Redshift Technology: The Fraud Factor…

In physics, redshift happens when light or other electromagnetic radiation from an object is increased in wavelength, or shifted to the red end of the spectrum. In general, whether or not the radiation is within the visible spectrum, “redder” means an increase in wavelength – equivalent to a lower frequency and a lower photon energy, in accordance with, respectively, the wave and quantum theories of light.(1)

Some redshifts are an example of the Doppler effect, familiar in the change of apparent pitches of sirens and frequency of the sound waves emitted by speeding vehicles. A redshift occurs whenever a light source moves away from an observer. Another kind of redshift is cosmological redshift, which is due to the expansion of the universe, and sufficiently distant light sources (generally more than a few million light years away) show redshift corresponding to the rate of increase in their distance from Earth.(1)

“Any practice that is fraudulent cannot be scientific. The word “science”, we recall, comes for the root “scire” which means “to Know”. True science therefore cannot rest its conclusions on any technology that can be computer manipulated to produce data than can make or break a ruling paradigm such as Big Bangism. The stakes are too high, the temptation too great, the manipulation too easy…to allow the fox to be in charge of this hen house…”(2)

“So…is Redshift Technology as applied by the Origins fixated agenda of the Space Program a fact-producing enterprise devoted to revealing truly factual (scientific) evidence about the cosmos? Or, is it merely another fraudulent use of technology that is being employed deceitfully to uphold those three essentials of the “Origins Program” and fulfill the Kabbalistic “creation” account behind them?”(2)

“Given the huge role of the Hubble Telescope in establishing the ages and distances involved in the makeup of the universe in the Big Bang Paradigm, let’s go beyond the overview given of Edwin Hubble in Part II where it was noted that he vacillated frustratingly between championing and rejecting an expanding universe caused by a Big Bang. Consider this from The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada:

“Hubble concluded that his observed log N(m) distribution showed a large departure from Euclidean geometry, provided that the effect of redshifts on the apparent magnitudes was calculated as if the redshifts were due to a real expansion. A different correction is required if no motion exists, the redshifts then being due to an unknown cause. Hubble believed that his count data gave a more reasonable result concerning spatial curvature IF the redshift correction was made assuming NO RECESSION [i.e., no expansion]. To the very end of his writings he maintained this position, favoring (or at the very least keeping open) the model where no true expansion exists, and therefore that the redshift “represents a hitherto unrecognized principle of nature”. 2 [This viewpoint is emphasized in several of Hubble’s books, papers, and lectures….]  [Note: Emphasis added to quotations throughout….]”(2)

“When one recalls that the Zionist concept comes from the same mystic Kabbala as the Big Bang Paradigm, and that super-Zionist Einstein was the catalyst in finalizing monopolistic control over cosmology by Theorists (i.e., false scientists), an agenda emerges that clearly has nothing to do with true science except to distort it and use it as the perfect tool in fulfilling that all-but-hidden agenda. Whether Hans Bethe, Max Born, Niels Bohr, Arno Penzias, Carl Sagan, and NASA’s present head and author of the “Origins Program”, Mr. Goldin (and numerous other lesser known Jewish scientists) have been instrumental in keeping control of cosmology in the hands of the “Theorists” because they too have supported Kabbalist Zionism and its “creationist” scenario, others can investigate. What is certain is that lifting the Kabbala’s Big Bang Paradigm out of the “ify” hypothesis category and putting it in the unapproachable light of “scientific fact”–and keeping it there!–is a goal of such knowledge-shaping importance that using any means to assure success and prevent exposure has been and will be employed.”(2)


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