The Space Rockets Hoax

“It is impossible for rockets or any type of jet propulsion engines to work in the alleged non-atmosphere of vacuum space because without air/atmosphere to push against there is nothing to propel the vehicle forwards. Instead the rockets and shuttles would be sent spinning around their own axis uncontrollably in all directions like a gyroscope. It would be impossible to fly to the Moon or go in any direction whatsoever, especially if “gravity” were real and constantly sucking you towards the closest densest body.”(1)

“Rockets burn fuel and the exhaust is pressurized. When the exhaust is released its coming out at a high rate slamming into the atmosphere. It can’t move the atmosphere out of the way because there is too much of it so it moves the rocket instead. In the vacuum of space the exhaust is free to escape so there is no force applied to the rocket and the rocket will not propel. Its the same thing as a balloon rocket. The air coming out of it is pushing against the air outside of it creating a force. If you put it on wheels the balloon rocket will roll/propel across the floor or table. If you catch the air coming out of the balloon with a vacuum hose the car will not propel. NASA claims it should propel because it doesn’t need to push off of anything. They say its the ” unbalanced force inside the balloon that makes it move but the experiment proves them wrong. Rockets DO NOT work in space.”(2)

“If Earth were really a ball, there would be no reason to use rockets for flying into “outer-space” anyway because simply flying an airplane straight at any altitude for long enough should and would send you off into outer-space. To prevent their airplanes from flying tangent to the ball-Earth, pilots would have to constantly course-correct downwards, or else within just a few hours the average commercial airliner traveling 500mph would find themselves lost in “outer-space.” The fact that this never happens, artificial horizons remain level at pilot’s desired altitudes and do NOT require constant downwards adjustments, proves the Earth is not a ball.”(1)

“All NASA and other “space agencies” rocket launches never go straight up. Every rocket forms a parabolic curve, peaks out, and inevitably starts falling back to Earth. The rockets which are declared “successful” are those few which don’t explode or start falling too soon but make it out of range of spectator view before crashing down into restricted waters and recovered. There is no magic altitude where rockets or anything else can simply go up, up, up and then suddenly just start “free-floating” in space. This is all a science-fiction illusion created by wires, green-screens, dark pools, some permed hair and Zero-G planes.”(1)


(1) 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball   Eric Dubay



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