Origins Of The Heliocentric Hoax

“The metaphysical Kabbala is the chicken; modern Big Bang Cosmology is the egg that it laid; and “science” is the name of the dish that has been served to the world to answer all of man’s questions about the origin of the universe, the Earth, and mankind.

How so? Let’s see….

The beginning, the root, the bottom line of all that is called “knowledge” rests on what people believe to be the Truth about the origin of all that exists. That includes the Universe and all that is in it, including most especially the Earth, all plant and animal life, and mankind itself.

This obvious Truism about origins is basically beyond argument. One can’t start back any further than the origin of everything when building a knowledge bank. Consequently, the single most important spiritual and intellectual pursuit for mankind today is to search out, identify, evaluate, separate, and eliminate the deceptions that are confusing mankind over what the Truth is about the origins of the Universe and all that is in it, ourselves included.“(1)

“Mankind’s “knowledge” today about the origins of the Universe, the Earth and all life forms is dictated by a Theoretical Science Establishment which we have all naively presumed to be a wholly secular, non-Religious, purely scientific operation. That presumption was wrong. The result of this naiveté from Copernicus to Newton to Darwin to Einstein to Sagan is that this allegedly secular “knowledge” that rules in the schools and universities and all forms of media is the dominant creation scenario of the religion of Kabbala-based Judaism that has been made into textbook fact by a Theoretical Science Establishment based on occult math and fraudulent use of computer technology.

Today’s “science” model of the origin of the Universe (incl. the Earth and mankind) is a Model that is derived from a “holy book” (Kabbala) which is a part of the Religion of Judaism. “Science” fulfills the creation scenario of the Religion of Pharisaic Judaism as taught in one of their holy books, namely, the Zohar/Kabbala. Modern Cosmology is nothing more than the fulfillment of another “creation scenario” from another holy book of another Religion. The Big Bang Paradigm is a creation scenario derived from a religious sect of Judaism as expressed in one of its holy books called the Kabbala, and this religion is being taught as science everywhere with tax monies.

The matter of motive behind this massive deception is readily at hand. All accounts acknowledge that–along with the Talmud — the Kabbala-based religion of the Pharisees is overtly and vehemently anti-Christian. As such, it therefore has motive for seeking to undermine the credibility of the Bible by effectively barring the teaching of the scientific evidence which simultaneously supports the Biblical Creation Account and destroys the creation account of the Kabbalist Rabbis. (The celebrated Kabbalist Rabbi Nachmanides himself was exiled from Spain–over two hundred years before the mass expulsion of Jews–because of his virulent anti-Christian teachings.)

The first fact is this: The Origins Scenario endorsed by the Theoretical Science Establishment today (heliocentricity, Relativity, Big Bangism, 15 billion years of evolutionism, Expanding Universe, etc.) is rooted in 1st, 13th, 16th, and 20th century–Kabbalism (Cabalism).”(1)

“Fact two: The success of this Kabbala-based Origins Scenario as “science” is directly attributable to the careful hiding of the fact that it is derived from a religion devoted to anti-Christian (and anti-Moslem) Rabbinic teachings. This religion has cleverly disguised itself as “theoretical science” and–through fraudulent use of technology and occult mathematics –has fooled the world thereby.

Fact three: All descriptions and definitions of Kabbalism given by Rabbis, dictionaries, and encyclopedias acknowledge that it is a mystical religion, steeped in secrecy and hidden meanings which, allegedly, only a chosen few can decipher and understand. Can any honest and intelligent Truth seeker trust and follow a handful of contradictory “adepts” who are so “illuminated” that their wisdom must be kept secret lest the “unwashed masses” spoil it?  Spare us all from such crapology!

Fact four: As noted in several links, the Copernican Revolution paved the way for the success of the Darwinian Revolution, and both in turn provided the basis for Marxism, Freudianism, Einsteinism, Penziasism, and Saganism. Einstein saved Copernicanism which was under serious attack from the 1880’s till Einstein’s (and Rabbis Nachmanides’ and Luria’s!) “Relativity” concept came out in 1905 and 1916, and which had completely conquered the Theoretical Science Establishment by Big Al’s death in 1955.

Then Arno Penzias provided liftoff for the Big Bang Paradigm in 1965 (after LeMaitre, Gamow et al had done the early spadework. The Copernicanism that Einstein rescued from ignominious exposure is the linchpin, the keystone of the whole of modern cosmology; the very linchpin that was described in the Kabbala over seven centuries ago…300 years before Copernicus. (See: Kabbala Part II.) Pull out the linchpin…knock out that keystone! The Truth about the role of Copernicanism in this diabolical superstring of deceptions will force open the door for a Revolution the likes of which the world has never seen, a door that cannot be shut.

Fact five: As with physicist Schroeder’s support of the Big Bang Origins Scenario and his acknowledgment that Nachmanides described the concept in the 13th century, other Jewish scholars view the success of the Big Bang Model as a confirmation of the brilliance and spirit-let conclusions of the revered Rabbi. Note:

Both the Ramban [Nachmanides]…and the Rambam Moreh Nebuchim…agree that there was only a single act of creation, at the first moment of the ‘six days’, and everything else, (light, stars, moon, life) was created from that primordial creation.

The Ramban, who refers to what he writes on creation as coming from ‘hidden’ knowledge, says that this initial creation was something so small and without physical form. This idea that everything originated from a singular point in the universe is what science calls The Big Bang!

Fact six: Modern Theoretical Science says Nachmanides’ Big Bang Paradigm is the true concept and that this is proven by its dominance of the astrophysical sciences and, more still, by the hidden knowledge expressed by Nachmanides which is thereby deemed proof that G-d gave him the concept because “science” now agrees with him (and other aggressively anti-Christ Rabbis we shall meet).

Fact seven: Here is a commentator who mentions Rabbi Nachmanides and proceeds to tell of another Kabbalist–a 1st century (!) “sage”–who arrived at the same age for the universe from the beginning till now that cosmologists today assure us is a purely “scientific” truth about the matter. Note:

“In a string of Hebraic sages, the 2nd greatest Rabbi, known as the Ramban [Nachmanides], born in 1194, was a philosopher, poet, scholar, physician and Kabbalist. His work has been held in high esteem for centuries, as high as Zohar. Another, Nechunya ben HaKanah, a 1st century Kabbalist, asserted that if you knew how to use the 42 letter name for God you could decipher a lengthy time between the creation of the universe and of man. He estimated the age of the Universe at 15.3 billion years, some 2000 years ago, the very age modern astrophysics have just arrived at.”  (, p.7)”(1)

“In that 13th century not only the esteemed RambaN, Nachmanides–along with Ibn Ezra–revealed that both Talmudists and Kabbalists were active (some 300 years before Copernicus) in resurrecting the rotating, orbiting Earth concept of Aristarchus. This concept, of course, was a necessary first step not only on the road to bashing the credibility of Biblical Geocentrism and hence the credibility of the whole Bible and the Biblical God, but also the first step toward removing the Earth from any special role in the universe, paving the way for evolutionism and its offspring, and ultimately justifying the Big Bang Paradigm being floated by the same handful of Rabbinic “sages”.

“Nachmanides, (The RambaN NOT RambaM) in his commentary of Parshat Beraishit says on the phrase “And it was evening and it was morning, one day” (Chap. 1, 5 [Gen.]) that some scholars explain that “one day” is a reference to the rotation of the spherical earth in 24 hours, and every moment there is a morning somewhere on earth and night in the opposite place. The scholars he is referring to are the Ibn Ezra’s commentary on this same verse and Rambam [Maimonides] (Moreh Nebuchim, 2, 30)

“…this is amazing! Not only do we have here, the idea that the Earth is a sphere and not flat, but that sunrise and sunset is caused by the earth’s rotation, not by a moving sun, –many years before science discovered this….”7

Moving ahead some 300 years we read in McLean’s “Kabbalistic Cosmology and its Parallels in the ‘Big-Bang’ of Modern Physics” about…

“…the strange parallels between the late 16th century reformation of kabbalistic cosmology that arose through the insights of Isaac Luria, and the recent formulation of the ‘big-bang’ into the so-called ‘inflationary model’ of cosmic creation. Although the formulation of these two cosmologies was separated by some 400 years [Luria’s time], we can recognize that they addressed the same problem, that of the emanation of the cosmos out of nothing…. In a strange way the physicists of today have come to retrace  the philosophical and theosophical steps taken by kabbalists 400 years ago.” 8  [and 750 years ago…and 1950 years ago!!: Ed.]

A “Short Essay on Lurianic Kabbalah” by Yakov Leib HaKohain underscores Luria’s role in this strange parallel:

“Isaac Luria (1534-1572)…or “Divine Rabbi Isaac,” was, and remains to this day, unarguably the greatest Kabbalist in world history. His doctrines… anticipated virtually word-for-word–or at the very least, concept for concept–the theory of the “Big Bang” origins of the universe in astrophysics….

Put simply, [Luria’s] doctrine of Sheviret HaKelim states (as does also 20th century Big-Bang theory) that the Universe (i.e., the Unity of God) was shattered at the moment of mundane creation. From this cataclysm, “Holy Sparks” flew off in all directions, some returning to their Source, others falling into the world of “things” and “beings….”9

One cannot help but conclude that:

  1. The Big Bang, Heliocentricity and Relativity-dependent, Expanding Universe Evolutionary Model of today’s cosmologists parallels the “creation” model presented by ancient Rabbinical writings in the Kabbala.
  2. This parallelism involves the gradual but unmistakable rejection of the Christian and Islamic and Orthodox Judaic world view of the origin of all that exists. It involves the replacement by an origins scenario derived from the writings of a handful of Rabbinic “sages” who have presented a naturalistic and purposeless world view of the origin of all things, a world view which has gradually, obviously, and incontestably been fulfilled over several centuries from Copernicus to the present day by the claims of a Theoretical Science Establishment.
  3. This incredible sea change in mankind’s concept of the origins of himself and all else that exists–the very cornerstone of all knowledge–is too strange, too foundational to the Truth about God and Creation to be explained by coincidence.
  4. Since natural explanations cannot account for a phenomenon of this magnitude and importance, supernatural explanations must be sought to resolve this mega-conundrum to end all mega-conundrums. And, indeed, as seen, any number of Jewish commentators who are aware of the ancient Kabbalist descriptions of today’s Big Bang Paradigm are attributing supernatural prophet-like status to those “sages” who described such a paradigm centuries before a Theoretical Science Establishment turned their Kabbalic “creation scenario” into textbook hardened “fact”.
  5. The question of whether this is the correct supernatural interpretation of the phenomenon or whether it isn’t is a question that begs to be resolved for Jew and non-Jew alike, whatever the cost may be.
  6. The fundamental question that must be asked and answered to achieve that resolution is this: Is the admitted fulfillment of the Kabbalist “creation scenario” by today’s Big Bang Cosmology the Truth, or, is it a Deception of unmatched scope and deviltry in the entire history of the world?(2)

“It is hard to believe that “the religion of Judaism” could be as fragmented as it is in a total world population of only 20 million or so and still manage to give the impression that it is unified on the matter of religion.

It is even harder to grasp that the secretive, barely heard-of sect of Kabbalism embodies the doctrines that have succeeded in establishing an evolution-based “creation scenario” as a “scientific fact” that has crippled and almost destroyed the creation scenario of the Bible, long held by Orthodox Jews and Bible Christians to be inviolable. (The creation scenario of Islam given in the Koran is very similar to that in the Biblical account and, as such, is equally nullified by the triumph of the Kabbala-taught Relativistic Big Bang Fifteen Billion Year Old Expanding Universe Paradigm. Thus–since Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism can co-exist with this Paradigm–Kabbala/Talmud-based Judaism is virtually triumphant in establishing its “Origins Scenario” as the world’s standard belief about the Origin of all that exists.)”(3)

The Pharisees and Hasidic Denominations

“How many [Hasidic] groups are there? Hard to tell….I suppose if you count all the smaller groups, there are a couple hundred or so.” 2

“A couple of hundred “denominations”! That’s a lot! And we haven’t even gotten to some of the other sects.! Actually, these and all groups that will be named– except the Karaites– “come from the 1st century sects which included the Pharisees, Sadducees, the Zealots (?), and the Essenes. Of these, only the Pharisees survived, and all Jewish groups today are descended from them.

Since the Pharisee sect is the main one that called for Jesus’ crucifixion, and since it is alive and well in all Jewish groups today, that information seems a rather pertinent factor to weigh in if one is to look for a suspect as to who or what and how the creation scenarios of Christianity, Islam, and Pentateuch-based Judaism attributed to Moses could gradually be destroyed and replaced by a Big Bang creation scenario attributed to Kabbalist Rabbis (Rebbes) HaKana,  Nachmanides, Luria, et al.

Is the triumph of today’s Big Bang Paradigm–which is certified by a Theoretical Science Establishment–a clear confirmation that those ancient mystic Rabbis and Rebbes were supernaturally gifted sages and prophets of God? That’s what Kabbalists are saying. Or, is that triumph–which is smashing the cornerstone of Bible credibility and hence of Christianity–a long-laid, supernaturally motivated strategy to destroy the Bible’s Credibility and replace the Creation Account with the Kabbala-confirming “creation” scenario.

As no one can deny–mumbo jumbo or not–this Kabbalic age of the universe (15+ billion years) is the guiding “fact” in today’s cosmology. Nor can it be denied that this “fact” has the multiple effects of: a) Establishing a Kabbalic foundation for the Origin of the Universe and all that is in it; b) Destroying not only the credibility of the Biblical Creation Account (and the Koranic Account), but also the credibility of all the Bible’s teachings right on through the New Testament of Jesus Christ; c) Not just crippling virtually all opposition from Bible-honoring Christians, but also enlisting their most powerful Zionist controlled leaders in bringing about not only their own self-destruction but that of Bible-based Christianity itself.

Such is the real agenda and accomplishments of Kabbalistic “science” in the world today… even if many old-line Orthodox Jews aren’t aware of it.

Moreover–as seen earlier–the size of the Universe is now determined by the dictates of the Kabbala. That book–in addition to outlining the “Relativity” concept to allow the 15+ billion year age of the Universe–also outlines the Big Bang and Expanding Universe concepts which give license to claim billions of light year distances to the stars. Both of these myths about the age and size of the Universe have been brought to fruition by a Theoretical Science Establishment which has used NASA’s “Origins Program” to establish the Kabbala’s reign over all “science”.

This victorious trampling of real science, common sense, and the Bible began with “The Copernican Revolution” which–300 hundred years before Copernicus– was resurrecting Aristarchus and being taught in the Kabbala. That Revolution was completed by using ever more occult Pythagorean mathematics and unabashed manipulation of technology…particularly since the computer revolution.

The almost anarchic doctrinal fragmentation within the religion of Judaism belies the fact that the Big Bang “creation scenario” of the Kabbala dominates in practically all the sects (just as it does in Christian “denominations”). What ultimately matters in religions is the credibility of their Creation Accounts. All else stands or falls on that foundation. It stands there because those “Creation Accounts” determine the nature and character of the Designer God behind the ineffable design in all that exists.

Therefore, Kabbalist Judaism has done something far beyond supplanting real science and establishing a pseudo-scientific evolutionary “Creation Scenario” in its place as the standard for the whole world and all its religions. Surpassing that feat (which is pure deception, i.e., religion claiming to be science!) is the replacement of the Creator God of Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and even Islam with the illusory, indifferent, impersonal, and mystical g-d of the Kabbala who offers nothing to those who extol him/it.”(3)

“This useless g-d that has been pushed on the world by a Theoretical Science Establishment fulfilling a Kabbalic counterfeit of the Bible’s creation account is, at bottom, an anti-intellectual, illogical, and demonstrably ridiculous concept. The goal of this concept is to establish their version of a “Messianic Kingdom”, that is to say, a One World Government, under their control, headquartered in Jerusalem.

So, having secured their pseudo-scientific evolution-based mythology as the ruling Origins Paradigm in the “science” textbooks of the world, Kabbalic Judaism is in firm control not only of all Jewish religion, it is just as firmly in control of the most powerful wing of Christian Fundamentalism.”(3)

“Though he doesn’t say so in his comments about the Kabbala, Avram Yehoshua appears to be a Jew who has made a genuine conversion to Biblical Christianity. As such, he is of course anathema to Judaism (counted as dead actually), and his observations deemed worse than useless.

On the other hand, one could say that here is an insider who knows the truth about Kabbala and can tell it like it is. With that latter view in mind we can begin with his assessment of Kabbalism in the spirit that there should be something instructive to Jew and Gentile alike who are looking for insight into the matter.

In his lead paragraph taken from an Internet essay entitled simply “Kabbalah”, Yehoshua says:

“Kabbalah is an attempt on the part of some Jewish men and women to seek the God of Israel through mystical and Gnostic means. For many centuries it was well outside normative Judaism, although today it has permeated into Orthodox Judaism and also claims many ‘secular’ Jewish (and Gentile[!]) adherents. Kabbalah is a counterfeit of Satan…. 1 [p.1]

Kabbalah is a mixture of demonic activity, pagan philosophy, gnosticism and the Hebrew Bible. Kabbalah is the mystical religious stream in Judaism… In all periods it was influenced by foreign spiritual currents, such as gnosticism and neo-platonism…. [p. 1]

…Kabbalah is nothing more than gnosticism with a Jewish twist to it…. [p. 2]

‘Jewish mysticism’ was picked up in Babylon. It was Babylonian paganism (the basis for gnosticism), that some Jewish men living in Babylon adopted and adapted to the Hebrew Bible…giving Babylonian gnosticism its ‘Jewish clothes’… [p.2]

In his “Introduction to the Kabbalah Unveiled”, author Mathers states:

“…The practical Quabalah deals with talismanic and ceremonial magic…. 4

Nesta Webster cites 17th century Cabalist and English Rosicrucian, Robert Fludd, who classified [magic] under various headings…: 1) Natural magic….that most occult and secret department of physics by which the mystical properties of natural substances are extracted; 2) Mathematical magic, which enables adepts in the art to ‘construct marvelous machines by means of their geometrical knowledge’; 3) Benefic Magic ‘is familiar, with potions, philitre, and with various preparations of poisons.’ [pp. 1, 2]

…all these have passed into the realms of science and are no longer regarded as magical arts…. [p, 2]

David Conway states in ‘Ritual Magic’, that there are many manuscripts related to the esoteric teachings referred to in the Talmud and more importantly the writing of Kabbalah…. [p, 2]

The chief book of the Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah (Book of Creation) is considered to be older than the Talmud simply by the fact that in the Talmud the Rabbis are described as studying it for magical purposes….” [p, 2]

Regarding that “chief book of the Kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah,” we read elsewhere:

“The Tarot images are derived from the astrological-formative symbolism of the Sepher Yetsira. The planetary correspondences were ‘encoded’ to minimize the appearance of Jewish alphabetic influence…. 5

The images of the Tarot are derived from the inner meanings of the Hebrew alphabet as specified by the astrological, alpha-numeric and grammatical symbolism of the Sepher Yetsira…. [p, 1]

The images of the Tarot are derivative signs pointing to the cosmological signifiers of the ‘alphabet of creation’, and are thus based in a Jewish tradition at least two thousand years old, and if we listen to the qabala, much older. The tradition…was always hidden deeply within an orally-transmitted esoteric Jewish heritage. [p. 2]

This tradition produced the Tarot in the late 14th or early 15th century, as a set of pictorial ‘flashcards’ containing the basic symbolism of the Sepher Yetsira’s astrological and formative letter correspondences…[p. 2]

A century ago, there might have been some excuse for largely ignoring the ancient Hebrew tradition underlying the Tarot…we no longer have that excuse.”[p.5]

With just a few references, we note here a couple of additional secret societies with deep connections to Kabbalism, connections which would fill books:

Note this from “Israel Messianic Expectations, Freemasons Masonic Conspiracy…”

“Kabbalah, the secret doctrine of the Rosicrucians, also describes the Messianic Kingdom as a period of forced conversions of the Gentiles to Judaism. We know from occult sources and from Scripture that there will be a counterfeit fulfillment of Bible prophecy so convincing that even the elect might be deceived, if that were possible (Matt.24:24). 8

Are Christians presently being conditioned for future conversion to Judaism via the Hebrew Roots and Messianic Movements? [p, 2]

…there is abundant evidence that the Vatican has been infiltrated and is now under the firm control of the Freemasonic syndicate…. Some of the more traditional Catholic publications…provide a most interesting history of the Masonic takeover of the Vatican…. [p. 2](4)

“Most Jews–by their own admission–realize and accept the fact that their Talmud and Kabbala outrank the Bible in all doctrinal matters. And, as we’ve just seen (and could see a lot more!), it is understood–at least in Rabbinic circles–that those tomes reflect the same Pharisaic disdain for Gentiles, the same arrogant propensity to make themselves equal with God, and the same rejection of Jesus and His teachings that they had when they called for His crucifixion. He taught that God abhorred their subversion of His Old Covenant with their endless ordinances, confusing legalistic distortions, profiteering, and insistence upon a conquering Messiah who would accept them the way they were and would make them world rulers. Instead, Jesus came with other messages they would not hear then and will not hear now…at least not until certain New Testament prophecies are fulfilled. All of this brings up the subject of the Messiah:

With scores and scores of “sects” under the broad designation of “Judaism”, there are several different concepts about the Messiah matter. Maimonides’ “…principle is accepted by Orthodox Jews. Conservative Jews vary in their beliefs, some affirming a personal messiah, while others affirm a messianic era…. Through the doctrine of a Messianic figure, Judaism teaches us that every individual…has the responsibility to bring about the messianic age…. Reconstructionist Jews reject the idea that God can send a personal messiah or bring about a messianic age…” 9

Since none of the “denominations” of Judaism has the “Messiah Concept” that Bible Christianity has, it is to be expected that there can never be any genuine rapprochement between the two religions. The oft-heard talk of a “Judeo-Christian Heritage” among duped Dispensationalists is really a self-destructing hyphenation. The central theme of Christianity is that Jesus is the Biblically prophesied Messiah Who was rejected and condemned to death by the Pharisees… Nothing has changed. Modern day Pharisaic Kabbalist/Talmudic counterparts hate Him and the New Testament Church and have succeeded in a hundred ways toward fulfilling their goal of destroying what they failed to destroy 2000 years ago.

With few Jews remaining who hold on to a personal God who interacts with all who seek Him, the reality of the controlling Messiah Concept of Judaism is that it is the Zionist State of Israel. As with the fact that modern day evolutionary “science” –as envisioned by the Ramban Nachmanides long ago–has been brought to pass through the chicanery of a Theoretical Science Establishment, so has Maimonides’ vision of a Messianic Zionist State been brought to pass through the chicanery of evolution-grounded Social and Behavioral “Science” Bible-bashers from Marx and Engles and Freud to the present day. The fruit of this communist-socialist-Kabbalist brainwashing has produced the political, historical, economic, and psychological landscape that has made possible the Kabbalist vision of a Messianic State under the control of Zionist Israel a de facto reality today and one all set to become the prophesied de jure seat of global control tomorrow (Rev. 11:8).(5)

“The clever doctrinal twisting about “end time” matters has succeeded in turning a good percentage of Christian Fundamentalist Evangelicals into synthetic Zionist Pharisees. But that is a bridge that was engineered to self-destruct when no longer needed, so its success is only a temporary phenomenon.

Then, of course, there is the Vatican-led ecumenical siren call that has now abandoned all pretense of being scripturally motivated. Rather, it smilingly proffers its “let’s all get under one umbrella” message to Protestants (“separated brethren”), Moslems, Judahites, Hindus, Druids, whatever…. But again, this is an illusory bridge-building operation designed to unite disparate groups in something “religious”…with minimal regard for what the Bible says. This cozy “unity” concept will keep folk’s minds off of challenging the evolutionary nonsense with which Rome and practically everybody else has compromised. This will prevent anybody from discovering the demonstrable root cause of the hostile takeover of Christianity by the g-d of the Talmud/Kabbala operating through a False Science Establishment.

The agenda of this new breed of cautiously overt Talmud/ Kabbala-based Theoretical Scientists is to finalize a deal with Bible Christians which is designed to bridge the unbridgeable gap that prohibits a rapprochement–much less marriage– between the two. As with the hijacking and Kabbalaising of much of Fundamentalist Christendom by joining it at the theological hip with Zionist/Kabbalist Dispensationalist Millennialism, this other attempt to appease Bible Creationists–by claiming to accept as Biblical both a six day Creation and one that has simultaneously taken over 15 billion years–is the slickest bridge-building hornswoggle of all…and one that will be recognized for what it is as we proceed….

A g-d who is counted able to create everything even over 15 billion years and cares nothing for his creation… mankind in particular is, realistically and reasonably speaking, worthy of no honor or worship or even acknowledgment. Except for one thing, such a g-d is of no realistic or reasonable use or benefit to mankind whatsoever! That one thing is a license to live without moral restraint, to be one’s own judge and god. This was not the God of the Hebrew Fathers and it is not the God of Christians.

Yet, therein, lies the real goal and agenda of Talmudism/Kabbalism, viz., to rid the mind of man of any thought that the Loving God of the Bible Who offers an eternal heaven on a New Earth is truly a reasonable expectation for rational mankind.

You don’t want your life to be regulated by that old Biblical God, the Talmud/Kabbala g-d says. He’s so intolerant! You want to be a homosexual? He says that’s wrong and you can change…and He will help you change if you want to be in His Eternal Kingdom. But our Talmud/Kabbala g-d is not like that! He encourages homosexuality and any other sex you can imagine, because he’s tolerant. If you want to steal stuff or screw people over in and out of court, it’s all right; just don’t do it to Jews, ok? Many of them believe in this tolerant g-d and want to rid the world of that intolerant One, especially that Jesus impostor. May he “boil in excrement in hell forever for mocking the Rabbis”(as the tolerant g-d of the Talmud teaches: Gittin 56b).

What then? Is this Talmud/Kabbala “do what you want” g-d—-to be declared the victor in this ancient warfare between the Biblical God and the Talmud/Kabbala g-d of the Pharisees, both then and now? It looks that way, doesn’t it? Consider these facts:

Historians were already calling the last decade or so of the 20th century the Post-Christian Era.

Humanistic anti-Christ Talmud/Kabbalism (i.e., Phariseeism/Judaism) controls the Physical Sciences, the Natural Sciences, the Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Arts, and even most of the evangelical wing of Biblical Christianity.

That means what even a modest research effort will confirm, namely, that academia and all major media outlets, print and otherwise, are avid proselytizers of anti-Christ Phariseeism…most without the foggiest idea of what they are doing.

That since the Rothschilds in the 17th century started loaning money to Governments, control of global economic power has come to rest in an inordinate measure in the hands of an elite within the tiny Jewish population.

Likewise–since the excesses of the French Revolution–the march toward Global political control has manifested itself in socialism, communism, and the more warm and fuzzy “humanism”. All of these politico-economic philosophies are atheistic or agnostic at bottom. Thus they are totally dependent upon the Bible-bashing success of Kabbalistic “science” which led Nietzsche to opine as early as the mid 1880’s: “God is dead. We have killed him with our science.”

In lockstep with the Global Control aspirations of the Secret Societies of Kabbalism and Talmudism are numerous other Secret Societies. Some examples are: Freemasonry, the Vatican II Cabal, Rosicrucianism, the Templars, the Club of Rome, Scientology, the Bohemian Club. the Tavistok Institute, a host of UN surrogates, the Bilderburgers, the Cheeseburgers, etc., etc. ALL secret societies are conspiratorial. Else, why secret?? There is not a one of these secret societies that isn’t dependent on Kabbalistic Cosmology to silence the Biblical God and pave the way for the One World Government now barking at the door…. Not one.

The dominant Judaic concept of a “Messianic Age” is merely a time when the Jews rule the world from Jerusalem. Talmudic/Kabbalic Pharisees have been trying to bring such a rule to pass since the Babylonian Captivity. It is a wonderful thing in their view, and nearly consummated.

Anyway, either way you go, Rabbinic or Biblical, a World Rule is in the short range forecast. It comes to power looking good, with all sorts of utopian propaganda, and with the vigorous support of duped Christian Zionists… plus a host of equally duped liberal secularists soaked to the last brain cell in evolutionary mythology. I’ve been there an done that and know whereof I speak! That evolutionary underpinning is at once the reason for the approaching triumph of this New World Order and the reason for its sudden, total, and irreversible unmasking. The warning being sounded here is not being given so that people –Jew and Gentile alike–can shape up and stop all this from happening. Oh no! We can all forget that! It is going to happen and nothing is going to stop it!

As an explanation for how life started on Earth, Darwinism is dead, as even the most devout evolutionists–Drs. Schroeder, Wickramasinghe, Hoyle, etc. all–certify. As the “scientific” explanation for the Origin of life on Earth, Darwinism is passé. Forget it. Extra-terrestrial evolutionism is the name of the Origins game now and that game is 100% reliant upon acceptance of Kabbalic Big Bang Cosmology which, in turn, is 100% reliant upon the continued acceptance of the rotating, Sun-orbiting heliocentricity model of the Earth!”(6)

“Could the Kabbalist Cosmological Paradigm of a 15 billion year old universe with all its layered assumptions have been brought to its present state of global acceptance without there first having been a change of the non-moving Earth of the Bible into the rotating and orbiting earth of “Copernican” heliocentricity?? In other words, has the whole development of an evolution-based Origins Concept of all that exists in heaven and Earth been dependent upon a belief that the Earth is moving? And is that evolution-based Concept impossible if–as the Bible teaches and true science confirms–the Earth is not moving? Let’s see….

First of all Ben HaKana, a 1st century Kabbalist using a 42 letter name for God estimated a 15 billion year old universe. Also Kabbalist Nachmanides outlined Relativity, a Big Bang, and an Expanding Universe (and Zionism and Dispensationism!) in the 13th century. Then, in that same century, that same Nachmanides also revived the rotating, orbiting Earth concept of Aristarchus from the 3rd century BC.

Copernicus, of course, is given the credit for launching the earth moving heliocentricity model with the publication of his book in 1543. But it’s quite clear that Nachmanides was reviving the same idea three centuries earlier. Why, one wonders, is the launching of this Bible-torpedoing concept called “The Copernican Revolution” rather than “The Nachmanian Revolution”?

One answer–sufficient unto itself–is at hand: As with the contents of the Talmud, Kabbalist writings have always been tightly guarded secrets from the non-Rabbinic world. Occasionally down through the centuries some of those contents became known (and usually played a role in the sufferings experienced by lay Jews in many countries). But it has only been in very recent times that a computer-generated information avalanche has exposed the scathingly anti-Bible teachings of the Talmud and Kabbala that cannot easily be sluffed off or explained away.

No strangers to hidden, secretive stuff, the Pope and several Catholic heavyweights, nevertheless, did not immediately squelch Copernicus’ book in 1543. The concept was spread all around rather freely for over 70 years before the Roman Church took a stand behind Scripture and all that was actually known scientifically. So the “Copernican” Revolution was percolating all over Europe and beyond with minimal official resistance for a half century and more. True, the nascent Protestant Movement under Luther and later Calvin and others opposed the concept vigorously and continued the fight–as did Rome–until the Newtonian gravitational sorcery slowed the objections to an occasional protest.

Aside from being secretive information known only to Kabbalist insiders, the stage was not properly set for the reception of so radical an attack on the Bible in Nachmanides’ day as it was in Copernicus’ day. A re-birth of ancient Greek and Roman pre-Christian and anti-Christian culture had to sweep the ruling classes of 14th and 15th century Europe to prepare the way. By the time Copernicus’ book was published near mid 16th century, the Renaissance had already reached its peak.

Riding the first waves of the Copernican Revolution in the 1550’s, 60’s, and 70″s was Kabbalist Isaac Luria. He understood how fellow Kabbalist Nachmanides’ 13th century Big Bang Paradigm could actually be built upon the Copernican basis, and he promptly tied that understanding in with Kabbalist Ben HaKana’s 1st century calculation of a 15 billion year old universe…which only another Kabbalist would be privy to. (At first, it was not clear to me why Luria is given so much credit for “prophesying” Big Bangism 400 years ahead of its establishment. After all, Nachmanides had the same idea over 300 years before Luria did and he also understood that a Big Bang Cosmology could never be built without first establishing a contra-Biblical heliocentric foundation.  Luria, however, had the advantage of living at a time when a Gentile Churchman (Copernicus) would push that foundational moving-earth concept onto the world stage. The fact that Luria virtually pounced upon connecting the dots in the Rabbis HaKana and Nachmanides’ Big Bang Cosmological Paradigm 400 years before it was brought to fulfillment attests to the fortuitous launching of the necessary Copernican foundation to that Paradigm during his lifetime much more than any “prophetic” ability attached to him. Given the prospects of a “scientifically” accepted rotating earth model–and fortified with a centuries-old secret plan to destroy Bible Credibility by destroying its “Origins Scenario”–the path was cleared for Kabbalic “science” to conquer the Life Sciences with “evolutionism”. That done, Social and Behavioral “Sciences” and “Educational Psychology” and evolution based Christianity could proceed to transvaluate Christian morals and ethics until they conformed to Talmud/Kabbala morals and ethics.

Although Nachmanides understood that a heliocentricity model was the required first step on the road to legitimizing a relativistic, big bang, expanding universe cosmological fantasy which would establish eons of evolutionism and destroy all Bible credibility, he didn’t have the mathematical mechanism attached to Copernicanism that gave it “scientific” status. Luria was the right man in the right place at the right time (1534-1572) to declare something like this in the Kabbalic Inner-Sanctum: “Now we have the mechanism that can make the Cosmology of the sages work!”…in much the same way 300 years later that Karl Marx could write to Lassalle that Darwin’s book had given “the death blow to God” and further exult: “Darwin’s book…serves me as a basis for the class struggle [communism] in history.”3

The heliocentricity mechanism was the only concept that could remove the Earth from its glorious physical and spiritual centrality in a God-created universe and pave the way for evolutionism’s success. Barely three and a half generations after Darwin, a Saganesque Kabbalic Big Bang Expanding Universe 15 billion years old and 15 billion light years thick would be triumphant over Biblical Creationism forever. Yee Hah already, you Christian schmucks! Really, it was the only mechanism that could consign the Earth to being just one of billions of cosmic accidents produced in the “Origins Scenario” of esoteric Kabbalism whereby an explosion of a “substanceless substance” 15 billion years ago could become the accepted “scientific” explanation for the creation of all that exists and simultaneously destroy Bible Credibility from Genesis to Jesus.

There is no escaping this rudimentary fact that a revival of Aristarchus’ 3rd century B.C. heliocentricity model of a rotating, sun-orbiting Earth provided the only key that could release the occult scientism that would culminate in the establishment of the Kabbalist Origins Scenario now certified in textbooks worldwide. Equally inescapable is the conclusion that all evolutionary mythology–from the now- discarded Darwinian “primeval soup” nonsense to today’s extraterrestrial Panspermia goofiness–also required for its success the previous victory of heliocentricity over Biblical geocentrism. The success of Copernicanism has made all the rest possible…as Marx, Engels, Freud, Einstein, Gamow, Penzias, Sagan, et al realized, even if Christian Kabbalists do not. Just as surely as the whole mountain of false-science manufactured deception could only be erected on a moving Earth model, just so surely can the whole Cabal be brought to naught only by exposing the truth about that baseless model.

Lest one think that Talmudic/Kabbalic Jews are being singled out as the only pre-Copernican advocates for a moving Earth “Solar System” and the only ones promoting the Model after it was served up to the world in 1543, mention should be made of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464). After becoming interested in astronomy in 1444 Nicholas “purchased sixteen books” on the subject, and some equipment of the day, and began to theorize suspiciously like Nachmanides before him. For example, “…he claimed that the Earth moved round the Sun. He also claimed that the stars were other suns and that space was infinite. He also believed that the stars had other worlds orbiting them which were inhabited….”4

Whether any of those “sixteen books” included the heliocentric concept of Nachmanides from the Kabbala a couple of centuries earlier, it is doubtful that we will ever know. But since a Cardinal would have had access to rare writings that were available in his time before the printing press was invented, it’s likely that he knew of Nachmanides’ similar concepts. Certainly Copernicus (1473-1543) — himself a Churchman also–is known as early as 1514 to have been toying with the model that later bore his name. Almost certainly Copernicus was aware of Nicholas’ (and even Nachman’s) beliefs. For sure and certain he was aware of the heliocentricity hypothesis of Aristarchus (310-230 BC), for it is known that he gave credit for his indebtedness to that pre-Christian pagan in the prologue of his book…a note that was dropped from the publication itself in 1543.

So, not only Talmudic/Kabbalic Jews were pre-Copernican advocates for heliocentricity, and they certainly were not alone in pushing for its acceptance after 1543. Surely the pro-Copernican zeal of Protestant Kepler and Catholic Galileo et al equaled any that Kabbalist Isaac Luria et al may have held…albeit not secretly.

Regardless of who its proponents were–the steady replacement of Biblical Geocentrism with Copernican Heliocentricity accomplished five major things:

1) It torpedoed Bible Credibility amidships.

2) It set the stage for the Darwinian Revolution and all its offspring.

3) It provided a license to a Theoretical Science Establishment to subvert True Observational Science and to become the source of “truth” for “enlightened” people.

4) It sanctified the use of increasingly arcane/Cabalist mathematics and fraudulent use of technology to support its claim to be “science”.

5) It provided a way to cleverly move man’s concept of knowledge–anchored in his concept of the Origin of all things–from being Bible Based to being Kabbala based by presenting the change as something demanded by “secular science” with no “religious” connections.

Once, however, that Copernicanism achieved lift-off, others began to embrace similar ideas about extraterrestrialism. Kepler provides one of the better known examples. Writing of alleged moon dwellers, he said that they: “…have no settled dwellings, no fixed habitation: they wander in hordes over the whole globe in the space of one of their days…then they creep into caves…since we regard the spotted parts of the moon as cultivated, we shall assume that wild and barbaric bands of robbers inhabit the rough and mountainous territory….”

From those early musings about extraterrestrial life forms following the spread of the Copernican Revolution, we can see how the two concepts are interdependent and supportive of each other. Not even earth-bound evolutionism could have gotten off the ground masquerading as “science” if the Earth had remained stationary with the sun going around as the Bible teaches. It is no different now in the 21st century when a ubiquitous theme about evolved extraterrestrial life forms has swamped all media genres. Copernicanism is still the platform on which the whole Kabbalist Evolutionary Space Show “revolves around”, as it were.

Is it any wonder that the moving Earth “fact” is a “hands-off scientific truth” in the world today??! Is it any wonder that a non-moving Earth is a “hands-off Biblical error” in the Churches today??! This is the one single concept that will brook no challenge, secular or religious! Even professed Bible Fundamentalist Creationist Leaders stonewall against any attempt to bring them into the battle to defend plain stationary-earth, moving sun Scriptures and help expose the demonstrable symbiotic connection of Copernicanism to Evolutionism. Rather, these Leaders actually promote the heliocentricity model.

The final understanding that needs to sink in here is why modern day Kabbalist Kosmology could never have been pulled-off as it has been without the success of the Copernican Revolution.

Modern day cosmology exists solely on the Kabbalic principles that Heliocentrism, Relativism, Big Bangism, and an Expanding Universe define a cosmos that is 15-16 billion years old and has at least a 15 billion light year radius. That is today’s textbook Cosmological Paradigm straight up with no chaser.

These facts follow:

1) That Paradigm could never have been brought to pass without the gradual victory of the Copernican Model of a rotating, orbiting Earth over the Biblical Model of an immovable Earth with the sun going around daily.

2) The Paradigm will crash and burn when the world learns:

a) That heliocentricity is merely a mathematical model that proves nothing.

b) That there is no observational (i.e., “scientific”) proof that the Earth rotates or orbits the sun.

c) That the non-moving Biblical model of a stationary Earth can account for all known phenomena.

d) That the heliocentricity hypothesis is a necessary assumption for all the layers of deep space hypotheses piled upon it.

e) That the now-ruling hypothetical assumption in Cosmology today–the Big Bang Paradigm–is nothing more nor less than the fulfillment by a Theoretical Science Establishment of an Origins Scenario taken directly out of the religion of occult Kabbalism wherein Rabbinic leaders outrank Bible prophets and whose goal for two thousand years has been the destruction of Christianity.

All talk of there being no problem reconciling “science” and religion is pure hypocritical balderdash… disguised, of course, as tolerant good-will, etc. What people must get through their heads is that there is no “science” involved in this deceptive spiritual enterprise. None. What is being called “science” in this hostile takeover of Christianity is straight out of the openly anti-Christ religion of occult Kabbalism…enabled by a Talmudic license to stop all who resist the takeover.

So everybody needs to get that much clear just for starters! Today’s Cosmological Model that rules the academic world and every media outlet is nothing more nor less than the fulfillment of the Origins Scenario–i.e., the “Creation Scenario”–from a “holy book” called the Kabbala belonging to the religion of Pharisaic Judaism. That Origins Scenario–that “Creation Scenario”–has been brought to pass through the application of Talmud-endorsed lying, cheating, and hypocrisy applied through Virtual Reality deceptions, and fraudulent use of technology by a Theoretical Science Establishment upheld by all the above and by occult mathematics.

“Secular Science” is not deciding this Origins Issue. What is at issue is religion against religion, i.e., the g-d of Talmud/Kabbala against the God of the Bible.

If one insists that the issue is about “Science” when referring to the mutually exclusive Creation Models of the Kabbala and the Bible, one needs a definition of what “Science” is. All dictionaries agree that the root word of “Science” is the Latin scire which means: “to know”. There is one uncomplicated way of knowing something, and that way is to observe it and to note that no matter how many times that something is observed it always does the same thing. Observable and repeatable = Known, and Known = “science”. All else invites deception.

There is a foundational premise underlying both the Kabbalic Kosmological Model and the Biblical Cosmological Model. The Foundational Premise of the Kabbalic Kosmological Model is a daily rotating Earth, annually orbiting the sun. The Foundational Premise of the Biblical Cosmological Model is a stationary Earth with the sun going around daily.

So, since both models cannot be true, one must be true and one false. The Earth cannot be rotating and orbiting the sun and also be stationary with the sun going around it. One is true “Science” and the other is false “Science”.

“Seeing is believing” is an old adage that upholds the observational requirement for anything that is defined as known, i.e., as “scientific”. If no one has ever, ever, ever actually seen a “hypothetical something” about the Cosmos take place, can that “hypothetical something” be “known”? Obviously not. Can that “hypothetical something” be truly “scientific” if it is not known? Not according to “something” called a dictionary. It can be “science” falsely so called which causes man to err” (I Tim.6:20, 21), but it cannot be “true science”. [Today’s “science” is Orwellian doublespeak.]

Mindful of all that, the defining question about the Copernican Model is this: Has anyone throughout all of history ever “observed” the Earth to move… either rotationally or orbitally? The answer is No. People think it has been observed, but it has not, and anyone who says otherwise can quickly discover their error. But what about navigation and satellites, and the mathematical models of the moving earth, etc.? Don’t they “prove” the Earth is moving? Not the least. All those things work perfectly well with a non-moving Earth and geocentric math. In fact, boiled down, all so-called heliocentric math is the same as geocentric math or it wouldn’t work…as is admitted when calculating the precise features of solar eclipses.

So, by definition, the Copernican Heliocentricity Model of a universally accepted rotating, orbiting Earth is, in reality, an unobserved, unknown, and unscientific deception. It is not true “Science”–which is a wonderful thing–but is “science falsely so called” for the simple reason that it is built entirely upon the following seven assumptions which contradict what is observed and therefore what is known and therefore what is “Science”:

Eclipse Phenomena Reveals Heliocentricity Model To Be Built Purely On Assumptions

Note these seven assumptions required by the Helio Model that enables it to account for the precise phenomena required in Solar Eclipses:

  1. The Sun must cease its observed daily spiral orbit pattern around the Earth and become stationary relevant to the Earth and the Moon.

2. The Earth must rotate West to East ccw (counterclockwise) on an “axis” every 24 hours at an       equatorial speed of c. 1040 MPH.

3. The Earth must orbit the Sun ccw annually at an average speed of c. 67,000 MPH.

4. The Earth must be tilted on an “axis” at 23.5 degrees as it orbits the Sun.

5. The Earth’s atmosphere must be assumed to be just an airy extension of the alleged rotating Earth.

6. The Moon must change its observed E to W cw motion around the Earth [every 24 hours and 52 minutes average] to a W to E motion around the Earth every 29.5 days.

7. The observed motion of the Stars around the Earth nightly must cease in the Helio Model.

So, while there is no compelling scientific reason whatsoever for accepting a rotating, orbiting Earth, a stationary Sun and a Moon going backwards, etc, there is certainly a compelling “religious” reason for accepting all of that unobserved hypothetical chicanery…that edifice of assumptions! The Bible declares at least 67 times that it is the sun and not the Earth that moves. And the Biblical Model requires no assumptions for any of the phenomena in the “solar system”. But if that observable, i.e., “scientific” evidence from the Bible is accepted, then one can not endorse the Rabbinic Big Bang Paradigm without knowingly endorsing the Kabbalic Religion behind that Paradigm, and without knowingly rejecting the stationary Earth Paradigm of the Bible. The buck stops right there….

One essential leg of that Kabbalic Paradigm is the Einsteinian “Relativity” concept which was used to counteract the non-moving Earth results from scores of Interferometer tests. Relativity is simply a diabolical tool for getting rid of the truth about anything; scientific, moral, whatever. In modern physics its absurdity is reduced to Einstein’s own “thought experiment” which concludes that movement can be deceptive and–carried to its ultimate–one cannot say with finality whether it is a train or the train station that is moving!

Despite its utter factlessness then and today, the Copernican Model won out. Now our Earth is viewed as merely the product of accident-driven phenomena brought about by an explosion of a “cosmic egg”, by eons of time, by gravity, and by chemical interactions spontaneously generating life from non-living matter (now being carried to its farcical zenith by the latest “Panspermia” mythology.)

Jew or Gentile, religious and non-religious: Do you want your mind freed from this masquerade of false science orchestrated by a few dead Rabbis and Rebbes??”(7)


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