What Should We Eat For Optimal Health

For those who are interested in achieving and maintaining optimal health, there is a tremendous amount of confusing and misleading information to sift through. Many people, including myself, have tried numerous dietary approaches in order to find optimal health and have repeatedly come up short. Each of the diets claimed to be the best way for humans to eat and … Continue reading

How To Cure Food Poisoning

Folks…..It’s time to get on with the journey to optimal health and get back to basics with some common sense. The plain fact is that the predominant factor in achieving optimal health is…….THE FOOD. It’s the food folks, and yes, exercise and sunshine have their importance, but THE FOOD is the main event. The video below sums it up complete … Continue reading


Many of the people reading this post are here because what they see today or what they’ve experienced doesn’t line up with the message of the Medical System. You’ve decided not to live with your head in the ground and want to know what to do when doctors and the medical system define ‘good’ action as compliant.   Vaccine History … Continue reading