsequent extortion. These perverted individuals have partnered with fraud and thievery, two felonious criminal actions. What was the just punishment for horse thieves in times past? Harsh sentence punishments need to be handed down to modern 21st Century fraudster thieves.(1)

Deleted by YouTube!!!

3) Anomalies and inconsistencies of the event don’t jive with the (reported / alleged) government-contrived event, although mainstream media disseminate the event, as real.

These anomalies and inconsistencies are scattered throughout every hoax perpetrated.

If you’ve already investigated the 911 false flag event then you are well aware of the massive amount of inconsistencies and anomalies evident in that crime.

Similar examples occur in every other hoax/false reality.

Here’s a blatant one from the Sandy Hook ‘shooting’ location:


A photo of one of the “incriminating” evidences that the Sandy Hook “massacre” was a government contrived event. Crisis actors in these situations, in effect, sell their priceless souls to big government devils.

That’s Gene Rosen on the left.

In this brief video excerpt from Wolfgang Halbig’s most recent FOI hearing on June 3, 2015 in Danbury, Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra states that the “Everyone Must Check In” sign prominently displayed outside the Sandy Hook Elementary School grounds on December 14, 2012 and thereafter was placed there by the Department of Homeland Security.

“There’s a flashing sign that says, ‘Everyone must check in,’ but the town didn’t put it there. Who do you think put it there?” Halbig’s attorney L. Kay Wilson asked. “I think Homeland Security put it there,” Llodra responded.

“Everyone must check in” is a command to all personnel involved in a specific coordinated exercise. This is an amazing admission from Newtown’s top official, particularly since it suggests what many Sandy Hook researchers have suspected for over two years–that the “Sandy Hook massacre” was a DHS/FEMA-orchestrated drill sold to the American public as a genuine event (see here and here).

Deleted by YouTube!!!

4) The ready influx (upon the scene) of many “law enforcement” personnel – all ready to perform their crisis acting parts.

“It is necessary to note that “government drill” (practices) take place at around the same time and in the geographical vicinity of which the violence events often occur. This is not a coincidence unless you are prone to believe that alien cows produce lunar green cheese. Hence, scores of “law” enforcement officers are in place to arrive at the hoax scenes, in impressive and massive force. The mainstream Network news coverage is designed to tell the public that “the authorities” are in control. Don’t mess with them. Don’t ask them questions. They are here for the publics’ protection. That is why you don’t need your personal firearms. “We will protect you!” Only, “we will not arrive until after some armed murderer has laid you down to rest.”

It is not uncommon immediately following a contrived violence event that there is the rush of federal government authorities to initiate an investigation. Translated, that is, cover all future talking points, cover up and / or mutilate evidence (aka government-involvement tracks). It’s the old-as-the-hills, formula: Initiate the event. Cultivate it. Perform it. Take control of it. And then be the lone authority to explain the event (hoax) with their back-pocket mainstream media assistance. And, let’s not be remiss to point out, in the process – damn those who object or disagree! Cat call, brand and stereotype them as conspiracy theorists or racists. It’s the old “poison the well” propaganda game.”(1)

False reality events always have DHS (Department of Homeland Security), ATF and the FBI immediately upon the scene to “oversee” the contrived event. Note the following youtube video:

A closer look at San Bernardino and the lies. N.Y. Man was posing as DHS, Really?:

Deleted by YouTube!!!

5) Local, state and federal politicians call for national gun control.


“Local, state and federal politicians place themselves in the public media eye and call for more stringent gun control laws. Their propaganda pleas are always an assault upon freedom and the Second Amendment personal right of personal gun ownership and self-defense.

Not only do politicians immediately call for gun control; crisis actors and their supposed family members are also quick to jump on their anti-Second Amendment soap boxes.

Government contrived and pre-planned violence events [hoaxes] are designed to destroy Americans’ Second Amendment rights. The government propaganda which ensues, is the cat-call to restrict and do-away with private gun ownership. That way the general public will be safe – so the big lie. Why is that government assertion a huge lie? Because armed street and government criminals will not obey gun law restrictions. They will roam about, threatening a defenseless public.”(1)

6) Those who are allegedly shot and “killed;” their alleged bodies, essentially belong to the state.

“It has been reported that the alleged Sandy Hook School parents of the alleged deceased children were not allowed to see their dead children bodies. The “authorities” assume personal control of their government- contrived violence “evidence.” They work with lackey coroners to do their crisis acting bidding. Such was the case with the Sandy Hook hoax. Alleged Dr. Wayne Carver was the crisis actor coroner in charge. And, also note the one police officer, which could not hold back his expressive body language. Subsequently that officer withdrew behind another alleged police officer to hide his facial body language.”(1)

Here is the video of Dr. Wayne Carver:

Deleted by YouTube!!!

7) The assailant/shooter often ends up, shooting (killing) himself.

A common practice of hoax events has the assailant/shooter shooting himself. This repeated practice conveniently removes the crisis actor from the whole event.

If the assailant/shooter doesn’t shoot himself then they are often shoot and killed by law enforcement personnel, again conveniently removing the crisis actor from the event.

8) The official records of government-contrived events are hidden from the public – or, heavily redacted, if they are released.

“Such was the modus operandi of the “official” government record on the Sandy Hook Shooting hoax. After about a year the official version was released. That document was heavily redacted (aka censored):

“……..Of the 175 pages released, 64 were completely redacted (blacked-out). Of the remaining 111 pages, “most were heavily redacted.” ………. – FBI releases heavily-censored documents on Sandy Hook massacre – fellowshipoftheminds.com/”(1)

Below is an example page from the government Sandy Hook Report on the alleged Sandy Hook Massacre. It appears as if the only “thing” massacred, is the truth.


“And if anyone desires to utilize the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) to investigate the whole Sandy Hook affair, that avenue has been mutilated by convenient Connecticut government legislation. It’s called a political “covering of (‘guilty as hell’) tracks.”“(1)

9) Online presentations (especially videos) exposing government contrived (hoax) events are scrubbed (deleted) from the Internet.

“This is a common practice of those (wickedly dishonest) who love to molest history. They attempt (by their contrived events) to alter public opinion in order to manipulate on-going history. Woe to anyone who would expose them and set the reality-record, straight! So, rather than defend their fraud (of which they legitimately cannot) they strive to destroy the presentation of evidence, which exposes their deceit and criminal actions vis-à-vis the fraudulent event.”(1)

Here’s a video of one instance:

Deleted by YouTube!!!

10) Many of these hoax events have taken place within the framework of educational institutions or public buildings.

Government perpetrators are well aware that young people are strapped for money and don’t think twice about signing “zipped lipped” crisis acting agreements.

11) Those involved with promulgating government-contrived propaganda and / or violence events, are the same who launch nasty offensives.


“A common accusation against those who expose government-contrived propaganda and / or violence events is the familiar “conspiracy theorist” charge. That catcalling stereotype of those who honestly and intelligently question gets old. It’s the same type of “poisoning the well” argumentation that is mounted against those whose love for history, desire it to be a documentation of truth-hood for future generations.

Those who make it their busy-body business to molest history and human relations, hatching their government-contrived events; those malevolent characters in high, secret and cowardly places, will utilize all machination means possible to taint virtuous individuals who are intent upon exposing and rebuking human deeds of darkness.

12) False reality contrived events often include the emphasis of racial overtones, racial division and / or race baiting. Note the following:

SC Charleston Church Alleged Shooting: Racial Narrative Accompanies False Reality Events – moralmatters.org

13) False reality contrived events often include the emphasis that “there are too many guns out there.”

Note the following:

Charleston Mayor: “There Are Far Too Many Guns Out There” – buzzpo.com/

SC Charleston Church Alleged Shooting: Racial Narrative Accompanies False Reality Events – moralmatters.org

14) False Reality Event Pay-offs. The following presents a clear example:

Obama Criminal Cabal Paying Off SC Charleston Church Families – moralmatter.org


<<<<<< One of the telltale signs of a government contrived propaganda / violence event is the eventual “pay-off” to those either directly involved or those “victimized” by the crisis acting event. Remember the Sandy Hook “Shooting” false reality? Eventually, taxpayer monies were extorted to pay-off Newtown residents. Money is always as good as Red Green duct tape.

15) Government Drills (Exercises) Are Present In The Area In Which False Reality Events Take Place

One of the many telltale signs of government contrived propaganda / violence events is the presence of government drills (exercises) being run during the time of a false reality event.

Please note:

False Reality Exposed: Charleston SC Church Shooting Part Of An Active Shooter Drill – moralmatters.org

16) Propaganda Stereotyping:


“Government perpetrated and media enabled false reality events, telltale themselves by stereotypes. There are propaganda agenda-driven talking points to peddle.

Is it no wonder (then) why contrived (false reality) propaganda/violence events will feature propaganda cat calling of “white supremacists; “white lone wolves;” ax-grinding, southern, white, “Christian” men; “racists” and carnival-barking “conspiracy theorists?”

A video on the Louisiana Theater shooting hoax:

Deleted by YouTube!!!

17) One of the telltale signs of false realities is the discovery of the alleged killer’s manifesto:


“A photo of crisis actor Eliot Rogers and his supposed “manifesto.” One of the telltale signs of false realities is the discovery of the alleged killer’s manifesto. Remember the Santa Barbara Stabbing / Shooting Hoax?

A villain’s “discovered” manifesto facilitates the embellishment of a false reality event. So much so, that it affords the pre-planners and perpetrators a convenient occasion to stereotype the contrived shooter killer. It’s an opportunity to provide a specific narrative – all tabloid-type fictional material to “paint” the ax-grinder “murderer” in whatever propaganda “color” is most politically convenient and expedient at the moment.

Please note:

Oregon Shooting Manifesto: The Sure Sign Of A Hoax – moralmatters.org

18) “Over-kill” Appearances Of Survivors Following Alleged Violence Events. Note example, linked below:

Roanoke VA Alleged Shooting Of TV Journalists: Gun Control Cat Calls, Telltale Sign Of False Reality Event – moralmatters.org


………………..The Local TV Station Manager Makes An (“Over-kill”) Appearance:

Within hours of 2 employees (supposedly) being gunned down, the local TV station manager, Jeff Marks,  appeared on live TV with other employees talking about the (supposed) tragedy. There appeared no emotion or tears that would rival such a tragedy as alleged, earlier that day in that community. Families and friends of the suddenly and tragically deceased, do not readily avail themselves of nation-wide publicity. Did you view Joe Biden on TV immediately following his son’s death? …………………

19) The “over-kill” appearances and press conferences of false reality aka Obama following false reality events. These appearance beat the drum of blaming firearms for the contrived shooting events. Note the following example:

Umpqua Community College Alleged Shooting: De Facto ISIS Commander-In-Chief Obama Lectures On Gun Control  – moralmatters.org

20) False reality events usually take place at the beginning of the day so as to offer peak widespread propaganda mainstream media exposure

Umpqua Community College Alleged Shooting: De Facto ISIS Commander-In-Chief Obama Lectures On Gun Control  – moralmatters.org


“……………The reported event took place earlier in the day for “conservative” talk radio hosts to conveniently parrot propaganda mainstream media news about the alleged shooting murder massacre.

The alleged shooting (also) took place so that Obama could hold a public speaking event later on in the day to cat call for gun control – restriction of Second Amendment rights. And, of course there was the usual mantra of calling into question the mental health of the individual who reportedly did the shooting…………….”

21) False reality events sometimes feature certain “heroes.” These heroes are designed to capture the public’s emotions. Decent and honest people love virtuous heroes. By featuring heroic acts, the false reality is less scrutinized. People are caught up in a lovely story line. They check their brain out, upon tuning-in to their favorite cable news Network.


Oregon Shooting Hoax – Please Donate To A HERO:

Deleted by YouTube!!!


Boston Marathon Bombing Cowboy Man Exposed: Crisis Actor Carlos Arredondo – moralmatters.org

22) False reality events are set up in such a manner as to swiftly proliferate the intended propaganda

“Remember the Sandy Hook hoax, how some of the “charity websites” immediately sprung up to take in online contributions for the fake survivors?. Also, false realities are marked by online “means” to assist in the further spread of the government contrived event. Hashtag Twitter titles are assigned to saturate Cyberspace. The following, is an example:

Burns, Oregon Standoff: Staged #YallQaeda Psychological Operation – moralmatters.org/

23) False Reality events have “over-kill” signs of pre-planning / staging.

“The immediate aftermath of contrived propaganda violence events often exhibit immediate community / church memorials; also banking accounts set up for the public to contribute to the “survivors.” The immediate aftermath of these “events” appear orchestrated. Key individuals are in place to lead others to act out a “grieving process.” Only the “grieving” lacks authenticity. The shock and anger in the grieving process is by-passed by survivors going overboard expressing (without genuine tears of grief) their willingness to forgive the alleged perpetrator assailant killers.

24) False Reality events often feature a lone gunman with no motive.

He randomly shoots. He shoots with a firearm the government wants banned, such as a semi-automatic or automatic rifle such as the AR-15.

25) False Reality events are immediately covered by mainstream media Networks.


CNN’S Anderson Cooper crisis actor news anchor is a familar telltale sign of a false reality event being news media “covered.”

So here’s a list of signs that the official story is a hoax.

Take a look at some of the shootings over the last few years a see what doesn’t add up………


(1) What Are Major Telltale Signs Of Government Contrived Events (Aka Hoaxes)?

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