Transit Zone Snow Job

This is a prime example of the kind of science fiction created by parasitic faux ‘scientists’ when the ignorant gullible public swallows anything created by the theoretical science establishment:

Hunt for Intelligent Aliens Should Focus on ‘Transit Zone’

“Scientists searching for signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life should put themselves in the aliens’ shoes, a new study suggests.”(1)

“Researchers have identified and characterized many potentially habitable alien planets via the “transit method,” which notes how parent stars’ light changes when orbiting worlds cross these stars’ faces from Earth’s perspective. (NASA’s Kepler space telescope is the most famous and prolific instrument to use this technique.)”(1)

“Intelligent aliens could theoretically use this same strategy to discover Earth, and to determine that it has the ability to support life, scientists said. [13 Ways to Contact Intelligent Aliens]”(1)

“Advanced aliens who have made such a detection might try to send Earth a message to get in touch, the reasoning goes.”(1)

“But cosmic geometry dictates that Earth’s solar transits are visible from a limited swath of the sky — a sliver Heller and co-author Ralph Pudritz, a professor of physics and astronomy at McMaster University in Canada, dub the “transit zone.”(1)

And a video for your viewing pleasure:

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